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When It Was Over

by Mac


Rating: NC-17
Summary: A post season 7 fic - I'm shit at summaries, I really am.



Dawn: Yeah, Buffy. What are we going to do now?

The bus ride was long, and extremely tiring. Everyone was so relieved when Giles pointed to the next motel along the highway and the bus pulled in. Faith practically pushed her way off the bus. Her body ached dreadfully, not to mention the burning ache between her legs. 

That was literally the monster slay of her life - and the serious case of the double 'H's were rapidly affecting her ability to function. Buffy was standing over speaking to Willow, while Giles went in and sorted out payment for the rooms. Faith glanced around the group that was left - Robin hadn't made it. His injuries had just been too extensive. 

She'd been sad - desperately sad... but such was life and it wasn't the first time someone she had grown close to had either died or left her. 

At this stage, she felt as though she was used to it. 

"Hey I'm sorry ya know-" Kennedy placed her hand on Faith's arm. 

"It's ok... no big..." 

"It's pretty big Faith-" 

"I don't feel like sharing Kennedy." 

End of discussion. 

"Ok... but I just wanted you to know that I'm here if you wanna talk..." 

That was exactly what Buffy had said to her earlier in the day:

"I'm here for you Faith, if you want to talk about it, if you need to let it out." 

"Nothing to let out B." 

The blonde had sighed and slumped down into the seat next to her. 

"You don't have to be so guarded, we're all human, we all feel pain and grief... it's normal..." 

"I don't gotta talk about it though." 

"It could help-" 

Faith spun around to face her. "And why the fuck would you wanna help me?" She hissed at her through her teeth, keeping her voice low so as not to wake up any of the surrounding sleeping slayers. 

Buffy's hand covered her own, she shivered when she felt the charge run through her. Whatever had happened with Willow and the scythe had definitely increased their connection. She could feel it whenever she even looked into Buffy's eyes and she knew damn well the blonde could feel it too. 

"We're past all this now Faith... we've all gotta move on together..." Her voice was soft and caring, and what Faith wanted. But instead, she laughed and pulled her hand away, uncomfortable at the intense feeling running through her. 

"I'm out of here as soon as we stop." 

Buffy scoffed. "Really? Where are you gonna go?" 

Faith shrugged. 

"Well, since you don't know, why don't you stay with us until you do know?" 

Faith raised an eyebrow. "You want me around, B?" 

Buffy hesitated for a second. "Y-Yes, I do actually... I need you around Faith, I need someone like you to stand with me. No one else will be like us... not truly." 

Faith just looked at her. 


There was a long pause, and Buffy thought she would never get any answer from her when -"Only until I find somewhere to go B." 

"Of course!"


Faith watched Kennedy walk off, heading towards Willow. She gently took the witch into her arms and kissed her tenderly. Buffy looked away, her eyes met Faith's, and the brunette slayer could feel the charge build up inside her again. 

Something was telling to go over to Buffy, throw her down and lick her from head to toe. 

It was driving her nutty. 

Hence her reasoning that she couldn't function and desperately needed to sort out the double 'H's. 

She broke the stare and strolled over to the vending, throwing in some change and grabbing whatever shit she could. She started stuffing a twinkie in her mouth when she glanced over at the blonde slayer who was staring at her with a bemused expression. 

Damn, she fuckin knows... 

Thankfully, Giles then came out and gave everyone their keys. 

Everyone had to share. 


"You and me are bed buddies tonight F." Buffy swaggered towards her, grinning.

"Twin room?" Faith mumbled through her twinkie, curing the first 'H' was definitely making it easier to deal. 


Double fuck... 

"That's not a problem, is it Faith?" Buffy was smirking at Faith's wide-eyed expression. 

"Whatever B." 

With one leg perched up on the side of the bath, Faith held on tightly to the showerhead as she aimed the pressure at her pussy. Her whole body was humming, and she was being as silent as she could. Her slayer hearing could pick up Buffy in the bedroom, who was obviously getting changed into her night clothes. 

