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by Tidal Wave

The story: Set in season 3. Faith did not kill Finch and he warned them about the mayor being implicated in dark stuffs. It takes place the following night.
Website: http://site.voila.fr/slayerslegends

Buffy tried to be as quiet as she could while forcing a window open from the town’s funeral home. She carefully opened it and even more cautiously slid inside the place. Faith followed her far less carefully and let a heavy bored sigh out once she was on her feet.

“Can’t you just shut it down?” Buffy whispered. Faith sighed again.

“Think deads are gonna hear us?”

Buffy raised her brows in a scolding way, “Just... be quiet.”

She walked forward along a dark corridor; she silently opened another door on the left and stepped inside. There was just a small window; it was very dark in the room. Buffy turned on her flashlight so Faith did the same with another sigh,

“What are we even doing in here B?”


“Yeah. Why is Sunnydale’s funeral home always full? Could write a memo and speculate on the reasons, right, no, we already know why.”

“Are you acting dumb on me tonight? I told you when I picked you up at the bronze.”

“You always say a bunch of annoying things B; I don’t really pay attention much and sorry but, with the noise, didn’t quite hear much of what you said anyway.”

“So much for slayer hearing,” Buffy said raising her brows, and she searched around with her flashlight again while repeating, “The owner of the place is one of the names Finch mentioned last night. We have to find everything we can against the mayor, so if this guy works for him, this place is worth looking into.”

“I get it, but then shouldn’t we be searching into the main office? Cause here, nothing but coffins, B.”

“That was the plan; actually I thought this was the main office.” Buffy reluctantly admitted.

Faith sighed.

“Went there after a vamp once and in my memory it was the third on the left.”

Faith raised her brows, “So much for slayer senses.”

“Hey it was complete darkness in the corridor, besides it doesn’t mean there’s nothing in here, let’s just search carefully now.”

Faith looked around.

“Wooden coffins, black coffins, brown coffins, empty coffins, that’s all there is B. Look there’s just-“ Faith stopped as she was beside a rather huge white coffin. Buffy frowned and walked closer.

“What’s there, found something?”

The coffin was open and Faith was touching the inside,

“Damn, that thing seems more comfortable than my motel bed.”

Buffy sighed, “Come on, be serious for a minute.”

“Hey, I am. How come dead people get to be so comfy? They don’t care much now? And hey look, there are small windows on both ends, like they’re gonna see anything under the dirt anyway.”

Buffy sighed again, “There’s nothing here.”

Faith smiled.

“Great, finally free.”

“Not so quick missy. The office is probably just next door.”

“Come on B, I was having so much fun at the bronze before you burst in.”

Buffy raised her brows.

“I noticed, at least that’s an easy way for me to find you; I just have to search for a crowd of men and I’m sure to find you in the middle.”

Faith gave her a proud and seducing smile, “Jealous B?”

Buffy raised her brows.

“Yeah right, like I’d want to be surrounded by a bunch of spotty boys in heat, drooling on me, so much for me thanks.”

Faith kept her self-assured smile, “Didn’t say you were jealous of me B.”

Buffy frowned, “What?”

But Faith had already turned her back and asked with a serious tone,

“So what now? Gonna check that office or what? Cause I gotta tell you B, I slew a while before going to the bronze, plus the couple of vamps on our way here, I’m kinda worked up, so make up your mind now.”

Buffy dozed off for a short second before shaking her head.

“Err yes, let’s go to the office.”

That’s when they heard voices.


They turned their flashlights off while rushing for the door before realizing the voices were very close, Faith turned around and barely saw Buffy running to the white coffin. Faith rushed to the one on her left but didn’t manage to open it so she went to the white. She caught the lid of the coffin just in time before it closed and jumped into it crushing Buffy.

“Hey, ouch-, caref-, what-“ The lid closed and Faith put her finger on Buffy’s lips as the door opened. They were trying to hold their breath and to not move despite the discomfort of their situation. Faith was completely pressed on Buffy, one leg in between the blonde girl's crotch.

In the meantime they could hear at least three people walking through the room.

“I’ve got some news I thought you’d be interested in Mister Wilkins.”

“I’m sure I will.”

“I’ve been researching what you’ve asked me and I can almost tell you where the box is located.”

Another door opened and closed and the room was silent or almost, the men had settled in a table in the room just beside them, the door was very thin and had no locks. The girls finally exhaled, Faith smiled,

“That was very close this time.”

Buffy sighed in relief then tried to move.

