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Winged Cupid Painted Blind

by Mac



Rating: NC-17
Summary: Post season 7, I'm not following season 8 too well at the moment, so this fic is probably well off what's actually happening. Buffy and co in the academy, Faith recently comes back and gets stung by a demon, with harrowing consequences…
Author's Notes: It's been a long time since I have written anything other than academic papers,  so please be kind, rewind, and gimme feedback babies, I gotta know what's good and what's not! Also, sorry if there are inconsistencies, I don't think there should be, but this fic was cut up and put back together a few times.

The title is from a quote, which I find rather lovely:

"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; and therefore is winged Cupid
painted blind." William Shakespeare

She came back.

Prodigal... daughter returned.

I hadn't missed her, not really. In fact, everything was better without her – I had full control over the mini-Slayers, I was in charge and always kept my cool. I had this amazing "ice-queen" reputation. Nothing phased me, I was never scared, never worried, never anxious... never angry. Or if I was, it would be a pretty cool and calm angry.

The Slayers looked up to me, half of them were terrified of me, and that's how I liked it.

But within a week of her coming back I had lost my cool, I showed I could get angry, I showed that I worried... I showed that I could be vulnerable too. The fact that she had this ridiculous hold over me drove me nuts. I always preached that what keeps a Slayer alive is the ability to think clearly and keep her cool in any situation.

My hand cracking across Faith's smirking cheek showed that quite clearly.

The main hall with bustling minis stood deathly silent and still. I had just stared in shock, and opened my mouth to apologise when-SLAP across my own cheek.

"Don't start it B, you know how it ends."

And then I was staring at her retreating behind. The hall, with about 100 normally-very-chatty Slayers in it, was silent enough you could have heard a pin drop.

"What? Is there a reason we're all standing still? Does someone want to tell me?" A few wide eyes quickly averted their gaze and everyone moved along, I could still hear their hushed whispers of shock. "Didn't think so."

So now I'm watching Faith teaching some of the more advanced Slayers some sneaky take-out tactics, the rougher style of fighting that Faith possessed as a result of her start in life. I sat watching with Giles and Willow, who both repeatedly felt the need to point out what a 'wonderful' asset Faith would be to the academy, how her style and expertise are a 'fantastic' compliment to mine.

Blah, blah, blah.

Even if I did agree, which I didn't, Faith wouldn't stay. Trying to keep Faith to stay still is like trying to stop the Pope from shitting in the woods... orwait a bear... uhm... Catholicism? Well, anyway, she ain't gonna do it!

"Oooh look at that move, Buffy, did you know about that?" Willow gushed. Faith just demonstrated a very illegal knee break move that in any standard martial art would be considered expulsion worthy.

I rolled my eyes.

"Oh well, that is a rather slick tactic, one of great benefit, very unexpected." Giles nodded, transfixed on Faith's agility. Although Faith seemed engrossed in helping the students to perfect the move without causing damage to one another, I knew she could hear every word that's being said over here.

"Do you really think that she wouldn't stay here with us Buffy?" Willow lowered her voice. Immediately I saw Faith stare over at us out of the corner of my eye.

I glared at Willow.

"I dunno what shit B has been spouting to you Red, but I'd be happy to stay for the next while." She said without missing a beat with her students.

Willow looked confused and then shot me a dirty look. Giles also had that look that says he wants a word with me later. Damn it! Ok, so maybe I had jumped to conclusions a little...

"I bet ya B— or Miss-Princess-Your-Highness B as you may have to call her –hasn't showed you this move." She looked around the students, sizing them up. She then looked over to me.

Oh no.

She marched over to me, swinging her hips, pulled me up to her easily. "Come on B, you know demonstrations are really useful and worthwhile. A great learning tool, one might say." She waved her hand around, trying to look and sound professional. Without wanting to make a scene in front of the students, I had no choice but to come willingly.

I got myself into my fighting stance, watching her closely.

And then *BAM* I was on my back and she was straddled across me, with that damn smirk on her face! And the worse part of it was that I could hear the Slayers applauding her move. I hadn't even realised what had happened.

"Catching your opponent unaware is such a great way to gain the upper hand-" She continued to blabber on, while I could still feel her hard... or is that soft... body so closely to mine. She stood up and quickly I gathered myself off the ground, went back to sit next to Willow once more. My pride bruised. Another way Faith was able to break my cold hard reputation down.

Willow stared at me.

"Ok, she's a good teacher... I can see the benefits of keeping her on. Happy now?"

Willow smiled and watched Faith wrap up the lesson.

I overlooked as the Slayers were tidying up the hall, Satsu came in and walked over to me. My heart flipped a little when I set my eyes on her, and I smiled shyly. "So Buffy, you up for some dinner and perhaps a movie a little later?"

She bumped my hip with hers.

I knew what that meant, a nice romantic evening with just the two of us. "Yeah... that sounds really nice-"

Satsu's expression changed as she looked over my shoulder. I felt a hand slap my ass.

"So B, feeling like you're too out of shape to go a-slayin' with me? It's ok, I realise that now since you have been bull-shitting me with excuses for the past few nights."

"Let me tell you Faith, Buffy is not out of shape." Satsu pulled me to her.

Faith's raised eyebrow, and her 'whatever-I'm-not-bothered' look made me both cringe and feel pissed off at the same time,

"So the fuck what? I don't give a shit if you and B are sharing body juice," So pleasantly put Faith... "I mean, even I know that having a bit of ugghhnnn from time to time is a good work out, but nothing works you out as well as a slay."

She smirked at me again. "Ain't that right B?"

"Look, I don't need to slay to stay fit, I have the students doing regular patrols, the area is practically dry-"

"Physically you look fit, but mentally, you couldn't handle an Ugar demon if he was running at you straight on."

I looked extremely horrified.

"Ugar- how dare you!" I scoffed, Satsu looked confused. "I could take on one of those with two hands behind my back!"

Ugar Demon: Commonly known as the Duh-gar demon for being rather unintelligent.

You mean you didn't know? Pah!

"Well, whatever B. I'm off, you can sit in on that rather round behind for the evening. I'll be out rippling up my body with a tight, well defined ass." Satsu opened her mouth as if to say something and Faith quickly put her hand up. "I don't wanna know how tight B's ass is Shitzu, save it for tonight." She started walking off.

I sighed dramatically. "Fine! But we're bringing some Slayers along with us. They could do with the experience." Satsu grabbed my arm and I gave her an apologetic look. I wouldn't let Faith embarrass me like this.

"So could you B and you know it!"

Satsu moved to throw a heavy-handed punch in Faith's direction. Without any sign of hesitation, Faith grabbed her arm and used her momentum to pull her closely to her. Satsu gasped.

"Trust me Satsu, you don't wanna make that mistake." Faith whispered into her ear. She pushed Satsu back towards me, and swaggered off. "See ya at 8 B, I'll pick you up."

Satsu glared at me. "You wanna go slaying with that?"

Having had a rather uneventful slay so far, it was almost a relief when one of the trainees let loose a blood curdling scream. I looked up to see a huge demon advancing towards us, he definitely wasn't one that I recognised. Large, 7 foot guy, scaley massive hands with what looked like stingers at the end of each finger.

