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Chapter 8: To Go or Not To Go

There are certain rules in highschool. Certain codes of behavior that must be followed for the sake of order. Once in highschool, you are classified under a particular group. You receive a label and are expected to keep the company of others with the same label. Once you are established as a certain type of person, it is virtually impossible to break away. To maybe change your mind, and switch groups. There are exceptions to this rule, but they rarely happen. Plastic surgery is, after all, still a costly affair. So usually, you simply go through your highschool carreer in the company of the same people. You walk with the same people, talk with the same people, and despise all the same people. These are the rules.

Highschool functions under a monarchy. Without the balance and leadership of a king and queen, the very foundation of highschool would collapse and the fiery pits of hell would be unleashed on one and all.

Imagine the shock when the world did not end after Angel Liamson and Buffy Summers, the respective king and queen, broke up. Imagine the shock when chaos did not break out after Xander Harris and Willow Rosenberg were invited to Harmony's party.

One person stayed strangely unaware, or maybe just indifferent to the events.


"What?" The brunette didn't slow her pace.

"Wait up! I may be a man and theoretically stronger but I'm also a wuss!"

Faith stopped walking and turned around. Xander and Willow jogged towards her.

"What?" She asked again.

"I..." Xander held up one hand, asking for a moment to catch his breath. "We..." He wheezed and gestured for Willow to continue.

"We're not sure about the party tomorrow." The redhead admitted.

"Well what are you not sure about?"

"You know... The fact that everyone from the Chess Club and Band now wants my autograph."

"And this one guy gave me a camcorder so I can catch it on tape." Xander added.

Faith rolled her eyes and resumed her way down the hall.

"So just tell 'em to fuck off or something. Or they could crash the party and tape the damn thing themselves." She shrugged.

She lit a cigarette as soon as they were out the building. Willow scrunched up her nose, her mother instinct automatically triggered by the feisty brunette. Faith, misunderstanding the look of concern as one of disgust, shrugged apologetically.

"Yeah, it's gross." Then she rolled her eyes in her best imitation of drama queen cheerleader. "But it comes with the rep."

The disapproving look on the redhead's face unwillingly changed into one of involuntary amusement. But upon seeing Faith's cheeky smile, dimples and all, she couldn't help but let out a giggle.

"Fine. Destroy your lungs. But know that-"

"99 of all smokers will die a horrible horrible death?" Xander interrupted. Willow shook her head in thought.

"Well not ninety-nine...More like ninety-eight."

The zesty brunette bumped her hip against the giggling redhead for teasing her.

"It's always the shy ones..." She muttered. "Look, Red, you gotta come to the party! I'll do stupid shit for sure if you ain't there! I'll get drunk, get lost on my way home, get eaten by radioactive rats..."

Willow almost commented on the radioactive rats but chose against it and stayed silent.

"And you," Faith poked Xander in the chest. "That Angel dude probably won't even be there. And even if he will, there's nothing to be worried about. He's a pussy."

"Hey! " Xander squeaked. "Who's worrying? No one's worrying. Why would I be worried?"

Willow patted his hand with hers and tried to soothe the apparently panicking Xander. Faith chuckled at the duo.

"It'll be ok, Xander. We understand." The shy redhead said.

"Oh, and Xander... A sexy Miss Chase is definitely going to be there, and she'd be real disappointed if you wouldn't show up." Faith winked at him for good measure and then walked away.

"What? What about Cordelia? Did she say something? What did she say? What do you know?" He called after her but the brunette was already gone.

"So..." Willow began. "Wanna go to the Expresso Pump?"

"Expresso Pump? What are you on, woman? There's a party tomorrow! I need to find something to wear!" With that, Xander strode away, mentally going over his entire wardrobe.

There are certain rules in high school. But rules are made to be broken.

Chapter 9: A Bucket and Some Punch

"Do you need the bucket?"

