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Christmas Comes Early

by Mac


For my baby, always. Also for Val (and her challenge) for coming up with these challenges, which inspire my creative side! :o)
Notes: You can blame halo two for the delay of this fic, anyone else play it? Was sooo disappointed with the ending. Grrr.
Summary: Chrismas Fic

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Willow, Anya and I walked down the main street of Sunnydale, admiring the decorations and the brightly lit up shop windows.

"I have never understood Christmas as a commercial ploy. It loses all meaning when money is involved."

Willow and I stopped and stared at Anya. Since when was she one for complaining about any excuse to make money?

"What? I mean, the money that comes in around Christmas time is great, but I suppose people don't really want to buy a "Roluf Seeing Ball", or "How to Learn Graglog Speech in Ten Hours" as Christmas presents."

"Ah, so this is your problem with Christmas." I say as we continue walking on.

"And I thought you had gone all symbolic and meaningful on us." Willow nodded.

"And not as money grabbing."

"That too." The red head nods.

"Pfft... I don't think so. Also, what is the meaning of Santa Claus? Another ploy? I think he's another example of how you humans are so irrational and hypocritical. The story says he is a dirty, old man, who trespasses into peoples homes, leaves parcels behind, which could contain goodness knows what type of poisons or explosives, and then he goes on to the next unsuspecting household. And this whole 'He knows if you've been naughty or nice'? It's such a sexual metaphor. Ugh, it gives me the shivers just to think about it." She wraps her coat around her in order to emphasise the point.

Willow and I stare at her with open mouths.

"Destroyed." I muster. "All my Christmas dreams and memories ripped away as a result of a single sentence."

"Shattered." Echoes Willow.

We walk along for a few more minutes when we're stopped by Anya squealing, she runs over to one of the windows.

"Candy canes!!" She grins and points excitedly.

"Sugary goodness." Willow says. "Not really worth *that* much excitement."

"Xander and I love these!" She fishes out her purse from her bag. "I think I'll buy him some for Christmas. A treat." She's practically glowing.

"I never realised that Xander got so excited over his Candy Canes."

"Oh yes..." Anya nods eagerly, still eyeing up the candy canes, trying to find the one to suit her taste. "Very excited."

Willow laughs. "Xander and his sweet tooth!"

Anya frowns. "How do you know about his mouth?"

Willow holds up her hands. "Sweets, he loved sweets as a kid!"

"Ah yes, you were his childhood companion so you would know of his eating habits." Satisfied with the explanation, she disappears into the shop and I start laughing.

"She's mad!" Willow stills look a little startled from her near run-in.

"So... what are you buying Tara?" I ask her quietly, with a wide smile on my face.

"I got her a load of rare ingredients from the Magic Shop, I manager to persuade Anya to order them in, it took weeks though, I ordered back in September! A bracelet with an engraving on the back of it saying 'Forever' along with our initials. It's white gold, very beautiful."

"Oh, you have to show me! Anything else?"

Willow flushes a deep shade of red. "Well... nothing that I'll be showing you any time soon."

I pause, not getting it.

Then –

"Oh!" I blush right along with her. "Willow! You're disgraceful!"

"I'm sure Blondie won't be thinking that." Faith's voice comes from behind me, scaring the shit out of me. I spin around.

"Faith!" She's very close to me, she smells very good. She gives me a full smile, showing her teeth. Like she's gonna eat me up.

"Hey B."

"You shouldn't listen in on conversations, it's very rude!"

She just keeps smiling.

It's kinda disconcerting. Like she knows something that I don't.

"Uhm... so the cat caught the canary?" Willow asks behind me.

Faith's gaze runs over my body, it's like the softest caress and I want to moan. I want her to take me, here in the middle of Sunnydale for everyone to see.

She glances up at Willow and nods. "Yeah... something like that."

Anya comes out of the shop. "Hello Faith." She says coldly, eyeing the slayer up, as if she could take her in a fight.

"Hey," Faith grins.

Anya starts talking to Willow, ignoring Faith.

The brunette looks down at me.

