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Buffy's Pussy

by Oralfxatn

NC-17 (doh!I guess the title gave that away already)
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Summary: Faith's progress report on Buffy's Pussy. Mispelled words are intentional. No, really.

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xxxxxxxxxx BUFFYS PUSSY xxxxxxxxxx

Yep, thats right.

Buffys pussy. Thats what I'm callin it, since thats all I can think about these days. Okay, so thats not ECZACTLY true.

I think about her tits and ass too. heh.

So heres the sitch.

This aint no journel or some Dear Diary type deal.

Its more like a progress report.

I'm gettin kinda mixed up about what happened where and what happened when.

But this aint no diary, ok? I'm not some fuckin pussy.

Mmmmm. Pussy. Buffys pussy.

Geeesus, Faith. Stop thinking about it for a second, will ya?

You sound like Homer Simpson when he thinks about donuts.

Mmmmm. Donuts...Buffys donut.


It all started a few days ago. Well, maybe a few weeks ago, really.

But I wasnt sure then, but now there is noooo dowt in my mind.

She wants me.

Hey, I'm not being arrigant or full of myself or nothing. She wants me.

Shes done everything but tell me.

See, a few weeks ago we were trainning and things got pretty heated. We'd been going at it hard and for a couple of hours, too. The windows were closed and the air was all stagnint. The room was thick with sweaty girl smell and excited pussy.

And not just mine, neither.

We had been wrasslen and grapplen on the floor, sliding all over each other...body parts to body parts. Our skin was slick and pursperation dripped from the both of us.

I suddenly rolled away, breaking our contact, cuz it was gettin to be too much. I laid on my back, panting.

When I opened my eyes, Buffy was standing over me. Dont ask what she was doin, cuz I really dont know, but I do know that I had a pretty good view up her shorts.

You know that expression "camel toe"?

Yeah, well she had that, too.

I mean, I dont think it was a FASHION statement or nothing, cuz it didnt start out that way. But after us rollin around for a while it must of snuck up on her.

And usualy something like that makes me bust up laughing, but...

This was Buffys pussy.

Plus, not only did she have the camel toe thing goin, but part of her pussy was peekin out, too.

Just a little. And just on one side.

But it was enuff to make me stop breathen.

I guess it was obvious that somthing was up, cuz my breathen went from heavy panting to just nothing. Just like that.

Nothing. Like I just died or somthing. She must of saw me looking up her shorts, cuz a few moments later she kinda opened her legs a little.

I'm not shittin ya.

Oh, man. This IS starting to sound like a diary. Who the fuck am I talking to?

This is a PROGRESS REPORT for fucks sake.

And she stood there for a while too, PR. Just lettin me take a good look.

Her pussy was all wet and her scent hung around my head. It was maken me drunk.

Anyway, after a minute or so, she must of decided the show was over, cuz she walked away. She didnt even wait for me to get up or say goodbye or anything.

Of course I came home and rubbed the living crap out of my pussy. And I fucked it, too.

Pretending it was Buffys pussy.

Ok. Lets call that day: Proof #1.

So then a few days go by and pretty much things went back to how they were. We'd train, hang a bit, and patrol.  I'd make my inuen innuen enuen

I'd make my sexual comments and she'd roll her eyes at me.

But then one night we were patroling alone. The scoobs were all busy with bingo or somthing equaly as stupid. A spelling bee, maybe. I dont know.

But we were finally alone and it was sorta weird. We walked around a few graveyards, dusted a few vamps, damaged some demons & hung out on some toomstones. But we really didnt say much to each other.

I lit up a smoke and she asked me for a drag. Kinda cauht me off garde, cuz normally shes all making faces at me and faning the air with her hand.

So I offered her one of her own and she shook her head.

"Just a hit." She told me.

So I handed it to her and she did her best not to start choking, but thats even worse, cuz then its just stuck in her throte with no where to go.

"Let it out, B." I told her, patting her on the back.

So she does and starts coffing up a storm. Her eyes got all watery, so I took the hem of my shirt and dabbed at them.

"You dont gotta cry about it." I teased her.

She gave me a weak smile and then took a couple of ragged breaths. I rubbed her back a little.

"You ok now?" I asked her. She nodded her head.

"You sure?" She nodded again.

"Ok, cuz I was gonna give you mouth to mouth if you didnt start breathen on your own."

