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For Sophia, you're worth the wait.

Summary: Awaiting Summary

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What do you want?' she asks with the tiniest quiver in her voice, which betrayed all her hard looks.

Brushing her long, red hair behind her ear, I lean in until my lips were against the soft skin of her neck.

'Don't you know? I want you.'

I say it as if it is the simplest thing in the world. And at this moment, it is. Nothing is going to stop me from getting what I want, especially now.

Giving the redhead's neck a quick kiss, I sink my teeth into her skin slowly, feeling her blood gushing out, bathing m y teeth. Sucking lightly, I begin to shake as her blood slides down my throat, quenching my thirst momentarily.

Pulling back, I lick my lips and fall softly to the ground, finally giving in to my shaking legs.

'Always wanted to be a redhead'

'Dead night, ain't it B?' and she starts to giggle quietly to herself.

'Get it B, dead night? Damn I crack myself up.'

I roll my eyes but can't stop myself from smiling a little. She always manages to do that, get me smiling I mean. And it isn't like she's a comedian or anything. Sometimes I think that it is just the fact that she giggles. Faith the badass, giggling like a schoolgirl. Yup, that's definitely it.

I look over at her and she is looking at me expectantly. Oh ya, stroking her ego time.

'Ya Faith, that was hilarious, just gonna wipe the tears of laughter away now.'

Oops, I think that came out a little sarcastic, oh well; she's a big girl.

'Bronzing it later?' she says happily, completely ignoring the fact that I just mocked her wit. Hmm, somet hing's gotta be up. Normally she'd take that as a challenge and crack one lame ass joke after another, but tonight...

I stare at her suspiciously. She's got this happy look on her face and for a minute I think she might not have heard me, so I try again.

'Jeez Faith, what's wrong? I've heard better jokes at the morgue.'

I wait patiently for her reaction, but she practically bounces along. Really, who has ever heard of someone bouncing that happily in a graveyard of all places? Now I'm really worried.

'Umm, is there anything you want to tell me Faith? You look awful chipper' I say as I shoot her an other suspicious look.

Oh, a reaction, finally! Wow, she's blushing, that's something different. Well at least she's stopped bouncing now. She's looking down at her boots, shuffling her feet a little, with this meek look on her face.

'Faith?' Jeez, it's not like I have all night to watch her looking all adorable. Adorable? Did I just think she was adorable? Ah, clearly I mixed up my words, adorable, and annoying, so easily confused. Yes that's it.

'Ya B, I heard ya. It's just....I've met someone'

Jeez, I thought it was something serious there for a minute. Faith "meets" a lot of people, not that s he's a slut or anything, she just likes to have fun. And a lot of it.

'Well that's nice' I say half-heartedly. It can't be serious; after all, this is Faith we're talking about. But looking at her, she's still got the happy look on her face, and I wanna cringe while watching her.

Nothing serious. It can't be.

'So when do we get to see this beau of yours?'

The blush rises on her cheeks again, and I gotta admit it this time, it is pretty damn adorable. But that's ok, girls comment on girls all the time.

'Well umm...actually B, it ain't a guy'


Well that was unexpected.

~ Her hands are running through the long, blonde hair as the pair kiss passionately. ~

Ok, so I just had an image of Faith kissing a woman. A blonde woman. But that's ok, there are lots of blonde women out there, doesn't mean I imagined her kissing me, ooh no.

'That's umm...nice?'

What exactly does she expect me to say? Oh wait, I'm meant to be happy for her.

'I'm happy for you, really I am' It's not like I'm trying to convince myself. Nope, not me.

She gives me a small, confused look before breaking out in one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen, and I'm just glad that I said the right thing. Whew.

'Thanks B! And you can meet her tonight, she's gonna be at The Bronze. You are coming, aren't you?'

Puppy eyes alert, puppy eyes alert! Too late, she's got me.

'Of course I am Faith.'

Damn puppy eyes.

'Here kitty, kitty, come to mama. Mama's got some milk for you'

The kitten quirks its' head and looks at me before taking a small step towards me.

'Look, I've even warmed it up for you, see?' I say as I dip my finger into the pleasantly warm milk.

I place the bowl on the ground, and step back so as not to scare it. It walks over with its tail in the air at the prospect of the milk, and immediately starts lapping it up.

