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Chapter Four: My Mother's Talk with Faith

Our favorite bottled blonde is startled awake when she hears the doorbell ring. She looks up, slightly confused, and is surprised to see that it is dark not only in the room but outside as well. ‘I thought Mom said she was going to wake me up for lunch?’ she thinks as she sits up in the bed. She hears the doorbell ring again, and the sounds of footsteps rushing down the hallway towards the stairs. She flops back down onto her pillow and decides to ignore it. That is until she hears:

“No you can’t see Buffy. Who do you think you are just showing up after taking off for three days? Do you have any idea what it’s like to see your child so completely broken? No, of course you don’t. But one day you will, and you’ll look back on this moment and feel like a total scumbag.” Hearing her mother yell at, obviously, Faith makes the blonde smile inside. Not that she wants her mother to yell at her fiancé, but imagining what the brunette’s face might look like right now is tickling her pink.

‘Don’t ever say that again. ‘Tickling her pink’? What is wrong with you?’ she thinks as she throws the covers off of her body and runs for the door. She almost collides with Dawn in the hallway as the two sisters make their way towards the stairs. Buffy is the first one to reach the bottom and she almost starts laughing her ass off when she sees Faith backing very slowly away from the door as if she’s facing a blood thirsty tiger. ‘And she might as well be.’

“Now you get out of here right now. And I don’t want to see you here again unless Buffy invites you over. Do you understand me?” Joyce’s voice is loud and the blonde can see some of the neighbors coming out of their houses to see what’s going on. ‘That’s my mom for ya. She’s like a grizzly bear whose cubs have been threatened or something,’ she thinks as she walks forward and stands next to her mother. The brunette has never looked more relieved in her entire life.

“Mom it’s ok,” she says and holds back a smile. The older woman looks over at her daughter, the fire still in her eyes, as well as the anger. It makes the younger blonde take a step back. “Really, Mom, it’s fine. Faith and I have a lot we need to talk about.” She tries to sound sad, as if she’s seeing Faith for the first time since the fight. If she acts any different she knows her mother will be suspicious. There’s a long somewhat awkward silence, until it’s finally broken by the matriarch of the household.

“Alright sweetheart, if you’re sure. You can sit out on the back patio. And don’t be too long ok? It’s getting late.” Buffy watches as her mother glares at the brunette and Faith takes another step back. ‘She thinks she’s such a badass. I can’t wait to tell Willow that Faith’s afraid of my mom.’ The older of the two Summers walks away and heads into the living room, leaving the two teenagers standing in the doorway. Buffy looks into Faith’s eyes and smiles what she thinks is an apologetic smile, but everyone with working eyes can see it is full of amusement.

“I’m glad me getting yelled at by your mom was so much fun for you,” she says, sounding a little mad, but Buffy knows she’s only joking. “Can we talk?” Buffy nods her head and leads the other girl through the house. As she walks through the kitchen she can’t believe no one woke her up for dinner. ‘They had chicken enchiladas without me? How incredibly fucked up is that? That’s the last time I sleep all day. Ok, Faith is walking behind me, staring at my ass and you’re thinking about food? There’s definitely something wrong with you.’

They walk out onto the back porch and Buffy looks over at the porch swing. The two of them have spent a lot of time on this porch swing together. Not all of it was spent making out, but a better part of it was. She smiles a little when she remembers that one time back in December. It wasn’t cold out at all, this being southern California, but that didn’t stop them from cuddling under a thin blanket. Of course that was just to cover up the serious under the clothes petting that was going on. Especially when Faith decided to be bad, slip her hand passed the waistband of Buffy’s jeans, and give the blonde a little early Christmas present.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you again today,” Buffy says and looks over at the brunette. Faith gets a weird, almost rejected look on her face and Buffy tries not to panic as she backtracks. “Not that I don’t want to see you. It’s just a surprise since I’ve already seen you twice today.” ‘No, that doesn’t sound right either,’ she thinks and sighs a very heavy sigh. “Let me start over. Hey Faith, it’s good to see you.” She walks over to the other girl and gives her a big hug.

