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Chapter 92: Breaking the Mold

The Same Night WPOV

"What the fuck?" Faith screams and the sound of it reverberates around us. Everyone is frozen. No one is moving as Faith starts yelling and cussing at the top of her lungs. I can't blame her. If my baby just disappeared right in front of me with a bunch of demons I would be panicking too. In fact, I would probably go all 'dark Willow' again, but that's a train of thought better left un-ridden. "Where the fuck did he go? Red, I thought you were putting up a barrier, what the fuck happened?" She stomps towards me and she looks pissed enough to kill. I've seen that look in her eyes before and it's never good. Usually it's trained on a demon or a vampire, or sometimes a really annoying person standing in front of us in line, but she's never looked at me like that before and I'm really glad my bladder is empty or I would need a new pair of underoos.

"I did put up a barrier spell but whatever magic was used was stronger than I anticipated," I say and I'm still kind of in shock. How in Sappho's name did that happen? It doesn't make any sense at all. Those demons are not powerful enough to do something like that, especially with how weak they are magic-wise because of the ritual they've been preparing for. So it should have been completely impossible for them to teleport out like that, especially with how much energy it would have taken to create that smoke. It was showier than what you would expect from demons who are trying to conserve their mystical energy. I walk over to the spot where they teleported out and something doesn't feel right. The leftover energy of the spell doesn't feel like evil, demony magic. This is something different. This is something very unstable and dangerous. These demons have been around for thousands, maybe millions, of years. There magical signature would be completely different.

"Will, can you track them?" Buffy asks and she sounds so desperate for an answer. It's a little strange to see her this way. She's usually so calm in a crisis and she knows exactly what she needs to do, and if she doesn't than she looks for help. Right now she's looking for help but she's not calm at all. She looks like she's about to lose it. I can't blame her and it's completely understandable but still a little unnerving. Kind of like seeing your mom cry. "Can you tell where they took him or do another locator spell?" I don't mind that Buffy turns to me for this kind of help and I'm more than willing to do anything she needs to protect herself or her family, but sometimes she can put a little too much pressure on someone else's shoulders without meaning to, and I've never been good and working under pressure.

"We can go back to the house and try the locator spell again," I tell her and she looks a little relieved. Buffy likes to have a plan, without one she feels lost. Should I let her keep that little bit of reassurance or should I tell her what I really think happened? I should probably tell them. It's important not only for now but it could also change things in the future. I'm her best friend. It's my job to let her know if things in her world are going to change. It would be wrong and kind of selfish to keep things from her just because she might get mad at me for it, even though it's totally, completely not my fault. Ok, here goes nothing. "But, Buff, I don't think the demons took him anywhere." She looks confused and a little lost. I can see it in her eyes and again with the unnerving. Faith looks downright pissed and she's stomping towards me like she's about to pick me up and throw me through a building.

"What the fuck have you been smoking, Red?" she screams and the girls back away. The fact that other slayers aren't willing to be around her when she's like this makes it even more intimidating. I mean, I could just levitate out of her reach or teleport out of here or turn her into a harmless little squirrel but she's still really scary. "We were all here. Those fuckin demons took our boy. They teleported out of here and now he's God knows where having fuck knows what done to him. Now find my boy Red or I fuckin swear someone's gonna pay." Anger is nothing but fear turned outwards so the meaner, scarier, and tougher she tries to act the more she's trying to cover up how afraid she is. At her core she's just a scared little girl. A scared little girl with a really big knife. Where was she hiding that?

"Let's not do anything rash, ok? I really don't think those demons could have done this. They're not strong enough to cast a spell that complex, not when they're getting so close to performing the ritual," I say and that seems to calm her down…just a little. I really wish she would put the knife away. Both Buffy and Lily walk over and it's a little bit of a relief to me. They'll stop Faith from doing something she'll regret later. I'm not so great at talking her down. My Faith-skills have never been as good as everyone else's. I would try to figure out why but we're in the middle of a crisis here. I don't really have time to figure out why my best friend's wife doesn't really like me all that much. Speaking of best friend, she puts her hand on Faith's arm and it snaps Faith out of it. She puts the knife away and wraps her arm around Buffy's back.

"Will, what are you getting at? If they didn't teleport out of here, then who did?" she asks and I can tell she's in total denial. I would be too. I was for a little while after Ashlyn was born. I refused to believe that my little baby was capable of using such powerful magic, but it's true. Every time she throws a temper tantrum something magical happens. Like when she wanted some ice cream but we told her no because it was almost time for dinner and she started screaming and crying and suddenly the house was filled with giant birds. Why her magic is morphed into such weird and random things, I'll probably never know. But right now isn't the time to be thinking about my own problems. Right now Buffy needs my help and I need to give her the answers. Otherwise, what kind of friend would I be?

"I'm saying that I think Joseph is the one who used magic to get them out of here," I say and they look like I just told them the cure for cancer is an ounce and a half of crack. "Think about it for a second, guys. You saw the way he was acting when the demons had a hold of him. He was totally calm and fine until you started getting closer and the demon pulled out a knife. They didn't teleport out of here until Buffy was about to be gutted by the ring leader. Why would they wait so long to teleport out of here with him if they could have done it sooner and saved them all of the trouble of dealing with all these slayers? I think Joseph teleported out of here when he saw that Buffy was about to be hurt. What child wouldn't do the same to save their parents?" They still look confused but at least they're not as upset as before.

"Red, how is that even fuckin possible? Joey doesn't have any magical powers. He's not even a slayer. He's just a normal little kid," Faith says and she sounds so lost right now. I wish I knew exactly what was going on. All I have right now is a hypothesis that can't be tested because Joseph isn't here. If he were here I would be able to run some tests and see if I'm right. I probably should have kept my mouth shut. We already have enough we have to deal with without them freaking out because I think I gave their son these magical powers, as Faith put it. And before you even start thinking like that: no I've never had an affair with Buffy. She's my best friend, just the thought of doing that with her makes my skin crawl a little bit. It's a lot more complicated than a basic soap opera storyline.

"I don't think he's as normal as you guys were hoping," I say and Lily lets out a big sigh. She walks over and gathers the other slayers. I don't know what she's saying to them because I don't have slayer hearing or the time to eavesdrop via telepathy but it can't be good since the girls look really upset now. "I think that maybe he was born with a predisposition to magic. Remember how he was conceived?" I'd really rather not think about it, best friend and her wife and all, but we need to remember that really awkward encounter in the woods at the slayer school if we're going to get to the bottom of this. I clear my throat and try to be as grown up about this as possible. It's always been really hard for me to talk about sex, even with my sexual partners. Not that there have been very many of them. But it's still hard for me and I hope I don't start blushing or stammering. We really don't have time for that right now.

