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Behind the Curtain

by Mythic Lionheart



Rating: NC-17
WARNING: Relationship between an adult and minor.
Dedications: To Gina, a great pal!
Feedback: This girl likes feedback. So this is my second fic I have ever written... So be nice!

Bla Stuff: There is no big war with the First. The First does show up but it is just to annoy Buffy. Buffy is the slayer. Ms. Calendar is the drama teacher! She's not dead. Cordelia is a senior and is as she used to be in high school. She has no links to the Scooby's. Anya and Xander are together. There is no Tara (sorry) but Kennedy is there as the other slayer (meaning instead of Faith being called after Kendra, it was Kennedy) but nothing bad happened like it did with Faith on the show and Kennedy is a good slayer, sorry, better lack of words. And Willow is with Kennedy. I needed Kennedy’s character in this story, I love Tara so don’t think I don’t like her, I just needed Kennedy in this one, sorry. Dawn is present and goes to the same school. She's a sophomore. Faith is a junior by the way. Faith obviously isn't a slayer but she is one hell of a tough cookie! This fic is a total AU. And I made the ‘wishgivers’ up. If the description sounds stupid and cheesy, oh well, sorry.


Buffy walked into the school building and walked down to her office. Various students were spread out in the halls. Some boys stopped to stare at Buffy, others got ready for class. Faith Virtue stood at her locker and sighed. She was new to Sunnydale and after only one day she had to start school.

Faith was used to life on the streets so she could care for herself. The whole school thing wasn't her thing. She was pretty smart for her age but she had a tough exterior as well as a tough interior. She had to, because of the way she grew up. But the government and children services finally caught up with her. Faith had herself and that was enough. She sighed again and entered her combination that was on the paper that she had received. They had placed all her stuff in her locker and after she collected what she needed, she was to return to the office. This was going to be a long day.

Buffy sat her stuff down at her desk and glanced at the files that were put on her desk. Right then, Wood walked over to her office cubical and cleared his throat, catching Buffy's attention.

"I looked at that guys resume' and I cleared it. I already spoke to him and he starts today. Thanks for suggesting him. We needed a new woodshop/mechanics teacher," explained Wood. Buffy smiled.

"That's great. I'm sure Xander is very happy to have the job. No problem in suggesting him. He'll be a good asset to the school I think," Buffy stated sitting down at her desk.

"I believe you're right. Oh, I placed a few new students' files on your desk. Some may need to come to you later. Have a good day. I have things that need to be taken care of," Wood said with a nod then walking off. Buffy glanced at the files.

Cordelia Chase, senior at Sunnydale High, stood outside of the office before school. Her friend Gina stood next to her.

"I can't believe they are making you show a new student around. All because you got a D in History," Gina complained rolling her eyes.

"I know, Mr. Oliver says I have no sense of History. No sense of History?! He wears a brown tie!" Cordelia groaned and Gina laughed. Cordelia looked around the hall getting bored. And that's when she saw her.

"Hello salty goodness," Cordelia mumbled.

"What?" Gina asked, not hearing what she said. Cordelia just stared at the girl walking down the hallway. She was a brunette with tight denim jeans and jean jacket with a pink/purple tank top. Her hips swayed as she walked and she tossed her hair over her shoulder. She was walking right by Cordelia and flashed a flirty smile as she passed.

"Hello! Cordy! See a new boy hunk?" Gina asked snapping Cordelia back to reality. She blushed and replied, "Um...yeah something like that."

Faith chuckled as she went into the office. She loved to tease people. She could be such a bitch at times. Not that the beauty outside wasn't bad looking. Faith just wasn't interested. Faith walked up to the principal's door and knocked. She was supposed to come right to his office.

Faith felt an unusual tingling going through her and felt as though someone was watching her. She looked around but didn't see anyone at first. Then her eyes fell on the blonde sitting at her desk, staring at her. The blonde quickly looked away and Faith's mouth fell open. She was beautiful.

Right then, the principal's door opened and smacked Faith right in the face causing her to stumble backward. "Ow!" Faith yelped surprised.

"Oh I am sorry!" Wood explained. Faith rubbed her head and gave a lopsided grin.

"It's ok. I have a high pain tolerance level. It's cool," She replied stealing a quick glance at the blonde who was chuckling at her. Great, she must look like an idiot.

Xander Harris carried some of his supplies from his car into the school. He was excited about his new job. And he needed one. This class was going to be great to teach. He made his way through the somewhat familiar hallways to his shop class and set his stuff down. He better go check with Buff to tell her the great news.

Cordelia stood in the hall waiting for the person she was suppose to show around. She still blushed every now and then at her own reaction to that girl earlier. She felt ashamed a little. She liked her men. And that...well that was just gross, sick, and wrong.

