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The Incredibly (un)True Adventures of Two Slayers in Love:

Three's Company

by Oralfxatn

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Summary: Part 3 of series. Buffy lets Cordelia take Faith out for a spin...and goes along for the ride.

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"Are you sure this is legal?" I ask Faith, dubiously.

"Totally, baby.  I checked with Red, and she said Amy was on the up-and-up on this one."


The girl proved to be more of a rat in her human form than she ever was in her Habitrail.

"Will said it was okay?" I ask, still unsure.

"Yep, B...she said all the ingredients are natural.  Amy got them all from the Magic Box."

Faith wiggles her eyebrows at me, and pops the pills into her mouth.  She takes a swig of bottled water, then hands it to me.

"Whooa...hold on there, B.  Just take the one, I don't want you gettin' all nympho on me."

I stop my hand in mid-motion, and raise an eyebrow in question.

"No, don't me wrong, I'd love for you to get nympho on me, but I'm not the only one that's gonna be there."

I cup one pill in my fist as I put the other one in my mouth.  I make a face.

"Don't chew on it, B, just swallow."

I take a drink of water.

"Why'd you take two then?" I ask her, swallowing the pill.

"Well, cus I can handle it, B.  You've never done this before, and I have.  Well, not the herbal kind exactly."

Faith and I have been back from our Valentine's Day in Las Vegas weekend for a few weeks now.  The sex had been phenomenal there and we had brought it back home with us.  It was one thing we did that went against the rules.

"What happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas," Faith had told me.  She said it was a maxim that many lived by.

We had many honest talks since then, open to many ideas and possibilities.  One of them being the attraction that Cordelia and Faith had for each other...and the fact that I found it kind of arousing.

"What time is Cordy supposed to meet us there?"  I ask, tucking my blouse into my pants.

"She said she'd get there sometime after she checks into the hotel.  She wanted to get the fumigation odor out of her hair.  I guess she snuck back in after the house was tented to pick up her blow dryer."

"Four star hotels provide you with hair dryers, Faith.  Are you telling me she's staying at anything less?"

"Hell no, B. She was pissed Sunnydale didn't have any five star hotels.  You know how she is.  She has a brand new Italian hair dryer that has become attached to her hip...uh, head, in this case, I guess."

Cordelia had actually been very supportive of our long weekend.  When we got back, I tried not to throw our new sexual status in her face.  But it was kind of difficult.  Faith and I couldn't keep our hands off each other.

"It's okay, Buffy," she had said, "I know you're not trying to rub my face in it."

To which Faith began grinning and doing her eyebrow thing.

"Although it is a nice visual,"  Coredlia continued, noting Faith's meaning.

I grinned at her.

Cordelia was still flirting with Faith these days, but she also flirted with me now.  It was fun.

"Oh Cordy," I said, "Whatever am I going to do with you?"  Tossing back a flirt of my own.

"We'll see come Saturday night," she said smiling.

We had decided a little Bronze action would be in order.  Just us girls.  The three of us, that is. Willow was still trying to figure things out with Oz.  She and Tara --another Wicca she had met at the conference-- were pretty much in deep smit.  Well, smitten wasn't really the word for it...in deep lust, was more like it.

"Okay, baby.  And try to remember what I told you.  As long as it's not too crazy, anything goes."

"Oh, I'll remember, B," she says, "But you remember to tell me if it gets uncomfortable for you."

She takes me in her arms and kisses me.

"You are the best girlfriend, ever," she says kissing my hand, "And never forget that. No matter what you see or happens tonight, you're my girlfriend."

I smile at her.

"I know, baby.  But I just want to make sure we take full advantage of our evening.  We talked about it enough, so I think I'm pretty prepared for what might happen."

"You got it, B."  She tugs her pant legs over her boots, and stomps each foot to help the material lay right.

She looks at herself in the mirror, running her fingers through her hair, and then shakes it.

"Do I look okay, baby?" she asks.

"Yummy," I say, running my hands over her back, and pulling her into me; both of us looking at our reflection.

"You look wicked sexy, baby," she murmurs, meeting my eyes in the mirror.

She turns around and puts her arms around me, and says:

"Poor Cordy is not gonna know what hit her."

