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Part 11

Faith laid down on the chair, one knee propped, staring out at the ocean. She had purchased some fruity concoction from the beach waiter. Who's a waiter on a beach? She thought. What a prime job, if you are aspiring to be a waiter. Hot chicks in bikinis getting drunk. She couldn't see a downside.

Buffy had huffed and puffed for a few minutes before turning away from Faith, and then, from what she could discern, had fallen asleep. Faith let her sleep for a while, sipping her drink and observing the scene. Xander and Willow were still talking, not that that surprised Faith, those two seemed to always be talking. She watched a little girl, kicking up sand beside her. She was bouncing around, and she smiled at Faith. Faith noticed how adorable she was, and said, "hi."

The little girl smiled again, and walked off. Running to play in the ocean with her mother. Faith turned to Buffy, decided she had slept enough, and shoved her a little, "Wake up, B."

Buffy brushed off her hand, and turned on her stomach.

Faith moved out of her chair and knelt down beside her, "B, wake up," she said whispering in her ear.

Buffy turned over, eyes half shut, "Go away," she told the girl huddled over her.

Faith sat down on the chair with her, forcing Buffy to turn over on her side. She propped her feet up, smiling down at the girl who was lying beside her, "look around B. Beautiful day, sun's out, water's warm," she turned and looked at the ocean for a second, "I guess, ... anyway, more importantly, I look really fucking hot in this suit. I mean check me out."

Buffy groaned and shoved Faith, "go get in your chair. You're hogging all the room."

"I don't know, I'm kinda comfy," she said stretching,. Buffy moaned, "oh, okay, I'll get up," Buffy turned back over and Faith bent down, "if you stay awake."

Buffy propped her chair and turned over, "Whatever Faith."

Faith waited a few moments propping her chair as well. She followed Buffy's eyesight to the ocean, "So B," she said, not looking at her, "what about the little road trip?"


"Why'd you come down here? Cause I'm just wondering what does it take to just pack up and leave, when you have a job to do?"

Buffy turned and looked at her, "You have got to be kidding me? What does it take for someone to pack up and leave?"

Faith never turned to look at the girl, "Well for me, it takes someone telling me to leave. Right after I basically pour my heart out to them. They say, `get the fuck out" she sighed, "that's what it takes for me to pack up and go. I'm wondering, is that what it takes for you? Someone telling you they don't love you?" Faith asked her, refusing to meet her in the eyes.

"I never said that," Buffy whispered.

"You didn't have to," Faith said, still looking out at the water, "I'm not stupid."

"That`s debatable." Buffy said,

"Fuck you, blondie,' Faith breathed.

"Ok, Ok, you`re not stupid," Buffy said, holding up her hand, "and since we both agree on that, maybe you can explain to my why you're here."

Faith took a deep breath, "You called me B." Buffy sighed, but Faith continued, "You did. You may not remember it. May not know why you did it. But you," she pointed to Buffy, and back to herself, "called me. Frankly, I don't know why either. But you don't really see the difference. To you it's about why. But that's not it to me. I gave up on the `why.' I fucking know anyway. Maybe not why you called, but I know why I'm here. So don't sit here and play stupid. Cause you know why as well. And the `why' doesn't matter. You're just deflecting."

Buffy just stared at her, "Deflecting. What the hell does that mean? I'm just deflecting. Deflecting from what?'

"You don't want me to know." Faith replied. "What are you afraid of Buffy, that I'll actually help you?"

"See, there's our problem." Buffy said.


"You think I need help. And you think I believe that too. But I don't. I don't need your help, Willow's help, Dawn's help, or anyone else's help. I'm fine. I want to have fun. What the fuck is wrong with that? I can't figure out when everyone around here started thinking that I had a problem. If I have this `problem' you all believe I have, than please define it for me. Tell me what exactly it is that you think I need to fix."

Faith was calm. It takes a lot for me to stay calm, she told herself. Just don't look at her. That's simple. Cause if I look at her, she thought, I'm likely to knock her ass out. She took a deep breath, "Alright B. You want me to define your problem for you? Fine. We'll go there. You're selfish. You're self-centered. You're scared. And you are using all this partying," she waved her arm gesturing to the beach, "as a way to get rid of, hide, or forget this problem. See, I think you feel like you lost a lot. After the First, when every other girl with a brain was called, there was no longer a chosen one. Or chosen two. But I filled the role of bad girl. So you could tolerate me." Buffy looked at her, but Faith went on, "No, you asked, so listen. I was there to remind you that you were better. Hey," she said holding her hand up, "I'm cool with that. But that special feeling of being chosen, it's gone isn't it? Your one of hundreds. And you're hiding. Trying to get away from the feeling of worthlessness you have all of a sudden acquired."

Faith had stopped talking, and continued to stare at the ocean. She didn't want to look at the blond. She wasn't sure how she would react. She wasn't even sure if she was right.

