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Chapter Two: 2/15/08

No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you

What the FUCK? Oh, the radio.

Shit that bass drum scared the shit outta me. Heh.

10:55 am. Ugh.

Jesus Christ, I forgot to cancel that alarm yesterday. I reach over to shut the radio and feel a hand on my arm.

You you
Can get in the way of what I feel for you

"Leave it, Faith. I love this song."

When the rain is pouring down
And my heart is hurting

"What're you doin' up, B?"

You will always be around

I turn over and gather her in my arms.

This I know for certain

"Watching you sleep."

You and me together
Through the days and nights

I paw at my hair.

I don't worry cause
Everything's gonna be alright

"Yeah, ‘cause there's a pretty sight."

People keep talking
They can say what they like
But all I know is everything's gonna be alright

"Yeah, it is." She swats at my arm.

No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I'm feeling

Her eyes narrow at me. "You better stop putting down my fiancée."

No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you

You you

I look her in the eyes and she's issuing another challenge.

Can get in the way of what I feel for you

If it's death by morning breath she wants, it's death by morning breath she'll get. I lean over and give her a deep kiss.

I know some people search the world
To find something like what we have
I know people will try
Try to divide
Something so real
So till the end of time
I'm telling you that there ain't no one

We pause to catch our breath and I find that we're boppin' and swayin' to the beat.

No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I'm feeling

"This is a good song, baby. You always pick the good ones." I give feather light kisses to her face and neck.

No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you

oh oh oh....

I smirk against the hollow of her neck and I lick back up to her chin and look her in the eyes.

"'Oh, Oh, Oh' is right. That's what you were sayin' all last night."

She laughs and swats me in the arm, "It's weird, I kept hearing this song all day yesterday, wherever we went. And I finally had a chance to listen to the lyrics. It's us Faith, it's our song."

God, it's crazy how much we're alike and yet so different. That's just us I guess.

I give her a quick kiss to the lips and roll over to look up at the ceiling. We're baskin' in the feel of each other and the memory of our wonderful night of deliciously hot and steamy sex and I can't be bothered to shut off the radio.

"1 minute after eleven on this day after Valentine's Day. That was Alicia Keys with ‘No One'. Well, I hope you and your sweety had a good night last night."

Buffy looks over and smiles at me sweetly, squeezing my hand in hers as the DJ tells his story.

"My wife decided to bring up the way I proposed to her eleven years ago yesterday. Let me tell ya, I slept on the couch last night, which is what I did that night, too. Word of advice folks: Never forget Valentine's Day and then try to make it up to her by giving her the tickets to the Knicks game that you blew your savings on instead of buying her the ring you were saving the money for!"

Dude, take a breath.

"If you have a story that tops mine, or shows me up, gimme a call, you might win tickets to the Knicks playing the Celtics at the Garden..."

Fuck yes! I reach for the phone as Buffy leans over to turn off the radio.

"What're you doing, Faith?"

"I'm callin' B!"

"You're gonna tell half of New York before I get to tell my sister?"

I toss her the phone and go get my cell. "Hurry, B!!"

"Faith, no! I'm not telling her in a rush, anyway she's probably in class."

"But, B! It's the Celtics! Vs. the Knicks! Who are shit this year by the way. It's my chance to see my city get revenge!"

She rolls out of bed and walks up to me. "I said, no."


Yeah, I Hmphed. What the fuck of it?

"Oh, no. Not Faith's adorable pouty face!"

"Why can't I have one? You do." I stick my lip out some more.

"The pout is mine. I own the pout." She leans up slightly and sucks my bottom lip into hers.

Buffy the Pouty Lip Slayer. Yep, it's dead. I can't keep it goin' with her doin' that.

"You're mean." I try to keep up the hurt act but she knows I'm toast.

"Awww, don't worry, baby. You know I always make it up to you." She winks. "Now, go make us some breakfast."

"You better make it up to me, or I'm..." I trail off.

Better not take that thought train into the station to unload. I was about to say ‘unproposing'. She wouldn't think that was too amusin'.


"I can't think of anything, but if I do, I'll let ya know. Runty."

She swats my ass. "Get in the kitchen and make me food, woman!"

