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The Incredibly (un)True Adventures of Two Slayers in Love:

Christopher Street West

by Oralfxatn


Rating: NC-17
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Summary: Part 5 of series. Our girls experience Gay Pride in Los Angeles. Extra: Where's Waldo? About 35 of The Cats Meow Yahoo Group members are hidden within. Are YOU in here? And how many can you find?
to PT, as always, and to Elyssa Du Chevalier, aka London Lisa. And my bhoys. Frenchie, for his parlay voo Frahnsay, Sweet Z for being the best roommate ever, Nhemo, for being my lhover bhoy, and to my baby, Marciano (Rocky) for being Gina's Guy.

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"Fuck, I knew I shouldn't have let her drive!" I whisper loudly, lookin' over T's shoulder.

Tara just stands there with a silly grin on her face.

We're stuck on the side of the road waitin' for a tow-truck. Tara had followed me as I tried to pace away my frustration.

Buffy is sittin' in the back seat of the Jeep with Red, who is also wearin' a silly grin. All four doors are open due to the extreme heat.

"Oh, F-Faith," Tara stammers, "It's k-kind of like Disneyland, without the l-long lines."

"What? Mr. Toad's Wild Ride?" I say sarcastically.

"Y-Yep," giggles Tara.

"Yeah, well for you, maybe...and for Red. Dammit, T, are you sure you guys didn't do a spell or something? You guys seem to be enjoyin' this, while I'm frickin' comin' out of my skin."

T just looks at me coyly.

"You did, didn't you? I can't believe you guys!"

"S-sshh, Faith. B-Buffy is coming," Tara whispers softly.

"Hey baby," I say to B, watchin' her approach. She looks really embarrassed.

"Hey baby," she responds, rather sadly.


I take her into my arms and hug her.

"Don't look so sad, B. It could have happened with any of us drivin'," I lie.

"Oh, I know. But it shouldn't have happened with me."

I raise my eyebrow.

She explains.

"I had a long talk with Dono Transmission-San, but I think some of it got lost in the translation."

Buffy thinks the trannie is Japanese. I couldn't find it in me to tell her we bought American.

"Well, see? Then it's not your fault, baby. These things happen," I kiss her on the head.

"Maybe Ronald can h-help," Tara suggests. I give her a wink.

Buffy brightens.

"That's right, Tara. Then when I drive us back, we'll be sure to know it won't happen again."

Oh god.

"Sure, baby. Let's not worry about that right now. I think we should take our stuff outta the Jeep before the tow-truck gets here."

We walk towards the Jeep and we see Willow wiggling her fingers close to her face.

"Baby...Tara, look! I have eight fingers on one hand!" Red says excitedly.

Tara ooo's and runs over to her, lookin' at her fingers.

Great, two spell-stoned Wicca's in our midst.

"I think they saw Amy before we left," Buffy says in my ear, "Yunno, 'herbal stimulants' again."

No. Not herbal stimulants. Herbal relaxants, maybe. Or a spell.

"As long as it's legal, baby," I say, and begin pullin' stuff out of the Jeep. She walks to the other side and starts doin' the same.

A few minutes later Cordelia pulls up next to me; lookin' fine and divine in daddy's old convertible Beemer.

She slides her sunglasses down the bridge of her nose.

"Let me guess. Buffy was driving."

"Come on, Cor, she can hear you. It's not her fault."

"No, of course not, it's yours."

"My fault? Please, she wanted to drive, what was I supposed to say?"


She glances over at Buffy who is pullin' more stuff out of the Jeep.

"No, Faith," she repeats, "N-O...No. Try it sometime."

"She's not a dog, Cordelia. I can't go around tellin' her no all the time."

"Actually, just once would be nice."

I scowl at her. She doesn't know what she's talkin' about.

"Faith, is this your wad of gum stuck under the glovebox?" Buffy calls over annoyed.

"Uh, no, B," I lie.

See? I say "no" quite often.

I look at Cordy and she laughs. She turns to look at the girls and says loudly:

"Okay, ladies. Let's see you put some hustle into it, I'm melting over here."

Tara and Willow giggle.

"Ding..." starts Red.

"...Dong" finishes Tara.

"Look, BOTH you witches will be dead if my make-up runs. Hurry up already!" snaps Cordelia.

Cordy pops the trunk and I start loadin' our stuff. The tow-truck finally pulls up and the driver doesn't speak any English.

Not nice words anyway.

Yeah, we're definitely in L.A. now.

"Hey, looky here," he says leeringly, eyeing Red and T as they tickle each other.

He looks over at Cordelia and then checks out B in her shorts. He wipes his lips.

"Ugh," says Cordelia, making a face.

It don't bother me none. I'm used to these kinds of jerks.

"Hey, Mac. You wanna put your tongue back in your mouth and just do your job?"

"He-he, sure my job. You lezzies? Come for parade?"

He gets out of the truck and pulls on his gloves.

You know, I always try to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

Okay, so that was a lie, but I would like to start trying.

Like now. Maybe something got lost in the "translation" and where he comes from, it's considered friendly conversation. I dunno.

