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Lonely Far Too Long

by XtrekAngel

Characters and show belong to JW and ME and whoever else. The story is mine.
Distribution: Would love for someone to archive, just ask me first so I know, and attach my name of course.
Notes: I was listening to Now You're Gone by Floetry, because I just love it so much, I think I've become obsessed. Sorry it kinda goes from 1st pov to 3rd pov to 1st. Hope it's not confusing, it's not been beta'd.
Summary: Pwp

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`I need you.' A hushed whisper into the phone.

`What was that?' I know what, I just want to hear it again.

`I need you...now.' The voice breathing against the phone.

`Why now, why me?' I want to know if this was more than a one night temptation.

`I want you.' A pause.`How can I need you so badly when you've never been here?'

`I've been here.' I respond not really sure what to say. The confession has confused me, I'm not sure if this is real. How am I supposed to answer?

`I've been lonely far too long.' Quiet as their breathing quickened. `I need you, I love you.' A harsh whisper followed by a dial tone. Shock runs rampant on my face as I take in the words. Love? Love was not what I had in mind, but it quickly resurfaced from its hiding place locked away in the back. I have to go, I'm needed.

The door slams open, and she's there, a silhouette standing still like some unearthly creature, her ragged breaths can be heard in the silence. She's met by the one who confessed love and need. And they rush to each other, drawn like magnets, wrapping arms and legs, melting into each other. Their lips meet in the crush of passion, and it feels electric, the current shocking them. There is a momentary loss of sanity between the two now. She kicks the door shut behind her. Her hands running up the face of her soon to be lover, feeling soft skin, and she wants to feel more skin. They pull away and look into each others eyes.

`I love you.' Whispered again, as if afraid these words would be rejected. Their eyes are searching each others.

`I...I love you, too.' Both stop breathing for what might be conceived as an eternity between them. `Buffy?' I use her name for effect.

`Yes, Faith?' Her eyes are glowing at me, and I'm convinced she's an angel. I contemplate my words; I don't want to expose myself. But I crumble at the look in her eyes and my entire tough exterior has fallen.

`I need you.' Again there is this deadening silence and I wonder if I've done the smart thing. The look in her eyes tells me she's not going to hurt me, at least not in a bad way. Our lips meet again in a crush. My tongue runs across her sweet lips and I beg for entrance into her mouth. She lets me in and instantly I begin to explore and taste her. Her body pushes into mine and we hit the wall hard, but not enough for me to care. Soft hands push at the hem of my shirt and I can feel them run up my body. I get goose bumps. Lifting my arms over my head our lips break contact as my shirt is discarded. Her mouth is instantly on one of my nipples sucking hard. My head rolls back as I arch into her, the electric touch shocking me to the core, I can almost see the blue yellow sparks jumping off her lips.

My hands tangle into her golden hair, I want more of her, I want all of her. I pull her back up to my lips; I've wanted them so long. Her hands move to my breasts, nimble fingers twisting and pulling my hardened nipples. She shoves her thigh up hard into me and I groan. She's taking control. I want her skin on mine and forgo breaking our kiss, I just rip the shirt off her body. Grabbing her butt I shove her against me, and I can feel her hot skin against mine, and it feels as if we're burning. I need more, and I kick my shoes off and begin pulling at my pants.

It doesn't take her long to do the same, and I stare at her, standing there like a golden goddess in all her naked glory. God, the things she does to me, she makes me different, better. And for some reason I want to cry, not of sadness but of joy. But I don't, that's not me.

I grab her up and she wraps her legs around my waist. Now I push her against the wall. I can feel her juices seeping onto me and I bet it tastes good. I bury my head into her neck, biting and sucking, making my mark on her. She begins groaning my name, and I start to think it's all just a dream. Her arms are wrapped around my neck, and I begin to shove my hip into her. She groans out louder arching against me. I move from the wall and carry her over to the bed, my lips still on her neck. I lay her down, we're still attached. Now my hands get to roam over her body, really for the first time. It's like some long lost treasure I've been searching for all my life, again for some reason I want to cry, but I don't. I just want to get inside her.

