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The Spell

by MyOsage


Rating: NC-17
Summary: An errant spell raises havoc for Buffy and Faith. But the method required to break the spell creates even more chaos. After the magic dust settles, revealing secrets that neither of them knew, just how will the slayers wind up feeling about each other?
Where are we? We're in my world. There are no men-type romantic relationships for anyone. Buffy and Faith are naturally and purely F/F.
WARNING! This story contains explicit, consensual sex between women, sometimes. And romantic involvement between women, always. Because that's the way I like it. If this kind of thing is not to your liking, then go away. It's a magical Internet out there.

"What the hell were you thinking?"

"I'm fine, Faith. Let it go."

But the dark slayer had no intention of "letting it go." They were a team now. There was no reason for Buffy to take careless risks on her own.

"You should've waited for me, B." Replied the concerned brunette. "I wasn't that late."

Buffy knew she could've gotten hurt unnecessarily. There were more vamps in the rumored nest that they'd found out about than she had anticipated. It would be safe to say that if Faith had not arrived when she did, Buffy would have been in serious trouble. Buffy knew it and so did Faith. But that fact only served to agitate the blonde slayer even more.

"I know what I'm doing, Faith." Buffy snapped as they walked up onto the front porch of the Summers home. "You forget that I was slaying vampires while you were still a wet-behind-the-ears potential."

"Oh, yeah?" Faith sharply retorted "Well, are we still counting on one hand the number of times you've died?" The rogue slayer shook her head. "Damn, B. You can be such a bitch when you're wrong."

Their argument stopped when they opened the door to the house and unfamiliar laughing could be heard inside. In the living room, they encountered Tara and an elderly woman who resembled the gentle witch. She had the same soft slate colored eyes. Her hair was graying, but still held a hint of the rich honey shade she'd probably had when she was younger. Tara introduced her to the slayers.

"This is my grandmother, Rose McCormack." She said. "Grandma Rose, I want you to meet our housemates, Buffy and Faith."

Faith smiled and shook the older woman's hand first. "I can see where Tara gets her good looks."

"Oh my." Mrs. McCormack blushed. "Aren't you the charmer?"

What was it about Faith that drew women in? Buffy wondered, not for the first time. Even straight, elderly women seemed easily won over by her slaying partner. She acknowledged their guest and watched while Faith sat down on the couch, completely engaging Tara's grandmother.

Their dinner included a lively exchange of witch tales. Mrs. McCormack was delighted that her granddaughter and her lover were practicing witches. She told them stories of her early days as a witch and much about Tara's mother that none of the other women had ever heard before.

After dinner, Faith took Mrs. McCormack out into the backyard for some air. It was a beautifully clear night and they chatted amiably. Faith enjoyed being with the older woman. She'd never had any grandparents of her own. Just an abusive alcoholic mother who had a string of alcoholic boyfriends. So whenever Faith had an opportunity to spend time with someone's older relative, she grabbed it.

From the kitchen window, Buffy watched the two women on the back porch. Mrs. McCormack laughed often at whatever antics Faith was entertaining her with. She was still a little irked with her partner. Even though she knew she was in the wrong. She unconsciously rotated her right shoulder that still ached from the fight. When Faith and Mrs. McCormack came back into the house, Faith could sense her discomfort.

"Hey." Faith's voice had lost its angry edge. She came up behind Buffy and messaged the painful shoulder. "Still hurtin' ya, B?"

"Yeah, a little."

"Sit down." Faith instructed, indicating a dining room chair. "I'll try to work it out for ya." As Mrs. McCormack went into the living room to join Willow and Tara, she heard the slayer whisper softly. "I didn't mean to be so hard on ya, B. I just worry about ya, is all."

Mrs. McCormack observed the two women over the next few hours. It was clear that they were intimately connected. And that Faith was worried about Buffy's welfare. But the pretty blonde didn't seem to realize the depth of the brunette beauty's concern. 'Well,' Rose McCormack thought to herself. 'I can certainly do something about that.'