"Who or what the FUCK is this bastard?" Faith shouted across to me. I could see the trainees all looked terrified, made worse by Faith's declaration of her lack of knowledge. She threw one of her stakes suddenly towards the bushes. The sound of hiss and grunt – another vampire down, she must have been saving that one for later.

I threw a reassuring glance towards the trainees. "Uh, just a boring demon, easy! Sandra, throw me my axe." I held my hand out and caught the well thrown weapon. "Guys stay here, me and Faith will sort this guy out.

"'Throw me my axe,'" Faith imitated and smirked.

"Shut up, Faith."

"Head decap?" Faith asked as we started toward the demon.

"Head decap." I nodded, staring ahead.

Faith quickly moved forward and threw a few blows at the demon in an attempt to distract him. He swiped at her a few times but her agile, supple body moved easily out of his way.

Agile... supple? What the hell!

Anyway, back on track. I quickly advanced behind him, and I launched myself into the air. When I was only a short distance from him. I swung the axe towards his head and felt it connect. A satisfying thump resonated as his head fell to the ground. As his body hit the ground soon after, his stingers disconnected from his fingers and flew towards Faith.

She squealed and jumped around trying to dodge them. 9 narrowly missed her, one got her squarely in the left butt-cheek.

"Ow! Mother-fucker!"

Is it wrong that I thought that was hilarious? She started hopping around like her feet were on fire, holding her butt and yowling. I jogged over to her as she yanked the stinger out of her butt and threw it on the ground in a fury. "Faith, are you alright?" I couldn't disguise the laughter from my voice.

"You might think this is amusing B, but if you don't wipe that smile off your face, I will remove it for you. These are my finest leathers, and they now have a hole in the butt."

I couldn't help it, I laughed and laughed.

Faith grabbed my arm, her fingers squeezing my wrist, and I felt a funny sensation roll through me. My laughter stopped suddenly and I looked up at Faiths face, her expression showed that she felt it too. I tried to pull away and realised that Faith's hold on me turned into a vice grip, her eyes turned black in front of me, her veins started to protrude from her neck and arms. I pulled harder this time, and she didn't even budge.

"Faith – what, what's wrong?"

"B, uhhh-" She started pulling me towards her. "I don't know, I just need- uhhm I need-" Suddenly I was against her body, and she buried her face in my neck, up around my ears, in my hair. I got goose bumps all over my body as she buried her face in my neck and inhaled. I pulled away as hard as my Slayer strength would allow me.

I didn't even move an inch.

"Uhhh, guys!! A little help over here..."

Faith's demeanour was so intense, it was as if she were in a trance. Her hands moved all over my body, up and down my back, across my stomach, making me gasp which seemed to push her on further.

Kennedy jogged over to us. "Faith what the hell are you doing?!"

She didn't move in anyway to show that she acknowledged Kennedy's presence. Kennedy could see that I was unable to even shift Faith a mere centimetre from my body. I held out my hand to Kennedy so she could try and pull me away from the dark Slayer, who took hold of it.

Then all hell broke loose.

Faith grabbed Kennedy's arm and twisted it behind her back. Ken screamed.

"Don't you fucking touch her, cunt."

My mouth dropped open. I had never heard language that bad out of Faith before. I realised then that I was free from Faith's grasp, and she was distracted whispering more menacing words to Kennedy. I launched a piercing kick at Faith's shoulder and she fell back a few meters on to her back. Running wasn't an option, we still had the trainees to look after.

Faith launched herself towards me once more and before I could even blink she had me pinned to the ground. Her knee rammed tight against my pussy. She kissed up my neck as I punched the side of her head, which seemed to throw her... slightly.

"Faith, get off me! What's your problem!" I screamed at her. The dark Slayer growled into my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

"Mine. You're fucking mine." She struggled and grunted as Kennedy tried to pull her off me. Faith's black eyes stared so deeply into mine that I began to feel dizzy, like I needed to be part of her as much as she needed me. I felt weak and light headed, and without realising it, my body relaxed. Faith grinned and took this as acquiesce; she pulled me hard and tight against her. Her hand moved to just above my belt beneath my belly button. I knew I was supposed to stop her, but this felt so right.

Willow chanted something and Faith was pulled off me and pinned to the ground.

"Xander, Ken, tie her up with this rope... I have cast a spell on it so it shouldn't break... we'll put her in the back of the van and bring her back to the academy." She threw the rope to them and walked over to me, her face full of confusion and worry. "Buff, what on earth got into her?"

"The stingy things, they got her, then she acted all kinds of crazy!" I picked one off the ground and handed it to her. "They must have had something in them."

"We'll bring them back to the lab, see if the researchers can work it out."

The bus trip back to the academy was fairly uneventful but definitely awkward, Faith remained silent, bundled up in the back of the bus, but I could feel her intense stare roam over me for the entire journey. News of what had happened had preceded us, Satsu was waiting for me at the entrance to the academy when we pulled up in the mini-bus. I could spot a few other Slayers behind her, further inside the academy.

"Buffy!" The Asian Slayer ran to me as I stepped down off the bus. Her arms wrapped around me and she kissed me passionately on the lips. I was not naïve enough to think that her show of affection had nothing to do with Faith.

Neither was the brunette Slayer, apparently.

"Aggghhhhh!!" Faith's yell made everyone tense up, Kennedy and a few of the mini Slayers were holding on to her, but with what seemed to be a minor shake of her body, she managed to dislodge and knock them down to the ground – her wrists still bound. Talk about taking a Slayer down with two hands tied behind her back. She started running toward me – or perhaps Satsu – when there was a loud gun shot and she fell to the ground instantly.

My hands flew up to my mouth as I screamed, "Faith!!!!!" I pushed Satsu away from me and ran to the fallen brunette Slayer. "Oh my god, Faith!" I fell to my knees by her head, I looked around to see who had shot the gun. I could see Willow and Xanders' worried faces as they began advancing towards me.

"Bank! Bank!" My head spun around to see Giles hanging out of one of the second floor windows, holding a large rifle.

"Bank?" I frowned.

Willow laughed. "Tranquiliser, he's saying 'Tranq'!"

I then noticed the dart in Faith's right butt cheek. Oh she was not going to be a happy bunny when she woke up. Embarrassed at my reaction, I stood up and dusted myself off as elegantly and nonchalantly as possible.

As everyone headed into the building, with a snoring Faith being carried by some of the Slayers, Satsu's death stare and cold body language made it clear that my embarrassing outburst was not going to be easily forgotten.

I was sitting on Giles' couch with Dawn, Ken and Xander, when Giles and Willow walked into the quarters.

"She's asleep in her room now, bound to the bed. Willow has cast a suppressing spell, in the hope that this will quell whatever is fuelling her desire for you, Buffy." Giles said. "She should be much better in the morning, but whatever the catalyst is that sets this off, well that may still spark the desire. It's uncertain."

"I don't get why she's possessing and obsessing over Buffy, is it a Slayer thing?" Dawn asked.