She started coffing again, but she waved her arms in front of me, like to keep me away.

"What? No CPR?" I asked her, like I was serious.

She gasped a little and cleared her throte.

"Um, no, thats not it. A girl wants the first kiss to be more of a romantic venture, not someone adminstering medical attention."

I remember thinking "Oh?"

But I just said "Oh."

She cauht me off garde with that one too.

She looked a little embarassed by my less than excited response.

But if she had x-ray vision, she could of seen how wet that made me.

So I said to her

"Well, B, this isnt eczactly my idea of a first date. Lets just save it for that."

And then she smiled at me.

That was nice. I started to wish the scoobs would leave us alone more oftin.

Maybe they could join a quilting club or somethin. Or ceramicks.

Then the night went on as normal, and as normal I went home to play with my pussy.

I mean, Buffys pussy.

So lets call that day: Proof #2.

Then, a few days after that she invited me to her house for dinner. She said she had something new she wanted to try out.

I wasnt sure if she'd be the one cookin or not, or if maybe Joyce was. But I knew I couldnt pass up a homecooked meal no matter who made it.

Well, except Hannibal Lector, maybe.

So I get there, pretty much starving to death, but I dont smell any smells coming from the kitchen. And the table aint set, neither.

I just sat on the couch, with my stomack grumbling and looked around the room for something to eat. Most folks from my old naborhood had those nasty candy orange peanut marshmellow looking things or some hard ribbon candy all stuck together and left over from last christmas.

But all Joyce had was a dish with po-porrie and I sure as hell wasnt eating some dried up flowers.

The doorbell rang and Buffy said to me

"You hungry?"

"Uh, yeah." I looked at her like she was demented.

"Good." She said, and went to answer the door.

We got Pizza.

4 different kinds too.

Seafood lovers, Meat lovers, Veggie lovers and Everything but the Sink lovers.

And some "new" cinamon treats.

And it was just me and her eating. No Joyce, no scoobs, just us. It was really nice.

After we mac'd out, I settled on the sofa to watch a little cable. I was pretty stuffed, since I had ate most of the pizzas, so I had stretched myself out on the couch. I had undone the top button of my pants and kinda had my hand tucked inside.

B gave me this look and I quickly moved my boots to hang off the side.

"Just take them off." She said.

I lifted my head and looked at her like a fat dog lying in the sun. I really didnt feel like moving.

"Ok. I'll do it." She said. And then she did.

"Hows that hand, Al Bundy?" She asked me, looking at it.

"Pretty good, I'm told. You want some writen references?"

"No, your word of mouth will do."

"Well, word of mouth is my mouth is pretty good too. But dont take my word for it." I winked at her.

"But this is only our first date." She said. She looked really cute saying it.

"This is our first date? Really?" And I gave her a cute look, too.

"Hmm. Let me think about it. Now lift up your feet and I'll rub those nasty things for you."

Fuck the first date, I wanted to get MARRIED.

"Damn, B. This is some hospitalety you got going. A little food, a little foot rub. Whats next, you feeling a little frisky?"

"First off, Faith, there was nothing 'little' about the amount of food you ate, and second, I told you I'd think about it." But she said it with a smile, so I knew I hadnt pushed it too far.

That was cool. So I said

"So you still thinking about it?"

"Uh-huh." And she started rubbing my arches.

Fuck, it felt good, too. My boots are bad-ass, but not always the easiest things on the feet.

Then she handed me the remote.

"Here. We can pretend you took me to a drive-in. You pick the movie."

"Hell, if thats the case it wont matter, B. I makeout at drive-ins."

"Just makeout?"

"Uh, no. But I thought I'd go easy on ya."

"See? You are the perfect date."

"So its a date then, its official?"

"No, I'm still thinking about it."

"Ok." I figured I kinda took it to the limit for a while, so I let it go. I stretched out my legs and let her work on my feet. I flipped through the channels.

I stopped a couple of times to watch some 'guy' show. Chicks on trampalines and stuff. Of course she pinched my toes if I stayed on it too long.

I cruized by some info-mercials and flipped past this one movie and then I flipped back.

It was The Hunger.

It had just started, so we were good. It was the opening sceen where David Bowie and Cat D. were at that club with that fucking bad-ass song by bauhouse, Bela Lugosi's Dead, playing loud in the background. Fucking song is WICKED bad-ass.