'Aww, such a cute little thi ng' I say as I edge slowly towards it. Can't frighten it away, not now. I keep edging my way slowly towards it as it drinks the milk. Leaning down swiftly, I take it gently in my arms, and rub its soft hair while cooing soothingly.

'See, that wasn't too bad, now was it?'

I continue to rub its' soft hair until it purrs contentedly, and closes its eyes.

And then I crack its neck.

I don't like her.

I don't like the way she looks. I don't like the way she talks. And I especially don't like t he way she's touching Faith.

And Faith is just lapping it up. She's gazing at her with this love struck look on her face and I doubt she even knows what that woman is talking about.

And what kinda stupid name is Sarah Michelle anyway? Sarah not good enough for her? Damn woman.

I narrow my eyes as she runs her hand lightly up and down Faith's arm. Get a room already!

Actually no, stay there, where I can see what the hell that woman is up to. She's evil. Am I the only one getting the evil vibe off her?

Looking around at the gang, it' s obvious that I am. They're all fawning around her and I grit my teeth in frustration.

Splash, splash, splash.

Waves of evil vibes.

And she likes kittens!

Oh oh, my name is Sarah Michelle, I'm just so pretty, look at me and my cute kittens, I'm the best person ever, blah blah friggin blah.

And don't get me started on her hair.

She's probably going to have a L'Oreal moment right in front of me. If that red hair gets whipped in my face, she's gonna lose it!

Shockingly Faith manages to tear her gaze away from the evil woman to give a glance my way, and she gives me such a happy smile that I can't help but to smile back at her.

Of course the look lasted a whole one second because clearly poor, little Sarah Michelle needed her attention.

I need a drink.

Or ten.

'Another drink Mr. Barman!'

Hehe, drink is good. I've lost count of how many I've had, but that's ok, cos d rink is good. Another drink is placed down in front of me and as I had over the money, I start giggling.

'Oopsie, Mrs. Barwoman. I called you a man, but shh, don't tell anyone.' I giggle again and start to slug back my beer as she walks away shaking her head. I'm so engrossed in the drink that I don't see Faith until she is right in front of my face, and I stumble back with the shock. Faith leans forward quickly and places her hands on my hips, steadying me.

'Everything ok there B?', and all three of her heads look concerned. Oh fuzzy.

'You know that song Faith? If it makes you happy, it can't be that saaaad!'

Oh, wait, that does n't sound right. Maybe Faith will know, I'll just ask her.


Wow, that was quick, she's actually here...holding me? I look down at her hands on my waist and try and remember how they got there. Maybe she's confused, and thinks my name is stupid Sarah stupid Michelle.

'Faith' I whisper, motioning her towards me. 'I'm not Sarah Michael you know, shh'

She smiles gently down at me. Ooh, was she always that tall?

'I know, you're Buffy'

'Hehehe, you called me Buffy, guess you know I'm here aft er all!'

'I know it B, its just a little silly!' I prod her sharply with my index finger, mocking my name!

'My name ain't silly, I'll tell you what's a silly name, Sarah Michelle. Isn't even a real name, did she make it up?'

Is it me or is it getting dark in here?

'Stop moving the room Faith, it isn't funny'

Bang bang bang.

Whose bright idea was it to get drunk last night? Oh ya, mine.

Or wait, no, it was that evil cow's fault.

Damn her, and her extreme perfectness.

I look down at my hands; both are scattered with small, healing cuts. It was seeing Faith and that woman kissing on the dance floor that did that. It wasn't my fault that glass makers don't make bottles like they used to.

Or maybe Sarah Michelle ran to the toilet with a voodoo doll of me and sprinkled glass over my hands. It wouldn't surprise me.


Ugh, water.

I cautiously get up, and am surprised with the lack of spinning room. Go me and my slayerness. I'm just about to run to get the water when I see her.

And she's beautiful.

I can't believe she stayed over, what did she think? That I was going to run off during the night for more alcohol?

But it was sweet, really sweet. Honey kinda sweet.

And damn, she looks uncomfortable. I take my duvet off the bed, and walk over and place it over her.

And I want to kiss her, and weirdly enough, I just accept that.

