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I Remember

by MyOsage



Rating: NC-17
Summary: Faith finally wakes up from her coma with no memory of anything that happened after she got off the bus in Sunnydale. But Buffy remembers everything, including their intimate relationship, quite well and wants Faith back.
Where are we? We're in my world. There is no Riley, ever. Tara isn't dead. The events in BVS take place only up to until Faith wakes up from her coma. That's where they veer off into a direction of my own design.
WARNING! This story contains explicit, consensual sex between women, sometimes. And romantic involvement between women, always. Because that's the way I like it. If this kind of thing is not to your liking, then go away. It's an immeasurable Internet out there.


She tried to stretch her muscles, but everything felt so stiff. ‘This can't be good,' she thought. Opening her eyes, she squinted at the industrial white walls and the IV bag on a pole to her right. A hospital room. ‘Nope, this is definitely not good.' She turned her head to the left and tried to focus on a blonde woman sitting by the bed with her head resting on folded arms. The woman was facing her and her eyes were closed. 'She's so pretty,' observed Faith. She reached out her fingers and touched the woman's arm.

Buffy felt a feather-light contact on her forearm. She opened her eyes and found Faith watching her. It took a moment for Buffy to realize the implications of Faith studying her. After being in a coma for eight months, Faith was awake.

Her head came off her arms like a shot. "You're awake!" Buffy exclaimed. "Oh my god! You're awake!"

"So it would seem." Faith answered in a scratchy voice as Buffy hit the nurse's call button. She felt Buffy take her hand and squeeze it.

"How do you feel?" Buffy continued her enthusiastic reaction. "I was so worried. But I knew you wouldn't give up, even though it's been so long." Faith's look of puzzlement made Buffy pause her tirade. "What is it?"

Faith gazed at her for a moment. She really was very pretty. "Who are you?"

Buffy watched Dr. Miller perform some routine vital signs and reaction tests on Faith. "Well." She said when she was finished. "Everything seems to be in working order."

Buffy looked at her then back at Faith. The doctor understood the unspoken question.

"Faith, what's the last thing you remember?"

The dark slayer frowned slightly before responding. "Getting off a bus…. somewhere…."

Somehow she knew this was not the answer that the blonde and the doctor had either hoped for or expected. "Sorry."

The doctor smiled at her. "It's ok." She reassured Faith. "These things take time." But looking at the expression on the blonde's face, Faith felt she should have been able to do better. She had somehow disappointed her.

"Why don't we keep you a few more days for observation and then you can go home." The doctor was speaking again.

"Home?" Faith asked.

Dr. Miller hesitated and looked at Buffy. "She can stay with me until she's back on her feet." Buffy said as she looked at Faith hopefully. "Is that ok?"

Faith was confused. Shouldn't she know if she had a home or not?  "I don't want to put anyone out." She was anxious about going home with a stranger. Even though this stranger obviously knew her. Even though this stranger was…. beautiful.

"Really, it's no problem." Buffy interjected. "We want you to stay."

"It would be best if you didn't stay on your own for a little while." Dr. Miller agreed. "Just until we know that there are no further complications." She put her hand on the young woman's shoulder and smiled. "Ok?"

Faith looked between the doctor and Buffy. "Ok."

Two days later, Buffy paced the hospital room. Faith was in the bathroom changing into the clothes Buffy had brought from her loft. She didn't tell Faith that the Mayor had bought and paid for the condo in Faith's name. And she wasn't eager to show Faith the place where Buffy had almost killed her. They could deal with that later.

Faith emerged from the bathroom. She had used some of the makeup Buffy had brought and was wearing jeans, boots and a dark blue tank top. Buffy had picked these things up from the apartment. They belonged to Faith. But the clothes, while not actually baggy, were much looser than what Faith would normally have worn. Buffy sighed.


"Nothing." Buffy answered. "It's just… you've lost weight. I didn't realize."

Faith looked down at herself. "It's ok. They're fine." Picking up the leather jacket, she looked at Buffy. "Let's go."