Buffy sat up and hugged her knees, "See that little girl over there Faith," she said pointing to the girl Faith had smiled at earlier.


"It's weird, you know? When I was called, they told me, over and over again, they said I wouldn't live into my twenties. That no slayer has lived that long. That sucked. At the time. But I sort of resounded myself to that. I had no choice. All I was doing was slaying, you know? It pretty much got in the way of everything else. I wasn't allowed to want that kind of life. The life with the a future," she said, motioning to the little girl, "That's why I was content with Angel. I mean who in their right mind thought that was going to work?"

Faith broke in, "Well I know I didn't."

"But that's just it. That's what made it safe. I mean who cared, right? But now, now I'm thrust into this regular normal life. And I'm supposed to survive. All of the people, everywhere," she waved her at the people on the beach, "They were the ones entitled to that life, not me. I just knew I was supposed to protect everyone else so they could have that."

"Come on B, there's no normal life. You're telling me you'd be content with the white picket fence fantasy life? I don't think so." Faith shuddered, "It scares the shit out of me," she said lightheartedly.

"That's it Faith," she said, "it scares me too. I don't want that life. I don't want any life. The only way I lived for the past 10 years was survive. Don't die. That was my motto. Now I don't have one."

"And yet here you are killing yourself slowly. Seems to me the motto changed to just die."

Buffy sat back, lying her chair in a full recline, and laying down on her side, "No, my motto now, is just feel. Anything. I just want to feel something. I don't even care what it is anymore," Buffy said.


Part 12

For the latter part of the day, Faith and Buffy had avoided the topic at hand. Content with any progress, Faith was happy to bask in the sun. Maybe it was all the margaritas, or maybe it was the heat, but she was beginning to think that Buffy had the right idea. At least as far as vacation spots were concerned.

"Come on B," Faith said, jumping up suddenly, "let's go swimming."

Buffy studied the girl for a moment, and then slowly rose. She had decided to partake in the margaritas earlier as well. Expecting a protest from Faith, and not getting one, she had continued to drink as they sat there. After standing, she shook her head, clearing the alcoholic haze and smiled.

"Ok, Faith. Let's go swimming," she said to the bouncing girl beside her.

Buffy mused. It was unlike Faith to get excited about anything. It was very unlike Faith to get excited and show it.

"Why are you so anxious ," she asked, following the girl, "Just notice the ocean?'

"Yep. I've been staring at your ass this whole time. Blocked the ocean's view," Faith said.

"Bite me, slayer," Buffy said, racing by Faith, "that is, if you can catch me."

Willow watched both girls dive into the ocean at the same time. She could tell they were laughing, and wondered if Faith had gotten through to Buffy. Xander was, for all intensive purposes, being denial boy. Or denial man? She didn't know when exactly guys crossed over into adulthood. She thought that if she asked most straight women, they would tell her never.

"Look at them Willow," Xander said.

Willow shook her head, knocking herself out of her momentary trance, "Yeah. Looks like fun."

He turned to look at her, "yeah, fun," he said, not sounding excited at all, "Wanna join 'em?"

Willow had absolutely no desire to get in the water, or be anywhere near the two slayers. "Sharks," she said to Xander.

"Oh yeah. Sharks," he agreed, "we should be here, on the beach, where it's safe. Cause sharks. I mean, not that I want Buffy or Faith...well I don't know about Faith, cause now I got a headache, but I'm certain I don't want Buff to be eaten."

"Well, I'm sure they can take care of themselves. I mean, hello, they're all like, 'we're the big bad slayers, we're not afraid of any sharks," Willow rambled.

"Yeah. They'll probably get all excited if they see one, and be like 'come here Mr. Sharky, and watch us kill you.' I mean they might get mad if we go out there and get in the way."

"Yeah. We should stay here," Willow agreed.

"Come on B," Faith said, rising out of the water. She flipped her wet locks over one shoulder and turned to face the girl, "catch me," she said, before splashing the girl and swimming off.

Faith was a little too certain she would get ahead of the blond and give her an effective run for her money. She was sadly mistaken though, when she felt the girl pull her up by her waist.

"No you don't," Buffy said, lifting Faith out of the water, and pressing into her back, "I can catch you any day." She still held onto Faith, around the waist. The water, which was level with their stomach, at this point, stilled around the young girls, "Faith, I don't know why you run. Or okay, swim, cause you know I'm gonna catch you." Buffy giggled, waiting for a response.

Faith, though, was too busy thinking to actually form a sentence. She could feel the other girl's crotch, pressed into her ass, and every time a wave rippled, they were thrust even closer together. She moved her arms, which were hanging loosely over Buffy's and grabbed her hands. Standing there, a few feet away from the beach, with Buffy against her back, she sighed. Buffy's arms tensed a little and Faith let go.

"I'm sorry B," she mumbled, worried that she had made Buffy uncomfortable. She turned and swam a little ways away from the girl.