She got sucked in right away. I asked if she had seen it yet, and she told me no. The lights were already out, but seeing as we were Slayers and all, I pretty much knew nothing she saw was gonna scare her. But the mood I wanted to set was for the seduction sceen anyway. The one with Cat D. and Susan S. cuz it was pretty sexy.

I swung myself around so that my head was resting on her lap instead of my feet. She looked kinda surprised for a second, but then she started rubbing my head.

"Watch the TV." She said to me, and then she turned to look at it.

It was really nice.

So the sceen finaly comes up with that classical type music, which was pretty sexy too, I gotta admit, and B's hand stops rubbing my head. Slowly at first and then just completlly.

And then I smelled it. It was pretty obvious and I knew right away.

Buffys pussy.

Her pussy was wet and it was snitchen on her.

And then I got real wet, too.

We watched the movie with neither of us saying anything. When it was over, she started rubbing my head again and I closed my eyes and imagined it was my pussy she was touching.

Whitch was a huge mistake, of course, cuz then I got wetter, and my scent became stronger and if I coud smell it, then I knew she coud smell it too. But what was she gonna say?

I coud smell HER pussy, cuz hello, my head on her lap.

After the comercials were over, the same movie started again. It was one of those fucked up cable stations that played a movie back to back.

"Um, do you wanna watch this again?" She asked me.

"Its your call, B."

"No, not realy." She said, after she thought about it.


It was getting kind of late anyway, and I didnt want to be the guest that didnt know when to leave.

So I said

"Its getten kind of late, B. I guess I shoud be heading out."

I looked up at her when I said it, and saw she was already gazing down at me.

Ok. I guess thats when the eyes thing started happening for me. So I guess I better say, all I think about lately is her pussy, her tits, her ass AND her eyes.

"Ok." She kinda wispered to me.

So I broak our eye contact and put on my boots.

She walked me to the door and I said

"So was that our first date?"

"Ok, sure." She smiled at me.

"So does that mean next time I get to feel you up?"

"I dont think so, Faith. We havent even had our first kiss yet."

She was kinda sarcastick about it too.

But I leaned in and gave her a quick one on the lips anyway.

"Now we have. Boy I cant wait til next week."

She didnt get mad or nothing, she just swatted me on the arm and shoved me out the door. It was nice.

So that day was: Proof #3.

And now we are getting pretty close to the presant.

The last few days she was always putting herself kinda close to me. She'd either save me a seat at our meetings or chat me up on patrol. We got a few looks from Red, but we pretty much blew her off.

Not that Red minded so much this time, cuz now she had adoroble Tara to keep her busy.

I woudnt mind keepen myself busy with her neither.

Taras not my usual type that I go for, but there is just something so sweet and stabel about her. Kind of like my eczact opposite.

Opposites attract, right?

But this is called Buffys pussy not Taras pussy.

So back to the story, PR.

We went to the Bronze this one time, resently, and she practicly sat on my lap! She made it look like there was no room for her to sit, but all she had to do was move Xanders jacket away.

He even moved it for her later, but she still didnt move her ass, so he just shruged and put it back.

His girl Anya looked at us kinda like she knew the score, but it didnt seem to bother her none. So I kind of let my arm drape around B and let my hand hang over her sholder. When she moved, it would brush real close by her breast, but never really touched it.

Besides I didnt want to look like I was copping a cheep feel in front of her friends. They were starting to be kind of decent to me lately and I didnt want that to change.

But then I had to piss and Buffy decided to join me.

I mean, really join me, cuz she came into the stall with me.

I let her go first, and I turned my back around so she could have some privicy. And I'm not into water sports but the sound of her pissen got me kind of hot. Cuz you know

Buffys pussy.

So then she said she was done, but she didnt flush the toilet, and it made it sorta intemit in a weird kind of way.

I pulled down my pants and she was looken at me. She didnt give me the same curtesy of turning away.

Not that it bothered me any, cuz I've done way worse in front of people. So I'm sitting there pissen and shes looken at me and stuff. She did finaly turn away when I went to wipe myself, though.

When I went to wash my hands, she looked at me surprised.

"Damn, B. I'm not an animal. I do have heigine under control."

"Sorry." She said to me.

"But animals are pretty clean. I just cant reach down to lick myself. But I guess I could lick my hands."