I want to kiss her and that feels just right. And I really th ink that I would have, but I think if I had gotten anywhere near her mouth, the whole 'I smell like nine brewery rats slept in my mouth last night' would have woken her up.

Ugh, still need the water, and possibly a gallon of mouthwash.

So I sneak out of the room quietly

I can't believe that she chose to stay with her rather than me. I felt the connection between them of course, only a fool couldn't see that.

But I underestimated it. I didn't realize just how strong it was.

No one can resis t me.

And yet she choose....that girl over me.

It can't happen again, I need Faith to think of only me, but with that girl in the picture, I don't think that that will happen.

A minor inconvenience, but one that must be gotten rid of, and quickly.

Ah, showers are good. It actually made me feel human again.

'Strip, strip, strip!'

I nearly jump out of the towel when I hear her, and I feel like an idiot, maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. To the casual observer it might look like I was trying to seduce Faith, but nu uh, I wouldn't do that.

I'm an angel.

In a skimpy towel.

'Jeez Faith, I totally forgot about you', cos I had, yup, its true.

'Oh I can see that' she says, and she runs her eyes up and down my body slowly. Very slowly. Score one for Buffy.

Not that this was my intention or anything, nope, no way.

'Thanks for staying over last night', and I mean it. Anything to keep her away from that woman.

'No problem B, couldn't exactly leave you, now could I?', she says, her eyes firmly planted on my forehead. Strange.

'You didn't need to Faith, but thanks' and I smile at her. And she smiles at me.

A pair of smiling goofballs.

'Maybe I should slip into something more comfortable'

Wow, way to sound like a porno star Buffy, but she doesn't seem to have noticed because she's staring at me while eagerly nodding her head off.

Doing my best seductive strut, I start towards the closet, al ready picking out my outfit in my head. My legs tangle with something on the ground, and that's when everything goes slow motion. I feel myself falling forward, and Faith moves, obviously trying to catch me.

And I end up on the floor, gracefully of course.

Faith's eyes widen and I can't believe she isn't laughing her ass off at me. And that's when I get it; I'm in a towel. Or rather I was in a towel before I fell, now I'm just in the nip. She's looking at me with such a look on her face that my nipples harden without my permission, darn things.

From the cold, of course.

I'm trying to make my hands move to pull up the towel, really I am. But they just won't. She leans down and pulls me up gently, and I can feel her eyes on my body. I look up at her, and I want to say something, but my mouth has turned into the Sahara.

My whole body is flushed, and suddenly she's bending down again. Her breath tickles against my skin, and I break out in goose pimples. She drags the towel up against the back of my legs and I have to stop from shuddering.

She wraps the towel around me, her fingertips brushing against the tops of my breasts, and she leans in a little until I can feel her lips against my ear.

'You know B, for a slayer, you're damn clumsy.'

Chuckling deep in her throat, she moves back and goes towards the door.

'I'll see you at training B, and try and wear more than a towel'

I think I'll take another shower, not that that's weird. People take two showers in the space of an hour all the time, yup.

And I've heard that cold showers are good for the skin.

I don't even wince as I run the blade across the skin on my palm. Letting the blood drip into the already red mixture, I begin:

'Blood of the innocent, Blood of the damned...'

I'm dreading training but in a good way. I always get this tingling feeling before training though, it's gotta be the slayer connection. And I walk into the training room with the beginnings of a big smile, only to find it empty. Normally Faith is earlier than I am, so I find it a little weird that she isn't here.

Closing my eyes, I try to focus on Faith's location. This was a little trick that we only found out recently. Giles put it down to the 'strengthening of the slayer connection' and then proceeded to ramble on about the ramifications of it all. Which is when I zoned out, we could do it, who cared how it happened.

So I focus on Faith but I can't feel anything. Which probably means that she isn't that close by which is unusual considering she should be on her way here.

Maybe she's forgotten or something, but that isn't like Faith, Oh god, what if I've scared her away? Although she didn't look scared earlier, anything but.

I'll give her five minutes, but not anything more, I have a life you know.

~ One hour later ~

Ok, maybe I don't have a life, but I can't believe that she did this to me. She's never forgotten training before.

Maybe she has been attacked, and needs my help! Or maybe she's with that woman.

With a grim shake of my head, I realize that I prefer the former.