Xander looked at his best friend apprehensively. He held out the bucket in front of Willow and rubbed her back. The hyperventilating redhead shook her head and swallowed the lump in her throat.

"No. I'm fine, I'm fine. It's just that I've never been to one of these shindigs and I don't really know what to do and do I look ridiculous in this dress and I need to-.."

"Breathe." Faith interrupted. She glanced at the panicking girl through her windshield mirror and attempted an encouraging smile. "You look great, Red."

"Stunning even." Xander added.

Willow smiled shyly and wiped her sweaty palms against the car seat.

"Aren't you just a little bit nervous?" She asked Xander.

The boy next to her smiled widely.

"Not at all." His voice cracked, giving away his true feelings.

Willow raised an eyebrow at him.

"Fine. I'm breaking down inside and I want my mommy." He admitted in a high-pitched voice. He placed the bucket on his own lap and began to breathe deeply in and out.

Faith shook her head in wonder and turned right.

"Well if you guys still wanna puke, do it now cuz we're almost there."

Willow whimpered and fought Xander for the bucket. After a few moments of struggle, Xander admitted defeat and Willow took hold of the bucket as if it was a life-saver. The brunette in the front seat parked the car and smirked.

"Too late. We're here."

She turned off the engine and got out of the car. She opened the door next to Willow, crouched in front of her and held her hand.

"C'mon, Red, it'll be fine. Don't worry. You got me and Xander, right?"

The redhead whimpered again but slowly stepped out of the car anyway. Meanwhile, Xander already stood outside, his eyes darting nervously across the street.

It was obviously a high-class neighborhood and cars were parked everywhere. Several people were making their way to the only mansion showing life. Harmony's house.

"Alright, guys. Let's go. Just relax and have fun, alright?" Faith told her two friends and led the way. Xander and Willow walked closely behind her, almost fearfully watching their environment.

Harmony hovered in the large hallway, ready to greet any 'important' guests and throw out any partycrashers. She stood with a colorful cocktail in one hand and continuously chattering with anyone in the proximity.

"Glenn, hi! How's it going? Uh huh. That's great. Charlotte, hey! Oh. My. God. That dress is sooo cute! Hi Katie, did you see Charlotte's dress? It is sooo embarassing. Oh, hey Lana." Harmony kissed the air beside Lana's cheek and grabbed her friend's hand.

"Having fun?" Harmony asked and took another sip from her drink.

Lana nodded enthousiastically but her eyes kept darting behind Harmony.

"Yeah, this party is like totally great. And I love the band you set up in the den, it's like completely vinatagey!" She gushed. "Faith would totally love them. Have you seen her?"

Harmony shook her head.

"Nuh uh. But speaking of Faith..." Harmony took a step closer to Lana. "Do you like have a thing for her? Because I'm fine with it, girl on girl is the hottest thing in Europe now, you know? But like, other people could be incriminating, you know?"

Lana blinked at her friend. "You mean discriminating?"

"Whatever. Do you get what I'm saying though?"

Lana nodded and then smiled as she saw Faith entering the hall.

"Faith!" She squealed happily and ran over to her side. "I was afraid you wouldn't come." She admitted shyly.

The brunette grinned at the blonde and wrapped her arm over the girl's shoulder.

"And miss out on seeing you in that dress? Hell no." She whispered playfully in her ear. Lana blushed and eagerly wrapped her own arm around Faith's waist.

"Hey, Willow. Hi, Xander." She waved at the two.

Willow stood frozen by the door and Xander waved back nervously. As Lana dragged Faith into the next room, Harmony approached the two.

"Hey guys. I'll show you where the drinks are!" She smiled enthusiastically, grabbed Willow's hand and skipped away. Xander quickly followed after them.

"Was that Xander?" Buffy asked Cordelia as she they strolled into the hallway. The brunette cheerleader froze in her tracks and searched the hall almost like a predator.

"Where? Where?" She asked.