The next night was also busy. The slayers encountered five vampires, newly arrived in Sunnydale. Buffy and Faith moved to attack the small group from opposite flanks as the vampires split up. Three approached Buffy, two made for Faith.

"Let's get 'em, girlfriend!" Faith shouted as she rushed toward her two opponents. She drew back her fist and released a punch powerful enough to knock out the first vamp she encountered. But he reacted to the blow with a mere turn of his head. 'What the....?' Faith thought.

"What's the matter, slayer?" The grinning vampire asked. "Not been working out?" He followed the quip with a hard right cross that sent Faith flying. She tumbled over one marker and landed hard against a column of a mausoleum. She could feel the blood from a cut above her eyebrow run down the side of her face. "Damn you...." She muttered as she got up to go after him again. But as she stood, she felt the world tilt and she knew something was terribly wrong.

"Faith!" Buffy shouted as she saw her fellow slayer get sucker punched across the cemetery. She dusted the remaining vamps so fast that they never knew what hit them. As she reached Faith, she ripped the head off the vampire who had floored her partner. She reached the injured brunette just as she sunk to her knees.

"Faith! Faith! What's wrong?" Buffy asked anxiously as she helped Faith up.

"Don't know...." Faith answered as Buffy half walked, half carried her back to the house.



The next morning when Faith came downstairs, the evidence of the injuries she'd sustained the night before was even more apparent. Not only had her slayer strength deserted her, but seemingly her slayer healing as well.

"What?" Faith questioned as Willow and Tara stared at her.

"Nothing." Willow answered quickly. "So not staring…"

Tara watched the weakened slayer sit down gingerly in a chair.

"Grandma Rose called this morning." She tried not to wince at the obvious pain Faith was experiencing. "She asked about you…" 

"Nice lady, your grandmother." Faith commented as she put her aching head in her hands.

"Actually, she wanted to know if anything was different today."

Faith looked up at Tara. The witch was nervous. "Ok. Give." Faith insisted.

"It's a spell." Tara sat down next to Faith to try and explain. "My grandmother unintentionally transferred your powers…."

"What?!" Faith interrupted her. "Why?"

"She didn't mean to hurt anyone." Willow interjected. "She sensed you were worried about someone's safety. She meant to relay the power of your concern. But instead, the next time that person was in danger, your concern as well as your slayer powers were actually sent to the one you most wanted to protect."

"Well tell her to take it back." Faith demanded.

"It doesn't work like that, Faith." Willow clarified. "It has to be broken or reversed in a way specific to the spell."

Faith just stared at the two witches. She knew that this fiasco wasn't their fault. And she could hardly get angry at the well meaning old woman. Letting out a small sigh, she asked. "So, who has my powers?"

"I do."

They all turned to Buffy who had quietly entered the room.

"You already have powers, B." Faith snapped. "How would you know if you have mine?"

"C'mon. I'll show you." She answered as she went out the front door, followed by her friends. As her housemates watched, Buffy strode over to their car and put her hand under the back bumper. She lifted slightly and nothing happened. "That's me before last night." She stated. "This is me now." She once again gave a slight pull and this time the back of the car came up off the ground as she easily lifted it to shoulder height.

"Fuck." Faith muttered as she turned and went back into the house.

Buffy put the car down and followed Faith and the witches into the house. Faith was sitting dejectedly on the couch. Tara sat down next to her. "I'm sorry, Faith. But there is an easy way to break the spell." Tara tried to sound positive. Faith looked up at her hopefully. "You just have to be intimate with the person who has your powers." Tara almost visibly recoiled as she anticipated Faith's response.

"What?!" Faith shouted as she jumped up. "You gotta be shittin' me!"

"It would just be..." Tara started to rationalize. But Faith cut her off immediately.

"No!"  She exclaimed, "No, no, and no! There ain't no way I'm doin' B!" She didn't look at Buffy, directing her anger exclusively at Willow and Tara. "What the hell kind of cure is that?!"