“It’s good to see you too,” Faith says and hugs her back. They just stand there, holding each other, and allowing their minds to not think about anything but how good this moment feels. But then reality sets in, and they end the hug. After they pull back, Faith leans in and leaves a little peck on the blonde’s lips. “I know this is gonna sound weird, but after I dropped you off I started thinking.” Buffy can’t resist.

“You’re right, that does sound weird,” she says playfully with a big smile on her face. She gets a ‘would you cut it out?’ look from the brunette and she sighs. “Sorry, I’ll be serious.” She sits down on the swing, and pushes on the deck to make it swing slowly back and forth. She watches Faith for a second and it’s the first time she’s noticed the mailman style book bag that’s next to the brunette. “Ok, I’m all ears.” Faith sits down next to her and opens up the bag.

“I had to write a lot of it down or I would’ve forgotten exactly what I was thinking.” ‘Aw, there’s my girl,’ Buffy thinks with a little smile. ‘She’s smart but her memory has suffered from her years of not caring.’ “I know a lot of this is probably going to change, but I thought this might be kind of nice.” ‘Ok, what the hell is she talking about?’ Buffy watches with curious eyes as Faith pulls a sketch pad out of the bag. She opens it to the first page and Buffy sees a design for a dress.

“I don’t know what you want for yours, but I thought mine could be strapless, form fitting, nothing too poofy or fancy. And I thought this little ‘s’ design would be cool. I’m thinkin they could be like a shiny silver color or something. Have ‘em go across the chest, and around to the back. Then have like a strip of the shiny material a little below the bust, and have a couple more of the ‘s’ below that. Then they can run down my left hip, and leg and then down the left side of the train. And I was thinking maybe more of an ivory color dress instead of white.”

“You designed your own wedding dress?” the blonde asked sounding slightly confused. She thought Faith would be sleeping all day long, not making plans already. It’s making Buffy feel very…inadequate, but at the same time she just wants to take Faith in her arms and kiss her for being so sweet. ‘If she’s planning this far ahead it means she’s taking it very serious. She didn’t propose just because she thought she was going to lose me. She did it because she loves me.’

“Yeah,” Faith says looking at Buffy like she’s the weirdo, like designing a wedding dress is something that the brunette does everyday and is common knowledge. “I was thinking we could have it in the summer, at a park or something. I’d rather have it in a church ‘cause I was raised catholic but I really don’t see that happening. If it’s in the summer then obviously the flowers are going to be daises.” ‘Obviously,’ Buffy thinks with a little eye roll. Luckily Faith isn’t looking.

“Wow, so you’ve really thought a lot about this. All I did today was sleep.” She tries hard not to pout and feel like she isn’t as good as the other girl, but it’s hard in her semi-tired state. Faith gets a soft smile on her face and puts the sketch pad away. She scoots closer to the blonde and wraps her arms around her, and gives the soft cheek a little kiss.

“Don’t feel bad babe,” Faith says in a sweet voice and kisses Buffy’s cheek again. “I just couldn’t get back to sleep, so I laid in my bed and just started thinking. Then I got that picture stuck in my head. We’re going to plan all of it together, ok?” The blonde smiles and relaxes into the embrace. She turns her head to the side, and gives Faith a kiss on the lips. It was meant to be an innocent little peck, but once her soft lips touch Faith’s irresistible there’s no going back.

“I’ve missed you so much,” the brunette moans out between kisses. Buffy knows exactly what she means by that, and she’s thinking the same thing. ‘But we can’t have sex out here, someone could walk out here on us,’ she thinks as Faith slips a hand under her shirt, and runs her thumb over Buffy’s stiff nipple. It makes the blonde moan, and presses herself more firmly against the brunette’s body. “Wanna get out of here?” They rest their foreheads together and pant heavily as they try to catch their breath.