The plan was sort of vague.  We had discussed the possibility of Cordelia and Faith taking their attraction for each other to the next level. How far, we weren't sure, but we were aware they might wind up in bed together.

Cordelia had made an off-the-cuff remark saying that three was company.  Faith jumped all over it, thinking that meant Cordy wanted me to join in too.

I wasn't sure how I felt about it.  I wasn't exactly gung-ho about her and my girlfriend having sweaty sex, even though it had been my idea in the first place.  Part of me wanted to be excited about it, but the other part knew I was possibly opening a gigantic can of worms.

But it was just sex, right?  Sex between friends.

That's what I keep telling myself.

The thing that made me okay with it, was Faith.  I knew if I had a problem with it --no matter how small-- she'd call the whole thing off. She only wanted to be with Cordelia if I was a part of it.  If I was okay with it.

So I was.

She smiles at me and gives me a kiss, "Let's motor."


We could hear the bass thumping a block away.  The Bronze was in full swing when we got there.  The line was three people deep and around the corner.  That's what happens when it's the only club in town.

Faith grabs my hand and does her usual strut past the throng of people in line.

The bouncer nods her in, "Faith," he says, "Lookin' good, baby," He looks at me and then says to her:

"Lookin' mighty good."

Faith smiles at him and slips him some cash, "Thanks, man."

The club was packed. I don't know how those people thought they were ever going to get inside.

But it wasn't my problem.

"Baby," I say, "How long before I'm supposed to feel it?"

She grins at me.

"Why, B? You feel it comin' on?"

"I dunno," I say, wondering myself.

She takes her fingernails and runs them up my arm. I get goose bumps and I feel prickly on my scalp.

"Oh yeah. You're comin' on.  Good thing I didn't let you take two.  Don't want you rolling too soon."

"What if it wears off? I wanna feel what you're feeling," I say a little worried.

"B, I've got a few more. We'll just give you another if you need it."

We work our way through the crowd, a few people stopping Faith to say, "Hey, F, what's up?"

We finally see Cordelia sitting at a booth.  A few guys are milling around trying to get her attention.  She looks bored.  She looks up and sees us, giving a great sigh of relief.

"Beat it," she says to the guys.

"Hey, Cor," Faith says, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"What took you guys so long? Okay, hand it over." And she puts out her palm.

"Damn, Cor. Keep your pants on,"  She thinks on it, and then adds, "Till later, that is."

She looks at me to see if that was okay.  I shrug.  Hell, why not.

"Yeah, 'til later," I repeat, grinning like a goofy Xander.

Cordelia raises her eyebrows.  "Oh lord. How many have you taken, Buffy?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" I say suggestively. I giggle. This was fun.

Cordelia looks at Faith.

"Just one, Cordy," she tells her.

"God, just one? And she's like this already? This is going to be an interesting evening."

Faith hands Cordelia two tabs, and then goes to the bar to get us some drinks.

I scoot into the booth next to her.

"You look good, Buffy," she says to me.

"Thanks, Cordy. You look pretty good yourself."

That was an understatement.  Of the year.  She looks fucking hot.  She has on a short, tight, sheer red dress with her signature strappy heels.  Black.  It matched the sexy bra I could see underneath her clothing.

"Like anything you see?" she asks dryly.

I guess I was staring at her legs.  She's got such nice legs.

I grin stupidly at her, "Oops," I say.

She laughs, "Oh god, Buffy, you're gonna be so much fun tonight."

We sit watching the people and listening to the music.

She turns to me, and then asks seriously:

"Are you sure you're okay with this?"

"I think so," I say.


After a while the music, and the energy, and Cordelia's perfume start to get to me.

"You're really beautiful, ya know that, Cor?" I say suddenly.

She smiles at me.

"Thank you, Buffy.  You know, I really like you like this."

I laugh, "I bet you do."

She leans close and then takes her fingers and puts them on my head.  She grabs the hairs close to my scalp and then closes her fist, tugging tight.


She looks at my reaction, then glances down at my breasts.

I do, too.


"Perky little suckers, aren't they?" I say grinning.

She laughs, "Oh yeah.  You're gonna be a lotta fun."

Faith finally returns, a couple of long necks between her fingers and a Sex on the Beach for Cordy.

"What?" Cordelia says, sipping her drink, "I thought I'd order a drink in the spirit of things."

