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Chapter Four

Faith lay on the bed, her breathing deep and unsteady, staring at the ceiling and wondering for the fourth time in as many minutes exactly what she'd gotten herself into.

She was currently living under the watchful eye of the slayer. 'The' Slayer, the one girl in all the world who popped up in random places and killed things then vanished. Atleast that's what the news said, well that and they gave her some cheesy name. Not 'the slayer' that she was. Faith couldn't remember it at the moment though. She was too busy remembering that kiss.

The heat from the other girls body, the soft skin of her lips, even the scarred one. Buffy was definitely all girl. All mighty ass kicking girl. But definitely all girl.

Faith felt herself grow impossibly wetter. She groaned at the throbbing between her legs, she needed release and she had a feeling that Buffy wouldn't give that to her. Not yet atleast. Taking a deep breath she popped the button on her borrowed pants and shoved them down her hips...

Buffy headed straight for Downtown Sunnydale.

The girl, Faith, just had this way of pissing her off, and making her horny at the same time. She didn't know which was more uncomfortable.

As she made her way she noticed most of the people rushing around, trying their best to get things done before the sun set.

Spotting a diner she sauntered in, pausing only to take in the smell of greasy burgers and fries. Not the healthiest of meals, but a full belly was a full belly. She sat at the soda bar after ordering, watching the cashier glance from the clock to the setting sun, a nervous look on his face. Buffy could understand why. According to Giles these peoples lives revolved around the rising and setting of the sun. Their business days starting when the sun was far enough over the horizon for the undead to be forced underground or to sleep, and ending well before dusk became dark.

The man hurriedly shoved the greasy bag her way, and almost pushed her out the door in a rush to lock up. She watched with a smirk as he hurriedly wiped down the grill and disappeared behind a door marked "Private" with a crucifix nailed above the label.

These people did live in hell. Shaking her head sadly she headed back to the motel, and to the kid. Faith, who was, after only two days, driving her crazy. Between the lustful thoughts she'd been having, and Faith's conscious and unconscious teasing, the blonde found herself on the verge of snapping. And she was pretty sure Faith was nothing more than a very accomplished tease. Buffy decided then and there that she wouldn't lay a hand on the girl. She wasn't one to deflower virgins, no matter how promiscuous they pretended to be.

Though with that kiss earlier. Even with mouths closed those soft lips haunted her. Buffy could still taste their sweetness as the walked through the beginning of another dark night. As she rounded the corner near the motel she felt it. Eyes on her. Focused much like Faith's gaze felt, only this time it sent a cold chill up her back, and the slight cramping that always warned her of a vampire in close vicinity. Buffy froze in her tracks. This vampire was powerful, not terribly old, but very powerful. She cautiously made her way under the street light and pretended to fumble in her pocket for something. Stealithy she palmed her stake, shifting it til it was point up towards her body. She crossed the parking lot without incident, made it through the breezeway without being stopped and was putting her key in the door when she felt the coldness at her back.

She turned quickly and took up a defensive stance. There standing in the parking lot beneath the light stood a girl. Around her own age, pale with shoulder length redhair. Buffy's first impression was of beauty, her second of death. This, was definitely a vampire.

The redhaired vamp tilted her head and she in turn studied the defensive blonde. Taking in her short stature, sure stance, and fearlessness. "Hello slayer" she finally spoke, her eyes never moving past Buffy's clavicle.

"Dead person" Buffy returned, her brow quirking in amusement as the vampire actually ogled her 'goodies'.

Finally the golden eyes came to rest upon her face. The vampire frowned when she saw the scar on Buffy's lip "I thought you'd be taller, and less...busty"

Buffy's eyebrows tried their damndest to reach her hairline "Sorry to disappoint"

"Not disappointed. You still look tasty" the vamp smirked.

"I try" Buffy chuckled, not sure how to handle a vampire actually 'flirting' with her.

"Later" and with a cute wave of her daintly fingers the vampire stepped into the shadows beyond the streetlight, and disappeared, taking the cold feeling that accompanied her instantly away.

