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NC17 (strong kinkalicious content)

Buffy / Faith

I don't own them. Those people who put them on tv do.

To my very own pain in the ass. You know who you are.

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They'd been doing this for days. Slay, dance, play and go home. To separate beds.

But the same activity.

"Mnnmm" Buffy bit back her groan as she played with her clit. "Faith.." she whispered into the waning night. She ran strong fingers between the wet lips of her vagina, stopping to play with her clit before sliding lower and thrusting twice into herself. Only to withdraw to make the sensations last longer.

Visions of her sister slayer flew through her mind. Her dancing at the Bronze, her olive skin shining with sweat, body undulating to the pulsing beats around them. Her dark sultry gaze fixed on her own.

Buffy came quick and hard.

"Shit" she hissed flopping back on her pillow. She hated when she did that. She could fantasize about every other part of Faith's body and hold back her orgasm. But as soon as she focused on the girls dark gaze she was lost.

Faith had 'fuck me' eyes.

Buffy touched herself a few moments more, hoping that she could go for another orgasm before to surrendered to sleep. But she only received a tiny twinge in response. No luck.

Licking her fingers clean she pulled the blankets up, and went to sleep.

Faith stood in the grimy shower, her cheek pressed against the cool tile as she fought to stay upright.

She knew there was a reason she rarely masturbated standing up.

Still wet, she stumbled from the cooling cascade and onto the clean, dry sheets of her bed.

"What the fuck does she do to me" she asked herself outloud. Buffy and Faith had been growing closer of the months of synchronized slayage. Slay, dance, tease, go home.

She wanted Buffy in the worst way. Normally she'd have just jumped the girls bones by now. But Buffy was different, she was more then just another girl to fuck and remember fondly when the need to masturbate arose.

Buffy was....well, Buffy.

Faith rolled onto her belly, and drifted off.

She woke later in the morning to an insistent knock on her door. She trudged sleepily to the scarred door, grumbling under her breath "Who the fuck gets up at this ungodly hour"

"It's almost noon" Buffy said when the door was pulled harshly open "Oh my god Faith!" she spun away, blushing "Do you usually answer the door naked?"

Faith looked down at herself, realizing she was indeed nude "Geez B it ain't like you don't have the same equipment"

"But this is 'your' equipment we're looking at" Buffy mumbled backing into the room.

Faith didn't move, allowing the blushing blonde to back into her body.

Buffy froze the instant her back pressed against Faith's breasts. She tried to pull away but found Faith's arms wrapped securely around her, pressing her tightly against the firm mounds.

"What's wrong B? Don't like my equipment?" Faith asked suddenly flirtatious.

"Oh, no. There's nothing wrong with your equipment. I guess I'm just not used to seeing it" Buffy nervously stepped away turning to face the dark haired girl, only remembering belatedly of the Faith's state of undress.

"That's 'cause you always leave me high and not so dry just when it starts to get hot" Faith cocked her hip to the side and gave Buffy her best 'look'.

The blonde felt herself become immediately wet.

"Uh...I...oh..." Buffy just couldn't get the words out as she stared at the tanned body before her. She moved her lips for a few moments but no sounds came out. Finally she just moaned in defeat and dropped her gaze.

"Aw B, I'm beginning to think you want me" Faith gave her a cocky smile and backed into her unmade bed, to sit on the cooling sheets. Leaning back she made herself comfortable, while the rumpled fabric hid parts of her anatomy not meant for public viewing.

Buffy shut the door behind her and tried to adopt her most unconcerned look, and failed miserably.

Faith pulled her feet up onto the bed, spread her legs and smiled "Ya know B. Last night you got me good"

"I..I what?" Buffy blinked rapidly as she tried not to stare at the well trimmed fur between Faith's legs.