"Hell, if that's the case, let me give you a Slippery Nipple and a Screaming Orgasm," jokes Faith.

"I'll have one of those, please," I say.

Faith looks at me, amused.

"Oh Faith, you have no idea," Cordelia says to her.

Faith slides into the booth next to me and puts her arm around me.

"My baby.  Look at you.  Rollin' with the Homies," she jokes.

I start laughing.  Loud.  That was FUNNY.

"Faith...do you know what you just did? You did three jokes in one.  A TRIPLE entendre. You're so great."

She looks at me amused again, "How's that, B?"

"Um...okay. First, 'Rolling', right? A term for what we're doing." She nods at me.

"Okay.  Second, it's that song they sing in Clueless when they're stoned at that party."

"Okay," she says.

"And third, and this is the funniest...Homies...Homos, get it? So when you put it all together, I really am. Rolling with the Homies, that is."

Cordelia and Faith both roll their eyes.

I start laughing again, "Now you're rolling your eyes, get it?"

"OH, DEAR LORD," Cordelia says loudly.

"Oh, lighten up, Cordy," I say, "I know a place that can remove that stick for you. I  had mine taken out a while ago."

"Not that -" Faith starts to say.

"-long ago. Yeah, beat ya to it this time, girlfriend," I say happily.

Faith looks at me surprised, and then laughs.  She leans in to kiss me, "You're incredible, B," she whispers.

"No, you are," I grin.

"No, you are."

"Okay, you two," Cordelia interrupts, "There's a third party present, hello, me! Can we keep the inside jokes to a minimum, please?"

"Sorry, Cordy," I say, as I lean over and kiss her.

Oops. Hehe. I kissed her.

Faith looks surprised, but Cordelia doesn't.

"I told you, Faith," Cordelia says dryly, "You have no idea."

Several drinks and many sexual innuendos later, mostly by me, and hey, what was up with that anyway? Was I the only one here who remembered what this night was about? Anyway, several cocktails later, we're all three on the dance floor doing some serious damage.

Mostly to each other, but a lot of the guys got in the line of crossfire, so we had a large group around us at any given time. Some of the girls there looked pissed, thinking we were doing it to tease their boyfriends.

They couldn't be any more wrong.

The silly people didn't know they were just part of the background setting for the real drama of Three's Company.

Not the TV show, which was rather light-hearted and inane, but the Three's Company of Faith, Cordelia, and Buffy.

Faith and Cordelia had both taken two tabs and were feeling it. I wondered if they felt double what I did, but the idea of feeling more or double than what I did now freaked me out. This felt nice, a little borderline manic, but nice. But double would have sent me over that edge.

No, I was completely fine the way I was.

Faith thought so too.

I know the intent was for her and Cordy to hook up, but my baby girl was just all over me.

"God, B, you're so fucking hot. You're on fire," she breathes in my ear, running her hands down my sides, brushing my breasts lightly.

"I am, baby," I say, "I'm hot for you." And I press myself up against her.

Cordelia seems to be having a good time, not really feeling left out. She was on two tabs and everything was just fine by her. I take one of her hands and pull her so that she's behind Faith, putting Faith in the middle of us. I take Cordelia's hands and place them on Faith's breasts, pressing myself up against them so people can't see.

Well, okay.  So that I can feel the back of her hands against my breasts as well.  I take my hands and place them on Cordelia's ass and pull her tight against my girlfriend.

The music was just pumping and so were we. The music was just made for us, each beat throbbing and bumping and sending our hearts racing.  We were sweaty, and the sex was strong between the three of us.

I feel Cordelia's fingers massage my girlfriend's breasts, catching my own two nipples in the process. She squeezes her fingers together and a thrill runs through my body.  I lean over Faith's shoulder and catch Cordelia's lips with my own. I kiss her wildly.  Lips, tongues, teeth.  She's matching everything I give her.

Faith groans between us, pushing her breasts against Cordy's hands, and rubbing herself against my thigh that's wedged between her legs.

"Fuck yeah," she says.  Cordelia and I break our kiss and start kissing her; Cordelia on one side of her neck and me on the other.  Faith turns her head and Cordelia's got her tongue in Faith's mouth, sucking on her lips and grinding herself on Faith's ass.  I move over and catch their mouths with my own, kissing them both, all of us a blur of lips and teasing tongues.

