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Rating: R-For violence, very strong language, and disturbing imagery dealing with children.

Disclaimer: Characters and show are owned by JW and ME-No comment.

Dedications: This one goes out to Amy in Australia who should really embrace the nakedness. And, of course, Gina--the only person in my life who could inspire me to go to a sex shop in NYC and buy a vibrator as a Christmas present. No, the present was not for me. All of you have such dirty dirty minds!

Feedback: For the love of God-YES!

Notes: FINALLY! Episode 7 in my little series. If you haven't already read the other parts, or did and forgotten what the hell's happened since it's been so long, then check out the first 6 eps that can be found in this group or at OralFxatn the web site version. If you have any questions just email me. Excuse the timeline issues. I decided to move up the timing so that the series--or at least this section--corresponds with Christmas. Also, please disregard any inconsistencies with the timeline presented on the show. I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about when you read it. So, ENJOY!

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Summary: Buffy's endless prodding sends Faith over the edge and Buffy into a night she'll never forget.


The store is decorated with that familiar holiday cheer.
BUFFY pulls a couple of hefty bags off a counter and waits
as the CLERK pulls out cash from the register.

                   (counting the bills)
            One, two, three, four, and...
                   (displaying the coins)
            ...twenty one cents.

The Clerk hands the money to Buffy.

            Thank you.

            Oh no, thank you.  We get so little
            business at night...it's not only
            boring but the home office is
            considering earlier closing AND
            OPENING times.

            I'd sympathize, but the prospect of
            checking out the latest Donna Karen
            before my morning coffee is very

                   (regretfully agreeing)
            Yeah, it is.  Still boring.
            Merry Christmas.



A CRASH emanates from an alley.  A vampire thug sprints out
and makes his way down the street.  Hot on his heels: a
ragged FAITH pumping those arms and legs for everything
they've got.



The door opens and Buffy steps out of the store with the
bags.  Without missing a beat, she jumps into the air,
spins, and kicks, connecting with the just-arrived Vampire.

The Vampire swivels in mid air and slams to the ground.

Faith finally arrives on the scene.  She pants, bends over
with her hands on her knees, head hanging as Buffy stands
there smirking. Faith pulls out a stake and drives it into
the Vampire's chest, turning him to dust.  Faith reluctantly
peers up at a now disgruntled Buffy showing off her bags.

            This is so not my idea of shopping.

            That is so not my idea of shocking.

            Insulting behavior will not get you

            Won't get me presents; won't get me
            dinner; won't get me sex...and yet,
            the behavior is so much fun.

Buffy shoves a bag into Faith's frame.

            Carry my bag woman.

            Yes Sir Master Man.

Buffy bites back a retort and starts walking.  Faith joins

            Why can't you embody the Christmas

            Oh come on B--after all these
            years, I'd figure YOU would know
            how much it sucks to be possessed
            by spirits and all those other
            supernatural suckers.

            Be serious Faith, namely in
            response to my seriousness.

            Why the seriousness?  Don't ya got
            the Christmas spirit?



            Where is this negativity coming from?

            I hate Christmas.

            How is that possible?

            You don't wanna know.

            Actually, I do.  It's classified
            under "everything" in the "what I
            want to know about Faith" file.

            Trust me--you really don't wanna
            know, and I really don't wanna
            fuckin' tell ya, so drop it down
            the chimney with Santa.

Buffy shakes her head, failure covering her face.

            Can't be that bad.

Faith darkens sharply, but continues on without a word.

                                            DISSOLVE TO:


Rays of light snake in from underneath the door, barely
enough to illuminate the room.  It's small with a bed, a
cracked dresser, and a closet.  A lamp rests on the floor
along with some bottles.  There's nary a personal object in
sight, and very little to suggest it's hospitable to humans.
The place reeks of booze and sex.

A loud SCREAMING MATCH is going on in another room, although
the closed door muffles the sound somewhat.  The closet door
is slightly open and as we pan inside, a pair of childlike
legs are visible.  Those legs belong to a little brunette
GIRL who sits tense, scared, caressing a worn doll.

She WHISPERS a song in a way that says it's to both the doll
and herself.

            And have yourself--a merrry little

The Girl trails off as the UGLY NOISE outside gets
frighteningly louder until something SLAMS against the door
causing the Girl to nearly jump out of her skin before
cowering deeper into the closet.  She clutches the doll to
her chest.  There's another SLAM.

                         MAN (OS)
            You in there you little bitch?
            Daddy's got a big present for ya.

The Girl shuts her eyes tight as the monster on the other
side of the door BANGS constantly.

                   (hopefully; whispering)
            It's going to be a merry Christmas.
            It's going to be a merry Christmas.
            It's going to be a merry Christmas.

The door BREAKS open.  The Girl SHRIEKS.

                                            END TEASE

Act 1

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