"Well, I believe it was an unfortunate circumstance." Giles stood up and walked over to the small kitchen area. "After Faith was stung – what happened?"

"She was hopping around, shouting about her leathers and she pulled out the stinger." I filled in.

"Yes but who did she see immediately after being stung?"

"That would be me- oh."

"Yes, as soon as she saw you; that was it. This possession that Faith is experiencing is completely over-powering. You will not be able to reason with her, she craves Buffy like you and I need air." Giles gestured dramatically, looking flustered about the situation. "Consider it similar to a Cupid's arrow situation. She was hit, and then she interacted with you, now she is unable to be without you."

So Faith went a little skitzo on me, nothing I can't handle, nothing I haven't handled before.

"So she is obsessing over Buffy, so what? We should just give Buffy to her, Faith doesn't want to hurt her. Judging by what happened last night, she's the total opposite." Xander shrugged. "I propose we just give Buffy to Faith and wait until this thing... this emotion wears off."

Giles cleared his throat and looked uncomfortable. I had enough of walking on egg-shells – there was something more to this that I knew I wasn't hearing. "Look Giles, if there's some other side effect, you have to tell me. Does she want to kill me? Like, she possesses me so much she wants me dead?" It's happened you know, I read about it on the internet. "You're my Watcher, tell me what you're, ah- watching. I mean, I get that Faith wants to possess me, but why the craziness on her part?"

"Well Buffy," Giles started pacing. "I believe that the reason why Faith is very adamant in coming to see you is that ah- Faith she uhm, wants to consummate her relationship with you."

My mouth dropped open.

Dawn let loose a blood-curdling scream and everyone flinched. "Oh my god!! She wants to eat Buffy?? What kind of sick demon would do that to someone?!"

"I think eating will be involved, but not the cannibalistic kind." Kennedy giggled, Dawn looked confused, with everyone feeling slightly awkward.

"Kennedy!!" I shouted at her and slapped her across the back of the head. Had it been anyone else it would have broken their neck.

"Uhm, consummate is different to consume Dawnie." Willow filled her in.

The penny quickly dropped. Dawn's face flushed red. "Oh, OH! Oh ok, uhm. I see. Well that's not as bad... is it?"

"Nooo way!" Xander grinned. I slapped him on the arm, hard enough to sting, but no too hard to leave any lasting mark. "Ow!"

I knew it wasn't as bad as her going all cannibally on me, but it still felt weird, it felt wrong. It wasn't as if she had turned into Faithus and wanted to drink my blood dry. She just wanted to drink me dry. I felt an unexpected twinge between my legs at the thought.

Giles coughed and cleaned his glasses. "Well, it's not as bad no, and we have to remember that Faith isn't in control of herself. She has one goal, and one goal alone."

"And that's Buffy." Willow stared into spare. None of us knowing what to do next.

I was on my back, touching myself, unable to get this odd desire for Faith out of my head. My sister Slayer, my yang, my other half... all of that... I wasn't stupid enough to think that my connection to Faith was ordinary. It was far from it. I ran my fingers over my clit slowly and thoughtfully. I had never really been strongly sexually attracted to her, maybe I had been curious occasionally, but we fought too much for me to actually want her.

I heard knocking at my door, and cursed inwardly as I stopped touching myself. I got out of bed, and opened up the door to Willow.

"Hey Will, you ok? It's late." I stepped aside to let her in.

"Yeah, sorry Buffy, I just wanted to make sure you were ok... I know something happened to you when Faith went all... crazy-Slayer on us."

We sat down on my couch.

"How do you mean?"

"Well, clearly Faith is possessed by something, but it seemed like she had some kinda hold on you."

I contemplated what she was saying. "Well I definitely felt something when she stared into my eyes. Like, dizziness, confusion... I couldn't really think straight..."

"Ok, I thought maybe as much... I will cast a small spell on you to make you resistant to that... pull you feel... it should clear the dizziness, the confusion if it happens again."

"Are you worried it will happen again?"

"Well, I know we didn't really get Faith's catalyst, we may have only quelled this episode, but what if there's more? We can't really control for it." She mumbled a few words and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up as I shivered."There, that should help with that."

"Thanks Will."

"It's kinda funny isn't it... that Faith's all up on you, when she comes to, she'll be so embarrassed."

"Maybe, she won't show it though, she'll be tough-girl."

There was silence for a few moments. Then Willow spoke, almost in a whisper; "What did it feel like?"

I flushed red, bright red, tomato red... I was mortified. "Uhm... well, it was Faith, ya know, kinda gross..."

"Oh... so nothing sparky or exciting?"

I smirked. "Well, I'd say she's as wild in bed as she is slaying." We both laughed. "But in seriousness, she was rough, and not in control, she just wanted to claim really. I'm more of a wine-dine kinda girl."

"I have to say that if there was any Slayer to become infatuated with me, I certainly wouldn't complain if it was Faith."

My mouth dropped open. "Willow!!"

"She's all dark, all sexy, all kinda dangerous... it's kinda hot." Willow whispered, I looked at her with a neutral expression on my face. "Oh come on Buff, not like you haven't thought about it before now."

"Huh!" I protested. "I have not Willow Rosenberg."

"What, even when you were rolling about on the floor, half-naked, all sweaty, "sparring"?" She held up her fingers and made the quotation gesture.

"Even then."

"I'm your best friend, I can tell when you're lying. I won't hold it against you this time, but I know you must have."

We continued chatting for a little while, when I decided it was getting late. We walked over to my door.

"Ok, you know we should go to Faith's room tomorrow to make sure everything is ok, make sure she doesn't go all black-eyed on us again when she sees you."

"Yeah good idea Willow, come by in the morning and we'll head in to her room before they undo her restraints."


My fingers ran over my clit again and again, I could feel the pressure building up in my pussy, my wetness was starting to drip out down to my ass. In my head, Faith's hand didn't stop above my jeans when she had me pinned to the ground, her hand continued down, and everyone else disappeared. I pinched and twisted my clit gently and then I was coming.

"Uhnn... uhnnn... mmm-fuck... uhhnn... Faith... yes....!" I gasped out as quietly as I could.

Ok, so maybe I had thought about Faith like that from time-to-time.

"She's still asleep Ma'am."

"Very good, we're going to wake her up." I informed the Slayer guarding her door, and Willow and I walked past her into the infirmary room.

Faith was chained to one of the beds, Willows spell had clearly increased the effectiveness of the shackles, but that hadn't stopped her from trying to break them. Perhaps she was trying to break them to come out and find me? I stopped that thought from going any further as I realised my body found it incredibly erotic. We undid the restraints.

"Ok Buff, you stand behind me incase she goes all nutty when she sees you."

Willow gently nudged Faith's arm a few times, the dark Slayer grunted and woke up, frowning. Her eyes slowly came into focus. "Red, why are you hiding Buffy behind you? What the fuck?" Faith was wiping sleep out of her eyes, and squinting as if she had a bad hangover.

"Do you... Do you feel anything? A bit wild perhaps?" Willow asked, tentatively.

"Yeah..." Faith grunted, holding her head in her hands, myself and Willow tensed up. "I have a fuckin' throbbing headache, and my ass feels like I been shot with two fuckin' darts." She was glaring at the two of us.

