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  Part 9: Role play

Faith entered her room. Wanting to lay down on her bed, she found she couldn't due to the sleeping blonde already there. Faith sighed. She walked over to the black and white television on her desk and switched it on, muting it so as not to wake Buffy. The brunette sat on the chair in front of it and searched the channels for something decent. Flicking through, she accidentally took the television off mute, causing an eruption of sound. Faith rectified her mistake and turned to make sure Buffy didn't wake up, relieved to see the blonde stir and continue with what must have been a great dream.

Buffy approached the vampire slowly, aware that any sudden movements might cause him to kill the child.

"I swear, if you hurt him, I'll-"

"You'll do what slayer?" the vampire asked with a smile.

The child in his arms began to cry louder than he already had been, blood starting to pour from the fresh puncture in his neck.

"God! He's so annoying! Shut up!" the vampire ordered shaking the boy and causing him to cease crying.

Buffy moved closer to them, keeping her stake hidden. "Just let the boy go, it's me you want."

The vampire laughed. "Why can't I have both of you?"

Distracted by distant sirens that were becoming louder, Buffy took her eyes from the vampire for a split second, turning around in time to see it about to snap the child's neck. "No!" she screamed, elated when the vampire disappeared in a cloud of dust, leaving a smiling brunette behind it.

"Faith," Buffy announced, relieved.

Faith bent down to help the fallen child to his feet.

"You ok, kid?" she asked him.

The boy nodded and thanked her, before running off in the direction of his home.

Still stunned, Buffy stood and watched Faith watch the boy run away, smiling.
Faith turned and walked towards her."You saved him," the blonde told her.

Faith smiled.

"Thank you."

The brunette removed a strand of blonde hair from the slayer's face, before pulling her closer for a kiss.

Buffy's eyes fluttered open to see Faith sitting in front of her watching tv. She sat up.

"Oh, you're up," Faith observed, turning to face her.

Buffy made no reply.

"You ok? You look shaken up."

"I'm fine," Buffy assured her. "I should get back."

"I wouldn't," Faith told her. "Things aren't exactly five by five out there. Big B iced Jen last night."

"What?" Buffy asked. "Oh my God."

"Yeah. I think it's better if we lay low for a while." Faith turned back to the tv and took it off mute. The jingle to an advert about glow in the dark toothpaste announced the start of the commercial. Faith watched as a family of four danced around sung about the wonder of their new toothpaste.

"Now I can brush my teeth in the dark!" the little boy announced as the voice over came on.

"Glow paste," the voice told the viewers. "Now you can brush your teeth in the dark."

Faith shook her head. "That is so lame." She continued to watch as the advert finished and the news begun.

"Hello and welcome back to the news headlines. I'm Jenny Bishaw, bringing you up to date news stories from the state of California. Our top story today is the sudden rise in the murder rate of Sunnydale; California. The death toll stands at eleven people killed, each with strange puncture wounds in their necks. Jason Ford reports live from Sunnydale."

Faith turned to see the horrified look on Buffy's face. She turned off the television and went to sit by her side.

"They're dying because of me," Buffy told her.

"It's not your fault B. It's not like you wanna be stuck in here."

Buffy kept quiet; that wasn't entirely true.

Faith racked her brain. She had to think of a way to take Buffy's mind off the headline before she went into brood-mode.

"Hey," she said, getting up. "When you get outta here, you're gonna need to kick a serious amount of vampire ass and I haven't seen you training."

"It's not like you forget these things," Buffy replied.

"Yeah, but you can get off your game. Come on, let's see how rusty you are."

Faith pulled Buffy to her feet.

"How `bout we role play. I'll be a vamp," she told her putting up her fists.

Buffy sighed and took stance. She swung a blow at Faith, who dodged and laughed.

"C'mon B, you're not even trying."

"Maybe 'cause this is lame," Buffy replied her.

Faith put down her fists, "Kay," she replied, turning. Blind-sided by Buffy's floor sweep, she fell down, almost banging her head.

"What the-?" Faith shouted as she fell.

"I'm sorry," Buffy told her, feigning confusion. "I thought with your super vampire hearing, you'd have heard that coming."

Faith smiled and got up. She dusted herself off. "Oh. I was gonna go easy on ya, but now you are so getting your ass kicked, slayer."

"Bring it on," Buffy told her.

Faith lunged her fist at the blonde, who ducked and then replied it with a kick. Faith knocked her leg away and punched. Buffy blocked the punch and shimmied to the left. Attempting to kick the brunette, she was surprised when Faith caught her leg and used it to pull her in, grabbing her by the neck and leaning in to softly bite it.

