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Rating: NC17


I dont own em.



Set a few years after 'Chosen'.

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I woke up this morning with her hand in my hair. Her warm breath blowing across my chest.

And her drool on my shoulder.

But it's not as gross as it sounds. "Cuz it's my B. And I love her."

And eventually I'll have the guts to say it outloud.

But for now, she's sleeping, and I'm holding her.

All is right in my world.

I'm having this wicked hot dream. B's all over me. Biting my neck, nibbling my breasts as she laves at the nipples. And workin' me over down south.

"Wake up, Faithy."

I can even hear her voice whispering in my ear.

"Come on, baby, open your eyes. I wanna see them when you come."

Ohh she's talking dirty, things just got better.

Then her hands slows where it's being friendly with my clit. Which is not good.

"Mmm no, more. Put it back." I whine in my dream....and hear it in stereo.

"I'll start again when I see those beautiful browns." She giggles and starts tickling my belly.

That's when I realize I'm not dreaming.

"Gah B!" I grab at her quick hands, stilling the talented fingers that were dancing over me a few seconds before. My eyes are open and I'm blinking at the gorgeous blonde Slayer that is my B.

Not that there aren't a shitload of gorgeous blonde Slayers now. I swear a Slayer's greatest weapon is her looks. Not many vamps can ignore a hot chick when they see one.

"Up now?" She asks, giving me a cheeky grin.

"If I had a dick baby, it would be hard right now." I tease her, knowing she hates when I act all 'guy'.

"Skank." She murmurs before diving back into my mouth.

Damn she can kiss. I found that out early on. My girl's got a wicked oral fixation.

She snakes her hand back down my body, dipping in to tickle my navel before following my happy-trail to the Promised Land.

Now that she can tickle all day.

She gets my clit in a firm but gentle hold and twists. It's getting harder for me to think, but I'm still alert enough to touch her back.

I grab her ass and press her up against me. We're twat to twat, and as she's getting me off, she's playing with herself. I'm not closing my eyes. Watching B touch herself is how this little relationship of our's got started.

But that's another story.

She releases my clit and leans out of the kiss. We both take deep needed breaths and stare at each other with dilated eyes.

She gets my clit between two fingers and starts rubbing up and down. Always coming within millimeters of my hole, but never touching it.

It's getting me hot as shit. But the look in her eye is getting me hotter still.

She looks like she's in slay mode.

The hunter in her is just below the surface. Her eyes as fathomless, staring into mine like a predator. Or a wild beast taking its mate.

She leans forward again and bites down on me, between my neck and shoulder, finding the pulse point on instinct.

My body releases and I arch up. Her fingers slide away from my clit as her body lifts from where it rested on my upper thighs.

She slides forward a bit and I feel my pulsating clit slide into the wet opening that's crying to be touched.

The sensation of our centers coming together must set her off, because she's coming as well.

And I can feel the contractions of her center on my clit. A kiss of the most intimate type.

I fall backwards and she collapses on my legs.

I'm groaning. I awoke feeling refreshed, now my body's alive and humming with energy, but my mind is still in the place Buffy puts me when we make love.

"G'morning, Faith." She chokes out, her throat dry from panting.

There's a knock on the door before I can answer her.

"Buffy? Faith? Breakfast is ready, the girls are waiting on the two of you again." Kennedy's annoyed countenance comes through the door. "So if you're kindly finished fucking. WOULD YOU GET YOUR LAZY ASSES OUT HERE!"

We both sigh at the same time. "We'll be out in a minute, Ken!" Buffy calls politely.

I would have told her to go fuck herself, or maybe Willow. Maybe that would relieve her tight ass.

Which is why I didn't say anything. B likes when I act civilized.

So I make her happy.

At least this one fine morning.

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