"No, I mean, do you feel anything when you see Buffy?"

Faith's face took on a look of realisation. "Ohh, I remember now." She looked over at me, from behind Willow's shoulder. Our eyes met, her quizzical, brown eyes looking into mine. "Nahh, don't feel a single thing." She rubbed her shoulder.

"Oh," I said, unable to mask the hint of disappointment from my voice.

"Nothing at all?" asked Willow, giving me a curious look. "Nothing possessive-y?"

"No Red, nothin' at all!" She flopped back on to her bed. "Can you go now? I wanna sleep this hangover off."

A rather uneventful day followed, Faith missed out on her classes, and I had to take over with the help of Kennedy. I didn't see or speak to Faith at all during the day, reports were that she was sleeping the hangover off, and anyone who knocked on her door was either ignored or yelled at. Not worth it for me.

Tonight was the night that Satsu and I were supposed to have last night. But it wasn't going as romantically as I had hoped.

"You know Buffy, if there is something going on between you and Faith, you should just tell me about it."

"Satsu, there's nothing happening, like, zero, zilch going on." I looked at her, exasperated. How many more times do we have to go through this?

"I know you say that, but when you guys are together there's this... this energy. And the two of you get totally absorbed in each other. I bet that's part of the reason why she became obsessed with you, possessed, whatever." I watched as she was pacing around the room. "You have to give me some slack Buffy, she has so much history with you. So much that I'm not even in anyway involved in."

"That's because you weren't there Satsu, you have a past, you have previous lovers, partners, friends and enemies who I will never meet. It's part of being in a relationship, to be able to accept that."

"Yours was such a big thing with Faith... that... tension between the two of you - it's almost embarrassing."

I sighed and stood up. I went to her, taking her into my arms. "That's just how we work, tensiony stuff, fighting stuff, the 'I Wanna Kill Her' stuff. Since we first met, it's been like that." It was true, no one I had ever sparred with had that same tension, the same excitement.

Satsu kissed me, hard. When she pulled away, we were both breathing heavily.
"For now, I like to think that you're mine, and I'm yours."

I rested my forehead on hers and looked into her eyes. "For now, that's what we are. Each others." We kissed again, Satsu demanding dominance. I don't normally like to let people dominate, but I felt that Satsu needed this. She needed to be in charge.

She walked me over to the bed while still kissing me, and pushed me down, so I was sitting at the end of the bed. She straddled me, spreading her legs open for me. I groaned, loving the feel of her small, soft, feminine body on top of mine. She kissed me with such force, I had to fight against being pushed down on to the bed. I ran my hands under her top and cupped her breasts, I gently pinched her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Satsu moaned and the sound of it made my pussy throb.

"I wanna make you scream." Satsu whispered into my ear. I shivered, goose bumps appearing all over my skin.

She pushed me down on the bed, my legs hanging off the end of it. She quickly pulled down my jeans and panties, and with no further foreplay, Satsu buried her face between my legs, her tongue immediately driving towards my clit.

"Uhnn!" I yelled out, unable to stop myself.

She started licking, sucking and flicking my clit, my body twisted and writhed beneath her. I gasped out profanities, blasphemous words, my eyes were seeing stars. I always imagined that this would be the way me and Faith would first fuck – her taking me with no warning, no gently-gently, softly-softly. She would want, take and have me.

Fuck, this is Satsu right now, NOT Faith.

I don't even wanna have sex with Faith!

I looked down between my legs, Satsu's eyes gazed up at me, I grabbed a hold of the back of her head and ground my pussy against her. Satsu moaned into my pussy, the vibrations making my hole clench tightly. Then, with no warning, she fucked two fingers straight inside me. I could't help it, I screamed.

"Uhhn Fuck!"

In the back of my mind, I knew that Faith could hear this, I knew she must have been close I could feel that familiar tingle in my spine. While I felt a little guilty, the thought also made me so fucking horny. As she fucked her fingers in and out of my wet hole, she flicked her tongue over my clit rapidly, my stomach tightened and I knew I was gonna come any second. I wondered if Faith was outside the door? I wondered if she was listening in, getting hot at the sound of my moaning.

"Fuck, Satsu, fuck your tongue, uhnn, uhhh fuck... I'm gonna come baby, I'm gonna- uhhnnn!"

I started coming, my pussy clenching tightly and rapidly around Satsu's fingers, my clit throbbing and pulsing. She slid her fingers out from inside me and started lapping up my wetness from her fingers and from around my hole. She smiled wickedly.

< BANG >

We both jumped up, I hurriedly pulled up my trousers and we ran to the door. The door was hanging off its' hinges with a boot-shaped imprint on one of the panels.

No two guesses for who that was.

"It was Faith." I say to Satsu. She stared at the ground, silent and angry.

"Why would she kick in your door Buffy?" Satsu already knew the answer.

"She's obviously pissed off at me for some reason."

"For some reason! Of course she is, she was obviously listening to us, it clearly pissed her off." Satsu started pacing around the room. "I can't deal with this Buffy, I can't fucking deal with this. Sort her out, or I will." She stormed out of the room.

"Satsu – wait-" it was too late, she was gone. God damnit Faith, why do you have to make things so awkward all the time?! Satsu's threat didn't worry me, but how Faith would deal with her worried me far more. She would be able to take her out in minutes. I would say seconds, but Faith takes great joy in succumbing her victims to a bit of play fighting beforehand. Teasing and toying with them. Satsu would be no exception to that rule.

I closed my door as best I could, it would have to be left slightly open for now. I flopped into bed, sighing. I had been looking forward to my night with Satsu. Faith ruins everything with her selfishness!

8 am.


Faith will have been out on a drinking session last night, and waking her up at 8 am with lots of noise and lots of me would be perfect pay back. I jumped out of bed and headed straight for Faith's room. When I reached her door, I never even hesitated, I lifted up my leg and kicked out hard at Faith's door, and I barged in.

"The fuck you want?!" Faith jumped up and out of bed, stark naked but straight into fighting stance, her hair was messed up and wild. Her bed sheets started to move and a blonde... woman... rolled over and stretched lazily in the mess of sheets that was Faith's bed. I stared at Faith and saw her eyes lustfully run over that little hussy's naked skin.

"Eyes here Faith!" I screamed at her, visibly shaking I was so angry with her. She looked at me as if I had ten heads. If I was going to be embarrassed like this, the least she could do was look me in the eye.

"What's your fuckin trauma B?" Faith shouted and started swaggering towards me, my eyes dropped to her breasts. Accidently, and only for a second, but I knew she hadn't missed it. She came up close and personal, moved her head by my ear and whispered in her husky, sleep-filled voice, "Eyes here B." She pulled back with a shit-eating smirk. I slapped her with all my might across her face, and stormed out of her room.

"Mmm, a hot chick-fight, that's what ah like wakin up to." I heard the blonde slapper moan as I swung the half-broken door closed behind me. Stupid fucking-

"Buffy!" Willow was walking quickly towards me. "What on earth was all that about?" She was dressed in her pyjamas, pulling her green dessing gown on as she hurried towards me, frowning. I imagine I woke up most of the academy. I certainly wasn't going to be the favourite Slayer today, not on a Sunday anyway. I desperately wanted to punch somebody.