"Game over," Faith told her, letting her go.

Buffy stumbled backward, feeling slightly light-headed.

"You ok?" Faith asked, concerned about her seemingly dazed blonde friend.

"Uh yeah," Buffy replied, snapping out of her mini trance. "I'm just not used to losing."

Faith laughed. "Well I guess you'll have to get used to it, fighting me and all."

Buffy feigned a smile. *What the hell's wrong with me?* she asked herself.

Part 10: Breaking and entering

Faith landed on the floor with a thud.

Buffy straddled her. "What were you saying about a whoppin'?" she asked, panting.

Faith didn't say anything. She merely looked up at the blonde, her heart racing.

Worried by the silence from the brunette, Buffy asked, "Faith, you ok?" She got off her and was caught off-guard when Faith tripped her and climbed on top.

"Cheater," Buffy said, with a smile.

"What can I say B? You know I like it better on top."

Faith smiled looking into Buffy's hazel eyes. The two remained silent for a few seconds, chests heaving, before Faith asked, "You hungry?"

"Starved," Buffy replied, still panting.

Faith got up and offered her hand to the blonde.

Buffy took it and allowed Faith to pull her up to her feet. She looked at the window.

"It's dark. I doubt the kitchen'll still be open."

"Yeah," Faith replied. She glanced at her clock. "C'mon, we've only got a half-hour 'til lock-down."

Buffy watched as Faith grabbed her lighter from the table and put it in her pocket, before leaving her room. She followed Faith into the hallway. "Where are we going?" she asked, trying to keep up.

"You'll see," Faith replied.

The brunette led Buffy out of the prisoners' block and went around the field, keeping to the shadows. She led the blonde behind the common room building and once at the back, she walked to a window at the bottom.

Faith grabbed hold of it, wedging her fingers in-between the window and wall and pulled the window frame off.

Buffy gasped.

"Relax B," Faith said with a smile. "I'll fix it later." She motioned inside and gave Buffy a boost into the newly formed gap, before entering herself. Inside, she took her lighter from her pocket and lit it. Half-covering the flame with her hand, she moved it to a drawer opened it and pulled out a candle. She lit it and used it to find her way to the fridge.

"Won't they find out?" Buffy asked, as Faith opened the almost empty refrigerator.

"Nah," the slayer replied. "I've been doing this for months." She pulled out a salami and took a sniff, before approving and handing it Buffy. She then grabbed slices of bread before closing the fridge.

"It's not exactly the best meal, but I've got a bottle o' brandy in my room and that should make it better."

Buffy didn't reply. Instead, she turned and scanned the room. "Did you hear that?" she asked.

"What?" Faith replied.

"Faith, someone's coming," Buffy told her.

"Shit!" Faith replied. She stuffed the bread in her pocket and blew out the candle, before pulling Buffy towards the window. She let her climb out first and quickly followed. On the ground outside, she picked up the window frame and put it back in its position. Faith stopped and listened out for sound inside the kitchen, but heard nothing. She turned to Buffy and laughed.

"Maybe you were hearing-" Faith started, the turning-on of the kitchen lights, disrupting her thoughts.

"Oh fuck! C'mon," she told Buffy.

The two slayers dashed across the field, keeping near the outside to avoid arousing the suspicions of the guards keeping watch from above. They ran into the prisoners' ward, Faith slightly ahead of the Buffy. Faith led her down the halls and the two continued to run, not stopping until they reached their destination. The brunette let Buffy into her room first and followed, closing the door behind them and leaning against it, trying to catch her breath. The two of them looked at each other, panting, before bursting into laughter.
Faith watched Buffy laugh, her own laughter subsiding. She moved to her desk and set down the now mashed bread. She mounted the desk.

"Sorry 'bout the squishy-ness," Faith told her.

Buffy smiled. "It's ok, I wasn't that hungry anyway." She set down the salami next to the bread.

Faith eyed her. "Careful B. Keep this up and you'll fade away."

Buffy laughed and looked at the clock.

"It's lock-down soon. I better get back; give myself an alibi in case they're looking for two suspects in the morning."

Worried for Buffy's safety, Faith got up. "I'll walk you back," she told her.

The two left the room and headed for Buffy's cell. They walked down the ward in silence, neither coming up with anything either witty or intelligent to say.

"This is it, right?" Faith asked, when they reached their destination.

"Yeah," Buffy replied. "Thanks."

"No problem," Faith told her. She smiled, before saying, "Later."