Argh, damn Faith, and damn that woman.

I walk into The Bronze slowly, just seeing who is around before heading over to our normal seats. The whole gang is there, including Faith. Sarah Michelle doesn't seem to be around, lets all praise The Powers That Be.

Strolling over to the table, I go through the everyday pleasantries before shooting Faith a look from between narrowed eyes.

'Forget something today Faith?', play it nice and cool Buffy, nice and cool.

A blank look.

'You know; you, me, and getting sweaty?'

A confused look.

'God, what did you have for breakfast today Faith, a bowl of slowness?'

An indignant look.

Wow, could she be slower? Bad enough that she actually forgot in the first place, but not to remember when I drop such blatant hints, that's just rude.

'Starts with a T, ends with a G, I kick your ass in between, remember?'

And then it dawns on her, bout friggin time.

'You do not kick my ass'

Poor thing, in denial. Oh wait, I'm annoyed, really annoyed.


I tap my foot, and put my hands on my hips. Always seems to work in the movies.

'Oh B, I totally forgot, me and SM went for a picnic'

Oh my god, when did this become Spiderman with the whole SM thing going on, her name, no matter how stupid it is, is Sarah Michelle.

And a picnic? In November?

Ok, that says it all, Faith is under a spell.

I just hope that they had the picnic on an ant hive, and the ants ran off with Sarah Michelle on their backs, as they wanted her to be their Queen.

No such luc k, here's the Queen Bitch herself.

We give each other hard stares for a minute, until one of the gang, probably Willow, gives an embarrassed cough.

'Hi', well that's enough of the chit-chat,

'Can we talk?'

Without waiting for an answer, I grab her arm, pulling her off to a corner, ignoring the gang's confused looks.

'I know what you're doing, and I don't like it.'

Might as well be blunt, we both know that I don't like her. She's taller, but not so tall that she can intimidate me by looking down at me.

'And what do you think I'm doing?'

She sounds amused, why does she sound amused? And ah, it's a good question. I don't know what she's doing, but I know that I don't like it.

'Just leave Faith alone'

'Now, now, why would I want to do a silly thing like that?', this time she definitely sounds amused.

'Because then I won't have to stick my fist up your nose'

Ok, I'm sure that I could have come up with something more threatening if given some time to think about it, but obviously the p ressure of it all got to me.

'Listen to me, girl', ah, she can't be more than a year older than me, 'Faith is mine. I will do with her as I please, and nobody will stop me, especially a jealous little schoolgirl'

Schoolgirl? I don't look like a schoolgirl! And I am definitely not jealous. What do I have to be jealous of? Oh ya, her, Faith and the smoochies.

'Faith doesn't belong to anyone, especially not to some two-bit ho like you.'

'We'll see little girl, we'll see', and she strolls off as if without a care in the world.

Did I mention that I really don't like her?

I can't believe her. Little blondie threatening me? Perhaps it is time for action. Faith has almost bonded with me, another day or two and it will be complete.

Her attachment to Blondie is still strong, but no one can resist me when I set my sights on them. And I've got them set on Faith.

Well that girl shouldn't be a problem after tonight.

Whoever thought of playing slow songs in The Bronze? Stupid DJ, wanting to please the lovey dovey couples.

I watch them dance, and I think that it may be killing me. Their bodies are so in sync it's sickening. Staring at them through narrowed eyes seemed like a good idea at the time, but the pounding headache says otherwise.

I'd storm off but I don't think that anyone would notice, and it'd be pointless then. That and I can't leave them alone. My new plan is to attach myself onto them.

Leeches always get what they want, don't they?

Now seems like a good enough time, so I get up and walk casually over until I'm standing beside them as they slow dance. Ignoring the strange looks I'm getting, I try to attract their attention.

'Nice night for a dance huh?'

Nothing. Not loud enough I guess.

'Lovely night for a dance isn't it?'

Are they ignoring me on purpose? Well, we'll see about that. Pushing in between them, I turn my back so that I am facing Faith and completely ignoring Sarah Michelle. Faith looks annoyed, so I need to come up with something and quickly.

'I was lonely'

Way to sound pathetic.

'I wanted to dance?'

And it keeps on getting better and better. Maybe I should try and learn to keep my mouth shut, or talk to a surgeon about attaching my mouth to my brain. Both sound good.

