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  Chapter Twenty-Five - The Witch

Being at the Bronze was weird without Trish there.

There's a small memorial over by the bar for both Trish and the bouncer, Jimmy, who died that night. Faith couldn't look at it very long without getting upset that she couldn't save either of them. She knows she's not the Slayer and that she didn't have all kinds of superpowers, but she still feels like she should have been able to do something; like maybe if she trained more or did something differently that it wouldn't have happened.

Buffy notices the look on Faith's face when she sees the memorial, instantly knowing that she's blaming herself. She nudges her gently with her arm to get her attention, and once she has it she tells her softly, "It wasn't your fault, you know."

Yeah, wasn't her fault. Right. Still fucking felt like it.

But like Faith does with everything else when confronted by emotion, she dismisses it with a "whatever" and walks away. Part of her appreciates what Buffy is trying to do, but she doesn't want to hear it just then. She'd rather wallow in her hole of pity and self-loathing right now, thanks. Logic has no place when guilt is involved; Faith's head can only handle so much at one time.

It also was weird being at the Bronze and not being able to drink. Faith never realized how much she took being served underage for granted, until it was gone. It wasn't just her though. The club had always been very loose when it came to checking identification, but ever since the incident with the Harvest, the rules started becoming strictly enforced. The owner hired more security (of course, because it'd be pretty fucking stupid not to after a mass slaughter like that) and was finally trying to clean up this shitty little hole of a club to make it more respectable. Faith didn't understand why he thought that would make a difference, but she wasn't about to ask either.

No point in talking to someone that was clearly delusional; waste of time.

Rumors circulated about that night; most people jumped onto the story about a cult gang of bikers doing some kind of ritual sacrifice and it just kind of took off from there. Faith didn't understand how people could be so fucking stupid about shit when it was clear as day in front of their faces. But then again, that's denial for you. Faith was intimately familiar with the term herself, though for very different reasons.

Speaking of the reason she's so intimately familiar with the term: Buffy walks over from where she was talking to Willow and Kennedy a moment previously, coming over to join Faith on the couches. They had steered clear of each other for about an hour after Buffy tried to comfort her at the memorial site, realizing then wouldn't be the best of times to attempt this whole buddy/buddy thing they needed to do. When Faith gets emotional, she gets volatile (which was probably a ridiculous understatement, but whatever. A bitch has to get out her feelings somehow).

But Faith realized brooding like an antisocial jackass isn't going to change a damn thing, so she tried to make herself have some fun. She danced a little and joked around with Xander, and now she was back to chilling by herself in the corner. She just… needed a minute alone. She was feeling kinda bad again about having fun when people were dead; seemed a little asshole-ish to her. But again, not like she can change the circumstances. Besides, she wasn't the only one trying to forget all the bad shit and attempting to get back to some semblance of normalcy.

Damn, she wishes she could just get drunk. It'd make things a whole lot simpler.

As Buffy plops down next to her – apparently deciding that enough time has passed so they should be social again – she takes a sip of her soda. The straw makes an obnoxious slurping noise that Faith can still hear over the music. She raises an eyebrow as she looks over at the blonde.

"Thirsty?" she asks, sounding a little amused as she states the obvious. Buffy just sighs.

"You know – and I know I'm going to sound like such a bad person for saying this because of, well, the circumstances – but I really miss alcohol."

"You and me both, babe," Faith responds, leaning back against the couch and stretching her legs out. She was overcompensating by trying to act normal around Buffy when all she feels is weird, so it probably looked a little forced. Buffy doesn't seem to notice though. "Guess we're gonna have to be like… fuckin' proper delinquent kids now; sneakin' the shit in, or drinkin' it behind the building before we come in." She smirks at her, hoping she's pulling off the casual friend thing better than she thinks she is.

Christ, when did she start over thinking everything? This bitch: not fucking her. Get it together Faith. Who gives a crap that she rejected you when you accepted her date proposal? Plenty more fish to eat, or however that saying goes.

Besides, the drama between them was really freaking irritating. And with a Big Bad on the horizon, it also kinda paled in comparison. So Faith tries to make with the nicey-nice. Which, let's face it, is probably the smartest thing she's done all week, so kudos to her, damnit.

"To sneak it in we'd actually have to have someone able to buy it for us," Buffy says, looking at her pointedly. "And last I checked, none of us have magically acquired a fake ID." She pauses, then, "Unless I'm behind on the news, in which case I'll be annoyed that I wasn't included."

Buffy trying to buy liquor with a fake ID; the image was almost laughable.

"Ye of little faith," Faith puns, smirking. "My Mum keeps liquor in the motel all the time. Granted we can't take a ton, but at least it's something. Guess for next time though, since today seems to be the sober, boring day at the ranch." She waves her hands a little for a mock, party-like effect. "Woo," she says lifelessly.

Buffy smiles a little at her display before she shrugs. "You know, I never was much of a drinker until I found out I was the Slayer." She takes another sip of her soda before looking completely unsatisfied with it and sets it down. Apparently a Shirley Temple isn't gonna get her rocks off tonight. "I guess I never saw much of a point before. It seemed… sleazy; meant for the smelly and unemployed."

"Yeah well, I figure impending doom and certain death would change a person's perspective."

"Immensely," Buffy agrees with a tiny sigh. "Sometimes it's nice to not have to…" she pauses, searching for the word.

"Think?" Faith offers as she turns to face her on the couch, resting her elbow on the back of it and her head on her hand. She watches Buffy stare at her hands in her lap and shrug a little.

When she turns her head to look at Faith she has this little half frown as she admits, "Care." Her eyes find the couch again and she picks at some invisible lint as she asks, "Does that make me a horrible person? I know I'm duty and destiny girl and the whole world rests on my shoulders but sometimes I just… I need a break." Her eyes meet Faith's once again. "I want to say 'forget being Chosen' and just live like a normal teenager. I want to get drunk and do stupid things; I want to fall in love and get my heart broken. I want to get caught up in the drama of who's dating who and not the drama of what demon is coming to kill us this week. If not forever, then just for a night."

"That doesn't make ya a horrible person, B; it makes you human," Faith tells her. Buffy still looks guilty though so Faith covers her hand with hers, holding it for a moment. Buffy purses her lips and looks up at her, and Faith tries like hell to keep this platonic even though Buffy's hand in hers makes her nerves tingle all the way up to her arm. But she smiles at her as she gets up, guiding Buffy to stand with her. "Come on, I'm sure our new little Potential has some liquor – she seems the type. We'll get ya trashed and you can fuck off destiny for a night. Can't guarantee you love, heartbreak, and drama, but I sure as fuck can help ya get drunk and do something stupid."

Buffy rolls her eyes at her, but smiles regardless; glad for her help in trying to cheer her up. She allows Faith to steer her towards Kennedy, Willow, and another blonde girl they're talking to. Buffy had started being somewhat more civil to Kennedy, at least after the drama in the bathroom. Then again, Faith hasn't been blatantly hitting on her in front of Buffy either.

"Sup guys; who's the chick?" Faith asks as she takes notice that they're not alone. The blonde ducks her head down and blushes, apparently not used to receiving much attention.

"This is my ex Tara," Kennedy introduces with a grin. "Tara; Faith and Buffy." Faith's eyebrows shoot up. Kennedy… with this girl? She didn't know Kennedy all that well, but from first impressions it seems like she's all brass balls and Tara? She looked like the shyest person on the planet, which was a little hard to do when standing next to Willow.

