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Sunnydale Worked Out Just Fine

by Tidal Wave


Summary: Sequel to NYC's Sky. Starts at the bronze scene in “Faith, Hope & Trick”. From the moment Buffy arrived in Sunnydale to now; everything happened like it did in the show. She’s kept Faith as a secret to everyone (that a shocker huh?).
Website: http://site.voila.fr/slayerslegends
##...## = Buffy's POV.


Buffy's gaze was on the crowd gathered on the dance floor, like Cordelia and Xander, supposedly dancing. She wasn't looking, rather staring in the void in fact.

“Huh what?” She gave a slight jump as Willow slightly slapped her arm, “Hey you're with us?”

“Oh err yes.”

“So, what do you think about Scott? He's interested in you.”

Buffy gave a shy smile, “He's cute.”

Willow nodded but looked expectant for more from the slayer.

“Well, I don't know, maybe, we'll see.”

“You should definitely give it a try. He's so nice.”

“Maybe, I will... see, if he's really interested that is I'll try maybe... probably.” Buffy slightly blushed and the two friends smiled, Oz as well.

Cordelia and Xander came back.

“Check out slut-o-rama and her disco Dave. What was the last thing that guy danced to, K.C. and the Sunshine Band?”

They all checked on the dance floor to see who Cordelia was talking about. Buffy's eyes widened slightly and she moved her head very fast from left to right several times trying to have a better look at the couple without much luck.

“Something's wrong Buffy?”

Buffy looked very fast at her best friend, “Huh, err no, I thought I saw err, no one.”

##How come my heart is pumping so fast in my chest? God it gave me such a sweat. I thought I saw *her*. It's been a while that I haven't got anyone mixed up with her like that... It's been a while I didn't think about her at all. Ok I'm lying there but still, ever since Angelus came back... And that's the one good thing about this; the guilt of being the cause of the rise of Angelus and all the badness that ensued somehow took away some of the guilt about *her*.##

“Hey Buffy.”

Willow elbowed Buffy as this one was still in her thoughts.

“What? Oh hi Scott.”

“Hi, err, Willow told me you were gonna be here tonight so I thought maybe I’d say hi.” Buffy tried to smile but her mind was on something else.

“Don't you love this song?” He nervously said.

“Uh, yeah, actually, I do.”

“Well, would you like to.....” Scott gestured to the dance floor.


Willow smiled hopefully but then frowned.

Buffy seemed uncomfortable, “Um....I don't know. I'm bad with --- Well, thank you for asking, it's just there...”

“Ok. You know what? I'm just going to stand by the dance floor. If you change your mind then you can mosey on over and then if not, then you don't mosey. No harm, no foul, right?”

“Right.” Buffy nodded. Scott turned around and left.

“What was that, Buffy? I thought you were going to give it a try?” Willow sounded disappointed.

“I didn't rule anything out. I'm just not in the mood right now.”

“You were in the mood 5 minutes ago.”

##I know. God dammit how come the simple thought of her still has so much effect on me? Can't I just let go? Wow wow, what am I saying there? I've let go a long time ago. I'm focused on letting go of Angel now; it's all about him. I'm not depressed about her, I'm depressed about him now, see? Ok, I guess there's no reason to rejoice either way... ##

Buffy sighed.

##Sunnydale was supposed to be so simple, to make it all better... Yeah right.##

“What's wrong Buff?”

“Err, nothing Xander.”

“You sighed, and you seem to be talking to yourself. That's a bad sign you know and- what? What did you see?” Xander said looking around.

“What's wrong Buffy?” Willow said too. The entire Scooby gang was staring at her as she'd seriously frowned all of a sudden.

Her slayer instinct finally kicked in as her memory had come back to the quick vision of the couple on the dance floor. She'd been focused on the girl she slightly saw, but her mind registered it all and it kicked in now.

“I don't think that guy thrives on sunshine.”

She got up and headed to the exit. She lost a bit of time as Scott thought she was heading to him.

She exited the bronze, stake in hand, “Where did they go?!”

The others looked around.

“I bet it's nothing. They're probably just making out.” Cordelia said a little blasé tone.

They heard a racket.

“That's not how making out sounds like. Unless I’m doing it wrong.” Said the redhead as they followed Buffy towards the sound.

They reached the couple. The girl was against the fence and the guy leant against her until she grabbed him by the neck and gave him an uppercut. Jumping onto a crate, she then gave him a roundhouse kick to the face.

The others stared at the scene in surprise; the girl was kicking with a fierce they’d only seen in Buffy.

The blonde slayer's face crumbled and she froze as the brunette girl moved closer.

“It’s ok. I got it. You’re huh, Buffy, right?”

The man got up and charged up behind the brunette as he vamped out but the girl cocked her head back knocking the vamp.

She grabbed his arm into an armbar and swung him into the fence.

“Can I borrow that?” She took the stake from Buffy's hand. Even in the rush it was done Buffy still clearly felt the brunette's fingertips brushing on her palm as she seized the stake, staring straight at her. Buffy closed her eyes and held out her breath. She opened her eyes again.