Naked... uhnn God...

Yeah naked Buffy was a sight Faith really wouldn't mind seeing again. She had seen it a lot during the body swap... had her fun with it... but being herself and playing with it? Totally fucking different, and so much hotter. 

Uhhnn shit... 

She just wanted her riding her, sliding on to her tongue, and coming all over her face. Her perfect tight pussy would rapidly clench around her tongue as Faith would rub her clit with her thumb, reaching around. 

Fuck fuck fuck...  

Perhaps, after Buffy had come, she would slide down Faith's body, literally streaking her arousal the whole way down. Her wetness would glisten on Faith's breasts, and then she would lean down, all while keeping eye contact with Faith, and lick it off. 


Faith's hand slammed into the tiles as her orgasm rushed through her body, short, sharp and hard. Exactly what she needed. 

"You ok in there Faith?"

"Yeah B... just slipped a little, I'm alright." Her voice never even faltered, easy lie. 

"Hurry up ok? I need a shower, and don't want you using all the hot water." 

Faith smirked, knowing exactly what Buffy would do once she got into the shower. 

"No problem B." 

Buffy wasn't in the bathroom very long at all. 

And she walked out of it, like she had walked in: with a stick up her ass. 

Faith couldn't fathom it, after a slay like that, surely Buffy would have to fuck herself to be able to even function. 

"See something you like Faith?" Buffy laughed. 

"What? NO!" Buffy's expression changed to one of hurt. "I mean, yes! But no, not ya know... I was just thinking..." 

"About?" Buffy slid into the bed beside the brunette slayer, immediately Faith's body started humming. Being this close all night was going to kill her. 

"Everything, today has been one for the books. Not gonna forget it, that's for sure. Monster fuckin slay, huh B?" 

The blonde yawned and nodded. "Big time." She groaned and stretched. Faith let her hungry eyes roam over her body, staring at the skin between the top of her pyjama bottoms and the end of her top. 

I fucking came in the shower, down girl. 

She closed her eyes and tried to block it out - the urge to pin Buffy to the mattress and have her way with her. 

"Faith?" Her voice was concerned, Faith didn't need her eyes open to tell that. 

"I'm tired B." 


Her eyes opened, and she stared at Buffy's form, her blonde hair splayed out on the pillow, she looked so fuckable. So fucking doable. 


Buffy switched off the light. 

Faith wasn't sure how long she'd been asleep for when her eyes flickered open in the dark. She could feel the bed moving ever so gently, and an extremely distinct smell hit her nose. She could also hear Buffy gasping so very quietly.  



Immediately her body ignited with an intense passion and burst of arousal. Buffy was fucking herself in the bed, beside her. Faith's back was to Buffy as she stared out to the other side of the room, wide-eyed. Shit. There were wet, clicking noises that were louder then Buffy's gasping. Those noises alone were driving Faith wild. 

Fuck knows how long she has been touching herself, but with the sounds she's making, her gentle gasping, her almost silent moans, my guess is she's not fucking her hole, she's just rubbing her clit. 

Faith tried not to let her breathing change, she didn't want Buffy to know she was awake. That could be disastrous. If Buffy knew she was awake, she'd probably kill her and accuse her of being a pervert by listening in. 

But those fucking wet noises... she's dripping... 

Faith's heart sped up anyway, she couldn't control it. She managed to keep her breathing steady. She could hear the bed sheets rustling as she could only imagine Buffy's body was  slowly, gently writhing on top of them. Faith tried desperately to block out her moans, but there was only so much she could do. Her own body was responding to the show that Buffy was unintentionally putting on. Her clit was aching for even one touch. 

After a few minutes, Buffy's gasps were sounding desperate. It was like she was on the brink of coming, but couldn't quite reach it. Faith could sense Buffy's frustration, her desperation. Faith's hands clenched tightly together, anything to stop her from just fucking the blonde slayer. She felt her body shaking so slightly. She wanted to fuck her. She wanted to be inside her. 

"Ohh... Faith... please..." 