She sighed and crossed her arms, stepping out of the way as some guy walked passed her into the office. Must be a new teacher, she never had seen him before.

Xander stepped into the office and walked around to Buffy's cubical. There was the principal close by with a student rubbing her face.

"Hey Buff!" Xander shouted right behind her startling her.

"Xander! Hey! Congrats!" Buffy said with a smile hugging him. "This is so great. I'm glad you got the job."

"Yeah me too. I just wanted to come down and say hi before preparing for my classes. How are you doing?" Xander asked.

"Oh you know me. I'm fighting the evil of folders right now," Buffy stated picking up a pile of folders and waving them around. "`Tis a hard job but somebody has to do it."

Xander laughed. "Well that's good I guess. What was up with the principal and face rubbing girl?" Xander asked tilting his head over to where the two were previously.

Buffy chuckled. "Yeah, the girl's face got to meet Mr. Wood's door,"

Buffy explained looking around for the two. Where did they go?

Wood took Faith out into the hall where Cordelia stood bored. "Again Faith I am sorry about earlier." Wood apologized again. Faith shook her head.

"Hey, it isn't a problem. Don't worry about it," Faith assured.

"Ok well, this is Cordelia; she will be showing you around. You can come and see me whenever you want. Remember Faith I am here to help," Wood explained looking serious. Faith rolled her eyes as Wood walked back into the office. Faith saw that that one guy was still talking to the blonde. Must be a boyfriend or something.

Cordelia cleared her throat and caught Faith's attention. Faith glanced at her and recognized her as the girl before. Faith smiled.

"I'm Cordelia. I'll show you around," Cordelia stated walking foreword. She made sure she swayed her hips a little bit as she walked. Cordelia showed her all the rooms and everything that had to do with the school. The girl wasn't all that bad.

Faith was enjoying her time with Cordelia. And it didn't hurt that the girl was wicked hot either. By this time, she forgot all about the blonde from earlier. Cordelia laughed at a joke Faith had said as they stood in the courtyard. Cordelia was enjoying herself for once.

She was acting herself which she did rarely.

Faith saw a few girls take a double take from across the courtyard and come walking over to where Cordelia and her were rather briskly. They were dressed as if they were going to a fashion show. "Um Cordelia? What are you doing?" One of them asked. The expression on Cordelia's face turned to one of being flustered.

"I...uh...well..." Cordelia started. Then Faith understood. These were Cordelia friends. She was popular and they were wondering what she was doing with a low life like her. Faith frowned and crossed her arms. She would like to hear what Cordelia had to say.

"I had to show her around," Cordelia sputtered. She didn't know what to say. She didn't want to hurt Faith or ruin things but it was the same with her group. And popularity to her was VERY important. Cordelia's friends rolled their eyes. See, this group of girls went by fashion. Anything that wasn't in was considered ugly and boring. And what Faith wore...wasn't very in.

Therefore was a big no no for the group. Cordelia saw Faith frown and gave her a pleading look as one of her friends grabbed her arm.

"Oh my god! I've got to tell you what Genna was wearing yesterday. She had on this horrible brown skirt and..." Cordelia's friend went on explaining tugging her away. Cordelia gave a last glance at Faith who stood alone and abandoned in the courtyard.

Faith shook her head. It was a shame really. She saw how flustered Cordelia got but it wasn't her problem and frankly, it wasn't worth it. It didn't matter. Faith never needed anyone in the first place.

She turned to leave when she smacked right into someone knocking them as well as herself over. Papers went everywhere.

Faith brushed the hair out of her face to see whom she had run over. And on the ground with papers fluttering around her was the blonde.

Buffy wasn't paying any attention where she was going. She was in charge of several study halls during the day so she was making her way to one of them, glancing at a file as she ran right into someone. And whoever it was was pretty well built like herself for they both wiped out. Her papers and folders went everywhere. Buffy looked up and saw that it was the mysterious girl from earlier. And she wore a guilty smile.

"I'm so sorry," The girl said moving around to pick up some of the stuff. Buffy shook her head. Everything was being jumbled up in her head. Then she smiled.

"It's ok, I wasn't watching where I was going," Buffy replied brushing herself off.

Faith helped pick up some of the papers when she realized that the blonde had a file about her. Must be due to transfer. And by the looks of it, she hadn't looked at it yet. Faith had a pretty good idea what the file said and didn't want the blonde to know any of it.

She removed some papers while the blonde's back was turned and shoved them in her jeans before she turned around again. Buffy picked up some papers and turned to get up. She turned to the girl who already was in front of her with an extended hand to help her up. Buffy just looked at it for a second before grasping it. Faith helped her up easily. Buffy looked at her somewhat impressed.