"I got you a Christmas present... well, one part of it. And I wanna buy you some lingerie; I need you there for that."

"You want to get me lingerie and you want me there with you when you buy it? You want me to model it for you?" I raise my eyebrow.

She pretends to look thoughtful, like the thought hadn't even crossed her mind before. "Well now that you mention it, yeah that would be helpful too."

"Sounds like an early Christmas present for you!" I poke her shoulder and she just leers down at me.

"Hi guys!" Xander puts his arms around Anya's and Willow's shoulders. He stumbles a bit, and then laughs goofily.

"Xan?" Willow frowns at him.

"*hic* hehe... I had eggnog!" He bursts out.

"That's... good?" I say, raising my eyebrows.

"Mmm, very good..."

"I bought some candy canes!" Anya jumps in, holding the bag in front of his face. His cheeks turns so red, I swear he half sobers up. I frown. Faith chokes and walks away.

"Thatsh great Ahn, letsh go shopping together, yeah?"

"Oh yes, see you guys later!" She waves at us and the two of them walk off, Xander stumbling a little.

Willow and I turn to stare at Faith.

"What was all that about?"

"No comment, but hey, B, I'll meet you in Secret Possessions in half an hour!" She scarpers off as quickly as she can.

I watch her leave and Willow turns to me.

"Secret Possessions?"

I blush, and then point. "Oh look its Santa!"

Willow squeals at the sight of the large man laughing and greeting all the children. "Can we go over please!!?"

I roll my eyes and we walk over together.


I run my fingers over the black lace, it feels so soft against my fingers, I bet it would feel so soft on me, and up against Faith. Faith likes black, and she often tells me I would look great in lace. I wonder if she imagines black lace on me while she-

A hand covers mine.

"Soft B... but I think I'd like to see you in white." Her breath caresses my ear and neck, her nails drag up my arm.

I turn around in her arms. "What is up with you today?" I grin at her. "You seem so... horny..."

"Wet and excited too." She whispers into my ear. "Just wanna see you in one of these things..." She points to one which covers skin, but would leave the pubic area open and nipples too.

My cheeks go a slight pink colour.

"Faith..." I try to chastise, but my voice comes out low and husky and Faith leans in and kisses my neck, sucking on it gently.

"I'd rather wear something that leaves at least a little to the imagination!"

"Point taken." She sifts through a few of them, and grabs about three, two white and one black. "You're trying on these, ok?"

I don't even get a chance to look at them before I'm dragged off into the changing rooms.

The lady nods to us as we walk into one of the rooms. Faith locks the door behind us. She grins at me.

"Faith?" I say, in a quiet voice.


"What was up with the candy canes?"

Faith's expression pales. "Oh god... eugh... so not horny anymore!"

My eyes widen. "Was it really that bad?"

"Xander, Anya and candy canes... not much worse than that... except Kakistos"

There's silence for a few moments as I try to think if that's actually what she means.

"You mean...?"

"I walked in on them the other night, Xander and Anya... having... sex..." Faith practically spat the word out. "I just went over to his house to play some xbox, the door was unlocked!"

"What has sex got to do with candy canes?" I scrunch up my eyebrows.

Faith starts pacing. "Yeah, you see that's what you would think. That's what I thought!! But the two of them... god... they are so fucking weird!!"

I walk over to her, taking off my top in process; she gets distracted for a second or two.

"What... what happened?"

"Anya was... she was... ugh!" Faith grunted and then sat down on the chair in the corner of the changing room. "With the candy cane... she was... putting it... inside her..."

I rub Faith's back soothingly.

"And then... she was... feeding it to Xander! I was horrified!!"

"Shush!" I put my finger to her lips. "Why were you so horrified?"

She shrugs. "Cos it was pretty gross."

"But Faith... if I did that... if I put the candy cane inside me, got it all wet with my wetness... and then you sucked on it, would you not like that?"

Faith tensed.

"Hmm... I guess... when you put it like that..."

"I just think that it was watching them that you didn't like it... not what they were doing..."

She looks thoughtful for a moment.

"Strip." Then back to normal Faith.