It was almost silent, but Faith's slayer hearing picked it up, it sent shivers down her spine, and gave her the permission she needed. Faith turned around in the bed, pushed herself up on her arm quickly, and leaned closely to the gasping slayer. She had her index finger between her teeth, her head was tossed to the side, her eyes flickered open briefly. The bed sheets were tented where her knees were bent. She saw Faith looming over her, without stopping she moaned gently and continued to touch herself. 

"You need me to put my fingers inside you, B?" 

The blonde slayer released a strangled moan at the thought, her movements sped up. Faith's voice was thick with sleep and desire. Hearing Buffy work herself into a state had worked Faith up to an unbearable level. 

The brunette leaned her head down to Buffy's ear, she spoke lowly, her voice was husky. "You need to feel somethin fuckin you B, trust me, I know." 

Another strangled moan. Buffy's body jumped when she felt Faith's hand brush her exposed thigh. 

"I won't fuck you too hard... if you don't want... whatever speed you want to take it at..." 

"Jesus..." Buffy whimpered out, and looked straight into Faith's eyes. 

Faith placed her lips by her ear. "Whatever will help you cum B..." 

"Oh yes... oh god... please..." 

Buffy felt like she would scream when she felt Faith's fingers brush along the slit of her pussy. Faith brought her fingers out from under the bed sheet, they were dripping with her arousal. 

"Fuck B..." Faith was now the one who looked as though she was in pain. She sucked Buffy's wetness from her fingers, eliciting another moan from the blonde. Faith's hand disappeared under the covers again. 

"Do uh... uhnn.. I... uh... taste mmm good?" 

"Yeah, you taste fucking amazing..." 

Faith's fingers were more confident this time, following down Buffy's hand which was frantically rubbing her clit, and slipping down to her hole. 

"You ready B?" 

Another moan. Faith slowly pushed her fingers forward, pressing against her grasping, tightly clenching hole. 

"B... I think you're too... worked up... ya know, you're too tight..." 

Buffy's teeth were clenched. "Ughnn push... push them in..." 

Faith's whole body flushed with arousal. She firmly pushed her two fingers forward, and felt Buffy's pussy clench and pulse around them, drawing them in. 

"Uhhnn!! FUCK! Yes..." Buffy arched off the bed as she cried out. "Fuck me Faith... oh please..." 

They could feel their connection heighten, the tension between them was at a maximum. The intense feelings rushed through them both. Faith started pulling her fingers out and fucking them back in, the wet slap noise filled both of their ears. Buffy's pussy was dripping, absolutely soaking. Now that her hole had adjusted to Faith's fingers, they were sliding so easily in and out of her grasping channel. 

"Ughh God, Faith please... do it harder..." 

The brunette slayer paused momentarily as she positioned herself between Buffy's body, between her legs. Her left hand was placed beside Buffy's head on the pillow to hold her body up. She wanted to gain more leverage to fuck into her harder. Faith used her knees to push Buffy's bent legs as far apart as they would go, effectively spreading her wet hole. As she fucked into her particularly hard, Buffy hissed and her hole spasmed around her fingers. She pulled them out and fucked them in again, slowly picking up the pace as she stared down at Buffy's face. Her expressions were contorted with pleasure. Faith was mere inches away from Buffy's face, she could feel her breath bursting against her lips, and if she didn't do something she would end up kissing her and that would be a bad thing. 

This wasn't about emotions, this was about fucking, pure and simple. 

It was about getting Buffy off after the monster slay they had just had. She tried hard to ignore the need she had to kiss her so desperately, Buffy's eyes flickered open and stared into Faith's. She gasped and opened her lips so invitingly, licking them slowly as her breath gasped through them.

"B... want my tongue to get you off?" Her arm worked quicker, thrusting her fingers into her tight hole. 

"Uhnn..." The blonde slayer moved her body against Faith's hand - the feeling of being filled with Faith's fingers was so intense.

"Ya know, I could suck on your clit..." 

Buffy's words were stilted as she tried to speak. "I uhn... you haven't even kissed me..." 