Dawn looked out the window for the twentieth time. "Where are they?"

Tara came up behind her and pulled the teenager away from the window. "I'm sure they'll be here soon. Now stop that or you'll scare her."

At that moment, Buffy's car drove into the driveway. Dawn and Tara watched the two women walk up the stairs. Tara called out, "Willow! They're here!"

When Buffy opened the door, she and Faith encountered three apprehensive faces. They fidgeted while Buffy closed the door and put Faith's bag down.

"Faith, this is Willow." Faith offered a small "Hey." to the attractive redhead.

"Hi." Willow nodded.

"This is Tara." Faith considered the pretty woman with the soft gray eyes.

"It's ok," Tara smiled at her. "You don't know me." Blushing, she tried to clarify. "I mean, not even… before…"

Faith grinned back at Tara. "Great. Finally someone I'm not supposed to know."

"And this is my sister, Dawn." Buffy finished. Dawn practically jumped at Faith, her enthusiasm barely contained. "Do you remember me?" She asked hopefully.

"'Fraid not." Faith admitted. When Dawn looked disappointed, she added. "But I'm sure it'll come back to me."

Buffy looked at her former lover trying to place the people she would be living with. She could sense Faith's discouragement that nothing fell into place after meeting more people she was supposed to know. She thought Faith looked tired.

"Come on, you." She picked up Faith's bag. "You look like you could use a nap." Leading Faith up to her room, she opened the door and added Faith's bags to the others she had brought from the loft.

"Whose room is this?" Faith asked.

"Mine." Buffy said, trying to sound casual. "Dr. Miller thought someone should stay close to you for a while. Ya know, to keep an eye on you." She smiled shyly at the beauty who was watching her. "I volunteered."

"Thanks." Faith crossed over to bed and sat down to remove her boots. Looking up at Buffy, she added. "For everything." She lay back and closed her eyes. She was asleep almost immediately.

"You're welcome." Buffy whispered. "Anything for you…."

Dinner was uneventful. Faith sat quietly while the four women related bits and pieces of daily life that they thought the rogue slayer might remember or be amused by. No one mentioned anything about the painful events leading up to Faith's almost fatal injuries.

Buffy was already in bed when Faith came in from her shower. She was wearing a t-shirt and panties, as was Buffy. The blonde was slightly disappointed. Faith usually slept in the nude. Buffy wondered how she had decided on this sleeping attire. She sat up to turn off the light. She waited while Faith tried to settle down in the bed. She tossed and turned a bit trying to get comfortable. Buffy watched her for a few minutes before asking, "What's wrong?"

"Feel all tangled." Faith replied.

"Then take off the t-shirt." Buffy suggested.

"You don't mind?" Faith asked.

"No." Buffy gave her a gentle smile. "I don't mind."

Faith drew the t-shirt over her head and lay back down. She turned on her side toward Buffy and was immediately more relaxed. "Thanks." She murmured before closing her eyes and starting to doze.

‘She's so beautiful.' Buffy thought as she looked down at Faith. Though Faith was thinner now, her breasts were still enticingly full. She remembered how those breasts had felt in her hands. And the sounds Faith made when she flicked her tongue over those tawny nipples. It was all Buffy could do not to thread her fingers through Faith's hair, lean over her and kiss her; not to lie down beside her and pull her into her arms. Faith didn't remember how they'd always slept wrapped around each other. She sighed before turning out the light. She would just have to be patient.

As the days went by, they fell into a routine. Buffy had tried to convince Faith that they were in the security business. They patrolled nights protecting the general population against crime. If Faith thought the explanation implausible, she didn't say. Especially after a few sparring sessions with Buffy proved that she indeed possessed some innate fighting skills. They were rusty, but they were also the only tangible connection to Faith's past.