But I didnt of course. I just washed my hands with soap and then dried them.

After she did the same, she took my hands and looked at them.

"You do keep your hands and fingers pretty well kept. Thats always good to know."

"Yeah, B. I like to keep them pretty well clipped, cuz I dont want to hurt anybody, you know." I wiggled my brows.

I know she said 'well kept', but I wanted her to think about it...plus I wanted to see her reaction.

"Thats good to know too."


And then she took one of my well kept hands and walked me back to the booth.

And this time she really did sit on my lap!

Tara gave me a shy smile and I winked at her. Red ignored us.

"Uh, Buffster, I can move my jacket if you like." Xander said kinda funny.

"No, Xander, I think Buffy is perfectley happy where shes at." Anya said to him, like he was a sandwich short.

Red still ignored me, but then she said to Buffy

"You wanna go dance?"

And Buffy said

"Not right now, maybe later."

Red just shruged and took Tara out to the floor. It was a fast song, but they danced slow anyway. It was pretty sweet, realy.

Suddenlly Buffy gets up and says

"I changed my mind, lets go Faith." And she took me to the dance floor.

I mean, holy fuck, PR.

Xander and Anya followed us, but the only ones dancing slow was Red and Tara and Me and Buffy.

I never really slow danced before, cuz I think its kind of lame, but Buffy was pressing herself up on me and I swear I rethought the whole idea. I let her "lead" at first, but then my dominent side took over and I put my arms around her and pulled her closer. And she fucking let me!

Xander kept looking over at us and a couple of times Anya would kick him.

"Knock it off." I heard her tell him.

And he did for a while, but then he'd just be lookin again.

I bet he had some nasty ass bruizes on his ankels.

But it must of been worth it, cuz if it were me, I'd of done the same thing. I know we looked wicked hot together.

And the next thing I know, Anya switched places with Buffy and now Buffy was dancing with Xander and Anya was dancing with me!

Let me tell you, that was a shock. Plus now both Buffy and Xander was lookin at me and An.

And Anya was putting on a show. Guess she didnt like her guy lookin at other girls so she decided to take the matter into her own 2 hands. And me, too.

She was all over me!

PR, let me tell you. The girl can be weird as hell, but she was SMOKIN and pretty much sexy as fuck! So I let her grope me for a while and then I looked over at Xander. He gave me an ok sign with his head.

So then I started groping her too.

The song changed and it was another fast one, so we picked it up a little. Buffy and Xander pulled away from each other and started dancing absent mindedly. They were too busy watching us.

Like everyone else on the dance floor!

Anya must of dug it, cuz she got even more handsy with me, and then took my hands and ran them all over herself for me. She pressed and rubbed up against me and I started to get wet from it.

I'm not sure if Buffy knows my scent now, but I saw her nostrils flair for a second and then the next thing we know, shes back dancing with me and Anya is back with Xander.

And shes doing the things to me that Anya was!

Man, PR, I thought I was gonna pop!

I saw Xander and Anya leave and he quickly snagged up his jacket and they were out the door. I guess Anya knows her guy pretty good. Red and Tara went back to sit at the booth and Red was giving me a look. Or maybe it was for Buffy, I'm not sure.

But it wasnt a very nice one.

I pretty much let Buffy do all the feelin up, cuz I wasnt too sure about making us more of a specktacle.

And even though Red coud be a little difficult at times, I still kinda liked her.

I looked down at Buffy and her face was all flushed from dancing. Or maybe it was from me, I dont know, but she had a little sheen on her face and it made it gleem real nice.

It didnt look oily or nothing just kinda like a nice glow.

Maybe I had it too, cuz I had some some hair stuck to my face, so she looked at me and took her fingers and wiped it away.

Yeah, those eyes are definitley on that list. Fuck me.

"You wanna go get some air?" I asked her, suddenly needing some.

"Sure." She said. And she took my well kept fingers in hers and led me to the booth.

"We're gonna go now." She said to Willow and Tara.

I thought, We are?

"Ok." Was all Red said. She woudnt look at me.

But Tara did and she smiled that sweet smile of hers.

"Goodnight." I said to the both of them.

"Goodnight." Red said. But she was looking at Buffy.

Buffy leaned down and gave Red a kiss on the cheek and then Red seemed to relax a little.

