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Fly Me

by Nemo


Rating: NC17
Technically I suppose S3, incase you don't know about Faith or the Cruciamentum (or was that S2? I dunno).
Oralfxatn's site, otherwise ask and ye shall receive.
Not my characters, no harm or profit intended.
English spelling where relevant. Written during my 'silly season' as part of my attempt to conquer my writing block.
To Gina G as always.
Summary: Buffy is taking Faith to England for 're-education' by the Council.

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Buffy was uncomfortably aware of curious eyes watching as she and Faith boarded the plane to England. At the door an attendant met them, and Buffy handed over their boarding passes. "Miss Summers. and 'guest'. Welcome aboard. I've been asked to check that the bonds are secure before you go any further." Buffy nodded and raised her left arm, eliciting a giggle from Faith. The two Slayers had been shackled together; Buffy's left wrist to Faith's right, and the rogue Slayer had been given an injection to suppress her powers. The Council were taking no chances with Faith this time. The manacles were checked and then they were escorted to the First Class compartment, where they had three entire rows to themselves, to keep them well away from any other passengers.

For the thousandth time Buffy wondered why she had accepted the Council's request to escort her fellow Slayer to England - for 're-education' as they called it. The whole business was rather distasteful - she had a sneaking suspicion that Faith might wind up dead at the end of all this, and the injection was unpleasantly reminiscent of the test she had endured at the hands of the Watcher's Council. It obviously wasn't the same chemical though - or else Faith was having some kind of reaction to it. Shortly after the drug had been administered the brunette had started to act very oddly, almost indecently assaulting Buffy in the car ride to the airport and generally acting as if she were on something.

The Council had warned Buffy that the injection would not last for the entire flight, and would have to be re-administered on the plane. She was not looking forward to that - because of the size of the needle, the shot had to be into the buttock, and Buffy had been very aware of her own confused emotions regarding Faith when the first shot had been given. She had felt herself grow red, but been unable to look away from the soft curve of Faith's creamy white fle..

Buffy shook her head irritably, trying to clear her thoughts. She checked her watch - it had just gone seven p.m., and the next shot was to be administered by eleven o' clock. Plenty of time - best not to worry
about it. She turned to Faith in the next seat.

"You alright, Faith?" Faith stared at her, head weaving slightly back and forth, before grinning.

"Never better, B. Bee. I'm fine Beebee." She giggled again, her low husky laugh sending shivers down Buffy's spine.

"Yeah, of course you are." Buffy held Faith's face, trying to get a good look at her eyes. Faith's pupils, already huge, dilated further as they stared at each other. Without warning Faith lunged, throwing her weight onto Buffy and kissing her hard, free hand already moving under Buffy's clothes. For a shocked moment Buffy kissed her back, forgetting where she was and why she was there, giving in to the desire that had lain dormant for so long. Then common sense came flooding back, and she pushed Faith off her.

"Jesus Faith, get a grip! This isn't a pleasure trip! I'm taking you back to the Council, and they're going to deal with you. Surely you've got more important things on your mind than trying to get into my pants?" Faith eyed her up and down, pouting.

"Why are you doing this, B?"

"You're out of control, Faith. You are dangerous. I don't wanna have to deal with it anymore. It's too much."

"They're going to kill me, Bee. You know it. Even if they don't, by the time they're finished I won't be me anymore." Buffy felt a pang of guilt as she looked into Faith's eyes, and had to look away.

"Sorry Faith, but you brought it on yourself." She nearly cringed as she felt Faith's hand touch her face, pulling her round so they were making eye contact again.

"That's fair enough, Buffy. But we'll probably never see each other again after this. Don't you think that just once we should get something right between us? Give the condemned girl her last wish?" Buffy stared at her, incredulous.

"Oh my God. I thought you were going to ask me to let you go, but you really do just want to f. sleep with me." It wasn't a question.

"You can't tell me you haven't wondered. For a second just now you were in exactly the same place as me."

"Yeah Faith, on an aeroplane! Even if I did. feel that way, there's a slight problem logistically." The dark slayer grinned mischievously at the blonde and shrugged.

"What, you never heard of the mile high club B?" She looked around the First Class cabin with interest. There were only a few other people in there with them, none of them close. She leaned in conspiratorially. "I've never 'done it' on a plane before. Should be fun. What they gonna do? Chuck us off?"

