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Red Handed

by Mac


Rating: NC-17
Summary: Faith catches Buffy doing something naughty, and decides to show her how it's really done. Set post season 7.
Author's Note: No actual real plot to this fic, just fun and smutty. Quite a bit of ass play and focus, so if it's not for you, don't go past chapter one!

Chapter One

~ Present Day: Buffy POV ~

"No I know… only three more days… I know…" I sighed into the phone. "But I can't help it, I miss you… Faith you're so vulgar… I'm not doing that!... Yeah… yeah…I love you too… speak to you tomorrow…" I hung up the phone and flopped back onto the bed.

Training today had been tough, one of the students had escaped last night, and had taken a few of the others with her, determine to set up her own sect dedicated to a life of stealing. Slayers have super-human strength, agility, reflexes, so they figured that they would earn better money in life by going on the "dark side".

I had to devise a class and a training session for the others – try to push them away from that side. The questions presented to me were hard, and Faith would have been able to answer them. She would have been able to sway them away. I found it hard, trying to give solid reasons. Even I have felt the need to take the wrong path, I was lucky to have a supportive group of people to help me.

Faith wasn't so lucky.

But she wasn't around to help me today. I missed her. She would hold me, tell me encouraging words.

I realised how reliant I have become on her, on her love, her respect. Her feralness, her wildness…

Damn, now I'm horny again.

It wasn't all fairytales and butterflies…

~ 3 Months Ago ~

"Uhhghhnn!!" Faith grunted as my foot slammed into her ribs. She slid along the floor of the hall, her expression forming a grimace.

"Faith, sorry – I got a little carried away!" I rushed over to her and got on my knees in front of her.

" *Cough* Damn B… uhh…" Faith sat up, struggling to catch her breath. "You need to get laid or somethin'?"

"Or something."

"Nothing like a 4 finger play to help sort that frustration out for ya B." She smirked at me.


"Oh come on, you haven't live till the age of … well, old, without figuring that one out." She laughed. "Damn B, you are wound up tight!"

I stared, flabbergasted at her. "I believe it wasn't too long ago that I had Satsu to help me out with that ache."

The flicker of hurt across her face didn't go unmissed, even though I knew she had tried her hardest to not show it. "Whatever B, Satsu doesn't know shit." She stared at me directly. "I could make your eyes roll into the back of your head so far you'd be seeing stars for days."

My pussy involuntarily clenched and pulsed. I blushed. "Satsu was an excellent lover, she made me feel incredible."

"Yeah she gave you your first girl-sex." She stood up and waved me off. "She didn't give you proper woman-sex B, trust me."

"Oh, `cos you know do you?"

"B, you're not the only slayer Satsu has rug-munched since she's been here."

"Oh God…" Satsu slept with Faith?? I could feel the colour draining from my cheeks, as I became dizzy. "You – and Satsu – "

"Oh… OH hell no, B! She's so not my type."

"Oh thank God. I thought she'd have a little less down below then what you needed."

"Unless you're talkin' about the fact she doesn't pack enough back, you're way off."

"But – you need guys?"

"B, fuck sake." She sighed and stretched out her legs a little. "I fuckin' went to a ladies prison."

"Yeah… but wake up call Faith, you're no longer in jail."

"Fuckin' feels like it with you sometimes B, gotta be honest." She looked a little pissed off at me. "You really think I only fuck guys? What about all those signals I been givin'?"




"Yeah B! Ya know! Signals!!" She grabbed my shoulders. "Like, the flirty ones? The gay ones!"

"With me?"

"Damn, are you for real? Sometimes I really wonder about your brain power B." She shoved me and stomped off.

Really unsure what she was talking about here. I started after her. "Faith – I'm sorry if I missed something, I just mean, I didn't really realise you were…kinda gay…"

She spun around to face me, her face like thunder. "Willow knows B, Kennedy knows… Xander knows… even fuckin' Giles knows!"

And they never told me?!


"Yeah, ya know what, they do! They just assumed it, no questions asked."

"Ok cool!" I raised my eyebrows. "I mean, that's cool! But why are you so mad?"

"'Cos you fuckin' didn't!" She slammed the door of the hall wide open, it cracked off the wall, the sound echoing through the halls. She started stalking down the hallway, her shoulders rife with tension, my mind rife with confusion.

She stopped suddenly, and came back, stopping inches away from me.

"Satsu fucked Claire, Claire gave her a 7. I fucked Claire." She placed her mouth inches from my ear, I could feel her warm breath on me, we stepped backwards until my back bumped against the door. "She gave me a 10."

I wasn't even sure which one Claire was, but she certainly got around.

"That's why Satsu doesn't like me, B."

3 is the difference between a wow-sex session and an eye-ball rolling sex-session?


"I'd give Satsu a 10."

"In that case B, you'd give me a 20." Her body pressed up against mine as she pushed me into the door. She placed her hands on the door frame beside my head, her knee pushed between my legs.

And then I felt it, the pool of arousal between my legs. I bit my lip. Fuck.

"I could choose anyone here that I wanted B, anyone here to fuck, to make scream my name." She whispered hoarsely into my ear, making me want to moan and grab at her. "So could you." Her breasts pressed into mine. "All slayers seem to be a little bit kinda gay, dontcha think?"

"Yeah…" Words, so not working right now.

"Soft, sexy bodies…" She smiled, a small, sexy smile.

My eyes flicked up and grabbed her stare. "Wet."

"Like you are right now, B." Her nostrils flared a little, and I flushed with embarrassment.

"Faith!" Line: crossed. I swung my arm to slap her, and she grabbed it.