Tara mumbles something inaudible behind her hair which Faith assumes is a 'hi.'

Faith never understood the concept of being friends with your exes. It just seemed like a whole lotta unnecessary drama. Besides, once you figure out a person isn't gonna make it through the long haul with you, why would you assume they could do so as your friend? Fucking stupid, if you asked her.

"You guys dated?" Buffy asks, curiously. She too seemed to take notice of the completely radical difference between the two girls. It's just a jacked concept to grasp.

"Yeah, when we were in sixth grade. Tara here was my first girlfriend," Kennedy responds, nudging Tara with her shoulder affectionately. Tara merely blushes in response. "We got bunked together in the dorms and, ya know, all girls school…" she trails off, smirking. Faith cocks an eyebrow and smirks back in response.

She would've killed to go to an all-girls school for that very reason. But those were usually private and it's not like her Mum was swimming in the dough or anything.

"You at SunnyD now too?" Faith asks Tara, since it was her school that burnt down as well. Tara nodded.


Ah, well at least Faith could hear that response. Tara didn't make much eye contact with anyone and when she did, it was very briefly before ducking her head back down and hiding behind her hair. It was kinda endearing, in a way. Not that Faith's interested because… just no, but it was kinda sweet all the same. She was like practically attached to Kennedy as if she wouldn't know what to do if she was left alone with a bunch of people she didn't know. Kinda like a puppy only, you know, less furry.

"Tara's into magick too!" Willow announces proudly, grinning from ear to ear. Faith gives her a 'way to go' look and holds up her hand for a high five. Willow smacks it with excited enthusiasm.

"That's awesome, Red. Now ya can actually have someone who knows what the fuck you're always on about," Faith replies, smirking.

"Yeah, after Willow told me that she was into all the voodoo, I know I had to introduce her to Tara," Kennedy tells her, smiling. Then she addresses Faith, "Cause I'm with you; I don't know my head from my ass when it comes to that stuff. Besides, I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to all the sage."

Faith snorts.

Buffy shoulder bumps her and when Faith looks at her questioningly, the blonde shoots her a pointed look. Did she forget something? She hasn't been flirting in front of her or anything; she's been a good girl; you know, trying not to cause unneeded drama and more bruises to her pretty face. Then again she's not drunk and horny so—oh! The liquor. Fucking duh.

Faith's gonna start blaming her lack of short term memory on all the blows Buffy has dealt to her head soon, even if she probably deserved at least half of them.

"Hey Ken," Faith starts, nodding her head a little as she steps away. "Side bar."

"I'll be right back," Kennedy tells Tara before she slips away. She follows Faith only a short ways before she asks, "What's up?"

"You got any liquor?" Faith asks, leaning against the bar and drumming her fingers on the edge. "B's getting' a little antsy; Slayer needs a break, y'know. Figured outta any of us, you'd be the best bet. All my shit's at the house."

"Sorry, I stopped keeping the stuff in my car after I got pulled over and sent to jail for… a variety of reasons. All the liquor I have access to now is at my parent's house; they have like a whole fucking cellar of the shit yet barely touch it. I'm starting to think they just like collecting it or something. I don't know," Kennedy replies, shrugging and rolling her eyes a little. "My parents are weird."

"You drive?" Faith asks, eyebrows raised. "You're fifteen."

"Hence part of the reason I got sent to jail," Kennedy smirks. "Driving without a license, no insurance, expired tags, open liquor containers… yeah, it wasn't a fun night for anyone involved." She shrugs though noncommittally. "But my parents hired this ridiculously expensive lawyer who got me off with just some community service."

"Wicked," Faith responds, impressed. If she had parents like that, fuck knows she wouldn't have so many charges on her juvenile record. Then again, if she was living "lifestyles of the rich and famous" she probably wouldn't be such a delinquent either. But whatever. Point was, Kennedy didn't have any liquor so she needed to inform B.

"B!" she hollers to her. Buffy looks up, raising her eyebrows expectantly. But after Faith shakes her head, she deflates a little. She gives her a kind of 'thanks for trying' look before she turns and started talking to Willow and Tara. Faith watches them for a moment before she mentions to Kennedy, "So… you and T then? How'd that happen?"

Kennedy shrugs, "She was sweet. Like, really fucking sweet. I don't know; I love her to death, I do. She's one of my best friends now. But we both realized that we weren't as attracted to each other in that way than we originally thought. We work way better as friends."

"Just seems kinda… like a weird match," Faith notes, glancing at her. Kennedy smirks.

"Why? Because we're so different? I don't know, I guess sometimes you need someone to balance you out. I mean, look at you and Buffy."

Faith raises an eyebrow a little defensively. "What do you mean 'look at me and B?'"

"You mean you guys aren't together?" Kennedy asks, surprised. Faith gives her a look like she must be smoking crack and Kennedy explains, "I just thought with the way she got pissy at you and me when we were talking earlier that she was just being territorial. I mean, I can't blame her. I'd be territorial over you were my girl." Kennedy gives her a flirty look.

"Yeah, but that's the problem. B wanted something, you know, like monogamous and serious. I didn't. I don't do that," Faith tells her. She might as well warn her ahead of time, just in case. She didn't need another dramatic storyline added to her life. "I just fuck and leave; that's it."

"Sound fulfilling," Kennedy responds, though she holds a hint of sarcasm behind her words.

Faith shrugs. "Always worked for me. I see no reason to change it." Her eyes scan the crowd for a moment before she furrows her eyebrows and asks, "Where's Xander?" She hasn't seen him in awhile.

"Last I saw him he said he had to go to the bathroom. That was like, a half an hour ago though," Kennedy replies, shrugging. She too starts looking through the crowd.

"Fuck," Faith swears before she starts heading towards Buffy. "If he managed to get himself eaten, I'll fuckin' kill him." After the last time they were at the Bronze, someone disappearing for a long period of time was a definite cause for alarm. Faith tries to make sure she doesn't get too panicky though; she'll be no use to anyone if she ends up having a fucking panic attack in the corner.

"B," Faith says, putting her hand on Buffy's shoulder to turn her around. "Where the fuck is Xander?"

Buffy looks confused. "I don't know, last I saw him he was with you." Then realization sets in of what could have possibly happened and she swears, "Shit. We need to split up and find him." She nods at Faith and Kennedy as she checks, "Stakes?"

"Got 'em," Faith answers as Kennedy nods. "Split up and meet here in ten?" she asks.

"Good plan. But please, if you get into something you know you can't handle, find me instead of going all suicidal," Buffy pleads, knowing how Faith can get. But fuck, if vamps have her friend, there ain't no way she's gonna waste time trying to find Buffy. She nods, agreeing, even though she doesn't plan to if the situation arises.

Willow looks alarmed. "D-Do you really think he could be…?" she trails off, looking sick. Faith puts her arm around her friend for a second, trying be some source of comfort, no matter how small.

"It's probably nothing," she assures her. "He probably just found some tail to drool over." She wishes her words were more convincing, but she's worried herself.

Willow doesn't look like that made any difference at all.

"Alright, let's motor," Faith says, wishing her heart wasn't feeling like it was gonna beat out of her chest. But just then she hears Xander ask:

"Where are we going?"

Everyone turns to look at Xander behind them in a mixture of relief and anger. Faith shoves him hard. "Don't fuckin' do that!" Christ, she was too young to have a heart attack.

"Ow! Do what? I just got here!" Xander protests, rubbing his chest like Faith mortally wounded him.