Again Tara tried to make everything sound somewhat reasonable. "Grandma Rose misunderstood your relationship with Buffy." She said, trying to get Faith to calm down. "She must have picked up on your slayer connection. She thought you were together." Tara glanced over at Buffy for some support, but the blonde slayer remained silent. "With that thought in mind, it didn't seem like much of a stretch to make intimacy the means to reverse the spell. She probably thought you'd enjoy yourselves."

"I'm in hell...." Confirmed the powerless slayer as she started out of the room. "There's a hell and I'm in it." Walking past Buffy without looking at her, Faith climbed the stairs to her room.

As Tara went after Faith, Willow looked at Buffy and said sarcastically. "Gee, that went well."

The witch caught up with the agitated slayer in her room. Faith was just standing still as if she'd run out of energy to move any further.

"Faith." Tara said gently so as not to startle her friend. "What is it?"

Faith turned and looked at her with what Tara could only describe as sadness.

"I know it's a pleasantly weird way to deal with an odd problem." Tara approached Faith slowly. "But I know you have some feelings for Buffy." She hesitated for a moment before adding. "And I know you're attracted to her."

The slayer frowned. "How did you know that?"

"Oh come on, Faith. Willow may have more power, but I'm intuition girl, remember?" Trying to get a smile from Faith, she added. "I probably got it from my grandmother."

A small smile did grace the brunette's sensuous lips, but it didn't quite reach her eyes. She turned her back on Tara and walked over to the window.

"Please, Faith." Tara prodded. "I want to understand..."

Faith crossed her arms over her chest defensively and silently stared outside for a few minutes. Tara waited patiently. When the ex-slayer finally spoke, her voice was quiet and strained.

"If I don't know her….. if I don't know what it's like to be with her." Faith struggled to explain. "I can live with that."

Again Faith stopped, having difficulty finding the words.

"But if I have her….. and then I can't… have her…." A tiny sigh of defeat escaped her. "That… I can't live with…"

"Oh…" Tara murmured. Then a stronger "Oh" escaped her as she realized what Faith meant. The revelation came as a complete surprise to Tara. This was the last thing she expected to hear from the original "get some and get gone" girl." How had she missed the intensity of Faith's feelings? Some intuition she had. If Faith was actually in love with Buffy, then a simple solution was suddenly not so simple after all.



A little while later, Faith was lying on her bed. She had calmed down, resigning herself to spending the rest of her life as a normal human. A small knock on her door startled her out of her reverie. Buffy was standing in her doorway. Now that she knew Buffy was there, she could feel a small tingling in her body. But nothing like the sensations she normally got whenever Buffy was near. She suddenly realized that out of all her special capabilities, being able to feel Buffy's closeness was the one she'd miss the most.

"Can I come in?"

"Sure." Faith was sullen, but no longer angry. She didn't blame Buffy for the situation. As the slayer sat down, Faith noticed Buffy studying her face.


Buffy brought her hand up and gently pushed a strand of hair away from the cut above Faith's eyebrow. "I hate seeing you hurt." She answered. "I'm not used to it."

"Well, maybe you better start getting used to it.' Faith's tone was sharper than she intended. "Looks like it's gonna be happening a lot from now on."

"It doesn't have to be that way." Buffy countered softly.

"Don't tell me that you've actually considered going though with this... "fix"?"

"I just know I need you." Buffy tried to keep her tone encouraging. "I don't want to be a Super Slayer, Faith. I need my fighting partner." She smiled at the disgruntled slayer. "And well, hey, as "fixes" go, it's not so bad."

When Faith didn't answer, Buffy added. "Unless you think I'm not attractive enough…."

Faith gave Buffy her best "Yeah right, like there's anyone with or without a pulse that doesn't find you fuckin' hot" look, intending to make Buffy laugh. She did.

"You're really ok with this?" Faith was serious again.