Red looked at me and said

"Goodnight, Faith."

So I leaned down and gave her a quick kiss too.

Tara smiled real big, and for some reason I think that made her happy.

But I didnt kiss Tara, cuz I didnt want to push the envilope with Red.

See? I'm learning.

So me & Buffy go outside and start walking around. I sugessted we do a graveyard run, but she said no, not tonight.

"What do you want to do?" I asked her.

"I dont know. Just walk around, I guess."

So we did, and it was really nice.

We talked a little, about nothing realy, but mostly we walked in silence.

After we cooled off from the dance floor action, it actually was pretty cool. Buffy linked her arm through mine and drew nearer for warmth. But it was cool outside, not cold. And now she was maken me hot again.

But I kept it in check.

"This is nice, B." I said to her.

"It really is, isnt it?" She said. But I dont think she was expecting an answer.

But I said

"It sure is. So is this our second date?"

"It can be if you like."

"So I get a kiss AND a feel at the end of the night?"

I shoud of kept my mouth shut. She looked at me kind of dissapointed and didnt say anything.

In my defence, I'm still in the learning stages, PR.

So I took it back.

"I'm sorry, B. That was pretty stupid."

"It kinda was, Faith."

"Sorry." And I went to unlink my arm from hers.

"It was stupid, Faith, but I'm not mad at you. You dont have to make it worse and pull away."

So then I flexed my arm a little tighter around hers.

And she flexed back.

It was really nice.

Eventually we got to her naborhood so I walked her to her door.

"Goodnight, B." I said.

And she stepped up for a second and planted a quick one on my lips.

"Goodnight, Faith." And then she let herself into her house.

Yep. She wants me. I knew it.

And that day was Proof #4. Thats all I got so far.

But Faiths my name and thats what I believe in.

Proof #5!!

The gang really did take a ceramicks class! I was only kidding when I sugestted it to them, but Anya thought it was a fun idea.

You shoud see some of the weird ass shit shes made.

It actually scared me a little.

Xander must sleep with one eye open. I know I woud.

So they were at their second class and Buffy and I was alone again. They said they'd meet up with us later, but I hoped that they woudnt. Maybe they'd go for mochas afterwards.

There were some fat ass vamps waiting for us, boy, and the amount of dust was unbeleivable. They must of gotten turned at some all you can scarf buffet or something. I mean they were LARGE.

But a sharp stake is a sharp stake and we had no problem killing them. Most of the time they woud be sitten on top of us. Like we were in a playground or something and they decided to live out some childhood truama they used to be teased about.

Kids can be so mean. And creepy too, with those tiny hands and feet.

So the dust just showered down on us.

We both learned to keep our mouths shut a long time ago AND our eyes, but that doesnt stop the vamp dust from rainning on our heads and clothes.

Afterwards we laughed about it, cuz it was pretty damn funny.

But then she said

"Ugh. I really need to get cleaned up and out of these clothes."

And I said joking

"I can help you with that. Wanna come back to mine?"


See? She really did want me, cuz I was only kidding.

But I held out my arm and said

"Step this way." And she took it and we came back here.

Buffy, her pussy, tits, ass and eyes were in MY shower.

And I was laying on the bed rubbing myself before she got out.

She wasnt in for long, so I only came once. And it actualy left me still horny. Besides, those vamps were BIG, I tell ya.

She came out wrapped in a short towel and rubbing her hair with another one.

"Your turn." She said to me.

So I got up and took my turn.

I made it quick, cuz I wanted to see Buffy still kinda naked, and I hoped she hadnt put her clothes on yet.

But she took the only 2 clean towels left, cuz the others were in a pile on the floor.

She walked back in as I was contimplating what to do.

Its not like she had to knock or nothing, cuz I had left the door open. I had hoped, but I NEVER thouht she'd walk in.

I looked up surprised, and she caumly looked back at me.

"Sorry." She said to me, then she whipped off the towel she was wearing and handed it to me.

Holy shit! The towel was wet, but I think I got wetter!

"Uh, thanks, B." And I started to wonder if she had taken the last 2 towels on purpose.

"No problem." Then she went back into the room still rubbing her hair.

Whatever, cuz I was liken this new bold ballsy Buffy!

So I kinda wiped myself off with the wet towel and walked into the room nude. I mean, I had clean clothes in there, so fuck the groady ones, right?