Buffy swam after her. She grabbed the girl's arm and pulled her closer to her, "It's okay Faith," she said, pulling her closer, "Nothing's wrong."

Faith was breathing very slowly, aware of the close proximity of the blond. She was trying not to look directly in the girl's face, and settled on a point just over Buffy's shoulder.

"Whatcha lookin at?" Buffy asked, looking over her shoulder and then back at Faith.

Faith shook off Buffy's hand, "Nothing," she said. "Maybe we should swim back a little?"

Buffy grabbed her wrists, twisting the girl around, until her back was to shore, "Or maybe, we could stay here," she stated.

Faith didn't register what Buff was doing until she actually felt the girl's lips on hers. Every fiber in her being was telling her stop the girl, and she told every fiber in her being to shut the fuck up, and leaned in to return the kiss.

Buffy tasted the salty ocean water on Faith 's lips. She pushed her tongue against the girl's mouth trying to get inside. Wrapping her arms around the brunette, she pulled her closer, feeling the waves rocking their bodies against each other. Faith left her arms at her side, at ease with Buffy holding her up, and kissed the girl back. She could feel B's tongue sliding into her mouth, and wrapping around Faith's. It was heady agony. The voice in Faith's head, had become a faint whisper, and it was fast becoming easy for her to ignore.

Buffy moved her hands lower, under the water, and placed them on Faith's backside. She roughly pulled her into her body, and Faith put her arm around Buffy's neck.

"God, Faith," Buffy said, rotating against the girl. She stopped kissing her mouth and begin pulling Faith into her roughly, helped along by her weightlessness in the water. Faith began licking Buffy's neck, giving the smaller girl access to her ear. She moved her hands even lower, kneading the girl's ass, "I want to fuck you," Buffy said, suddenly pressing her knee against Faith's crotch, and pulling her against it.

And like a train, that arrived at the station after everyone had already gone home, Faith's conscious came crashing back. She pulled away from Buffy, "Wait B. stop."

Buffy pulled her back into her, and slipped a hand between them, "Come on, baby," she said, looking into Faith's eyes, "you want me too, I know it."

Faith groaned as she felt Buffy's hand start a familiar circular pattern on the outside of her now soaking wet bikini, "please," she whispered a little more weakly, "We can't."

Buffy snapped her hand between Faith's pussy and the suit, holding it flesh against the girl. Not moving her hand, she spoke, "please, Faith, let me do this."

Faith closed her eyes. She had never been able to hold her on with the girl and she knew it. And she didn't want to. She wanted to feel her fingers inside of her. She wanted to be fucked by Buffy, here in the ocean, in front of everyone. She was willing to give up control. She laid her head on Buffy's shoulder and put her arms around her neck, as the smaller girl pulled her against her, hand still not moving.

Faith breathed slowly against Buffy's neck, "fuck me B," she said, giving in to the one thing she had always wanted.

Xander was busy listening to Willow babble about some sort of class at school and nodding his head, when he spotted the two girls in the ocean. "Umm, Willow?" he said, interrupting the redhead's dialogue.

"What?" she asked, turning to follow Xander's gaze. "Oh, holy fuck." she said, "are they...? Come on Xander, they're not, you know...I mean they're not. Are they?"

Xander was staring at the girls with his mouth open, "I don't ...I don't... I think maybe they...holy shit," he finished, staring at the girls.

Willow was staring as well, except it was between the fingers that she had put over her eyes, "Oh my god, what are we going to...I can't stop watching," she said, still staring through her hands, "it's like a train wreck."

"Well I guess Buffy's plan worked," Xander said.

Willow removed her hands from her eyes and turned to look at him, "what plan?'

"To beat Faith at her own game," Xander muttered, still staring ahead.

Willow nodded , turning back to look at the girl's before whipping her head around at Xander, "What?" she screamed.


Part 13

Faith made a very distinct sound when she came. It was always the same and she knew it, like she knew every other intimate part of her body, every noise she made. She wasn't exactly thinking about the throaty moans that announced her upcoming orgasm, or the fact that there was the potential for discovery, seeing as they were not the only ones on the beach. She was only thinking about one thing, Buffy Summers has her fingers inside me.

Faith had wrapped her legs around the girl`s waist, unceremoniously girly she knew, but didn't care. The water afforded her the luxury of being careless, and she was incredibly turned on by the little blond holding her around the waist with one hand and fucking her with the other. She had her face buried into B's neck. Buffy could feel the sweaty gasps of breath against her jugular, and turned to kiss the girl.

"Do you like it, Faith?" Buffy asked, stilling her hand a little.

Faith mumbled something that Buffy took for an affirmative answer, and sped back up. She like the feeling of Faith wrapped around, arms around her neck, head on her shoulder. She suddenly felt more powerful than she had in a long time. She thrust two fingers inside of the girl, and used her thumb to release some of the pressure on her clit. Faith was erratically moaning and biting any bit of skin her mouth could find.