“Yeah,” Buffy says and kisses Faith again. It doesn’t last as long as the others, and when it ends she’s breathing even harder. “But where are we going to go? Unless we rent a motel room or something we don’t have anywhere to go.” Faith smiles and Buffy can’t help but grow very suspicious. ‘She planned this didn’t she? She didn’t come over here just to show me that picture she drew. She wanted to get in my pants all along. Why did she wait so damn long?’ she thinks and leans against the back of the swing. She holds onto Faith’s hand and watches the other girl as the smile gets a little bigger.

“I’ve got a little bit of a surprise, but you have to come with me ok?” Buffy nods her head and Faith smiles a little more. She leans over and gives the blonde a little peck on the lips. “You need to pack some bags. It’s sort of an over the weekend type of surprise.” Buffy’s eyebrows furrow in confusion and Faith chuckles a little, and gently smoothes out the wrinkle with her thumb. ‘What does she have up her sleeve? An over the weekend surprise? So she wants to take me somewhere? This should be good.’ “Trust me, ok?”

“Ok. I trust you,” the blonde says with a little smile on her face. They stand up and Faith grabs her bag, and they walk back into the house. Buffy tries hard not to show her irritation when she sees Dawn sitting at the breakfast bar trying to act like she was there the entire time, instead of at the door with her ear pressed to the wood. “I need to tell my mom I’m leaving. Do you want to wait here, or come upstairs with me?” Faith gives her a ‘what are you crazy?’ type of look and Buffy laughs. “I should’ve known. You’re such a little pussy cat.” Faith gets her trademark smirk on her face and wiggles her eyebrows.

“You got that right,” she says and gives the blonde a little smack on the ass. Buffy giggles and swats at Faith’s hand. They stare at each other for a few seconds at as if by some type of magnetic force they lean in closely and start to kiss right there in the middle of the kitchen. It starts out gentle, and somewhat innocent, but then it grows in passion, and soon warm tongues are battling for dominance.

“I’m trying to eat over here!” Dawn squeals and the two move apart. They look over at the younger girl sitting at the breakfast bar looking horrified and Buffy can’t help but smile. “That’s so fucking gross.” The blonde’s hazel eyes get really big when she hears her little sister say that.

“Wow, Dawnie, I’ve never heard you say that word before.” The little brunette rolls her big blue eyes, and goes back to eating her soup. “Sorry, it’s just been a very emotional couple of days. I’m sure you’ll understand when you’re older.” Dawn rolls her eyes again and the two lovers leave the room. Buffy finds her mom sitting on the couch reading one of her romance novels like she’s been doing lately. ‘Not to sound gross but Mom really needs to meet a guy. A nice guy who will treat her right and give her everything she needs. And most of those needs are going to be left unsaid, ok?’ Whatever.

“Hey Mom,” Buffy says softly so she won’t startle the older woman. Joyce looks up from her book, and raises an eyebrow at her daughter’s flushed appearance. She can’t help but smile a knowing smile at the rumpled clothing, her kiss swollen lips, her slightly messy hair, and the dark color of her cheeks. She also can’t help but tease just a little.

“I take it you two kissed and made out. I mean, kissed and made up?” she says and Buffy blushes with embarrassment, although you can’t really tell what with her face already being of a reddish color. Faith laughs and instantly gets a little smack in the arm. She goes quiet for fear of Buffy changing her mind about going away for the weekend.

“Yes we talked things out,” Buffy says and shifts around uncomfortably. The wetness between her legs is something she doesn’t mind getting when she’s alone with Faith, but now that her mother is in the room she feels very awkward and a little dirty. She sighs and tries to ignore it. “We decided that since things have been so crazy lately we’re going to take off for the weekend, to just get away. Faith has her cell phone.” She looks over at the brunette to confirm this, and she gets a little nod in reply. “So I’m gonna pack and we’ll be back sometime on Monday.”