But I thought this was about getting off, about the physical stuff? I didn't think you wanted me to kiss you, I didn't think you wanted me to become attached... that will happen if I kiss you.  

Faith wanted to say all of that, but it wouldn't come out. 

Buffy could see from Faith's expression that she was scared, that it would mean more. So she wrapped her legs around Faith's torso, pulled her closer and effectively closed the gap. Before Faith could even think about it, they were kissing while her two fingers were still buried inside her pussy unmoving. Buffy's hand had also stopped moving. 

As Buffy teased Faith's lips with her tongue, the dark slayer acquiesced and growled when their tongues began to duel for dominance. As she sucked on Buffy's tongue, she felt the blonde's  hole begin to spasm around her fingers, Buffy's moans became steadily louder as the spasms more intense. Her hands ran all over Faith's back, digging her nails into Faith's skin as her breath began to burst against her mouth. 

The spasms in Buffy's pussy became closer together, keeping Faith's fingers tightly held in. As far as Faith could tell, Buffy wasn't getting any real stimulation on her clit, just the pressure of Faith's pelvic bone very lightly leaning on top of her. Buffy kissed her so passionately, their lips becoming swollen with the intense onslought. As Faith nibbled on Buffy's lips she couldn't help but be distracted by the continual clenching of Buffy's cunt.  

It feels like she might- 

"Mmm-gonna-mmm-cum..." Buffy gasped with such relief into Faith's mouth. The brunette slayer growled and pushed her fingers as hard and as deeply as she could into Buffy's cunt. One more really tight, almost bone-crushing, clench around her fingers and then - 

"UGHNNN! FUCK! YESSSS! OH GOD! Yessss! Faaaitthhhh..." Every shout was against Faith's mouth, so fucking hot, damn, whole world will know now...  

Her pussy pulsed and spasmed frantically as her back arched, pushing her breasts against Faith's, pushing her whole body flush against the dark slayers. Her head tossed from side-to-side as she moaned quietly through the rest of her orgasm. 

"Damn... fuck B... damn... way to get a slayer worked up..." 

Buffy had a look of pure bliss on her face - it had never been as intense as that... ever. Perhaps she was on to something with Faith. Her legs were still wrapped around Faith's waist, Faith's fingers were still buried inside her. 

"Faith... I need you to take your fingers out..." She was over sensitive and Faith's fingers were starting to feel a little sore inside her. 

"You tender B?" 

She nodded, blushing as she looked up at the brunette slayer from beneath her eyelashes.  

"Let me just..." Faith began descending down her body. Buffy propped herself up on her elbows. 

"What are you doing? You can't do that... it's not... I mean... you can't like doing that?" 

A low growl came from Faith's throat. "You're joking right?" She took in a deep breath and before Buffy could say another word, she threw her head back and cried out as Faith's mouth wrapped around her clit and pulled it into her mouth. 

"Oh shit..." Buffy gripped the bed sheets as she felt Faith's tongue rapidly flicking across the tip of her clit as she continued to suck on it. 

"Fuck, Faith... Oh God..." 

As Buffy's hole began pulsing again, Faith gently took her fingers out. She moved her mouth off her clit. 

"You want me to stop now, Buffy?" 

The blonde looked down at her, biting her lip, she slowly shook her head. 

"I can make you cum again if you'd like... "

Faith was momentarily distracted as she watched Buffy's wetness drip down from her hole to her ass. She grabbed Buffy's hips firmly and slowly slid her tongue down to her ass, following the stream of wetness. 

As expected, Buffy's hips bucked up at the unexpected touch. 

"Oh fuck Faith... my God..." 

Fuck, Faith and God seemed to be all Buffy could focus on. 

Faith moved back from her ass, kissed the crease of Buffy's leg slowly, briefly kissed her clit and then without any warning, fucked her tongue deeply inside of the blonde's tight pussy. Buffy's mouth hung open in a silent scream, but all that came out was a high pitched, short cry as her hands grabbed onto Faith's head in a tight, painful grip. 