“Hey B, careful!”

“Ssh, you wanna get us caught?”

Faith could barely see Buffy. There was just a little light going through the tiny window on the top end of the coffin. Buffy’s head was against it so there was just a thin ray of light shining on Buffy’s cheek and partly on her lips. Faith stared at her.

“Now let’s get out of here Faith, and quietly.”

Faith gulped then shook her head, “Err, yes.” She tried to open the coffin.

“Err, B?”

“So what are you waiting for? We’re kinda crowded in here Faith.” She said with sarcasm but Faith went on,

“Yes but the thing’s pretty stuck B.”

Faith couldn’t see but she could definitely FEEL Buffy’s pissed off gaze right now as the blonde slayer moved her hand to open the coffin.

“Faith this is not fun-“

She sighed as she realized it was true. Faith smiled then started to softly laugh.

“This really isn’t funny Faith. We HAVE to get out of here.”

“What you suggest B? If we break that thing open we’re finished, they’re just outside B.”

“We’re not gonna stay here all night, really?” Buffy sounded almost pleading.

“Maybe not the night but, we can’t get out now, that’s for sure.”

Buffy sighed; Faith moved herself a little and pressed her leg inadvertently on Buffy’s crotch. Faith saw Buffy’s lips slightly parting and she heard her gulp, it made her smile.

A short amount of time went by.

“I can’t believe I’m stuck in a coffin.”

“Come on B, could be worse, you could be sharing it with a dead body, ain’t this better?”

Buffy couldn’t really see Faith's raised eyebrows, only her lips were lit by the lights but that was enough to make Buffy gulp again at the wicked smile spread on them. Buffy was ill at ease, she pulled herself together.

“I think I’d preferred that. It would be colder in here at least.”

Faith couldn’t look elsewhere but at Buffy and she smiled,

“You noticed the heat too.”

Buffy didn’t reply to Faith’s double meaning, she focused on her hearing.

“Let’s try to hear what they’re talking about while we’re here, it could help.”

About 3 minutes later Buffy looked at Faith.

“I didn’t quite catch all of this, did he mention spiders? ... Faith? Faith, you’re with me?” That’s when Buffy noticed the brunette’s breathing had increased quite a lot over the last minutes.

“Faith, what’s wrong?”

Faith was still staring at her, she gulped and said in a low whisper, “We have to get out B-Buffy.”

Buffy was surprised that Faith used her full name and mostly by the tone she said it, she didn’t dare to ask, she could feel Faith’s warm breath on her and she was shocked to realize it gave her shivers.

“Err, yes, but, well, that’s the plan, for later, when they’re gone right?”

“Now Buffy or-“ Faith trailed off, Buffy gulped.

“Or... what Faith?” Buffy hesitantly asked.

“It’s not my fault Buffy, the slaying, the bronze; it’s the adrenaline you know.”

“I-I’m not sure Faith.”

Buffy could see more and more of Faith’s face as the brunette's face was closer now, her breath was incredibly hot. Buffy shivered again and mentally slapped herself as she felt her nipples hardening at the contact, heavier, of Faith’s body on hers. Faith went on, still in a heavy whispering voice.

“The vamps, hiding in there, you.”

“Me, what?”

“I’m worked up Buffy... very much, like, really horny B.”

Buffy gulped strongly then she smiled and tried to sound joking.

“You always are Faith.”

She felt Faith’s left hand slightly going up on her body from her waist to the side of her right breast.

“Faith, Faith, come on, think straight, we’re stuck in a coffin, you’re gonna get out and-and go to the bronze to-to, and whatever, but later, not-not here and-and, not I-I-oh.”

Faith moved her hand to Buffy’s breast. Buffy tried to remove it but knocked her hand to the coffin while Faith lightly squeezed several times. Buffy inhaled more strongly before finally joining Faith’s hand and pushing it aside from her breast.

“I can’t Buffy, you know I can’t control myself in these situations.”

Buffy tried to remain firm.

“Well you’re going to, I’m not some random boy-toy Faith, come on react it’s me, Buffy, and I’m a girl, see, not your type.”

Faith inhaled deeply in Buffy’s neck, the blonde shivered.

“Yes, it’s you; it’s so very much you B.” Faith whispered.

She ran her tongue on Buffy’s neck. Buffy gasped a little before pulling Faith’s face backwards as much as she could but she had to release her grip on Faith’s hand to do that and this one was already back on her breast, massaging it.

“Come on Faith, it’s getting insane now.”