"Do what? Fuckin' be MIA, that's what! We thought some vamp was snackin' off you. Where were you?" Faith demands.

Xander looks completely awkward as he stutters, "Just… y-you know, bathroom and stuff. I wasn't feeling good." He shifts his eyes to the left, looking uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Liar. He was hiding something, but then again he has been acting like a spaz lately. Faith makes a mental note to investigate that later.

"Oh, we're so glad you're okay!" Willow exclaims, practically jumping on Xander to envelop him in a hug. Xander's eyes go wide and he awkwardly pats her on the back, still not understanding the big deal.

"I'm okay, Wills. It was just a stomach virus; I'm not Mr. Dead Man or anything. See? Still alive and kicking."

Faith flicks his forehead with her fingers, which makes him flinch. "Asshole," she says flatly. She seriously didn't need that kind of stress today. If she starts going gray, she's gonna punch him in the dick.

After that, the rest of the night was relatively uneventful. Which really, after that little scare, she was thankful for. The group left the Bronze around eleven, needing to get back home for school in the morning. As they said their goodbyes, Faith leaned against the brick wall, figuring she'd say bye last since Buffy was gonna walk her home anyway. Kennedy came up to her, leaning against the wall to her left as she watches Willow and Tara talk excitedly and Buffy scold Xander for running off without saying anything.

"So," Kennedy starts, still looking at their friends. "You up for keeping the party going a little longer?"

Faith glances at her out of the corner of her eye and smirks. "Have anything specific in mind?" She doesn't know why she bothered to ask; she already had a pretty good idea what Kennedy meant.

"Coming back to yours?"

Faith looks amused as she states, "Forward, aren't ya?" Kennedy shrugs, looking a little pleased with her directness. She turns to face her as her eyes swoop down Faith's body, before they went back up to train on her face.

"I try not to cut corners," she replies simply.

"Yeah well, I'm tryin' to not start any drama," Faith replies, sounding disappointed. She would love to; fuck would she love to. A good lay would get her mind off of other shit. But if Faith ditches Buffy to go screw Kennedy? Shit would rain down.

"Buffy?" Kennedy inquires.

"Would kill me," Faith finishes.

"Why? You're not hers."

Faith glances at her, staying silent for a moment as she weighs the pros and cons of the situation. "B's walkin' me home. So if ya really wanna get tied up in this shit, meet me at mine in an hour."

Kennedy smirks, enjoying her win. "Don't worry, I won't tell her."

"Better not. Bitch can kill both of us without exerting much effort," Faith responds, but meets Kennedy's smirk with one of her own. "But like you said, I'm not hers. So what she doesn't know won't hurt her, the way I figure it."

"Give me your address then," Kennedy requests. "I'll be there in an hour." She pulls a pen out from her back pocket and hands it to her. Faith writes her address on Kennedy's hand.

"Don't be late," she tells her, giving her a suggestive look. God, yeah, she really did need this. It's been far too long since she's felt someone's sweaty, naked body against her. Kennedy laughs.

"Trust me, I don't plan on it."

As Kennedy walks away, Faith watches her go. She knows this is probably a bad idea, but a girl's gotta get off, doesn't she? Besides, as long as Buffy doesn't get wind of her extracurricular activities, there shouldn't be any harm. Like Buffy said, she just doesn't want to see her all over Kennedy. Which is perfectly doable, since she's got her motel room for that.

This better not backfire. Because if Faith can't get her rocks off anymore, she's about to become one insufferable cunt.


Chapter Twenty-Six - Fun Sucker

Unfortunately, Faith didn't end up fucking Kennedy that night.

It was all going so well too; Faith had Kennedy pinned against her door, her hands tugging on her belt while Kennedy unhooked her bra. The fabric fell to the floor just as Kennedy's hands enveloped her breasts, having no hesitation about getting to know Faith's body as intimately as she could. Tongues intertwining, low groans that echoed each other's desire, and no conscience to speak of. It was just pure lust and both of them knew it wasn't anything more than the physical. It was only about the need to touch and to be touched and as their breathing got louder, more ragged, with every moment that passed, Faith was more than ready to get this show on the road.

Slow was for people who gave a fuck about anything else besides orgasms.

When Faith finally pulls off the annoying piece of material that is Kennedy's shirt, she slips her hand over Kennedy's bra-clad breast, squeezing it enough to emit a small gasp from Kennedy's lips. Her hand doesn't linger there though; she slides it over her tanned chest and up her throat before she squeezes beneath her chin, forcefully turning her head to the side as her mouth becomes intimately acquainted with her neck. Kennedy allows her to do what she wants; easily slipping into the role of submissive as Faith's other hand reaches around to unclasp her bra. There were far too many clothes in this scenario for her liking.

But because God (or whoever) likes to shit on her parade, they're interrupted by the door opening. Not the one they're up against; the one connecting Faith's room with her Mother's.

"Fai?" she asks, peering in. She's greeted by the sight of her half naked daughter and her half naked friend and leans against the threshold of the doorway, folding her arms in front of her chest.

Kennedy nearly has a shit fit and grabs her shirt in a fit of embarrassment, covering herself. Faith on the other hand just turns to face her, not at all fazed by her lack of clothes in front of her mother. Embarrassment about shit like that is meant for kids who aren't close with their parents.

…No, not like that, you sick pedo-loving bastard.

But there had been many times where both of them had seen each other at their worst and more often than not those times seemed to include a lack of clothing. Maybe when you feel like you're breaking apart, it's just appropriate to be naked; vulnerable. So no, Faith isn't phased by it. She is really fucking annoyed that she just got interrupted, however. "Fuck, Mum. Haven't you heard of knocking?"

"Who's your friend?" Caroline asks, raising an eyebrow in a disapproving manner that makes Kennedy look thoroughly ashamed. "She doesn't look like Buffy."

"Christ Mum, will you get off that shit? For fuck's sake, me and B ain't like that. If you like her so much why don't you date her?" Faith snaps, grabbing her clothing off the ground and throwing it on her bed in a fit. She looks up at her. "What do you want? I'm busy, obviously."

Caroline doesn't look amused by her attitude, but answers. "I need you to run to the store."

Faith stares back at her, disbelievingly. She knows what that means; her mum needs more shit. No way was she gonna go over to Leering Larry's this late at night. "Are you fuckin' serious? It's like, midnight."

"I'm out of sugar," Caroline says flatly.

"Maybe I should go…" Kennedy starts, looking incredibly awkward about being interrupted by Faith's mother. She turns her back to them and throws on her shirt as Faith chews on the inside of her cheek, irritated.

"Nah, stay," she tells her, but doesn't take her eyes off her mother. "If you need sugar that badly why don't you go?"

Caroline gives her a tired look. Faith knows why she can't go; she'll end up camping out and doing more coke than she can even afford. Last time she tried to trade ass for blow with Larry, Faith nearly had an aneurysm. The thought of her mother being touched by that slime ball set her off like nothing else. Maybe her mum didn't have the best taste in men, but Faith damn well knew she could do better than him.

"Faith," she says, pointedly. Faith lets out a loud, aggravated sigh, practically slamming her hand down on the bed as she picks up her shirt, putting it on almost violently.

"Fuck, fine. But you so owe me," Faith responds. Caroline gives her a thankful look and leaves, closing the door behind her. Faith lets out a loud sigh and turns to Kennedy. "Sorry," is all she offers. She didn't know what else to say. This blows, no pun intended.