## It can't be. I can't, no, that's another dream of her... That's...##

Buffy had to take a deeper breath, she was so taken aback, but it was real, and it was much more than anything she could have been dreaming of as the brunette girl was kicking and punching the vampire like... a slayer. But even in her 'slayer-like' actions Buffy could recognized the rage and wild movements she'd witnessed back two years ago every time they were training or...

##God dammit, I didn't think, I don't want to think about this. I need to think about how this is possible, not about her and I. It's over it's done. It's past. Why is she here? ##

“I’m going to go out on a limb and say there's a new slayer in town.” Oz simply stated the obvious as they could all tell.

Not surprised that much.


The brunette smiled wickedly as she handed Buffy her stake back, “Thanks B. Couldn't have done it without you.”

And she passed by her without anymore words.

The others of course immediately rushed after the 'new player'.

“Hey, wait, what's your name?”

“I'm Faith.”

Buffy, who still hadn’t moved from her spot, closed her eyes tightly at the sound of her name, trying hard to block the memory it evoked, all of them like she'd been doing for two years...

“Buffy you're coming?!” Willow exclaimed as the others had all rushed inside the bronze after the new slayer.

Buffy shook her head and followed, mind rather blank at that point. She couldn't do otherwise, either it was crowed with Faith's memory or it was blank if she tried to block them, so she chose blank...

She walked inside.

She had the feeling everything was moving in slow motion around her as she moved closer to the brunette girl, sitting on the top of a couch, eating a muffin greedily, and the others gathered around, bombarding her with questions. She was smiling nicely to them and replying but at the same time Buffy felt her gaze on her all the time it took her to get there and sit in her little spot. Buffy looked a little blemish.

Faith stared at her more officially now, “So, B, how's Sunnydale?”

“You won't be disappointed here Faith; monsters, zombies, vampires, witches, we've got everything here. Buffy will be glad to have some back up.” Xander said with a goofy smile.

Faith looked at Buffy with a 'So? Is that right?' gaze.

They were all staring expectantly at her.

“Err, err, well, yes.”

Faith smiled as she took a giant bite of her muffin.

“Something's wrong Buffy?”

The redhead asked moving closer.

##Did she just frown at Willow like- no, I don't think she cares about who I'm seeing, plus it's pretty obvious Willow and Oz are an item. But anyway, like me I’m sure she's way over that too. I know, it's past. There must be a reason why she's here and it's certainly not me.##


“Oh, err no.”

##I need to pull myself together. And fast. God how she can still trouble me that much I'll never know.##

“So err,” Buffy cleared her throat as it was dry. “You're a slayer?”

Buffy meant to sound casual but the surprise to see 'an old friend' now a slayer took the best and it really came out as a question.

“Yes B. I am and I gotta say... there's nothing better, except maybe for... you know what.” She told her with an intense stare. Willow frowned again at the 'weird' familiarity in their exchange.

“You two know each other?” Cordelia asked as she'd felt the same.

Buffy slightly froze inwardly.

##My God, the others! I forgot about them. How are they gonna react? How can I tell, how, God what do I do? ##

“Well you know, we're slayers so... somehow we know each other... I know how she reacts, how she feels after a good slay right Buffy?"

“Err, I , there's probably, some sort of common things, maybe, sometimes.”

Xander frowned, “What about that last part, what is she supposed to feel after she's slayed?”

They were all curious about it.

“Well tell her B how slaying always makes you hungry and horny.”

They all stared at Buffy.

##Oh no she didn't forget, she's still going to make me pay, right? ##

“Well, I usually crave for a non fat yogurt afterwards.”

Faith slightly laughed but didn't say more. She smiled at the blonde slayer who was surprised at the connivance in her smile, and she found herself returning the smile. They both diverted their gaze then as they'd been staring intensely at each other.

The others returned to their questioning and Buffy's smile, though shy, remained on her lips as she now 'discreetly' observed the brunette.

##She's changed, I mean I could still very much recognized her anywhere but, her features, she's, well, she's a woman now. I guess that's what it is. Her face looks so much more mature, and her body... She's still so very thin but her breasts and my God why am I even looking there? Damn I haven't looked at another girl *that way* since I’ve left New York though I’d prepared myself to face it, maybe, if it had happened again but it did not. How come I'm in her presence less than 5 minutes and I already have these thoughts in mind? She's not a slayer she's a witch. ##

“Well guys, it was nice meeting you but I gotta go. Some hottie invited me at a party earlier and boy was he hot. I could use a little release right now.”

##Some things on the other hand will never change. And now I'm gonna have to deal with the other's questions as they look slightly ‘shocked’ at her directness. Next time I'll see her I'll tell her not to be so blunt. Like she's gonna listen to me anyway. But I won't have to, probably. She had some business here I guess, she must be on her way out of town.... Hopefully.##

“So B. You and I could do some heavy slayage one of these days, watcherless and fancy free.”

##I guess not. But what did she say?##


“Yours didn't go to England?”


“Giles is great Faith. What about you come to the high school tomorrow. Giles is the librarian there and that’s where we gather most of the time.”

“Ok. See you tomorrow then. Bye guys.” She said with a long stare at Buffy who slightly looked aside.

“Bye Faith.”

Buffy was pretty silent, too many things on her mind and a lots of why? and how?.


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