"Fuck, B." she was saying, somewhat like plea, her mind unable to actually recall the novelty known as language.

Buffy pulled the girl even closer to her, she herself unaware of the other vacationers as well. She figured they were far enough out that no one could actually tell exactly what they were doing if they didn't know better. And she frankly didn't care.

"Do you like riding my fingers, Faith? Me fucking you here in front of everyone? I like it," she said, in response to Faith's moaning, "I like the way your tight little pussy feels around my fingers. I can feel how wet you are, even in the water."

Faith had switched from, 'Fuck B, to, "Oh, god," at hearing the other girl speak.

Faith begin to hump the other girl's hand in earnest. She wrapped her legs tighter around Buffy, squeezing. If Buffy had been anyone but a slayer, she may have had to visit the local emergency room after this, but she showed not the least sign of discomfort. She began to drive her fingers inside the girl roughly, pulling them out and thrusting them back in, in time with the girl's rising and falling hips. She rotated her thumb around the girl's clit, expertly Faith would have thought had she had regained any cognitive ability.

Faith was moaning now, a little louder, being rocked by the waves and Buffy. The sound of the ocean crashing in the distance did a great deal to mask her moans. "I'm close, B," she managed to mumble. She raised her head from Buffy's shoulder. Buffy pressed her forehead into the girl's watching her eyes, half-lidded, as she approached her orgasm. She could feel the contractions begin, around her fingers, tight inside the other girl's pussy.

"Open your eyes, Faith," Buffy said.

Faith was having a difficult time following any direction, but she tried her best, and kept them as open as she could. She could feel the orgasm start, build like the waves they were surrounded by, and she began to thrust even harder.

"Oh, god," she said, `Oh, Oh, Oh. Oh, god," she moaned, over and over.

Buffy pulled her closer, feeling the contractions as they began to pull her fingers into the girl's pussy more forcefully, "Come for me Faithy."

Faith moaned louder this time.

"That's it come for me. Look in me eyes. I wanna see your eyes when you come," Buffy said still pressed against Faith's forehead.

It was enough to push Faith over the edge, and with one last downward thrust, she gasped so loud, she thought she was going to pass out. Buffy still held her, though she loosened her grip somewhat, and slowly slid her fingers out of the girl's pussy. Faith, whose eyes were now closed, let her legs drop from the other girl's waist. The waves were still smoothly swaying against their bodies as Faith dropped her arms from around Buffy's neck. As soon as she did, she lost her footing and almost fell.

Buffy caught her, and Faith buried her head into the blonde's neck. "It's okay," Buffy said, to the top of the girl's head, wrapping her arms around her, "Just take a deep breath, I got you."

Faith's mind, which had begun to function somewhat normally again, was reeling. I can't believe I did this, she was thinking. I can't believe she fucked me here. She wanted to turn around and look, to see if anyone else was looking, but her legs felt like jello, and she was afraid of lifting her head up, and looking at the other girl. That, plus the fact, that Buffy was holding her, Faith limp in her arms, delayed any action she may have.

Finally she stood on her own and looked at Buffy, "B, I don't know what ... I can't ...fuck," she sighed.

Buffy brushed a blond lock behind her ear, and smiled at Faith, "Hey, it's cool. You don't have to."

Faith could see this scenario fast taking a turn for the worst. She wanted to express what she was feeling, ok so how wussy does that sound she thought. But then she realized she didn't care. "B, wait, I...just it was...Ugh," she screamed, "this is ridiculous. What the hell is wrong with me?"

Buffy was busy looking back at the beach, watching the people on the shore, "I don't think we have enough time to discuss all those issues," she said lightheartedly. "Look Faith, let's not do this right here, right now. I think we should go back in. There are a lot of people out there," Buffy said, steadily turning crimson.

Faith turned to look, and suddenly felt very exposed, "You don't think they...Nah, come on, they didn't, did they?"

Buffy had waded much closer to the shore. She studied the faces carefully. Most people were paying them no particular mind, going about their fun seeking vacationing lives. A few guys here and there were staring at them, but she figured it was for no other reason than that they looked really fucking hot. And what if they did, she thought. She found it kind of funny, and she could care fucking less. Then her face met Xander's. He smiled very slowly at Buffy and waved a little. Oh fuck, she thought. But still smiled back. Well he doesn't look mad, at least. Glancing next to him, though, she saw another sight. Even from where she was standing, she could see the slow steady breaths Willow was taking, trying to control her breathing. The redheaded girl was standing, hands on her hips, wading into the water, a look of pure and complete anger across her face. Oh, double fuck, she thought.

Faith had seen the girl as well. Guess someone did see us, she mused to herself, suddenly embarrassed. Why's Red coming out here, was her next thought.