Nothing else seemed to be coming back to the rogue slayer. But as the weeks passed, Buffy could see aspects of Faith's personality emerging again. Her natural cockiness and quick sexual banter returned. Buffy feigned exasperation, but was pleasantly amused by the playfulness. They grew comfortable with each other. Faith enjoyed spending time with the pretty blonde who had stayed by her side all those months. She felt a pull toward Buffy that was hard for her to pinpoint. At first, she thought it was admiration and then an increasing affection. But eventually Faith realized that there was also an attraction. And somehow, part of her knew that it was a mutual one.

One evening Faith sat down on the bed and took off her boots and socks. They were still sharing a bed and neither woman had suggested changing the arrangement. She turned to Buffy who was already in bed reading. Buffy put the book down and looked up at Faith.

"Were we close?" Faith asked.

"Sure." Buffy answered, not really certain what Faith wanted to know.

"How close?" Faith questioned, leaning over and bracing her left arm on the other side of Buffy's body.

Buffy swallowed. "Close."

Faith leaned down until her mouth was merely inches from Buffy's lips. "This close?"

Buffy could feel her heart rate and breathing accelerate. "Yes."

Faith closed the gap between them and kissed Buffy. There was barely any pressure as she softly explored the blonde's lips. Faith could feel a stirring both between her legs and in her mind. The taste of Buffy's mouth was delicious and vaguely familiar.

Sensual, discovering kisses from Faith sent Buffy's mind and body into a tailspin. She welcomed those soft lips, that increasingly demanding tongue. She encouraged the exploration she'd missed so much during the past months. Faith's mouth began to possess her as though they'd never been apart.

Faith could have spent an eternity kissing her former lover. But an unconscious need to learn Buffy again drove her to more intimacies. Moving to Buffy's neck, Faith tasted her and inhaled the sweet fragrance. Gliding over the soft skin, she recognized the texture. ‘I remember…' she thought.

With a soft "oh…" Buffy tried to concentrate. But she couldn't think when Faith first began kissing her neck and then nibbling her ear. As her hands spread across Faith's back, pulling her closer, Buffy barely heard Faith murmur against her skin, "I remember this…"

Faith's hand went to the hem of Buffy's t-shirt. It slipped underneath, smoothing its way up Buffy's stomach to her right breast. Slowly she fondled the delectable flesh.

"and this."

Faith caressed Buffy's nipple, rolling it against the palm of her hand.

"and this."

Buffy was getting lost in Faith's touch. The dark-haired beauty lifted up Buffy's shirt and replaced her hand with her mouth. Another incoherent "oh" escaped Buffy.

"and this."

Faith's hand traveled down to Buffy panties and slipped underneath.

"I remember…"

"Yes…" Buffy could feel Faith lowering her panties past her thighs. "Oh god…yes…"

Moving down Buffy's body, Faith discarded her panties. She parted the blonde's thighs and placed herself between them. Bending down, she kissed Buffy's mons, inhaling the familiar scent.

"I remember….."

Feeling Faith's lips separate her sensitive folds sent Buffy's own memory into overdrive. All the nights they had driven each other crazy. Made love to each other until even their slayers' stamina was depleted.

As Faith began to taste Buffy, images started to fire off in her brain. Flashes of sexual moments with Buffy. The more she released her desires, the faster the displays of her life began roaring through her mind. Suddenly there were more than the passionate mental pictures of being intimate with Buffy. There were visions of Angel in vampire face, the Mayor, violent fighting, murder. All racing back to her intermixed with images of loving Buffy.

She drew back from Buffy in shock. "Oh god…"  She whispered.

It took a moment for Buffy to realize that Faith had stopped touching her. She was locked into the heat that Faith had created in her and she was slow to comprehend what was happening.

Faith's face showed horror and disbelief as she was bombarded with memories of everything that had happened since she'd stepped off that bus in Sunnydale. She backed away from Buffy and stood up.

"Oh god!"

Reality finally penetrated Buffy's passionate haze. "Faith? What is it? What's wrong?"

The dark slayer continued retreating from Buffy. Suddenly she turned and bolted from the room.