"Uh" Buffy glanced around, the night remained still. The cramping gone. "Okay" without turning she opened the door, removed her key and stepped into the room.

The first thing that struck her was the scent.

The second was the entirely too innocent look on Faith's face as she lay on the bed. She was stretched out, both arms thrown up over her head, resting her elbows on the pillow and her wrists and hands against the headboard. At first glance one would this she was tied to the thing, before you realized her lower arms were bare of any adornment. She lay with one leg straight out, the other bent and turned out at the knee, flat upon the mattress.

Buffy belated realized the door behind her wasn't shut all the way. She nudged it with her foot, waiting for the tell tale 'click' before moving further into the room. She sat the greasy bag down on the rickety table and turned to face the darker girl.

She stared into the dark brown eyes, trying to figure out was the girl was thinking. All she got was a quirked brow and an innocent smile. She narrowed her own gaze and looked about the room, for anything that was out of place. She knew what the girl was doing prior to her return. The scent of satisfied woman was heavy in the air, atleast to her senses, although she wasn't sure exactly why the scent was still so strong. Maybe she had just finished when Buffy put her key in the door... The slayer turned back to the girl taking her in from head to toe. The still quirked brow, the full lips, slightly increased breathing by the rise and fall of her breasts. The shirt was slightly wrinkled, tucked up in the back as though it was pulled down in a hurry, the pants were unbuttoned but the fly was zipped.

Yep, she'd interrupted something.

"Hungry?" the blonde asked, sorely tempted to just blurt out something about leaving the girl to the privacy if need be.

"Starved" Faith purred, letting the blonde know it was definitely not just one thing she was hungry for.

"Hope you like burgers" Buffy rifled through the bag, tossing a foil wrapped burger and a little box of fries at the girl, which she quickly followed with some ketchup packets and other assorted condiments.

Faith to the blondes suprise, caught most of the tossed food, only a few of the packets hitting her before she could snatch them from mid air.

'Kids got reflexes' Buffy noted as she sat at the rickety table and ate her own fare.

They ate in silence, Faith in her own little world, while Buffy wondered why the strangest things hit on her. First a crazy runaway kid, and then a rather attractive vampire. Sometimes she wondered about her luck.

Buffy left to patrol after threatening Faith again to stay in the room and not answer the door. She wandered around the town, taking in what she could of it's cemeteries and then it's back streets and alleys. She even forayed into the richer looking neighborhoods. She found the same thing everywhere. Barred windows, curtains drawn, crosses on the doors. Not all the doors though. Some held simple shield spells carved into the polised wood. Some gated yards had crosses painted on the front of them. On several of the houses she caught a funny scent. It took her a moment to realize some of the crosses were drawn in chickens blood. Some even had the scent of holy water mixed in with the paint. There were definitely witches in Sunnydale. Possibly some Wiccans as well.

After 4 hours and 17 newly risen vampires Buffy turned back towards the hotel room. When she opened the door the scent hit her again. Not nearly as strong so she knew the girl hadn't picked up where she'd left off earlier, but still a bit strong. To tired to really care she checked on Faith, who was sound asleep, before stripping and getting into the shower. She stretched tired muscles and soothed her few cuts and bruises under the warm water. She didn't stay in long knowing the warm water never lasted in these places. She quickly dried off and pulled on some underwear and crawled tiredly into the bed beside the brunette.

The scent grew stronger on the bed.

Buffy groaned and flopped herself face first into the pillow.

The scent of satisfaction blasted twice as strong into her face. She quickly propped herself up on her elbows.

No. She didn't.

Buffy lowered her face until her nose just barely touched the cotton and she inhaled deeply.

Yes she had!

The little shit had masturbated with HER PILLOW.

Hot anger welled up inside the slayer, and lust quickly followed. Her breathing grew heavier, causing the scent to fill her head completely, which drove the anger out, but kicked the lust up a notch.

The slayer had promised herself that she wouldn't touch the girl. But the girl obviously didn't know that, and apparently had no such misgiving about the slayer.