Buffy glanced down and blushed just a shade before meeting Faith's eyes. "I wouldn't mind."

Faith's unreadable expression belied the turmoil she was feeling. Just one night of pleasure. One night that would almost surely mean nothing to Buffy, but that would be forever burned into her memory. Faith may have thought for a micro second that there was actually a decision for her to make. Yet she knew that there would never even be a choice between doing whatever Buffy needed and protecting herself from pain. She had always put Buffy first and she always would. No matter what the cost.

She nodded. "Ok. Your room... tonight."



After a short patrol, Buffy showered and went into her room. She lightly brushed her fingers over a smooth black stone on a table near her door. Buffy smiled as the stone emitted a soft red glow. It was one of the stones that Willow and Tara had conjured to release a soundproof spell when activated. They had first created one so that their exclamations of sexual ecstasy would not disturb the other members of the household. Then they had conjured one each for Buffy and Faith. Not that Buffy had ever had the occasion to use it. She'd never brought a woman home. While she had tried a few casual sexual encounters, Buffy found that she couldn't really let go with strangers. And when she wasn't emotionally involved, it all felt so... pointless. The witches knew that, but she found it amusing that they insisted everyone have a sound stone anyway. They'd instructed the slayers that when the stone had a red glow, it would contain "hot action" sounds within the room. The stone would remain black when it was inactive. Or as Faith had put it, "when you're not gettin' any". Buffy's mind drifted back to her slaying partner as she sat down on her bed to wait. Faith had never been celibate for any length of time. But now that Buffy thought about it, Faith hadn't brought women back here either. She indulged in her sexual escapades away from home.
Buffy's thoughts were interrupted as a light knock at her door drew her attention. In the soft lighting of her bedroom, she watched Faith come in and close the door. As Buffy stood up, Faith met her halfway. The bruised ex-slayer said nothing and made no move to continue.

"Do you want to kiss or something first?" Buffy asked quietly. Faith shook her head. "No. Let's just do this."

"What side of the bed do you want?"

Faith pointed to the side closest to them and Buffy walked around to the opposite side. "Clothes off?"

"No!" Faith answered a little too emphatically. When she saw Buffy's skeptical expression, she added. "Just pants... under the sheets."

Buffy sat down on her side of the bed and removed her shorts. Faith took her sweats off and slid under the covers. Buffy joined her, turning on her side and facing her supine partner. "You wanna go first, or do you want me to?"

Faith sighed. "I'll go first."

Reaching under the sheets, Buffy slid her hand over Faith's hip and into her dense curls. Separating the folds, she was shocked at how wet Faith already was. "God, Faith. Are you always like this?" She asked as her fingertips started stimulating her reluctant lover's clit.

The former slayer didn't answer. Her eyes were closed and her face was a mask of concentration. The only indication of what she was feeling was in the ragged breaths she was taking.

Wanting to explore further, Buffy slipped her fingers lower. "Give me some room, Faith." She instructed gently.

The powerless slayer parted her legs for her partner. Buffy dipped her fingers in and gathered even more of the wetness that was in abundance. Faith was still struggling to breathe as Buffy invaded her inner depths. The brunette was strong and soft inside all at the same time. Buffy penetrated her slowly over and over. Then she brought her fingers back out to stroke Faith's clit in earnest. She could hear the former slayer's heart pounding. As she moved her fingers faster over Faith's clit, she implored her. "C'mon, baby, just let go...."

With that single subtle phrase, Faith grunted and her tension soared. Her hips pushed up and Buffy's fingers dropped down and filled her deeply, finding that elusive G-spot to stroke the climaxing ex-slayer to her peak.

As Faith's body slowed, Buffy looked up into her face. Faith's eyes were still closed and she seemed to be having trouble composing herself.

"You ok?"