"Faith! Wait!" Buffy called out after her. She yanked her shirt down and grabbed a pair of jeans. "Faith!" She shouted out again as she tried to get up from the bed, put on her jeans and follow Faith all at the same time.

Faith flew down the stairs. Willow and Tara were startled at the sudden disheveled appearance of the rogue slayer. "Faith?" Tara called out to her. But Faith only glanced briefly at her before pulling the door open and running out into the night.

Moments later, Buffy stumbled down the stairs. "Where'd she go?" Tara pointed to the door. But when Buffy stepped out onto the front porch, Faith was gone. She couldn't follow her without at least knowing in which direction she had run. She sighed and went back into the house. Closing the door behind her, Willow asked. "What happened?"

"She remembered." Buffy replied sadly. "Everything…."

"Oh god." Tara whispered.

Buffy went over to the phone and dialed Dr. Miller's pager.



"What happened?" Dr. Miller asked as she entered the house twenty minutes later.

"She remembered everything." Buffy answered.

The doctor looked slightly exasperated. This was probably the worse thing that could happen to a post trauma patient. The shock alone could send a normal person reeling.

"What triggered it?"

Buffy dropped her eyes, involuntarily blushing.

"Oh… I see." The doctor surmised by Buffy's reaction that the event had been intimate. It didn't come as a complete surprise. In her experience, a person didn't come to see a comatose patient every single day for eight months if they were merely good friends. "I think you'd better tell me everything."

"….and the next thing we knew, she was in the hospital. I saved Angel with my own blood. Faith had appeared to me in a dream and showed me the Mayor's weakness. And as you know, we killed him after his transformation." Buffy heaved a big sigh. She had explained all of it. She'd left nothing out. "Which brings us to now." She looked at the doctor who'd made no comments during Buffy's account of her life with Faith. "Do you believe me?"

"Yes, I do." She replied. "Faith will no doubt remember where the loft is. It's the most likely place she'll run to." She thought a moment before continuing. "It's not your fault, Buffy. Often a pleasurable recollection will leak out of an amnesia patient's unconsciousness while they're open and unguarded. And it can lead to a flood of more memories that are waiting to push though. Still, I don't think it's in Faith's best interest to see you right now. You're too big a part of everything that's happened in her life. I think I might have a better chance of reaching her at this point."

Buffy was going to object. But she realized that the doctor was probably right. Faith needed help. And she couldn't be the one to give it to her right now. "All right. Thank you."

Dr. Miller got up to leave. "You know, I spent eight years in medical school. Yet nothing could have prepared me for Sunnydale. I'll tell you something that I've never told anyone. I met Faith once before. I was leaving the hospital late one night. I hadn't been in town long and I was not aware of the unusual dangers. Three vampires accosted me in the parking lot." The doctor paused as the memory momentarily infused her with a long forgotten fear. She shivered involuntarily. "I'd never been so terrified in my life. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, this young woman appeared. She fought them back with amazing strength and finally killed them. I'd never seen anything like it. When I tried to thank her, she just smiled and said "No big deal, Doc. Just watch who ya let walk ya home from now on." I didn't see her again until she was wheeled into my ER two years later." The doctor made sure she had their full attention before she continued. "I did everything humanly possible not to lose her then. And I'll do everything in my power not to lose her now."



When Dr. Miller arrived at the loft, she could see that the lock had been broken, the doorjamb splintered. The room inside was lit only by the full moon still shining outside. The loft seemed orderly. Looking out the window to the balcony, she could see a figure sitting on the ledge. She crossed the room and stepped out onto the terrace. There was no longer any sign of the struggle or violence that had occurred here eight months ago. But the doctor knew that it was probably vivid and fresh in Faith's mind.


There was barely a movement of the slayer's head. "Go away, Doc."

The doctor didn't move. "I've talked to Buffy. I know everything. Though I can't imagine what it must be like to have all those traumatic events suddenly thrust into your memory."

"Well it sucks." Faith turned her head back to the night. "And now ya know what a worthless fuck I am. So go away and save someone who isn't."