"These people think I'm a U.S. Marshall extraditing a criminal. Can you imagine what they'd think if they caught me getting my rocks off with my prisoner?"

"Hmm, yeah. They'd think 'Wow! Look at those sexy bitches goin at it.' We'd probably get a standing ovation." Buffy rolled her eyes.

"I don't even know why we're talking about this. This is the stupidest argument I have ever been involved in. You're high, and I am obviously insane for even entertaining the notion. I didn't say that. I mean I didn't mean that. Shit!"

"I am NOT high." Buffy relaxed, relieved that Faith hadn't noticed her slip. "But I'm glad you're thinking about it." Faith laughed at the expression on Buffy's face.

"Right, that's it. Not another word on the subject. It's SO not gonna happen. You don't know me too well if you think I'd have sex on an airliner."

"Aha, but you'd have sex with me. Yes!" Faith jumped to her feet, punching the air with her free hand before being pulled back down by the blonde. "I'm sure we can find time somewhere when we get to England." Buffy groaned.

"Just shut up alright? God I hope you're not like this all the way there. This could be the longest flight in history." Buffy managed to quieten the enthusiastic Slayer as the cabin crew went through their carefully choreographed spiel, and then finally they took off, bound for England.

"God, do you really think I'm stupid enough to let you get me drunk? You'll either rape me, or try to escape. Or both, most likely." Faith had found a new argument with which to annoy Buffy as they cruised at thirty thousand feet, barely half an hour into their flight.

"Just one drink, B. You're hardly likely to get drunk. And I don't want to rape you - I want you willing." She leered at Buffy, making the little blonde blush yet again. "As for escape, er HELLO!" She rattled the chain linking their manacles. "Even if I got out of this, where am I gonna go? Out the door?"

Buffy had to confess to herself that she felt like she needed a drink. This whole business was turning out to be even more stressful that she had imagined. She looked at her fellow Slayer through narrowed eyes, trying to gauge her mood. "Hmm, oh okay, seeing as how this is the last time we're gonna see each other. I don't see how it can hurt." Buffy caught the eye of a passing air stewardess, and beckoned her over. "What are you having, Faith?"

"I'll have a J.D. please, B."

"Yeah, I'll have one of those too, please."

Faith leaned across her to speak to the stewardess. "Better make those doubles," she said, grinning. Buffy frowned at her, but finally nodded her assent to the hostess, who went off and was back shortly with their drinks.

"Cheers, Buffy." Faith clinked her glass against Buffy's, and then downed the drink, smacking her lips. Buffy found herself staring at Faith's mouth as the brunette ran her tongue over her lips, then looked away embarrassed as the other Slayer glanced at her. "Drink up, B."

"Hmm, I probably shouldn't. Booze always goes straight to my head."

"It's a long flight, B. I'm sure you can handle it." Buffy eyed Faith askance, then shrugged.

"Hell, why not?"

"Wotcha doin,' B?" Faith watched curiously as Buffy fiddled with her watch.

"I'm gonna have a nap. Just setting the alarm to wake me up at half ten, so I can give you your booster jab." Faith sighed, and fluttered her eyelashes. Leaning closer, she gazed into Buffy's eyes . Buffy felt her heart racing at Faith's proximity, and desperately tried to control her breathing.

"You don't need to do that, B. I'll be good. You can trust me."

"Yeah, right Faith. I think I prefer you the way you are right now."

"I can imagine. Vulnerable, helpless against your charms. Do you know you look really cute when you blush?"

"I'm not blushing!"

"Oh right. Must just be hot in here then."

"Shut up, Faith. I'm gonna get some sleep. Maybe you should get some rest as well."

"Nah, I'm alright. I'll watch the movie or something."

Buffy signalled to the hostess, and asked for a blanket. When the blanket arrived she reclined her chair and curled up on her side. Faith looked across at the blonde Slayer, before pulling on the complimentary earphones and reclining in her own seat. She waited for ten minutes or so, watching a grim British movie about alcoholism, before leaning over Buffy's recumbent form to check if she really was asleep. She blew in the little blonde's ear, making her mutter slightly but she didn't wake up. With a smile Faith thought about how trusting Buffy was, and how easily she could kill her fellow Slayer at this moment. Not that she would, not anymore. Anyway, she'd still be on a plane, but handcuffed to a corpse.