Buffy watched her friend's strange behavior and pointed at the door leading to the den.

"I think he went in there."

"Let's go." Cordelia said and briskly walked away.

Buffy rolled her eyes and walked after her.

The den was filled with teenagers. They were scattered around in little groups, talking to eachother, dancing or drinking. A local band stood on a small stage against the far wall and anounced a five minute break.

"Where is she?" Buffy mumbled and searched the spacious area with her eyes.

"She?" Cordy raised an amused eyebrow but let it pass as she noticed her blonde friend was too preoccupied looking around the room.

The brunette quickly spotted a nervous-looking Xander with Harmony and an even more nervous-looking Willow by the punchbowl.

"Ooh, there he is!" Cordy excitedly grabbed Buffy's arm and pointed at the brown-haired boy.

Buffy smirked.

"Why are you so excited that Xander's here?" She asked.

Cordelia let go of Buffy's arm and took a sip of her drink.

"I'm not. But I thought you were looking for him." She lied.

"No I wasn't. You were." Buffy answered.

Cordelia squinted at Buffy, annoyed.

"No I wasn't. You were." She repeated Buffy.

Buffy squinted back at her.

"No I wasn't. You w- There's Faith!" Buffy exclaimed and quickly left for the girl.

Chapter 10: Piggyback Ride

As Buffy exited the bathroom, she was surprised to find her best friend gone. The brunette cheerleader had threatened to disappear on Buffy but the blonde didn’t expect her to actually do it.

Just because Buffy preferred to stalk Faith and think up different ways to torture Lana instead of dancing and having fun? Surely that wasn’t reason enough for Cordy to dump her bestest friend since kindergarten?

Buffy sighed. Sure it was. She had been a pain all night long; she knew it but couldn’t help herself.

In the beginning of the night, Buffy had spotted Faith for the first time and rushed to the girl’s side. The conversation had been strangely non-aggressive and they were actually smiling at each other. Buffy even cracked a joke about the corn chips. It was funny, she swears it was! But Faith didn’t even get the chance to laugh at Buffy’s amusing comment. And Buffy swears Faith was about to laugh. If it wasn’t for Lana interrupting.

Lana’s arms quickly snaked their way possessively around Faith’s waist and Buffy had to leave or she swears she was about to gag.

Buffy stopped a random boy.

“Have you seen Cordelia?” She asked while looking around.

The boy stared at her wide-eyed and flushed. He broadened his shoulders and smiled, leering at the pretty blond in front of him.

“No but you wanna make out?”

Buffy looked at the boy for the first time. She was horrified.

“Ugh, Steve. No.” She quickly maneuvered around him.

After several minutes of fruitless searching, Buffy gave up and decided to hover around the refreshments table. Not only to get insanely drunk, but also in the hopes that one of her two favorite brunettes would find her.

The party had been going on for hours and it was now almost 1 in the morning but Faith felt fidgety. She tried to dance the feeling away, she tried to drink the feeling away and as a last resort; she even tried to kiss the feeling away.

A slightly tipsy Lana had led her to the impressively decorated garden and to Faith’s amusement; the girl had began fondling her.

Not one to say no to such a pretty girl’s advances, Faith instead took control of the situation by moderating the blonde’s groping and instead giving her mouth something to do.

But to Faith’s annoyance, her restlessness did not cease nor did it diminish. She grew even antsier with every touch of Lana’s lips.

As Lana eagerly ravished Faith’s neck, the brunette thoughtfully gazed towards the house where the party was still in its prime. Faith bit back a sigh.

Meanwhile, Buffy was feeling much better.

“So then I say to Faith… I don’t mean to be chippy, but I love this dip!” The drunk little blonde giggled at her… ‘joke’ and took another gulp of her drink.

Her entourage of two love-sick boys laughed unsurely and Buffy frowned. She didn’t tell the joke right.

