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Rating: R--for violence, language, and sexuality

Disclaimer: Characters and show are owned by JW and ME.

Dedications: To myself-I'm 21 as of Aug. 3, so here's to me and my sensational greatness-both general and specific!

Feedback: For the love of God-YES!

Notes: Fourth in my B/F series. It's turning out to be kind of a miniseries with the amount of episodes I'm doing. This is a teleplay of course, and refer to the previous episodes for anything you may have missed. This one will not include a previously because I'm just too lazy to do it right now. Sorry. But what's the point-if you've read the others and paid attention, you should know what the hell happened! Enjoy! Print Version: Adobe Reader PDF

Summary: Buffy battles her ever-growing feelings for Faith-who battles back, with less than stellar results. Dawn alienates Elle during a homework session and does some sisterly-bonding with Buffy. Willow dispenses romantic wisdom and revelations. Xander gets into it with Anya-finally!



Pitch black except for the faint moonlight flowing in from
outside.  The door opens and BUFFY enters.  She tosses a bag
aside, her face barely visible until stepping into the light.
She's disheveled and clearly upset with red puffy eyes and
tear-streaked cheeks.  She stares out, lost for a moment
then opens a drawer at her desk.  She reaches in and pulls
out a diary.

                         BUFFY (V.O.)
            Strange.  That's all my mind can
            produce even though I want--no NEED
            more...just that little bit extra
            to make sense of what the powers
            that be have dealt me this time
            around.  Facing the reality of
            true, physical and spiritual evil
            is so simple in retrospect, but
            I'll never figure this out.

                                                      CUT TO:


As Buffy and FAITH take on and finish off a couple of VAMPS.
They laugh, bump each other playfully and exchange
meaningful gazes.

                         BUFFY (V.O.)
            It might take an entire lifetime,
            short as it may be, to genuinely
            understand how I could let myself
            feel so beholden to her presence;
            so drawn to her form; so sweetly
            devoured by one look.  Nothing has
            to be said--ever.  And I find
            solace, peace, excitement, fear,
            and dismay in that.

                                                      CUT TO:


As Buffy and Faith dance, practically inseparable.

                         BUFFY (V.O.)
            The desire to express every emotion
            I have in my arsenal--more
            impressive than any battle gear
            I'll ever possess--yet brandishing
            a sword and showing it off is so
            much easier than putting on display
            what I really feel.  Nothing needs
            to be said, and I'm glad because I
            don't think I could say it.

                                                      CUT TO:


As Buffy flips through the diary and sits on her bed.  She
opens to a clean page, but just looks around.

                         BUFFY (V.O.)
            But how could I want to say
            anything to HER?  Am I asking too
            much of my mind and I should look
            elsewhere?  Can they be objective?
            All my life, wondering when the
            moment would arrive where I'd know
            absolutely nothing--and it scares me.

                                                      CUT TO:


As Faith gets out of bed and puts on a shirt.  The blonde
next to her rolls over to reveal ANYA still asleep.  Faith
walks to the window and looks out with the moonlight on her.

                         BUFFY (V.O.)
            Not for the fact that it's
            happened, but WHY.  All the
            vampires and demons and monsters in
            the world and the haunting beast
            causing this is a raven disguised
            as an angel from heaven--thought
            from hell once upon a time until
            all that hate and animosity
            disappeared.  She invaded my heart,
            captured my soul...radiating off
            her as completely unselfish--and
            she probably doesn't even realize
            what she's done.  How could she?

Faith takes a few deep breaths, but waivers and begins to
cry quietly.

                                            END TEASE

Act 1

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