Sighing, Faith tenderly kissed the other girl on her forehead, and then looked down thoughtfully.

Buffy struggled hazily back to consciousness as the persistent beeping noise was joined by a hand shaking her.

"What? Where. oh." The plane was dark now, just small overhead lights providing illumination here and there. Faith was looking down at her, hand resting lightly on Buffy's shoulder.

"Hey, sleepyhead. Good nap?" Buffy stifled a yawn with her hand, and then switched off the alarm.

"I guess. You seem suspiciously chipper." Faith feigned a hurt expression, and gasped in mock indignation.

"Buffy! How could you say such a thing?" She grinned down at her one time friend, before dropping the smile. "Seriously B, you may have had enough but so have I. I'm tired of fighting, and being angry without knowing what it is I'm angry at. I know it's not you. You're just an easy target, cause I care about you, and there's nobody else I can say that about." She looked away, seeming to fight with some inner turmoil.

Buffy didn't know what to say. As she brought her seat upright she felt the weight in her back pocket, and remembered the case she had been given before she left. She felt a flash of guilt at what she was going to do, but held onto the fact that she had been tricked by Faith before. She wouldn't allow herself to be swayed by pretty words. "Come on Faith." The other Slayer looked at her quizzically. "Bathroom - time for your booster. Unless you want to do it out here?"

"Uh no, that's alright, thanks all the same. Bathroom it is."

The bathroom was bigger than the ones in economy, but it was still a tight fit with both of them in there. Buffy pulled a slim case out of her back pocket, opening it to reveal a glass syringe and a small ampoule of some clear liquid. Placing it on a small shelf she looked at Faith, who had sat down on the toilet. "You're gonna have to stand up while I assemble the syringe - I need both hands and the chain isn't exactly long."

"Whatever you say, B." Faith stood up and leaned in close, bringing her right arm over Buffy's head and round, the manacles pulling Buffy's left arm tight across her body. Buffy's right arm was trapped under Faith's. The Slayer tried to remain calm as Faith ran her free hand slowly up her thigh.

"Faith, stop it. I'm serious. I don't want to have hurt you, but you are really trying my patience. Now get the fuck off me!" Faith licked the side of her neck, and then started grinding her hips into Buffy's ass.

"I've got a confession to make, B." The rogue Slayer sat back down, pulling Buffy with her. The petite Slayer tried to struggle, but was held tight. Faith moved her hand under Buffy's top, sliding up to cup her breast then making her gasp as she pinched the nipple, feeling it grow harder under her fingers.

"God damn it I am gonna kick your ass, Faith! I. ummm."

"While you were asleep, I kinda reset your watch. I reckon it's about midnight - that stuff wore off quite a while ago."

"Shit. what. what are you gonna do now? You can't seriously think you're gonna escape?"

Faith nuzzled Buffy's neck, then moved to her ear. "I don't wanna escape. You can do what you gotta, soon as I'm done." She released Buffy's breast and moved her hand down, grinning to herself at Buffy's almost inaudible sigh of disappointment. The blonde soon tensed again, as Faith slipped her hand under the waist band of Buffy's pants and then down inside her underwear.

"Faith, please. ohhh, I thought. I thought you only wanted me if I was willing." She moaned as she felt Faith's fingers spread her delicate folds apart before oh so slowly slipping inside her.

"Yeah, you really hate this don't you, B?" Faith laughed. "That's why you're so fuckin' wet. I know what you want better than you do - which is fair enough, cos it's me that you want." She started to move her fingers, pumping into Buffy's moist pussy, feeling the blonde's body respond despite her protestations. "I know you can't admit it to yourself, but this way you don' t have to. Tell yourself it's not your fault, you don't have a choice. Just let go."

Buffy bit her lip to avoid screaming and arched backwards, lifting her legs up and bracing them against the bathroom wall, pressing herself into Faith's body.

"F. Faith."

"Yes, baby?"

"Faith." Almost gasping her name as she felt those fingers plunge deep inside her, the friction building, she spread her legs trying to get Faith deeper inside.