Faith looks over at Sarah Michelle and gives a small shrug. Guess I can stay then. Luckily the music changes into something more upbeat and most of the couples break away. At least I don't look like an idiot now, well not as much as I did.

Sighing, I move a little back, gotta include Sarah Michelle or else Faith will know there's something up.

Letting the beat take over, I begin to move my body to it, Faith and Sarah Michelle do the same. Watching Faith, I can see that she had totally lost herself in the music. Ilove seeing her like this. Faith dances like she slays, it's wild, and it's amazing. Her eyes are closed, her hands are running through her hair, and her body is matching the beat perfectly.

And I can't help but move closer.

I can feel the daggers that Sarah Michelle is shooting at my back, but I don't care. I move forward until our thighs are just brushing against each other's, and Faith's eyes pop open in surprise. Giving me a small smile, she continues to dance to the beat, moving that little closer.

It's not like this is anything strange; we used to dance like this long before Scarlet O' Hara turned up. Why should we stop now?

Placing my hands on her hips, I move my body in time with hers. She doesn't open her eyes, but steps forward so that we are even closer. I run my thumbs lightly over the skin on her sides, and little goose pimples form in their wake.

Stepping forward, I slip one leg in between her thighs and move it subtly. Take that Sarah Michelle!

We continue to dance together and once a faster song comes on, I decide that it's only appropriate that I move my leg faster. Just to keep the beat of course.

And keep the beat I do. I push my leg ag ainst her harder, and using my hands on her hips, I guide to her grind down against me, and she does.

Her eyes are open now, and she knows who exactly she's dancing with. Sarah Michelle is now by our sides, watching us through snake eyes.

She begins to grind down harder against my leg, and her breath is coming out in short gasps. I can't believe that we're actually doing this, but maybe for Faith, this is just dancing.

And then Sarah Michelle grabs Faith by the arm, dragging her away from me. Damn, but the good news is that Faith obviously isn't as besotted with Sarah Michelle as it seems. Would this be an inappropriate time for a happy dance? Probably, so I gi ve Sarah Michelle a small smirk instead.

Uh oh, she didn't like that, oh wait, I don't care.

Ugh, the headache has actually gotten worse, maybe it wasn't the squinting after all. Some cold water is in order so I go to the bar still thinking of the dance; if it could be called that.

Mhm, cold water is there anything better? I walk back to the table feeling much more refreshed, and I see Faith and Sarah Michelle cuddling on one of the love seats. I smile a little, they just look so cute together, I'm happy that Faith has finally someone more than a 'fuck buddy'.

Oww, obviously the wate r didn't cure me completely. Hmm, I feel like there's something I'm forgetting, strange.

Sitting down beside Willow, I decide to try and forget the headache and just have some fun with my friends.

I look around and see that Sarah Michelle is smiling over at me, I smile back happily.

What a smiling idiot.

She was so easy to convince. I bet she doesn't even remember me following her to get the water. Minds can be so easily swayed, the right word in the right tone , and people are like drones.

My drones.

Now I can concentrate on Faith.

Oh, and her body.

My head is still pounding, and unlike last night, drink is in no way related to the headache. Hopefully lying down a bit will help; I still haven't done my nightly patrol.

Closing my eyes, a series of images flash through my head.

- Faith and Sarah Michelle are on the bed, clothes half off and kissing passionately -

- Sarah Michelle is leading Faith into an alley, and pushing her against the wall, she starts to kiss Faith's neck -

- She bites down on Faith's neck, and Faith tries to push her away, but she can't -

- They both collapse to the ground, but then, there are two Faiths -

Gasping, I jump up from the bed, what the hell was that? I shake my head, trying to clear the fog that has been there all night. There's something I'm forgetting it and the dream has something to do with it, but I can't put it together.

Sarah Michelle is e vil. What? No, Sarah Michelle is a lovely woman that is good for Faith. If only I could think straight, what is it I'm forgetting?

I lay back on the bed again and try and get it all sorted in my head. Ok, think through it slowly Buffy, you can do this. The dream showed Sarah Michelle as a vampire, but that isn't right, I've seen her during the day. But what's with the sucking of blood thing then?