"What one do you want me to try on first?"

She looks through them all, looking at each one closely. "Uhm..." She picks out a white one, which has a zip on the panty. "This one."

I smile shyly. "Turn around and I'll get changed into it."

She stares at me, completely aghast. "Turn ar-? But B! I've seen every single part of you, why do I have to turn around??"

"Faith, just turn around, or I won't get changed into it at all."

She pouts as she turns the chair around to face the corner of the changing room. I'm naked and putting on the lacy garment in no time. The long stockings are attached by suspenders to the thong with the zip up crotch, and then a lacy bodice, barely covering my breasts. This one is very much a teasing kind of outfit. Very much what Faith enjoys.

I run my hands over my impossibly hard nipples, and breathe out slowly.

"Oh God... B..."

Faith has turned around; she can see me from the back.

"Your ass... fuck... it looks so good..."

I turn around slowly, and I can see her eyes just lit up and widen, they scan my body, running over my skin, taking in everything they can.

"Oh god..."

I walk over to her.

"You like?"

She nods eagerly, trying to look me in the eye but failing miserably. "Yes. Yes, very much so." I sit astride her lap, and she moans quietly. "B... you're so fucking sexy..." Her gaze lingers between my spread legs, staring at the zip. I know she wants to pull it open. The thought is getting me a little excited, and I berate myself.

She runs her hands over my legs; her attention is still focussed between them. She slides her fingers beneath the suspenders; her breathing is turning into panting.

"You think we should buy this one?"


She's getting that look in her eye and I move to get off her lap before I give into her. But she grabs hold of my legs and keeps me in place. Her hands are moving higher up on the inside of my thighs.

"You... you shaved?" Her voice comes out as a hoarse whisper.

"Shaved all... except for a small strip." I whisper. "One of your Christmas presents."

She teases the edge of my panties with the tips of her fingers. "B... god... I... I just wanna-"

"Faith don't! This isn't mine... we haven't bought it yet..." She grabs me between the legs and I gasp, arching forward.


She hasn't released me yet, her palm gently massages me and I'm trying so hard not to respond.

"So, I can't get it... all... wet..."

There's a pause as she stops moving her hand.

"Un-zip it then."

"Faith! We're in a shop!"

"Keep quiet."

I move to get off her lap again, but this time as I do it, she holds my thigh down with one hand and with the other she grabs my right hand.

She looks up at me, looking a bit apprehensive, and exceedingly horny. "B... I... I have something else for you..." She places my hand over her crotch, her bottom lip trembles slightly.

I frown.

"Faith...?" I can feel something hard beneath her baggy jeans.

"It's another part of... well, I suppose 'our' Christmas present." She looks very nervous now, probably thinking that I'm gonna freak out about this. "If you- I mean, if you don't want to... its fine, I..." She trails off, waiting for me to say something.

I begin to tremble slightly. "You... uhhn..." I don't even know what to say or how to ask. So I check for myself by unzipping her jeans.

I'm certainly not disappointed. I gasp, and by the look on my face, Faith is assured that I'm totally ok with this.

"I bought this over the internet..." She reaches down and fixes the cock so it's standing up straight. It's rubbery to the touch, and about eight inches long. I feel slightly intimidated by it, like, I don't know if I can take all of it. "I... I really... *really* wanna fuck you with it right now."

I feel myself getting so excited, and I moan softly, while rapidly reaching down and quickly unzipping the panties.


"I'm... I'm getting... really... wet..."

She slides two of her fingers through my pussy lips and moans and the feel of my arousal. She closes her two fingers gently around my clit and my hips pump forward and I grunt. She takes her fingers back and looks at them, coated and dripping with my excitement.

She grins up at me. "Excited about the thought of feeling this inside you?" She grabs a hold of the strap-on. "And me fucking you so hard?"

I whimper, my hips rock forward on her lap, I'm not even pressed against anything. She glances down between my legs again, I look down too. There's something incredibly erotic about seeing my pussy like this.

And from the look on Faith's face, she thinks so too...