Faith nodded, but said nothing. Buffy left her hand cupping Faith's mons until she thought Faith had calmed completely. Buffy was about to ask again if she was alright, but Faith rose up suddenly and pushed Buffy onto her back. The move surprised Buffy as much as Faith's intense expression. There was a fire in her eyes that Buffy had never seen before. Not even in any of the battles that they had ever fought together. It burned into her until her body too felt as hot as Faith's glare.

As Faith looked down at Buffy's covered body, she suddenly threw the sheet off her. Without ceremony or permission, she thrust her hand between Buffy's slightly parted legs and dove into her already soaked tunnel. Buffy gasped and Faith groaned. Hanging her head for a moment, Faith's fingers were very still, surrounded by Buffy's warmth and slick readiness.

Buffy didn't say anything, nor did she move. If Faith needed to do this her way, she would let her. The slender slayer waited patiently even though her body was already starting to demand some kind of action toward satisfying her growing excitement.

Faith could not have rationally explained why she was being so dominant. But now that she had gone this far, she couldn't stop herself from taking what Buffy was offering and what she so desperately wanted. She curled across Buffy's waist turning her back toward her fellow slayer. Then using her left leg over Buffy's and her right hand she pulled Buffy's legs widely apart. Faith stared down at the sight of her left hand buried deep inside Buffy. It was mesmerizing. But finally a tiny thrust of Buffy's hips broke her trance. She started to move her fingers slowly. Penetrating deeply and pulling almost completely out before burrowing back in again.

Buffy tried to remain quiet, though she could no longer stay completely still. Faith was making her feel so good and she didn't want to break whatever sexual enchantment Faith was under. But when Faith used her right hand to separate Buffy's hair, the blonde knew that in addition to the delicious feeling of Faith's continuous invasion, she was also going to feel Faith caress her hungry clit. The thought sent Buffy's mind spinning.

"Oh, god….." she whispered.

That small exclamation was all Faith needed to hear. She watched her skillful fingers stimulate Buffy's exposed clit. Small circles brushing faster and faster over the powerful bundle of nerves as her other hand pushed deeply in and out of Buffy's inner walls. The sensations were overwhelming for both women. When Buffy looked down her body and imagined what Faith was looking at, her passion escalated sharply.

"Oh god, Faith!.... Oh… baby…. please….." Buffy clutched at Faith's back as she climaxed. Faith didn't stop as Buffy rode out wave after wave of exquisitely pleasurable torture; repeatedly exclaiming her elation. After the first passionate exchange, Faith could feel her slayer's power infuse her entire being again. She could have stopped the intimacies at that point. But from the moment she'd first felt Buffy's touch, getting her powers back was no longer her first priority. Knowing she'd never have this chance to ravish the Chosen One again, she pushed on, trying to give Buffy as much pleasure as she could before she had to stop.

After several more orgasms and nearing the point where Buffy couldn't take any more, Faith seemed to sense that Buffy was spent. She stilled her hands, letting her fingers rest inside the sated blonde for a few moments. Then she gently pulled out and brought the sheets up to cover them both again. She moved up Buffy's body resting her head on Buffy's chest. She was careful to keep her fingers, which were covered in Buffy's sweet excitement, clear of the woman now resting under her. Faith made no effort to wipe her hands dry. She wanted Buffy's scent to linger on them for as long as possible.

Buffy was exhausted. When Faith moved up and laid her head down on her chest, Buffy just naturally enfolded the sexy slayer in her arms.

"Did it work?" Buffy asked, as she started to drift into sleep. She could feel Faith nod against her chest. Buffy hugged her closer. "That's my girl…."



The early morning light woke Faith. Her face was pillowed on a bed of soft blonde hair. She breathed in the intoxicating scent of the shampoo that Buffy used.

Wait…. Buffy?

Faith opened her eyes trying to take stock of where she was. The previous night's activities came rushing back into her conscious memory. She realized that she was spooned up against Buffy's back. Her left leg was inserted securely between Buffy's legs and her right outstretched arm was cradling Buffy's neck. Her left hand was between Buffy's breasts, held firmly in place by both of the sleeping slayer's hands.

