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Disclaimer: I don't own them, but hey if I did the sex would be amazing.

Rating :NC-17

Archive: Right like someone wants to 'read' this crap

Dedication: For Gina aka Oral, whose definition of a 'little' overboard, is a little overboard.

A/N: This is an Alt fic. No Finch, no Mayor, and it's around Season 4....ish.

In everyones life there are moments.

Where everything changes.
When everything stops.
Where dreams come true,
or are crushed.
Where things begin,
or when they end.

I'm not sure which moment I'm having right now. So maybe I should start from the beginning.

Yeah...that'll work.

Frat parties are some fun shit let me tell you. Lots of guys, lots of girls, lots of booze, and around the holiday, lots of Mistletoe dangling from sometimes 'interesting' places.

I took me over a week to beg B to go to this party with me. And in less than 10 minutes I lose her to some idiot. Not that she wanted to go, but hey he looked desperate. And B's bleeding heart can get to be a pain in the ass.

So here I am, standing in the corner, watching the booze go 'round', and people lose their inhibitions. Now this could be fun.

It's hard to miss the mistletoe, especially since those horny frat boys have nailed it up all over the place, probably hoping to get 'nailed' themselves tonight. Smart boys, for idiots.

There are couples everywhere, chicks and dicks, dicks and dicks, and of course the crowd favorite, chicks and chicks. These are of course the ones I want to watch the most. So I do.

There's a particularly hot couple over by the stairs. The redhead is practically dry humping her little brownhaired friend. The redhead is about Buffy sized and just as slender, long wavy redhair clipped back just far enough that I can see her sucking on the other chicks tongue, and oh those hands. She definitely knows what she's doing. If she had my breasts in her hands like that, I'd have up upside down on those steps, screaming my name to god and whoever else is listening, no matter if we had an audience or not. The brunette isn't idle either. She's got her hands full of that tight little ass.

I can't help smirking at the way they're handling each other. Every time the brunette squeezes little red grinds against her harder.


Red moves down to her neck, I know she's leaving her mark there by the way the brunettes head falls back, mouth open, squeezing that ass like....

Oops. I bring my eyes up from Reds ass to find the brunettes blue gaze focused on me. She whisperes something to Red who stops going vamp on her neck and turns to look at me too.

What's a girl to do? Smile? okay I can do that.

Suprisingly all I get in return is a smile from Red and a wink from the Brunette.  My smile grows as they return to their previous activity.

I feel someone brush up against me. I turn ready to lash out at the asshole when I catch it. That buzz, and the scent of Rose and Vanilla.


"Help" she whimpers in my ear.

I look down at her and she tilts her head toward the hallway. There I see atleast 3 guys, obviously desperate jostling each other and heading our way. Probably to ask poor B to dance. What is it with losers, they just seem to gravitate to her. Maybe it's 'cuz all the jocks are afraid she'll kick their asses and embarass them.

I sigh and glance towards the heavens ready to pray to any god that will listen that I won't have to usher B around this party like I've had to do at the Bronze. That's when I see it.

I little sprig of that poison stuff that gets lonely folks all kissed up during the season. I think I might actually 'like' these Frat boys.

"Hey B" I nod towards the ceiling when she turns her eyes from the poor fools closing in on us.

He jaw drops and her eyes shot to mine just as they reach us.

Only one way out now.

I spin and pin her in the corner, leaning in at the same time and taking the open invitation of her parted lips.

At first she's stiff, like she doesn't know what to do, how to move. And then to my completely suprise she melts into me, pressing her body into mine. I kiss her deeper, lifting her slightly as I move a thigh between hers. Her hands clutch me at the small of my back, bunching up my shirt as she wraps one leg around the one I'm bracing on.

Oh how long have I waited to have B like this. Even if it's at a Frat party, with everyone and their cousins ex-girlfriends fucking buddy watching. My mouth was touching hers, I was partially between her legs and she wasn't teasing or tormenting me as she'd been doing for over a year.

Suddenly she arches up and I feel her tits press into mine. Her nipples are rock hard, and suddenly I need to breathe. I pull away slowly, resting my forehead against hers as we both try to catch our breath. I look down into her eyes, they're slightly glazed over and she seems to be staring straight ahead, and I'm pretty sure she's looking at my tits.

"Dance with me?"

She blinks and looks up at me dreamily, the slowly she nods.


I lead her into the crowd of people, some dancing, most making out and still managing to sway to the rhythm of the carols be blasted from unseen speakers.

I draw her close to me and tuck her head under my chin. She nuzzles me, nose pressed against my neck and I get wetter when she exhales. I look up to find I'm facing the steps, Red and her cuddle buddy are staring straight at me. The brunette raises a brow and gives me a thumbs up.

Guess they weren't the only ones putting on a show tonight.

I look over to the corner and see the three guys who'd been tripping over each other to get to B huddled there. Probably hoping to get some action under the mistletoe.

I pull B closer and direct my most practice glare their way. Making sure I meet each of their gazes I put menace into the look.

Mine. It says. All mine.

And B like a mind reading, snuggles closer and kisses my pulse point. I feel her pull my shirt from my pants and press her palms against my bare lower back. She starts to scratch gently as we sway to an old fashioned Christmas song.

It felt like we danced forever, but I pretty sure the 3 slow songs we swayed too lasted 10 minutes, maybe 15 tops.

Then she pulls away.


"Ready to go?" she asks barely able to meet my eyes.

Goddamned hell.