"It's difficult to explain... I... you'll think it's odd." I tried to walk away from her but she took my arm and pulled me down the corridor towards her room.

"Come on Buff, out with it, best friend here."

"Wills, last night, while Satsu and I were in bed. Faith kicked in the door and then ran off." I sighed. "I had no idea why on earth she did it, but I didn't want to give her the satisfaction of running after her, so I left it till this morning."

"Buff, tell me you didn't kick in her door..."

"Well, if you'd prefer I didn't tell you that-"

"Buffy!" Willow scolded. She brought us into her quarters, hers were as big as mine, but she also had Kennedy in hers, who was still tucked up in bed, snoring. Willow gestured to her. "She sleeps through anything, but if I even whispered the word H-E-L-P," she spelt out for me, "then she would be awake and ready to kill in a second." She giggled.

"Will, she had a naked lady in her bed."

"What?! Kennedy?!" Willow hissed.

"Wha- No! No, Faith did."

Willow looked visibly relieved. "Oh, well she is a grown-up Buff, she's allowed have whoever she wants in her bed."

"Yeah but, thing is, I think she's only doing it to get back at me. I mean, she knows I'm with Satsu now, it's like she's doing it to make a point."

Willow stared at me.

"What Willow, it makes sense!"

"It would if you weren't so damn pig headed!"

My mouth dropped open. "Whu- how- Willow!" I was appalled.

"Sorry Buffy, but Faith has been having sex with girls a lot longer than you have, probably since before you were having sex with men." Willow started making some coffee. "Sorry for being so harsh Buffy, but I can't believe you haven't realised that."

"She always joked-" I started.

"She did more than joke, she seriously wanted you when she first turned up. Not in the demon possessive-y way, but in a 'I want to jump your bones' kinda way. You were too wrapped up in Angel to recognise it."

I couldn't process this.

"Will, I'm not following this, this isn't making any sense... crazy talk!" I stood up and started for the door.

"No no Buffy, I'm trying to give you heads up, show you what you have missed-" Willow's face looked apologetic, but firm.

"I don't need your help!" I slammed the door behind me.

"Whu-where-what bastard is tryina getcha?" Willow turned around to see a half-asleep Kennedy leap out of bed.

I refused to get myself worked up over this ridiculous situation. Satsu was already feeling insecure, and it was only going to get worse. So for the next few days I avoided her. If I didn't need to get myself in that situation, then I wasn't going to. Willow filled me in. Faith was doing fine. Her training sessions were going excellently. Her "Good/Bad" lectures were going well, and generating a lot of buzz within the trainee environment.


It didn't take long for Faith to realise what was going on, and when she realised, she then started looking for me, asking people where they could find me.

"So B, what's up? Where ya been? You don't call, you don't write..."

"I've been busy."

"Come out tonight, you and Satsu, I'll show you there's no hard feelings, promise. I have Willow and Kennedy already signed up, Xander too and some of the trainees."

"Where you going?"

"The new bar in town, Bar One? I think that's what it's called. Looks preppy, pretty a place you'd like."

Feeling like I would regret it, I went against what my gut was telling me. "Yeah sure, we'll be there."

I won't deny it, it took a lot for me to convince Satsu to come out, I didn't
blame her. When we first arrived, we sat closely together, nursing two soft drinks and feeling very awkward. Faith's happy-go-lucky-everything-is-fine attitude didn't wash with Satsu and ended up making everything very awkward. It obviously got a little too much for Faith.

The brunette Slayer swung around and planted her ass on the seat next to Satsu. She planted two beers in front of us.

"Hey lady," she smiled a beautiful, beaming smile which lit-up her entire face. Satsu was completely caught in her stare and couldn't help but smile back.


"So hey, ya know, I wanted to smooth things over between us, I feel like we've been two male dogs after the bitch in heat and ya know what? I don't want us to be like that."

Faith and her analogies.


"So when we go out slaying, I wanna make sure that you got my back, and I wanna assure you that I got yours," Faith bumped Satsu's shoulder. "I'm sorry for what happened with B, but ya gotta understand, I wasn't me, and B's nice and all, but I wouldn't wanna fuck her. That's your job."

"Faith, please can you stop being so crude."

"Sorry B, but Satsu you got me right?" Faith held out her hand.

For a few seconds her hand hung there, and Faith's smile faltered ever so slightly, then Satsu grabbed her hand and they hugged. "I got your back Faith."

Faith was genuinely delighted and pulled Satsu up to the dance floor. I didn't want what Faith said to affect me, but I was distraught by her comment about not wanting to fuck me. I shouldn't be offended about that, I shouldn't be.

When Satsu came back, sweaty and hot she pushed me up to the dance floor. "Come dance with me!" She shouted over the music. I walked slowly over to the dance floor, and scanned it for Faith, when I couldn't see her, I closed my eyes and I could feel her instead. Faith's dancing was incredibly hot, it seemed like everyone's eyes were stuck to her. And she knew it. She wasn't stupid. Her own hands ran over her body as her hips swayed and pumped to the beat. Satsu pulled me up with her, she obviously wanted to flaunt me off to Faith, or give Faith a run for her money. Yeah right.

Satsu pulled me tight against her, and ground her body against mine. Satsu's dancing was definitely hot, but she was no Faith. Our dancing reminded me of Faith and I dancing... at the beginning, when everything was different, before it all fucked up. I could feel her eyes on my back, on my body... I could sense her.

"You're so sexy..." Satsu said against my ear. This was the way that Satsu would feel better about the past few days. I smiled at her, and ground my body back against her. I could almost sense Faith's stare from across the dance floor, and the drunk atmosphere only fuelled me, encouraging me to keep it up.

After dancing through three songs, Satsu motioned that she was going to get us some drinks. The alcohol was flowing through my system, keeping me brave, keeping me confident. I stayed, dancing solo, and loving all of the attention. Each come-on and grab was re-buffed. I didn't even need to look to see who I was pushing away.

But then I felt it again. I felt her again. Her hand wrapped around my wrist, when I opened my eyes, her black ones were looking directly into mine. Although the spell that Willow cast definitely stopped the haziness and mistiness, I still wanted her desperately. She spell clearly wasn't thorough enough. Faith pulled me against her, her eyes never leaving mine for a second. Her leg thrust between mine, and her hands grabbed my hips, pulling me down against her leather pants. I couldn't hold back the gasp which only she could have heard, her pensive expression was replaced with a satisfied smirk.

"You want this." Her coarse, husky voice didn't ask. Her lips brushed my earlobe.

I whimpered.

"I can smell ya B." She nipped my earlobe with her teeth. I gushed.


We were moving with the beat, her thigh providing delicious friction for my throbbing clit. I couldn't leave her intense stare. Before I even realised it, she pulled her thigh away and replaced it with her hand. Her body tensed up when she realised I had no panties on. "Uhnn B..." Without any teasing or foreplay she fucked two fingers deep inside my hole. I took them with no resistance. I could feel my wetness drip out around her fingers, my pussy tightened around her, clenching in excitement.