Buffy moved her hand to the bolt of the coffin and tried to open it again letting go off her hold on the brunette’s face and Faith was back on licking her neck already.

“Fucking thing, God Faith you have to, God-“ Buffy’s chest rose as Faith teased her nipple while sucking on her earlobe.

“Faith, please, stop, stop now, please.” Buffy was breathing louder. Faith’s hand moved under her top and she teased her nipple with her thumb under her bra.

“God Faith, stop please.” Buffy’s voice was very shaky and her grip on Faith was the same, she was half pushing Faith away, half clutching at her depending on the action Faith was doing.

“Faith, God, just realize what you’re doing! Please Faith.”

“I can’t help it B, you smell just too good.” Faith whispered while moving to the blonde lips. Buffy turned her head the other side and switched again several times as Faith kept searching for her lips. Faith pressed her leg on Buffy’s crotch. Buffy slightly gasped and Faith seized the opportunity to press her lips on hers. Buffy struggled a little then Faith pressed harder on her crotch and Buffy forgot she was struggling not to let Faith’s tongue inside of her. Buffy felt a wave of warmth as the brunette’s tongue explored her mouth. She tasted so wonderful. Buffy thought she had gone insane for a minute as she couldn’t help but feeling this way at the brunette’s rough and wild kiss, then she shook her head, finally breaking the kiss, she took deep breaths.

“Faith, you have to stop now, please, we can’t do this, I-I can’t do this.”

Faith was licking on her neck again.

“You want to Buffy, I feel it, I can smell it.”

Buffy felt a wave of panic going through her as Faith’s hand moved down, she tried to stop her. Faith quickly pulled away to stop Buffy’s arm with her other hand. Faith was holding herself on her right elbow, blocking Buffy’s left arm with her forearm and her body, while she held Buffy’s right wrist on the blonde’s stomach with her hand. Her left hand was still going down, unbuttoning the blonde’s pants.

“Faith, Faith please.”

Faith could hear a little panic in Buffy’s voice so she stopped. She stared at her, and she moved her lips closer to Buffy’s. Buffy swallowed, she was very confused, her breathing was heavy. Faith placed her lips slowly on the blonde girl’s and she slightly brushed against them then captured her lower lip before running her tongue on it, and then on her upper lip. She could feel Buffy’s chest rise at her actions, she parted her lips on Buffy’s mouth then slid her tongue inside again, slower than the first kiss this time while her hand had moved back up to Buffy’s breast and she heard her moan.

Faith slightly pulled away, giving her an intense look. Buffy knew she couldn’t hide the state she was in right now. She kept taking deeper breaths as Faith’s hand began her way down again. Buffy closed her eyes tightly as if she was dreaming and would probably wake up soon. Faith let go of the blonde girl’s wrist

“Just relax princess.” She whispered in her ear.

Faith slowly moved her hand under Buffy’s pants.

“Please Faith.”

Buffy's whisper was more a last attempt rather than a real plea. Faith buried her face in Buffy’s neck licking on it and Buffy clutched at her back while holding back a gasp at the feeling of Faith’s finger on her sensitive spot. She bent her legs as much as she could and Faith started rubbing her crotch harder on Buffy’s left thigh. She tried to hold back her moans and Buffy kept biting her lips not to let louder moans escape her mouth as she was already letting out low ones. Faith moved to her lips and kissed her wildly again then moved to the other side of her neck while Buffy's hips movement got faster; her knees kept slightly bumping against the coffin.

“Sss B? We got to keep it quiet girlfriend.”

Buffy bit her lower lip so hard she cut it. Faith immediately licked on the tiny wound and kissed Buffy’s mouth again for a long time while rubbing her clit in circles. Buffy clutched Faith’s back tightly. They broke their kiss for air.

“We’re not... we’re not doing this, oh no, we’re not.”

Faith slid a finger inside Buffy’s wetness and the blonde slayer gasped and arched her back.

“We so are babe.” Faith whispered.

She rubbed Buffy’s clit with her thumb and thrust faster as the blonde’s hips were moving as fast as possible in these conditions.

“God, God, my God. Oh God no.” Buffy knew she was getting close to her release, she could feel Faith’s orgasm building up too as Faith was almost squeezing her leg completely now so much she was rubbing her crotch hard and fast on it and she kept burying her mouth in Buffy’s neck to stifle her groans. Suddenly the door opened, they stopped their movements as the men came back in the room. Buffy couldn’t believe it; Faith had barely stopped one second and she was now already rubbing herself against her thigh and thrusting inside of her, only slowly and deeper now instead of fast, and she stopped rubbing Buffy’s clit knowing Buffy wouldn’t hold back her moans if she didn't. Buffy couldn't even believe how this situation and Faith’s behavior could arouse her so much.