"You two were worried about me so you snuck up on me in the woods when I was doing that transmutation spell," I say and I can tell they're both trying to think back. How could they not remember right away? Sure it was a little over seven years ago, but you would think this would be one of the things that sticks out in their minds. It's not every day something that this happens, especially to them. "And Faith was wearing…an adult recreational toy, and it was accidentally transformed into a real, you know, and then Joseph was conceived." They glance at each other and Faith has a little smirk on her face and Buffy is blushing. "I think maybe some of my magical properties were passed along to him." Buffy's eyebrows furrow and she shakes her head a little bit like she always does when she's confused.

"So, what you're trying to say is that Joseph has three biological parents?" she asks and if the situation wasn't so dire I would probably laugh. I glance over at Faith and she looks really concerned about that too. Wow, ok maybe I should have kept my mouth shut. This is starting to turn into a huge waste of time. We need to find where Joseph went. Even if he's the one that teleported them he's still alone with demons who want to take over the world and that's never a good thing in my book. Although, I think it's safe to say that's never a good thing in anyone's book. Well, maybe in the book of the demons who want to take over the world it's a plus, but to any non-evil entity this is something that goes in the bad column.

"No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that because really strong, unstable magic was used to create him, the magical properties of Faith's temporary…um…appendage was passed on genetically to him," I say and they're starting to understand. I really wish Sky was here. She's a lot better as translating confusing magic talk to people who aren't in the know as much as we are. Then again sometimes even my explanations are a little too much for Sky to handle. "I don't know why it's just surfacing now. Maybe it's because of all the stress of what he's been through tonight but whatever triggered it, Joseph just used some serious mojo and not in a really good way. It's unstable and directly linked to his emotion control. Name one seven year old that has emotional control." Now they're less worried about the paternity of their child and more focused on the 'oh crap' of the situation.

"Ok. We need to get back to yours and get more of the powder from the local spell. We need to find him and now," Buffy says and she's slipping back into General Buffy mode. As annoying as she can be sometimes when she's like this it's also kind of comforting. Kind of reminds me of the days when we were living in Sunnydale and things between all of us were good and we weren't spread out all over the country and had families and not a whole lot of time to visit each other. I'm totally happy with my life now, don't get me wrong, but would it really kill us to take some time away from our busy lives and take a shopping trip to the mall or go out to lunch and have a couple of drinks and some yummy food? I don't think so. Unless the food isn't properly cooked, otherwise it could actually kill us.

"Alright, Red, you teleport back to your place and get the spell going. Me and B will meet you there," Faith says and grabs onto Buffy wrist and they take off without another word. She can be so darn bossy sometimes but under these circumstances it's understandable so I won't say anything. Faith's bossiness when it comes to Buffy has been something that's bothered me since the beginning of their relationship. I mentioned it to Buffy a couple of times but she didn't want to hear anything about it. It hasn't escalated into anything else so I guess I was wrong about Faith. But I don't need to be thinking about that right now. Right now I need to be teleporting back to my house to do the spell again so we can find their runaway son. I wonder what we would be doing right now if we were normal and hadn't been fighting demons since we were sixteen. Oh well, I guess we'll never know.


I never had any powers before. I never told my moms because Matt and Addy are slayers and I wanted to be a slayer too. They get to do lots of things I don't get to do 'cause they're bigger, and if Mom and Mama know I'm not a slayer they won't let me train anymore. Only slayers get to train and if I'm not a slayer than I won't get to train with them. But now I have powers. They're not slayer powers, they're magic powers. I don't know how I got 'em but when that demon was about to stab my mom I wanted the demons to be gone really bad and all of a sudden we were falling and we landed here. I don't know where here is, but I think it's a warehouse or something. I've never been to a real warehouse but I've seen them on T.V.

"Tiny Human, what is the name of this card, again?" Dave asks so I lean over to see the one he's pointing at. The demons are really nice. They don't like their leader and don't want him to be the new box of their clan. The plan was to hide out at the school until it was too late, but then Lily and the other slayers showed up and everything got really crazy. But we can hide out here. They said this is even better because now they don't have to lie about why they couldn't make it to the portal on time with me. They have to leave before midnight or the magic won't work right so they're gonna take me back to my house and then run to the place they picked out. I hope they don't get in too much trouble.

"That's a Jack," I tell him and look down at my own cards. Darn, no Jacks. Maybe I could turn one of mine into a Jack. They taught me how to use my powers a little. I can't do a lot of stuff but I can make things appear. Like these cards, and the table and chairs, and the chips, and the sodas. I tried teleporting again but it didn't work. Meret says it's gonna take a long time before I can control that. He said the only reason it worked the first time is because I was so afraid my mom was going to die. He said he didn't want to hurt her but she was going to kill him and he didn't wanna die. I'm not mad at him anymore for that. My mom can be really scary sometimes.

"He already explained what the cards are, Dave," Enlil says and I roll my eyes. These two fight like Matt and Addy. It's making me a little crazy just like it does with my brother and sister. "If you can't remember what they are you shouldn't play." Enlil always sounds really mean when he talks to Dave, but he's always nice to me. Maybe he has a soul. Mom says some demons are really nice. She told me about this demon named Clem she was friends with at her old home. And she knows vampires that have souls, and vampires are supposed to be really bad. But having a soul doesn't make you a good person. My friend, Nathan, his daddy has a soul and he hits Nathan all the time. He won't let me tell anyone, and maybe now I can use my powers to punish his dad.

"I can still play, Enlil. These human symbols are confusing but I will understand them in no time," Dave says and I smile a little bit and try to hide it. He talks funny, funnier than the other two. And Dave doesn't get mad like Enlil does. When he argues his voice doesn't sound mean. Meret doesn't talk much at all, but he's really smart. He's the one who was helping me with my powers. I wish he didn't have to go back to that other dimension. Maybe I can talk to Mom and ask her to let him stay with us. Then he could teach me how to use magic and I could make Nathan's dad be nice to him. He has bruises on him all the time and that's not right. Daddies and mommies aren't supposed to hit their kids like that. At least that's what Mom and Mama say whenever they hear bad stuff on the news about a little kid being hurt.