With that, the brunette left and headed back to her room.

Buffy entered her cell.

"Oh, hey Buffy. I'm so glad you're alright," Gypsy told her. "I was worried about you."

Buffy smiled and climbed the bunk bed.

"Wait a minute, was that Steel dropping you off?" her cell-mate asked, trying to take another look at the brunette that accompanied Buffy.

"Er...yeah?" Buffy replied, unsure of Gypsy's motive.

Gypsy paused. "Is that where you spent the night yesterday?" she asked. "Wow. Are you two...you know?"

"No. We're just friends," Buffy told her, a little too defensively.

The inmate thought about it. "Oh. Sorry. I just didn't know Steel was the type to be just friends, you know?"

Buffy made no reply.

Afraid she'd said something she shouldn't have, Gypsy decided to drop the subject.

"Well...erm...night Buffy," she said.

"Night," Buffy replied, settling into her bed and closing her eyes.

Part 11: Bitter-sweet

Buffy dropped her rake as soon as she heard the signal for the end of field duty. She watched the others filing into the common room and turned to go back to her cell.

"And where do you think you're goin'?" Buffy heard. She turned.

"Oh hey Gypsy," she replied. "I was just going back to the cell to...er..."

"To, er nothing. You're coming in with us."

"No, it's ok. I just wanna get some rest."

"I'm not taking 'no' for an answer Buffy. Now come on," Gypsy told her playfully. She took the blonde by the arm and led her inside. The two of them sat down at a table.

"Hey Gypsy, can you believe they're not serving breakfast today?" one of the women, already sitting, asked her.

"Why?" Gypsy asked.

"Warden's got it into their thick heads that we got rats and they're tearin' the kitchen apart lookin' for them."

"Aint there laws 'gainst this sorta thing?" another asked.

"I'm sure there are, but who we gonna tell. I doubt the president'll give a shit 'bout a bunch of cons."

The group nodded in unison.

Gypsy remembered her blonde friend.

"Oh. Y'all," she said, gesturing towards to her cell-mate. "This is Buffy. She's my roomie."

"Hey Buffy," one of them said. "I'm Angela."

"Gina," another added.

"Di," someone else said.

"And I'm Roxie."

Buffy smiled. "Nice to meet you all," she told them.

"So, where you from Buffy?" Di asked.

"Sunnydale," Buffy replied.

"For real? I always wanted to visit Sunny D ever since that time it was on the news, when you guys were all trapped inside and couldn't make contact."

"Yeah, I saw that!" Roxie added. "It was huge! What was the deal with that?"

Buffy began telling them the edited version of the story, completely oblivious to the women at the other table talking about her.

"Yeah, that's her," one of them told the others.

"What the fuck is she doing in here?"

"It's 'cause Bertha's in solitary. Now she thinks she can walk around like nothing's happened."

The other one grit her teeth before adding. "I know. It's 'cause of her Jen's dead and she's over there smiling and laughing."

"Wait 'til Steel gets down here, she'll tear that bitch to pieces."

"Like she did last time?" One of them asked sarcastically.

"What do you mean?" the other replied.

"I'm just saying. The last time-" she managed before the officers stormed in and asked for silence.

"Ok ladies, you know the drill," one of the officer said. He read off a printed sheet. "G. Aarons, J. Abrams, G. Bush, H. Daryl, L. Davids, R. Davids, M. Hart, J. King, R Langston, V. Michaels, K. Noble, W. Santos, P. Somera, B. Summers, R. Turner and K. Williams, come with us."

"The rest of you," another added. "Breakfast's served, so form an orderly line in front of the window."

The room was filled with movement and commotion.

"See ya later, y'all," Gypsy told those at the table with her, getting up.

Buffy also stood up and turned to Gypsy in confusion. "I was called too," she told her.

Gypsy smiled. "It's ok," she told her cell-mate. "It's just 'cause it's visitor's day. Aren't you expecting someone?"

"No," Buffy told her.

"Then it's probably your lawyer. C'mon."
She took Buffy's hand and led her out of the common room following the line of the other girls who were called, outside, through the field and into the next building. Each prisoner went through the door-way, one by one and received a number from the officer at the door.

"Seventeen," Buffy was told when it was her turn.

The slayer entered the room and looked around. The room was a large one containing a wall with windows, dividing it in half. She looked at the chairs that were marked with numbers and placed in front of the glass. Buffy located number seventeen and was happy when she saw Willow sitting in front of it on the other side.

Buffy beamed, sitting in front of her. "Hey Will," she said. "I'm so glad it's you."