"Buffy – what the fuck!" Satsu – shit.

I pushed Faith away the same time Satsu pulled her away. Satsu watched as Faith's fingers pulled out of me, she looked hurt. I felt so awful as it hit me what had just happened. Faith had a stupid grin on her face, her eyes never left mine. Satsu swung fast and hard, her fist connecting with Faith's jaw with a resounding thump, sending her sprawling across the dance floor.

The dark Slayer jumped to her feet, holding her jaw with her hand, blood dripping from her mouth. She launched herself towards Satsu, throwing her fists in a wild attempt to connect. Slayer slickness had gone out the window. This was pure rage. Satsu met her head on and they rolled around on the floor hitting one another, kicking one another, screaming and pulling each others hair. The music in the club stopped as people screamed and ran out. Willow and some of the other Slayers ran to the dance floor, trying in vein to break up the show of aggressiveness.

"Separate!" Willow gestured, Faith and Satsu flew away from one another. Immediately two groups of Slayers took sides – one holding onto Faith, the other, Satsu. The red head spun around and glared at me. "My spell should have helped you! What's your excuse?"

"Well, it didn't stop me from having feelings for her, it wasn't thorough enough!"

Willow stared at me. "Buffy, that's not part of it. That's something that you have been feeling."

My stomach flipped, my pulse started thudding around my head, I could feel my face flush a deep red. Satsu's glare could not have been missed even if I tried.


I followed Satsu into her room, before I made it over the threshold, she spun around to face me. The first time since we had left the club.

"I don't want anything more to do with this Buffy."


"I gave you too many chances and you haven't been able to be mine. I want you so badly for me, I don't want to share you, I don't want to be with you thinking and worrying about Faith. I can't do this."

"Satsu, it was the atmosphere, I wasn't thinking, it was a mistake-"

"Buffy, you and I both know and understand what has really happened." Satsu moved to close the door in my face, and stopped. "You know what though? I have loved being with you, this was a good thing for me, and I'm not sorry it's ended, it had to end sometime." She smiled and closed the door.

Speechless, I stood there for about five minutes before the feelings and emotions of defeat, anger and sadness crept over me. Regret too. I stormed straight to Faith's room on the other side of the academy.

"Miss Summers-" A young blonde Slayer was stood by Faith's door.

"Stephanie you have been relieved of your duty. Go to your room."

"But Miss Summers-"

"That is an order." She quickly scuttled off.

I walked quietly in and closed the door behind me. Faith had been restrained again, the effects of the demon had not washed off her, and she was to remain that way until Willow and Giles could think of how to stop it. She had gotten changed, sweatpants and a tank top. I was still in my short skirt and top from the club.

"B." One word from her mouth.

"Don't you dare fucking talk to me Faith." I locked the door and stormed over to her. "I could kill you for once again ruining my life. I don't care about this demon, I don't care that you are "under" the influence. Truth is, you couldn't wait to ruin my life once more."

She smirked at me, her eyes were totally black.

"Why not ruin things for the Slayer, always so perfect, just couldn't wait to fuck things up for you, could I." She laughed. It wasn't Faith.

"Well since you have barked about it now for long enough; let's see if you do bite." I pulled the duvet off of her, and sat astride her stomach. Her eyes widened and she gasped. I leaned forward and undid her restraints. I sat back on her pelvic bone and looked at her.

She didn't disappoint. She placed her hands on my knees, and ran her finger tips up to my hips. I shivered under her touch and goose bumps appeared where her fingers left a trail.

Rough I was expecting, gentle I wasn't.

She grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to her, her hands then moved down to my upper thighs, where she lightly ran her nails over my skin. It felt like I was on fire. I stared into her eyes the whole time, and her black eyes stared back at me.

Her fingers ran under my top, making me gasp and my stomach muscles ripple and flex almost painfully beneath her touch, a gasp escaped from my mouth and my eyes fluttered shut, breaking our stare for just a second.

"Look at me." She grunted hoarsely. "Every time I touch you, it's like electricity running through me, it's so good."

Me too, I thought. I refused to voice my agreement. Her hands cupped my breasts, her thumbs lightly running over my hard nipples, my hips thrust forward involuntarily. Her right hand left my breast, and instead snaked between my legs over my pussy.

Faith's eyes widened. "Fuck!"

I really hadn't been wearing any panties.

She barely touched me before she took her hand back and sucked the wetness from her fingers. Her eyes closed and she moaned. Her hands stilled and she seemed as though she had paused. I didn't realise my wetness was that good.

"Faith.." I whispered. I leaned down to kiss her, my lips touched hers and her eyes suddenly shot open. The blackness had gone.

She grabbed my shoulders and pushed me away from her. "B, what the fuck, what are we doing??"

He fingers gripped my shoulders tightly, painfully. I could see her nipples were hard through her top, her hips were undulating very subtly. Her eyes were wide and wild, gone was the calm confidence of her black eyes.

"This is what you need; this is what I have to give you, to help you overcome this demon."

Her breathing was laboured; I could feel her breath touch my skin each time she exhaled. That alone was like a touch from her.

"B, it's... wrong... I mean, you can't just choose all of a sudden, you can't just take-"

"Why not? You take from me all the time! You took from me at the club tonight, you took what you wanted, and I didn't have a say! I didn't have control."

Her arms no longer seemed to be pushing me away, they weren't yet pulling me towards her but I could feel her inner fight.

"B, why now... why not 6 years ago..."

"Really, Faith? Are you really asking me this now? Where has that demon-y side of you gone? At least then you were able to make a decision."

I moved my hips on her stomach and spread my legs ever so slightly. Her nostrils flared, and her eyes darkened. Her gaze flickered between my legs, where I knew she would have been able to see my pussy underneath my short skirt. I rolled my hips slowly on her stomach, her eyes seemed transfixed, and her breathing increased. I leaned down to her ear, her arms releasing me.

"You have gotten me so fucking worked up Faith, your touches, your roughness...and now I discover that although your bark is rough, your bite is gentle... I want more." I kissed her ear, her hands clutched uselessly at the bed sheets as her breath came in gasps by my ear. "Let go, Faith..."

Let go, she did.

She flipped us over on the bed with a growl, and pinned my body down with her own. My eyes widened with excitement. I'm never dominated, I always dominate, now someone else was driving. She stared into my eyes, without making another movement, and I thought she was gonna pull away, when she crushed her lips to mine.

I moaned into her mouth and she took the opportunity to slide her tongue into my mouth and tease my own tongue. My arms wrapped around her, I slid my hands under her t-shirt and gently ran my nails down her back. Her hips pumped forward as she moaned into my mouth, grinding so wonderfully against my crotch.

"Oh Faith..." I gasped into the room, my eyes staring at the ceiling. "Fuck me... I need you inside me..."

"Buffy... fuck, uhnn..."

She kissed me almost violently, leaving my lips only to kiss my neck, ears, collarbone and face. Her hands ran feverishly up and down my body, making me shake and moan into her ear, which only served to drive her wild.