"It's alright," Kennedy responds, still looking a little awkward. But she shrugs it off and asks, "Rain check?"


"You need a ride to the store?" Kennedy asks and she picks up her bra, but doesn't move to put it on. Isn't much of a point when her shirt's already on.

"Nah, it's a short walk. Plus, pissed and horny; probably need the fresh air."

"Mm," Kennedy affirms. She lets out a breath though before she leans in, kissing Faith softly on the lips. "Call me?" she asks, eyebrows raised expectantly.

Faith raises hers in return. That sounded so—

Kennedy seems to read the look on Faith's face and smirks. "Not in the clingy way, Miss Egotistical; I mean call me as in the booty variety." Oh, booty call. Yeah, Faith figures that's definitely arrangeable. "Trust me, you're hot and everything, but I'm smart enough to know when someone's only looking for the physical," she finishes.

"Then count on it," Faith tells her with a smirk. See; why couldn't all women be this agreeable to her terms? Faith is pretty sure that if they were, then everyone would be a lot fucking happier. Cause, y'know, of all the mind-blowing orgasms and none of the drama. Scenario; best, right? If only she could convince Buffy of that.

But then again, taking Buffy's girl-virginity is kinda a big deal and Faith's sure that even if Buffy found her suddenly agreeable to a relationship based solely on getting naked and sweaty, she'd still end up getting herself attached. It really sucks, but then again, it's not like that's even an option now; they're taking a leaf out of the friends handbook, and sadly not the version that includes benefits.

Shouldn't every friendship include benefits? It should be some kinda law.

Then again if that were true then she'd be required to fuck Xander and Willow and that's enough to make her brain bleed. Faith's so lost in her thoughts that she barely notices Kennedy leave. When she hears her car roar to life she snaps out of the disturbing image in her head of her and a naked Willow and Xander having some sort of twisted threesome. Shaking her head as she steps out of her motel room, she closes the door behind her.

Has she mentioned lately how much she hates be the designated drug runner?

School was uneventful, up until the end of it. Like always, all of them were hoarded into the library like some kind of herd of demon-fighting cattle. It had become so ritualistic to never actually leave school until at least six pm that Faith gave up all hope weeks ago to have any kind of social life directly after school. Then again, all her friends were here so it's not like any of them were out having the time of their lives either. With the Master popping up and making everything turn to shit, there wasn't much time for fun.

Buffy and Faith were sparring on the mats while Wesley was attempting to make Kennedy shoot a crossbow in any direction that wasn't at him. Giles, Xander, and Willow were pouring over the books again, trying to find any other references to the Master. They stopped the Harvest, sure, but that didn't mean they stopped the massive shit storm that was still brewing.

Faith was sweating bullets only a half hour into their sparring session while Buffy didn't look the least bit fazed. It was aggravating, in more ways than one. Mainly because she was trying to be a little cocky show off for Kennedy ("I'll show ya how to take down a Slayer," she murmured to her before they started) only to now have her ass getting intimately acquainted with the mat on the floor. Repeatedly. The worst part was, the more aggro Faith got, the more amused Buffy seemed.

Buffy reaches down, holding out her hand to help Faith up after another embarrassing loss. Faith bites her cheek and holds her hand out, but before Buffy can grab it she tries to be sneaky; sweeping her leg underneath Buffy to trip her up (because she'd feel a lot better if she was on the floor with her instead of standing over her all smug all the time). But Buffy sees it coming and easily jumps up before Faith's foot can make contact. Now they're back where they started; Buffy standing over her trying to help her up.

"Nice try," she says, smirking.

Faith bangs her head down onto the mat and sighs. This was not her day. She was just distracted; wound up with all this tension and with nowhere to release it. At least not yet. They still had a couple more hours of training to do before Faith can even fathom sticking her tongue so far up Kennedy's cunt that the girl cums a goddamn rainbow.

"This is bullshit," Faith tells her as she reluctantly lets Buffy help her to her feet. She massages her sore shoulder and wishes she could tend to her bruised ego. Not that Kennedy was making much of an impression herself; she just impaled one of Giles' bookshelves with the crossbow when she was aiming for a target that was five feet to the left.

Wesley starts lecturing her, which Faith has already learned to ignore. It's amazing how easy her brain could just switch his droning voice off like a light.

"You need to concentrate, Faith," Buffy tells her as she walks over to the bookshelf, easily pulling out the embedded arrow and handing it back to an embarrassed Kennedy. But she barely pays her any attention; she's looking at Faith. "You're head is all off in La La Land or something. You don't usually go down this easy."

"La La Land is a little too PG for where my head's at right now," Faith replies. She sees Kennedy look at her out of the corner of her eye, but Buffy doesn't take notice of it. She, apparently, thinks she's talking about her.

Which, to be fair, if it was any other day but today, she probably would have been.

"Faith," Buffy sighs. "Don't go there." Faith doesn't say anything, but not for a lack of comeback. She was just afraid how much trouble that comeback would get her into. She's advocating for a drama-free lifestyle, so she unfortunately needs to learn how to keep her mouth shut. She grinds her teeth instead, just trying to stop the words 'who said I was thinking about you?' from falling from her lips.

"Now come on," Buffy says, stepping back into a fighting stance. "Come at me like you mean it this time. I'd like to actually get some kind of workout before the day is over."

Faith's eyes flash. Excuse her? It ain't her fault she doesn't have super strength, but she sure as fuck isn't gonna be passed off as a weakling for her lack of it either. Focusing all her attention on Buffy, she comes at her. This time she favors her speed so as to counter Buffy's freakish strength and after a couple swings that didn't connect on either side, Faith uses Buffy's leverage and momentum together, dodging at the very last second so Buffy pitches forward a little, off balance. Faith's elbow collides with Buffy's back; her first actual hit of the day.

Her victory was short lived though as Buffy's leg sweeps under hers and she goes down… but not before grabbing onto Buffy's shirt so she tumbled down with her. She was not gonna be the only person on the ground this time, damnit. Buffy shrieks a little as she falls unceremoniously on top of Faith.



"Watch the hands, B," Faith teases as Buffy tries to get off of her, all while inadvertently groping her breast. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were makin' a play." Buffy flushed red and smacks Faith on the stomach. She coughs from the blow. Buffy seriously needs to remember her little girly smacks aren't delicate anymore.

"Shut up, perv. It's your fault I'm down here; that was totally unfair!" Buffy tells her as she picks herself up off the ground. She reluctantly lends a hand to help up Faith, but doesn't look too pleased by extending the friendly gesture.

"Buffy, if you believe vampires will play 'fair', then I do believe you are far more behind on your training than I feared," Wesley pipes up, being all British, stuffy, and virginal. Kennedy shoots the crossbow and it impales itself on another bookshelf near them, which makes Wesley nearly jump out of his skin before he composes himself with a tiny cough, straightening his tweed suit. "I think that will be enough for now, Kennedy." He gingerly takes the crossbow out of her hand like he's afraid she'll somehow make it go off with the power of her mind.

This dude's a trip, and not in the fun drug kind of way.

Faith just rolls her eyes at Wesley's little assessment of Buffy, but she of course has something to say. "Really? You mean vampires don't have a rule book like we do?" Buffy asks, feigning ignorance. But she rolls her eyes and turns to Giles. "Giles, tell him not to speak to me," she half requests, half whines.

"I won't do that. However, Wesley, I do wish you wouldn't chastise my Slayer when she is merely bantering with Faith. Believe me when I tell you Buffy is more than aware that vampires do not play fair," Giles responds, looking unamused.