Willow smiled and pointed at the phone mounted on the right.

"Oh," Buffy said, embarrassed. She picked up the receiver.

"You look great," Willow told her.


There was a pause as both tried to think of something to say.

Buffy eventually spoke. "I saw Sunnydale on the news the other day," she said. "They said that the death toll's up."

"Yeah. It was really scary for a while. But now that Spike's back, it's a lot easier."

"Spike's back!?!" Buffy asked.

"Yeah, but it.... We don't.... You know, stay alone with him."

Buffy sighed. "Uh, how's Dawn?"

"She's ok. She really wanted to come," Willow added. "But I made her go to school. I figured you wouldn't want her to see you here."

"Yeah," Buffy replied. She paused before asking, "How's Xander?"

"He's fine."

"So everything's ok?"

Willow nodded. "Peachy."

Buffy was unconvinced. She gave her friend a knowing look.

"Ok," Willow told her. "There was kind of an incident at Dawn's school with this guy she thinks she's in love with, but we're handling it. It's just....it would be a lot easier if you were here."

Buffy remained silent.

"We're still trying to get you a lawyer. We found this one guy and he says he's gonna get back to us, so fingers crossed."

"Time ladies!" the officer announced.

"What?" Willow protested. "That was, like, two minutes."

Buffy smiled. "It's ok," she told her.

"I'll come back as soon as I can," Willow promised. "Hopefully with good news."

Buffy replaced the receiver as an officer stood behind her. She mouthed 'goodbye', turned and followed a line of the other women out of the visitor's room to the outside. Leaving the women, who were heading to the common room, she headed for the showers.

"Yeah," Gypsy told the group. "Turns out the reason she wasn't in her cell and Jen couldn't find her, is because she was in Steel's room."

"You're kidding," one of them replied.

"I wish I was," Gypsy replied. "I saw it with my own two eyes. Steel dropped her off at our cell last night and get this, she says they're not even screwing."

One of the inmates moved over to the corner and talked to another who was seated.

"I'm sorry," she told her. "I know this must be killing you."

Bertha clenched her fist and got up. She pointed at Gypsy. "If this is another one of your lies Bush, I'll kill you with my bare hands." The redhead stormed out of the common room; she had to find out for herself.

"Come in," Faith told Buffy, letting her in. "I was just coming to see you."

"Really?" Buffy asked. "Something wrong?"

"No," Faith replied, with a smile.


There was an awkward silence.

"I just came to make sure you were ok," Buffy told her. "You weren't down at breakfast."

"Yeah. I heard they weren't serving it, cause of the 'rats', so I decided to stay and do other things."

"Like your hair?" Buffy asked, noticing Faith's hair was different.

She went inside and sat on the bed.

"Oh. Yeah," Faith said, closing the door. "I just blow-dried it."

She sat down next to Buffy.

"You get a blow dryer?" Buffy asked. "That is so not fair."

"I just borrowed it off the warden."

"Do you mind if I use it? My hair really needs a blow dry. Ironically, all this towel drying's killing it."

"Really?" Faith asked. "You can't tell."

"Sure you can. Feel," Buffy told her picking up Faith's hand and running it through her hair.

The brunette swallowed air, as she ran her fingers through Buffy's soft blonde hair. The two of them sat, looking into each other's eyes with another awkward silence upon them.

Faith removed her hand. "I'll go see if that warden's still around," she told her, getting up. "I'll be right back."
She left the room and hurried down the hall. *What the hell was that? My God, I so wanted to kiss her. Why the fuck didn't I kiss her?*

She mimicked herself, "I'll go see if the warden's still around."


She turned the corner, still berating herself when she was stopped by an angry redhead in her way.

"Big B," Faith stated, surprised. "You're out."

"Yeah, Steel and I just heard an ugly rumour that while I was in the blonde's cell the other night, she was in your room."

Feigning anger, Faith asked, "What? Who the fuck told you that?"

"Her cell mate."

"Oh. So now you're believing what Bush says?"

"No, of course not," Bertha replied. Unsure, she continued, "So you weren't with her?"

"No," faith replied.

The redhead exhaled before laughing. "Man, I can't tell ya how happy that makes me." She moved closer to her. "You know, you're the only one in this hell-hole that means anything to me. It'd kill me if you betrayed me."

Faith patted her on the shoulder. "I wont," she assured her.

Bertha smiled, looking the brunette up and down. She moved closer to her. "I've missed you," she told her, rubbing the brunette's face with the back of her hand. She moaned. "Everyone's in the common room," she continued. "I doubt we'd be missed."