"Yep, here for the parade," I tell him. He nods his head.

Okay, see? We're communicating.

Red and T get out of the Jeep and help me start piling more stuff in the trunk. We get most of it loaded, when I suddenly hear Buffy gasp.

I whirl myself around to see what's goin' on.

The tow-truck driver was on all fours. He was hookin' up the chain, but had decided to stop and give Buffy's ankle a lick.

I storm over and haul him up by the back of his collar.

"Whooa, whooa," the asshole says, eyes wide, as I slam him into the Jeep.

"What the fuck..." I look at his name tag, "...Mohammed?? You want me to shove my fist up your ass so you can march in the parade on Sunday?"

"No, no...exit only, exit only," he says tryin' to squirm away from me.

"Then keep your fuckin' mitts off my girl, got it??"

"No mitts, tongue," he corrects, and then flinches.

Yeah, idiot, look at my face. I'm not kidding.

"Baby, let him go. Cordy's right, I'm melting," Buffy gives me a soft kiss and then goes to sit in Cordy's car.

The asshole's eyes go wide again, but he keeps quiet.

He's learning.

"Ok...job now," he says, so I let him go.

I walk up to the Beemer and Buffy slides closer to Cordelia.

"No, B. One of us has to drive with him and I think it better be me. You guys go ahead to Angel's and I'll meet you guys back there."

"How are you going to get back, Faith? Do you want me to come pick you up?" Buffy asks.

She looks over at Cordelia.

"No," Cordy says. And then she looks at me, smug.

"Well, okay, then maybe you can pick her up," Buffy says to her.

"Yes, I can do that. Get me the address, Faith, and I'll come get you after I drop them off."

"No, that's okay, Cor. There's something I wanna do anyway. I'll just meet you all back at the hotel."

Buffy looks at me and moves closer to the passenger door.

"What, Faith? What do you want to do?"

"You," I whisper into her ear. I give her a kiss and then straighten back up. "It's a surprise, baby. You'll see. You like surprises, remember?"

"Bedroom surprises?" she asks, kinda sexy like.

I laugh.

"Not tellin'. But it goes between your legs anyway."

"Oh brother," says Cordelia, checking her lipstick in the mirror.

"F-Faith. Y-You're not going to that place yet, are you?" T asks.

"No, not yet, baby. You wanna come with me, right?"

"R-Right." She blushes.

"Where, Tara?" Now Willow wants to know.

"S-Surprise," replies T, keepin' it our secret.

The tow-truck driver honks his horn.

"OK! You come now, butch."

I shake my head and sigh. Some people never learn.


I gun the engine one last time before clicking into a lower gear. I continue to do so until I come to a smooth stop near the elevator doors in the hotel's parking structure. I grab the saddle bags and activate the security system.

Buffy's gonna shit!

The elevator doors slide open into the main lobby, and Cordelia and Angel are at the front desk.

They look over at me as I give them a shit-eating grin.

"So you did it, did you?" Cordelia asks dryly.

"Faith! You did it! Why didn't you wait for me? I wanted to go!" says Angel excitedly.

I look around the lobby and whisper, "Shit, Angel, keep your voice down. Where's Buffy?"

"Relax, Mad Max, she's upstairs taking a shower," Cordelia answers.

"Faith, I wanna see it! Can I see it?" Angel asks, his voice still excited and loud.

"Damn, Angel. Put a cock in it, why don'tcha? Of course you can see it. Just let me go get Buffy first, okay?"

"Okay," he whispers grinning, "And the expression is put a 'sock' in it, not cock."

"Tell Ronald that," I smirk.

He laughs, "Oh trust me, I have."

"You've told Ronald to put his cock in it? Hey Angel, welcome to the family," I grin, "You musta made him one happy boy."

"Not that happy," he grins back.

"Ugh, please. All this 'cock' talk is making me break-out. You know what that does to my skin." Cordy opens up her compact mirror and starts dabbing around her chin. Fuckin' drama queen.

"So which is it this week, Cor? It's obviously not cock, so it must be pussy."

"Of course it's pussy. Hello, Gay Pride week, remember?"

Yep. That's what I thought.

"Am I the only straight person around here?" Angel says shakin' his head.

"Not if you keep tellin' Ronald to put his 'sock' in it."

I walk behind the counter and stow the bags.

"Hide this for me, okay, Cor? I want it to be a surprise."

I start to sprint up the stairs and she calls out to me.

"Okay, helmet-head. What are you gonna tell her about that?"

Oh yeah.

I take it off and toss it to her. She puts it on. Damn, she looks good!

She sees the look on my face and she smiles, all sexy.

"Wanna give me a 'ride', later?"

"Uh, we'll see, Cor. I gotta go get Buffy."

"All this 'pussy' talk is making me break-out," Angel mimics, dabbing his face and opening a pretend compact mirror.

Just as well. It's not like he'd see himself anyway.

I get to the top of the stairs and head into our room. It's the one we always stay in when we visit. I hear the water turn off as I walk towards the bathroom and I see Buffy stepping out from the shower.

"Wet already? I just barely walked into the room," I tease her.

She gives me a look.