"Everyone made mistakes, Faith. You're not solely to blame for all that happened. And I wouldn't have cared so much about you for eight months if I'd thought you were worthless."

"You shoulda let me die."

The doctor realized then that she was not getting through to her former patient. Faith's mood was bleak and dismal. And her sitting on the ledge where she had fallen from made the doctor very uneasy. "Faith, please….."

Faith gave a small bitter sounding laugh. "Don't worry, Doc." She assured her. "I ain't gonna kill myself. Cuz if I did, then some poor innocent girl somewhere in the world would get dragged into this fucked life. And I ain't gonna let that happen, as long as I can help it." Faith's voice softened as she turned her head slightly toward the doctor. "So please, just leave me alone."

Dr. Miller felt she had pushed Faith as far as she should. At least she had gotten a backdoor promise from Faith not to harm herself. That was something. As she started to leave, she saw Faith turn her head back toward the night sky and heard her speak quietly.

"I remember you too."

The doctor sighed and left the condo.



"She's reeling from the magnitude of everything that happened." Dr. Miller was sitting in the Summers' living room again relating to Buffy, Willow and Tara how Faith was reacting. "I'm afraid that mostly what she's feeling right now is a huge sense of guilt and worthlessness. I wasn't able to get through to her."

Buffy looked stricken. Her eyes were red from crying and her face still registered her own shock and dismay. "Maybe I can talk to her in the morning."

"I still think someone neutral might be better. I really got the impression that right now she won't be able to stand seeing someone who has any kind of history with her." Advised the doctor. "Including me."

"I'll go." Tara volunteered.

"That's right." Willow agreed. "Tara came along after Faith was in a coma. And she seemed to like Tara right away when she got here."

The doctor smiled at the gentle, soft-spoken Wiccan. "That might be best, Tara. Why don't you go over first thing in the morning?" Turning to Buffy, she said. "This will not be easy for you for a long time, Buffy. Faith has a lot to work through. But I'm hoping that at some point, she'll remember that you love her as much as I suspect you do."



Early the next morning, Tara arrived at the loft. She entered finding Faith in exactly the same place Dr. Miller had left her the night before.


The slayer turned her head slightly, but said nothing.

Tara wasn't sure what she could say to help Faith. So she just spoke from her heart. "They've all had eight months to sort out their feeling and come to terms with their mistakes." She paused. "A luxury you don't have. But the council has cleared you and they've all forgiven you… and forgiven themselves. Please let us help you." She waited for Faith to say something. When she didn't, Tara tried another approach. "I watched Buffy leave the house every day, for eight long months, Faith. Every time she left, I could see the hope in her eyes that maybe this was the day that you'd wake up and come back to her. Every night, I'd see her come home crushed because you were still gone. If you remember anything at all, Faith, remember that she loves you."

When Faith turned and looked over her shoulder at Tara, the witch was stunned to see how much the rogue slayer had changed. In the harsh morning light, her face was drawn and pale. There were dark circles under eyes that looked vacant and haunted. "She should have gone back to Angel."

Tara's expression softened. "She didn't want Angel." Tara confided. "She wanted you."



When Buffy arrived at the condo that afternoon, she knew it was probably a bad idea. But she couldn't stay away from Faith any longer. She entered the apartment through the broken door and knew immediately that Faith was gone. She couldn't sense her at all. Buffy sank down on the bed and cried.



Buffy had decided long ago that kissing Faith was addicting. Her lips were so soft, yet her intent was so strong. Faith's touch could be tender and gentle. But Buffy always knew the wildness that lay beneath the surface of Faith's intimacies. When she needed it, Faith would release it and practically devour her. Pinning her with slayer strength, she'd push Buffy to her limits. Buffy had never made love with anyone who was so consistently exciting and unpredictable.