"She is our Slayer," Wesley corrects in a self-righteous tone.

"I was Giles' first," Buffy retorts, shooting Wesley a seething look before she grabs a towel, putting it around her neck as she grabs a sword, throwing it at Faith. She barely catches it as Buffy takes one of her own.

"Buffy," Giles says in a disapproving tone, watching her trying to move up to swords with Faith without his say so. "No weapons."

"Giles, I need to do something," Buffy whines, stomping her foot for effect. "I'm not getting anything out of this because Faith refuses to put her ADD on hold. I figured she'd have to pay at least a little more attention if imminent death by sharp objects were involved."

While Faith would normally be offended by Buffy thinking a hand-to-hand workout with her wasn't up to her Slayer-sized standards, frankly she's thankful for Giles' interruption. She'd probably end up beheaded in five minutes flat; she wasn't exactly skilled when it came to swordplay, even when she wasn't being the poster child for Adderall.

"I need to speak with you anyhow. You and Faith should take a five minute break and then I'll work on swords with you whilst Faith spars with Kennedy," Giles tells her, trying to compensate. Buffy looks disappointed but throws down her sword reluctantly, sighing. It clatters to the ground.

Faith grabs her towel and starts wiping off her sweat as she watches Buffy flop down on the seat next to Giles; obviously worked up and annoyed that she wasn't able to get enough of her energy out. "What's the what?" she asks, though sounds unenthused.

"I've been over and over the note that the Zan'Hurrak sent, and I'm beginning to fear that we're running out of time," Giles says, dropping that bombshell on everyone in one big swoop.

"Exactly how much time are we talkin'?" Faith asks, joining in the conversation. Giles sighs.

"Less than two weeks," Giles tells them soberly as he rubs the bridge of his nose. "Or to be more precise… ten days."

Everyone just stares at him.

"Excuse me," Wesley's annoying little voice butts into the conversation uninvited. "But how, may I ask, did you come to this radical conclusion?" He sounds like he doesn't believe a word Giles is saying and it makes Faith want to junk punch him. Giles wouldn't lie to them; he's about the most standup, honest dude she knows.

Giles looks peeved by his choice of words, but then again, so does the rest of the room. "The Zan'Hurrak said that 'all would be kept safe until a fortnight before the splitting,'" he explained. "Seeing as how many deaths were involved in the Harvest, I feel it's safe to assume that that is where our time frame begins."

"But you can't possibly know that's what they meant," Wesley argues. "The Zan'Hurrak could have been referring to if or when the Master rises; as I'm sure that would constitute as a fitting… blood bath, for lack of a better term."

"Way to keep the faith that B can stop that before it happens," Faith snaps, aggravated. Who was he to just come in here and start doubting everyone? That's the last thing they fucking needed right now.

"And what if you're wrong?" Giles retorts. "What if we wait, only to find that the 'splitting' they speak of somehow refers to the Master trying to rise again? We must be prepared!"

Wesley looks miffed, but relents. "Then we shall double the girls' training schedule; prepare them."

All three girls groan at that, but they all knew that it was probably needed. But between school, homework, and the training schedule they had already; it hardly allowed time for any real fun to be had. All work and no play is bound to make them all go fucking nuts, especially if they all might die soon.

"We need to start focusing our efforts on this 'Anointed One'," Giles tells him, clearly hating that he now has someone around to challenge his authority. "The girls should train, yes, but if the Anointed does rise from the ashes of the Five, he will be a powerful ally to the Master and we cannot afford for him to gain that kind of considerable strength."

"Especially since I 'will not know him'," Buffy quotes from the passage Giles told them about a week ago.

"And you 'will not stop him'," Faith adds. Buffy gives her a look of disbelief and annoyance.

"Thanks, Faith," she responds dryly. Faith shrugs.

"Just saying."

It is what it is. Doesn't mean Faith was rooting for the bad guy, it's just what the damn piece of paper said.

"Be that as it may, how do we not know that the Anointed hasn't already rose?" Wesley counters. Giles slams his hands down on the table, making everyone jump.

"Because we have to believe it!" he shouts, clearly fed up with Wesley's input. "We have to have hope!" The unspoken 'it may be the only thing we have left' lingered in the room.

Silence washes over the Library for a moment. No one had ever seen Giles shout like that; it was kinda disconcerting… and a little hot. Well, least for an old dude. Faith is the first one to clear her throat before she speaks.

"I'm with G. Optimism won't make us feel like complete losers at least; fuckin' gotta count for something. And so what if this bitch did rise already? B will lay the smack down on it without breakin' a sweat, so chill with your counterproductive attitude, Wes." Buffy looks at her appreciatively before she holds out her hand for a moral high-five, which Faith gives her.

"You suck the fun out of the room," Buffy informs him, to which Faith adds, pointing at him accusingly:

"Fun sucker."

Kennedy snorts as Wesley looks over at Giles, exasperated by the slew of teenagers contradicting him. But it wasn't like Giles was in any mood to help Wesley out, so Faith didn't see why he even bothered. Willow and Xander were looking at each other, trying not to laugh. Even Giles seemed a little amused by Buffy and Faith, which at least broke the tension in the room.

Giles takes off his glasses as he rubs his eyes, thinking. Finally he says, "Whichever of us is correct, we still do not have very much time. A heavier training schedule would be preferable, however Wesley you must realize that they are not just 'the Slayer and two potentials'; they are teenager girls and thus need to keep up with their studies as well as having a bit of free time. We can't become overzealous, it very well may backfire."

"Surely you can't prioritize their studies and their social lives over a possible apocalypse!" Wesley exclaims, shocked.

"I don't prioritize them, but I'm not going to deny them of that right either. They are not just the Council's tools," Giles tells him firmly. Faith has the urge to cheer him on, but figured that'd be vastly inappropriate so she just sits back in her chair, propping her feet up on the table and giving Wesley a smug look. However, with a light cluck, cluck of disapproval from Giles, Faith frowns and slides her boots off the furniture.

She can never get away with that.

The discussion ceases shortly afterwards, and the girls went back to training while Willow and Xander continued to research. Faith enjoyed sparring with Kennedy much more, though mainly because she could finally whoop some ass. Kennedy was good, but she wasn't as trained as Faith was.

After they all start to disperse for the night, Kennedy walks up to Faith while she was at her locker, idly leaning it against it. "You free tonight?" she asks casually, even though her meaning was clear. Faith sighs as she stuffs some of her books into her bag.

"Fuckin' wish," she tells her. "But Red's coming over to help me study for that English test tomorrow. Apparently she don't think I got a basic enough grasp of the only language I speak." Maybe they could hang out afterwards, but she did have to account for sleep at some point. Today's training session kind of kicked her ass.

Kennedy smirks, amused by Faith's horrible grammar while she attempted to defend herself. "Well I have the test too," she mentions, motioning to her own bag. "Mind a study group?"

"Cool with me, I'll double check with Red though," Faith says as she zips up her backpack. "I'll hit ya up either way though."

"Awesome," Kennedy says smiling, her eyes sweeping down Faith's form for one, quick moment before her eyes met her again. "See you later then, hopefully." When Kennedy turns to walk away, Faith's eyes trail over her ass. She didn't realize she was staring until she heard her name being called from behind her.


Faith whips around quickly, preferring to not being caught ogling by Buffy, but she turns a little too fast to estimate distance properly and ends up smacking her forehead on the open locker. "Fuck!" she shouts, pressing her hand to her forehead. Buffy jaw drops for a moment before she starts giggling up a storm.