As Faith pulled her tongue out of the blonde's tight hole and then fucked it in once more, Buffy's wetness practically spilled into her mouth. She was soaking wet and it was all over the lower half of Faith's face. 

Faith's tongue buried inside her was possibly the most amazing thing Buffy had ever felt. And she'd been to heaven and back. The way it moved in and out so quickly, the way it stretched her hole and filled it... it was incredible. 

Then Faith wrapped her lips around Buffy's clit again, and quickly replaced her tongue with two fingers sliding in and out of her hole rapidly. As Buffy's body writhed uncontrollably on the bed, she was now sure this was the most amazing thing she had ever felt. Faith's lips moved back and forth on Buffy's distended clit, sucking and flicking with her tongue. 

"Uhhnnnn... your... uhnnn mouth... Oh! So good..."

Her hips began to thrust up into Faith's mouth as she cried out repeatedly, mixed words, muffled and nonsensical words. The roughness of Buffy's hips thrusting into Faith's mouth drove her a little nutty. She pushed her face further into Buffy's pussy, and used her free hand to hold up Buffy's leg. The blonde slayer took the hint and held both of her legs close to her chest. Faith's hands slid under her ass as she raised her off the bed slightly and drove her tongue back into her hole. She alternated from plunging her tongue deeply inside Buffy's grasping sex, to sucking on her throbbing clit. 

"Oh God... Faith you like fucking me with your tongue? Uhnnn..." Buffy was hurtling close to the edge. "I bet you love my wet pussy... my soaking pussy..." 

Damn she's fuckin' talking dirty... fuck fuck...

Faith's lips latched onto Buffy's clit and she sucked hard while gently scraping the tip of her clit with her teeth. Buffy came. Hard, fast, and unexpected. 

She screamed Faith's name, waking up everyone within a 5 mile radius. 

"FAITH!! FUCK! Uhhnnnnngghhhhh.... fuuuckkk...." 

The brunette slayer couldn't wait for Buffy's to recover; she moved her mouth away from her pussy, pulled her legs down on the bed all while taking her shorts off with one hand. Her moves were quick and urgent, she was then on top of Buffy looking down between their no-quite-touching bodies.

"Spread your legs... and spread your cunt..." 

Faith's eyes were practically black, and Buffy was in no position to argue at her aggressive, demanding tone, so she readily complied. She spread her legs and, albeit hesitantly, spread her pussy with her fingers. Faith positioned her own glistening pussy above Buffy's and quickly lowered herself down. 

Buffy's sharp intake of breath by Faith's ear was all she needed to start rocking hard against the blonde, her clit getting delicious friction from Buffy's own pulsing clit. 

"I'm gonna cum quick B... just let me fuck you..." 

Her hips began to rapidly thrust into Buffy's over sensitive clit, immediately triggering another orgasm to slowly burn it's way through the blonde. She started gasping as the spasms from her orgasm became more and more intense. 

Her voice this time was barely above a whisper, but it was the sexiest thing Faith had ever heard, spoken directly into her ear. 

"Your uhh fucking... uhhnn is making me cum again... uhhnnn" 

"Shit... oh fuck Buffy..."

Buffy gasped as Faith started fucking her hips that little bit quicker, Faith stared down at her, watching her face as she was coming. Buffy's eyes locked onto Faith's and before the brunette even realised it she was coming, her pussy pulsing and clenching through her orgasm. 

One simple, strained word: 


She buried her head in the blonde's neck as she rode out her orgasm. Eventually her body stilled, and all that could be heard was the two slayers gasping. Faith placed a gentle kiss on Buffy's collar bone and moved her body away from the blonde's and onto her side of the bed. She rolled over as if to sleep, Buffy's hand on her shoulder stopped her. 

The blonde's lips were on hers, and she closed her eyes as they kissed passionately, deeply. When they pulled away, Faith looked into Buffy's eyes and sighed. 

She pulled her close to her body, holding her. 

I love you...

Within minutes they were both asleep. 



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