Buffy consciously tried to slow her breathing. She glanced to her side, but Faith slept on, wholly unaware of the havoc she was wreaking on the poor blonde. Buffy knocked the pillow to the floor and lay her head directly on the sheet. The girls scent was there as well, she'd apparently christened 'both' sides of the pillow. The slayer rolled onto her back with a nearly silent moan. She could not escape the scent.

Fantasies filled her head of holding Faith down, touching, tasting, even biting. Anything to get a response. The darker girl writhing is pleasure, biting that full lower lip, head thrown back as she fought not to scream out her release.

"Dammit" the blonde muttered. She had to clear her mind, and quickly.

With every breath she took Faith's scent filled her head with things she wasn't even sure were humanly possible. Positions that would make the Kama Sutra look tame. She'd never get to sleep.

But then...two could play at that game.

Faith felt the tickle at her nose. Nuzzling her nose into her arm to rubbed the tickle away. I returned a moment later, then moved to her cheek. She angled her hand to scratch at it when.
She couldn't move her hand. She couldn't move her HAND.

Brown eyes popped open in suprise and she quickly realized she was tied to the rails of the chead headboard in the hotel room.

"Uh" She licked her lips nervously as she saw Buffy laying next to her on the bed. The blondes bra sat open, the front closure sitting just far enough apart to reveal a hint of pink nipple. Her underwear were down around her ankles and she was running a finger around her lower belly.

"Hi" Faith tried to smile but was too distracted by that wandering finger. She wanted to see it go into those neatly trimmed curls between the slayers legs.

"And getting higher" Buffy resisted the urge to giggle. She was a slayer, she killed things. She didn't. Not even when returned some well deserved torment to her new roomie.

Faith opened her mouth to speak, but when her mind went blank as Buffy's finger travelled slightly lower, coming closer to that little patch of even, the best she could do was a fairly good imitation of a fish out of water.

"In case you were wondering" Buffy leaned closer and whispered into Faith's ear "This is payback for the pillow" Buffy watched satisfied as the younger girls eyes widened almost comically and she licked those full lips.

Determined to out-do the little tease Buffy removed her panties and draped them over Faith's nose. Which of course the other girl took as an invitation to try and get them in her mouth. Realizing that wasn't going to work Buffy removed them and trailed the slightly damp panties down Faith's clothing, knowing the girl probably wished she were naked. Feeling a bit wild Buffy granted herself one thing. Pulling Faith's pants open she pressed first her fingers and then her panties into the damp cleft between the other girls legs.

"Hold those for me?"

Faith could only blink.

Satisfied with her superior tease Buffy really got down to business.

"I'm sure you know I could smell you when I came back in her earlier" Buffy watched Faith's face, not missing the evil little smile the girl failed to hold back "And I could damn near 'taste' you on my pillow" Faith really failed to hide her smirk.

"So I thought I'd try and return the favor" with that Buffy straddled Faith across the chest. Walking on her knees she moved up to where her wetness was nearly on the darker girls chin "But seeing as your pillow is currently occupied, I figured this would do" Slowly the slayer brought the finger that had been playing across her belly to her slit. She spread her knee's slightly bringing herself just outside of Faith's reach, spreading her fingers as she had her knees she opened herself up, knowing the moment Faith caught sight of her swollen clit by the sudden intake of breath.

"I smelled you in the shower too" Buffy spoke huskily as her pleasure grew rapidly "I even heard you say my name"

Faith atleast had the decency to blush having been heard moaning Buffy's name in ecstasy only hours after meeting her.

Seeing Faith's eyes darken even as she blushed broght Buffy even higher. She manuvered her fingers into a familiar position knowing she wouldn't last long.Not that she needed to. She met Faith's eyes as she started masturbating in earnest. Faith's gaze flickered from her eyes to between her legs as the slayer started to press herself against her own fingers. Suddenly she stiffened and lost her balance, pitching forward as she released a low moan. Her slit bumped the bottom of Faith's chin setting off tiny aftershocks of pleasure to accompany her suprise orgasm. The tiny shocks lasted several seconds as she caught herself. Elbows and forhead braced against the headboard she'd tied Faith's hands too. The girl let out a low rumbling moan that caused Buffy to realize she was still pressed against her chin. She shifted her hips back and up and took a moment to catch her breath before straightening.