"Uhnnn..." I moaned as her fingers pinched my nipple, my hips thrust up against her, and she ground down hard against me. I grabbed her ass and pulled her harder to me, she buried her face in my neck, and bit at the scar which Angel left years ago. "This is it B..." She gasped hoarsely. "I'm just gonna fuck ya, no relationship, just wanna fuck ya."

Typical Faith eloquence.

"I know, stop talking about it, and do it already!"

"You wet?"

"Could you not see it earlier? Your sweatpants are gonna be stained if you don't take them off in a minute."

"I wanna fuck my pussy so hard into yours and then eat you out so I can taste us both."

Oh Jesus.

"Faith!" I moaned out, I started pulling at her clothes, yanking her t-shirt over her head. Within seconds she was naked. She knelt between my legs and looked down at me, I started to pull off my clothes, but she stopped me. Instead, she pushed my short skirt up so it was around my waist. She looked amazing, her body was so beautiful, toned, slim and curves just where it mattered. Her eyes were glued between my legs, she spread them open even further.

"Uhnn God, you're so wet..."

She slipped her finger between her pussy lips and gathered up wetness, which she then slid along my clit.

"Uhnn!" I cried out, and my body contract at her touch. The sensation of her wetness sliding along mine was incredible. I gushed even more, if that was possible. Slowly she laid her body down on top of mine, our legs intertwined so her clit pressed down onto mine. She looked down between our bodies, at our clits touching, and began to roll her hips. My eyes rolled into the back of my head at this incredibly intimate action. I grabbed hold of her ass and raised my hips up against hers, encouraging her to grind harder against me.

"Uhnn, can you feel my wetness drip on to yours? My wetness goin inside ya…?"

So fucking graphic... my pussy clenched each time her voice rasped against my ear. She grunted, gasped and moaned against my ear every time we thrust against one another.

"Uhnnn Faith..." I could feel myself on the brink already, and I didn't want to come so quickly, I pulled my hips back towards the bed, to try and alleviate the pressure she was putting on my clit, but she was savvy to this, one of her arms snaked behind my neck, pulling my lips to hers, kissing me deeply. The other arm snaked under my ass, grabbing it to give herself more leverage to thrust her clit against mine, and ensuring I was totally unable to reduce the friction. I dug my nails into her ass cheeks, my body thrusting and writhing beneath her, my head shook from side to side.

"Faith... uhnn Faith fuck... slow... stop, or I'm gonna come..." My hands were running feverishly up and down her back.

"I love fucking your pussy, you're so hot and wet, I bet your pussy is so tight your hole would clench around my clit." Her hips didn't pick up pace, but steadily began to rock harder on my clit, keeping the same rhythm. She slid her finger between my ass cheeks, gently fingering my ass. Not a pastime I would normally be comfortable with, but as much as I wouldn't want to admit it, the feel of her touching me so intimately made my pussy start to pulse and clench. She raised my thigh, spreading my pussy and making her touch that much more intimate; her finger pressed a little harder on my ass and that was it.

I threw my head back and howled a totally inhumane sound. I felt like my lower half exploded, my pussy clenched over and over, my wetness dripped down by my ass and her finger rubbed it against my asshole. Faith never stopped moving, her hips continued to rock against me. When I was able to open my eyes, Faith was staring down at me, she propped her upper body up on her arms and began to grind and thrust into me quicker, her arms began to shake, her breathing became more and more laboured.

"Baby... you gonna come for me?" I ran my hands over her neck and face, making sure my body moved in time with hers.

"Ohhh..." She groaned, her muscles began to flex all across her body, her stomach muscles tightened. I raised my leg up, spreading my pussy more. "Fuck!" She cried out and started coming. Her face buried in my shoulder as her hips bucked against me riding out her orgasm.

She eventually stopped moving, and collapsed on top of me. I felt embarrassed for coming so quickly.

"Fuck B... damn you really are just like me huh..." Her voice whispered from my chest.

"Faith just because we have- uhnnn..." Faith's mouth wrapped around my nipple as her fingers cupped my pussy and started to tease my still clenching hole.

"No more self-righteousness B... you left that at the door when you come in here." She paused as her eyes scanned my body, "you can collect it on your way out." Her eyes looked so alive and wild, she was so excited and in her element. "We fuck together as well as we slay together." As the tip of her finger slipped in and out of my hole, the sound of my obvious excitement filled the room. Faith's face became more and more flushed. "Your cunt is so fucking tight B, so fucking good. I can feel it sucking around my finger, wanting me go in deeper."

I gasped as my pussy convulsed repeatedly, I had never felt such desperate need for anyone. "Inside me, Faith... push your finger inside me..."

"Just the one...? I think you're wet enough to take two."

Without any further warning, she slid two fingers into my tight cunt. Her fingers gently eased in around my ring of tightness. She swallowed and shivered, I could feel her body shake on top of mine.

"Are you- am I hurting you? Is this ok?"

"This is amazing..." I gasped out.

"I wanna taste you, I wanna make you come with my tongue... into my mouth B..."

"Uhnn God... yes please..."

Without needing to be encouraged twice, she slid down my body, her fingers staying inside me. Her mouth positioned over my pussy, she looked up at me. "You smell so fucking good B, I wanna stay here..." She closed her mouth over my pussy, and ran her tongue slowly between cunt. She moaned deeply and I could see her body shake. "My wetness tastes so good with your wetness." Her tongue began to lash over and over again on my clit, My whole body jumped in reaction, and I cried out, my hands went straight to Faith's head and I grabbed her hair in my hands.

Her fingers started to move slowly out of my pussy and gently back inside me as her tongue flicked over the tip of my clit again and again. Each time she pushed her fingers back inside me, I could feel wetness spill out of my hole and down to my ass. Faith's bed sheets were gonna be stained. I lifted my knees and spread my legs even further, giving her even more access to my pussy.

"Faith... uhnnn your mouth is so warm, so good..." She moaned into my pussy, the vibrations exciting me even further. "Oh your tongue..."

"Fuck my mouth B..." Faith's mouth pulled away from my pussy, I looked down and could see my juices glistening all over her mouth and chin. Her face was red and flushed from arousal, I realised that with her free hand, she was fucking herself.

She ducked her head back between my legs, this time she started to suck on my clit. My hips automatically fucked into her face, thrusting back and forth the harder she sucked on my clit. She pushed her fingers deeply inside of me every time she fucked them into me. I could feel that familiar aching building up rapidly inside me, and I was mortified to realise that I was going to come again, and fast.

Her tongue began to swirl around my clit as she continued to suck it, I could feel my clit pulsing and throbbing between her lips, the sound of my wetness dripping out around her fingers, I knew I was getting so close. I lifted my legs from the bed, and on to her back, exposing myself more, and immediately I could feel her fingers push inside me even deeper.

"Ughhnn... mmm, Fuck... Faith... I can't hold back, I'm gonna come again..."

I could feel her breath bursting against my pussy, her sucking never stopped, her hips were rapidly thrusting against her own hand, and as her body started to shake I realised she was coming. She sucked almost painfully hard on my clit as her orgasm over took her, her fingers pushed deeply inside of me.