Argh, I need help. Picking up the phone, I speed dial Willow's number, she's clever, she can help. But she also seems to like Sarah Michelle, ok, gotta ask the right questions without asking Sarah Michelle. Oww, damn headache is back with a bang.

'Hey Will, how you doing?', good, can't just jump in there with the real questions.

'Oh hey Buffy, me and Tara just got in from The Bronze, can't believe you left early. It was so much fun, and Sarah Michelle said that she had a surprise for us tomorrow, I can't wait, can you wait?', ah, maybe I shouldn't have made with the pleasantries. Bluntness time.

'Will, I need you to play Research Girl?'

'Ok Buffy, what do you need?', wow, she's gone to serious mode already, good for me.

'I need to know if there are any other demons that suck blood other than vampires'

'Why Buffy? Is there a new demon in town?' crap, what to say, what to say.

'Umm, no, I was just reading, and it was in this book, and I was just wondering you know....', oh wow Buffy, as if she's gonna believe that you actually read, should have gone with TV.

'Oh ok', see, I can hear the doubt, and obviously it's the reading part. 'I'll get right on it'

'Thanks Will, I appreciate it, get back to me if you find anything'

Hanging up the phone, I guess that there is nothing I can do but wait.

I almost wish that I didn't have to kill Faith, she is quite exquisite. But my time is growing short, and it must be done tonight.

I look down at my shaking hands, trembling with need.

Maybe I left it a little late, but no matter. That girl has been taken care of for the time being, and can be used later.

I feel a moment of irritation when I think of the effort that I have to keep using on Faith. She is strong willed and her mind is rebelling against me, but except for moments like that on the dance floor, she has been like clay in my hands.

And that girl's attachment to Faith will make it interesting after tonight. I will make her mine also, nothing compared to Faith of course, but she will do.

Ah, yes, tonight.

A watched phone never rings. Stupid old saying seems to be true after all. It's been a couple of hours since I rang Willow, and I have yet to hear anything.

- Beep beep beep -

About time, snatching the phone up,


'Hi Buffy, I did what you asked, sorry if took long, but it seems pretty rare.' Willow's voice echoes through the phone.

'Rare meaning what?' Rare means that I might be right, damn, more shooting pain in my head. Shouldn't being a Slayer protect me from stupid headaches?

'Well there seems to be one demon that is known to suck her victim's blood', it's a Her, ok, this is becoming more and more likely, and with each thought against Sarah Michelle, the pain in my head is getting progressively worse.

'She's a Shape shifter, but an unusual breed. Normally, shape shifters just need physical contact before changing, but this one, Demandred, needs the victim's blood before having the ability to change into them.'

Well that explains the dream so, Sarah Michelle must be this demon, Demandred which begs the question, why the hell did she pick Sarah Michelle as her name? Not very bright, obviously.

'Another thing, it seems she needs to 'bond' with her victims before the whole blood sucking part, I'm not sure exactly how.'

Narrowing my eyes, oh I know how she wants to 'bond' alright, over her dead body.

'And another thing' wow, long winded, patience Buffy, patience 'She needs to change often as the victims blood leaves her body.'

I hang the phone up quickly, who cares about manners; I gotta go stop Demandred before she takes my Faith from me.

She's got to me ok, she can't not be. And she definitely can't have had sex with Demandred I have issues with that. I've decided that only Faith and me are allowed to do that. I just need to convince Faith now that that is what she wants to.

Ok, they're there.

I can't exactly barge in without proof can I? Oops, I knocked down the door, I guess I can then.

'Get away from her, you bitch', wow, how do people listen me squeak like that all day long? Got to lower the voice away from the high pitch-ness.

'B, what the hell are you doing?' says a half-naked Faith. Oh my god, she's half-naked, don't stare Buffy, it's impolite.

'She's evil Faith'; ok I think that I could have explained it a little better, now I just sound jealous. Which I am, but that's not the reason why I'm here, well not t he only reason anyway.

Demandred looks surprised, oh ya bitch, you're Jedi mind tricks don't work on me!

'Buffy, again what the hell are you talking about?', she looks confused, but the great thing is that she is actually backing a little away from Demandred. Some part of her must know that I'm right.

'She's a Shape shifter Faith', might as well keep it simple, I can explain all later.