Her skin is soft and rough and everything I ever wanted. I begin to kiss everywhere. I can taste her salty sweat and her lotion, and somehow it tastes good to me. My lips graze along her breasts, down between them, across her stomach, which is rising and falling in rapid succession. I kiss her soft curls, across her thighs, down her knees, all the way to her feet and back up again. I can't get enough, I need more. Her arching body is calling to me and I need to take it.

My lips come up to where she's wet, dripping for me, something I can't even comprehend. I taste her, my tongue running up and down as she groans and jerks against my face. It's exotic, it's like a drug and I'm now addicted. For a moment I think I'm dying, maybe one day she will be the death of me, but not tonight. Her hands are pulling at my hair and pushing at my head. Her hips are bucking up into my face, and it's the most wildly intoxicating thing I can imagine. She's different than all the others, she makes me feel different.

My nose hits her clit as I thrust my tongue into her, just for a moment, then I remove it. It's almost fun, this type of torture. I want to know just how bad she wants it. She begins to whimper my name, begging for more. My tongue thrusts into her hot core. I hear her scream my name, her body arching up as my tongue moves in and out now. But I've got to have her mouth again. I move up her body and replace my tongue with my fingers. She gasps and moans and I kiss her. She can taste herself on my lips now.

My fingers move into her hard. She cries out bucking against my hand. My body is rubbing against hers, our breasts rubbing back and forth as I thrust in and out of her, grunting. With my fingers inside of her it feels like she's wrapping me up in her warmth. I move my head down lower and take an erect nipple into my mouth, rolling it with my tongue. My thumb flicks out and hits her clit and she's crying out my name again, over and over as I thrust in and out of her. It seems I've lost myself in her. I can feel a tear forming. Shit, the things she does to me.

I can feel her muscles begin to tighten, and then I send her over the edge, screaming my name. Her body stiffens and trembles but I don't remove my fingers, I work them slow as she comes down, waiting for her to come back to reality. My teeth graze her neck, I suck on her ear. Then I work my fingers again, and I watch her grunting. My fingers are diving in and out of her hard and fast. I watch her come again. I remove my fingers this time, and my hands roam her body again. There's this feeling inside of me I can't explain, it feels like my chest is going to explode. I feel a tear slide down my cheek. She does this to me and I don't know why. I think I've wanted her my whole life. I'm not sure I even existed before she came along, I couldn't have, because if I lost her now I don't think I'd exist anymore.

She looks up at me with those eyes of hers. Her thumb brushes away the tear and I feel vulnerable now. I fucking hate that feeling, and I can't control it or stop it. Her hands slide slowly up my stomach and up to my breasts, and she begins to slowly caress them. I squeeze my eyes shut and groan slightly. Before I know it she's moved herself and now she's on top of me, one arm under me holding me up a little. Her other hand pulling at my nipple then slowly sliding down my rib cage and thigh, then between my legs.

`Fuck.' I groan and push back into her. I can feel her breasts rub against my back as she slides down my body. Her tongue trails down my spine, and down my butt. I groan again and arch into her tongue as it moves around. Her fingers are sliding up and down, teasing my clit and teasing me. Shit I need her inside of me, I need relief. She moves back up my body, her arm tightening around me. Her tongue slides across my jaw line. I manage to turn enough and capture it with my mouth and suck on it. She moans into my mouth and presses her body hard against me.

I press myself against the bed grinding her fingers against me. She gets the point and thrust three fingers in. `Ugh...Buffy.' I groan, she places wet kisses on my neck and back. Her breasts are rubbing across my back as she starts moving with each thrust. The sounds of her groaning and grunting reach my ears and it turns me on even more. One hand is grabbing my breast as the other moves in and out of me. All I can do is groan as my muscles start to tighten. My fingers grip at the sheets and my knuckles are turning white. Shit I'm gonna come. Her thumb hits my clit and stars explode in front of me as I scream her name.
I regain my senses and she's still lying on top of me. I've done a lot of shit in my time but I've never had something quite like that, maybe cus it's Buffy. She's whispering in my ear that she loves me as her fingers trail up and down my back. This will probably be the closest to heaven I'll ever get.
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