"Right, like it didn't take you almost seven moon rises to learn the battle strategies even after I wrote them down for you," Enlil says and Dave blushes. Well, I think he's blushing. His face is turning a darker purple. This is weird. I can feel Dave getting really mad. I don't know how I can but I know that's what I feel. It feels like someone is pushing really hard on my chest and the darker purple he gets the harder it's pushing and I know something bad is gonna happen. I don't know what to do. I'm not a slayer and I can't control my powers and Dave might hurt me if he's mad. Should I get up and run away before something bad happens? Mama says it's ok to run away if there's too many demons or vampires or if the other guy is a lot stronger than you. Well these demons are way stronger than me even if they are weaker 'cause of the ritual or whatever it is they said earlier about that.

"Silence, both of you," Meret says and he doesn't sound mad but he sounds serious. Like my mom sounds when Nick and Alex come over and they get really crazy. I miss having them around all the time. They don't come over that much anymore 'cause they have to go to California to see their daddy. Mom says they can't come over all the time anymore' cause Aunt Dawn wants to spend time with them when they're home 'cause she doesn't get to see them all the time anymore like before. I get it but I still miss them. Matt's always talking to Brooke or too busy to play with me and Addy's…Addy and sometimes that really not fun. "Dave, just play your turn so we can continue." Dave doesn't look so mad now and I don't feel weird anymore so I guess everything is ok.

"Ok, there is no need to be snippy," he says and looks down at his cards. I look over at Meret but he doesn't look mad. I guess he doesn't let things get to him like the others. That's good. He's the leader of the worriers or something like that and good leaders shouldn't get mad all the time. Like Mama has a hard time being in charge of things because she's too emotional but doesn't know it. At least that's what Mommy said to Aunt Willow when she thought I couldn't hear her. Nobody ever thinks I can hear them so I know a lot of stuff I shouldn't. "Meret, do you have any threes?" I look down at my cards. Yes! I have a three. Now, I know what to do next time it's my turn if Meret says no.

"Go fish," he says and Dave picks another card from the pile. We've been playing for a really long time now. They keep forgetting the rules or what the cards are called so we have to keep stopping. And Enlil and Dave keep fighting and they spend a lot of time doing that. Maybe it just feels like a long time but it's really not. Mama says when Matt and Addy fight in the car it makes a twenty minute trip feel like hours. She told that to me, I didn't have to pretend I couldn't hear her saying it to someone else. She says stuff like that to me and it's funny. Sometimes she's just joking around 'cause she smiles and winks, but I think that time she wasn't being funny because they do make little car rides feel like forever.

"A three?" Enlil asks and he sounds just like Addy when she thinks I did something stupid. I hate it when people sound like that. It makes me feel really dumb. "Why did you ask the name of the Jack if you were going to ask for a three?" I really don't want to be here anymore. We can't even get through a game of Go Fish because these two won't stop fighting. I want to go home. I want to be in my bed again with Sasha sleeping at the bottom even though she's not supposed to be on the beds. Mom says she doesn't like it but I know she doesn't really care 'cause she lets the dogs on her bed all the time. She does stuff like that a lot. It can get kind of annoying. Just because she's a grownup it doesn't mean she gets to break all of the rules. One time I saw her eating chocolate before breakfast. If I did that she would send me to my room for the rest of the day.

"I was not sure which card I was going to ask for," Dave says and now he sounds like he's starting to get mad. I guess Enlil is starting to get to him. I'm surprised it took him this long to get mad. Every time he does something or says something Enlil will say something mean about it. I don't know why they're in the same group if they don't get along at all. If that Ammut guy was a good leader than he would split them up because if they fight this much about stupid things than they can't work good together in battles and stuff. I hear Meret let out a big sigh and I look over. He looks like he's getting mad again. I hope he doesn't get too mad. Mama says that demons are like wild animals; one minute everything is fine and a second later you're getting your face chewed off.

"If you two do not stop squabbling I will cut your heads off and not replace them until we return home," he says and he sounds really mad now. He's gonna cut their heads off? These demons are crazy. I look over at Enlil and Dave but they don't look too worried. Maybe their heads can grow back? I know some demons can grow stuff back. I can read better now and Mom didn't put the demon books up high enough so I can reach a couple. I can't read all the words but I know it says some demons can grow stuff back. Sometimes it just happens and sometimes the other demons have to do a ritual or it won't work. I wonder what happens with their body parts. Do they just grow back or will they lose the part forever if there's no ritual? Maybe when Meret's not mad anymore I'll ask him.

"Alright, alright," Enlil says and this time he does sound a little sorry. At least I think he does. Addy sounds like that too but sometimes she fakes it so Mama won't be mad at her anymore. Mama gets mad at Addy a lot even more than Matt and me, even when she doesn't really do anything bad. "There's no need to be nasty about it." He grabs a big handful of chips and shoves them in his mouth. When he chews, pieces fall out the corners of his mouth and land in his lap. That looks really gross. Now I know why Mom always says we need to eat with our mouths closed. "Tiny Human, it is your turn." Why do they keep calling me that?

"You can just call me Joey," I say and he gets a weird look on his face. The other two have the same weird look. Ok, what did I do? They look a little…I don't know, scared, I guess. But what are they scared about? "You don't have to keep calling me Tiny Human." Dave and Enlil look even more afraid now. They look over at Meret like they don't know what to do so they're asking him what to do even though they're not saying anything. I do that with Matt when he lets me hang out with his friends. Sometimes they ask me questions I don't understand 'cause they think it's funny. Matt always tells 'em to knock it off. He's a good brother like that. I look over at Meret too and he doesn't look mad so I guess I'm not in trouble.

"In our dimension that word is a horrible name to call someone and doing so is punishable by cutting the offender's tongue out," he says and takes a sip of his orange soda. Why would Joey be a bad word? Was there a leader named Joey and he was horrible and so now they're not allowed to say his name? Or does it just mean something bad? I want to ask them about it but I don't want to make them mad. Maybe it's not something they like talking about and if I ask they won't want to play games with me anymore. Maybe if I make them mad, Meret won't come back and teach me how to use my powers.

"Really?" I ask and Meret nods his head. I don't know what to say, but whenever Matt hears something really bad like that he always says the same thing. I guess I can say that until I know if I should ask more or not. "That's harsh." They all nod their heads and take more sips from their sodas. They don't drink them fast 'cause it makes them throw up. Dave threw up in the corner after he drank a whole grape soda in three seconds so now they're drinking them slow. They keep going through the chips really fast, though. This is the tenth bag I've…what did Meret call it? Materialized, that's it. I've had to materialize ten bags of chips because they keep horking them down.

