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Rating: R-For violence and some language.

Disclaimer: Characters and show are owned by JW and ME-unfortunately...Explains why the show went down the toilet.

Dedications: Jodie Foster...Just 'cause I love her so much.

Feedback: As much as possible.

Notes: Second in a B/F series. The first was "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". Read that one if you haven't for one obvious reason that it's a companion to this-also 'cause everything I do deserves to be read. Seriously. This is a teleplay: an episode of Buffy as I'd see fit to write it and doubles as a fic. Names in scripts are tricky-if you call someone something and then a character calls he/she something else, you have to decide what name to use from there. So, when the Dark Man is given an actual name, he remains Dark Man for writing purposes. Same goes for any other similar situation. You'll see.

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Summary: Faith gets haunted by her past. Dawn makes friends with the new girl. Give me a break-I suck with titles and summaries-trust me, it's more substantive than that verbally glowing description.


The place is lively.  At a seating area is BUFFY, WILLOW,

             This is nice.  Just the three of
             us...no slaying.  Good times.

             Yep...thanks to Faith.

Buffy GROWLS, amusing Willow and Xander.

             Yeah, that Faith is really
             something.  Gotta have Faith 'cause
             Faith is IT!

             I have my Faith.  Have Faith in
             Faith--that's my new mantra.

Buffy's steaming.

             Mine too.  Faith saved some school
             kids the other day.  What a gal.

             I know...and Faith rescued an
             elderly couple and a blind girl!
             Faith rocks!

             Shut up!  And shut up some more.

             There something wrong Buff?

             Only it's all about Faith these
             days.  Faith this and Faith that
             and Faith is so great and so
             beautiful and such a good slayer
             and her breasts and ass are so
             perfect and blah blah blah Faith-
             cakes.  It's really pissing me off
             and I'm going to blow up.

A DUDE and CHICK come up to the group.

             Hey, were you talking about Faith?
             We love Faith!

             Faith is the best!  Like they say:
             you gotta have Faith.

Buffy SCREAMS causing the Dude and Chick to step away from
her.  They go behind Xander and Willow who crack up.  Xander
calms down long enough to hand the Dude and Chick some cash.

             Thank you so much.  Excellent work.

The Dude and Chick walk away.  Buffy glares scarily at
Xander and Willow causing them to wilt.

             It was all Willow's idea.  I was
             forced to go along because she
             threatened me with magic.


             I prefer the term "bravery-impaired".

             I really don't think that was funny.

             You're not supposed to.  That's the

             Look, can we just NOT talk about
             Faith please?  This is OUR night,
             something we can't say very often.

             You're right.


             It's okay.  So Xan, what's Anya doing?

                                                       CUT TO:


ANYA leans against a headstone and watches FAITH battle a
LEATHER VAMP.  Faith doesn't stop fighting as Anya talks.

             He cheated on his wife with her
             sister AND her mother!  I took
             absolute joy in flambaying him.

             As well you should.

             Are you almost done?

             What's the hurry?  Xander's got
             easy access to sex so he ain't
             goin' anywhere.

             It's not that--I just find these
             patrols to be utterly unsatisfying.

             My mind says the same, but my body
             says a whole lotta different things!

Faith finishes off the vampire with a backhand, a knee to
the gut, and the dust blow with the stake.  Faith takes a
few deep breaths as Anya sidles up behind her.  Faith turns
around and is startled to find Anya right in her face smiling
like a goof.

             You're horny.  Can I help?

             I don't think X would like that--or
             maybe he would since he's a guy, bu--

Faith stops and suspiciously scans the area.

             What is it?  Is it trouble?
             Protect me!

Anya latches onto Faith for dear life.  Faith looks as if
she's waiting for something to jump out.  She shakes it off
after a moment.

             Forget it.  It's nothin'.

             Really?  Are you sure?  Because
             there's no such thing as nothing in
             Sunnydale.  Usually, when there's
             nothing, there's something.  So
             there must be something.

             Wait...I do sense somethin'.

             Really?  What?

             YOU smotherin' me!  Get off!

Anya detaches herself from Faith and sheepishly smiles.

             You smell nice.

             Oh geez.

Faith shakes her head and walks off with Anya quick to catch
up.  As they go, close on a nearby bush.


                          WHISPERY VOICE

                                             END TEASE

Act 1

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