“Nonono… Wait, I didn’t tell the joke right.” She slurred. “I said to Faith: I don’t mean to be corny… but I love this chip!” The blonde maniacally giggled again.

She then fell silent. The boys looked at her in apprehension and just a little bit of fear.

“Wait… That’s still not right.” She mumbled to herself.

The girl then began gesturing wildly with her hands. One of which held a cup of beer. Beer splattered all over the taller boy and he grimaced as Buffy apparently almost died of laughter.

“You smell like beer!” She informed him and promptly dropped her empty cup and left the baffled boys’ company.

The befuddled girl made her way towards the patio doors and while doing so bumped unapologetically against several people and an ugly statue she called Rufus.

Finally outside, she breathed in the cool night air and felt a little less woozy and a little more…

She paused and squinted her unfocused eyes.

What was that? In the dark, under a tree, two people were making out.

Buffy walked closer and noticed that one of them was blonde.

Blonde like Lana.

Buffy stepped even closer to the pair and saw what she dreaded to see.

Without thinking, Buffy just kept on walking towards the two. Halfway there, her pace quickened and she was running. Only ten feet away, neither Faith nor Lana had noticed her speedy approach.

Buffy was boiling and she needed someone to feel her wrath. If Buffy was looking, she would have noticed that Faith had looked up and saw her.

Faith saw her running towards them looking not just a little bit scary. Faith saw her stretch her hands out to Lana. Faith saw her almost growl in slow-motion.

And Faith saw her jump on Lana’s back.

Lana let out an ear-shattering scream as she felt Buffy on her back. Lana faltered but stayed standing. She screamed again as Buffy wrapped her legs around Lana’s waist and held them there.

In Buffy’s boozed up state, she didn’t actually have a plan.

Lana tried to catch a glimpse of her attacker but found it difficult to maneuver with the extra weight.

Faith, for her part, watched the entire scene in silent awe.

“Buffy?” Lana exclaimed, shocked.

Buffy never felt herself blush as much as she did right then; wrapped around Lana with Faith watching her every movement with an, as always, amused look.

“Buffy, what are you doing?” The scared Lana shrieked.

Buffy looked at Faith, suddenly feeling very sad. Faith caught the change in Buffy’s demeanor and held out her hand for Buffy to take. The blushing blonde looked at the outstretched hand and then at the brunette. Faith smiled reassuringly.

Buffy uncertainly took Faith’s hand and loosened her legs’ death grip around Lana. Faith helped her as she shakily placed her legs back on the ground.

As soon as she could, Lana turned around and stared at the strangely acting Buffy.

“Buffy, what are you doing?” She exclaimed again.

Buffy lowered her head in shame and turned to leave. Faith watched as she walked away and felt the strange tension return in the pit of her stomach with every step Buffy took.

Lana stepped closer to Faith, eager to continue their make-out session. But the feisty brunette had different plans. She stepped away from the smitten girl and shook her head.

“I’ll be right back.” Faith smiled apologetically and quickly left after Buffy.

Lana wanted nothing more but to protest but Faith had already turned her back and seemed determined in her cause.

By the time Faith caught up with Buffy, the little blonde had found herself a dark corner of the garden with a wooden bench. The drunken girl sat looking truly melancholy by herself and Faith smiled fondly.

She flopped herself beside Buffy without warning and stretched her arms on the back of the bench.

Buffy watched her fearfully, wondering exactly how much Faith hated her now.

After a moment of silence, Faith glanced at Buffy. She noticed the girl’s apprehension but couldn’t erase the memory of Buffy maniacally running towards and then jumping on to Lana.

Faith tried, she really did, but looking at Buffy’s current demeanor and remembering the scene with Lana… She had to laugh.

It started with a suppressed chortle. But Buffy’s fear then turned into shocked offense and it was too much for Faith.

She burst out laughing and simply couldn’t stop herself. She even slapped her knee as she remembered the utter shock on Lana’s face as Buffy jumped her.