Oh shit, she's annoyed.

"Baby, what's-" And she shuts the bathroom door on me.


I tap on the door.


I tap again...still nuthin'.

So I say:

"Candy-Gram." Silence.


Nuthin'. Okay, that usually gets me a laugh.

"Avon, calling." Nope, nuthin'.

I was about to say Jehovah's Witness, but then she'd lock the door on me.


"Okay, baby. I guess I'll take that surprise back."


She's so easy.

"What surprise?" she asks opening the door and lookin' around the room.

"Me," I say, scooping up her toweled body and throwin' us onto the bed.

I start kissin' her.

Mmmm, she smells so clean.

I kiss down her neck and then work towards her chest; I loosen the towel and lick at the drops by her breasts.

My mouth opens up to suck on a nipple, but I get a knuckle instead. I frown.

"Nipple, not knuckle." I bite at it.

She holds her breast tighter.

"What surprise?" she asks again.

"Show me some nipple and I'll show you the surprise." She slides her hand down.

I lower my mouth and I've got a knuckle again.

I look at her hand.

"How bad do you want it?" I ask.

Show it.

No nipple, no surprise.

"I dunno...how bad do you want it?"

I groan.

She laughs.

"Faith, you know you always lose at this game, why do you keep playing?"

Good question. Fucked up memory, I guess.

"Fucked up memory, I guess," I say pulling her off of the bed with me.

"So where is it?" she asks again, running her hand through my hair, "Your ends are all tangled, baby. Did Cordy pick you up in the convertible?"

"No, baby, she's workin' in the office with Angel. Did you take a nap or something?"

I feel kinda bad.

I had kept her up all night playing "mechanic" and then I dragged her ass out of bed early this morning. But I just couldn't wait to get here.

"Yeah, you were gone so long. Plus I guess I'm just worn out."

Okay. She may not have had much sleep, but I did not wear her out.

She can go as long as I can. I know what she's up to, she's such a liar.

"Okay, baby. I get it. If I show you the surprise, will you not be 'worn out'?"

"I do feel a second wind coming," she smiles at me.

"You win, baby. Get dressed, let's go see that surprise."

Okay, so maybe I'm the easy one.

She happily starts going through her suitcase. She pulls out some clothes.

"No, baby. Don't put on shorts, throw on some jeans. But the tank top's okay."

She looks at me.

"Oh?" she says.

"Yup," I respond.

She looks at me inquisitively, but I ignore her.

I go to the bathroom and work the tangles out of my hair. I curl back my lips and look at my teeth in the mirror.

Yunno...for bugs.

Only kidding.

"Okay, baby. I'm ready."

Damn, that was quick.

"Great, baby," I say walkin' back inside the room, "But you're not gonna need them shoes."

"Faith, just tell me."

"Nope," I say.

"I feel tired suddenly," she sighs, pulling her hair into a ponytail.

I grin and grab her hand and pull her out the door.

"That's too bad, baby. But I've got something that'll perk you right up!"


We're in the underground parking lot and Buffy is starin' at the Harley.

"It's ours, B. You like it?" I ask excited.

"Baby, it's beautiful," she says, still lookin' at it.

And it is, too.

"Faith, you got the 100th Anniversary Dyna Low Rider!" Angel exclaims. Cordelia is right behind him, draggin' the saddlebags.

"Yes I did," I say proudly.

"Two-tone sterling with vivid black," he continues, stating the obvious.

"Yup." Duh.

"U.S. powertrain, twin cam engine with 88 vibration isolation-mounted."

Uh. Okay.

He leans down and runs his hand over the engine.

"Torque is 85.0 feet per pound at 3000 rpm...Oh, and a shorty staggered dual exhaust system! Nice! Your unique features are the black powder-coated engine with the chrome covers; low profile suspension; low-slung custom seat and the raked-out front fork."

He's such a guy sometimes.

Xander would have said: "Nice Hog. Can I drive it?"

"Yeah, well don't forget the engine medallion, model name plate, seat emblem, and gold cast wheels," I add in a rush.

He looks at me, impressed.

Fuck, I don't know. That's all I remember the guy tellin' me. I just knew Buffy would look good sittin' on it behind me.

"Boys and their toys," Cordelia says rolling her eyes.

"And girl," says Buffy, looking at me.

"Whatever," Cordy puts the helmet back on her head and smiles at me.

Hooo! She looks REALLY good.

I glance over at Buffy and she's smirkin' at me. Cordy still likes to flirt with me, but Buffy's not jealous.

She knows that I only wanna come with her -

Cordy gets on the bike and throws me a smouldering look.

- but she doesn't.

"So where's my ride?" she purrs, just like my engine. Then she starts vibin' me.

Oh, and that's changed too.

Her vibe used to feel like a thousand honey bees, swarming and buzzin' around my body.

But now it just feels like a gnat.

I swat at the back of my neck.

Buffy laughs. Yeah, she knows.

"She'll give you a ride, Cor, but I get one first."

"Okay," Cordy says, gettin' off the bike, "I brought your gear."

I get excited again.