Closing her eyes again, Faith could feel the smoothness of Buffy's firm ass cuddled into her lap. And she couldn't help but notice the gentle curves of the soft breasts that were surrounding her hand. A small moan escaped her. Everywhere she was in contact with Buffy was tingling and shooting sweet messages of arousal through her. She had to move before she did something they would both regret.

Faith tried to gently disentangle herself from Buffy's grasp. But the smaller slayer whimpered softly whenever Faith tried to pull away. She sighed to herself. She didn't want Buffy to wake up and find how they'd been sleeping all night. It was more than Faith could handle. Already the pleasure of their night together was overwhelming her thought process. If she could only distance herself from the beauty in her arms, she might be able to gain some control over her rampant feelings.

It took almost twenty minutes for Faith to painstakingly extricate herself from Buffy's hold. She carefully got off the bed and put her sweats on. Looking back at Buffy's peaceful form, the gorgeous, responsive body that she would never enjoy again, she could feel the pain start. "Fuck." She muttered to herself. She knew you couldn't 'get some' from friends and 'get gone.' Someone always got hurt. And you definitely couldn't play out that scenario with a woman you were in love with but who wasn't in love with you. Things had changed, even if Buffy didn't know it yet.



When Buffy awoke, she stretched and opened her eyes to a bright and beautiful morning. She marveled at how good she felt. When she remembered the night's activities, she grinned. 'God, that girl really is as good as her hype.'

Buffy threw her shorts back on and went downstairs, eager to see if Faith had fully recovered her powers. She found Willow and Tara fixing breakfast.

"Morning." Buff smiled at her two friends. "Have you seen Faith?"

"No." Tara answered. "She was already gone when we got up." She handed Buffy a cup of coffee as the slayer sat down. "How'd it go last night?"

Buffy tried not to grin, but she couldn't help it. "Fine." She answered as she looked at the two expectant faces. "I think I remember Faith saying it worked."

"You think?" Willow teased.
Buffy blushed. "Well, by the time we were through, I was really out of it."

Willow smirked. "So Faith really does pack quite a…"

"Yes." Buffy stopped her before she could complete what would obviously be a very personal, if not downright indecent, statement about Faith's reputed sexual prowess. "Yes, she most definitely does."



Faith did not return to the house all day. Buffy was slightly concerned, but not actually worried. As she left for patrol, she told Willow where she'd be heading in case the recovered slayer was looking for her.

But finding Buffy was the last thing Faith wanted to do. She knew that she couldn't avoid her slaying partner for long. But she needed time to get her game face on. The one that would not allow Buffy to see how much their night together had meant to her. It was just a solution to a problem for Buffy; merely a means to an end. Faith thought how ironic it was that most of her sexual history had been spent practicing that exact philosophy. Now that same philosophy was going to eventually break her heart.

When Buffy had no luck finding Faith, she returned home. She mentioned to Willow that she had not been able to locate the missing slayer.

"Oh, she came back a few hours ago." Willow said. "She's gone to bed."

Buffy frowned at the information. It seemed too early for the slayer to have gone to bed already. "Did she seem ok?"

"Yeah, she seemed fine." Willow answered. "Back to her old self."

"Oh… good." Buffy contemplated Faith's return to normal. "Did she say anything…."

"About what?"  Willow questioned.

"Nothing." Buffy replied. "Never mind."



The next morning, Buffy purposely got up earlier than she normally did. She didn't want to miss seeing Faith again. The witches and Faith were in the kitchen when she came downstairs. "Morning." She said softly.

Willow and Tara acknowledged her and Faith gave her a "Hey B." The bruises and cuts Faith had sustained a few nights back were now completely gone. Evidence that her powers had indeed been restored.

Buffy moved close to where Faith was pouring herself coffee. "How are you feeling?"

"Five by five." Faith answered as she picked up her cup and moved away. "Sorry about blowin' off patrol last night." She added. "I just needed to clear my head."