"Man handler," I grunt as I go to the kitchen. I didn't even get to use the toilet, she's such a tyrant! I go to the bathroom in our room and I can hear her inside talkin' on the phone.

She's tellin' Dawn how I proposed. I guess she wasn't in class after all. I coulda had those tickets! My story would have been fuckin' awesome. I stomp away to the other bathroom at the end of the hall.

"Ooooh, Faith, that smells soooooo good. Is that a Spanish omelet?"

"Yeah, ‘cept we didn't have any Monterey jack or nothin' so I used Feta. It's a Spaneek omelet. Or Granish, whatever floats your boat, Twinks."

She laughs at that and already I've forgotten why I was supposed to be mad at her. I plate up the second omelet and feel her snake her arms around my waist.

"Have I told you lately that I love you?"

"Quotin' Van Morrison, B?"

"I thought Rod Stewart did that song?"

I turn around in her arms and look at her like she's a piece of bread short of a sandwich, "Yeah, but Van Morrison wrote it in 1989 and sang it originally."

She looks at me like I told her I farted on her omelet. "He died in the 60's, didn't he?"

"You mean Jim Morrison, and no, he died in the 70's."

"Then how could he have written that song in the 80's? They found it in his vault or something?"

"B, if I didn't know for a fact that you dyed your hair blonde I would think for sure you were natural." I give her a knowing smirk.

I turn around and feel a smack at the back of my head.

"I'm not stupid, just musically challenged. Besides, what kind of woman in her 20's would know that much about music in the 70's and 80's?"

"I had aunts and uncles, who lived with my ma and me at one time or another and I used to get shipped off them every once in a while when times were really rough. They loved music and I guess it rubbed off." I shrug. She pulls back from me like I just told her something that mattered.

"You never told me that, I always thought you didn't have any family, besides your mother."

I shrug again. "Doesn't matter, B."

She pulls my face back to hers so she can look me in the eyes. "What did I tell you about making my fiancée sound insignificant?"

"You said you didn't like me ‘puttin' down your fiancee'." I correct

"Same thing."

"Yeah, well, tough nuggets. You got the short end of the stick with your fiancée, she's fucked up. Good luck."

The little runt knows exactly how to get to me. She looks at me like she can see me and knows all my secrets, then leans up to give me another one of those sweet kisses that make me want to cry. Then she backs away, gets our plates and sits down at the by the kitchen table. I get the fruit, toast, jam and stuff and join her at the table. Next thing I know we're in an old movie.

She's pourin' me my coffee when I take my seat. She lifts up the cream and gives me a questioning look. I nod and she pours it. She then lifts up the sugar, and gives me another questioning look. This is like déjà vu. I know I've seen this somewhere before. She again tilts her head to the side because I haven't answered her yet. I nod. I think in the movie I saw, the person didn't take sugar, but fuck that, I love sweets.

Especially the sweet muffin sittin' across from me. She makes me so happy.

B's been holdin' up the spoonful of sugar and puttin' one in then questioning me with another one held up, I keep noddin' like one of those bobble heads after the third spoonful and she cracks up breakin' the code of silence we had goin' on there. She shakes her head as she stirs my coffee and places it in the saucer in front of me.


After that sweet little scene, the hungry part of our mutual affliction takes over and it's a good thing no one else is around to witness the carnage. And don't get any wrong ideas about who ate like a pig and who didn't. Buffy could shame that Kobyashi dude when she's really hungry. Last night we never did get around to orderin' that dinner.

As I sit back, B makes me another cup of coffee then gets up and comes to sit in my lap. I place a protective hand over my stomach so she doesn't get too close. I ate like a horse.

"Are you seven or eight months along?"

"Twelve, you smartass." She leans down like she's gonna kiss me then turns on the radio that's behind me on the window sill.

Ugh! Bon Fuckin' Jovi. Ick!!

"C'mon, B. Turn that shit off, I don't want my breakfast comin' up all over you."

"Gross, Faith. And no, I want to hear the radio while I sit with my honey."

"At least turn the station to something that's not gonna make me barf." She leans over me and reaches to the dial again, this time she just turns it down.