"Baby, open the saddle-bags and put on your stuff!" She smiles at me. She loves when I act like a little kid.

Biker boots, helmet, gloves, and a tight leather vest.

All black, of course. She looks fuckin' bad-ass.

I let out a low whistle.

I walk to the bike and throw my leg over it. I fire it up and gun the engine. Cordy hands me my helmet.

"Those German novelty helmets are stylish, Faith, but I really don't think that they're DOT," says Angel.

"That's where you're wrong, my dead friend. They are, and it says so on the box."

"Oh, well okay then," he smiles.

I adjust the strap under my chin and look sideways at Buffy. I give her one of my sexy looks.

"Come on baby...ride with me."

Cordy bends down and whispers in my ear.

"Bitch," and then tweaks my nipple.

"Ow," I say surprised, "What was that for?"

"For Buffy...and a little for me." She walks over to B and waves a hand in front of her face.

"Hello? Earth to Buffy. You can come down from planet oh-my-god-I-need-to-fuck-you-right-now, already."

She nudges her.

"You better go...before I do."

Buffy stares at me a few moments more and then blinks her eyes. Damn. I must look good.

I duck my head and look in the handlebar mirrors. Oh. I guess I do.


Buffy gets on and settles back behind me; I lean back to give her a kiss.

"Where are you going?" Cordelia asks, bored suddenly and lookin' at her nails.

"To the Land of Dorothy to pick up those parts," I waggle my brows.

"What parts?" asks Angel.

"Why, one working brain and one beating heart."

Angel slips into game face and I gun the engine; we hear him roar like a lion as we exit the garage.


The ride was exhilarating.

The boys and girls of West Hollywood were out in full force.

But it'll seem like a bucket of guppies compared to this weekend. Over 350,000 people were expected to attend the parade. Sunnydale ain't got nuthin' like this.

We cruised Santa Monica boulevard and the neighboring streets.

Melrose, Fairfax, La Brea and La Cienega. Everywhere we looked we saw same-sex couples. There were even some along The Sunset Strip.

But Boy's Town was the Mecca. Eventually all good gays would pilgrimage to that unholy spot.

It was a Hellmouth of Sin to most fundamentalists.

Or fundies, as most of us called them.

Me and Buffy got lots of looks as we roared by on the Harley.

A couple of times we ran into a litter of lesbians cruisin' on bikes too. And as luck saw fit, both times at a red light.

I'd pop the clutch and take off when the light turned green, leaving 'em all in the dust. I could tell Buffy was mad at me, but I didn't mind.

It only made her grab onto me tighter.

All the bars and cafes were open and the streets were lined with patrons. Loud Disco and Dance music was heard comin' from every corner.

The Boulevard itself was clean and well kept. Rainbow colored flags waved proudly in the median strip. The local Sheriff's department was on hand, mounted on horseback and letting their presence be shown.

Not that they were worried about the gays causing shit. It was the yahoos that came into town lookin' to bash. Hate crimes are a fucked up reality of life and the Sheriff's department was more than sensitive to it.

You don't always gotta be a demon to be evil.

But now we were almost back to Angel's.

Buffy had gotten friendlier the closer we got to the hotel.

It had started with a hand up my shirt, caressing my breast...

...and then her other hand began rubbing my pussy.

Needless to say, I almost dumped the bike.

But I didn't.

Angel is waitin' in the parking structure as we pull up.

We come to a screeching halt and I immediately pull Buffy off the bike.

He opens his mouth but then shuts it again as I throw the keys at him. They bounce off his chest and he catches them.

"Uh...thanks," he mumbles. He watches me drag Buffy into the elevator.

I get her into a lip-lock before the doors even close, pushin' her up against the wall. We grind a little before she moves forward, slamming me hard into the doors. She tugs at my zipper and slips a leather gloved finger inside of me. I groan as she starts to fuck me with it.

Seconds later the doors slide open and we tumble out, Buffy landing on top of me.

"She puts a new spin on 'easy' rider," Cordelia drolls.

We hear feminine laughter.

We break our kiss and look up to see Red, Tara, Cordy and some other girl lookin' at us.


Buffy pulls herself out of me and tugs up my zipper.

"Later," she whispers, givin' me a kiss.

I groan.

"Don't stop on our account, Buffy. Faith doesn't seem to mind an audience," Cordelia says.

"She was having trouble with her zipper, I was just giving her a hand," Buffy says, gettin' off of me and pullin' me up.

"I have trouble with my zipper too, can you give me a hand?"

I look over at the girl who said it.

You wanna repeat that for me?

"You wanna repeat that for me?" I say raising my brow.

"Faith, Buffy, this is Ellie. She's visiting from back east. She's here for the parade," Cordelia states.

"Only teasing, Faith. Nice to meet you. I hope I didn't offend you," Ellie says, concern on her face.

"Nah, I'm five by five, Ellie. Nice to meet you, too."

Cordy wraps her arms around the girl and snuggles in.

"See, Ellie? She may act tough but she's a good girl."

"Hmm, I'm sure she's real good," Ellie says, lookin' at me.

Now Buffy's annoyed.