Buffy stared at the girl. How dare she? But as she watched Faith writhe on the bench in laughter, her furious glower transformed into a smile.

The blonde began laughing together with Faith, it was just too absurd. What was she thinking?

Faith began calming down after a couple more minutes and Buffy too eventually stopped laughing. She wiped her eyes one more time and then looked at her brown-eyed companion.

Faith gave her a small smile, the one people rarely got to see.

Buffy blinked. And then the blonde leaned into Faith and softly pressed her lips against Faiths.

She pulled back a little and looked at Faith again.

The beautiful brunette looked back, surprised.

And Buffy kissed her again, deeper.

This time, no one pulled back.

Chapter 11: Not Yet

“Mm… Cherry.” Buffy leaned back and licked her lips.

“Mm…Beer.” Faith answered, eyebrow raised.

The tipsy little blonde blushed, although her cheeks were already red. Faith sighed and leaned back on the bench.

“Don’t worry ‘bout it, B. It never even happened.” She sighed one more time and then abruptly stood up and walked away, heading back inside.

Buffy frowned confused.

“Faith, wait!” She called out. “I’m not drunk!”

She quickly raised to her feet but found that they refused to cooperate, causing her to stumble back and hold the bench for balance.

“Faith!” She called out again, but the girl had already entered the house.

“Damn it.” The blonde grumbled. “Damn it damn it damn it.”

This wasn’t how it was supposed to go.

Back in the den, Faith decided to look for Xander and Willow. She hadn’t seen them in a while and began worrying. She could almost hit herself on the head for leaving them alone between the very people they had dreaded for so many years.

“Hey, Faith, how’s it going?” A tall girl approached her and smiled.

“Uhhh…Hi.” Faith didn’t know the girl’s name and briefly wondered how the girl knew hers but shrugged it off. There were other, more pressing, matters at hand.

“Have you seen Xander or Willow?” She asked. “Goofy-looking guy… cute little redhead?”

The girl in front of her nodded and pointed to a room behind Faith. The brunette grimaced. Had they hidden there to escape?

“Okay, thanks.” She quickly mumbled and made her way towards the room, mentally berating herself for being so stupid.

She opened the door, expecting to find Willow and Xander talking.

“Holy sh-…!” She almost choked on her own words as she found Xander and Cordelia tangled up on the bed. Fully clothed, but still looking pretty damn close.

The two quickly jumped apart and stood on different sides of the bed. Xander immediately began stumbling out explanations.

But Faith strongly doubted that he fell on Cordelia while she was napping. Nor did she believe Xander had something in his eye and Cordelia was helping him out.

“We were making out.” Cordelia interrupted Xander’s lame excuses. “I was making out with Xander and that doesn’t mean I like him!”

Both Faith and Xander winced at the high-pitched exclamation.

“Yeah.” Xander added. “I was making out with Cordelia and it doesn’t mean I like her either.”

His eyes then widened. Slowly, a smile began to form on his face.

“I was making out with Cordelia…” He repeated slowly. “I was making out with Cordelia!”

“It doesn’t mean-… I mean… It doesn’t mean I like you!” Cordelia insisted vigorously. “It doesn’t!”

Xander shook his head just as vigorously.

“No, no…Ofcourse not.” He agreed. “It’s not like I like you either, you know.”

The three of them stood in silence for a few seconds.

“Doesn’t mean we can’t do it again though, does it?” Cordelia looked at the boy at the other side of the bed.

“No, ofcourse not.” Xander instantly replied. He then attempted a calmer demeanor and coughed.

“I mean… Ofcourse not.” He said more calmly.

Xander and Cordelia smiled at each other and then slowly turned their gaze to Faith who was still standing in the doorway.

“Yeah… I’m gonna… I’m just gonna…” She chuckled as she gestured behind her. “I’m gonna go.”

She turned around, shaking her head, but then turned back towards Cordelia and Xander.