"Happy now?" She says as her breasts smash into my face.

"Very." I mumble into the girls.

She leans back and looks at me with that look. No, not that one, the other one. The one that says I'm a pervert.



She's smilin' at me though. That's a good sign.

She leans into me a little more and rests her head on mine. Gives me a clear shot at her neck. One of my favorite parts of her body. I inhale her scent and I feel like I'm flyin'.

Buffy is definitely one drug I could O.D. on and die happily. I almost did once, but it wasn't gonna be happily.

Fuck the bad thoughts!

I start to kiss her neck and she let's out a long and satisfying "Mmmm" sound.

Damn, after all we did last night, I still feel like I can go all day again. Buffy leans over and now I hear people talkin' out of the damn radio.

I think I might have to smash that thing, she's in love with it or somethin'.

"So, we were on the ice at the park in my hometown, and I get down on one knee and start to propose."

"Sounds good so far."

"Yeah well, all of a sudden I hear a crack and like a moaning sound."

Oh shit, dumbass. You and your bitch are gettin' dunked!

"Oh, no! The ice was starting to break!"

"Exactly! So, for some reason I think ‘Let's get down on our stomachs. We can't possibly fall through the ice if we're laying down, ya know?"

"Yeah, probably what I would've done."

"Long story short, instead of a warm romantic dinner that evening, we spent the better part of the day getting treated for hypothermia."

"What. A. Story!"

"I know, right?!"

That story fuckin' sucks, that lame ass better not win my tickets!

"So, what does my panel say? Oh, sorry Fred, one thumbs up and two thumbs down! You don't get the tickets to the game, but you do get the new Bruce Springsteen album. How's that sound?"

"That's awesome! The Knicks suck this year anyway, I was tryin' ta win them ‘cause my girl's a fan."

"The one who you almost drowned by proposing to?"

"Nah, she left me for a carpenter in Jersey. This is a new girl."

“Man, you're a..."

"Fuckin' loser!" B pushes me in the side with her finger and narrows her eyes at me. Shuttin' up now.

"...piece of work. Take care my man. Let's take another call before we go to break. Hello, you're on WMOP, what's you're Valentine's Day story?"

"Hi, mine is..."

Holy Shit! I recognize that voice!!

"I'm sorry you'll have to speak up, are you in a tunnel?"

"No, I'm in my bathroom."


No! She didn't!

"That's better; you're in your bathroom you say?"

"Yes, I'm trying to win the tickets for my fiancée and I don't want her hearing."

She fuckin' did!!!!!!!!!

"Woah! Ding, ding, ding! I think we have a winner. What's your name sweetheart?"


I lean back and my grin is about a mile wide, hers looks like she did something naughty.

"Is that your real name or are you using fake names to protect the innocent?"

Bastard. That was pretty funny, but still, she's my girl and only I get to make fun of her name.

"No, it's my real name."

"Ok, so, Buffy. My producer is telling me I can't just give you the tickets because you're giving me all kinds of nice visuals. So what what's your Valentine's Day Story?

"Well, it's still kind of in progress."

"Are you calling from your bed? Oh wait no, you said you were calling from the bathroom. Are you in the shower, maybe?"

That fucker, he better pray I don't ever meet him!

"Did I call Howard Stern by mistake?"

HA! She got him.

"Ha! Ha! No. Ok little lady. Man you're feisty. Ok, I'll let you tell your story."

"Thanks. So yesterday I got up early and left the house before she was up. She's usually always up before me but the night before we were out pat- uh partying until late."

"Man, on a Wednesday night? Who do you roll with? Paris Hilton?"

"So anyway,"

My girl's getting pissed. I love it.

"Yeah, sorry, you were out late Wednesday you get up on Thursday and leave your girl sleeping."

"Yes, she usually gets up and makes a big breakfast for us..."

"Aww, that's sweet."

"It is, she's the sweetest. Anyway, I go to work and was so busy that I didn't get to see or talk to her all day... And I kinda forgot about Valentine's Day."

She gives me that guilty look again and I give her a soft kiss letting her know I don't give a fuck that she forgot.

"You too?!"

