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R-for language and violence.

Buffy / Faith

You know the drill.

Dedicated: Aw hell, I think I'll dedicate the rest of the whole damn series to Lance Armstrong for dominating the Tour De France, making his rivals look like third-rate spandex-wearing wannabes. He personifies the American fighting spirit we all have in us--you can do anything, achieve anything if you really want it; if you truly believe in yourself. There's nothing we can't do.

Notes: This is episode 9 in my series. Some things to keep in mind--I'm sure you get the idea when I write "A beat" in the action what it means. Same principal applies when you see it in the dialogue, like under Buffy's name I might put in parentheses "(a beat;)". The reason I put it in there instead of the action is to save space if I'm going to include a parenthetical in the dialogue for another reason, so it'll look like "(a beat; happily)" or whatever. I'm just covering my bases. The Female from the previous ep remains The Female in this one. She'll be used by an actual name in ep.10, a name you will find out here. I don't know how long this series will go...I don't think I can get in a full season's worth of 22 eps, at least not with what I currently have in mind. Maybe I can streeeeeeetch it out with some creative wrangling, but I expect to get to a minimum of 15. If you have any questions about anything, just email me. ENJOY!

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FAITH sits on the stairs reading a Playboy.  BUFFY comes out
and looks over Faith's shoulder.


            Ain't exactly the first word that
            comes to mind.


            I'm gonna say no--a counterculture

            You picturing my face on any of
            those bodies?

            I'm picturin' all their faces on
            YOUR body.
Buffy considers that for a long moment.

            There's a compliment you don't hear
            every day.

Faith stands and tucks the magazine in the back of her jeans.
They descend the stairs.

            I believe in creativity.

            Well, get it out in full force
            tonight.  We have to be on our game
            to keep up with Spike and new girl.

            No shit.  We can't catch 'em if we
            don't move good, and we can't move
            good if we're not on our feet.

Buffy playfully slaps Faith on the shoulder.  Faith grabs
Buffy and strongly kisses her.  When they separate:
            Let's keep our eyes on the prize babe.



A gust of wind hits.  XANDER maneuvers his way around.  He's
a little unnerved by the quiet desolation.

            Come on.  Where are you?
            Don't do this to me here!

                        FEMALE'S VOICE

Xander YELPS, startled.  He turns around, coming face-to-
face with THE Female.

            Nice answer.

            I take it your people skills have
            yet to be refined.

            I've got a lot more experience in
            that area than you think.  Let's
            get to work.

            My friends are gonna find you
            sooner or later.

            Then the least we could do is make
            sure they're as late on the scene
            as possible.

            THIS is not the way to do that.
            Buffy and Faith cover major ground
            together.  When motivated, Dino
            could sweep the entire town before
            Katie Couric's bubbly head shows on
            the tube.  Low profile this isn't.
            Quit worrying.  I'm not going to
            sit in my room just to avoid
            getting spotted by the vets.  I've
            got needs, you know?  Supernatural
            in addition to natural ones that
            are enhanced ten-fold thanks to the
            Gods.  It's necessary for me to be
            out here.  Now, either you can tag
            along and have some fun at everyone
            else's expense... or go home and be
            a do-nothin' nothin'.

A beat.  Xander nods his concession.  The Female smiles,
glances at a tree, and leads Xander away.

When they're out of sight, the tree bristles heavily before
SPIKE drops out and lands on his feet.  He looks in the
direction the duo went and grins wickedly.

                                             END TEASE


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