It feels so good, so fucking good.

I nudge Faith and pull Cordelia between us, turning her around so she's facing Faith.  I press myself against her and run my hands down her hips to her bare thighs and part them with my knee, slipping in my leg and pressing my pussy against her perfect ass. She presses it back on me. I slip my hands to her breasts and rub her nipples with my fingers; they're rock hard through the fabric of her bra and dress.

Faith presses in from the front and places her leg in between Cordy's thighs as well, meeting my knee coming in from the other side. She kisses her hard as we both rub up against her, running our hands all over her body.

"Let's go," Faith says, breaking their kiss.

She grabs both our hands, leading us forcefully through the crowd that's trying to keep us from leaving.

Several guys voice their complaints as we pass through the sea of people.

"Sorry boys, but I've got places to be and people to do," Faith throws out, as she drags us off the floor.

Several "damn" 's, "fuck" 's, and a "lucky bitch" were heard as we practically run for the door.

Cordelia is on the bed looking at Faith, who is standing next to it, looking at me.

I'm in a chair directly across from the bed, watching.

The lights are low and the heater is on, a low rumble as the central air circulates itself. The room was freezing when we got there.

Faith had Cordelia down to her bra and panties just minutes after we entered the room. I stepped aside and sat in the chair opposite the king sized bed.

It's show time.

Everything that had happened this evening had led to this moment.

This is what we had talked about for weeks. It was time.

Cordelia is kneeling on the bed, looking at Faith. Her body is so lithe and sleek in black lingerie, and I know it will look the same naked.  She's quite the package.  Her chest is slightly heaving still from the make-out session Faith gave her the second we got into the room.

Make-out and feel-up session.  Faith suddenly sprouted extra hands, or at least that's the appearance it gave, as she ran them all over Cordelia, fast and blurry.

She's waiting for Faith to make a move or give her a signal or something.

But Faith is looking at me.

"Go ahead," I say, and lean back into the chair.

She gives me another moment of eye contact, then looks at Cordelia, who now springs into action.

That was all she needed.

She pounces to the side of the bed, still on her knees, and grabs Faith's tank from the bottom and lifts it up off of her. Faith has black lace on too. Ever the clothes whore, Cordy takes in the quality of the bra and smiles her approval. My baby loves nice things up against her skin, and soon she'll have Cordelia up against it too.

"Fuck, Faith, you've got great tits," she says.

"So do you," responds Faith.

"Enough of the small talk," Cordelia says, and unzips Faith's leather pants, tugging them down hard to her ankles. They stop there, being held hostage by her boots. Faith didn't wear panties tonight.

"Oh, fuck me, Faith," exclaims Cordy, taking in the fact.

"I plan on it," answers Faith.

Cordelia gives out a groan and flips herself over onto her back, sliding to the edge of the bed, pulling Faith towards her by her thighs. She wedges her head between her legs and starts to lick her pussy.

Oh fuck!

A thrill runs through me, I'm both hot and bothered by the sight.

Cordelia is eating out my girlfriend.

Am I really okay with this?

My head may have a problem with it, but my clit doesn't.  It's bothered in a different way.  A good way.

It starts to throb through my leather pants.

Cordelia and her hot body, lying on her back, upside down --going down-- on my girlfriend, while she's standing up with her pants pooled around her ankles...

It looks so fucking nasty.

Faith looks over at me.

"No, baby.  Act like I'm not here. Do that for me?"

She nods.

Cordelia smacks Faith on her ass, indicating she needs more room to move around in. Faith leans back and pulls off her boots, toe to heel, and steps out of her pants. She straightens up and Cordelia has her hands between Faith's legs, spreading them wider. She spreads Faith's pussy lips with her fingers and sticks her tongue inside of her.

Faith groans and falls over on top of her, sucking Cordelia through her panties. She uses one elbow to support her weight and uses the other hand to move Cordelia's panties to the side, and then runs her tongue over her slit.

Cordelia moans into Faith's pussy, "Oh yeah, that's it baby, suck on it."

I see Faith's jaw move as she sucks on Cordelia's clit. I know what Cordy is feeling.

I start to rub myself lightly through my pants.

A second wave of the herb washes over me. Time released stimulants are the best. I'm so turned on, I rub myself harder.