She was sitten on the edge of my bed worken her fingers through her hair.


"You want some clean clothes there, B?" I asked her. I walked over to my closet. I bent down just a little so she coud get a good view. I may not know a lot of things, but I do know I have a killer body. My ass and my legs are my favrites, but my tits aint bad neither.

I saw her give me the once over from the corner of my eye.

Then I saw her do it again. Yep, she wanted me.

"Ok." She said. And she was still looken at me.

So I grabbed some sweats and a longsleeved dennim shirt and looked back at her. We stared at each other.

"Come here for a second." She said finaly. So I did.

She took the clothes from my hands and put them down on the bed next to her. Then she ran her fingers over my stomack.

Where she stabbed me.

"Its almost gone, B. Dont think about it."

She didnt say anything, just kept running her fingers over it back and forth like.

So I said

"B?" But she kept at it.


So then I took her fingers in my hand and held them against me.

"Buffy, stop."

"I'm sorry." She said.

"Thats ok. It kind of tickled."

"No, I mean I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry too, B. For maken you have to do it. But we're better now, ok? I mean, right?"

"Yeah, we are." She said kind of quiet, then she brought my hand to her lips and kissed it.

See, so then I got fucked up.

And not in the way you'd think, PR. Some fucked up little thing was happening in my heart. But it felt sorta good too.

Then I REALLY wanted her to stay.

"Thats good, B. Hey, you hungry? Cuz I'm starved. How about you put on them clothes and I'll go get us something to mac on?"

"Can you pick up a movie too? Or do you have cable?"

I think she already knew the answer to that.

"That video place down the street has VCR rentals if you dont have one." I guess she knew the answer to that too. Mine was broken and sitting in the corner.

"Sounds great, B. Got anything in mind?"

"Oh, you pick. You were pretty good last time."

Bound it is, I thought to myself.

I quickly threw on some clothes so I coud rent it. I picked up a couple of bags of burgers and the video stuff. I practickly ran for the motel.

I stopped outside the door to catch my breath cuz I didnt want to look like an eager beever.

But it was pretty eager, that beever of mine.

Buffy was in my shirt but the sweats were still on the bed.

She had her hair in a ponytail & was lying against the pillows, propped up and staring at the bad reseption on the TV.

I handed her the burgers and walked up to the TV set.

"Here, B, like this." And I moved the coat hanger around a bit and then bent it a little. "See? It stopped snowing."

"Are these all the same?" She asked me. She was looken in the bag.

"No, some with the works and some without veggies."

"You mean lettice and tomato?"

"No, B, I meant green beans and corn."

She made a face at me.

"Yeah, B, but they all have onions."

"Ok, great. I guess thats why you left me the Veggie lovers pizza last time."

"Yep." And I turned around to hook up the machine.

"I'll have to remember that." She said, digging thru the bag.

"I wish that you woud." I said, but my back was turned to her.

"Have you always not liked vegetables?"

"I never said I didnt like them, B. I just dont like to eat them. Cucumbers and Zoocini are fine, and carrots, too, if they arent cold and just out from the fridge or something."

Well, PR, she asked.

"Are you saying what I think you are?"

"Well, that depends, B. What are you thinken?"

"I think you know."

"I think you're right."

I turned around and I smiled at her.

"So how are them burgers? Still warm?"

"Uh-huh." She was staring at me and putting a piece of lettice in her mouth.

I might of scared her.

"Good, so save some for me, piglet."

I hopped on the bed next to her and grabbed a bag.

"Did you rent something gross? Will I not want to eat when I'm watching it?"

"Depends on what grosses you out, B. But theres no gore in it, if thats what you mean." She looked at me as I bit into my burger. I looked back.

After a minute she said

"Take off your boots."

"Its my bed, B. I dont mind."

"Well, you shoud." And she puts down her food and pulls them off me.

I'm starting to think shes got a thing for my feet.

Cant you see it, PR?

My progress report is Buffys Pussy. And hers is Faiths Feet.

Shes got me beat, though. I havent even touched hers yet.

So the movie starts with that cool dramatick music and the graffics. Reminds me of the Untouchibles, a little.

She turns off the light and now we're eating in darkness except for the TV. It was cool by me.

"Did you get something to drink?"

"Shit, B, I forgot. I'll go get something."