"You hit one of my spots babe" Faith ran two fingers down her neck and across her left shoulder "Hereabout. Felt it all the way to my toes. Made my clit twitch"

Buffy's jaw dropped as she blushed. She knew Faith could be crude sometimes, and she honestly detested it, but the way the girl was talking to her at the moment, the tone of her voice, the arch of her back, she couldn't bring herself to meet the dark eyes.

"I wouldn't say this to anyone else B, ya know I'm not really the 'heart to heart' kinda girl but..." Faith took a deep breath as the same two fingers found their way between her legs "I want you so bad it hurts sometimes" her voice came out a husky whine.

Buffy's legs gave out under her and she fell to her knees, eyes locked on Faith's fingers as she worked herself over. Buffy mentally started taking notes.

"You've been doing this to me for months. We slay, we dance, we touch, you leave me aching" Faith pushed her hips closer to the edge of the bed, giving Buffy a better view "Always having to take care of it myself. No Substitutions, god B, I was dying"

Buffy's mouth started to water as she inched closer to the body beginning to writhe on the bed.

"But I decided something a second ago. I'm not gonna let you get away with it..." her voice broke on a moan "I'm gonna take care of it, this one last time" she grunted as she entered herself "But I want you to know it"

Buffy nodded.

"So B. Do you see it?" Faith asked huskily scooting forward once more, dropping her feet to the floor "Do you see what you do to me?"

Buffy took in the abundance of moisture between Faith's legs, the heave of her breasts as she panted, the rippling of the muscles in her arm as she moved her fingers at a languid pace, and then she saw it. The look of quiet desperation in Faith's eyes.

And she moved.

Between the two Faith always thought she was the faster one. Buffy was strong, able to heave demons 5 times her size, away from her. Sometimes throwing heavy things roughly the distance of a football field. But Faith was fast.

Quicker than to blonde to react. Taking less hits, able to dodge most things than the elder slayer. But she didn't see Buffy move.

One moment she was there, on the floor infront of her. Watching her masturbate.

The next, well, she wasn't masturbating anymore.

Buffy's lips attacked her clit the same instant the blonde's hands found purchase on Faith's thighs, holding them open.

As if she'd close them.

Faith exploded the moment she began to flick the little bud with her tongue. Her whole body convulsing with a wave of pleasure so extreme, the girl who usually grunted her way through her orgasms, screamed like a little girl.

The extreme sensation lasted for long moments before her body began to come down. Faith was normally satisfied with her orgasms, this one being no different, but actually much more satisfying because she wasn't doing the job herself, Buffy was. And she wasn't stopping.

Two long fingers slipped into her well lubricated hole, pressing against the warm soft membrane of her inner sanctum. (sorry I'm feeling strangely poetic)

Faith sat up, not realizing she'd been horizontal anyway, about to complain about the almost clinical penetration when Buffy hit a spot and laid her flat once again. The almost gentle sucking on her clitoris became a nibble, with the occasional rough bite.

Faith pulled her legs, holding them open herself, saving Buffy the trouble, and freeing her second hand.

The blonde made her way up the writhing girls body, dragging fingertips, lips, teeth and tongue as she navigated the torso and chest. Stopping to introduce herself to both breasts and their attentive nipples.

She made her way up the shoulder Faith had so helpfully stroked, reacquainting herself with the 'spot' before kissing her way along the strong jaw.

And met those eyes.

"Fuck me eyes" Buffy whispered kissing around Faith's open mouth. The eyes closed when she pressed down on the spongy spot inside and put pressure on the clit under her thumb.

Then she slowed.

Faith gave a tortured moan and opened eyes so dark they were nearly black.

"Look at me" Buffy whispered softly, wanted to become what those dark eyes were focused on.

After several moments of touches so soft the barely registered Faith turned her gaze to Buffy.

"There you are" Buffy smiled sweetly "Just remember one thing okay?"

Faith nodded, feeling helpless for the first time in as long as she could remember.

"No replacements, no substitutions. Just Buffy" the blonde stated adding the pressure back, ever so slightly, to her caresses.

"J-just B-buffy" Faith swallowed around a whimper.