I lean down and begin to kiss her deeply, my tongue sweeping into her mouth; I can hear her moaning softly under the onslaught, I feel her hand tentatively stroke my pussy lips. She makes a noise in the back of her throat, somewhere between a grunt and an agonised groan when she realises how wet her fingers are from merely touching me softly.

I start nipping and sucking on her neck, pulling at the skin, marking her. She presses her fingers in between my pussy lips, against my clit and begins to rub it back and forth with the tips of her fingers.

I move away and gasp harshly, panting as my hips begin to rock quite forcefully against her hand. "Oh god... Faith..." I whimper as my hips rock and jar against her fingers. I shift in her arms so I'm looking down at her; she's staring at my pussy, watching her fingers touch me.

She once told me that every time we were together, she couldn't believe her luck, she feels like she has to imprint every moment in her mind so she doesn't forget anything.

"Uhnn... Faith... put your fingers inside me..."

She grunts and closes her eyes as I feel her fingers easily slide past my clit and then down to my hole. I squirm my hips, feeling slightly embarrassed at how wet I am. Her face is flushed with excitement.

"You feel... uhh... so good, so wet..."

Her fingers circle the entrance to my tight channel, collecting my wetness on her fingers. Her heads moves up to look into my eyes and suddenly she buries two fingers inside me.

"Oh! God!" I gasp out, my gaze locked onto hers.

I can feel my body pulsing and adjusting around her fingers. It's not exactly easy for me to take two fingers of hers, let alone an eight inch dildo. I press my hips down onto her lap, and she opens her legs slightly, opening mine too, exposing more of me to her. Her head looks down again, at my now spread, exposed cunt.

"Oh fuck..." She growls.

I shift my hips and she pulls her fingers out of me, before slowly sliding them inside me again. The noise of my pussy reaches both our ears, and I hear her moan quietly as she repeats her movement, only this time she fucks them inside me firmly.

I kiss around her ear. "My clit... please Faithy... just... please..."

She spreads her legs open more; I can feel the cold air contrast with my hot, wet sex as my legs spread open even more. I exhale out sharply.

"Uhh... my clit!" I cry out softly into her ear.

She runs her thumb over my hard, little nub. My hips rocking against her thumb as she slides her fingers in and out, in and out of my tight channel. The noises of my wetness seem to be so loud in the small changing room, but Faith's breathing is almost out of control, so I'm not too embarrassed anymore.


She's looking up at me.

"Uhhnn... yes...?"

She looks around the side of my body and nods. "There's a mirror..." Her whispered voice is dripping with desire. I turn my head and glance behind me. I flush red and whip my head back around, hiding my head in Faith's shoulder.

"Oh god..." I gasp out. Her fingers keep relentlessly playing with my cunt, getting faster and harder.

"Oh god... B... you look so fucking sexy... I... can... uhnn... I can see my fingers moving in and out of your pussy..."

"Faith..." I moan desperately, I can feel myself steadily approaching orgasm.

"B... I want you to sit on me..." Faith grabs her dildo with her free hand. She takes her other hand from my pussy and wipes all my wetness over the cock, trying to give it some lubrication.

I still feel intimidated by it. Also, it doesn't look lubricated enough. I kiss her lips softly before getting off her lap and kneeling on my knees on the floor. Her eyes widen, and she licks her lips as she realises what I'm about to do.

"Fuck- B!"

I grab a hold of the base of the dildo and press and rub it into her pussy as I start licking up and down the strap-on. Faith's hips press against me as she moans.

"Oh god... B... You look so nasty..." She groans as I press the base hard against her. She must be soaked.

I take the dildo into my mouth and look up at Faith; she's staring straight ahead of her, into the mirror behind me. It must look quite the sight, me, on my knees between Faith's legs.

I bend over a little more as I continue to slick up the strap-on. I push my ass back, and up showing myself to her. With my free hand, I move it between my legs and spread my pussy, it must be glistening I'm so soaked. Faith's reaction is immediate I feel her hips pump forward.

"Oh fuck! Buffy!" Faith's harsh voice sends shivers down my spine. "Get up here now!" She practically growls at me.