Like the way Faith was touching her now. Lying on top of her with hardly any weight resting on her body. Her left knee was pressed hard up between Buffy's legs. And with every movement, Faith's thigh rubbed indecently against her center. She knew Faith's skin would be slick from her excitement. Faith's right arm braced the rest of her so that she could run her left hand all over Buffy's body. She would kiss Buffy senseless, and then glide all over her lover's body tantalizing her ears, neck, breasts, abdomen and hips. Her fingers teased the blonde beneath her when she wasn't sliding down to use her mouth and tongue to drive her to distraction. Every time Faith moved, Buffy could feel her lovely breasts sliding over her torso. Buffy loved Faith's breasts. They were so abundant and soft. Buffy tried to fondle them. But she couldn't focus when Faith's tongue sought entrance into her mouth. Or when she'd trace down her neck leaving tiny bites in her wake. Or when she'd cover a nipple with her mouth and flick her tongue over and over Buffy's hardened nubs. There was just no way to think rationally.

After what felt like hours of delicious torture, Buffy gasped softly as she felt Faith's fingers slip between her legs. Before, she had been squeezing Faith's thigh, she now spread her legs for her lover's caress. The sensuous, arousing touch that Faith used always drove her crazy. Buffy knew it was pointless to try and still her hips as Faith's fingers began to stroke around her clit. Brushing over it with alternating lightness and determination, Faith's fingers worked their magic. Buffy's lustfulness provided plenty of slick lubrication for Faith to spread over her. The brunette would tease the sensitive nerves around Buffy's sexual shaft then unexpectedly dip inside her for a quick feel of her inner walls. Buffy tried to grasp her elusive lover and draw her deeper inside her heated body. But Faith would dance away and play wherever she wanted. Just as Buffy thought she would perish from need, Faith slipped her fingers deep inside and possessed Buffy as only she could do. The repeated penetration of those talented fingers to her sweet spot shorted out any other thoughts in Buffy's mind. Faith was all she knew at this moment. She was all that mattered. The blonde slayer caught the orgasmic wave that rose within her and rode it out, clinging to Faith with a grip that would have injured any other lover. Faith kissed her hard as she peaked. Her kisses changing to softness in the same degrees that Buffy's body began to relax. Buffy knew that no one could ever provide the kind of satisfaction that Faith gave her. 'God, I've missed you so.....'

But they were just dreams. Buffy opened her eyes and sighed sadly. Faith had been gone for a month when they began. At first, Buffy thought that they were just snippets of memories seeping out of her subconscious. Past images and mental pictures of touches, caresses, and pleasure shared with Faith. Then they became longer, more detailed scenarios of making love with the absent slayer. Eventually Buffy realized that they were not remembrances of previous intimacies. These were new and current visions of touching Faith. And the reason she believed this was because when she explored Faith's body, she could see the scar her knife had left on her abdomen.



Faith turned her head as she relished the weight of Buffy lying on her back. She loved the feel of Buffy's breasts against her ribs and the soft hair between her lover's legs brushing seductively across her ass. Buffy used her knees to spread Faith. She shifted slightly so that her right hand could slide down the private crevice of Faith's ass. She swept away the wild tresses that hid the back of Faith's neck. Buffy knew that nibbling and sucking there would help send her lover's senses reeling. Buffy's fingers reached further to the abundant juices flowing from Faith's fired up center and penetrated deeply inside her. Faith loved to start this way. The first orgasm would be quick and carnal whenever Buffy took her from behind. Buffy would then turn her over while keeping her fingers possessively inside her voracious lover. Buffy's palm would massage Faith's clit lightly while her fingers renewed their ravenous assault. And she would come again for her slayer. Faith could never resist Buffy's continued enthusiasm. As long as Buffy wanted to stroke her, caress her, lick, fondle, and suck her, Faith would climax for her. And often, Buffy finished with Faith straddling her mouth. She knew Faith loved being on top. Buffy's tongue lapped at Faith with determination. Her fingers again found their way into the dark slayer's heated tunnel. The Chosen One was absolutely tenacious when it came to providing Faith with as many quality orgasms as each session would allow. Even though Faith had already come twice, she gave in and succumbed with yet another burst of pure ecstasy.

