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Night Time

by Xavier


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Faith's thoughts while Buffy is sleeping


I can't sleep.

My eyes are tired and they want to just slip close, but I can't. I just can't. We've been out slaying tonight, and it was a pretty good patrol, lots of vamps to kill and all that. Then dancing at the Bronze to work out all the pent up energy that is left over after killing the vamps.

B and I were on a roll.

We were dancing together and there were all these people that were trying to get in between us, but B and I just ignored them or nudged them out of the way. A nudge from a Slayer is like a kick to a normal person. I basically ignored the boys that ended up as a heap on the floor after they tried to dance with one of us. Xander was basically drooling all over himself. Red was trying not to watch, but failed miserably from where I could see it.

By the time we left the Bronze, I think we left a trail of people with their mouths hanging open and catching flies in our wake. Well, hey they gotta know when to get out of the way.

Then we came back here and spent hours making love.

Something that I've never done with anyone else.

No, those were just fucking, but with B... With B, it's different, it's not just a physical thing, it's emotional, all the feelings, all the love, it's so much more and I can't explain it. And right now I don't want to.

Rubbing my eyes again, hoping that it'll keep the sleep away just for a while longer. I want to stay up and awake, I want to watch her sleep.

Yeah, I have B with me tonight, and she's sleeping in my arms.

God, she's perfect.

Man, not in a million years did I think this was ever going to happen. Me and B. The Chosen Two, you know.

It was a love at first sight.

I didn't know it then, but I know it now. That first time we met, when I realized that she was the Chosen, like me. She was the Chosen One, and now there're two of us. I know she was surprised, I mean, there she was ready to save the damsel in distress, stake in hand and all pumped up.

Then it turned out that the damsel didn't need saving.

I could've laughed at her expression, you know.

She looked like her eyes were gonna pop out, they were so wide. Her beautiful eyes. And I think that was the first and last time I've ever seen her speechless. Let's face it, it's pretty difficult to render Buffy Summers without speech, I mean the girl might not be in the same league as Red, but she still can babble till I turn blue. I never ever thought about interrupting her while she was on one of those, though, it was too adorable.

I knew that I felt something then, that first night, strongly, but I figured it was because we were Slayers. I mean I've never felt like that with anyone, but then there were no other Slayers for me to compare the feeling with, I can only go by what I know, you know. It didn't take long for me to realize that my first assumption was wrong, though.

I nearly went crazy not knowing what to do. I mean, here's big bad Faith crushing after the perfect Buffy Summers, what a laugh that one was. I lacked what she would consider being a perfect date; no fangs, no brooding, and I'm a girl. Though, with all the weird shit that is around, you'd think that is the least of the problem. But then it was straighter-than-a-ruler Buffy Summers, I don't expect her to jump onto the trendy let's-be-lesbians-cause-it's-cute wagon.

And back then she still had Angel. Can't miss that. Not that it was easy to miss, I mean how can you miss the guy in the dark, watching her, always brooding?

Yeah, it's pretty hard to do, trust me on that one. I did try to ignore it, hell, I did try to do more than just ignore.

I never thought I'd ever have a shot with her; they had the "True Love" anyway, the eternal kind. The kind you can't break; the kind you can only watch in awe and hope that you'll get the chance at it someday.

Who am I?

Just some kid, wishing for something I can never have.

Man, was I wrong.

And I'm so glad.

'Cause, we wouldn't be here now otherwise, would we?

I feel her stir in my arms, so I look down, her blonde hair covers half of her face, so I take the strands and tuck them behind her cute little ear. Everything about her is beautiful, so beautiful it hurts. God, I'm turning into a mush, but hey, who cares. I'm in love with the most beautiful girl in the world. If anyone has a problem with that, they can talk to the pointy end of my stake.

I place kisses on the top of her golden head, then at the tip of her ear. I can't help but smile when she wrinkles her nose in her sleep. She reminds me of that rabbit in the Disney movie I saw a long time ago... Bambi, I think it was... you know the rabbit, talks a lot, Bambi's friend? Thumper, yeah that's the name.

I tried calling her that, she just made a face and slapped my arm, but it made me laugh even though the slap really hurt. Well, she's a Slayer and I'm a Slayer, I just rubbed my arm because it stung.

See, we are perfect for each other.

'Cause with anyone else they would've been thrown to the other side of the room because of the sheer force of the slap, but well, I wasn't on the other side of the room.

No one else would've been able to do that, no one could match our speed and strength. We are two of a kind.


Uh-oh, I woke her up.

"Yeah, baby?"

"Sleep now." B mumbles, shifting in my arms and pressing back against me. God, I love how she could fit so perfectly with me, like we were once connected together and then something broke us off into two pieces.

How else can you explain the way her every curve fits into mine?

"I will." I tell her, smiling at the way she scrunches up her nose. "Go back to sleep, Thumper."

Ouch! She just reached back and pinched me.

"Nooo..no bunny rabbit talk."

I tighten my hold on her and feel her pulling my hand to rest between her breasts. "Sleepy now." She repeats and well, I guess I should. The sun's coming up soon.

So, I give her another kiss at the back of her head and hold her tighter, if that is even possible at this point and let myself drift off.

I'm the luckiest person in the world.

"Love you, B."

A kiss.

"Love you, too." Her sleepy voice floats to my ear. And I let a big smile stretch my lips.

Yup, I'm the luckiest girl in the world.


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