Joyce sighs and closes the book. This is a very strange feeling that she’s having right now. She wants to tell Buffy that she won’t be going anywhere this weekend, especially with Faith, but technically she can’t. Buffy is eighteen now and legally Joyce can’t keep her here. ‘She’s growing up, and all I can do now is hope that she’s learned some of those things I tried to teach her about life. And they’re definitely going to get up to some mischief if they go away.’ She sighs again, and looks into Buffy’s pleading eyes.

“Ok, but I need to know where you’re going.” She sees her daughter about to argue so she interrupts before the situation gets out of hand. “I know it’s your life, and you can go if you want, but humor me, ok? I’ve been your mother for eighteen years and I like to know where you’re going to be, just in case of emergency.” She watches the girls exchange a look and she raises her eyebrows in anticipation.

“Well, Mrs. S it’s kind of a surprise,” Faith says in a sheepish voice. ‘Wow, I guess I really scared her. I think we need to have a little talk.’ “Hey B why don’t you go pack and I’ll tell your mom where we’re going?” Buffy raises her eyebrows at the brunette. ‘She has bravery that’s for sure,’ she thinks. She looks a little unsure, though. After the display her mother showed earlier she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to leave her girlfriend alone with her. “It’s ok, B. I’ll be fine.” Buffy sighs, and gives the brunette a little kiss on the cheek before she runs up the stairs.

“Faith you can have a seat if you like,” Joyce says and motions towards the other end of the couch. Joyce watches as the brunette nervously walks across the room, and sits down on the couch. She isn’t relaxed like she would normally be. ‘And that’s all my fault,’ Joyce thinks and turns a little so she can see the brunette better. “Faith, I’d like to apologize for going off on you earlier.” Surprised brown eyes penetrate her soft hazel ones, and she can’t help but smile.

“I know that things aren’t always easy when you’re in a relationship, and fights are going to happen. Seeing my daughter so upset because you left was hard. She was in pain and there was nothing I could do to fix it. There was no real booboo for me to kiss and make better.” She chuckles when she sees Faith trying not to smile. “It’s ok, dear. I know how silly that sounds. After their father and I got divorced it’s been hard for me to trust other people with them. But I trust you Faith. I think when all is said and done you’ll be there to take care of her when I can’t.” The brunette is very surprised by Joyce’s words and it takes her a minute to figure out what to say.

“I promise I won’t hurt her,” her tone is low and soft. She tenses up for a second when the older woman wraps her up in a big hug. She’s gotten used to receiving hugs from Buffy’s mom, so that’s not the problem. It’s the whole ‘getting a hug from Buffy’s mom while she’s horny’ that’s throwing her through a loop. The hug ends and Faith is more relaxed now that she knows Joyce isn’t going to kill her at any moment. “Anyway, my foster parents rent out this campground up north, and they said it was alright if I use it during the summer. It’s a six hour drive, but it’s worth it.”

“Alright,” Joyce says and looks into Faith’s brown eyes, her own have a little mischief in them. “Try not to have too much fun.” Faith blushes a little and both woman look over towards the stairs when they hear Buffy coming down them. She sounds more like a heard of cattle then an eighteen-year-old girl. When she reaches the bottom she gives the two on the couch a strange look. ‘Why are they sitting so close? Oh my God, where they hugging? Mom is so embarrassing sometimes.’

“I’m all packed up if you’re ready to go,” she says and drops her four heavy bags to the ground. Faith wasn’t specific about what type of attire the blonde should bring so she had to pack a little of everything. “Or do you two need a few more minutes to work out your issues?” Joyce and Faith both laugh a little bit, although Faith’s sounds more nervous then amused.

“I just needed to clear the air,” Joyce says and stands up from the couch and moves closer to her slightly shorter daughter. “She’s all yours again.” She gives Buffy a big hug an a little kiss on the cheek. ‘Just because she’s growing up it doesn’t mean I can’t baby her a little.’ “Be safe, and call me if you need anything, ok?” They exchange their goodbyes, and the two teenagers leave, one of them complaining far more then the other about the heaviness of the bags.

