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Pairing: Buffy / Faith.

I said NC-17 just to be safe.

Not really

Characters don't belong to me, not getting any money, etc etc.

Feedback: Yes please!

Wow, its like a record, me sending another fic! Anyhoo, its short, and has a Past/Present/Future format, but all having been written in present tense....just the way that I wrote it!Dedication: Sophy. My One.

Summary: Awaiting Summary

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The Past.

When I was younger, I used to hate the dark. I used to cower under my duvet, wishing away the dark hours. In the dark, everything is that little bit scarier. So I would hide under the blankets, flicking my small, toy flashlight on and off. The small beam of light was my safeguard against the shadow monsters.

And now, years later, I'm still the same. I hate it when the sun sets, and the blanket of night rolls in, and shrouds everything in black. I hate the fact that I'm older, and wiser and yet am still warding away the shadow monsters.

But this is my duty. I am The Chosen One.

The lectures that I have gotten on this have not gone unheard. I do keep the world safer. Night after night I fight the eternal battle. Good versus Evil.

It's a fight that I know I probably can't win. But that doesn't mean that I give up. That doesn't mean I stop fighting. It just makes me want to win more. It makes me want to protect this world that doesn't even know I exist even more.

And so I fight.

But I'm lonely.

There is this gap in my heart. And I wish I knew how to fill it. I walk around with half a soul, and no one even notices. It's not like I seem any different.

But I am.

I need someone that makes me feel. And part of me wants to stop looking...but...there is this part of me that still believes. Still believes that I will find this person. A blind faith, or maybe a sense that keeps me ticking over. A Slayer Sense that tells me to be patient, and to wait.

And so I wait. I wait for The One.

The Present.

I feel strange. My skin is humming with an awareness of something. I close my eyes, and slow my breathing. I focus my senses, trying to figure out what exactly I am feeling. And then I know.

The One is here.

It hits me suddenly that I stagger, and my eyes shoot open.

I look around rapidly, trying to find this person, but my mind is jumbled. What will I say, what will I do?

Will The One feel the same?

And then I see her, and I just...stare.

She's walking through the crowd, her eyes staring into mine. She is walking with purpose. She is the predator, and I am her prey. Her long, dark hair bounces up and down as she draws closer. It seems like an eternity before she closes the final few steps between us.

My whole body seems to be buzzing. I'm almost surprised that there is no sparks flying between us. She lightly places her hand on my arm, and I'm on fire. The One is touching me! My skin almost sings out in joy, and for a minute we both look down at her hand. Then we lock eyes again.

I know at that moment that nothing will ever be the same again. I have found The One, and she understands.

'I'm Faith" she says simply.

The Future.

Her skin feels cool against mine. And it feels right.

She is kissing her way slowly down my body, and I groan out her name.

In the beginning, it had felt strange. I had always thought of her just as The One. And out of the blue, when I had almost given up hope, she was real. She appeared and had brought with her the other half of my soul. And I feel complete.

She dips her tongue into my naval, swirling it for a second, and my back arches off the bed. I tangle my fingers in her hair, and groan out her name again. She blows softly on my clit.

In the middle, she was called. A two second death had been enough to end my term as The Chosen One. And then there were Two. It had fit so well, as if this had been our destiny all along.

Taking my clit between her lips, she sucks gently on it, and I buck against her face. She moves her fingers along my wetness, before pushing two into me slowly. She begins to pump them in and out, and I tighten my grip on her head. As she sucks harder on my clit, I moan out her name, over and over.

In the end, it was simple. Two halves that fit perfectly. In the darkness, we fight side by side.

The Chosen Two.
She curls her fingers inside me, and my whole body arches off the bed. I'm begging her for more, and she adds a third finger. She runs the tip of her tongue over my clit, circling it slowly.

She's teasing me into a frenzy, and I beg her to make me cum.

She suddenly bites down on my clit, and slams her fingers into me hard.

I cum, screaming her name.

And I know I am no longer alone.
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