"No, do you have any change? I'll just go down to the soda machines."

"Coffee can by the door. Help yourself."

She scooted herself off the bed and grabbed the sweats.

Got a nice glimpse of her ass on the way.

"Uh, you know what, B? I'll do it. Just sit back and watch the movie. Be right back."

She put the sweats down and got back on the bed.

Close one, PR.

I didnt know the next time I'd be this close to Buffys naked pussy.

I ran downstairs in my socks and got a few cans. I ran back up.

I jumped on the bed and watched the movie as I ate.

But I kept sneaken peeks at Buffy the whole time.

And THEN...

She moved the bags out of the way and rested her hand on my hip.

For real, PR!

She slid down on her back to get more comfortabel and put her hand on my hip.

Well, I pretty much finished up real quick too, and slid right down with her. Then I put MY hand on HER hip.

It felt like her hand was burning a hole thru my pants and I know my hand on her must of felt the same way. I coud feel her heat thru the material of the shirt. Plus it had hiked up a little when she slid, so part of my hand was touching BARE skin.

A little bit later she took my hand off her and moved in closer. Then she put her head on my sholder.

"Is this ok?" She asked real soft.

"Sure, B. Make yourself comfortabel." And I put my arm around her so she coud do just that.

Then she took my other hand in hers and placed it on my stomack and curled herself next to me.

She acted liked it was just so naturel. And in a way, I guess it was.

So then we just settled back and enjoyed the movie.

We laughed a lot of times and her breath in my ear gave me shivers when she did it. And then I woud tighten my arm around her, and then she woud snuggle in more.

You know what, PR?

I know she wants me, but I think she really likes me too.

I cant remember when anyone else ever has. Except the mayor maybe.

Whatever, this is still a Buffys pussy progress report not "I think she really likes me" progress report.

Forgot myself for a minute there.

When the movie was over, I let it play to the end and then rewind by itself.

She sighed and shifted herself against me and started runnen her thumb across my knuckles.

"Did you like it, B?"

"Hmm. I liked Corky."

"Fucked up name, though." I laughed.

"She reminded me of you."

"Hey, Faiths a good name." And I nugdged her with my sholder.

But she liked Corky and she reminded her of me.

PR, I may have to change the name of this report after all.

"Did you rent anything else?"

"No, sorry, B. I didnt think of it."

"Wanna watch it again?"

"Sure, B. Let me get up to take a leak first and then I'll hit play."

So I did, and when I got back, Buffy was under the covers.


She was naked. My dennim shirt was next to my sweats. Uh, hello.

"Are we having a naked slumber party, B?" I asked her.

"2 girls dont make a slumber party, Faith."

"Oh. I woudnt know. Never been to one, unless orgies count."

"Are you serious?" She asked me, her voice went up a little.

"Yep, never been to a slumber party." Then I hit play on the machine.

"You want I shoud call some girls over for you?" I teased her.

"No, you'll do." She sighed at me.

"Gee thanks, B." I got back on the bed and she tells me to take my clothes off.

So, you know...

I did. Like in half a heart beat.

"On top or under?" I meant covers, but I was thinking something else.

"Under. Unless you get too hot." Then I wondered if she was thinking something else.

"Lets find out."

So there we were, PR, naked in my bed, watching a lezbian movie together. For the SECOND time.

Hows that for progress?

"You do this with Red too?" I asked her, joking.

"We used to. It was nice." Ok, see I wondered about them.

"But not anymore, B?"

She sighed again.

"No. Shes got Tara now, and I think she has more fun with her anyway. You know, under the sheets."

"Well, thats too bad, B. But you're welcome to come under my sheets anytime." Yeah, I know what I said.

She got it, too.

She actualy blushed. New Bold ballsy Buffy, blushed.

"Um, thanks." Well at least she didnt shoot me down.

"No problem." Then we turned to watch the movie again.

When the part came on when they were doing it on the matress, I coud feel Buffy move closer to me. Before the sceen was over, she was kissing me.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Now THATS progress!

It was getting pretty hot under them covers. We both started to sweat a little as our kisses got more into it. Shes a REALLY good kisser. I shoud know. I've done things, you know?

But I'm no slug myself, so I tongued her up real good. She put her hands in my hair and held onto my head while I did it.

I broak away from the kiss for a second and said

"You do this with Red?"