“For Christ’s sakes B, we’re only gonna be gone for two and a half days. You didn’t have to pack your entire life. How did you get these down the stairs?” She sounds a little breathless and it’s not from anything fun either.

“I pushed them.” This is said as if it’s an everyday thing. “I told you not to carry three of them. I could have helped. You don’t have to be all macho all the time.” The eldest of the girls can’t help but smile and let out a little chuckle as she watches the two make their way down the walkway. She’s a little scared to think of what the future might bring her daughter. She has a feeling that more heartache is to come, but for now she’s going to set her worries aside and just let everyone be happy, including herself.

Chapter Five: My Rocky Start

The ride up the coast wasn’t as bad as Buffy thought it was going to be. She thought she would be bored, but just sitting quietly with Faith was exactly what she needed to calm her down, and make the stressed out feeling go away. They stopped for breakfast at a Denny’s and shared a Grand Slam breakfast and a cup of coffee. This way they wouldn’t have to dip into the gas money too much before they get to the campground. They’re almost there now, and Buffy can’t wait to see what it looks like. She’s never been camping before, and she has an image in her head of what it’s going to be like, and it’s building up the excitement.

“Alright, B, here we are,” Faith says and parks the truck in the large parking lot. Buffy doesn’t have time to form an opinion, let alone voice one, before Faith is out of the truck and walking around to the other side. ‘We drove six hours for this?’ Buffy thinks as Faith opens her door for her. She smiles and takes the offered hand and hops out of the truck. “So, what do you think?” Faith can tell by the look on Buffy’s face that she isn’t too impressed with the place.

“It’s nice,” she says and Faith raises an eyebrow. Buffy sighs and takes another look around. There are families scattered all over the place, most of them have dogs, and it just seems…a little claustrophobic. “It is, it’s just…I thought we’d be a little more, um, alone then this. There are a lot of people here, and there’s not that much space between the camping spots.” Faith chuckles a little bit and they walk around to the back of the truck.

“It’s crowded down here, but the closer we get to the beach the bigger the spots are. Trust me. I’ve been here a bunch of times. The only time we’re ever going to see anyone is during the day when we leave the tent,” she says, and wiggles her eyebrows playfully. Buffy gets a big smile on her face, and she wraps her arms around Faith’s waist. Even though they are in public, in a town she’s never been to before and therefore she doesn’t know how the people around them might react, she leans in and gives Faith a little peck on the lips. ‘Mmm, she still tastes like syrup from the pancakes.’

“Why Ms. Lehane, I do declare,” she says in her best southern accent. “You wouldn’t be plannin on takin me before our weddin night, would you?” She bats her eyelashes a few times and gets a big pout on her face. She watches as Faith smiles, and reaches back and pus the tailgate down. In the blink of an eye she grabs Buffy around the waist and lifts her up onto the tailgate. She spreads Buffy’s thighs with her hands, and stands in between them. She wraps her arms around the blonde’s lower back, and leans in really close so their lips are only an inch apart.

“It’s a little late to save yourself for your wedding night, don’t you think?” she asks and lifts a playful eyebrow. Moisture pools between the blonde’s legs at just the feel of Faith pressed up against her. ‘It’s been way too long. I can almost guarantee that we will be having sex tonight,’ she thinks and tries to close the very small distance between them, but Faith pulls back just out of reach. “Ah, ah, ah, B, there are a lot of little kids runnin around here. I don’t think their parents would want them exposed to such sexy stuff.”