"Tell me, B. What do you want? Say it." Faith curled her fingers inside Buffy, who started to buck against her. Buffy was trying desperately not to scream as she felt the tension mounting, making soft keening cries between clenched teeth. She clenched her legs together, gripping Faith's hand tight between her thighs.

"I want you. I want you Faith! Oh fuck. oh fuck oh fuck ohhh."

"Good girl, B. Good little Slayer." With Buffy almost on the brink of orgasm, Faith pulled her hand back out and licked her fingers, leaving the little blonde almost in tears at the sense of loss.

"Faith? What are you doing? Don't stop. Don't stop! You fucking bitch! I knew I couldn't trust you."

"The mouth you've got on you, B! I'm amazed. But I forgive you - I know you're kind of emotional right now. Stand up!"

"What?" asked Buffy, confused at this turn of events.

"Stand up, B. Just do it! I promise you won't regret it." Buffy got up on shaky legs, needing to brace her arms on the sink just to stay upright. Faith dropped to her knees behind her, nearly pulling her down as well. "Sorry B. These fucking handcuffs are a pain!" The dark Slayer unzipped Buffy's pants, sliding them down over her hips and taking her panties with them, then moved her legs further apart to allow easier access.

Suddenly there was a banging on the door. Faith was so surprised she almost failed to catch Buffy as she lost her balance. "Hurry up in there! I need to go!" Faith grinned and opened her mouth to retort, but Buffy beat her to it.

"Sir, I will have to ask you to use another toilet please. I am a federal officer extraditing an extremely dangerous criminal. I'm afraid this could take a while."

"You're joking aren't you? I really need to go!"

Faith chose this moment to bang on the wall and add her contribution. "Fuck you bitch! I ain't going back to prison."

Buffy groaned. "Shut the fuck up Faith! I mean it." She glared at the brunette, and to emphasise her point banged Faith's head against the wall. Just slightly. "Sir, please! If you talk to one of the cabin crew they will confirm the situation and direct you to another bathroom."

"Oh, okay." There was a slight pause. "What exactly are you doing in there, anyway?"

"Shit! We better get out of here, Faith" said Buffy, pulling up her pants.

"With all due respect, Marshall Summers, I really don't think so." Faith leant on Buffy's back, bending her over the sink before pulling her pants back down and kneeling once more.

"For Christ's sake, Faith, we really should. hmmmohhh" Buffy practically writhed as Faith rubbed her clit, using her thumb expertly, before spreading Buffy's lips. "Um. er. well at least . be quick about it."

"Yes Ma'am!" Faith grinned, before diving in. Buffy arched as she felt Faith 's tongue penetrate her, darting in and out. She ground her hips back into Faith's face, luxuriating in the feel of the brunette lapping at her, drinking her free flowing juices. Almost too quickly she felt the pressure building back up, almost unbearable now. She needed to come so desperately. Faith licked harder, more urgently, furiously working Buffy's clitoris until eventually she came all over the brunette's face. Faith kept licking as the blonde mindlessly ground against her, riding the peak of a second orgasm, finally collapsing over the wash basin.

"My God! Is it always like that?" Buffy slid onto the floor, exhausted, sitting on Faith's lap. The 'rogue' shook her head.

"It's not normally so. intense. But you are the first Slayer I've slept with.. argh, we better get going. They'll be thinking I've killed you or something." Buffy leant down and kissed Faith, tasting herself on the other girl's lips.

"In a sec. No hurry." She pulled off her top to reveal her firm breasts, nipples still standing proud.

"Oh God, I've created a monster." Buffy raised herself up slightly, leaning back as Faith took her nipple and began to suck.

They cleaned themselves up a bit and stepped outside the bathroom, to find a member of the cabin crew nervously awaiting them.

"Don't worry, I've got everything under control now," Buffy assured her. "Nothing to worry about." The stewardess looked relieved. "But if you could keep EVERYONE away from our seats until we land, including the crew, I'd appreciate it." The stewardess readily agreed, preferring to have no contact with a dangerous lunatic who had fights with Federal Marshalls in bathrooms. "Oh, and could I get another blanket please?"

The Slayers made their way back to their seats, and curled up under their blankets. In the gloom, and with the blankets over them, nobody could see Buffy kissing and groping her prisoner. They were both upright in their seats as if nothing had ever happened by the time the plane came in to land at Heathrow, London.

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