"Yeah sure B"

This sucks.

"Walk me to my dorm?"


"Yeah Sure B"

She smiles up at me.


On the way to the dorm we don't sense any vamps. Which is a plus, but also we don't talk. Which cannot be good.

We'll probably get to the door and she'll send me back to her Mom's place. Well atleast there I can take care of the little 'reaction' I had to her touching and kissing me.

We reach the main door to her dorm and there to my suprise are Red and her brunette friend.

Still going strong.

Buffy pauses as she see's them. She steps closer to me and whispers so only I can hear.

"That's Marti and Dana. I swear they only came to college to make out with each other. Everytime I see them, they're either touching or kissing each other"

I just shrug, then it occurs to me "Well then how do you know their names?"

B just gives me a look and ushers me past them and inside towards the stairs leading to her floor.

"They're in the room next to mine. Damn walls are paper thin" she mutters as we ascend the stairs.

I bite my lip to keep from laughing. I'm sure those two would enjoy knowing they tormented B.

I hear chuckling behind us and I turn to find the infamous couple a few feet behind us, so into each other I'm sure they don't even know we're there.

They brush past us on the landing, Red sending me a steamy look over her shoulder as they pass.

B catches it and I feel her tense up.

We watch them disappear into their room.

Buffy is standing before her own, the look on her face unsure as the key is clutched in her hand, liek she's not sure she wants to enter or not.

Or wether she wants to let me in or not.


"B I can go if you..."

"No!" she startles me with the volume of her voice "I uh...I just need to take care of something. Go on in I'll be right back" with that she swings the door open and shoves me inside.

After she shuts it I here her footsteps retreating down the hall. Probably had to use the 'john'. B can be so weird sometimes.

But hey. Here I am, alone in her room for the first time since Willow moved in with her blonde Wiccan friend.

What's a girl to do?


Wait patiently?

Check out the underwear drawer?

Undies it is!

I wait a good minute just incase she's changed her mind and decided to come kick me out. Nope no sign of her

I saunter over...okay I haul ass to the drawer where I see some lacy white thing hanging out of the side.

PANTIES! Oh my, Victoria has many secrets, and most of them are on B's ass.


As I rifle through I start to wonder. With so many pairs, would she miss one? or two? hell seven!!

Probably not. But where to put them?

For once I'm glad I wore a bra.

I start looking for a few older pairs, you know the ones, where the lace is pulled a little, or there's the infamous 'pussy fold' that remains after a day of camel toe.

I pack them underneath, perking the 'twins' up a bit. Not to noticeable.

Then I see them. There's a pair on the floor by the bed, which is of course unmade. B can be such a slob.

Think she'll miss 8 pairs of undies?

Nah. She won't even know they're gone.

I pick them up and realize something. The crotch is slightly damp.

When did B change clothes?

Oh yeah before when went Frat partying. We'd worked out at Giles place for a few hours, then I begged B to bring me to the party.

Then we stopped here and I waited outside while she changed clothes.

Come to think of it. It did take her a hot minute to change her....Oh B you naughty girl.

I bring the panties to my nose and catch a familiar scent.

Oh my god. They carry the same scent B does when she spar together. Sweat, aggression and...mmm arousal apparently. I thought it was just her perfume.

Never knew it was...her. Now I do.

And I'm even wetter than after that kiss in the corner tonight.

Oh...that kiss. The feel of her hands on my back...

I realize I'm rubbing my thighs together, dragging the seam on my jeans along my clit.

Damn gotta stop that.

B might be back soon.

But god, I'm like 2 seconds from coming in my pants.

Maybe I should, ya know just to take the edge off.

I cross to the door, and peek out into the hallway. Nope no sign of B.

I close it again making sure it's locked and that's when I hear it.

The soft moaning, harsh breathing. The rustle of sheets.

Marti and Dana.

Good ole love birds.

And they're so helping me get there faster.

I brace myself against the wall at the foot of B's bed, right next to the air vent so I can hear them better.

"Oh god"

Someone has found religion.

I pop the button fly on my jeans and slide my hand down.


Fuck yes Dana Fuck.

I slide my fingers across my clit and bring B's panties back up to my nose.

I take a deep breath in, yes. This just my be the closest I've even been to heaven.

I spread my legs a bit more, allowing me to stroke harder as I listen to the sounds of the girls next door, and savor the smell of the girl of my dreams.

I bite my lip to keep from moaning as I feel myself go higher. I dip into my honey pot, just barely past the fingertips and pull back out to spread the moisture on my clit.

This time I can't help but moan. I clutch my hand to my lips, B's panties firmly in my grip. Then the sensation to end all sensations, I feel the still damn crotch of her panties pressed against. My lips.

"Shit..." I say in unison with one of B's neighbors.

I feel myself go over the edge and I say the one thing that's on  my mind.

"Oh god Buffy..."

That's when I hear the door click shut....

And we're back at the moment...

Where everything changes.
When everything stops.
Where dreams come true,
or are crushed.
Where things begin,
or when they end.

I'm not sure which moment I'm having right now.

But as I stare into B's startled eyes I know I'm about to find out.

Her gaze moves from my hand, which is still obviously in my pants. To the one clutched to my lips, damp crotch and all.

Then to the vent where we both hear B's neighbors finishing.

Then back to the hand in my pants.

Her damn panties at my lips.

Then finally to my eyes.

"Oh Faith" she whispers.

Oh shit, I think.

"You started without me"

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