Buffy and Faith made their way to the girl, "Hey," Buffy tried.

"Shut the fuck up, Buffy," Willow spat.

Faith's eyes got very big, not suspecting Red to actually be mad at them.

"Come on, Red," Faith said, "it wasn't...you know...don't get all..."

Willow grabbed Faith's wrist and pulled her out of the water, "Come on, Faith. I'm thinking it's best if you stay away from her."

Faith looked back at Buffy, questioningly. Buffy shrugged her shoulders, pretending to not understand. As soon as Faith turned around, she shot Xander a look that would have killed him had Slayers been endowed with murderous gazes. She stormed out of the water, and over to him.Xander shared Buffy's sentiment from early. Oh, fuck, he thought as she got closer.


Part 14

Willow was busy dragging Faith along the sand, unbeknownst to the small scene she was causing. Damn, this witch is strong, Faith thought, finally pulling out of her grasp.

"Ok Red," Faith said, rubbing her wrist, "What the fuck's up?"

Willow turned around to face Faith, looking over her shoulder she saw Buffy approaching Xander, all determined like, and then she looked back at Faith, "Look Faith I don't want to talk about this here," Willow said to her, "Come on back inside," Faith was about to protest, when Willow stopped her and looked down at her bikini, "besides," she said, "your suit is a little torn." Willow was smiling when she said it, but she couldn't help but keep a small amount of disgust from creeping into her voice.

Faith glanced down at the bottoms of her new bathing suit, and grimaced. In the front was a small tear, no more than an inch long, but fuck, she thought, it's still there, and could become noticeable. Yeah, if anyone's staring, she argued with herself. She looked at Willow about to state the sentiment, when she realized now actually wasn't the time for a joke. "Fine," she said to the redhead, who was waiting for an answer by tapping her foot impatiently, "we'll go inside."

Faith wanted to turn around when she said that, to look and see what B was doing. She had just shrugged her shoulders when Faith had earlier questioned her with her eyes. Like she didn't care, she thought. Who am I kidding, of course she doesn't fucking care. I'm so stupid, she began to mentally berate herself, an exercise she excelled in. She walked so fast into the hotel that she passed Willow and when she turned around she noticed the girl had stopped.

"Aren't you coming," she said to Willow, "You drag me off the beach to lecture me on the finer points of ocean screwing, I assume, and now you're lagging."

"So not the time to discuss yours and Buffy's `relationship.'"

"I thought that is why you hauled me out of the water," Faith said, getting kind of pissed. She walked her hands down the sides of her body, "you just want a piece too?"

"You're funny Faith." Willow got closer to her, whispering, "Cause that's all it was, wasn't it, just a piece," Faith made no move to say anything, "Yeah, too bad I'm not stupid. You might actually get me to believe something like that. I knew this was going to happen."

Now Faith did speak, "What was going to happen? Buffy and I were gonna fuck? Wow, Red, didn't know you were psychic too?" Faith finished sarcastically.

"I'm not psychic, but who the hell has to be? It's the same old, same old, isn't it Faith? Buff says jump and you're measuring to make sure you jump the highest. You sat there and told me she was like a fucking drug to you, and I bring your slayer addicted self down here with me. And sat you down with your slayer cocktail. And then leave you alone. Cause that's smart, of me I mean. I knew how Buffy was, and I knew how you felt. Of course, I just figured that out, but still, I knew. And I knew better than to bring you down here. I'm actually sorry."

Faith was trying to control her breathing. She didn't much give a fuck if Red felt guilty or not. Or that she had been thrust back into another situation with Buffy. The one thing that was bothering her at the moment had actually dawned on her when Willow was babbling. It was a game. That's what Red is trying to cover up. Buffy played me, she thought. Oh, fuck that, she began to muse, still oblivious to Willow's speech, fuck that. If B wants to play, she thought, we'll fucking play.

"Going to the room," Faith said turning around suddenly, "Coming?"

Willow saw that something, something that actually scared her for a second, had crossed Faith's face. She shook her head slowly, "I'll be up in a bit."

Faith nodded absently at Willow, "Whatever. See you in a few," she said, already getting into the elevator.

Buffy had waited until Willow and Faith had made it into the hotel before actually making her way to Xander. She walked, almost slowly, but with purpose, and she could actually see him shaking a little. She was surprised at the small little burst of sadistic pleasure she felt in her stomach at his fear. She shook it off, though, and continued over to him.

Standing over him, she crossed her arms, and lifted an eyebrow, "Whatcha tell Willow?" she asked sweetly.

"Nothing," Xander answered weakly.

"Nothing huh?" Buffy asked again. Xander shook his head.

Buffy leaned down and looked into his face, one finger in his chest, "Well what kinda nothing makes our little redheaded Wicca coming rushing over to the water, practically snatching Faith away from me?"

Xander sat up a little straighter, "Whatta you care?"

"What does that mean?"