"Huh?" Faith asked.

"I want you so much right now," Bertha clarified.

Faith stepped backwards. "Er, shouldn't we get back to the others and straighten this whole thing out?" She asked.

Bertha moved closer. "Yeah, but they can wait." She lowered her voice. "C'mon Steel, we haven't fucked for ages and your room's just there. We can screw for a couple of minutes and get back before anyone notices."

Faith racked her brain trying to think of something to say. Unable to speak, she stood there, frozen.

Part 12: Ready

"I-I can't big B," the brunette managed, eventually. "It's my time of the month and all."

Bertha smiled. "Steel, when has that stopped you before? Stop screwing around and c'mon."

She took the other woman's hand and walked past her, turning her around and pulling the reluctant brunette towards her room.

Faith racked her brain. *Oh shit. If she finds Buffy, all hell's gonna break loose. Think Faith, think.*

"Er, It's locked!" the slayer shouted, when Bertha reached the door.

The redhead stopped and turned to look at her. "Then open it," she instructed.

"Yeah," Faith replied, moving close to the door and feigning a search for her keys. "I'm looking for the key! 'Cause I'm about to open the door! To come in!"

Bertha looked at her, worried. "You ok?" she asked.

"Yeah," Faith replied. "Just getting the key!"

"Honey, why are you shouting?"

"Was I?" Faith asked, feebly. She stopped her search. "I can't find it," she told the older woman.

"Fuck," Bertha replied, under her breath. Exasperated, she tried the handle, relieved when the door opened. The inmate turned to Faith who pretended to be surprised.

"Wow, I thought I locked it," she lied.

Bertha ignored her and entered. She scanned the room with her eyes, before bending down to search under the bed.

"What are you doing?" Faith asked, following closely behind the taller female, relieved that Buffy had caught her signal.

Unsuccessful in her search, Bertha stood up and grabbed the brunette.

"Nothing," she replied, before kissing the younger inmate.

Buffy watched from underneath the table as the two pairs of legs moved from the floor to the bed. Overcome with jealousy, she cringed when she heard Bertha tell Faith what she was about to do to her. Hearing her moan, Buffy grit her teeth in response. She was going to have to watch...well listen to Faith have sex with someone else and it hurt. She contemplated getting up and beating the crap out of her, but decided against the idea. Frustrated at her position, she clenched her fist. *Ugh! How dare Faith have sex with someone else!* she thought as a horrid realisation struck her. At that moment, she was jealous of Bertha.

The red-haired woman, pushed Faith onto her back and the slayer watched as she began to unbutton her clothing. Faith looked around the room, noticing that breathing had become a difficulty. Partially because Bertha's thigh was crushing her own, but mostly because she could feel Buffy watching her and an overwhelming amount of guilt was plaguing her. She attempted to arch forward.

"Stop," she told Bertha, much to a listening Buffy's relief.

Her fellow inmate sighed and rolled her eyes, before stopping. "What now?" she asked.

"I can't do this," Faith told her, forcing her back by sitting up.

"And why the fuck not?"

"I just can't. I'm sorry."

Bertha sat back, staring at Faith. "I don't understand. A few weeks ago you couldn't get enough of me and now you don't even wanna...Have you fallen for someone?"

"What? No."

Bertha advanced again. "Then what?" she asked, stroking her.

Faith moved out of the bigger woman's grasp and stood up. "Look, I'm just not in the mood, okay?"

"I don't get you-"

Faith silenced her with a sigh. Re-buttoning her shirt, she told Bertha, "Get back to the others big B. I'll be there soon to kick the shit outta that bitch for spreading rumours."

Bertha stared at her in disbelief, before getting up. She buttoned her clothes and left, slamming the door behind her.

Faith sat down and waited for a few minutes before calling for Buffy.

The blonde revealed her hiding place by moving the chair concealing her, from underneath the desk.

Faith got up and moved to help her.

"Way to go B, I almost wet my pants thinking you were hiding under the bed," she told her, giving her a hand to climb out from underneath the table.

Buffy stood up and dusted herself. "Nah," she replied. "People always check under the bed, it's way too obvious."

Faith nodded. "Hey, I'm sorry you had to see that," she said. "It's just that she caught me off guard and I-"

"It's ok Faith," the blonde replied. There was a silence before Buffy announced, "I should-," moving towards the door.

"No, Buffy. I mean, you don't have to-"

"No, I'm not," Buffy replied. "I was just-," she stopped talking mid-sentence, having lost track of what she wanted to say.

