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Gin Rummy

by Serious Fic



Rating: R
Summary: Written for porn battle. Prompt: Buffyverse, Buffy/Faith, gin.

It wasn't quite a good idea. They couldn't stand each other and Buffy didn't think Faith minded drinking alone, but Buffy had always been a social drinker. Always had Xander or Oz or Willow to down girly drinks with her. Even with age and hard liquor she still wanted a little company.

For once in their shared Slayer life, Faith shut up. They shared a single shotglass, Faith pouring and taking a slug, then refilling it and sliding it across the card table to Buffy. The ricocheting shotglass shot through the remnants of the card game Faith was winning earlier, flipping around cards and dollar bills. Buffy matched her nemesis-cum-best-friend-cum-rival drink for drink, until the room was a little blendy and her skin was a little bit on fire.

"Still not getting any?" Faith asked.

Buffy considered the classic 'fuck you' rejoinder before going with "Dry spell."

Faith counted off on her fingers. "Vampire. Human. Vampire... think you're due for another human at this point."

"It's all so clear now," Buffy sarcasmed. She laid her head down on the card table, ignoring the poker chip pressed into her cheek. "That really narrows it down."

Faith plucked a hundred dollar bit from halfway under her scalp. "Still not gay?"

Buffy was used to Faith's weird Buffy/Willow hook-up attempts. "Last time I checked."

"Mind if I check?"

"Knock yourself out."

Faith's kiss was like gin, if that was what they were drinking (they were on their second bottle now). It went down warm and smooth and Buffy knew it would make her want to vomit in the morning.

"Is this why you drink alone?" Buffy asked.

"Partially." She poured that really sweet whatever it was over Buffy's T-shirt. Her white, apparently very thin T-shirt. Buffy stood, a bit amused, as Faith knelt and pushed up her wet T-shirt and licked at her stomach. Her tongue felt great skittering around the lines of her abs and Buffy seemed to recall, from Xander's collection of lesbian porn, that tongues made women fake orgasms much louder when they were in groiny areas. If that was a bad reason to push her pants down in the middle of a tastefully decorated living room and spread herself open with her fingers, then she would just have to pass that on to Xander.

Buffy had never exactly known what gin would feel like on her cooch, but it should be exactly like Faith's tongue. Deep and nonjudgmental and catching her when she fell over in a giggly, drunk-breathed orgasm; though that was more the purview of Faith's arms. Faith's muscley, warm arms. They set her down on a couch and Faith stripped, ending up a damn prettier sight than Buffy with her ginny T-shirt bunched up at the neck and her pants around her ankles. Faith took another slug of gin before she straddled Buffy's face and as Buffy did her damnedest to summon up Willow's unsolicited advice on pussy-eating, she wondered what alcoholic beverage her own cunnilingus was.

Long Island Iced Tea, she decided. Those were nummy.



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