"And she's taken. And apparently so are you," Buffy says, then she looks pointedly at Cordelia.

Cordy smiles at us.

"For tonight at least," Cordy says. Ellie turns her head to kiss her.

What? When did this happen?

"Ellie came by the hotel thinking it was open for business," Red explains.

"Kinda far from West Hollywood, don'tcha think?" I ask.

"Oh, I get that now, but I figured L.A. was L.A.; I saw Cordelia out on the street and asked her about it. She invited me in."

"Yes, I said that even though we weren't actually running a hotel, I did have two openings available for her."

Tara giggles and then turns beet red.

Well, that was fuckin' bold of Cordy, but the girl is kinda hot.

"Is everyone in L.A. this friendly?" Ellie asks smiling at Cordelia.

"Um, not that friendly," says Willow.

"You're just lucky, I guess," Cordelia grins.

"I hope to get even luckier," says Ellie returning a smile.

For some reason Buffy still looks annoyed.

"What's the matter, B?" I ask softly.

"I don't know."


"Well it's nice to have met you, Ellie, but we have a little business to attend to," I say to the girl.

I hold Buffy's hand as we head up the stairs.

"I'd like to be part of that meeting," says Ellie playfully, "Think you can squeeze me in? I work real well under people."

I feel Buffy grip my hand.

"Oh, now I know," she says to me.

I laugh.

"Nah, sorry, Ellie. This is a closed meeting. Members only," I say over my shoulder.

"How can I join?"

"You can't," Buffy replies crisply, walkin' past me and yanking me along.


Oh yeah.

This is gonna be good.

We're in our room and I'm standing by the bed. I fake an innocent look as Buffy glares at me.

See, Buffy's jealous and it's makin' her hot as hell. And not just mad, I mean HORNY, too.

She tosses her helmet across the room. I do the same.

She stands by the door and I wait for it to happen.

I see a flicker pass in her eyes, but then it's gone.


I'm impressed. She usually doesn't show self-restraint.

Another flicker...and then it's gone too. Damn.

Ah, well.

I sigh and run a hand through my hair.

I glance up in time to see Buffy leap out at me, the bed catches me behind my knees and I topple backwards, a tangle of arms and legs on top of me.

I start laughin' as she places quick little hickeys around my neck, claiming me.

"Were you impressed?" she asks between sucks. She's workin' her way to my chest.


"Well, don't be," Then she tears my wife-beater in two.

Her lips latch onto my nipple and I let out a loud groan.

She sucks on it hard, curving her tongue around it. It makes me fuckin' nuts. She brings her hand up and she grabs my other breast, massaging it roughly with the leather glove.

Usually it's a pain in the ass when Buffy gets jealous, but it has its upside too. She tends to get more aggressive with me and then tries to make me her bitch. Of course she can never really dominate me sexually...

But it's fun to let her think so.

She slides her hand down my stomach and yanks at my zipper again. She taps my hip. I lift my lower half and pull down my pants; they stop below my knees. I lie back down as she straddles my waist. I reach between us to rub her pussy through her jeans. She leans and starts kissing me, runnin' her tongue along my teeth and then plunging it deeply into my mouth.

I let her suck on my tongue as she fingers my nipples. The leather on my skin makes me nutty. I buck my hips a little. She does this for so long, that I feel like I'm going to pop...well, not 'pop' pop, just yet...but pop because I'm dyin' to.

She hasn't touched my pussy yet.

"Come on, baby..." I moan, "Touch it," I lift up my hips.

"Touch what?" she whispers in my ear, licking it.

She sucks on my neck and then slides herself down my body, kissing my skin along the way. She kneels at the front of the bed and tugs my pants to my ankles. She parts my thighs with her hands and I feel her hot breath against my pussy. My clit twitches...

And then nothing.

I hear movement, but I don't feel anything.

I wait a moment longer.

"Baby?" I ask. I'm so horny, my pussy is aching. I hear more rustling, but still don't feel anything.


I move my hand to finger myself, and she says:

"If you touch it yourself, then I won't."


I raise my head and see her crawl over me to straddle my face. She's naked, except for the gloves.

I look up at her as she lowers her golden pussy onto my lips. She makes eye contact with me and she smiles.

My clit twitches again.

She moves herself softly against my mouth, her pussy lips opening more with each stroke of my tongue. I place it inside her and she clenches her hole around it. Open and close, open and close, open and close...

She's milking my tongue. My clit twitches. I musta whimpered or something, cus suddenly she looks over her shoulder and sees my hand sneakin toward my pussy. She lifts herself off my face and turns around.

"Go ahead. Touch yourself...if you don't want me to."

I move my hand away.

She lowers herself back onto my face, butt cheeks first.

She lays herself on top of my body and I feel her shallow exhales near my pussy. She rubs the leather gloves over my thighs and knees, then moans as I rim her tight ass. I stick my tongue inside it and she milks it.

Open and close, open and close.

My fucking clit twitches.

I move my tongue to her pussy and then back into her ass, I fuck her this way until she grabs my knees and lowers her head to my pussy. She rubs her body across mine and I feel her hard nipples on my stomach. I feel her tongue on my clit and it jumps.