Faith sat down on the bed thinking of a way to stop the other slayer from going.

Re-thinking her decision to leave, Buffy stopped walking. She thought out an approach before turning to the brunette and asking, "Faith, I, er, was just wondering-"


"What.. er...stopped you?"


"Why didn't you...y'know with Bertha? - I mean aside from the obvious yuk factor."

Faith looked at her. "Well I didn't think it was right....screwing someone, when I was thinking about someone else..." She stood up and walked towards the blonde.

"Oh. Really?" Buffy asked. She inhaled sharply, holding the brunette's gaze and asking her a question to which she already knew the answer. "Who?"

The brunette licked at the older girl's body. She hungrily lapped at her, her technique kitten-like.

Bertha rolled her eyes and looked towards the wall. *This bitch is nothing like Steel!* she screamed inwardly. She held the girl steady, as she licked at her nether regions, the only moisture being produced by her inexperienced mouth. She winced and held herself back as the younger woman fondled her clit and forced her body to produce fluid. Bertha grit her teeth as she felt her body succumb to the woman's actions and release the tension they had created. Her hand still tangled in the brunette's locks, she grabbed on tighter and used it to throw the girl from her bed and onto the floor. The redhead covered herself up.

"That was great, honey," she told her, getting under the covers and whipping the sheets over herself. "Let yourself out."

Speechless, her fellow inmate got up and left the room.

Bertha sighed. She lay back on her bed and covered her face with her hands.

Faith took a deep breath, before kissing the naked shoulder in front of her. She breathed in deeper, wanting to inhale more of Buffy's scent with every breath.

"So why do they call you Steel?" Buffy asked, wrapping Faith's arms around her stomach.

"I dunno," the brunette replied. "It's just a name big B started calling me and it kinda stuck, y'know?" She kissed Buffy's neck before asking, "Why? Does it bother you?"

"No," the slayer replied her. "I think it's sexy."

Faith closed her eyes momentarily and kissed her again. "Oh you do, do ya?" she asked, prompting Buffy to turn around and straddle her thigh.

The blonde leaned in and kissed Faith on her ear before half-whispering, "Yeah, don't you?"

Faith smiled. "Mmm, I think it's wicked sexy when you say it," she replied.

"Really....Steel?" Buffy asked, her voice sultry.

Faith groaned in response.

The older woman kissed the brunette's neck. "I want you, Steel," she whispered into her ear.

Faith grabbed her, one hand on each side, and turned the slayer onto her back.

Buffy smiled. "Make love to me Steel," she managed to plead before Faith kissed her.

Happy to oblige, the brunette kissed her deeply, her hands tracing patterns on her upper body. Playing with her nipple, she worked her tongue into Buffy's mouth matching the rhythm the blonde had created.

Buffy groaned as Faith ran her thumb over her nipple, her flesh hardening in response.

Faith kissed her mouth, before doing the same to her chin and then neck, causing the blonde to lean her head, back in anticipation of what was to come. She moved towards Faith, yearning for their heated bodies to come into more contact.

Noticing this, Faith kissed back up Buffy's body, whilst moving her hand down over her stomach and further south. She moved her fingers through the patch of curly, damp hair before she reached her target. The younger of the two, continued to kiss Buffy, as she inserted her fingers into her with ease, thanks to the arousal slicking her entrance. She worked her fingers into Buffy, immediately adapting to the rhythm Buffy created with her thrusting.

"Ugh! F-aith!" the blonde called when she felt Faith drive her fingers deep inside her.

The brunette hooked her fingers as she pulled them out, feeling Buffy's inner walls clenching around her digits.

Panting, Buffy wrapped her legs around the brunette's lower waist. She jerked forward with an, "mmm...oh God," when Faith thrust her fingers into her, harder.

Trying hard to not concentrate on the building sexual frustration within her, Faith gathered the moisture from Buffy's centre and slicked it over her clitoris, causing Buffy to circle her hips in response. She called out Faith's name repeatedly, as the brunette continued her actions, her orgasm approaching.

Unable to ignore her body for any longer, Faith used one hand to release the tension that seeing Buffy writhing about naked and calling her name, had caused. She forced her arm in-between their bodies and began to rub herself.

Feeling Faith's arm's movement, Buffy pressed herself against it, increasing their contact.

The brunette sped up her pace, her actions building the both of their bodies up to their release.

With a final thrust, Buffy shuddered and lay back down as she came and her orgasm spread through her. She shifted as Faith toppled on top of her, experiencing her own wave of pleasure. Her head resting on Buffy's rising and falling chest, Faith panted and kissed the flesh beneath her, taking the time to allow her body to recover.

