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No actually characters are mentioned, but I wrote it with Fuffy in mind.

Not mine, yada yada.


Awaiting Summary

Notes: I was trying something different with the whole lack of dialogue

I stare at the woman in front of me, her hands are shaking she she smooths down her tight, red top and I smile inwardly at this, unusual, show of nervousness.

Reaching out, I take her hand in mine and squeeze it gently, trying to make her feel more comfortable. She smiles weakly but grabs her hand back as if burned.

I shake my head slowly as I ask whether she's ready to go. Her eyes widen slightly, and she bites her lower lip as if comtemplating all routes of escape. I let my eyes linger for a moment longer on her lips before looking into her eyes, awaiting her response.

She gives a reluctant nod of her head, and a quiet 'Ok' before walking off, all the while mumbling to herself.

I have to half jog to keep up with her, but I won't let myself fall behind. After five minutes of listening to her muttering, I stop walking just to see whether she'd actually notice. Surprisingly she does, and she stops to look back at me. She gives a small, confused frown, before shrugging her shoulder and walking off again.

Sighing to myself, I, once again, follow her. She slows her pace without looking at me, but we both know why she did it. I brush my hand against hers lightly, and she gives a small gasp at the contact. Cluckling a little, I ask if there is anything wrong, and she shoots me a death stare that would put the Grim Reaper out of a job.

Giving her the most innocent look that I can muster, I graze her hand with my own again. This time, she actually stops walking, and I almost feel sorry for her when I see how tense she is. Almost.
Conjuring up the innocent face again, I stop and look up at her, and we just stare at each other for a minute. Suddenly she takes my hand in her own and starts walking again, almost dragging me along.

Her grip on my hand loosens, until she is just holding it gently and I can't help but smile brightly at her. She keeps her face serious, but she runs her thumb over my knuckles slowly, and its now my turn to gasp. She smirks down at me, all her nervousness gone. She asks me where we're going and I laugh as I point out that she's the one leading me. She glances down at at our, now, intertwined fingers, and nods with a small smile.

She nudges us forward and we continue in a comfortable silence that only friends, or lovers, could keep.

She stops so unexpectantly that she almost pulls my arm from my shoulder, and I look to see where we are. We're in front of an old building, it's dirty, red bricks look on the verge of crumbling and I give her a questioning look. Giving me another small, almost shy, smile, she leads us around the side of the building, and I'm amazed at what I see.

There in the midst of the derelict buildings is a small patch of green, with a small plant growing on it. As we walk over, I can see that it is a rose bush, with a single white rose growing on it.

She sits down on the soft, dry grass, tugging at my arm to join her. I sit down opposite her, so that our knees are touching, and I tell her that its beautiful.Without saying anything she plucks the single rose off the bush and hands it to me. The second that I touch it, I can feel it.

I can feel the rose coming to life, and blooming in my hand. The petals begin to open slowly and I stare as they begin to reveal a small, silver ring and I quickly glance over at her.

She's nervous, and her cheeks are slightly flushed. Shes biting on her lip again, and I can't believe she's actually doing this, or even know if its real. She is still holding one of my hands and she squeezes it a little to draw my attention.

I stare at her in shock as she whispers two simple words.

And I answer.

"I will."

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