"I know," Dave says and nods his head again. "It takes nine moon rises for a tongue to grow back." Ok, so I guess their parts just grow and they don't need rituals. They tried explaining to me how long a moon rise is and why they use that instead of a regular calendar but I don't get it. So I just nod and furrow my eyebrows like I understand. Mama does that a lot when Aunt Willow starts talking about magic stuff that she doesn't understand. She says that if you look like you understand people won't treat you like you're stupid. "It is your turn still, Tiny Human." I guess I can live with them calling me that if they're not allowed to say my real name. I guess I'll just have to get used to it even though it's really annoying.

I pick up my cards again and go to ask something and then there's a loud crashing sound. Meret grabs me, and pulls me up, and the other two jump out of their chairs. Meret does the same and stands in front of me. He pulls out his knife, the other two pull out their weapons too. Dave has a big axe and Enlil has some little bottles. I guess they use potions and stuff too. Aunt Willow has little bottles like that she uses to put potions in. They're really tall, tall enough so that I can see through the gap between their legs. I see my moms run in and they're holding weapons. Lily and the other slayers are right behind them. I don't see anyone else but I can feel magic in the air so I think Aunt Willow is outside doing a spell. My moms stop moving and take a look around. Meret puts his knife away and the other two do the same. Mom doesn't look happy at all.

"Joseph Charles, what the hell is going on here?" she asks and puts her sword back in the sheath on her back. I want to run and hide. I want to stay behind Meret because he was gonna protect me if it was something bad coming in here. I don't move, I don't say anything, and I don't breathe. Maybe if I pretend I'm not here I'll teleport somewhere else. That happened last time when I was scared and right now I'm really scared. "We thought you were kidnapped by demons to be sacrificed in a ritual, and you're in here playing card games and having fun?" Oh yeah, I'm in trouble. "Is that soda? You know you're not allowed to have soda after six o'clock. You are in so much trouble when we get home, young man." Oh no, she called me 'young man'. I'm gonna be grounded for a week.

"It's not like that, Mom," I say and Meret moves. Why did he move? He wasn't supposed to move! He was supposed to let me hide behind him some more. I look up at him with a big pout on my face but I can tell he doesn't feel sorry for me. Great, I'm on my own now. I look at my mom again and what I see makes me even more scared. She has her hands on her hips and one of her feet is tapping on the ground. I'm not getting out of this alive. "They don't wanna use me in the ritual. They don't' like their leader and don't want him to take over their clan. So we're hiding out here until they have to leave and they were gonna take me home first." Her eyebrows get really weird and her eyes get really big. Her mouth falls open a little and I know she's about to blow.

"And you believed them?" she yells and the sound bounces off the walls. My ears feel like they're about to pop she screamed so loud. "They're demons, Joseph. Evil demons that want to take over the world. They were probably just being nice so they could take you without a fight." She can be so mean sometimes. She doesn't know it because when she gets mad she doesn't care what she says as long as she's right. At least that's what Mama said to Aunt Sky when they were talking after Mom and Mama got in a big fight.

"Not all demons are evil, Mom," I tell her and she looks even more mad now. She doesn't like it when we talk back but she's wrong. I can't just let her think she's right all the time. "Spike is a vampire and you let him in the house whenever he comes over." I think if my mom had magical powers like me, I would be on fire right now. She looks so mad and her eyes look really scary. I look over at Mama for help but she's not looking at me. I can tell she's trying not to smile. She always puts her hand over her mouth like that when she's trying not to smile when we're supposed to be in trouble.

"He's got a point, B," she says in a really quiet voice but I still heard it and it makes me feel better. At least she's not mad at me like Mom is. Well, she's mad and I'm gonna get yelled at when we get home, but she's not being crazy like Mom is right now. Mom looks over at her and if she had magical powers, Mama would be the one on fire right now. Mama doesn't look scared, though. It's not like she has to worry about being grounded like I do.

"No he doesn't," Mom says and she's trying to be quiet too but I can still hear her. I guess they don't know that their voices keep bouncing off the walls and everyone can hear what they're saying. "Don't encourage him." I think Mama's gonna have to sleep on the couch tonight. She has to do that when Mom's really mad at her for something. And she always gets really mad when Mama doesn't help her when we get in trouble. She says it 'undermines her authority', whatever that means.

"I do believe the boy did make a fine point, Birth Giver of the Tiny Human," Dave says and I have to bite my cheeks to stop myself from laughing. Are they not allowed to say her name too or is he doing that on purpose just to sound weird? I really want to ask but I'm in enough trouble right now without bringing that up. Mom looks over at him and she crosses her arms over her chest. Uh-oh, he's in trouble now.

"What was your name, again?" she asks and her voice doesn't sound as mean anymore. That's not good. Sometimes she gets so mad that she doesn't sound mad at all but you can tell 'cause her body doesn't look normal. It's like she's trying to keep all the anger inside so she doesn't do something bad but her body gets really tense. That's what she looks like right now.

"Dave," he tells her and he sounds a little nervous. I guess he knows he needs to be careful. Mom is the best slayer in the whole world and she could probably kill him with her pinky finger. She's tough like that.

"Ok, Dave, how would you like a stylish yet affordable boot shoved up your ass?" she asks and now she sounds mad. I look over at Dave and he looks pale. He's not as purple as he used to be. Now his face looks more like a lavender color. I look over at Meret, he's the leader, he has to protect the other two, right? He doesn't look worried. He looks a little scared. Great, even he's afraid of my mom. I don't blame them but I have to be afraid of her. They're demons, demons aren't afraid of anything, right? I guess they're afraid of the original slayer.

"I would very much not like that," he says and that was a good thing to say. A stupid demon would have said something like 'you'll never be strong enough to do that to me' or something else that's really stupid. They always say stupid things and then my mom kills them. At least that's what everyone is always saying. I wonder if she would be mad if she knew everyone was telling me stories like that.

"Then stay out of this. This is a family matter," she says and Dave takes a small step back. That was another good idea. She looks over at Lily and Lily puts her crossbow down. I don't know why they use those things. They shoot them once and then can't use 'em anymore. Is it really that helpful? "Lily, make sure these demons make it back to their portal and out of this dimension." She looks over at me and her eyes look really scary again. "Joseph, get in the car right now." I really hope Mama's gonna drive 'cause if Mom drives us home I don't think any of us are gonna make it there alive.


