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Something New, Something Blue

by Mythic Lionheart



Bla Stuff: Christine, an original character, is actually based on me. The character is about my life mostly and everything that has happened to me except being a potential and being in the slayer world. But she isn’t totally me. I just needed someone like her for this kind of fic, you will know what I mean if you read this. Eliza/Faith is my hero. I have gone through things similar to Faith and thought I could use myself as a friend to Faith. I don't know, it sounds stupid. You'll see. Oh and Willow and Kennedy aren't together either. Tara is gone and Wood and Giles never tried to kill Spike. Spike does have a soul. He also never even knew that one ring that can make vampires come into the sun light existed. So I guess it's a little AU too.
Dedication is to Jason who has helped me through my hard times with my fics and for helping me with chapter 33, lol.
Thanks! To Kim because she’s too sweet. And always to Gina who inspired me to keep on writing.
Pairing: Buffy/Faith eventually and Kennedy/Christine (OC). There is Faith/Christine implied also, nothing big at all, don’t freak. Some Willow/Fred too.
Setting: This is right before Willow comes back with Faith.
Note: Be gentle with feedback. Because Christine is sort of like me (based on me) and her life is like my life. I thought it would be interesting to do this kind of Fic. Also, < >, means mind talking/speaking.

PART ONE: The Newbies...

Giles knocked on the Summer's door as he heard something crash in the background. He merely shook his head as he heard Dawn yelling something about a vase. The girl next to Giles stood awkwardly, fidgeting with her hands. Giles smiled lightly.

"Don't be nervous Christine. Everything will be just fine," Giles said as the potential looked up at him. She lightly smiled as the door opened and Buffy stood in the doorway.

Buffy had let Giles and the new potential, Christine, in. There were so many girls now in the house that the slayer was surprised she could even remember their names. Christine seemed very strong by the looks of her but Buffy was just glad to get all the help they could get. Buffy had then called Kennedy down from upstairs to show Christine around and to set up a spot for her to sleep.

Kennedy descended the stairs laughing at a joke Dawn just told her when she reached the bottom. She looked into the living room and her chest tightened. A girl, about 5'9 with dirty blond curly hair down just past her shoulders with a slim yet athletic build and green eyes stood talking with Giles and Buffy. She was very beautiful. The thought made Kennedy think about Willow and she sighed.

Kennedy had given up on Willow. Willow obviously wasn't ready to move on to another relationship...that and Kennedy kind of lost interest in her...at first she thought maybe she did feel something for the redhead...but then it was gone. There was no spark, nothing. So Kennedy was just content being friends with the older witch. Kennedy walked into the living room where they were.

"Kennedy, this is Christine. Christine, this is Kennedy," Buffy introduced. Christine looked over at Kennedy shyly.

"Hey," Christine acknowledged.

"Hi," Kennedy replied. Christine stuck her hand out and Kennedy grasped it shaking it firmly. Both Kennedy and Christine felt a tingling sensation.

"Why don't I show you around?" Kennedy asked walking away from Giles and Buffy. Christine nodded following her giving Giles one last glance before going up the stairs. Buffy turned back to Giles. Concern filled his face.

"Do be careful with this one Buffy. She's a bit different then the rest. She's strong but she has been through...much. We don't want the same thing..." Giles started. Buffy nodded.

"Yeah...I understand."

"I guess we'll be bunking together," Kennedy stated as she finished showing Christine the rest of the house. She pushed open Willow's door and showed the girl in.

"You better not hog the covers," Kennedy stated reusing her line she used on Willow. A blush rose in Christine's cheeks as she set her stuff down. Kennedy grinned.

Christine straightened up and looked over at Kennedy. "If I didn't know any better, I would say that was a come on," Christine threw back at her. Christine did have a good sense of humor. And she wanted to test Kennedy on how far she would take this. Kennedy was very attractive and Christine was always a sucker for brown eyes.

"I don't know, do you want it to be?" Kennedy replied stepping a little closer to Christine challenging her. She was impressed at Christine's rebuttal. She liked this girl...wait a second...was she flirting back with Kennedy?