She licks me slowly, lazily, but it only makes me more crazy. I slip my tongue down to her clit and lap at it, sucking it, makin' her groan.

She continues the slow, steady, fucked up rhythm with her tongue.

I, in turn, become crazed. I lick at her clit and suck at it frantically. The slower she goes, the faster I get.

I thrust myself against her face and she moves her head away completely. I groan, frustrated.

She moves her pussy away from my lips, but I grab her to stop her from leaving. She hovers for a while and then lowers herself back onto me. I go after it like a dog with a flea...lips, tongue, teeth.

I make the same noises too.

She resumes with her tongue.

She sucks a little but keeps the same pace. I speed up on my end.

"Oh...Faith," she gasps, movin' away from my pussy.

I hold tight to her hips and lick her as she spasms, coming hard, but still rubbing gently against my mouth. I let go of her and she slides down to rest on my neck, her warm wet pussy tickling me with her soft pubic hair.

I run my hands over her waist and up her back. She has such a beautiful back. Her muscles are long and lean, splitting her lower back down the middle. I love to run my hands up the groove. Her-


I sit up with such force that I almost throw Buffy off of me. She had thrust three gloved fingers into my snatch and took me by surprise.

"Fuck!" I yell, flopping back hard on the bed. I lift my legs and spread my knees. I dig the heels of my boots into the edge of the bed to keep them wide open.

Buffy tries to slip in another finger but it's too much. The glove already makes her fingers thicker and the angle she was in was not helping. So she starts licking my clit instead.

Now she's not holding back. The rhythm of her tongue and the motion of her fucking are equally matched. I feel myself startin' to come, my legs tensing on the bed, ready for the rush, when she pulls her tongue away.

I am so close and my clit is just THROBBING. I know if I bump it or touch it or if she just breathes on it, I'd come. I move my hips towards her face and she pulls back, taking her fingers with her. I move my hand towards my pussy and she says:

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure I wanna come!" I yell at her, but stilling my hand anyway.

She looks at me, amused. Oh, sure. Why shouldn't she?

She already came.

"I know, but by who? By you or by me?"

"At this point, I'll take anyone."

I watch for it...

THERE it is.

Buffy's eyes flash with memory and she's at me again. She kneels on the floor and positions herself between my thighs. I quickly lift my legs off the edge of the bed and throw them over her, trapping her with my boots and my pants. I pull her into me.

She's so worked up that she doesn't even care. She runs one gloved hand up my slit, opening me, and with her other hand shoves three fingers into me. I arch off the bed as she fucks me.

"Oh, fuck...uh...uh...fuck..." I moan, her fingers ramming into me. She lowers her head and starts lickin' my clit. She fucks me.

"B-Baby...oh shit..." I dig my heels into her back. She sucks me.

"Uh...I...Oh...I'm gonna...uh."

"You're gonna what?" she says, removing her mouth and resting her cheek against my pussy. I can feel her panting against it while her fingers are still workin' me.

"I...uh...well...oh...oh..." She fucks me harder.

"Come, Faith? Are you gonna come? And by who, Faith?"

She returns her lips and tongue and sucks like she's serious. I feel my flesh start to goose-bump and a slow tingle begins to spread. I dig my heels into her harder.

"Who, Faith?" Stopping her tongue but fingerin' me harder.

Oh god...

"Who, Faith?" she says again.

"YOU, BUFFY!!" I cry out at the top of my lungs, my body shaking as she brings me off. Her tongue and her fingers in perfect sync, my body shuddering as she continues to release me.

She stops, eventually, and I'm a pathetic puddle of puppies.

I'm wet, I can't see, and all I can do is whimper.

I think she fucked me blind.

"Baby?" she says softly. She crawls up between my limp legs, "Baby?" she lays herself on top of me, kissing my forehead. She brushes a hair off my face.

"I'm blind," I finally say.

"No you're not," she chuckles.

"Well, I can't see."

"Open your eyes, dingus."

I open one lid and peer at her. She smiles down at me.

"Now the other one," she tells me.

I open the other one.

"Can you see me?" she asks.

"I'm not sure."

"What do you see?"

"My life flashing before me."

"Am I in it?"

"Yeah, you're in it."

"Well, that's all we need to know. Your vision is perfect."

"You're perfect," I tell her, pullin' her close to me.

"No, you are."

"No, WE are."

And I kiss my perfectly jealous girlfriend on the lips.


Buffy is sleeping.

We had dozed off after we had another go at it. But this time it was just us.

There was no third party lurking in the back of our minds.

I move through the room quietly lookin' for clothes. The ripped in half wife-beater is wrapped around her hand and near to her face.

I reach into my bag and pull out another undershirt. Buffy's somewhat unpredictable jealous nature makes keepin' extra clothing around a good idea.

But I kinda like it.

I run a hand through my hair and pull on my boots. I lean over and give Buffy a soft kiss.

"Where are you going?" she murmurs sleepily, opening her eyes.

"To get some FC, B. I'm starvin'."

"Baby, that stuff is bad for you, it's too greasy and pumped up with drugs."