If I'd known being a mom was gonna be like almost having a heart attack on a regular basis I probably would've re-thought that whole 'telling B to keep the kid and then wanting to have more' thing. At least that's how I feel right this fuckin second. Joey ran off and pulled that fuckin stunt and I felt like my whole damn world was going to end. You can't really tell how it's going to change your whole life and perspective while your baby is still in the womb. Once that little life is out in this world, you realize you'll give up your own life to save them. Seeing Joey standing there with those demons was like a knife to the heart. He's lucky I didn't kill him myself.

"Mom, Aunt Lily's not going to kill them, is she? She said she wouldn't, Mom. They're not bad demons. You have to make sure she doesn't kill them," Joey says from the back seat of the car. He's been completely freaking out about those fucking demons the whole damn ride. I wanted to kill 'em for putting that knife to my boy's throat. If Buffy hadn't held me back I would've ripped that fuckin demon limb from fucking limb. But Joey bonded with them. He probably got Stockholm syndrome or something. Isn't that what it's called when you're taken captive and you start liking your captor and sympathize with them? Whatever, the point is he doesn't want anything bad to happen to those fuck faces.

"She isn't going to hurt them, Joseph," B says. She should. She should just take them out back and shoot them like a damn dog. But Buffy thinks they're harmless. Since when is she the boss of the fuckin world? Right, since she became the slayer. And she was the boss of me the moment I laid eyes on her. She just didn't know it or know how to control me. But I'm getting off the fuckin topic. "Now just be quiet, ok? We're both really mad at you right now and I don't' want to hear it. I know you wanted to protect Addison but that's not your job. As soon as we get home you're grounded. You're not leaving the house for a very long time." Damn, she's fuckin pissed as hell. She's usually a softy when it comes to disciplining the kids but she's really laying down the law, and for some reason that makes me feel a little better.

"Ok, we're home now," she says as soon as I pull into the driveway. I really don't want to have to deal with him right now. I'm so fuckin glad she's stepping up and taking care of this. God fucking knows I can't right now. "Now you march up to your room right now and get to bed. Do you understand me?" We get out of the car without saying another word. Well, I'm not saying a fuckin word. Joey is pitching a fit because he doesn't think he did anything wrong. He was trying to protect his sister, which is a good thing but he's seven fuckin years old. He needs to trust us to handle that shit. I think that's what's bothering me most about all of this. He said he heard us fighting about what to do with the demons: kill them or destroy the box first, and he didn't think we would save Addy in time. Our boy has no confidence in us and that hurts.

I was into the house with those two following behind me bickering because none of our kids know when to quit. We're raising them to stand up for their beliefs and a part of that is them actually standing up for what they believe. But whatever. I can't deal with it right now so I'm not going to. Right now I'm going to have a beer and sit down on my couch and pet my dog. And no, that's not something dirty. I always used to hate little rat dogs but my little rat dog is fuckin awesome. So while Buffy tries to get Joey upstairs without too much of a fight I head into the kitchen. We better have beer or I might throw a fucking fit. I know that sounds childish but after the night I had I either need to have a beer and unwind or my emotions are gonna spill out all over the place like lava from a volcano.

"So how'd it go? Did you get those demons taken care of?" Oh fucking great. I forgot all about Spike being here. I really don't think I can handle this shit right now. Yeah, he said he's not going to start shit and he's made his peace with the fact that he'll never have Buffy, but since when does he ever mean most of the shit he says? He has a soul and he's changed a lot over the years but when it comes to B's exes I just don't trust 'em. Once you fall for Buffy you never really recover from it. I should fuckin know. The only difference between me and him is I'm lucky enough to have her love me back, and we've been able to stay together all these years. I'm sure if she picked someone else I'd be bitter and hateful about it every fuckin second of my miserable life.

"Sort of," I tell him and hear the door to Joey's room slam really hard. Sounds like maybe a picture might have fallen off the wall. That kid just doesn't know when to fuckin quit, does he? Guess I'm not the only one who needs a drink. With B having to deal with that I wouldn't be surprised if she gets shit faced tonight. "The demons that were after him were just minions and they don't even like their boss. They said if we just smash the box they'll have to spend another couple hundred years making another one and mankind will be safe for now." I open up the fridge and pull out a bottle. I twist the cap off with my bare hand, gotta love slayer strength, and take a really long pull.

"So why did the little man decide to imitate his Aunt Dawn?" he asks and I have no fuckin clue what he's talking about. I look over at him with my 'what the fuck are you talking about?' expression and he smiles a little. "Dawn was always sneaking out at night, almost every chance she got. Seems like Summers' blood carries some rebellious DNA. Maybe you should've thought about that before you decided to reproduce." I can't help but chuckle a little bit. He may be an asshole, but he's kinda right. I should've taken in the stubbornness, the self-righteousness, the need to always be right, and the attitude that they can do whatever they want before I decided to have kids with a Summers woman. Guess it's too late now.

"Don't I fuckin know it," I tell him with a little smile and lean against the counter. I can't relax with Spike around so I'm not even gonna try to sit on the couch and do it. I'll just get even more frustrated. Besides, the kitchen is nice this time of night. It's cool because of all the tile, it's got a boat load of food at almost all times, and I can eat whatever the fuck I want without the kids climbing up my ass because they want some too. Yep, night time is definitely a great time for a slayer sized snack. But I think I'll eat later. Don't really feel like digging through the fridge and cupboards right now. "Little guy scared the living shit outta me tonight. Why couldn't be just raise all of our kids to be dumb and helpless? What's so fuckin wrong with that?" He laughs a little 'cause he knows I'm joking. I'd hate for my kids to be like that, ever.

"Could've tried but I'm sure if you did the Lehane-Summers DNA combo would've come through eventually. Face it, pet, no matter what you tried your kids would still be bull headed and try to take things into their own hands. Look at Buffy. She was just another valley-girl airhead until she became a slayer. And I don't know much about your teenage life, but in the time I've known you I've seen someone who refuses to sit around and wait for someone else to take care of something if she can do it herself. Your kids were born that way." Fuck, he's totally fucking right. Our kids are genetic cluster fucks when it comes to being take charge and stubborn. I guess that's why God invented alcohol. If I didn't have this beer to nurse on I'd probably be going crazy right now. And before you call me an alcoholic, try having your kid sneak out of the house and get kidnapped and see how you fuckin handle it.