“Babe, that is so unfair. I don’t like it when you tease me,” the blonde whispers and tries to kiss the brunette again, but again Faith moves just out of reach. “Fine, we won’t do anything right now because of the kids. You know I’m starting to get a little bit of a headache. I don’t think I’m going to want to do anything more then cuddle tonight.” She looks deeply into Faith’s brown eyes, her own hazel ones are twinkling with mischief. Faith’s eyes go big, and Buffy starts laughing. The brunette tries to kiss the blonde, but Buffy just lies down against the bags in the bed of the truck.

“Now you’re right where I want you,” Faith says, and starts tickling Buffy’s stomach mercilessly. The blonde starts laughing, and squealing, and struggling, but Faith has the advantage since she isn’t the one lying down. “Say it B.” Buffy knows exactly what Faith is talking about. They’ve done this many times in the passed. I for one think it’s immature and dumb, but hey, I’m just a narrator, what can I do? ‘Not use so many run on sentences. That would be a start,’ Faith thinks and moves up to the blonde’s ribs.

“Never!” Buffy yells, and draws even more attention to the two girls. “I’ll never say it!” She tries to get away from Faith’s strong, yet oh so soft hands, but she can’t. Part of her doesn’t really want to. It feels so good having Faith’s attention on her in this way. Sometimes she thinks that the brunette is too much about the having of sex. As in she wants it all the time, even when they aren’t the only ones in the room. But when she’s being playful like this it makes Buffy feel special. ‘I’m not trying to sound mean, but Faith has slept with a lot of girls. But how many of those girls has she tickled?’

“Say it or I’ll tickle you ‘til you piss your pants,” Faith says a little louder then she meant to. It doesn’t matter to her though. Neither one of them are paying attention to their surroundings. Right now it’s just the two of them, and the rest of the world has faded away. They don’t see the grown men and women watching them with curiosity, the teenage boys watching them with lust, or the children watching them with amusement. No, none of that exists right now.

“Ok, ok I give! You win!” Buffy squeals, and gives a little yelp when she feels Faith lay on top of her to gain more control. She knows that isn’t going to be enough. Faith will do this until she wets herself if she doesn’t say it. She’s done it before, and even if that ended badly for both of them, she’ll do it again. “You’re prettier then me! You’re prettier then me! There I said it, now stop!” Faith instantly stops tickling the blonde girl below her, although she’s kind of sad about it. All of that wiggling around Buffy did was starting to turn her on.

“I can’t believe you did that,” Buffy says and looks up into Faith’s eyes. She’s very well aware of how close they are, and she’s also aware of how close she is to leaning up and kissing Faith. ‘But she’s right. We can’t kiss in front of all these people. They probably think we’re freaks already.’ “I can’t believe you made me say that.” This is said with a playful pout. She watches as Faith’s expression changes from a playful, lighthearted one, to a more serious one.

“I may be pretty, but you are absolutely beautiful,” she says, her voice low and husky. ‘Fuck the people.’ Buffy closes the very small distance between them and presses her lips softly against Faith’s. The kiss doesn’t deepen. It doesn’t grow in passion, and their tongues don’t come out to play. It does, however, remain sweet and soft, and innocent in a way. Faith is the one to finally pull away, and both of them are left panting from the lack of oxygen.

“Who is this really sweet girl I’m kissing?” Buffy asks, her voice low, but her tone very playful. “Who are you, and what have you done with the real Faith?” Faith just smiles and kisses her again. This one is more passionate then the last. It’s heated and raw and conveys the message very clearly. They want each other, and they want each other bad. Without even realizing it their hips start to move, grinding their pelvic bones together. Buffy moans into Faith’s mouth as the ache between her legs gets worst.

“Dude come look at this. God that is so fuckin hot,” they hear a nearby guy say. Their little bubble has been popped for good. The realization that they’re not in their own little world is now staring them in the face. Buffy sighs, and looks deeply into Faith’s chocolate brown eyes and smiles a sweet little smile.