"Fuck you," Faith retorts, grumpy as she rubs the forming lump on her forehead. She slams her locker shut angrily.

"Sorry, but that was funny," Buffy tells her, giggling as she walks over to her. Faith just scowls at her as Buffy gives her a lopsided grin as she reaches up, moving Faith's hand away.

"Let me see," she encourages, surveying the damage. Faith narrows her eyes at her but allows it and after more touching than the situation actually called for, Buffy told her, "You'll live."

"No shit," Faith responds dryly, stepping away from her so Buffy would stop dragging her fingers across her skin. It was distracting.

Buffy tugs on her book bag a little as she mentions, "So Willow said something about a study session tonight. I'm really behind in English and wouldn't mind the extra help. Do you mind if I tag along?"

Great. That's… great. Not that she didn't want to hang around Buffy, but there would be no sneaky excuses for Kennedy to stay the night if she was around. They always studied in her motel room; they practically did everything there.

"Yeah, s'cool," Faith replies, shrugging. "You ridin' with Red?"

"Yeah, she said we'd meet you at your place at eight? If that's okay. I think Xander might come too, but I'm not sure. He seems to be a bit off in his own world lately."

Well, that was true. After second period Faith nearly scared Xander half to death when she interrupted his staring off into space contest. He was just staring down the hall as the students passed, looking a little out of it. Faith hopes he hasn't started getting stoned or something; Xander couldn't afford the stoner lifestyle with how behind he tended to get on schoolwork already.

"Yeah, eight's fine," Faith tells her. Well, fuck. At least studying won't be boring if they're all there. That's gotta count for something.

"Great," Buffy says, smiling at her a little shyly. "So… I'll see you then?" She's looking at her in a way Faith doesn't understand; like she expects something.

"Obviously, B," Faith replies. That was obvious, wasn't it? Like, in the realm of 'pointless question' kind of obvious. Buffy rolls her eyes at her response and pokes her in the arm hard (so hard it felt like she was pressing into her bone with her nail) before she walks past her, heading off to meet up with Willow. Faith winces at the contact and once Buffy's out of sight she frowns, rubbing her arm.

Damn, what did she say?




Chapter Twenty-Seven - Master of the Remote

Master of the Remote

'Studying' was more like a group hang out than anything else. Willow was trying to advocate some serious learning time, but it kind of gave way to movies and snacks as the books were eventually tossed to the side, forgotten about.

Faith's on her stomach on the bed with Buffy and Willow on either side of her while Kennedy and Xander relax on the floor, flipping through Faith's comic book collection and joking about her geekiness. Faith retaliates by throwing chips at them, some of which get stuck in Kennedy's hair. "The fuck!" Kennedy exclaims, combing her fingers through her hair to get them out while the other's laugh.

Buffy swipes the remote out of Faith's hand suddenly, to which Faith responds with a, "Hey!"

"This movie sucks, Faith. The last thing I want to see in my free time is blood and gore, I get enough of that every night." Buffy tells her, flipping through the channels. Faith makes a swipe for it but it's held out of her reach.

"Saw is a fuckin' classic, Buffy," she protests, making another swipe for the remote.


"A classic?" Buffy repeats, mocking her term. She scoffs, as if the concept is ridiculous. "A classic is Gone With The Wind, not this garbage." She holds out the remote tauntingly as Faith makes another swipe. "No, Faith. We're not watching this."

"Saw's a good movie, Buffy," Kennedy protests as she gets the last chip out of her hair before she throws it at a sniggering Xander. It smacks him on the forehead. He rubs it with a look of annoyance as he picks himself up off of the floor, heading across the room.

"I agree with Buffy," Willow pipes up, making a disgruntled face as she thinks about what was just on the television. "T-That was gruesome, Faith. "

"Don't be a pussy, Red," Faith responds distracted as a determined look crosses her face right before she practically tackles Buffy for the remote. Her body connects with Buffy fast and hard and the momentum sends them flying off the bed, onto the floor. Faith's a little sore from the fall but as her friends laugh at their wrestling, she tries to get leverage by getting on top of Buffy, but in what seems like a blink of an eye Buffy has her pinned to the floor, her hand holding both of Faith's above her head while her other hand holds the remote over her face, taunting her with a smirk on her face.

"Slayer," she reminds her smugly. Faith looks up at her, peeved. But then she smirks and rolls her hips into her, knowing it's going to throw her off her game.

"Didn't know you were into a little kink, B. I'm not usually someone's bitch, but I could make the exception." She smirks at her as Buffy turns about four shades of red and practically flies off of her, obviously not wanting to give the wrong impression. That gives Faith the opportunity she needs to grab the remote from her.

She scrambles to her feet as Buffy's jaw drops, "Hey! Faith, no!" She's on her feet quickly, but Faith's quicker and she runs into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her and locking it.

"Good job, genius," Buffy tells her through the door as she bangs on it once. "You can't change the channel from in there!"

But Faith isn't listening, because suddenly there's a shout behind her and she whips around, seeing Xander standing over the toilet with his dick hanging out as he tries to pee. The interruption startles him as he misses the toilet completely. "FAITH!" he exclaims, embarrassed as he tries to cover himself.

"Ahh!" Faith shouts, pretty sure she's scarred for life now that she's seen her friend's cock. There are just some things that needed to be kept a mystery. "Fuck! Jesus Xander, when the hell did you get in here?"

She can hear laughing from outside the door.

"I needed to pee!" Xander exclaims, stating the obvious as he zips up his pants, his face as bright as a tomato.

"Fuckin' Christ. You're cleaning up where you missed, y'know! I ain't doin' it!" Faith tells him, feeling incredibly disturbed as she practically flies out of the bathroom. She's pretty sure Xander accidentally peed on her wall when she startled him. The second she's out of the bathroom the remote is swiped from her hand, but she doesn't care.

She never needed to see Xander's dick. Ever. Sure she tried to fuck him the other day when she was all… retarded; but her? Lesbian. Penises tended to scar her already damaged young mind.

Kennedy was on the floor practically rolling with laugher, as was Buffy. Willow looked halfway between embarrassed for the both of them and amused and Faith grabbed a rag in a huff, throwing it to Xander in the bathroom. "Clean," she instructs. Xander mumbles an embarrassed reply.

"That was the funniest shit I've seen all day," Kennedy tells her as she laughs, far too amused by this situation for Faith's liking. Faith flips her off.

"Yeah, nevermind the fact I'm probably scarred for life," she replies flatly.

"You?" comes Xander's voice from inside the bathroom, an octave or two higher than usual. It only makes Kennedy laugh harder. Faith points at Buffy accusingly.

"This is your fault."

Buffy laughs as she sits on the bed. "I didn't tell you to run in the bathroom! You did that all on your own." She holds up the remote, taunting her with it. "And I won anyway, so it wasn't even worth it." Buffy gives her a smug look, but it's only for a moment before Faith decides the psychological damage both she and Xander received shouldn't be for nothing. She lunges at her.

"Faith!" Willow exclaims as she's almost hit by her propelling body, jumping off the bed just in time so as to not get caught in the crossfire.

Buffy laughs. "Come and get some, weakling," she taunts, dodging just in time so Faith merely flies onto the bed, but not on top of her. Buffy tries to pin her but her arm gets in the way and Faith bites it, not about to fight fair. She has the strength disadvantage, after all. "Ow!" Buffy protests, taking her arm away in shock that Faith actually bit her.