Christine was at a loss for words but was saved when Dawn came in. "Hey you two, Willow is back. We have to go downstairs," Dawn stated.

Faith followed Willow into the house trying to prepare herself. Willow was being very nice to her and they talked the whole ride back so that was good. The redhead was impressed about how much Faith had changed and about what she did in LA. Her and Faith talked about everything in the car and got it all sorted out.

Willow was fine with Faith now. She had a lot of anger for the other girl earlier but now, she better understood her. Willow went down a dark path herself. The redhead believed that people need a chance and she was giving Faith that.

Buffy had heard Willow pull up the driveway and tried to gather the SITs. Willow entered the house followed by Faith as Dawn, Kennedy, and Christine came down the stairs. Christine knew immediately who Faith was as the others looked at the girl confused.

Dawn hugged Faith and was going to say something when Buffy cleared her throat. Dawn looked at Faith giving her a sympathetic smile before walking over to her sister's side. Christine followed Kennedy into the living room and smiled at Faith as she passed her.

Faith felt out of place as she stood behind Willow. She was glad that Dawn was at lest happy that she was there. She felt very uncomfortable. One of the SITs smiled at Faith as she passed by following a brunette into the living room. Faith found it rather odd but smiled back and followed Willow into the living room. She couldn't help but have the feeling that this was going to be a long stay in Sunnyhell.

Buffy had talked about the situation to the girls and introduced Faith. Buffy barley even glanced at the girl. It didn't go by unnoticed either as Willow stole a quick look at Faith. A little while after, when Buffy finished her talk, the group departed to do their separate things. After a while, Faith couldn't handle it and had to have some space. So she walked on downstairs and sat on the steps at the bottom.

"Needed air huh?" Came a voice from close by. It startled Faith at first, who thought no one else was down there. She then noticed the potential from earlier, sitting on a coat.

"You could say that," Faith replied sifting her position.

"Yeah, I am not one for the bonding if you know what I mean," the potential stated swinging her legs.

"After being in prison, you don't need any damn bonding either," Faith joked. She kind of guessed that maybe this would spook the girl and she would take off and leave her alone. But the girl remained seated. The dark slayer was a little bit surprised as she realized that what she had said had no effect on the girl.

"The name's Christine," the girl stated placing her feet on the ground.

"Where you from?" Faith asked.

"Ohio," Christine answered.

"That's cool I guess. How old are you. You look rather old," Faith stated. The girl chuckled amused.

"Everyone says that. I'm 19," Christine answered. Faith nodded. It was nice to have someone around her that was at ease and didn't care about what they heard about Faith herself.

"I was called when I was 15. It's all weird huh? Just when you think the world couldn't get any worse," Faith said as she leaned back a little. Christine nodded.

"I catch that. I just recently got my watcher though. I go to college in Dayton and she was a professor there. She...she actually knew your Watcher," Christine hesitantly stated looking at Faith. The mentioning of her watcher brought memories back to the brunette's mind and she closed her eyes.

"She was a good woman," she stated. Christine was silent for a while as the brunette slayer thought about her watcher. Christine liked Faith. Her watcher had talked a lot about her. It was kind of nice to finally meet the slayer herself. Christine knew that Faith was being misjudged by the other potentials. The brunette was human, just like everyone else.

"My watcher talked about you a lot," Christine stated breaking the silence. Faith looked at her.

"Oh so they tell everyone about the screw up slayer now do they?" Faith asked rather sarcastically and bitterly. Christine shook her head.

"No, it wasn't like that...she said I was a lot like you," Christine stated. Faith narrowed her eyes at the girl. What was she saying? Christine looked back at Faith wondering what was going through the other girl's mind.

"Trust me, you're not like me," Faith said in a flat voice shifting positions again. Christine leaned forward.

"How would you know? You don't know me," she stated. Faith looked at her.

"And you don't know me," Faith answered as the basement door opened. Christine looked at Faith with interest. Faith just gave the girl a small smile as Kennedy walked down the stairs.