"Yeah, after I made this big deal about it last week, things happened on the weekend that made me concentrate on work and everything else got shoved to the back burner."

"Let me guess, your girl didn't forget?"

"Nope, well, actually she said she did. She was sleeping and she was woken by you, I have the alarm set to your station, and she heard you talking about Valentine's day, that's when she realized she forgot."

"Wow, I do matter! So, what did that sweet thing get up and do?"

"At first she couldn't do anything, because she had to work. She was panicked because she thought I was planning this whole big thing and she was gonna look like the doofus who forgot the Day of Love. After work she bought flowers, candy and a ring."

"Ooooh, any special kind of ring?"

"Well, she went to Tiffany."

"Oh! My! God! She didn't! She bought a big freakin' rock, didn't she?"

"Nope, she bought a really nice ring with diamonds and pink sapphires set in a platinum band."

"What did you think when you opened it?"

"I thought it was gonna be an engagement ring."

"Oh, no! Was it a ring she bought for her mother and was just showing to you?"

I can feel her tense up a little at the words ‘her mother', I give her another reassuring kiss.

"No! No, I thought it was gonna be the traditional engagement ring, so I was disappointed when I saw that it wasn't. But that lasted like a second because I was struck with how well she knows me. I've never seen this particular ring before, but I know if I saw it in a case out of a thousand other rings it would be the one I would pick."

"Man, she does know you."

"Yeah, so here I was thinking she wasn't going to propose, and she says that's exactly what she was doing, in sort of an offhand way that at first had me thinking she was joking."

"No way!"


She's such a California girl. My baby. I give her another soft kiss.

"...and then she bypasses my right hand that I had held out to her, and takes my left hand into hers, kissing the ring finger and asks me what my answer was."

Then I take her hand and kiss the ring softly; she kisses the top of my head.

"I hope you said yes, because if not my producer Sheri, who's straight by the way, says she's gonna find your honey and snap her up."

"She can try, and I don't sound like it but I'm a fighter."

"I believe you!"

You better! My girl can kick anyone's ass, including mine.

"So what did you say?"

"Yes, of course! And we had a nice romantic night."

I wink and smile at her knowingly.

"I'll bet that was a night of ‘yeses' to remember."

Ha! That was funny, I'll give him that.

"A lady doesn't kiss and tell."

"And what a lady you are. Ok, Buffy, since I'm getting a room full of thumbs up, it seems you've won the tickets!!!!!!"

WOOOOO FUCKIN' HOOOO!!!!!!!!!! My girl's the best!!!!!!!! I pick her up and twirl her around.

"YAY! She's gonna love this, she wanted to call earlier and I wouldn't let her, she really wanted to win these tickets. Thank you!!"

"Well, I'm glad we helped to make her happy. What's her name?"


"Tell Faith the guys and girls, especially Sheri, down at WMOP think she's somethin' else. You two enjoy those tickets. Hey Buffy, why don't you pick a song to dedicate to her?"

"I'd love to but you already played it this morning."

"That's ok, if it's a new one it's probably gonna get played again in the next 3 minutes so no big deal."

"Ok then, ‘No One' by Alicia Keys. I always think of her when I hear it because we've gone through a lot, it's getting better and better and we're gonna be together forever."

I slow down the twirls and look into her eyes. I'm glad she thinks we're gonna be together forever, too. I was hopin' I wasn't the only one who felt that way. I give her a kiss to convey how much I love her and let her stand on her own two feet as the music starts up.

"Good choice, good choice. Sheri's nodding like a bobble head. Ok, Buffy tell me what radio station plays the best of the newest and brightest."


"You betcha, thanks for the story!"


"Buffy, hang on the line so we can get your info for the tickets. Here's ‘No One', From Buffy to Faith. Congratulations you two!"

Every phone we own is ringin' off the fuckin' hook. I'm stunned. My baby told three quarters of the Tri-State area about us gettin' engaged, before she told anyone in her family.

Just to win me tickets!

I'm the luckiest girl in the world!! We start movin' together as we stand there in each others arms. It's the perfect ending to a perfect Valentine's Day.

Which is my favorite holiday, by the way.

I guess that little bastard with the cross bow isn't so bad after all.


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