"Mmm. Quick, but good" she commented. She tapped Faith on the nose with a damp fingertip "Took the edge off. Now I can sleep" she finished perkily. Rolling to her side she retrieved the pillow from the floor, took a good inhale and laid her head down on it. "Night Faithy" she said as she reached over and turned off the dim bedside light.

Faith lay there forever, staring blankly up at the darkened ceiling. The scent of Buffy in her nose, and her taste upon her face. Just out of reach of her tongue.

This truly was hell.


Chapter Five


Buffy woke late the next morning to torment groans from the writing body next to her.

"Come on, untie me. I gotta go!" Faith squirmed as she tried not to release her bladder.

Buffy's evil chuckle wasn't giving Faith any hope to be able to not embarrass herself by wetting the bed for the first time since she was four.

"Aw come on. I'm sorry, I'm sorry about the pillow but I gotta pee B. Come on!" Faith squirmed, her hip bumping Buffy just enough to get her to move.

Buffy untied the girl quickly, laughing as she scampered away, both hands between her legs, knee's together.

"It's not funny!" Faith's indignant squeal only made Buffy laugh harder.

The slayer hadn't laughed in a long while. Always so busy killing something and saving the world before breakfast, there was never time for her to laugh. Not that she had anyone to laugh with. Merrick was her watcher, always dour and serious, she never felt she could speak to speak beyond to assure him she wasn't dead of undead. Or to tell him which city she found herself killing something in. People didn't tend to stick around after she saved them. Most running at their first chance.

"UGHF. What the hell kid!" Buffy called on all of her self control as Faith landed on her, fingers flying everywhere looking for tickle spots.

"I've been holding it for 2 hours you crazy shit!" Faith dug her fingers into Buffy's sides, not finding any tickle spots she moved on. "You should've untied me last night! Eeee!" Faith squealed as Buffy simply bucked her off. She landed hard on her side of the bed.

Buffy grabbed the cord she'd used to tie Faith up the night before and used it to retie the girl to the bed now. Faith struggled harder, Buffy ignoring her paltry efforts, until she was once again secured to the bed.

"Well maybe I wasn't done yet." Slayer cocked an eyebrow at the dark girl.

Faith went still, eyes wide. "N-not done? But I only did it once! You did it right in front of me. I could smell you, and I couldn't touch you. Isn't that torture enough?"

"And smelling YOU all night wasn't? I could smell you when I walked in, but then you had to come all over my pillow. That's two little girl. Two I have to pay you back for." Buffy growled and straddled Faith's slim form. She gripped the pants, fighting the urge to rip them off, considering they were hers. She popped the button and pulled the zipper. Faith was bare underneath.

"Oh mmm. Commando." She purred running her fingers through the wiry black hairs sending shivers up Faith's body. She looked up into wide black eyes, the pupils so dilated the lush brown was no more than a ring on the outside. "What'd you do with your panties Faithy? Hmm? What did you do with mine?"

"I...I...I got wet. Last night, when you....I soaked them both." Faith stuttered trying to pay attention with the pretty blonde stroking her like a spoiled house cat.

"OH. So you liked the show."

"Yes." Faith admitted weakly, flushing an appealing pink. "I really liked it."

"So you wouldn't mind if I did it again?" Buffy breathed the question over the hairs on Faith's mons, causing the younger girl to squirm.

"I'd, um, I'd rather do it for you." Faith shivered, eyes sliding shut as the air puffed across her arousal, sending tiny shocks from her clit to her nipples, which hardened.

One eyebrow quirked in Faith's direction Buffy cocked her head in thought. She wants to do it for me. I promised myself I wouldn't touch her, I never said I wouldn't let her touch me. "Okay." She pushed herself up, bracing her body to hover over Faith's, skin milimeters apart, each able to feel the heat of the other.