"Can this day just be over now?" B says when she walks into the kitchen. She looks exhausted. Everything that's happened only took place in the span of a couple hours but it looks like she's been up for a week. Kinda reminds me of the days back in Sunnydale when the First was trying to take the world over. She always looks so fuckin worn out back then. I always had the urge to take her in my arms and just let her rest for a little while but I think if I tried she woulda decked me. Things have definitely changed, though, 'cause now she's resting right up against me and taking my beer outta my hand without even asking. Back in the Sunnydale days that would've gotten someone smacked.

"It's over now, thank God," I say and wrap my arm around her back. She rests her head on my shoulder and I give the top of it a kiss. I take a moment to just breathe her in. The smell of her shampoo, the smell of her perfume, and the smell that's just uniquely Buffy, helps calm me down and damn did I really fuckin need this right now. "I just wanna sleep, for like a week. Damn kids always seem to make a bad situation even worse. You ever notice that?" She chuckles a little and I feel her nod her head. At least I think she's nodding. She might be shaking her head no but it's hard to tell when her head is against my shoulder like this. I take my beer back from her and take a really long pull. It's almost gone now. Fuckin brat drank most of it. I hate it when she does shit like that.

"Well, all of them are in bed now so it can just be the two of us for the rest of the night," she says and nuzzles my neck. I take in another deep breath and that Buffy smell totally calms me down and now I'm almost completely relaxed. I'm not gonna be completely relaxed until Spike is outta the house and I'm lounging on my couch. That sounds so fuckin amazing right now. It's like the best idea I've probably ever had in my fuckin life. Well, that and asking B to marry me. Those two things are duking it out for number one right now and I honestly don't know which one is going to win. "I think when we go to bed we should lock the door and sleep in tomorrow. The kids can just have cereal for breakfast." I think she has better idea's than me but don't tell her I said that or it'll go straight to her head.

"On that note, I'm going to head out," Spike says and I have to hold back the fuckin smirk. He's being big about this. He's not trying to be confrontational or passive aggressive. The woman he's probably still in love with is giving me affection and he doesn't wanna see it. I wouldn't wanna see that shit either. Seeing Buffy with Angel damn near killed me and I mean that very literally. Anyway, he grabs his jacket off the back of the chair and puts it on. I don't know how he can wear that in the fuckin desert but whatever. Guess that's one of the perks of being room temperature. "And the next time the world is in peril, make sure all the windows are locked." He can never just leave. He always has to say something.

"I think the next time the world is in peril we'll let the other slayers handle it," Buffy says and Spike just gives a little smirk and walks outta the room. I listen carefully for the sound of the door. I don't want him lingering around but I don't think he's going to do that. A couple of years ago I would've walked him to the door 'cause I just couldn't trust the guy. But now I don't have to worry. He's not going to steal anything or leave anything behind to try and pull at Buffy's heart strings or whatever. At least I don't think he would do something like that. "Finally he's gone. I thought he wasn't going to leave without making a big scene." Well at least I'm not the only one who's still weary of him. That makes me feel a little better about it.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," I say and hold onto her hand. Without saying a word I slowly step away from her. She looks a little confused at first but then I lead her into the living room and sit down on the couch. I just want to relax and hold her while I do it. I really need to be close to her right now. Don't ask me why but after the night I've had I just need to be snuggled up to my wife. I think she's making me go soft. That's the only reason I can come up with and I'm sticking with it. I wrap my arm around her shoulders and pull her close. She takes my beer away from me again and drinks the rest. Why the fuck didn't I think to grab a couple more before we came in here? I really don't wanna fuckin move right now. "You should go get a couple more." She sets the bottle on the coffee table and snuggles up really close.

"Drinking isn't exactly what I had in mind," she says with a little smirk on her face. I can't see it but I can hear it. I'm surprised she wants to fool around after tonight. You'd think she would just want to relax and fall asleep after all of the stress and worry. Joey was kidnapped by demons, well sort of. In a weird way he kidnapped the demons, but for a while we thought he was going to be taken to another dimension and used in a ritual. That doesn't exactly scream sexy fun times. But maybe that's why she's like this. The stress was too much and now she needs a release. Yeah, I think I'll go with that, especially since she just took her shirt off. Otherwise we'd have to stop and talk about why she's acting like this and seeing her so worked up is getting me worked up, especially since she just took her shirt off. She's being impatient tonight. I like it.

"What did you have in mind, babe?" I ask and she kisses me. Teases me, is more like it because as soon as I add some pressure with my lips she pulls away completely. What a brat. She stands up without saying a word and takes off her pants. Now she's in nothing but her bra and underwear. Did I mention I love it when she's a brat? She straddles me, that little smirk on her face the whole time and I instantly put my hands on her hips just in case she decides to be a major tease and walk into the kitchen to get another beer. We've been together for almost twenty years and I still think she's still the most beautiful woman on the planet. She leans down and kisses me and it's fuckin hot from the beginning. She kisses down my jaw line until she gets to my ear. She nibbles at the shell and my whole body clenches. Damn, that feels so fucking good.

"I want you to fuck me," she whispers and nibbles on the shell of my ear again. "I want you so deep inside me I can taste it." God damn, that is fucking hot. So now I have a decision to make. I can give her what she wants, fuck her hard and fast until she's biting her knuckle to stop herself from screaming. Or I can tease the living hell out of her until she's trembling so hard I have to hold her up. Decisions, decisions. I slowly run my hands up her sides, cup her breasts over the bra for just a second, and then run them back down to her hips. Her skin erupts in goose-bumps and she shivers. Her hips thrust forward and grind against me and she lets out a little moan. Wow, she must really be turned on if a simple touch gets that kind of reaction. This is going to be fun. You have no idea.

"Baby, don't tease me," she whispers right against my ear and bites the shell of it a little. Damn, she's not fucking around. I better stop teasing before she gets frustrated and pissed or this whole thing is gonna be over before it could really start. I slide my hands up her sides again but instead of just cupping her breasts, I unhook the bra strap and rip the cloth from her. I run the tip of my tongue over one of her nipples and blow a warm stream of air onto it and it hardens like you wouldn't fucking believe. I can feel her breathing quicken and puff out against the side of my face as she rests her head against mine. I guess she needs contact just as much as I do right now. I wrap my lips around her wanting nipple and tease it with my tongue. Another moan is drawn from the back of her throat and I can smell her arousal.