Bertha turned in her bed, startled when she saw her father standing in the room with her.

"What the fuck?" she asked, sitting up and staring, at him.

"Watch your mouth Bertha!" He scolded, angrily. "Didn't your mother raise you right?"

The redhead remained speechless as the man in front of her looked her up and down before continuing to add, "Well obviously not, seeing as you ended up in here." He paused, letting his anger diffuse. "Baby, what happened to you?"

"Dad?" Bertha asked, still reeling. "It can't be. You're-"

"Dead?" he filled in. "Yeah and it truly sucks cause I can't be with the person I love the most and should be protecting." He looked at her tenderly. "You're hurting, baby, I can feel it?"

Bertha looked at him. "I'm alright," she assured him. "I take care of myself."

Her father stepped towards her. "My little girl's all grown up," he observed. "That's why I knew it was time."

"For what?" the red-head asked.

"I have a job for you, one that it seems only you can do," he told her, looking from her to the bed.

Bertha followed his gaze and looked behind her to see a knife on the pillow. She picked it up, admiring it's jewelled, golden handle and blade.

"Wow," she exclaimed, studying it. "Who d'you want me to use it on?"

Her father smiled, "That's the spirit baby. Now. Ever heard of a slayer?"

Part 13: Plan of attack

Faith came down to the field.

"You're down early," one of the prisoners observed. "Breakfast isn't for another twenty minutes."

Faith looked at the woman, irritated.

"Is that any of your fucking business?" she asked.

"No, Steel. I'm so sorry." the inmate replied.

"Get inside," Faith commanded.

After the inmate obeyed, she looked around to make sure no one else was watching before she walked across the field to the shower room. She slipped behind it to find herself immediately shoved against the wall and kissed.

"Mmmm," she moaned, her eyes closed. She opened them to see Buffy staring at her.

"Morning," the blonde greeted.

"This is fucking insane," Faith replied. "We could get caught."

"I know, isn't it exciting?" Buffy replied, reaching for her again.

Faith reciprocated. Pressed against the wall, her body shivered from the way Buffy was running her hands over her.

Buffy opened Faith's buttons. She moaned, before asking in a whisper, "Faith, ever done it outside?"

Bertha pulled her body from the ground. After hearing her father call,


she let her arms give way and collapsed on the floor.

"Get up Bertha," she was instructed.

"I can't," she replied. "I can't do anymore."

"Five more and we can stop."

The redhead pushed herself from the ground and up and then let her body down gently. She repeated this four times before getting onto her feet and sitting heavily on the bed. She stretched her arms and rubbed the muscle.

"Let me at her now, dad. It's early, she might still be in her cell."

"No! What did I tell you?"

Bertha sighed, before repeating what seemed to have become their new motto, "Attack the mind and then the body."

"Exactly. Stick to the plan. Once the slayer feels isolated and insecure, killing her wont be a problem. In the meantime, you practice."

Her father turned to look at the inmate huddled in the corner. "Oh, she's coming to."

Bertha watched her father disappear. She loved this part. She watched as the woman in the corner cried, wiped her eyes and gradually became angry. Bertha braced herself, as the woman stood, before running towards her and lunging. She ducked the inmate's inaccurate punches and replied with a blow to the face. The inmate clutched her face before, as if following instruction, tried again. She tried a kick, which was stopped midway and deflected. Bertha grabbed the woman and kneed her in the stomach. She watched as the blonde reeled back, winded and picked up her knife. Oblivious, the woman stumbled forward and Bertha grinned as she plunged the metal into her body. Satisfied as the body fell to the ground, the redhead knelt to wipe the blade on the deceased's clothes. She smiled up at her father, as he re-appeared in a flash of light.

"She was perky," she observed, half-laughing. "What do you say to them, that gets them so pissed?"

Her father ignored the question, peering down at the body. "That was good," he told her. "Although your timing could be improved." He looked at her. "Bertha, you have got to be faster if you don't want to be seen."

The prisoner sighed and sat down.

The taller of the two, looked at his daughter and appeared to calm down.

"Don't worry baby," he told her. "You'll get it next time."

The redhead wiped the sweat from her forehead. "Yeah," she replied. "I will."

She watched his expression change. "What's up?" she asked.

"Someone's coming," he replied, prompting Bertha to get up and pull the body underneath her bed. She sat down and waited for the knock on her door.

The redhead went to answer it, opening it to see one of the prisoners.