"That's my girl" Buffy caught her lips roughly, as she rubbed against and inside Faith so fast it felt like a strong vibration.

And the younger slayer came apart.

It was early evening when Faith opened her eyes again, the sun was making it's way down behind the trees.

The orange tinted light cast a golden hue to the white sheets.

And to the pale skin of her sister slayer.

Dark eyes widened in surprise.

"I thought it was a dream" came the bare whisper.

"Must of been one hell of a dream" Buffy mumbled pulling herself up slightly.

Faith's eyes narrowed when she noticed Buffy was still fully dressed.

"I didn't get a piece of you yet" she growled grabbing Buffy's arms and pulled the shirt right over her head.

The blonde caught herself before she ended up face first in the warm sheets. For a while she'd forgotten how fast Faith could be.

"Well you were kinda preoccupied" she gave the dark haired girl a silly smile.

"Not anymore" Faith muttered pulling Buffy over her, keeping one hand on her belly to keep her front laying flat.

She traced invisible designs along the blondes smooth skin, bringing their lips together gently, distracting her as she made quick work of her clothes.

Buffy suddenly found herself naked and pressed breast to breast against Faith. When she moved to kiss along her neck, nibbling at her pulse point , Buffy sighed as the sensation went straight between her legs.

Faith wrapped one arm around the blondes neck, trailing the fingers of the second hand down her body as she tried to reverse their positions.

It was like trying to move a wall.

Buffy kept herself solid and unmoving, her gaze dominant as she looked down at the younger girl.

After several unsuccessful tries she just let Buffy be. If she liked the top fine, she could work with that.

The blonde let out a soft gasp when agile fingers found her center. Playing gently with her clit, fluttering around her vaginal entrance.

Sitting up to kiss the soft lips above her Faith whispered "Just Buffy. No replacements, no substitutions. Just this skin, this voice" she slid two fingers inside, moving with Buffy as she rocked back against them.

Sliding down she took a nipple into her mouth, rolling it on her tongue, trapping it between her teeth and nibbling.

Buffy whimpered scooting up and pressing more heavily on the fingers inside. Faith added a third. Faith released the swollen bud, licking around it.

"I've dreamed about this" she whispered. Far more talkative then Buffy had ever remembered "I wonder if you taste like I dreamed you did" Faith teasing removed her fingers, bringing them to her lips as a pained moan escaped Buffy's.

Sucking the digits clean she considered "You taste better than I dreamed" she moved further down the bed wanting to taste it from the source.

Strong fingers tangled in her hair, tugging her back up, face to face.

"No. Not there" Buffy growled "Not this time." she took a deep breath and asked in a more normal tone "Please, I just want to see your eyes"

Faith nodded not really understanding, but willing to go along with it. She replaced her hand, fingers sliding between the spread legs, back into the warm wet nest of her vagina.

She felt along the inner walls, watching the hazel eyes above her dilate, the expression on the delicate face change from pleading to an almost sensual pain. The lips falling open, to allow the panting breaths. Eyes almost closing but staying open to gaze into her own.

Odd, but Buffy was Buffy.

She could 'feel' the pressure rise in the other girl, the walls throbbing, growing tighter waiting, preparing for her release.

Then she felt a touch between her own legs. Slippery already from touching Buffy, the digits slid in easily, the thumb stroking her clit almost teasingly.

"Faith?" Buffy's voice wavered.

Faith eyes refocused on the girl above her.

Buffy touched that special stop inside, causing her to stiffen and hit the blondes own.

Faith's eyes widened and darkened as she felt herself come again. And the eyes above her widened as well and Buffy smiled.

Her released was strong, and last several moments, muscles relaxed and she collapsed half on top of Faith.

Heads inches from each other on the pillows.

They lay there for long minutes, recovering, before Buffy turned to Faith.

Their eyes met and Faith's asked a silent question.

Buffy smiled again.

"Fuck me eyes"
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