Faith raises herself off of Cordelia, then reaches over so she can lift her to the center of the bed. She takes off Cordy's bra and panties, and unclasps her own bra. Both women are naked now, and they look hot together.

Fucking insane hot.

Faith is holding Cordelia, and is kissing her roughly; Cordelia lying in her arms, letting herself get mauled.

Faith's hands are rubbing her hard, grabbing her nipples and pinching them. Cordelia reaches behind Faith's head and pulls herself closer, biting and sucking Faith's lips...

...my lips.

I rub myself even harder.

Faith moves her hand down to Cordy's pussy and rubs her clit, then quickly shoves two fingers inside her. She starts fucking her pussy as she's tongue fucking her mouth.


Faith pulls herself up, taking Cordy with her, and positions Cordelia so that she's standing on the bed facing the wall.

She gently pushes her up against it and then drops to her knees, running her hands along Cordelia's back and butt on the way down. She spreads Cordelia's legs and butt-cheeks and starts licking her ass.

"Faith, your tongue feels so hot," Cordelia breathes loudly.

Faith moves her face lower to lick at her pussy...then back up to her ass...and then back to her pussy.

Cordelia is having a hard time standing.

"Oh shit...uhhh, Faith...my legs can't take it, baby."

In a smooth motion, Faith pulls Cordy down onto the mattress, sliding her backwards until she reaches the middle of the bed. Faith positions herself behind Cordy, and faces my way. Cordelia is still facing Faith, but her ass isn't. It's still facing me.

Doggy style.

Faith leans forward to kiss her, sucking wildly on her tongue, and then she gently pushes Cordy's head down into the mattress to lean over her. Resting her body on top of Cordelia's back, she enters her with two fingers from behind.

And I can see everything.

Cordelia's ass and pussy are spread open before me. I see Faith's fingers sliding up and down her slit and then they disappear as she plunges them deeply inside her. Two fingers...and now three. In and out, getting wetter and slicker with each stroke.

My view is momentarily obstructed when Faith leans her head down to rim Cordelia's ass. I can see her fingers moving, but her hair is in the way.

But I know what she's doing.

I don't really need to see it from this angle. I saw her tonguing her ass when she had Cordelia standing pressed against the wall.

I rub myself and pinch a nipple.

"Baby, I want to come. I can't take it anymore," groans Cordelia, "I'm rolling, baby...big time."

Faith moves Cordelia onto her back and eases her forward to the side of the bed. Cordelia's head is leaning off the edge, back to where she was initially giving head to Faith. Faith slides between her legs on her stomach, giving herself room to lie down and put her hand between her own thighs.

She starts rubbing her clit as she goes down on Cordelia. She spreads Cordy with one hand and laps at her clit, alternating between sucking and licking, skillfully using the flat of her tongue...

...my tongue.

I slip my fingers in my leathers, and rub through my panties.

Cordelia shifts on the bed.

"Fuck...Oh god, baby, I'm close. I'm so close."

"Make her come hard, Faith. Lick her clit and fuck her pussy," I command.

I know I told her to act like I wasn't there, but I changed my mind.

I get up from the chair and walk towards Cordelia by the edge of the bed. I drop to my knees and start kissing her. I taste Faith's pussy on her lips, and it makes me nuts. I start tonguing her with all I've got.

"Hell yeah," Faith says, when she sees what I'm doing. She puts her head back down and starts licking Cordy's clit.

"Fuck her, Faith. Make her come hard, baby." And I start kissing Cordelia again.

She fucks Cordy's pussy as she's eating her out.

Cordelia pulls the back of my head to her, smashing our lips together.

She breathes into my mouth.

" uhhh....Buff...Buffy...she's so good. Oh my god, she's so good," she whispers.

"I know, baby, shhh," And she takes my tongue and sucks on it. I run my hands over her breasts.

She groans into me, "I'm so close, Buffy, don't let her stop. So close..."

"Harder, Faith. Faster," I urge her.

Cordelia grabs my head with both hands and sucks hard on my tongue.

Faith is licking and fucking her hard, and soon Cordy raises her hips and starts fucking Faith's face. Faith comes with a grunt and continues her attack on Cordy's pussy.

Cordelia spasms and her body lifts off of the bed, gripping Faith's head with her thighs, and gripping my head to her mouth with her hands. We let her clamp on to us as her body rides it out, slowly stilling itself with each passing spasm.