“Have you seen Willow?”

They both shook their heads mutely, no they hadn’t seen her, but then again who knew how long they’d been ‘getting to know each other’ on the bed?

Faith nodded and turned, closing the door behind her.

What now?

She looked around for someone who knew Willow and hurried to Steve as he stumbled out of another bedroom.

“Hey…Uh..” She tried to remember his name. “Jock. Have you seen Willow?”

He looked at her, distractedly, and he seemed dumbfounded.

“…Dude?” She asked again. She knew the guy wasn’t exactly one of the brightest minds of the school, but she didn’t expect him to be quite so befuddled.

“I…” He pointed to the door behind him, shook his head wildly and then stumbled away, mumbling incoherently.

Faith raised an eyebrow. The fear that Willow might have done something with Steve in the bedroom paralysed her, but only momentarily.

She had to know if Willow was ok.

Sighing one last time, she slowly opened the door in front of her.

What she saw in front of her was probably one of the last things she had expected to see. It was like a déjà vu, except instead of Xander and Cordelia, it was now Willow and Harmony.

What the hell did they put in the drinks?

After several moments of perplexed gazing, Harmony finally found some time to open her eyes and notice the brunette standing, watching them open-mouthed.

The blonde pulled back, wiping a little at her lips.

“God, doesn’t anyone knock anymore?” She pouted and then stood up.

Willow was blushing furiously but couldn’t suppress a small grin.

Harmony walked past Faith to rejoin the rest of the party and shrugged her shoulders at the brunette.

“Everyone was doing it.” She said by way of explanation and left Faith staring at the blushing redhead, lipstick marking where Harmony’s mouth had kissed her.

“We were just… experimenting.” Willow looked away, embarrassed but smiling.

Faith narrowed her eyes.

"And the jock?"

"Steve? Oh, god, no. He walked in on us." Willow shrugged.

Faith sighed relieved.

“You’re not even that drunk, Red!”She said grinning. “I’m betting you liked the experiment.”

Willow looked up to see Faith’s knowing grin and the redhead smiled.

“It didn’t suck.”

After that, Faith and Willow had collected Xander from Cordelia’s arms and decided to go home and get some sleep. Although after the night’s events, neither of them actually expected to catch any rest.

The next day’s events were waiting, after all, and whether it was curious anticipation for perhaps new beginnings, or the anxious wonder about Buffy’s unpredictablemental state, they all found it impossible to sleep.

No one was quite sure what the next day would bring but they all awaited it, wide eyes open and thoughts fluttering to the stolen kisses of the night.

Chapter 12: When Buffy Makes Decisions


Monday was it. It was the day that everything was going to be out in the open. It took Buffy until Sunday evening to decide on this. After deciding on Friday evening to chase after Faith but then rethinking her decision as she stood swaying in front of her car, not sure which of the seven car keys in her hand was hers. And then again on Saturday, telling herself it was destiny, after hearing seven songs, in the space of half an hour, mentioning ‘faith’. But then, yet again, chickening out after her thighs just seemed way too huge in that dress.

But today was Monday. And she had decided on Sunday evening that today was the day. She didn’t know how she was supposed to go another day without tasting the brunette’s lips again anyway.

So she determinately stepped into the school precisely five minutes after the bell rang, and after a short decisive walk through the halls, burst into the tiny room that represented the school radio station.

“Hey, what’re you-..” A lanky junior with earphones on stood up abruptly but then faltered as he saw that it was in fact, Buffy Summers, who had entered their area without knocking.

“I need to say something.” The blonde simply stated.

The star-struck junior simply gaped on mindlessly so Buffy gestured towards the unused of the two microphones. The boy who was reminding all the students that the big bake sale was on Wednesday and they should all chip in, suddenly broke off as he noticed that Buffy was trying to move into his already way too limited time on-air.