'What? No, she can't be?', ok, gotta make her believe me.

'Faith, listen to me, why would I lie to you?'

'She's jealous Faith! She's in love with you, any fool any see that!' Demandred screams out. Love? Well that might be a little too strong a word, I like her, and want to throw her down and do unmentionable things, but love?

'Love?', I doubt that Faith could look more confused if she tried.

'That doesn't matter now Faith, we can talk later. What's important now is you understanding that she is evil.', and she looks like she might believe me.

'Faith, don't listen to her. Look at me Faith', nu uh, none of your mind tricks this time. Jumping across the room, I kick Demandred away from Faith.

'Stop Buffy! Don't hurt her.' Faith screams at me. Ok, maybe I should try and explain it a little better before getting with the ass kicking.

'Faith, she uses mind control. Your mind feels all fuzzy and like you've forgotten something, right?' I just need to make her believe me. Then we can whoop this Foxy Brown's ass.

'How...how did you know that?'

'Because she did the same to me Faith, I had a pounding headache, and it was like I was in a daze, but I fought it Faith, like you have to.'

'Buffy, I ....evil?' Thank god, she's listening to me.

'Yes Faith, evil, please believe me, I would never lie to you' and it seems to click. She smiles a little at me before turning to Demandred and shaking her head a little, as if trying to clear the haze that was there.

'Tsk tsk, don't you know that we slayers look after each other?', moving up until I'm standing beside Faith, and I give her hand a quick squeeze.

'Faith, you can't deny me, no one can! You're mine, I'll make you forgot all about that blonde bitch!' Wow way to sound desperate, ha!

'Don't call her a bitch! And being blonde isn't her fault.' Aww, she stood up for me, but hey , wait, what was that blonde remark about?

'You think she'll make you feel like I do? No one can Faith, only I can make you feel that' from desperate to pleading all in one minute, go Demandred.

'Oh jeez, however will I live without the splitting headaches? Oh wait, that's a good thing. B, how about we show this bitch what we can do?' Faith says, giving me a quick small.

'With pleasure.'

And then we do what we do.

Kick ass.

'More pizza B?' she says, offering a half-nibbled on slice of pizza.


I think that's my stomach's call for no more food.

Waving the slice I wait, I take a sip of my Coke. Things between Faith and me have been a little awkward since the Demandred incident.


'Ya Faith?'

'Was she right?'

Who? Really, we were talking about pizza; doe s she think pizza is a woman?

'Who we talking about?'

'Sarah Michelle, or whatever her name was. She said that you were in love with me....'

Oh. I thought that maybe she had forgotten that, it had been days, and she didn't even mention it, and now out of the blue she just springs it. Ok, think quickly.

'Does it matter?'

Good, stall for time. Wait, Demandred was crazy, I can just tell her that.

'Yes', she says it so quietly that I barely hear her, and I certainly don't understand. It matters?

'But why?'

Damn, I think I need to clutch my chest, my heart is beating so fast, obviously it's planning an escape. Can't you just seeing it running across the room, spurting blood in celebration. Eww, ok that was just gross.

'Because I do.'

'Way to be clear there Faith, do what?', could she make less sense? Well I guess she could be talking about blood-spurting hearts.

She mumbles something.

'Ah, how about saying that into my goo d ear?' even with slayer hearing, I couldn't hear that.

'Love you.'



She loves me. She just said it, and I feel like spurting blood all over the place, but not in a gross way. Ok, gotta be cool. Ice cold.

'You do?', squeak, squeak, squeak said the mouse. Not quite ice cold after all.

She nods slowly, watching my reaction.

'Good.' Yes, this is definitely good, all kinds of good in fact. Smoochi e kinda good.

She looks so confused, poor thing.

'This way we can smooch, silly!' That's just gotta make it clearer, even if she is a little slow. Stop calling your girl slow! Oh, I just called her my girl, and the whole talking to myself is beginning to weird me out.

Stop it.

'We can?', she still looks a little confused, but at least she is moving a little towards me now.

'We can.' I'm getting my smoochies one way or another! Edging forward, I place my hand slowly on her cheek. I'm a little embarrassed to see it's shaking, but she looks so scared herself, I don't think that she noticed. Smoochies Ahoy!
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