Faith's eyes popped open and she wet her lips, a little surprised when the nervous action allowed her to graze Buffy's scarred lip as the blonde hovered over her. "You'll let me taste you?"

"If you want." Buffy met the dark eyes, looking for even a trace of fear, of unsureness. She found neither.

"I want."

Buffy found herself staring down at Faith in astonishement. "You want?"

"I want. I want to so bad." Faith pleaded, her eyes flickering between Buffy's center and her eyes.

Slowly Buffy pushed to her knee's. Balancing carefully above, she walked until her knee's were tucked up next to Faith's elbows. Spreading her knee's she slid down slowly, choking out a gasp as Faith's excited breaths touched her clit for the first time. She stared into the fully dilated eyes below her, watching as they stayed focused on the prize. Faith licked her lips in anticipation, just grazing her clit setting both of them to tingling.

Then Faith lifted her head and pressed a soft kiss on the spread lips. Buffy groaned, leaned forward to brace herself on the headboard, and sank down to Faith's lips.

Faith licked pussy like she kissed. Tongue sliding everywhere, tasting, teasing, lips going back and forth, worrying tender places and getting her wetter than she could ever remember being.


Faith answering groan and chuckle sent shocks up Buffy's body. Fingers digging into the arched headboard Buffy fought the urge to grind against Faith's face and lost. Once she started she couldn't seem to stop, but when Faith responded to the grind with quicker harder movements to her clit, her tongue sliding inside once, twice, Buffy let herself go.

She came hard, the muscles working so forcefully she could feel Faith's tongue as she thrust inside once more for fresh juices. The feeling of penetration sent aftershocks that hardened her nipples further.

Faith made a happy sound, burrowing lip and tongue deeper, hoping for more of the sweet juices she was currently enjoying.

Feeling too weak to come again Buffy tipped herself sideway away from the magical lips and tongue. Collapsing on the bed beside Faith she smiled at the complaints flowing from the girls swollen lips.

"I wasn't done! You tasted so good, come back. Just one more time."

"I don't think I'm up for one more time right now Faith." Buffy admitted, her voice husky with sex.

"Next time then." Faith pouted before licking her lips to taste Buffy once more.

"Next time? God I promised myself I wouldn't touch you Faith. That's not why you're here. I don't want to make you feel like it is." Buffy covered her eyes, rubbing her calloused fingers over her brow.

"Well I promised myself I'd touch you. So we're at a bit of an impasse now aren't we. I want you to touch me, you want to touch me but won't. I wonder how long you can keep you're hands off all this. Especially when it's offered freely." Faith turned her liquid brown gaze to Buffy. Staring hard until the older girl looked back at her. "I'll win because we both want this."

"Sure of ourselves aren't we?" Buffy narrowed her eyes.

"Sure of you." Faith countered.

Buffy's jaw dropped in surprise. Frowning she slapped Faith between her legs. The move so quick she barely registered how wet the girl was.

Faith moaned helplessly, her body curling into it'self as best she could while still tied to the head board. She came so hard her toes curled and her eyes rolled.

"OH god did I hurt you?" Buffy leapt up, untying Faith quickly, she worried when the girls hands shot between her legs to cup her own sex.

"Mmmm" was all Faith could manage.

"Let me see." Buffy snatched Faith's legs apart, pulled her hands away and shoved her pants to her ankles. Faith's short pubic hair glistened with moisture, but there were no marks on her skin to show that Buffy may have harmed her with her superior strength. "Good no marks." Unthinking she smoothed her hand over Faith's pubis, flattening the hairs and causing the girl to latch onto her hand with her thighs and sit up to abruptly her chin bumped into the slayers shoulder.

"Does it still hurt?" Buffy worried.

"Didn't hurt at all." Faith corrected her and thrust forward into the strong hand she held captive.

Buffy smirked at the rush of moisture that met her fingers. "Oh it's that easy huh?"

"Yeah it is. Sometimes, after I've made a girl cum, all it takes is one little.....touch." Faith blushed slightly, eyes hidden behind her hair.

Buffy curled her fingers inward, sending shivers all over Faith's form.

"Good to know."



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