“Whoa, whoa, hold on, what’re you talking about?” He said as he covered the microphone with his hand. “The principal personally approved of me being the voice of our school, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mention you once in this morning’s memo either. This is my time.”

Buffy rolled her eyes.

“Get off my back-…” She looked towards the less hostile junior for help.

“Jonathan.” He offered.

“Get off my back, Jonathan! I just need like one minute of your precious air-time, and we’re all just wasting it by arguing.” She looked helplessly towards the lanky junior.

He immediately got the message as his eyes lit up.

“Uh, c’mere, Jonathan.” He stood and gestured towards the door.

The dark-haired boy’s eyes widened in shock.

“But, Kyle!” He protested.

But the junior, Kyle, seemed to have no interest in Jonathan whatsoever and smiled instead at Buffy as he grabbed the shorter boy by the collar and pulled him towards the door.

Buffy flashed the helpful boy a congratulatory smile and then sighed as she settled her eyes on the microphone.

So apparently today really was the day.

As she nervously sat down behind the mic, the junior returned into the room, locking it behind him and sitting down, looking upon Buffy in great interest.

She ignored him and sighed yet again before speaking into the microphone.

“Um…Hi.” She coughed. That was way too squeaky.

Suddenly, everyone in the classrooms looked up in curiosity. What was going on? They had in time learned to block out the voice with the incessant whining quality that was Jonathan’s. But this voice was new. And slightly squeaky.


That was better.

“This is Buffy Summers and I would like to make an announcement.”

And now looks were definitely being exchanged, and the murmurs turned into excited whispers. Buffy swallowed the lump in her throat. She just hoped Faith wasn’t wearing her earphones.

“… I made out with Faith.”

A collective gasp rose from the school.

“Sorry Lana. And Angel. … Actually, no. I’m not sorry, Angel. And I’m not sorry to all of you homophobes out there. I just have to say this because… Well because I really like Faith. I really…really like you, Faith. And yes, I was drunk but… Well… I’m not now, however difficult that is to believe. And um… I’d like to do it again.”

An unusual silence fell over the school, as everyone who had just heard Buffy’s announcement attempted to process this rather surprising information.

“Wow. Well… I think I speak for all of us when I say… Exactly where and when is this making out going to take place?” The lanky junior suddenly said into the other microphone.

Buffy fell back in her chair as she herself realized what she had just done.


Whose genius idea was this anyway?

She had to get out of there.

She quickly stood up and exited the room, suddenly panicking. She had, after all, just proclaimed to the whole school, that not only was she aching for some girly loving, she was also quite obviously, an idiot. A fact that Faith was now undoubtedly convinced of.

She rushed down the school steps outside and nearly stumbled, luckily a tardy student Buffy hadn’t noticed through her panic, caught the blonde.

Buffy only noticed the boots as she regained her balance.

“Hey, B, what’s the rush? Physics that bad today?”

And then of course, she noticed the voice, the nickname, and the dark brown eyes.

Buffy stared in disbelief.

“Whoa. Must be.” Faith cocked an eyebrow and scanned the area. She then shoved her hands in her pockets and turned around, standing besides Buffy. “So where we headed?”

“You’re late.” Buffy uttered, still in shock.

“Yeah, I had a feeling first period was gonna be boring as hell.” The brunette shrugged. “Guess I was right, huh? Do I even wanna ask what I missed?” She laughed and led the way to the parking lot, gesturing for Buffy to come along.

When she noticed that the blonde wasn’t following, she turned back around to see Buffy still staring at her in disbelief. Faith frowned.

“Holy shit, B, you look like hell. Seriously, did something happen first period?”

Buffy blinked.

And then she blinked again. And sighed.

“I don’t even know how to answer that.”

Faith laughed.

“You’re pretty weird sometimes, you know that?” She told the blonde.

Buffy laughed weakly, it was the only thing she could do to stop herself from sobbing.

“And you should really – really- start coming to school on time.”


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