"You know what I mean? What the fuck do you care, `B'?" she grimaced at his comment, but he went on, "didn't you get what you want? A clean little fuck with a hottie, who just happens to be in love with you, by the way, not that that matters to you."

"Oh no you don't," she said, getting closer to his face, "don't go getting righteous on me, Xand. Like you fucking care about her, or anyone else for that matter."

"I'm not saying I do," he said, holding his hands up, "I'm just saying you don't either. Am I right about that Buffy? Cause if that's true, why are you so upset about Willow finding out you were playing with her, or getting some, or doing whatever you were doing? Afraid Willow will tell Faithy? Cause, that shouldn't matter, right?"

Buffy was getting pissed, fuck him, she thought. "Fuck you," she said, "I just don't feel like listening to Willow's shit. Poor little Faithy, and all that crap."

"Whatever, Buff," Xander said, "whatever you need to tell yourself, to make yourself feel better." He sat back in his chair, arms behind his head, "cause that's what it's about, isn't it? Feeling better. That's all you want is to feel a little better."

Buffy knew he was mocking her, but she felt the words just the same, "You have no idea Xander," she said, going back to her seat down the beach. "No idea," she whispered this time, more to herself than him.

Willow saw Buffy going back to her chair. She did a quick glance Xander's way, just to make sure he was okay. With his feet propped up, and his arms behind his head, she thought he looked alive, which was better than she expected. He noticed her looking and smiled at her. She returned it, and made her way to Buffy.

"Buffy," Willow stated, standing over her, "I want you to know that I think what you did was horrible. You had no right to just use her like that. You know as well as anyone how she feels about you, and yet you still go.."

Buffy raised up and looked at Willow, "shut up, Will," she said, interrupting the girl.

Willow frowned at her. "I will not shut up, Buffy," she said, "you had no right ..."

"I had no right?' Buffy looked at her, "I had no right. Yeah okay, I had no right. No right to go to Boston, stalk Faith out, and follow her, for god's sake, on vacation. Oh, wait a minute, that wasn't me, that was her. She followed me here. She followed me into the ocean. She's a slayer Will, she can take care of herself."

"You're a bitch, Buffy. A self-centered bitch. You knew how she felt for you. And you," she pointed at the girl, "called her, first. That's why she came to Nashville. That's why she's here. Cause she thought you needed her help."

"I don't even remember calling her," Buffy said.

"Oh, well excuse me then. I'm so sorry you don't remember. That makes everything okay. The fucking fact that you don't remember," Willow's voice was slowly rising, "you are horrible. I came here to help you. Not to give you reason to screw over someone else's life. Especially someone like Faith."

"Spare me, Willow. When the hell did you ever care about Faith?"

"I don't know who you are Buffy." Willow was talking more quietly now, "I really don't. I'm...I'm not sure what I can do for you. I'm not sure what Faith could do for you. I was stupid to come down here. It was stupid. I..." Willow looked up, "Tell me something Buffy?"

"What's that?"

"Do you even care about her? Do you care about any of this? Am I wasting my time here? Cause if I am and you don't...well, I'm going back to Nashville. It's hot here, and ...you kinda just make me sick at the moment."

"Go back Willow," Buffy stood and faced her. "Go back, and take Xander, and take your fucking precious Faith. I don't want any of you here. I'm having a good time, and the three of you are fucking spoiling it."

Willow just shook her head, "Whatever you want Buffy, cause you know it is all really about you isn't it?"

Buffy smirked at Willow, not answering, she had no idea if Willow was being sarcastic or not. She hoped that Willow and Xander hopped the next plane home. She'd be glad to get rid of them. But Faith... she wasn't sure what she wanted with Faith. She knew that Willow had probably already filled the girl's head with whatever it was she was thinking. Buffy wasn't sure if Willow was right or not, but she did know one thing. She hadn't felt much of anything in quite a while, not until Faith had shown up. Not until she had actual felt the rush of power Faith had relinquished to her when she shoved her fingers inside the girl. It may have been just lust, but it was something. And something is better than nothing, she thought.

Part 15

The moonlight bleeding into Faith's hotel window, brought with it a headache of massive proportions. She was wondering when the hell the moon could induce a brain splitter like the one she was currently experiencing when she looked to the bottle of Rum on the floor next to her bed. The memory of what actually had caused said headache suddenly flooded back to her. She tried to recall just what Willow had said when she had come back into the room.

"Get your stuff together, Faith," Willow had said, as she opened the door, "we're going home. I called the airline. Xander is packing right now."

Faith was sitting at the table, a bottle in her hand, "What about Buffy?'

"She wants us gone. All of us. She said so. And right now, I'm all for leaving her here by herself. See if she likes it. Or not. I really don't care. But Kennedy and Dawn are coming back tomorrow. And I would rather see them than stay here with her. Xander says so as well. I don't know. Maybe he is doing better. Anyway, she told us to leave, and we're leaving."