“We just have to send a message there and get the box here then, Mr. Trick, you’ll take care of it.”

The main door closed on the exit of the three men. Faith kissed Buffy lightly then pulled away, she’d slowed the rhythm, she didn’t know if Buffy was going to break the coffin open now and run away, not before punching her very hard before, that is.

“They’re gone.” She sounded unsure.

Buffy inhaled deeply and whispered, “They could come back.”

Faith smiled and Buffy pulled her closer as Faith kissed her again, starting back her fast rhythm in and out of her while rubbing her crotch hard on her thigh.

“God, oh God, my, Faith, God.”

Buffy was giving out short breaths in between low moans. Faith added a second finger and teased her clit with her thumb again. She felt Buffy’s walls clench around her fingers and Buffy squeezed her very tight as her release shot through her entire body, shaking her from head to toe. She was breathing very heavily; she lifted her knee as much as she could to increase the contact with Faith’s crotch as the brunette was close to her release too.

“B. God, so good, God yes.” She made heavier noises as she tried to keep breathing despite the overwhelming pleasure taking hold of her.

“Yes, yes, B, yes.”

Buffy thought her thigh had disappeared in between Faith’s so much the brunette had pressed herself hard on it with the last few rapid movements of her pelvis. She gave a long moan as she finally came in her turn. They were both breathing heavily.

Faith pulled away slightly from Buffy’s neck to stare at her. They were both silent now then suddenly the coffin opened; they looked in stupor as the owner of the funeral’s home was staring at them with a very stunned gaze.

The slayers, too caught up in their pleasure did not even notice he’d walked back in and turned on the lights. The good news; he was alone, no Wilkins, no Trick. Faith moved up to her knees, the man’s eyes widened as her hand came out from under Buffy’s pants. Buffy was slightly frozen but Faith smiled at the man, she gave soft taps on the coffin’s lid.

“Real nice, I’m gonna ask for this one in my will, it is real wood under it right? I bet it is. Wonderful piece you got there sir.” she’d gotten out of the coffin while saying this, the man slightly stepped back, still looking stunned. Faith held her hand for Buffy to take; the blonde slayer followed her out of it. Faith headed to the door.

“That’s real nice that we can test them now, ‘cause we can really recommend this one now, to all our friends, real nice ad you’re doing, keep working on that, it’s great.”

She opened the door and dragged Buffy out of the room. They left running for a while until they stopped in an alley looking backwards. Faith slightly smiled then they looked at each other and were silent again. Buffy shook her head.

“You think they’re gonna get after us?”

“I doubt it, mayor was gone, man is just a sidekick, he probably doesn’t even know who we are, Mayor doesn’t know we’re investigating him anyway.”

Buffy looked slightly worried.

“Don’t worry B, he doesn’t know a thing.”

Faith could tell Buffy’s worries were more about what happened between the two of them, she looked confused then suddenly zipped her pants back as she didn’t have the time to do it previously. She looked embarrassed. Faith tried to look natural.

“So what now? Wanna head to the Mayor’s office, maybe we could learn more.”

“No.” Buffy just said but remained silent. Faith added, still lightly,

“Or you wanna... go to the bronze?”

Buffy shook her head in negation. Faith looked slightly embarrassed. She started now, too, to realize the extent of what she’d done and she wasn’t sure her blonde counterpart will ever want to speak to her again after that. Then Buffy stared at her intensely for a while.

“I think we should... hide... somewhere.”

“Told you, B; they’re not coming after u-“ Faith stopped at Buffy’s gaze, the blonde girl was staring at her with a serious yet shimmering gaze. Faith's chest rose at what she could read in Buffy’s eyes right now. She mentally slapped herself for believing it really was this but couldn’t help going that way all the same.

“I guess you’re probably right, we should keep a low profile, at least for the night.”

“Yes, keep it low.”

Buffy said, they were still staring intensely at each other, Faith nodded.

“I guess my motel’s room would make a good hideout... don’t you think?”

Buffy nodded, Faith hesitantly reached out for the blonde girl’s hand, Buffy closed her eyes and inhaled deeply as Faith took her hand to lead them to her motel room to... hide.

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