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Rating: R--for violence, language, and sexuality

Disclaimer: Characters and show are owned by JW and ME.

Dedications: To the Girl From My Class who's idea to do Bad Buffy I pretty much stole and made my own(everything else is from my brain)...AND most of all, to my darling Gina Lola Lesbia who inspires and energizes me like no other. Thanks dollface.

Feedback: As much as possible.

Notes: This is a teleplay--a fic in script form--since I'm a screenwriter. It's my first "Buffy" attempt and this is the tease and Act 1. I've never read a script for the show, so I can't be sure how descriptive the ME writers get with the action, but since this will only be READ, and not SEEN on a screen, I made the action very descriptive so people could picture it in their minds. Also, dialogue in a dual column means that the characters are talking at
the same time. '(OS)' means 'Off-Screen'. And I wrote the entire thing in less than 5 days...just sayin'.Print Version: Adobe Reader PDF

Summary: Buffy goes bad after an encounter with a demon and its up to the scoobs to make her better. Faith returns to Sunnydale.



Eerily deserted and silent except for the faint sound of
MUSIC in the distance.  Suddenly:

             OH MY GOD!

                                                      CUT TO:


Close on a PUNK CHICK pressed against the wall as she PANTS
and MOANS loudly.

                          PUNK CHICK
             Oh God yes...yes...don't stop baby,
             don't stop.

She MOANS even more until letting out a HORRIFYING SCREAM.
Popping up into the frame is FAITH, who clamps her hand over
Punk Chick's mouth to shut her up.  Smoke arises from beneath.

             Aw, sweetness, am I hurtin' ya?  Is
             it an agonizing pain that you wish
             would just go away to be replaced
             by pleasure?  Yeah you do.  You
             wish it was my tongue inside you
             right now...

Faith looks downward and then back up.

             Instead of a cross.  Never expected
             to get one down there did ya?  Next
             time, just do your job and eat
             instead of gettin' some.  And I
             thought I was a slut!

In a flash, Faith pulls out a stake and turns Punk Chick to
dust.  Faith wipes her hands and absentmindedly picks up the
cross from the ground.  She takes a few steps before looking
at the cross and dropping it, disgusted.

             I'm not THAT kinky.  All right, I
             am...but that's just sick.

Faith heads out of the alley.  As she walks:
             Let's see what else is goin' on.

                                                      CUT TO:


BUFFY has her hands full with an UGLY RED DEMON.  WILLOW
nervously keeps a safe distance and watches the fight.

                    (to Buffy)
             So do you need any help?

Buffy lands a vicious right cross followed by a kick to the
midsection and an uppercut.

             I'm fine.

The Ugly Red Demon recovers and floors Buffy with some
powerful blows.  Buffy gets back up.

             Okay, maybe just a little help.

             How about the ax?

Buffy throws herself back at the demon as Willow retrieves
the ax.  She searches for a good moment to get it to Buffy
but the Ugly Red Demon clobbers Buffy with a series of
punches and backhands.  The Ugly Red Demon then holds up its
right hand, ROARS, and fires 5 mega-claws out of his fingers.
He catches Buffy off-guard and swipes at her, catching her
in the back causing Buffy to HOWL in agony.  Willow's eyes
widen in horror and then anger as she approaches the Ugly
Red Demon.  She leaps up into the air and slices off it's
head, the lifeless body falling to the ground.

Buffy falls to her knees clutching her back.  Her breathing
becomes ragged as blood seeps from the wounds.  The blood
glows green for a moment.  Willow doesn't notice, staring in
awe at the demon's dead body.

                    (shouting; to the body)
             Yeah, that's right!  How does that
             feel you rotten, ugly piece of red

Willow stops herself and softens up.
             I mean, take that you bad bad evil-
             doer.  Don't mess with my best
             friend.  Right Buffy?  Nobody
             messes with my Buffy-shaped best
             friend.  Right?  Buffy-shaped person?

Willow looks over at an awful-looking Buffy getting up.


             Oh my God...are you all right?

             Your Buffy-shaped best friend is
             in...uh, good shape, I guess.  I
             just need to relax.

Buffy smiles sickly before collapsing to the ground

                                             END TEASE

Act 1

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