She finishes...

...and sighs into my mouth.

Cordelia had kissed us both, and told us to help ourselves to the mini-bar. She was going to take a shower.

She had pussy in her hair.

Faith is sitting at the corner edge of the bed. She's looking at me as I kneel down in front of her, ass on my heels.

"You okay, baby?" I ask her.

"Yeah," she answers softly.

"Did you have fun? Did you like it?" I ask just as softly.

"Yeah, B," she says.

"Then what's wrong? You don't look okay," I say, a little worried.

"Nuthin'," she mumbles.

"Something," I say back, "Talk to me, Faith."

"I don't know, B. It was wicked hot and everything, but something was missing."

"What, baby?" I ask, curious.

"You," she says, soft again.

"But I'm right here, baby. I was here the whole time."

"Yeah, I know."

"What then? Did you come? I thought I heard you come," I say, still not sure what she means.

"Yeah," is all she says.

And then I realized she came by touching herself, and not from Cordelia.

"Is it because you came by touching yourself, and not by Cordy? You can have another go at it, if you want."

I am the best girlfriend ever.

"No, B. I did that on purpose."

"You did?" I asked surprised, "Why, baby? I thought you wanted it."

"I did, too. But halfway into it, I realized I don't want to come with anyone else."

I get a pang in my chest.

"Baby, you only wanna come with me?" I ask gently.


"Oh, baby," I say moved, and kneel upward to kiss her.

She tastes like Cordy, but it doesn't bother me.

Because even though she has Cordelia on her lips and tongue, I'm the one in her heart.

We kiss tenderly and I hold her close. I can feel her heart beating against my chest.

And I know it beats for me.

I kiss her, catching her bottom lip with my teeth, and gently suck on it. She holds my face in her hands.

Another wave hits me hard, and I feel flushed and get prickly on my skin and scalp.

I let go of her lip and kneel back down between her legs. I look up at her as she strokes the back of my head, running her fingers through my hair, gazing down at me...

....with such love. She's looking at me with so much love that I can feel her beating in my own heart, in my whole body.

"I love you, Buffy," she whispers.

I feel a tear slide down my face.

"I love you, Faith," I say, and lean in to make love to my girlfriend.

I lick her softly, not wanting to upset our moment, but her moans begin to excite me and soon my tender feelings turn into a raging passion. She wraps my hair around her fist and pulls me close.

I can tell she's trying not to upset the moment either. I bite on her clit to tell her it's okay.

I want her to let loose and feel with me what she didn't with Cordelia.

"Oh, Buffy...baby, fuck me with your mouth," she groans, and I know she's right there with me.

I run my hands over her legs and I feel goose bumps all up and down them.

She's rolling.

I move my face in closer and pull her thighs tight around my head, her legs over my shoulders and around my back. I want her to smother me.

I lick at her pussy, moving my tongue into her hole and up to her clit, back and forth until I focus on only her clit. I suck and lick, over and again, and I feel her thighs tremor around my head.

"Baby, you make me feel so good," she moans.

Her legs come apart and fall to the side; she leans back on her elbows.

"Yeah, B. Do it. Eat me."

I put my hand down my pants and slip a finger in myself. I'm so wet. I finger my clit as I lick on hers.

I groan into her.

"Yeah, touch yourself, baby. I want you to come with me," she says, breathing hard, "Bite my clit when you're ready. I need to come with you."

I groan my approval.

I run my tongue flat against her, her clit is swollen and full. I lick at her and finger myself faster. She feels so soft and hard against my tongue, she tastes spicy and exotic. Everything feels a hundred times more powerful, more intense. I feel myself start to come and I bite down on her clit and then lick her again.

"I'm there, baby. Come with me," she breathes.

She comes hard, raising herself up to sit on the bed and grabs my head to her pussy.

"Yeah baby, yeah! Fuck, you're so good...uhhhhhhhhhh... don't stop," she rides my face as I come with her, drawing it out, matching her momentum.

I fall into her, my face pressed against her pussy, and I stay on my knees, gasping.

I hear Cordelia from behind me...

...and then a damp towel lands on top of my head.

"Unfair, you guys. It's supposed to be Three's Company, not Two and The Other One's in The Bathroom."

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