"B, get these off," I say and pull at the elastic of her underwear. She stands up and takes 'em off and is back on top of me in seconds. I have no clue how she fucking did that. I know she's always been faster than me but that was fucking crazy. I guess she needs it really bad. When she's back on me, I go back to teasing her nipples. First the left one like before, than the right, and I lightly run my short nails along the skin of her abdomen. I can feel the muscles quake under my touch and it feels fucking amazing. Her hips start grinding against my lap and she moans when the denim of my jeans meets her needy flesh. Needy flesh? Fuck, I have been with her for way too long if I'm talking like that without even realizing it.

"Faith, I need it," she moans and lifts herself up a little higher so my hand is closer to wear she needs it most. Damn, she really isn't fucking around tonight. I better give her what she wants before she freaks. I run my fingers through her wetness and find her throbbing clit. She lets out a little gasp that's sexy as hell as I run my fingers over it gently. I use my other hand to enter her with two fingers and start pumping right away. She doesn't wanna fuck around then I'm not going to. I hope she can handle this. "Oh God, yes." She starts moving her hips erratically, it's like she's too turned on to build up a real rhythm, and that thought drives me fucking wild. I add a third finger and curl them back just a little, and she makes a noise in the back of her throat that I can't fucking describe, but I think if someone were hearing this without knowing what was going on they would think I'm killing her, not fucking her speechless.

"Like that, baby?" I ask and her hips start pumping harder. She makes another sound I can't describe and I'm taking that as a sign to keep going. She kisses me, hard. I think she's mostly trying to be quiet but I don't fucking care. She bites on my lip for a second, and when she lets go our tongues start fucking. There's no other way to describe it. It's frantic, a little sloppy, and may sound a little gross but it's fucking hot as hell. I feel her pussy start to convulse around my fingers, nothing hard just a gentle grasping and she's getting close. I've been fucking this for almost twenty years, I know exactly what she feels like when she comes but it never ceases to amaze me. I'm fucking Buffy Summers and you know you wish you were me right now.


"Babe, I think we should head upstairs now," I say and rest more snugly against her body. I really don't want to move. I'm completely sated and comfortable right where I am but at the same time I don't want one of the kids to come downstairs and see us like this. She starts to gently rub her hands up and down my back and I let out a long moan. Yeah, we definitely won't be moving from this spot any time soon. Whenever she gets cuddly and sweet like this I don't want to move just in case she doesn't act like this again. Normally, I'm the one holding her and rubbing her back while she calms down. She always gets so vulnerable and she hates feeling vulnerable but she has gotten better about it over the years. At least she doesn't cry anymore. That's definitely an improvement.

"Moving is definitely of the bad right now," she says and kisses my neck. She's being so affectionate tonight and if she's not careful she's going to spoil me. "Maybe you can carry me upstairs if you really wanna go up there." I can't help but chuckle a little bit and she starts kissing my neck again. I think she's right, moving would be really, really bad right now. She pulls back from my neck and looks into my eyes. She looks so relaxed and happy right now. Her eyes have this little glimmer to them and it reminds of all of the others times they looked like that when she was up to no good. Just that look alone is making my heart beat a little faster. Is it crazy that we've been together for almost twenty years and she still makes me feel like a love sick teenager?

"You would like that, wouldn't you?" I ask and run my fingers through her hair. I grip it just hard enough to pull her head back and gently hold her against the couch. I hold her head there with one hand and very softly run my fingers over her face with the other. I run my fingertips across her perfectly plucked eyebrow that I love so much. I say I hate it when she raises it when she's being a sarcastic ass but I secretly love it. I run my fingers across her cheek and jaw line. Then I run my thumb along her bottom lip and look into her eyes with a little smirk on my face. "You would love it if I treated you like a princess." She bites down on my thumb, not hard enough to draw blood, but enough to hurt kind of bad. She's being dominating. She just has to be on top even when she's on the bottom.

"Well, I did just rock your world. I think I earned a little bit of princess treatment," she says with a big smirk on her face. She can be such a brat sometimes but it's adorable. Just don't tell her I said that or I'll never hear the end of it. I think back to what we just did, to how amazing she made me feel and I can't help but smile. She bites down on my thumb again but this time she runs her tongue slowly across the digit. I know what she's doing. She's baiting me. She's trying to get a reaction out of me. I know this because of that little mischievous look in her eyes. If she's trying to turn me on again…it's totally working. I don't know why my libido is so high tonight but I honestly don't really care. It's been a while since Faith and I have had time to be like this together and it feels amazing. Not just the sex, but the joking and laughing feel great.

"You did rock my world. I wonder how I should thank you for that," I say and lean forward a little. I press my chest up against her chest and lightly kiss her ear. Her ears are one of her spots. All I really have to do on some days is kiss her ears and softly rub along her thighs and she gets so turned on and dripping wet. I slip my hand between her legs. She's still wearing most of her clothes and how the hell did that happen? I'm wearing absolutely nothing and all she's taken off is her shirt. I spread my legs a little more, giving her room to spread hers and she does. I rub very slowly along her thighs without touching where she's going to need me most. That touching will come later. Right now it's all about teasing her until she begs me to take her.

"I have an idea," she says with that devilish half smile on her face. She grabs onto my hips and lightly squeezes. A chill runs down my back and my whole body erupts with goose-bumps and I shiver. Partly because I'm completely naked and the room is kind of cold but mostly it's because of the look in Faith's eyes. She looks like she could eat me alive right now and I really want to let her. But this isn't about me right now. This is about paying her back for the monster orgasm she gave me. She kisses me soft and sweet and for a second I forget where we are. All I can feel and smell is her and I feel like we're young again, back in our first apartment when this was new and nothing could get in our way.

She pulls her head back quickly, ending the kiss and shocking me back to reality. She lifts me by my hips and pushes me onto the floor so I'm on my knees in front of her. I look into her eyes and she has that little evil smirk on her face, and that I eyebrow I love so much is raised. She's challenging me right now. Daring me to say something about what she just did. Hell, maybe even daring me to go through with it. We've never done this particular sex act in a communal space with the kids in the house before. The reason is we both tend to get a little loud when receiving oral, and I'm sure the last thing any of our kids needs is to wander downstairs and see me on my knees completely naked going down on their other mother, especially now that they're old enough to remember it later on in life.