"There you are! I was looking for you," Kennedy stated reaching the last step. She noticed Faith and looked back between the two girls.

"I was just talking with Faith," Christine answered standing up. Kennedy looked at her and smiled.

"Well I just wanted to talk with ya before we all had to go to bed," Kennedy said as she sifted her eyes towards Faith, watching her for a moment. Christine nodded then looked at Faith.

"Well Faith, I guess we could change that knowing thing sometime?" Christine asked with a smile. She was trying to tell the dark slayer that she accepted her and was willing to be her friend and know her. Faith smiled at Christine's gesture.

"Yeah...I'd like that...that would be nice," she answered smiling up at the potential.

Kennedy wondered what went on between the two girls downstairs. The other potential took Christine upstairs to get ready for bed.

Christine was a little bit uncomfortable being around the others. The only person she felt comfortable with was Faith. And besides her, Giles. Christine was a little nervous as well for she was going to be sleeping with Kennedy.

Christine walked back into the room from brushing her teeth and froze. Kennedy was wearing a white tight tank top and short gray shorts. She was doing push-ups on the floor facing away from Christine. She could see the muscles from the other girl ripple through her back. She had the sensation of wanting to run her hands down the other girl's back.

Christine shook her head and stepped all the way into the room making Kennedy notice her presence. She got up and stretched.

"It helps me to sleep. Stupid I know..." Kennedy stated. Christine shook her head.

"No it isn't," she replied sitting on the bed. Kennedy cocked her head to the side.

"What, were you watching?" She asked. Christine blushed.

"No," she replied rather fast. Kennedy smirked and shook her head.

"We better get to bed before general Buffy goes wacko," Kennedy stated. Right then Willow walked in. She smiled as she saw Christine.

"Hey, Christine right?" Willow asked.

"Yeah," Christine replied nodding.

"I'm Willow," Willow stated sticking out her hand. Christine grasped it and shook it. A flash of memories went through Willow's head and she paled staggering. Christine and Kennedy frowned.

"Willow. Are you ok?" Kennedy asked. Christine looked worried. Willow shook her head.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine. Just tired from the ride," she replied looking at Christine. What was that? Christine knew that Willow was lying. But couldn't figure out why. Kennedy shook her head.

"You should get some rest then," she stated moving towards the bed.

Faith sat on the steps in the backyard smoking. She never could sleep well. Faith's heart ached with pain from the way the other slayer was treating her. The blonde still hadn't talked to her. Not that Faith was really expecting it.

Buffy watched Faith in the backyard through the kitchen window and sighed. She knew that the way she was acting was rather rash but she couldn't help it. Faith just couldn't show up and act all puppy dog sorry and earn forgiveness after all she had done. No no, Buffy wasn't going to have that. Everything was always so complicated when it came to Faith.

Buffy took one last look at Faith before heading upstairs to check on the girls and go to bed.

Christine faced the wall away from Kennedy who lay next to her with Willow on the floor. Christine knew she wasn't going to sleep. She was used to it by now. She knew Kennedy was asleep for her breathing slowed a few moments ago.

But Willow? Christine wasn't so sure about. Willow lay down on the floor close to falling asleep. She didn't understand what she saw when she shook Christine's hand. A birthday party, a bloody hand, winning a trophy, a little girl crying beside a bed...it made no sense. Where those Christine's memories? And why did Willow see them?

Willow thought about these things as she fell fast asleep. Christine leaned over Kennedy and looked at the red head. Sure enough, the Wicca was asleep. Christine didn't want the others to think something was wrong with her. So she just went to bed like the others. She couldn't tell them the truth...

Just then Kennedy shifted as Christine tried to turn back to her side. Christine couldn't help but stare at the other potential as the moon reflected her beauty. Christine hesitantly brought up her hand and ran her thumb lightly across Kennedy's cheek. What was she doing?!? She couldn't get close.