She pulls me on to her lap, we kiss and she rubs the head of the cock over my pussy and clit, rubbing it up against me.

"Want me inside you?" She breathes against my mouth.

"Uhnnn... god..." My hips press forward and I feel like I'm gonna come as soon as she puts it inside me. She bites my nipple roughly through the bodice.


"Want me inside you B?" She slips the cock down, lifts me up a little and presses the cock at my channel.

I try to press down, I can feel my hole clenching tightly in excitement, but she doesn't let me.

"Yes... Faith... please... fuck me.... inside me now... I wanna feel you fucking me..." She starts easing me down onto the cock, once I feel the head go inside me I begin to breathe so hard. It's stretching me, I lean my forehead down onto Faith's as I stare down into her eyes. I gasp each time my channel tightens around the strap on, I feel Faith's fingers press against my pussy as she continues to slowly slide it into me.

"You... ok?"

I nod.

"Does it- is it... is it good?" I can feel her breath bursting at my neck, she trying so hard not to just fuck her hips upwards and bury the whole things inside me.

"Oh god... yes... amazing..." I'm practically panting. "My pussy... it's... I... its closing and opening around it..."

"Oh fucking hell..." Her eyes shut tightly as she continues to lower me on to it. "Oh god!" Finally the whole thing is buried inside me; I cry out softly and bite her shoulder.

I'm fucking close to coming already. I don't think I can hold on for long, my pussy is pulsating around it. I feel Faith's hips shift into me as she moves to get comfy, she's pressing right against my clit. She pushes her hips upwards and suddenly I'm coming.

"Oh! Oh! Uhhnn! Faith!" I cry out into her neck as my hips jerk back and forth on her lap.

She holds onto my hips, whispering soothing words into my ear as I come down from my high.

"I... sorry..." I giggle and blush.

She grins at me. "Don't be. That was fucking sexy. I wasn't expecting it."

I moan as I feel her push up into me again. "Neither was I."

She kisses my lips, my jaw and then suckles on my pulse point as she begins to move into me. Slowly at first, sliding the cock in and out of me, not the whole way, only a few inches at a time as I move my hips with her.

She sits forward on the chair and then lifts up my legs to wrap them around her.

"Oh! God!" The strap-on impales me deeper; she lifts me up and down on it. Getting faster and faster as she gets more and more excited.

"Are you-?"

"It's... uhnn... its right against my clit, consistently rubbing against it... feels great baby..." She buries her face in my breasts, licking and sucking at them through the material, I'm not in the right state of mind to remind her that this sexy lingerie isn't even ours.

She stops and looks behind me again, watching us in the mirror. I glance behind me, just as she raises my hips right up, completely off the cock, it's covered in my wetness, before she slams me back down on it again, I try to keep my eyes open to watch, but they flicker shut and I cry out.

Faith's grunting with each movement, still watching over my shoulder as she raises my body up and down.

"Ugh.. uhhn... Buffy..."

I tighten my legs around her body and I feel her hips thrust harder into me, pumping into my pussy. Her hands hold on to my ass, her nails digging into my skin. I start to claw at her back as she drives faster into me. Her face is buried in my neck and I can tell she's losing control slightly.

"Faith..." I can hardly even breathe. "Faith slow... just... please... slow down..." I breathe into her ear.

Her hips stop. "Oh... B... I..." She looks so apologetic.

"I said slow, not stop..." I grin down at her, I move my legs back down from her waist and I begin to move up and down on her lap. She puts her hands on my sides, watching me as I move. She watches each inch slide into me, and then out of me. When I move my hips down, I circle my hips on top of her. Pulling on the strap-on.

Faith grunts, as I lower down my hips she raises hers to meet mine. I press down against her pelvic bone, and I rock and circle my hips, stimulating my clit against her. My head drops back as I continue to move, my mouth opens in a silent cry. Faith moans and begins to pick up the pace again.

"Oh... Faith... you feel so... so... uuhhh...."