"Uhnn!" I cried out sharply my own orgasm hitting me hard. I came so hard, my pussy struggled to clench and pulse around Faith's fingers. "Uhhn! Ohhh, uhhnnn!" I shook and my body twisted as I came even harder then the first time, Faith's tongue easily rode along with my orgasm. She continued to flick and suck, gently bringing me back to earth.

I pushed at her head. "No more, oh God, no more, I can't take it…"

Faith grinned at me from between my legs, "You come hard?" She eased her fingers out of my pussy, the wet sucking sound filled the room and my already flushed face, flushed even more. She climbed up my body, and held her own over mine, not touching me. She looked down between us, making her gaze start at my toes, and scan up my body to my face. As if she was taking every part of me in.

She smiled at me, and kissed me. My eyes closed.

"Don't forget to collect that self-righteousness on the way out, B," my eyes flicked open as I felt the bed move, I saw her walking across her room to the bathroom. I opened my mouth to say something, but she was already gone, the bathroom door shut behind her.

What had I expected? People don't change. Faith in particular didn't want to change. I sat at the edge of her bed, the cool air of the night bringing goose bumps to my skin. I blinked back tears, tears of shame? Tears of regret? As I stood up and pushed my skirt down, I decided they were tears of shame.

I felt used.

I looked around the floor, but then remembered that I hadn't taken off any items of clothing, which seemed to make my shameful feeling ten-times worse. I couldn't believe how much I felt like a hooker. I clenched my fists as anger rolled through me. I wanted to storm into the bathroom, where I could now hear hot water being run; I wanted to hurt her physically as much as she had hurt me emotionally. However, Faith would then know that if she had hurt me that much that I had real and genuine feelings for her, and that wouldn't work. That wouldn't work at all. I started towards the door of her room, and stopped before I put my hand on the handle. I looked back towards the bed, towards the ruffled sheets and the pillows strewn about on the floor. I just admitted it to myself.

They were tears of regret.

3 weeks later

"… Three… Two… One…. And rest!" I sauntered between the students, half of them collapsed on the floor, the other half stood up to try and stretch out their tense muscles. 100 push-ups is a lot. But these Slayers were advanced, and I was comfortable in calling them just that; Slayers. "Ok, lesson is now over, please make sure you warm-down sufficiently enough. You may be Slayers, but you can still get muscle and joint ache. Your body is your most lethal tool, so make sure you keep it in ship-shape."

I walked over to the top of the hall and gathered my things as the Slayers dispersed with "Thank you's"'.

"Buffy!" Willow came into the hall, and rushed towards me. "Wanna come out with me and Ken tonight? We're going to Bar One… I know it's your favourite, you can't get out of this one!"

I rolled my eyes and smiled. "Come on now Wills, Bar One… really?"

Her face took on a look of realisation.

"Oh… oh shit I forgot…"

Willow being best friend, knew every single sordid detail of what had happened between Faith and I. Kennedy probably knew too, either from Willow or Faith. A feeling of hurt washed over me as I imagined Faith bragging to Kennedy about who she had fucked from the night before. Although, she was succumbed to tests and all kindsa of probes by the researchers to ensure the demon had gone, and she was now Faith.

"It's ok, you guys go ahead-"

"But Buffy, you haven't been out since it happened!"

"Yeah, and for good reason too. It didn't go so well last time."

"That wasn't really your fault, that was the demon that was in Faith…"

"I lost a perfectly good relationship over it."

"Yes, but you and Satsu are now on fairly good terms, and," she lowered her voice to a whisper; "it's not as if she made good marriage material for you."

"Really?" I raised an eyebrow and looked at her.

"Really, she wasn't your type Buffy… not your `girl-type' anyway. She was too dull for you, it would have only taken another few weeks and you would have dumped her anyway." I locked the hall and started heading down towards my quarters.

"What's my `girl-type' then?"

I looked at Willow; her gaze was facing straight ahead, and her eyes were wide. I followed her stare to see Faith walking towards us. My heart began thudding in my chest.


"I have to – be somewhere… it's not here… I'll uhm, catch ya later Buff." Willow scuttled off, and had I had the power too, she would have had daggers flying towards the back of her head.


"Can I take your 12:15 class tomorrow? I have them before you, and we're working on something and I could do with takin' them for longer, that cool?" She looked calm and collected, almost bored. Had her hand not briefly shook before she put it into the pocket of her jeans, I would have believed her façade.

"That's fine, Faith." Her eyes were staring so deeply into mine, I felt awkward, hot and bothered, giddy and upset all at the same time. "Will there be anything else?"

"Yeah." She cleared her throat.

I stared at her expectantly.

"Me and the slay-bes are going slayin' tonight, would be a pleasure to have your company."

"Not tonight Faith, I have plans." I left it open to interpretation, hoping she would assume I was back with Satsu, or perhaps dating one of the researchers.

"Ok cool, no worries, see ya around." She swaggered off, as if she was without a care in world. I pulled my stare off her and headed back to my room.

"Buffy, that tension between you guys is ten-times magnified then what it was!" Willow's excited squeal almost pierced my ear-drum.

"Shush Wills!"

I pulled her into my room.

"Buffy, you would think that after having banged one another's bones to pieces that it would have sorted out this angst and sexual tension, but my God! It's made it worse!"

"Nothing works as it should with me and Faith, does it?"

Willow laughed, "Never!"


What the- ?

I pulled myself out of bed, and squinted at the clock.

3am –what?


Must be an emergency, I ran to the door.


"B." She was grinning

- leering -

at me, leaning on the door frame. "Want company?"

My heart leapt in my chest and started to thud against my ribcage. "What are you talking about, it's three in the morning!" I hissed at her.

Her stare was fixed on my chest, my top had slipped down and was showing the creamy, white skin of the top of my breast. I pretended not to notice.

"Ya know B, a repeat, just once off, I swear…" She swayed towards me and I could smell the alcohol on her breath.

I shook my head, feeling my heart beating insanely. "Was once not enough for you?"

Her eyes flicked up, and fixated on me with such clarity, I stopped breathing for a second. "It wasn't enough."

Those three words made me gulp, and I thought my heart would jump out of my chest.

"I can't stop thinking about it." She looked annoyed, and confused. "It's not normally like this, I fuck `em, and it's done ya know… that's it. I even tried fuckin' other people, and B…" She paused, and closed her eyes, she swayed a little more.

"What?" I whispered, so quietly.

"I just can't stop thinking about you." She whispered back and her eyes opened again. "Just once more, I'll be fine then…" She moved forward, her body nearly touching mine. "Once more…" Her breath brushed off my lips. If I moved forward we would be kissing. I so very lightly brushed my lips against hers.

I stepped backwards, breaking the breath-taking tension, Faith jolted.

"You better collect your self-respect wherever you left it, Faith." I closed the door in her face, I glimpsed her shocked expression just before it shut.

I climbed back into my bed, smiling.

She'd be back.


"But in the end everyone ends up alone,
Losing her, the only one who's ever known,
Who I am, who I'm not and who I wanna be,
No way to know how long she'll be next to me."
The Fray, You Found Me




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