“I’m too tired to carry the bags, can you do it by yourself or do you really need me to help?” she says trying to be serious but there’s a little smirk on her face. Faith just chuckles and slides off the blonde, making sure their bodies touch for as long as possible. It does nothing but heat Buffy’s body up even more, as was intended, and the blonde feels like she’s going to explode if she doesn’t get some release soon.

“You’re tired? I’ve been up for almost thirty-six hours,” Faith says. Her tone isn’t bitchy, just surprised that Buffy would try to use the tired excuse. The blonde’s eyebrows furrow as she thinks about it. ‘Oh God, I totally forgot that Faith didn’t get any sleep. I woke her up after she left, and we spent a lot of time at the park, and she said she couldn’t fall asleep because of all the ideas running around in her brain.’ She gives Faith a little kiss on the lips and gently rubs her back.

“I’m sorry I forgot you’ve been sleep deprived. I’m surprised we made it up here without getting in an accident.” Buffy watches as Faith smiles one of her dimple filled smiles. “How about you show me where we’ll be staying and I’ll unload the truck?” Despite the fact that Faith is really trying to hold it in, and Buffy can tell that she is, the blonde can’t help but get irritated that Faith wants to laugh because of that last statement. The irritation is definitely showing on her pretty face.

“B, don’t get mad. I don’t mean anything by it, but it’s a kinda long hike to the cabin, and some of those bags are really heavy.” This does nothing but add fuel to the fires. Faith does her best to back paddle out of the situation. “It’s just you’re not all about the muscles, you know? You’re more on the…feminine side, which isn’t a bad thing, but some of those bags are really heavy. Especially the ones with the food. So for the sake of your health I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to carry them by yourself.” Buffy glares, puts her hands on her hips, and taps her right foot.

“So because I’m a ‘girly girl’-” yes she used air quotes. “I can’t carry the bags by myself? That’s bull Faith, and you know it. I’m a lot stronger then I look. Just because I like ‘girly’ colors, and wear ‘girly’ clothes it doesn’t mean I can’t do anything for myself. I’m not some damsel that needs to be waited on hand and foot all the time.” Faith tries to take a step away from the angry blonde, but she’s blocked by the truck.

“I’m not saying you need help with everything. I’m just saying that you need help with some of the bags. I couldn’t even do it by myself I had to get Noah to help me.” That little fact doesn’t make all of the anger go away. ‘Why is she getting so mad? We’re not even married yet and I feel like I’ve aged five years,’ Faith thinks and tries to come up with some way to make things better. At this point it’s almost impossible. If she says anything else it’ll only dig a deeper hole for her to fall in. Yep, she might as well just give up and let the little blonde figure out for herself that she won’t be able to do it on her own.

‘Hey, stay out of my damn head. The last thing I need right now is you pokin around.’ Whatever, I’m the narrator and I’ll do what I want. If I want to go inside Buffy’s head, I will. If I want to go inside yours I will. If I want to ignore you assholes and talk about that redhead over there, I will. And if I want – oh my God is that a bear? ‘Where?’ Ha, made ya look. ‘You’re such an asshole. You know that?’ I prefer the term jackass.

“Faith have you been paying attention to a word I’ve said in the last five minutes?” Buffy asks sounding even more irritated then before. ‘Now look at what you did. Fuckin distracting me and shit,’ the brunette thinks, and tries to come up with an excuse as to why she wasn’t paying attention to the ranting blonde. “Nevermind, I’ll get my bags, and you get yours, and we’ll both get the really heavy ones, ok?” And with that she climbs into the back of the truck and starts to remove her baggage.

‘Sometimes she drives me crazy,’ the little blonde thinks and picks up the largest bag she brought. ‘It’s like when I talk she zones out and starts thinking about pointless stuff. It makes me feel…invisible or something. I hate it when she does that. But that panicked look on her face was kind of cute. Maybe I should go easy on her. She’s really tired, and it was a long drive up here. I guess I’ll just have to do something to make up for my behavior,’ she thinks with an evil little smile on her face. ‘Faith is going to be one very happy woman tonight.’


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