"Think you can be quiet?" I ask, giving my own challenge. My only response is her unbuttoning her pants. I'll take that as a yes. I move her hands out of the way and unzip them for her. She lifts her ass off the couch and I pull the pants down, taking her underwear with me. I slide them down as far as I can until I have to stop to get her shoes off. Once I get all that taken care of, she spreads her legs. Holy shit, she is wet. I haven't seen her this excited in…maybe a couple of years. What has gotten her so worked up, I have no idea, but I'm not about to look a gift horse in the mouth, whatever that saying means. I lean forward and use my thumbs to spread her lips open. The heat radiating off of her is so intense it's making me wet and I haven't even done anything to her yet.

"Damn, baby," I whisper and lean in. There's no need drawing this out so I might as well go straight for the kill, so to speak. I don't waste any time before I get my first taste of her. I gently, teasingly, run my tongue from her hole up her slit, and lightly flutter the tip of my tongue over her clit. She lets out a long moan and runs her fingers through my hair. She tightens her grip for just a second and then let's go. That's my baby, always trying to assert her dominance. I look up at her, my head tilted slightly so I'm sort of looking up at her through my eyelashes. That always drives her a little crazy. The smirk on my face probably isn't doing anything but making it worse, which is what I want. I got a little dominating back there, now it's her turn.

She doesn't disappoint. She grabs me by my hair and presses my mouth against her pussy, slowly rotating her hips so she rubs her wetness over my lips and chin. I open my mouth, tasting her hot flesh again, and enter her with my tongue. I get it as far as I can go and she moans again, grinding against my face. I can feel her walls contracting around me as I move my head, thrusting in and out of her. She's trying to keep herself under control. I can tell by how tense her body is and the little strained noises she keeps making. I run my tongue flat against her until I get to her clit. It's throbbing so fucking much right now it's insane. I take the tip in my mouth and gently suck, lightly scraping my teeth over it. Her hips buck sharply and when I glance up at her she's biting her knuckle. She isn't going to make it without making too much noise. I can tell that right now.

I enter her with two fingers and gently circle my thumb over her clit. She starts moving her hips, going along with the rhythm I'm setting, but she's trying to change it. Like I said, she always has to be in control. Maybe I should have tied her up. Too bad I couldn't convince her to go upstairs. Anyway, I sit up and pull her fist away from her face and kiss her. She moans into my mouth as she sucks on my tongue with the same amount of force I'm using with my fingers. Let's see if she can handle this. I pull back from the kiss and cover her mouth with my hand. She looks a little confused, her eyebrows are furrowed but all I do is smirk. Then I start thrusting my fingers hard. Like so hard if she wasn't a slayer I would really be hurting her right now. She lets out a high pitched whining sound and her back arches off the couch.

I press down on her clit with my thumb and her pussy clamps down on my fingers so tightly I feel like they're about to break. Then her whole body starts trembling, and she's making all kinds of noises that are muffled by my hand, and she's clawing at my back so strongly I think she's going to draw blood. It feels like this goes on forever as I look into her eyes as she comes so freaking hard. I can tell she can't recognize anything anymore and she's just looking through me at the moment, and it's amazing to see her like this. I've always thought so and now is no different. But then she starts to calm down. The noise stops, her body relaxes, and her nails aren't digging into my skin anymore. With a large exhale out of her nose, she practically melts against the couch. I move my hand and start playing tiny, lazy kisses all over her face.

"Damn, B. We haven't gone at it like that in a long time," she says and giggles. The smile on get on my face is gigantic. They don't happen very often but Faith-giggles are possibly the most adorable sound on the planet. She looks up at me, her brown eyes darker than normal, her face is red and sweaty but she's the most beautiful person on the planet. If she knew how much she completely owned me with just one look like that I would be in real trouble. She kisses me, a soft, slow kiss that makes my heart skip a beat. She gently rubs my back, running her fingers over the scratch marks and lightly massaging them. That's her silent apology for putting them there but they'll be gone by morning so I'm not worried about it. I pull back from the kiss and I can tell by the look on her face she isn't with me right now. She's lost in thought and I'm trying not to take it personally.

"What are you thinking about, sweetheart?" I ask and place a gentle kiss on her neck. She looks into my eyes with a small smile on her face but she doesn't say anything. I hate it when she does that. I get the fact that just because we're married we don't have to share everything with each other but I hate feeling left out. "Come on, what is it?" She kisses me again and I know she's just trying to distract me. She can be such a brat sometimes. But right now I don't really care because she's kissing me, and holding me close, and I'm so in love with this woman I could burst. After what feels like hours of just kissing, we pull back and she still has that little smirk on her face. "Oh come on, what is it?" She laughs a little because she knows it's driving me crazy. And she knows that I know that she knows.

"I was just thinking about the night we met," she says and gives me a sweet kiss on the lips. She gently moves me so instead of sitting on her lap I'm sitting next to her, snuggled up into her side. I love cuddling with her after sex. It's almost better than the sex itself. Almost, but not quite. I wonder what she could be thinking. By the smirk on her face I'm going to assume it isn't anything bad. Normally, whenever she thinks about those early days in Sunnydale it's nothing good, and she ends up in a horrible mood for days until she finally snaps out of it. But this doesn't seem like a bad thing so I'm not going to worry…for now. "I saw you when you were hanging out with the Scoobs in the Bronze. As soon as I fuckin saw you I knew this was gonna happen." She kisses the side of my head and gently rubs my back some more. I get a little smile on my face and snuggle closer to her.

"You knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together?" I ask and bite my cheeks. This is Faith we're talking about. There's no way that was her first thought. It would be nice if she had thought something like that but I'm not going to hold my breath. It's not like I was staying up late at night writing our names out in notebooks to see what would sound better: Mrs. Buffy Summers-Lane or just Mrs. Buffy Lehane. No, I was in denial for so long sometimes it's amazing we got together in the first place. I can be stubborn and blind to the people around me, we all know this. I'm just so freaking happy that everything worked out the way it did.

"No, I knew we'd bang so hard I'd almost break my back," she says with a little laugh. What an asshole. Way to ruin the moment. I grab one of the throw pillows on the couch and smack her on the face with it. She starts laughing harder and before I can respond, she pins me down to the couch. How the hell did she do that? I know we've come a long way as slayers, growing into our powers and mastering them, but that was just freaky how fast she moved. But she has a huge smile on her face and an expression that says she's up to no good, so I'm not going to think too much about it. "You trying to start something, B?" She wiggles those eyebrows and my heart flutters a little. How is it with one look she can make me feel like a blushing school girl? I guess I'm just lucky. I mean, how many people actually end up with the love of their life?



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