Faith gasped and sat up as she awoke with a start. She was breathing hard and her heart was pounding in her chest. "Damn." She whispered to herself. The dreams had started two months ago and were getting more intense and more frequent every week. The dark slayer wrapped her arms around her knees and tried to calm herself with a slow rocking motion. It had been almost six months since she'd last seen Buffy and she missed her terribly. After leaving Sunnydale, Faith had gone to England to turn herself in to the council. While they made it quite clear that they did not condone Faith's errant behavior, she found that she had indeed been given a pardon for the lethal mistakes she'd made. Since the creation of the first Chosen One, there had been occasions when a slayer had made fatal errors. But now, the council was particularly concerned with an apocalypse prophecy involving an evil far more powerful than any recorded in its archives. If Buffy was to defeat it, she would need all the help she could get. In the entire history of slayers, Buffy and Faith co-existed in the most dangerous era of all. Perhaps it was destiny that had allowed the creation of two simultaneous slayers. In the months ahead, maybe one would not be enough.

After retraining in England for two months, Faith had gone back to Boston. She found that her mother had died of alcoholism shortly after she'd first left for Sunnydale. It didn't especially sadden her. Her mother had made Faith's childhood, as well as her own life, a living hell. Now that was over for her mother. Next she visited her watcher's grave. This was the only regret she'd had in her life before going to Sunnydale. No one had cared about Faith until she'd met her watcher. And she had been the first person that Faith had ever loved. She was still a new slayer when Katherine was killed. And she knew at the time that she would have had no chance against the ancient vampire, Kakistos. And though she had eventually avenged her watcher's murder, sometimes she could still feel her initial sense of helplessness.

Now Faith felt as though she had dealt with her past demons and recovered her memory completely. She had regained her power and her focus. Whatever lay ahead, she would meet it head on with the Chosen One. The vivid sexual dreams of Buffy were appearing almost nightly now. It was time to go back.



Buffy was patrolling the cemetery. It had been slow this week. She wasn't really concentrating. No one in their right mind would be out this late on a night this cold. So when she saw a figure standing on a rise shadowed by the moonlight hiding behind a cloud, she immediately thought, vampire. But the individual didn't charge or run. Buffy slowly approached it. Feeling a tingling in the back of her neck, she gripped her stake harder.

She got close enough to realize that the person waiting for her was a woman. The tingling became stronger the closer she got. When she was near enough for recognition, the clouds cleared so that moonlight filtered down on the rise.

It was Faith.

Buffy stared at the vision standing a short distance in front of her. She was afraid to blink, least it be an illusion.


Six long months had restored the dark slayer to her previous form, and more. She looked so strong and powerful, yet still voluptuous and sexy. Her dark hair was as untamed as always. Her leather pants were once again tight-fitting, her shirt revealing. Buffy could smell the leather jacket that Faith wore.

Faith thought that she was prepared to see Buffy again. Clearly she was not. The blonde was even more stunning than she had envisioned in the constant dreams. Buffy's hair shone in the moonlight. Her slender frame seemed delicate, but Faith knew how much power or passion it could generate. She could almost hear her former lover's heart beating. The rogue slayer could smell Buffy's shampoo, the lotion she smoothed into her skin, the perfume she wore. Every sense Faith possessed was filled with the essence of Buffy.

The two slayers stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Finally Faith spoke.

"I'm so sorry…..."

Buffy let a strangled cry escape her. She walked directly up to Faith and threw her arms around her neck. Pulling her close, she whispered into the dark wavy hair. "I missed you… so much." She turned her lips closer to make sure Faith heard her every word. "Don't leave me…" She tightened her grip around Faith's neck. "Please, Faith. Don't ever leave me again…."

Faith wrapped her arms around Buffy's back. "I won't." She gripped the blonde's back with one hand and held the back of her head with the other. "I promise, B. I won't ever leave you again."