"S'ok." Buffy observed her partner curiously. "No problem. It was kinda quiet anyway." Something was different about Faith. She couldn't put her finger on it, but there was definitely something different. She would figure it out eventually.



Ten days passed since the night they'd broken the spell and Buffy was now certain that something was just not right between her and Faith. To everyone else, the rogue slayer seemed to be back to normal. She was her usual cocky self and her fighting skills were once again formidable. But there was still something missing between them.

"Willow." Buffy interrupted the witch one afternoon as she worked at her computer. "Have you noticed anything different about Faith lately?"

Willow looked at her as Buffy sat down. "Like what?"

Buffy had given it a lot of thought. "We're not close anymore." It was the best way she had to describe the chasm that she felt between them. "She acts normal to everyone else. But she keeps me at a distance."

"And how long have you been feeling this 'distance'?"

Buffy thought for a moment. "Since the night we reversed the spell."

"Well then, there's your answer."

"What?" Buffy was agitated that she wasn't getting Willow's meaning. "What's my answer?"

"Buffy," Willow tried to steer Buffy's thought process in the right direction without giving away the suspicions she already had about Faith's behavior. "What did that night actually mean to you?"

Buffy again paused to reflect. "It was awesome… she was awesome…." The memory of Faith's intensity briefly stalled her brain. "I had a really great time."

Willow sighed and closed her laptop. 'Honestly,' she thought, 'for a woman who saves the world on a daily basis, she sometimes so misses the boat…' Willow put her hand over Buffy's. "Have a clue, Buffy. You're talkin' to the wrong person."



That night, after slaying and a shower, Buffy went to Faith's room to talk to her. But Faith wasn't there. And Buffy found herself feeling a little miffed. It wasn't as if Faith hadn't gone out without her before. But her fellow slayer hadn't asked Buffy to go out with her for days. She didn't let her mind travel to where Faith might be right now or to what post slaying activity she was possibly engaged in.

Feeling restless and irritable, Buffy tossed and turned in her bed. She couldn't get Faith out of her head. The memory of Faith touching her started to infiltrate her mind, making her fidgety and horny. She let her hand slip down under her shorts, thinking if she just got a little release from the tension she was feeling, she'd be able to sleep. As she started to stroke her clit, she thought of how Faith's fingers had felt brushing over the very same spot she was touching now. She could almost feel Faith's fingers penetrating her over and over as she masturbated. It took only moments for Buffy to approach orgasm. When she remembered the way Faith had been transfixed by the activities going on between her legs, Buffy tumbled into several climaxes. 'Damn,' she thought as her body finally calmed and she relaxed toward sleep. 'that girl can drive me crazy without even being here…..'



The next morning, Buffy caught Faith in the basement working out. Buffy's body was more relaxed, but her mind was not. She wanted to get to the bottom of the rift that she felt had developed between them.


"Hey." Faith answered while continuing to punch the heavy bag.

 Buffy asked. "Can we talk?"

"About what?"  Right jab… right jab….. left hook…..

"Oh, how about the white elephant in the room?"

Faith stopped punching and turned to find Buffy watching her hopefully.

"There's no white elephant, B."

"Yes there is." Buffy insisted. "You've been distant ever since we broke that spell. And I don't understand why." Then a thought occurred to her. "I know it was an odd way of reversing a spell. But it didn't bother me." She searched Faith's eyes. "Did it bother you?"

"I'm fine with it, B." Faith refused to show Buffy what she was feeling. "Wicked way to break a spell, but it was still just a good fuck."

Buffy winced at the vulgarity Faith used in regards to what they had done. Once or twice, she'd heard Faith refer to her post slaying interactions as "just a good fuck." But somehow she'd never imagined that she'd be put into that category.

"Yeah… right…" She said uncertainly.

"Don't worry, B." Faith reassured her as she walked past her toward the stairs. "There's no white elephant."



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