She leans back on the chair, watching my body from the front as we thrust and ride our hips against each other. I grip the back of the chair and look down at her as I move up and down on her. Her gaze flickers to my breasts as they move with my body, she pulls down the bodice and exposes my nipples, then takes them into her mouth and starts sucking and biting them gently.

I raise myself off the cock again, and her fingers press inside me straight away, she pushes two fingers into me, then takes them out and puts them in her mouth. Her hips thrust up as I thrust back down.

"Mmm... B..." The site of her licking her coated fingers is so sexy; I begin to drive my hips down harder against her. This time I only move a couple of inches up and down the strap-on, moving in quick sharp jerks, it feels so good I feel my eyes close and my head drop back as I moan and cry out.

"Oh fucking... fuck... B..." She's staring up at me, her hips race to meet mine. I can see a light sheen of sweat on her skin, the muscles in her arms and legs (from what I can see) are protruding from the effort. Her mouth is open slightly as her breathing is coming in short gasps.

She sits up fully and buries her head in my chest, I moan into her ear "Faith... Faith.... oh my god... Faith..." and I think she snaps. Her hands grab onto my hips and she grinds me down on the cock, hard. She pushes up, circling her hips into me, grinding onto my clit. I can't even form words.

She begins to jab, jab, jab her hips into me, so hard and fast I know she's close. "Buffy... ugghhh... can't... hold it...." Her words are muffled by my chest.

I drag my nails down her back, arching forward into her body.

"Come Faith, come for me..."

She pumps her hips into me so fucking fast, and then stops suddenly as she comes "Buffy-uhhhnnn..." She grunts with spasm, her hips jerk upwards into me, sending me into a frenzy, but it's not enough for me to come again. She holds on to me tightly, I feel like I'm caught in her vice grip. I feel her hot breath burst against my skin as she comes down from her high.

She groans and flops back against the chair, recovering.

I put my hands on her upper thighs in order to keep my balance and then I begin to circle my hips on her lap, getting faster and faster. My eyes close, lost in the feeling. I move rapidly, animalistically on her lap, I feel pressure on my clit, and I look down to see Faith sliding her thumb over and over my hard little clitoris.

"Yes... uh... fuck... yes..."

"Buffy... seeing you like this, fucking my strap-on, it's so fucking sexy, with you in white lace... your pussy like that... exposed but also... well, not... I can see your pussy thrusting on me... the cock is covered with your wetness, it looks nasty..."

Then I feel it, my walls clamp down around the cock, then start contracting around it. I moan with each contraction, almost grunting. I can hear Faith moaning, I feel her eyes staring at me, watching every movement my body makes. I fall forward, Faith holds me to her, and the strap-on comes out of me as I fall forward. I whimper and squirm.

She kisses me softly, her tongue sliding into my mouth.

"Wow, B... that was... god..."

I grin. "Yeah it was..."

After a few moments of just lying on her, I get up off of her lap. She sits for a few moments just looking at the cock.

"As much fun as this was, I still love havin' a pussy."

"I love you *having* a pussy too." I say as I start to take off the lingerie. "So this is a must buy then?"

Faith looks up at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh yes, most definitely."

As we pay for the items, I can see the lady who stands at the entrance to the changing rooms looking over at us. Her eyes meet mine and she blushes such a deep shade of red that I almost start laughing.

Faith looks down at me quizzically as we wait for the lady to finish wrapping my gift.

"I think we had an audience of sorts." I whisper to her, nodding in the direction of the lady.

She's looking all around the shop, anywhere but us.

Faith snorts, grinning.

"There you go." The girl hands the bag across the counter.


Faith grabs the bag, and we head for the door. She stops suddenly and takes my hand.


"Look." She points upwards.

I look to just above the door, just above our heads.


I smile at her, a full beaming smile. She looks down at me and then swoops in and kisses me tenderly. Her lips linger on mine for a few moments before she pulls away.

She smiles at me. "Christmas is great." We leave the shop.

"I think Christmas came early this year."

She laughs and we continue to shop for more presents.


"Often times those words, get tangled up in lines And the bright light turns to night..."
Jason Mraz, You and I Both

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