"I'll show you weak, Princess," Faith promises as she tackles her like a line backer, head under Buffy's arm as her arms wrap around her torso, pushing her backwards.

As they wrestle on the bed, Xander comes out of the bathroom looking at the scene before him with disbelief, amusement, and some residual embarrassment from before.

"Ten bucks on Buffy," Kennedy says casually, proposing the offer to Xander.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Ken," Faith croaks out just as Buffy grasps her arm, pinning it behind her back as she uses her body weight to get Faith off of her.

"Sorry, but she's the Slayer," Kennedy replies, amused.

"Nah, I got my money on Faith," Xander replies, taking the bet. "She's deceptively sneaky."

"Guys! Y-You're going to break something!" Willow exclaims, but a little too late as Faith's leg hits the lamp on the bedside table and it smashes to the ground.

"Thanks Xand," Faith replies, out of breath and losing quite quickly as Buffy pushes her backwards. "I'll tell everyone your cock is huge." Fair trade right? Xander turns beat red though just as Buffy successfully gets Faith on her back, but she reaches up and starts running her fingers along Buffy's sides, hoping she was ticklish. It was the only thing she could actually do in this position.


Buffy starts giggling, trying to swat her away. "Stop! That's not fair!" Faith picks herself up off the bed once Buffy's off of her, trying to get her to stop by franticly slapping away her hands.

"See? Sneaky," Xander affirms. Willow has her hands over her eyes; afraid they were going to break something else.

"All's fair, babe," Faith replies, a smug look of her own now as she mercilessly tickles Buffy into submission. Buffy was trying to get her off of her, but her strength must have been hindered by how much she was laughing because she was failing miserably.

"Come on, Buffy! You're going to lose me ten bucks!" Kennedy complains.

"She's… not… fighting… fair!" Buffy gasps out through laughs. She does finally push Faith's hands off of her, but only for a second before Faith comes right back around, grasping Buffy's wrists as she uses her whole body to pin her to the bed.

"Okay, okay! Truce!" Buffy exclaims, allowing Faith to pin her there just because that means her hands aren't tickling her so hard that she's nearly about to pee herself. Her breathing is ragged and she looks up at Faith, who just smirks down at her.

"No truce," Faith tells her, smug. "I win."

"Fine, fine, you win," Buffy says through gasps of much needed air. Kennedy reluctantly slaps a ten into Xander's outstretched hand and Willow finally opens her eyes, glad the roughhousing was over. "But you didn't fight fair."

"Hey, you're like ten times stronger than me," Faith protests. "I had to even the playing field somehow."

"Fine, whatever. Just get off of me," Buffy requests, but Faith doesn't move. Buffy raises an eyebrow at her expectantly, but Faith isn't done with her winnings.

"Nope. Not until you tell me I'm the master of the remote."

Buffy rolls her eyes. "You're the master of the remote, Faith."

"And that you're my bitch," Faith adds, smirking. Buffy looks at her, offended.

"Faith, that's ridiculous. I'm not going to say that," she protests, a slight pink hue adorning her cheeks as Faith watches her brain think a little bit too much about that statement. That was worth it in and of itself just because she knows Buffy's thinking kinky, perverted little thoughts, but she still wants her to say it.

"Hey, I willingly accepted my bitch status when you pinned me on the floor, but the tables have turned. Think I'd be the dom if we ever got down like that, Twinkie."

Willow coughs uncomfortably, but Kennedy and Xander are watching this interaction with far too much interest.

Buffy rolls her eyes, dismissing her. "You're perverted," she tells her as she pushes Faith off from on top of her.

"Ah, ah, ah," Faith taunts. When Buffy pushes her hands off of her (ridiculously easily, by the way) she places her hands on her torso threateningly. "Say it or I start tickling again." Buffy freezes, rethinking her options. She could easily get Faith off of her, but she clearly didn't want to be the victim of another tickle attack. Faith smirks and Buffy narrows her eyes.

"I'm not going to—" But as Faith's finger start tickling her sides she shouts rather quickly, "Okay, okay! Just stop! Oh my god." Faith smirks, incredibly entertained by this situation. She liked having Buffy at her mercy like this; it was sexy. She teasingly bites her lower lip and raises her eyebrows expectantly.

Buffy flushes and mumbles, "I'm not saying it in front of everyone."

"Ah come on, that's half the fun," Faith replies, amused. But Buffy shakes her head defiantly, already embarrassed that she was going to have to say something like that.

"Nope, not while they're here."

Faith rolls her eyes, but turns to the three people behind her. "You heard the lady; go pile in the bathroom for a second."

"Whaaat?" Kennedy asks, clearly disappointed by this outcome. Willow readily goes into the bathroom, not wanting to bear witness to this any longer. She looked embarrassed herself. Xander and Kennedy hang back for a moment though.

"Guys," Faith says, motioning her head towards the bathroom door.

"But it isn't any fun for us if we're in there," Xander complains lightly. He grins when Buffy shoots him a death look.

Faith chuckles. "I know, sorry. But ya heard the girl, and I want my reward."

Xander and Kennedy give equal looks of grumpiness to her, but reluctantly trudge off into the bathroom, disappointed. Faith turns to Buffy with a look of pure smugness and victory as she moves her hands away from Buffy's torso, instead sliding them up her arms to pin her wrists to the bed again while she hovers over her.

Sometimes she has no concept of personal space, but from the way Buffy's breathing becomes noticeably shallower when her breasts slid against hers, makes Faith find she doesn't care much. A small smirk tugs on her lips as she prods, "Say it." Her voice is an octave or two lower than normal and Buffy swallows.

"You're intolerable, you know," she tells her in a soft voice. Her tone isn't angry or even annoyed, it only seems distracted. Faith isn't sure if her low voice is so the others can't hear them in the bathroom, or that Buffy can't find it in her to speak at a normal octave with how close they are to each other.

"But I have my fun," Faith responds softly with a smirk. She tosses her hair over her shoulder and looks down at her with a wicked gleam in her eye. Buffy looks halfway between turned on and wary from their position and while Faith knows she should stop, she's having far too much fun. Besides, it's been ages since she got any kind of action, so flirting would have to suffice.

Faith leans down, pressing her lips to Buffy's ear. "Say it," she whispers huskily, feeling a shiver run through Buffy's body. She can hear that her breathing has picked up substantially. Faith congratulates herself mentally for practically rendering Buffy incompetent.

"What?" she asks, distracted, like she couldn't remember for the life of her what brought them to this position. Faith smirks.

"Tell me you're my bitch," she reminds her, purposely making every word a breathy whisper to make Buffy shiver again. Her lips are against her and she has to control her natural urge to take her skin in her mouth and mark her neck.

It's quiet for a moment and with every breath Buffy takes, Faith can feel it like she was breathing into her.

"I'm your bitch," Buffy breathes finally, her voice a throaty whisper. Faith smiles against her skin before she leans up a little, face dangerously close to Buffy's as she raises a flirty eyebrow.

"Yeah?" she prods softly.

Buffy's eyes flicker to Faith's lips that are only a breath away from hers and she confirms, "Yeah…" They lock eyes for a moment that seems to last forever before Faith finds she can't take it anymore.

Her lips connect with Buffy's.