"No." And her lips and tongue were on mine again. She crawled on top of me and started tonguing ME up real good.

She started sliding her sweaty body against mine and I held on to her hips to help her. She started sucking on my neck and I was sucking on her sholder. We might have both left marks, but we didnt care.

She was sliding her tits back and forth against mine and then she slid herself higher and I took her nipple in my mouth. I rubbed her ass and spread her cheeks, I ran a finger up her crack.

She moans real nice too.

"Uhhhhh. Oh, Faith." She wispered.

I'm glad she didnt say Corky.

"I'm hot, Faith." She said moaning.

"You're on fire, B." I took her other nipple and sucked on it.

"Ohhhh. Ummmm, no, I mean its hot in here."

I nipped at her nipple then slid out from under her and threw open a window. Then I climbed on top of her.

"You're still hot." I said.

The sheet was inbetween us and I started rubbing my pussy against hers thru it. She raised her knees like a tent and I latched my lips on her nipple and started really rubbing against her. The sheet pressed against my pubic mound and was soaked with Buffys pussy. She moved her knees higher to pull the sheet from its corners, but my weight was on top of it.

"Faith." She groaned.

I let go of her nipple and yanked on the sheet behind me. I sucked her nipple again.

"Faith." She said again. I kept fucking with her nipple. I fingered her other one.

"Ooohhh, Faith." She wispered, kind of urgent.

"You want this sheet gone?" My mouth went back to her nipple.

"Oh god, yes."

I reached inbetween us and pulled it aside.

I angled myself and pressed our naked pussies together.

"Uhhhh fuck, Buffy." I groaned.

She reached behind me and held onto my ass as I slid against her. We were both so hot and wet and the smell was driving me crazy.

B's pussy, I kept thinking. Buffys pussy.

She leaned up and took my nipple in her mouth. She flicked it with her tongue and then sucked on it, she used her teeth to graze the tip. I fucking LOVED that.

"Oh yeah, B. Fuck, suck on it." I moaned, pressing into her as she sucked harder, running the flat of her tongue over it as she sucked me.

I groaned loudly and pushed her back into the pillows.

"You want me inside you?" I asked her ruffly.

"I want you to kiss me."

I lowered my mouth and did it.

I was sucking on her tongue and she'd suck on mine and I was rubbing our pussies together even faster. Her clit was hard and wet against mine, and the smell and the sinsations were getting to me. It wouldnt be long now, I thought.

I coudnt help it.

"Fuck, Buffy, I'm gonna come."

"Not yet." She gasped in my ear.

It was tough, but I did it. I slowed it down a notch and concentrated on not coming.


Buffys pussy, Buffys pussy, would creep into my mind. Oh fuck.

"Buffy." I panted.

"Not yet." She gasped again.

I tried to think about something else, ANYthing else, but it was always there at the edge of my mind:

Buffys pussy.

I grabbed both her breasts and massaged them ruffly, she brouht her knees together, raising her hips, and then thrusted herself against me.

"Buffy?" I gasped, I coudnt take it.

"Yes." She moaned finally.

I kissed her as we came together. Her legs were locked around me then and the feel of her slick body pressed into mine and the sounds she was making had made me come twice.

"Uhhhhhhh, Buffy." I groaned, for the second time.

"Ohhhhh, Faith." She replied, moving underneath me.

And then she went home.

I didnt kick her out or nothing, not how I normaly do people, but she glanced at my clock and started to panick.

It was late and Joyce woud think she was dead or something.

"Call me?" I said joking. But I really didnt want her to leave.

"Call you what? Corky?" She looked deep into my eyes for a second, kissed me and then flew out the door...


It took me 28 pages, PR, but I finally got some of Buffys pussy.


Until I have my mouth on it, I consider this "mission in progress" not "mission completed". If I can keep my objective on her pussy, that is, and not get side tracked by those eyes.

But not bad, huh?

So that was last night. Or this morning. Well, today, I guess.

I'm getten ready to meet the gang at the Bronze and we'd meet up with Buffy later for patrol. Joyce cauht her sneaking in and she kinda got grounded. Well, as much as you coud ground a grown woman. But Buffy went along with it just to keep her mom happy.

Buffy knows how to handel her mom.

So I'm pretty sure there wont be anything to report tonight, PR.

But thats ok.




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