"Nah, that's just a rumor, B. Who really knows what's in those secret herbs and spices? Besides, nobody does chicken like the Colonel."

"I don't know if there's a KFC nearby, baby. I'll get up and make you something healthy."

I give her a kiss and stop her.

"I know where one is. You want me to get you a salad from somewhere?"

"No. I'll have a #4 with 2 extra breasts and 2 sides of mashed potatoes and gravy...extra crispy," she adds.

"You want one of those parfait things too?" I grin.

"Yes, please. One of each."

I give her another kiss and say:

"Okay, baby. You rest up for me. I wanna have another crack at it later and I don't want you 'worn out'. So just stay in the room and catch some sweet Z's, okay?"

She smiles at me, sleepy.

She wants me. I'm a love machine. A Turbo charged F60.

As I walk downstairs I hear Cordelia complaining loudly. I notice she's holdin' an ice pack to her eye.

"How was I supposed to know she had a girlfriend?" she says.

"Did you ask her?" inquires Red.

"No. It's none of my business."

"I rest my case," Red smiles smugly at Tara.

"Whatever. That's still no reason to hit me with a knock-off designer handbag."

"Whooa there, Cordy. What happened to you?" I take the pack from her eye.

She's got a shiner.

"Jealous girlfriend," smiles Tara.

Geez. I like my jealous girlfriend better. She sometimes lets the other party join in.

"So Miss Ellie was really someone's Missus, huh?"

"Apparently. And after we had sex, she actually called her girlfriend to come pick her up!"

"Out-of-towners," I say shakin' my head, "Wanna go for that ride now?" I ask hoping to cheer her up.

"No, that's okay. I need to take care of this eye. I have a date tomorrow night."

"Already?" asks Red.

"Of course. I have one lined up each night this week; some nights, two."

"Whore," I cough into my hand.

"Excuse me?" Cordy raises an eyebrow. Then winces.

"I said, 'Good for you, Cor,'" I wink at Tara.

"And where are you off to?" asks an irrate Cordelia.

"Food," I answer. My stomach starts to rumble.

"Oh, that's right," Cordelia says sarcastically, "If it's not slaying, it's laying that gets you hungry."

"She n-needs to keep up her strength," smiles Tara.

I love her. Can I tell you?

"That's right, baby. And speaking of dates, don't forget we have one tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay," A bigger smile.

Red seems uncomfortable.

"Um..." she says.

"What's up, Red? Spit it out."

"Um...what exactly are you guys up to?"

"What, Red? Can't your girl give you a surprise?"

"Well, sure. With Tara I expect kittens, but with you I expect handcuffs."

"Maybe you'll get a kitten in handcuffs," I joke.

Red thinks about it and then looks shyly at Tara. Tara starts blushing up a storm.

Oops. I went too far. Don't wanna change T's mind about comin' with me.

"Or maybe it's a hot fudge sundae with 2 cherries on top. Don't worry, Red. It's all for the good."

Red lets it go and Tara looks relieved.

I forget, sometimes, that not everyone is like me.

I mean, it's sex. What's not to like?

In fact, sex spelled backwards is X-E-S.

Okay, so that doesn't mean anything, but if you spell that backwards it's S-E-X.

See how it all comes together?

Sometimes I think it's just me and Whordy who feel that way.

"Weren't you going to get some food?" Whordy drolls.

"Yep, and I better motor. KFC closes at 11."

"Wrong. Try closed for remodeling."

"What?? Damn. And I was cravin' chicken."

"Help yourself to the fridge," says Red, "Tara made some lemon chicken, but neither of us decided to eat it."

Tara makes a grimace on her cute little face.

"Why's that?"

"Cus she mentioned how weird it was to eat something that used to have a face on it and then it just grossed us out."

"Heck yeah, I'll eat it. Besides, one of my favorite things to eat has a face on it," I joke, walkin' to the kitchen.

"Eew, that's my best friend," says Red, really grossed out now.

I get to the kitchen and open the big stainless steel door. It's packed with food. Fuck, yeah. I find the chicken and nuke it up. I go back to the fridge and grab a huge carton of milk, then I reach back inside and grab me another.

Buffy might want some.

My hand hits something mushy.


I love pie!

Cream, meringue, ala mode or hair.

Heh heh.

I find a tray and pile everything on top. I grab two napkins, silverware, and a glass for Buffy.

The carton was fine by me.

I nod at everyone as I walk up the stairs. No time for small talk, 'the Donger need food'.

I raise my knee and balance the tray on it so I can open the door. I let myself in and shut it softly behind me.

I don't know why.

She's awake and she's fingering herself.

"Baby, wait up. I gotta eat something first."

She looks at me, surprised.

"Um, I thought you'd be gone longer. Weren't you going for chicken?" she asks, hidin' her fingers behind her back.

"Yeah, B. It's right here, but there was a slight change in plans," I put down the tray and look at her.

She's really embarrassed.

"Did I catch you at somethin'?"

"Um...no," She's super embarrassed now. She's pink going on red.

"Well, I musta, cus you're changing colors. I've seen you play with yourself before, B, so what's the big deal?"