Buffy released Faith enough to kiss her…. hard. The dark slayer may have thought that Buffy's first kiss would be a sweet ‘welcome home, let's begin at the beginning,' tentative exploration kind of kiss. It wasn't. After months of kissing lips goodbye that couldn't kiss her back, and more months of not kissing those lips at all, Buffy had had enough. She basked in the luxury of kissing Faith, of possessing her mouth and feeling every ounce of pent up passion returned.

Faith felt the craving she'd been experiencing since she'd been gone take hold. She crushed Buffy against her body, returning the ravenous kisses. This was not a dream. This was real. Buffy was finally in her arms, merging into her heart and soul as if they were truly meant to be one. For this woman, for this moment, she would gladly give up her life. Nothing else in this world would ever mean as much to her as being with Buffy.

The two slayers managed to reach Faith's hotel room before tearing each other's clothes off. They'd kept constant physical contact with one another since the moment they'd first held each other. Hands and mouths searched, explored, possessed. They stroked and caressed one another, determined to experience each others' every erotic sensation. The dreams they'd been having sprung to life as every passionate scenario at last played itself out in reality.

Finally exhausted and sated, the two slayers rested. They were intimately entwined as if reluctant to be apart if only for a moment. Buffy nuzzled Faith's neck. "You had the dreams too."

Faith kissed Buffy hair. "Yeah."

"Pretty intense."

Faith smiled against the soft blonde strands. "Oh yeah." Laying her cheek on Buffy's head, she replied. "Sometimes I thought they would drive me crazy for wanting you." Faith paused a moment, remembering how real the dreams had seemed. "But then again, they kept reminding me of why I had to come back."

Buffy lifted her head off Faith's shoulder and looked at her. "Why?"

"Do I really need to say it?"

Buffy searched Faith's face. The answer was evident in the deep brown eyes. "No." She said. "But I've waited so long to hear it."

"I love you, B." Faith smiled down at her lover. "You're the first person I've ever fallen in love with. And I pretty much figure that you'll be the last. Ok?"

Buffy hadn't realized how tense she'd become waiting for Faith's answer until she felt herself relax. "Do I need to tell you?'

"Nah." Faith teased. "I know you've always been a sucker for me."

But Buffy did tell her. Over and over. Throughout the night. With each embrace, every caress, she whispered what she'd longed to tell the dark slayer for months. Words of such need, desire and unconditional love. They poured out of Buffy as if there had been a dam inside her waiting for the right time to break. The emotions flowed over Faith. That night they solidified their commitment, forming a bond greater than any they'd had in the past. It seemed almost predestined. These two incredibly powerful women would challenge whatever evil energy was gathering. Stronger still because they were so intertwined with each other that they would act as a single omnipotent force.


A few weeks later, Willow and Tara were waiting for Buffy and Faith to join them. They were supposed to meet Xander and Anya at the Bronze.

"Buffy! Are you and Faith coming down?" Willow called up the stairs.

"Be there in a minute!" Buffy shouted back down from her room.

Faith started toward the door when Buffy turned and stopped her. Without looking back, she kicked the door shut with her foot.

Faith smirked at her. "You gonna lock that?"

Again without looking back, Buffy reached behind her and locked the door.

Faith took a step back. "You got that look in your eyes, B."

"So do you…"

Faith's smirk turned into a smile. "We are so gonna be late. Cuz ya know this can only go one way…."

Buffy gave up a saucy smile of her own. "Oh I think we can come up with more than one way this can go…."

"I wonder what your friends would say if I told them that you were really the wicked one." Faith teased.

Putting her hands on Faith's chest, Buffy started pushing her back toward the bed. "They wouldn't believe you." Buffy assured her. "I have a sterling reputation as a prude."

Now Faith was absolutely ginning, her dimples running amok. "Ya know, B. There just ain't no one else like you."

"Ya got that right, slayer." Buffy had maneuvered Faith back far enough so that with one final nudge, she made Faith tumble onto the bed. She threw one leg over her lover, straddling her, and linked their hands together over Faith's head. "And I'm gonna make damn sure you never forget it."



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