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A River in Egypt

by Nemo


Rating: NC17
Spoilers: Season 3 I reckon
Distribution: Oralfxatn's site, otherwise ask and ye shall receive.
Notes: English spelling where relevant.
Dedication: To Gina G as always Summary: Confusion, self doubt and rationalisation

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It's been an odd few weeks. I'm sure if I could just stop thinking about it, it wouldn't be a problem - I mean, it never even occurred to me until recently. Now I can't stop wondering, it's driving me insane. Not that it's the end of the world if it's true, I'm not that shallow, it's just weird when it's yourself instead of someone else. Not that I am; I know exactly what this is about.

It was a typical night in my bizarre life. Hung out in graveyards - staked a few vamps, battled some demons, and got subjected to a barrage of sexual innuendoes by my 'partner in crime'. Faith just doesn't stop: it's sex, sex, sex all the time with that girl. Sometimes I wish she'd just give it a rest, but I think a lot of it is just to wind me up. If she knew it bothered me, I'd never get a moments peace. So I just grin and bear it. Tonight she ended up on her particular fave - the whole 'hungry and horny' thing.

"So B, that was a pretty good work out doncha think? I could really go for something to eat right now... maybe some food as well." She smirked, trying to get a rise out of me. I've learnt my lesson on that one though - do not try to play Faith at her own game. She always wins. Then she started having a go at my yoghurt.

"So I guess you'll just head on home, have some of that low fat gunk you love so much." She shook her head in disbelief. "Maybe tuck yourself up in bed with a good book? I just don't get it B. I mean, repress much? Don't you ever just wanna go out and get some... ugh?" She illustrated her 'grunt work' with some entirely unnecessary hip movements.

"Hey, I like my yoghurt - it's very healthy. Got hardly any calories..." I trailed off as I realised how lame that sounded. Faith just laughed.

"It's bacteria blondie. You wanna get some 'meat' in ya." God, that was bad even by Faith's standards.

"Just because 'some people' are obsessed with sex, it doesn't mean that I have to be. I guess I just don't get as wound up as you do." She gave me a raised eyebrow, and then shrugged.

"If you say so. Looks like I'll see you tomorrow then - I'm after some action."

"Okay, tomorrow it is. See you in the library after school?"

"Yup. Laters B."

"'Night Faith. Good luck with the 'action'." Not that she needed it. A guy would have to be an idiot not to take any chance he gets with her - I mean I'm not blind, I know when a girl is attractive, and Faith is practically sex incarnate. Mind you, I'm not a hundred percent certain that it is guys she goes for. Or only guys anyway. Some of her comments are kind of ambiguous.

"'Night-night Sweetpea. Enjoy your yoghurt." I gave her a final roll of the eyes, but she was already striding away and didn't see it. I was almost tempted to join her in the hunt for some 'action', but I knew that was just the 'H&H' talking, so I just headed home.

Okay, so Slaying does get me hungry and horny. It wasn't a problem before Faith came along - but she goes on about it so much, it's like it gets drilled into my brain or something. 'You are hungry and horny. You are hungry and horny'. Low fat yoghurt just doesn't cut it anymore.

So I find I have to 'take steps' if I've been out on patrol with Faith. Otherwise I just can't sleep. I'm sure you know what I mean.

So once again, post slayage it was just my hand and I getting comfy.

I had my yoghurt first of course. I practically inhaled it, I was that hungry. Then I went upstairs to my room and locked my door. I put on some quiet music and got out of my clothes in double quick time, and then settled back on my bed.

God I was so worked up. I started stroking myself slowly, just teasing myself really. I couldn't believe how wet I was already. It was all Faith's fault of course, always going on and on about sex. She was probably out there somewhere right at that moment, getting some, feeding her 'hunger'.

I increased the pressure, cupping myself and brushing my taut clit with the heel of my hand. Biting my lip I held back the moan that threatened to break out. Oh yeah, that was the spot. If Faith would just shut up occasionally, I wouldn't get so wound up, I could get things back to how they were.

I slipped a finger inside myself, feeling my muscles clutching at it. When I slipped a second finger in I nearly gasped out loud at the tightness, and started to really grind my palm down. This problem with Faith, it was starting to get to the point where I was a bit uncomfortable about going out on patrol with her. It's not like I'm highly sexed; it felt kinda weird to be so on edge the whole time.

My hips were starting to move of their own accord by this time, rocking slowly in time with my fingers gliding slowly back and forth. Of course in a lot of ways it was better patrolling with Faith: safer, more effective... more exciting. Oh God, she was even starting to intrude on my, uh, 'downtime'. I so didn't need to be thinking about her right then, couldn't I ever get away from her? Wherever my mind was, my body didn't seem to be having any trouble, getting steadily closer to the edge. I could feel waves starting to build deep inside, rippling through my abdomen. All I needed to do was stop thinking about Faith, for fuck's sake. Faith.

Unbidden an image of the other Slayer formed in my mind, with her sprayed on leather pants over endless legs, and ruby red lips, and pale skin in the hollow of her neck leading down to that cleavage... er, what? That familiar tingle in my sex seemed to somehow... collide with that other familiar tingle, my Slayer sense, setting both on fire. For a moment it was almost as if I could feel Faith in the room with me, kneeling over my body; and those weren't my fingers I could feel inside me, they were...

...Before I even had a chance to recoil from that unfortunate mental image an orgasm ripped through me - and I mean ripped. It just seemed to go on and on, and those fingers seemed to have a mind of their own, going and going and goi... and the whole time I could see her, and feel her and...

"Oh Jesus yessss, fuckkk, Faith!" The tension just flowed out of my body, and I lay there gasping like a stranded fish, stunned and wondering 'where the fuck did that come from?'

So you see it all makes perfect sense. It's all completely harmless and innocent. I get a bit worked up, I blame Faith, and naturally she's on my mind when I... well, you know. Anything more than that was probably just my imagination - or maybe it was a Slayer thing... yeah that works, right? It's not like it's the first time something weird has happened around here. Frustration, an annoying fellow Slayer with whom I share some weird connection, and living on top of a Hellmouth. It's a powerful combo. I guess.

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