No. She couldn't get close to any of them. To any one. Not ever again. Christine shook her head and withdrew her hand as she sat up and scooted to the edge. She listened through the door and could hear Buffy just now closing her door. She didn't check on their room for Willow was in it. After it was completely quite, Christine left the room and tiptoed down the hall to the stairs.

Faith still sat outside looking up at the sky. Why did things have to be so difficult? Faith shook her head and sighed. She jumped as the back door opened and turned around. Christine stood there in a black sleeveless shirt, or rather tank top, and red sweat pants.

"Thought you could use some company," Christine stated as she walked down the steps and sat.

"Couldn't sleep?" Faith asked. Christine looked at her for a moment wondering if she should tell her the truth.

"You could say something like that," was her reply. Faith nodded and grounded her cigarette. The two girls sat in silence for a little bit thinking. Christine looked up at Faith studying her face wondering what she was thinking. Faith turned to her.

"Why aren't you afraid of me?" Faith asked. Christine was a little stunned.

"What?" she asked.

"Why aren't you afraid of me? Everyone else ignores me or leaves when I enter a room or are afraid of me. But you...you aren't..." Faith explained looking at Christine, "Why?" Christine gave Faith a little smile.

"You know, I always heard stories about the big hero, Buffy and all she had done. But my watcher also told me about you. And you know what I thought?" Christine asked as she leaned back on her elbows. "That it must of sucked to have to live up to someone who had done so much and was number one. You're human Faith. You have emotions and feelings just as everyone else. You care about her Faith. I can see it in your eyes when you look at her. It isn't obvious of course but I don't know...I can just tell." Christine explained and sighed.

She looked back up to Faith who was taking this all in. "I know it sounds all like bull shit coming from me. Someone you barely don't even know. But I feel like I do know you...I used to dream about you. I don't know how or why but I did. I thought it was just some weird dreaming but later on I figured out it wasn't. They were memories from you. Of your past, what you went through..." Christine explained. At this Faith narrowed her eyes then cringed. She kept her past a secret. No one knew of it.

It was too painful and personal for anyone to know. She was ashamed of her past. And to have this girl who claimed to have seen it made her uneasy. "They didn't frighten me," Christine said causing Faith to look at her again.

"They weren't far off from the dreams I usually have. That's why I can't sleep...I have posttraumatic syndrome. That's why I found it so weird to dream about someone else. My mind was always too busy torturing me about my own past."

Faith looked at Christine with amazement. She had never in her life met anyone like this girl. And she wasn't but four years younger then her. "You see, that's what I meant when I said that we are a lot a like. My watcher knew this and that was why she talked of you often. Not of how you screwed up or anything like that but the things you accomplished. It gave me hope that I could do it too...you were kind of like my hero I guess," Christine admitted looking at Faith.

Faith smiled and laughed a little. "It's nice to be noticed...and to have a fan," Faith stated and Christine smiled. They sat there like that in silence for a long while. Faith absorbing what she just heard and enjoying Christine's company. Christine sat thinking how things were going to end up and where everything was going to go from here.

Faith was thankful for a friend. She never really believed in them. She just always thought the world and everyone in it was out to screw you so why bother? People eventually let you down. Why go through the pain of all of that? Christine felt the same way. Faith and Christine were able to connect in ways that no one else could.

They sat there all night talking, laughing, listening...Faith nor Christine weren't for bonding. But this was different. Much different. Faith didn't feel so cold and alone any more. And Christine felt as though she finally had someone. They both were hurt, dark, and lonely. They could now balance each other in their external as well as internal battles and demons.

Faith asked Christine many questions about her life. Ones in which Christine thought she would never share. But did Faith know everything? They both had quite a lot to learn from each other. Both had their own personal secrets. It's hard for one person to trust someone. And if you were Faith or Christine...well...it took a hell of a lot for them to gain your trust.

People feel like they have to test their boundaries sometimes with friends. How far the trust may go. How much you could trust them. Christine as well as Faith were starting in baby steps. But at lest they were doing it. And doing it with each other. Sometimes you've just got to take a chance and risk it. For the biggest risk of all...isn't taking any risks.


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