For some reason the girl blushed.

Faith saw the way the girl was looking at her and it made her blush. Faith never blushed. She immediately let go of her hand.

"Here's your papers," Faith stated handing them over. Buffy took them.

"Thank you," She thanked, shoving them into her shoulder bag she carried. Buffy looked back at the girl again. "What's your name?"

"Faith. Faith Virtue." Faith replied. She felt a little nervous which was stupid. She never acted like this.

"Oh that's right. You're new right?" Buffy asked. Faith nodded her head in reply. There was something about Faith that Buffy couldn't put her finger on. But it didn't matter at the moment, for now she was running late. "Sorry to cut the introductions but I'm running late and I have to go." Buffy started to walk away leaving a stunned Faith.

"Hey," Faith called. Buffy turned around. "What's your name?" She asked.

Buffy smiled before replying, "Buffy," and running off to the other side of the building.

Faith smiled to herself as Buffy left. She hoped to see her again sometime soon. Faith checked the clock and saw that she had 2 minutes till her next class. "Shit," Faith mumbled to herself before running to her first class.

Dawn walked into her first period class. For the second semester, they had all new classes. She didn't know how or why but Dawn got stuck in mechanics. But then she saw Xander walk through the door.

"Xander!" Dawn yelled excited. "I didn't know you got the job!" Dawn was glad for Xander. Plus it was nice to have someone else she knew in the school. She didn't have too many friends. Xander smiled.

"Shhhh, Dawn. You'll ruin my rep. It's Mr. Harris. Ok kiddo? Yeah I got the job. Mr. Wood begged me to come work for him," Xander said laughing. Dawn smiled.

"Well good for you," She said patting Xander on his back.

Faith looked at the list in her hand and back up at the door number. Yup this was it. Mechanics. How did she get in this class again? Faith walked through the door and the two people in there turned to look at her.

"This is room 213 right...mechanics?" Faith asked. The guy smiled and nodded his head.

The girl next to him spoke up, "Thank god I am not the only girl in this class!" Faith smiled and chuckled walking all the way in. Some other guys came in behind her.

"I guess you're lucky then huh? And you are?" Faith asked.

"Dawn. Dawn Summers," Dawn answered extending her hand. Faith nodded and shook her hand.

"And I am Faith. Faith Virtue. I'm new." Faith stated.

"I'm sure you'll find your way around in no time. This is Xander...opps I mean Mr. Harris, our teacher," Dawn pointed out looking at Xander. Xander rolled his eyes.

"Yeah that's me. Pay no mind to Dawn here. She just knows me is all. Because of her sister," Xander said sitting down on a stool.

"Oh yeah. That girl Buffy in the office? You her boyfriend?" Faith asked. Dawn immediately burst out into laughter.

"What?" asked Faith looking confused. Xander chuckled.

"Yes I am talking about Buffy but no I am NOT her boyfriend," Xander answered. Faith was a little relived. Dawn kept cracking up. Faith smiled. So this was Buffy's sister huh? They looked nothing alike.

"What year are you?" Faith asked Dawn as she calmed down.

"Oh, I'm a sophomore." Dawn answered taking a seat near the front. Faith sat next to her. By then the class somewhat filled up and they were both the only girls in the class. The bell rang signaling the first period. Xander started class and explained all that they would be doing that semester and what all supplies they would need.

Faith was actually looking forward to it. She used to mess with cars, computers and stuff when she was younger. Faith rubbed off on Dawn a little and even Dawn was a little bit excited.

Dawn was glad that Faith was in the class as well. Not only was Dawn one of the two only girls but she was the only sophomore as well. But she felt she would still be ok in the class with Faith. The bell rang signaling the next class.

Dawn and Faith got up. Faith glanced at her paper again. "Well Mr. Harris, I guess I'll see you last period of the day," Faith announced. Dawn looked confused. Xander laughed.

"You got stuck in wood shop too huh?" Xander asked setting down some tools. Dawn shook her head at the older girl. Transferring sucked because you had no control over what classes you got.

"Yup. Later X-man," Faith said walking out the door with Dawn. Xander stood up. X-man? He kind of liked that one. He shook his head and went back to work for his next class.

Cordelia walked down the hall, her eye peeled for the brunette. But she wasn't able to see her for the past couple of periods. Then she remembered that the girl was a junior. Cordelia felt bad about earlier. She liked Faith and wanted to get to know her more.

Buffy sat in the empty classroom as students filled in and out during the class change. She was in charge of this study hall. She was looking at her papers and folders as she nibbled on a cookie and drank water from a water bottle.