"The hell you say," Faith said, matter-of-factly, while looking out the window at the ocean. It really is pretty here, she thought.

"Come on," Willow replied, walking over to her. She noticed the bottle of rum in Faith's hand, "setting sail with Captain Morgan, Faith?"

"Hey, Red," Faith stood up, "it's vacation. And I'm vacationing. Alcohol, always a part of vacation. At least a part of mine. Of course, I never went anywhere where there wasn't alcohol involved. Actually, I never went anywhere at all. At least not for fun. But still...it's a staple. That`s what my mom told me anyway, and she was like a freakin expert or something."

Willow was exasperated, " Come on Faith," grabbing her arm, "you're a little drunk. How bout we get your clothes on and then we go? Doesn't that sound like fun?"

"Get your hands off of me. I'm not going anywhere," Faith shrugged away from Willow, and stumbled backwards, before catching herself, "I told ya, I'm staying here. And I'm staying. I don't really give a shit if B is staying, or not. I think it's time for me to get a little sun. Relax and all, you know?"

Willow was busy repacking her own bag, "Faith, this is a bad idea. She doesn't want you here."

"Well what the fuck do I care what she wants? I want to stay. She can leave is she doesn't like it. When the hell did Buffy get to decide who can be on friggin holiday or not? That's stupid. Buffy's stupid. In fact, you're all fucking stupid. Now I'm staying. We got this room for three days, and I ain't wastin it."

Faith had chosen that moment to chug what was left of her new best friend and couldn't actually recall what had happened after that. She thought she remembered Xander, albeit vaguely, coming into the room, and trying to persuade her to leave as well. Fuck, I hope I didn't hit him, she thought.

She made her way into the bathroom. I'm gonna go out, she thought. Screw them. I don't need this shit. I kinda like it here. And I look wicked hot in a bathing suit. She glanced at the one she had had on earlier today. Of course, I can't wear that bathing suit, being ripped and all, she considered, before running a shower.

Forty-five minutes later and Faith was raring to go. Let's see if I can do this town some damage, she said to herself, opening the door.

"Funny thing. I see Xander and Will leaving and no Faith, imagine that. This was right after the fact that I told her to get you guys and leave, and yet here you are," Buffy said, making her way into the open door, "All dressed up and ready to play."

"I don't know who made you the big boss of Fort Lauderdale," Faith said, staring at the girl, who had basically just barged into her room, "but I don't really give a flying fuck what you want Blondie."

"You got a dirty little mouth, Faithy" Buffy said, sitting down on the nearest bed, "I've told you how that could get you in trouble."

"Yeah well, I'm always one to attract trouble," Faith said, still holding the door open, "In, fact, I'm on my way to find some right now."


"So, you're kinda holding me up, if you don't mind."

Buffy walked over to her, "Oh, come on Faith you don't want me to leave," she said, running her hand up the girl's arm, "we didn't exactly finish what we started," Buffy leaned in closer to Faith pressing her lips to the other girl's.

Faith returned the kiss, pulling the girl into her. When she pulled away, she looked at her, "Oh, I don't know B. It sort of felt finished to me. I mean, at least I was finished. Now you, well you can finish on your own, if you like. But I'm going out." She held the door open, "Now, if you don't mind, I'd kinda like to get to it."

Buffy's eyes burned with anger as she took a deep breath, "that's mean."

"I'm sorry B. I don't know what came over me. Being mean and all. Go in there and get undressed. I'll be right behind you, I promise."

"No, you know what? I feel like going out myself. Whadya say Faithy? Feel like some company?"

"Don't really care one way or the other," she said shutting the door behind them, "just stay out of my way, and I'll stay outta yours."

"Works for me," Buffy said, walking past the girl.

Faith rolled her eyes and followed Buffy to the elevator, we'll see, she thought.

The club was packed. Faith had quickly lost track of her blond counterpart, and in her liquored up stupor, didn't much care. She had a vague notion that she would be feeling like shit tomorrow, with the amount of booze actually running through her system. But she figured, with slayer stamina and all, she could deal. Besides it's fun in here, she thought, looking around. She spotted a girl across the room, alone, she thought, and in her mind that's all she needed.

Buffy was dancing with some guy, who smelled like shrimp. To which she voiced her observation, "You kinda smell like shrimp."

It was loud in the club and he had to bend over to hear the smaller girl, "huh?"

"Like shrimp, you smell like shrimp," she practically screamed back at him.

Still not hearing her, he looked at her more than a little puzzled, "huh?" he said again, pointing to his ear.

She rolled her eyes, `never mind,' she mouthed, beginning to think that telling the guy he smelled bad was not the brightest thing she could do. She smiled up at him and thanked him for the dance, to which he cupped his ear again, not hearing her. Or not listening, she thought, walking away. He smiled at her as she left, not even caring I'm gone, she told herself.