"Cus you walked in on me."

I sit on the bed and take a hand from behind her back.

"So what, baby? You've walked in on me plenty of times. In the shower, in the bed, in that closet."

"My mom's closet."

"Right, that one."

Don't ask. But it's not what you think.

No, really.

"I know," she says.

"So what's the difference? I thought we got over this?"

"We did, Faith. You just surprised me. Let's drop it, okay?"


Yeah. Her, T, and Red all need a surprise. And T and me are gonna give it to 'em. T just doesn't know how BIG of a surprise yet.

"Here, baby. T made some lemon chicken, and look, someone made pie."

She smiles at me.

"Do you know what kind it is?" she asks.

"No, but it's obviously cream somethin'."

We finish off the chicken as I eyeball the pie.

I want some.

"Faith, why do you always eat pie from the middle? Other people might want some too, you know."

I scoop up a big chunk of it with a spoon.

I raise a brow, "Do you want some?"

"Well, no."

"Well, alright then."

Buffy leans over and takes the spoon from my hand. She feeds it to me.


I open my mouth and close my eyes. Just like old times. My baby.

Hmm. It tastes kinda tart. Must be lemon.

No...it's REALLY tart.

My eyes start to water and my lips begin to pucker. She laughs at me and leans in to give me a kiss.

"It's lemon," she says.

"No, it's lemons. Did you make me a lemons pie? What you got in there, a hundred?"

"No, just fifty."

"Why, B?"

"I missed your pucker."

It really was like old times. I won't let B serve me piping hot food anymore, so she thought of another way.

"Although it's not the visual I expected," she adds.

I'm sure it's not. This pucker is definitely not sexy.

"Oh well," she sighs. And then giggles.

I take a finger and stick it in the pie. I hold it up for her. She looks at me unsure, but I place it closer to her lips. She sticks out her tongue and licks it. She makes a face and I give her a look.

She opens her mouth and I stick it inside. I slide it in and out.

She loves when I do that, so she ignores the fact that it's super sour. She sucks a little on my finger and my nipples get hard.

I feel myself get wet, too.

"I stink, baby, I'm gonna go get in the shower."

She whimpers a little and then lets go of my finger.

"You comin'?" I ask walkin' to the bathroom.

"In a minute."

"Okay, hurry up."

I strip down and turn on the shower. It's cold at first, but it feels good. The weather down here is fuckin' hot. I soap up my body and wash out my hair. I rinse, repeat, and then realize she's not comin'.

I walk out wet and she's got the lights out. But TV is on and it casts a soft glow on her body.

She's rubbing herself again.

"Baby?" I ask. This is startin' to worry me.

Her eyes are closed and she doesn't answer.

The tray of food is on the floor and she had pulled back all the covers. I look closer and I see she's rubbin' something on herself. Oh. It's the cream from the pie.


She's breathin' with light gasps and I almost come right there. She makes the sexiest little noises.

Her eyes stay closed as she's rubbing. I slide up between her raised knees and lick her fingers.

She twitches.

I run my tongue up her finger and then grab it with my teeth. I suck on it; it's sticky from the cream and her pussy. I move my head down and run my tongue slowly up her snatch. Her fingers move to spread her lips apart and I lick her opening. Nice and slow, up and down, and then in and out.

She moans.

I tongue her a little faster. She moves her hips down and my tongue slides out and hits her clit.

"Oh," she moans again.

I lick the hard little thing in a smooth up and down motion. I go slow. Her legs tremor around me, then I suck on it gently.

"Baby..." she gasps.

Her sticky fingers rest on my wet hair. She pulls me closer. I slip two fingers inside and watch her lips close around them. Her pussy coats my digits with her juice and the cream just disappears; I pull them out and suck on them.

"Faith..." she urges.

I slide them back in and start a slow pumping motion. Buffy likes to start out slow and then build up to a steady pounding. I fuck her slowly, watching myself go in and out of her hole.

"Baby..." she urges again.

I lick her and her legs tremble. Her hips start movin' with the rhythm of my pumping and soon she's thrusting against me faster. I slip a hand between my legs and finger myself.

"Ah...baby, slide up here," she breathes. I ignore her and start fuckin' her harder.

"Oh...oh...baby...oh, Faith..." she moans, close to coming. I suck on her clit and then lick again, I fuck even harder.

"Baby, I can't wait!" she cries out. She raises her hips and then lowers them, I keep my tongue on target. She moans loudly as she begins to climax; I'm not too far behind. I continue to lick her as I remove my fingers, her moisture seeping out of her hole.

"Ungh," I grunt as I come with her. I lap at her juices.

"Ohhhh...hmmmm," she swallows. She looks down, as I look up.

She wipes my chin with her fingers, "That was nice, baby," she whispers.

"That pie was sweet, baby," I say running my tongue over my lips.

"Not too tart?" she teases.

"Not at all," I smile and raise myself to kiss her, "Now do you want some?" I ask, rising higher above her.

"Mmm," she moans, licking me in answer.

Lemons cream pie, with a little bite of Buffy.

I swear, there ain't nuthin' sweeter.


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