"Hi Bertha. Roxie said you wanted to see me."

"Yeah," Bertha replied with a smile.

"Come in."
She checked outside to make sure that no one had seen the girl come in before closing the door.

Faith entered the common room buttoning her clothes.

"Steel!" one of them shouted. "Long time."

Faith merely nodded and sat down. "So what's the movie today?" she asked the others.

"I think it's called 'The Sweetest thing'. It has Cameron Diaz in it, so I'm sure you'll like it."

"What?" Faith asked.

"C'mon. You loved Charlie's angels."

Faith snarled at the inmate who quickly bit her tongue. "Anyway," the slayer continued, stretching her legs and putting her hands behind her head. "I'm sure this movie's as lame as the last," she said, closing her eyes and oblivious to the brunette sneaking up behind her, until she covered Faith's eyes with her hands.

"What the-?" Faith started, turning around.

"Hola chica," the woman greeted.

"Pilar," Faith replied, as the woman sat on her lap.

"Oh I've missed you," Pilar told her, causing the others to start jeering.

Buffy walked into the common room, sitting down near, apparently, the only other person she knew.

"Hey Buffy," her cellmate greeted as the blonde sat down. "Want something to eat?"

"No thanks." She followed her cellmate's gaze. "What's all the noise about?" she asked, trying to see past the brunette who was kissing the ear of another woman. "Ugh! That is seriously gross, they should get a room."

Gypsy laughed. "This is way better than any movie! If we're lucky, they might do it here again."

"They've done it here before?"

"Hell yeah! And it's so hot cause the Venezuelan chick even moans in Spanish!" She rolled her head back to give a quiet demonstration. "Oh yeah, chica. Right there, chica. Oh! Dios mio!"

Buffy laughed at the impression, before recollecting herself. She watched the two women and attempted to listen to what the brunette was saying.

"What's the matter?" Pilar asked the brunette. "Was last time not good for you?"

"Nah, it was great," Faith replied. "But I'm just-"

"C'mon Steel!" one of the others shouted.

Faith looked around, almost regretful when she caught sight of Buffy, who stood.

"Faith?" she asked.

Faith lifted the woman off her lap and got up, causing a silence in the room. She gazed at the blonde before looking at the brunette on the floor and then at the inmates whose eyes were fixed on her.

Raising her hands in a 'forget this' way, she left the common room full of dazed and confused women.

"What was that about?" Di asked those on her table.

"No idea. What the fuck's wrong with Steel these days? She's never here and when she is, she acts like a freak."

Buffy got up; trying her best to be inconspicuous and followed in Faith's direction.

Bertha watched from a distance as the brunette left the common room and walked towards the main building. She gave her a few seconds before she entered the common room. She helped the Pilar onto her feet from her position on the floor.

"Thanks baby," she told her.

"No problem," the woman replied, taking a seat.

The red head sat next to her. "Let's get the movie started already!" she commanded.

Faith opened her door. Checking that no one was around to see, she let Buffy inside and closed the door behind her. She silently moved past the blonde and sat down on her bed, leaving Buffy standing and staring at her.

Sensing the tension, Buffy remained quiet and the two remained in silence.

"Are you mad?" Faith eventually asked, looking at the ground.

"Should I be?" Buffy replied.

"I'm sorry B. I'll make it up to you, I promise," she told her quietly.

"Faith, is something wrong?"

Faith turned to face her. "I'm tired B, I'm tired of having to sneak around and pretend I'm not with you."

Buffy walked towards the bed and sat down next to the brunette.

Faith allowed her to get comfortable before she lay down placing her head on Buffy's lap. The blonde began running her fingers through her brunette locks.

"I don't like it either," Buffy told her. "I wanna tell everyone I'm with you and tell them how happy I am. But with things the way they are, I'm not sure it'd be the best idea."

"Why?" Faith replied. "We can handle anything anyone has to say or do."

"True." Buffy sighed. "I think it'd be better if we had this conversation on a full stomach. Hungry Buffy isn't as smart as the not version."

"Why didn't you get something from the rec room?" Faith asked.

"Are they serving now?" Buffy replied.

"Yeah, didn't you see the food tray, there?"

"I haven't been. Is there anything good?"

Faith sat up and looked at her, confused. "Buffy you were just in the rec room, I saw you."

"No," Buffy replied, returning Faith's look of confusion, with her own. "I was just having a shower." She raised her arm to the brunette's nose. "See," she said. "Lemony fresh from the soap."Faith searched the blonde's face; her only feelings summed up with her response of, "Huh?"

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