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Rating: R-For violence and some language.

Disclaimer: Characters and show are owned by JW and ME-unfortunately...Explains why the show went down the toilet.

Feedback: As much as possible.

Notes: Third in my B/F series. This is, of course, a teleplay and a follow up to "The Good..." and "Changes". Read those. They're great and it'll help to grasp some stuff that goes on here. The title is the name of a B/F site that may or may not still be up and running. In the previous episode, the Dark Man's name is Christopher Dean and tells Faith she can call him Dino. Well, since he's in this episode, he'll go by Dino primarily with me as the writer-Elle, his sister, will refer to him as Chris on occasion. Just like earlier, problems with formatting in the messages/emails has forced me to put slashes in between dual column dialogue blocks so people know who's saying what. You'll see what I mean here. Enjoy!Dedication: Since I finished this on July 4-Independence Day-Thank You America for Being the Greatest Country That Ever Existed! Happy Birthday!

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Summary: Spike battles evil temptation with an old friend. Buffy and Faith's "relationship" runs hot and cold. Dawn's having friendship issues with Elle.

As Voiced By the Spirit of Undefeated Heavyweight Champion Rocky Marciano-
Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy decided to screw over its fans by having Spike 
attempt to rape Buffy and then have Buffy pine after her attempted rapist less 
than a day later-this on a show supposedly about female empowerment-and 
then Spike got a soul for reasons that are still unknown since Spike was clearly 
duped on the screen via his constant usage of the word "BITCH" in reference to 
Buffy, yet ME felt it necessary to assert in interviews that Spike WANTED the 
soul out of love for Buffy.  Now, the brilliant writer of this upcoming episode-despite 
being anti-ME and finding their claims to be pathetically loaded with bullshit-will 
adhere to their explanation for creative purposes.  

Now that that's out of the way...Spike got a soul.  He came back and was 
tortured by it.  Buffy's conflicted emotionally, especially with Faith back.  
Buffy and Faith fought in numerous different ways, but seemed to make up 
and shared an intimate moment at Faith's old apartment.  Dawn made 
friends with Elle, the new girl, but that went downhill once her brother was 
suspected of being a mass murderer.  Spike and Xander did some sort of 
male bonding.  There was absolutely ZERO Kennedy-allowing most of a nation to sleep peacefully that night, except many of 
those at The Cat's Meow.  What can I say, the writer just HATES Kennedy.  
Oh well...  



BUFFY and FAITH take on five VAMPS.  Buffy lands several
blows to Vamp 1 and stakes him.  Faith does the same and
stakes Vamp 2.  Faith then takes on Vamp 3 as Buffy deals
with Vamps 4 and 5.  Buffy kicks Vamp 4 twice, kicking him
into Vamp 5.  As the Vamps stagger, Buffy launches herself
at them.

Nearby spectating are SPIKE, DINO, and XANDER.  Spike smokes
a cigarette and drinks a beer; Dino eats popcorn; Xander
peers through binoculars.

Buffy stakes Vamp 4 and gets into it with Vamp 5.  Faith
wails on Vamp 3.  In total sync, Buffy and Faith hit their
respective vamps with identical shots, push the Vamps so
they're back-to-back, and slam their stakes in
simultaneously.  Through the dust, Buffy and Faith LAUGH and

            Still got it.

            Can't lose it.

Dino and Xander applaud.

           DINO                           XANDER
  Excellent.  Magnificent.       Beautiful.  Pure, joyous,
  Four stars, two thumbs up,     erotic battle in all its
  and a partridge and a pear     dominate glory.  God I
  tree.  That was really         missed this so much.

            Yeah, what they said.

                   (to Xander)
            You were right--this IS better than
            actually slaying.

            You should watch them train.
            Better than everything else in the
            universe...including porn.
            Basically it's what they just did
            with a pornographic subtext.

Spike angrily throws his beer away and walks off.

                   (calling out)

Spike turns but keeps backpedaling.

            Don't need me so I'm gonna turn in.
            You know us vampires need our day-
            rest and all, what with the sun
            coming up.

            It's barely past midnight.

            Exactly.  Only 4 plus hours til I
            become sun-dried, put on the
            market, and sold to some demon-
            spawning demon or God forbid a
            vegetarian with an iron deficiency
            and a fetish for food-sex.

Buffy, Faith, and Dino stare in bewilderment.  Xander takes
some popcorn.  Spike waves them off.


Spike turns and leaves.  Buffy and Faith glance at each other.

            Must be the British Ale.

Dino nods in agreement.

                                                      CUT TO:


Spike stalks along MUTTERING to himself.

            Bloody vomit-inducing slayer
            connection.  Ooh, still got it.
            Aww, can't lose it.  Bombastically
            shit-worthy IT.  Damn IT.  I don't
            have IT but she does and they do
            and I'm left to complain.  Just
            can't compare.

                         FEMALE VOICE (OS)
                   (British accent)
            What has my Spike so disturbed?

Spike halts and spins to find what looks like DRUSILLA.  She
grins psychotically and slowly approaches Spike who rolls
his eyes.

            I'm not in the mood.  As you so
            impressively observed, I'm
            DISTURBED!  Doesn't make me any
            more susceptible to your mind
            games, so bugger off.  Waste of
            time--yours and mine.

            Why would I invade my love's
            beautiful mind?  That is reserved
            for those dastardly goody-goody bad
            people who want to kill us and keep
            us apart.

            So what--no physical form means you
            got no brain?  I'm not in the mood.

            You're not happy to see me my dear,
            torturing hero?

Drusilla stops right in front of Spike.  She raises her hand
and strokes Spike's cheek--genuine contact.  Spike's eyes

                                            END TEASE

Act 1

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