She looked around the room, trying to find Faith. Not that I care what she's doing, she thought. I just don't want to get stuck here, wondering whether or not she went home. Cause that would just suck, waiting around for her and all. Buffy was talking to herself, mouthing about Faith's incredible disappearing acts, when she spotted her across the room.

Faith was sitting at a table, with her arm on the knee of some leggy blond. Buffy knew that she should look away, not actually go over there, and yet her feet were moving that way all the same. She could see Faith whispering in the girl's ear, and the girl giggling in return. Bimbo, Buffy thought. Still walking toward the new best friends, she stopped when she saw a third party approach. The guy she had been dancing with earlier. Buffy stood back and watched.

"Get your hand off my girlfriend," he said, looking down at Faith.

"Go on, big guy. I don't see any girlfriend sitting here," she said, not even looking him in the face, but instead choosing to smile at the girl she was sitting with.

Buffy watched the guy start to make a move, what a dumbass, she thought.

He continued, "Get away from my girl, you dyke," he said, grabbing Faith's arm and pulling her up.

"Oh, that's sweet. You can say the word dyke. You`re a big boy, aren`t you? Using all those big words," Faith goaded, removing his hand from her arm, "Now why don't you just mosey on back over there to the dance floor and leave us be."

Buffy looked at the girl, she's not even that cute, she thought, but still she didn't move.

He grabbed her again, swinging her around, "Look, here, I'm not sure who the fuck you think you are, but you need to get the fuck out of here. Cause I'm not to eager to hit a girl," he said, letting her go, "but that doesn't mean I won't."

Faith smiled at him, "Look at me, I can't stop shaking," she said, laughing, "I mean that's what I do, laugh hysterically, when I get scared. Especially of big scary men. What are you going to do?" she asked, getting serious, "You gonna hit me? Cause I gotta say, if you think you can, bring it on." She finished, shoving him in the chest.

It was then that the realization that Faith was actually drunk hit Buffy. Maybe this is not as entertaining as I thought, she wondered.

The guy grabbed Faith by the arms and shoved her into the table, "Back off Bitch."

Faith stayed where she was for a few seconds, long enough for the girl to get up and follow the guy. Oh fuck, Buffy thought.

When he turned completely around, Faith planted her foot squarely in the guy's back kicking him to the ground. As he fell, she turned him over, pulling him up by the collar. "Like to push women around, big boy?" she asked, holding his upper body off the floor.

He was struggling to get up, but Faith effortlessly held him down. "Cause I don't especially like guys who try to fuck with me. Now your chickie here," she said pointing dismissively with her free hand to the girl she was talking to earlier, "she may like it. And what the fuck? So what, you know what I mean? But me, see I don't like it. In fact," she leaned in closer to his face, "it kinda pisses me off." She put both of her hands on his collar and pulled him to his feet, "and I," she said getting in his face, "don't like to be pissed off."

Be still, Buffy was willing the guy. Just be still. She had noticed the spectators around the room that had gathered to watch the little display. Buffy knew he was a guy, and there's no way a guy is gonna let a chick show him up like that, she thought. But if he had a brain in his head, he would just be still.

He raised back his fist, intent on hitting Faith. Should've known he was a was lacking the brain thing, stupid moron, Buffy thought scooting over to the scene. Faith had caught his hand, and was busy twisting it around, bringing him back to the ground, and this time in an even less dignified position.

When she raised her other fist, Buffy caught it, and pulled her off the guy.

He was about to say something, still on the ground, when Buffy shoved him back, "Don't be a fucking idiot. Both of us could kick your ass to next week. Now that could be because we are supernaturally strong," the crowd around them laughed, "or it could be because you are a pussy. I don't know. What do you think?" she asked Faith, still holding the guy down.

"Oh, it's definitely cause we're super strong B," she said, as the crowd laughed, "Look at him. He seems an expert on beating up girls."

"I see that," Buffy said, bending back over him. "Maybe you should run on now," she told him, "I wouldn't want to humiliate you or anything."

She let go of the guy who jumped up and grabbed his girlfriend. Running, he was trying to make his way out of the club without being noticed, which struck the girls as funny.

"Fool," Faith said, smiling at Buffy.

"You shouldn't try to fuck with straight girls, Faith," Buffy told her, "there is always a guy somewhere."

"Well, B, I thought you had him occupied."

"He stunk."

"I noticed that he smelled like shrimp," Faith replied, "but that didn't seem to stop you from dancing with him."

"Yeah it did," Buffy said, "that's why I left."

"Let's get out of here,B," Faith said, pulling Buffy along.

"Whoa Faith," Buffy protested, pulling away, "why?"

Faith pointed towards the dance floor," that's why," she said.Buffy turned and saw a number of security guys coming towards them with shrimp guy in tow, "Oh man, what a baby," she said as Faith pulled her out of the club.


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