Faith may have been the one who initiated it, but Buffy reciprocated eagerly. She lifted her head up a little, her mouth connecting more fully with Faith's as she slips her tongue against hers. Faith lets go of Buffy's wrist to slide her hand up her torso, dragging her palm over the smooth surface of the blonde's stomach. Buffy lets out the tiniest of whimpers as she tangles her hands in Faith's hair, sitting up a little more so she could get closer to her.

"This is a bad idea," Buffy breathes when they break momentarily for a breath of air, however her hands are caressing Faith's neck and down to her shoulders as Faith's hand wanders up her shirt, over her back.

"Probably," she responds throatily before she presses her lips to Buffy's again, kissing her a little more passionately as Buffy grasps at her clothing, like she wasn't sure if she wanted to pull it off or keep it on to save their sanities.

They practically fly apart however when there's an impatient knock on the bathroom door. They forgot they had company. "Uh, guys? You finished yet?" Xander asks carefully from the other side of it.

Buffy's eyes go wide as she stares at Faith like she isn't sure if she should run or not. They're silent and frozen for a moment; deer in headlights.

"Guys?" Xander asks again.

"They're probably fucking," they hear Kennedy mention casually. Buffy turns a bright red as she fixes her hair hastily.

"Never happened?" she asks Faith in a desperate whisper. While kissing Buffy again was fucking fantastic, at the moment Faith was inclined to agree. They were supposed to be friends, not getting into this whole mess again. That could complicate things far more than she was willing to deal with it.

She has to remember that she stopped Buffy from trying to pursue this relationship for a reason: she doesn't do relationships. But sometimes Faith looks at her and all she wants to do is tear her clothes off.

It's so frustrating.

"Never happened," Faith agrees as she gets off the bed, walking towards the door. She takes a breath, composing herself so she could act like nothing happened before she bangs on the door in response to Xander's knocking. "You can come out. We just wanted to see how long you'd stay in there before ya said anything." She smirks as the door opens and Xander narrows her eyes at her.

"Not funny."

"So funny," Faith corrects, amused. She nudges Kennedy's shoulder a little as she walks out of the bathroom, smirking at her as she says, "And if we were fuckin', you'd be able to tell. I have yet to make a bitch not scream my name."

Kennedy smirks at Faith and raises a flirty eyebrow. "Promise?" she asks in a low whisper. Unfortunately, with Buffy's Slayer hearing, she heard it and threw the dirtiest look at Kennedy.

"Back off of her, Kennedy," Buffy warns, not looking amused. Faith raises her eyebrows, not expecting such a blunt statement.

Kennedy didn't even seem remotely fazed as she turned to her. "Why would you care? She's not yours." It wasn't challenging, just curious.

"Because the last thing any of us need to do is sleep with each other when should be focusing on the Master; that's why!" Buffy exclaims, with way more aggravation than the situation called for. "Big bad; world in peril, anyone remember? Or did that just happen to slip your minds?"

"Relax, Twinkie. Flirtin' never hurt anyone," Faith tells her, grabbing the remote off the floor now that it was officially hers. "We're all over the Master sitch." She pauses though; assessing how much truth that statement actually had then revised, "Sorta."

"Oh, right. Yeah, sure, you both will be all over it after I die and one of you guys maybe takes my place," Buffy snaps, looking furious. "Thanks."

"Whoa, B. Chill with the hostility," Faith says, raising her hands in surrender. "We ain't gonna let you die. Promise, Princess."

"Yeah, Buffy. W-We'll think of something," Willow chimes in, giving her a small, hopeful smile.

Buffy stares at Faith for a moment in silence, obviously still upset. Faith doesn't really see why, seeing as she explained that the flirtation between her and Kennedy was just that; flirtation (even though she doesn't want it to be just that, but Buffy doesn't need to know that little piece of information either).

But then again, maybe Faith's just being a complete idiot and hasn't cared enough to notice that Buffy really is worried about the Master. She always kind of brushed it off like it's her job and everything will be just fine; kicking ass and taking names, y'know, the usual Slayer routine. But the Master is big; seriously big. Buffy has to be crazy not to be at least a little scared, and Faith has to be as world-class dick not to notice until just now.

"I have to go," Buffy says finally, running her fingers through her hair. She looks overwhelmed and she picks up her coat from the chair, sliding it on.

"B…" Faith starts, but Buffy waves her hands at her.

"No, it's fine. I'm sorry I yelled, I'm just… stressed out. But I need to go on patrol; vampires don't stake themselves," Buffy answers without looking at anyone. Her hand grasps the door handle but before Faith can stop her, it's Xander who comes over and puts a hand on her shoulder. Buffy turns to look at him.

"We're all here for you, Buff," he tells her seriously. They all need her to understand that. Faith realizes that most of the weight comes down on Buffy's shoulders, but she isn't alone; she's got four people standing here, willing to fight for her.

"I know," Buffy says softly. Her eyes reach everyone's in the room before she gives them a small smile. "Thanks. I just… I do need to patrol. Trust me, if vampires really could stake themselves, I wouldn't be leaving."

They all nod at Buffy, understanding. All except Faith, who's silent. Buffy looks at her and suddenly Faith asks, a little unsure of herself. "Do you… want company? Y'know what they say; two bitches with a stake are better than one."

Buffy looks amused. "Who says that, exactly?" Faith shrugs.

"I dunno; the Council? Whatever. Still offerin'."

Buffy looks at her for a while, as if assessing the situation. Finally she cocks her head and raises an eyebrow asking, "Do you promise not to die?"

Faith smirks, "Cross my heart and—" she reassesses that saying and rephrases it, "don't hope to die." Buffy rolls her eyes playfully, but looks amused.

"Can I come?" Kennedy asks, excited.

"You're not ready," Buffy tells her seriously. Off of Kennedy's offended look she explains, "Faith at least has been out in the field before; you haven't. Sorry, it's not personal. But I already have to keep an extra eye on Faith; I can't afford the liability of you too."

Kennedy has this full on brat attitude come over her as she crosses her arms in front of her chest, looking peeved. "Whatever." Cue eye roll.

Ah, so there's that spoiled rich girl attitude. Faith was wondering when that'd pop up.

"Ask Wesley to take you out sometime," Buffy tries.

"That twat would scream like a pansy the second a vampire came near us," Kennedy replies flatly. Buffy and Faith share a look; they can believe it. Wesley is such a punk ass little bitch.

"Sorry," Buffy apologizes. Faith shoots her an apologetic look as well, but is too excited to be able to go out slaying to really bother with comforting Kennedy's bruised ego. That's probably her friend Tara's job anyway.

"Please don't get eaten," Willow says, looking at Faith like this has 'bad idea' written all over it. Faith just smirks, her cockiness radiating off of her like a nuclear weapon.

"Please, the vamps will be beggin' me not to eat them."

Buffy raises an eyebrow looking at her oddly. "Um, ew?"

Faith shrugs. "Okay, that probably needed rephrasing, but whatever. Point is: I'm ready to kick some ass." She smiles at Buffy who smiles back at her, although a little warily. She's not sure how this will turn out either, but Faith figures Buffy just really needs the company right now and that's why she's letting her tag along.

"Well," Faith says, opening the door for Buffy and holding her hand out to her. "Shall we?" she grins at her mock chivalry. Buffy gives her an amused look but takes her hand, allowing Faith to lead her out the door. "Hey," Faith says, turning to her friends left in her motel room. "Crash if ya want, or ya can head out; either way. I'll be back later." She grins at Willow, who's still shaking her head like this is the worst idea ever.

But she has Buffy with her; the Slayer. How could things go wrong?



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