Two male students stood in the hallway looking in at Buffy. "Damn that study hall teacher is hot," stated one staring at her. The two senior boys grinned.

"Oh her and Cordy man. Give me some of that ass," grunted one. They chuckled.

"Oh I bet you can't get them in bed," stated the one challenging the other.

"You want to make a bet on that? I could spread their legs and fuck them both. They both look easy. Cordelia is a slut and that Summers lady looks like..."


Faith delivered a punch straight across the one senior's face. All movement stopped in the hallway. It was almost silent. The guy knocked against his buddy hitting him into the locker.

"What the hell, bitch!?" The one yelled as he charged at her. Faith kicked his legs out from under him.

"Now what did you say?" Faith asked full of anger. She heard every word those guys said. She picked up both guys by their shirts and slammed them up against the lockers. A flash of fear went across their face. Dawn stood off to the side in amazement and Cordelia stood on the other side of her.

"Huh? What did you fucking say?! That's what I thought! Don't you ever and I mean EVER say shit like that again. You don't say crap like that! They are both beautiful, respectable, fine, decent people, in which you will NEVER be. There will be no goddamn bet. You got that? YOU GOT THAT!?!" Faith yelled.

Buffy walked out of the classroom as Mr. Wood walked around the corner. Faith dropped the two seniors down as he came. "Faith! What is the meaning of this!?!" Mr. Wood yelled. Faith was fuming. The two senior guys scrambled to their feet and faced Mr. Wood. Buffy just watched amazed at Faith's outburst.

"You three, come with me," Wood demanded walking away. The two senior guys followed and Faith shook her head bending down to pick up her backpack. She cast a glance over her shoulder and saw Buffy. Buffy was frowning. Faith could tell that Buffy was disappointed in her. Even though Buffy had no idea what went on.

Faith cast a glance at Dawn who still looked at her amazed. Then she saw Cordelia next to her who stood smiling. She had heard the whole thing as well. Faith had stood up for her and that made Cordelia feel special. She smiled at Faith as her way of saying thank you. Faith remained emotionless as she gave one last glance at Buffy, who had shook her head, and walked on.

As Faith rounded the corner, the whole student body erupted in clapping and shouting. Various things could be heard such as, "You go girl!" "Way to show them!" "Alright Faith!" among other various things. Dawn looked up at Cordelia, who just smiled at her and turned to walk away. Dawn smiled. Faith was different. She stood up for Cordy and Buffy, let alone the whole female body!

Plus it was kind of neat to see Cordelia look like that. She liked Faith. Dawn could tell. I mean the fact that Cordelia even smiled at Dawn herself was amazing. Maybe having Faith here at Sunnydale was a good thing. Plus, did you see the way she handled those guys?

Dawn looked over at her sister who stood with her arms crossed frowning. Dawn rolled her eyes and walked away. She was going to have to have a talk with her sister later. She didn't know the story behind why Faith did what she did. Dawn was sick and tired of all the guys talking about how they could nail who. Expressly when it was HER sister!! I mean EW!

Buffy wasn't paying any attention at all till she noticed the shouting. She stepped out to see Faith, holding two senior guys against the lockers. She was a little impressed but disappointed in the girl. Why did she do that?

The two senior guys gave Faith dirty looks as they watched Faith go into Mr. Wood's office. Wood closed the door behind her. He chuckled for a second then sat. "Now Faith, it is your first day and already you are in trouble."

Faith scowled and looked out the window slouching in her chair. "Now, not that those boys didn't deserve what they got but you can't go around doing that the way you did...Faith look at me." Faith reluctantly turned her head to look at Wood.

"Look, I understand that you have had a hard life and try to play this tough girl," Wood said. Faith raised an eyebrow. No one ever called her out like that before. He continued, "I understand that things happened to you in which no one would ever understand and I am sorry. But that doesn't give you an excuse or a reason to go around and do what you want. Listen, I like you. I think you are a good kid. Sure, the way you deal with things may not be right but deep down you mean well." This was getting interesting. Faith sat up more in her chair.

"I understand what you did. But I'm not saying it's ok. I will have to give you a punishment," Wood said leaning back in his chair strumming his fingers. Faith rolled her eyes but she was beginning to like this guy.

"Now the boy's will get far far worse but I'm letting you off easy," Wood said laughing. Faith just wished he would get to the chase. "You have to participate in this years Musical."

"WHAT!?!?" Faith yelled, not believing he was serious. "You've got to be kidding me. Me? In a damn musical? No way!" Faith yelled. Wood frowned at Faith's language.

"Now Faith. It's not a big deal. You don't have to act and sing in it. I meant back stage." Wood explained. Faith rolled her eyes and slouched back down in her chair.


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