"Don't fuckin' wimp out on me now B." She threw me to the ground and climbed on top of me. Her thigh pushed between my legs and I inhaled sharply as her weight pressed down on my throbbing clit. "You like that?" Her voice rasped so sexy against my ear.

We scuffled, and I managed to switch our positions so I lay on top of her. Her hands moved to my ass; she grabbed my hips and pushed them down almost violently. I struggled to get away, but her grip wouldn't let up, and before I realised it she was making me dry hump her. Her eyes were so dark with arousal, and her breathing was coming in rapid bursts.

"Faith…" I gasped her name, and she growled from deep in her throat.

"I can smell your arousal B… you're fuckin wet for me."

I blushed, I wanted to protest and fight her away, but her grip was so tight on my hips and my resolve was weakening. I licked my lips slowly as my breath became more laboured. Her eyes fixed on my mouth, and my swollen, wet lips. She sped up the movement of my hips and threw her head back, grunting in a really, really, hot way. Her eyes were so intense and full of passion. When she fixed her stare on me, her eyes were wild, Faith was no longer there. It was something else entirely. And I was ok in finding out more.

I'd seen Faith loose control when we went slaying, when we trained, when we fought. I'd seen the way she would pummel the baddies in wild abandon. I had never seen her loose control in a sexual way. Her muscles tensed, her whole body was like a spring, and her face was so serious and full of raw sexuality. I'm sure the slaying and the training that had happened before this had helped in increase her desire.

She stopped moving my hips. "B… I know you may not really want this, and you probably didn't plan on it… but I'm gonna fuck ya." I certainly hadn't planned on it, but she was wrong about the not-really-wanting-it. But I knew better then to open my mouth when she was feeling like this. She swung me around and in a second I was on my back and she was on top of me, her hips between mine as she started properly thrusting into me. She viciously pinned my arms above my head, I knew my wrists would be covered in bruises. She used her slayer strength to fuck her body into mine, my back was being thrust into the hard floor of the training hall.

Her head buried into my neck, she whispered filthy descriptions into my ear.

"I know you fuckin want this, I can tell your clit is throbbing for my mouth…"


"I'm gonna fuck ya so hard you're gonna forget anyone before me."


"I wanna suck your clit and make you scream…"

So, you get the idea.

What she was saying to me was turning her on as much as it was turning me on.

I ran my hands underneath her t-shirt and dragged my nails down her spine, making her groan and thrust that little bit quicker. Her hand moved behind my head, she pulled my hair back, exposing my neck to her mouth, her teeth bit down around my pulse point.

"Ah, uhnn!"

Fuck that hurt! But damn, it really felt good too.

My cry of pain excited her, and she looked down into my eyes.

"B, you know we're slayers… we need to fuck like we slay… it ain't pretty. And you and me, we're gonna be insane."

How was she all clued up on this?

She kissed around where she bit my neck, suckling on it, soothing it.

"Satsu, your house pet, she can't fuck you like I will."

She spun me around, so my chest was against the floor and her front was pressed against my back.

"I wanna fuck you like this B…"

I felt my wetness drip out around my clit, the slickness was uncomfortable and apparent as my hips were being forced against the floor. She shoved her hand down the back of my sweat pants, brushing her finger against my ass. I squealed and pushed further against the floor. She stopped suddenly – I heard her scoff.

"What? That not something you normally do?"

I shook my head, no.

"Damn, you really are holier then thou…" She moaned as she ran her finger slowly along my ass crack. "But maybe I'll save that for another day… kinda hot that I will be taking some kinda virginity from you…"

She pulled down my sweat pant to mid-thigh, exposing my ass to her stare, her hand slid further down and then I felt her fingers press against my hole. She moaned, long and deep, and pressed her body back down against mine. Her face moved to the side of mine.

"You're really fuckin wet B…" She sounded surprised like she really thought I wouldn't like it. "You like me fuckin you like this? All rough…"

"Uh huh…" I nodded, breathing hard, and pressed my hips back against her fingers, trying to get some kind of penetration.

She slowly slid a finger inside me.

"Uhhnnn!" My hips fucked up. I struggled against her, my arms were still pinned against the floor.

She pulled it out, and fucked it back in with one motion. The sound of my wetness as my pussy adjusted and sucked Faith's finger inside my body echoed around the hall.

"Fuck B… I'm gonna get used to this… I love being inside you… so fucking tight and wet… I wanna make you come."

She pushed a second finger inside of me, I cried out, she wasn't going to wait for my body to adjust. She wanted me to feel this the next day. The mixture of the forcefulness of her fucking me, and the amazing sensations she was invoking in me, were making my hole start to pulse and clench.

"Faith! I'm getting close… my clit… please… touch my clit…"

She laughed, a low sexy laugh. "Mmm, already B…? Fuck, that's hot…"

She took her fingers out of my hole, and moved them to my clit. Naturally, my wetness had pooled around my clit, I could feel her whole body tense at the touch. I was wetter then she had originally thought. She whimpered.

She whimpered.

It was so sexy.

My hips started moving down against her fingers, which kept slipping around my clit as I was so incredibly wet. Her body pressed down on mine, her hips were tightly thrusting against my ass. I could feel the tie of her light material trousers rubbing against my skin. Her breath was coming in bursts against my ear.

"Uhhnn B… B… let go… come on… let it out…"

Her fingers pinched around my clit, and I saw stars, the pressure on my clit was so intense, I could feel myself getting to the brink.

"Buffy… uhnn Buffy… I want you to come…"

Deciding to be submissive –

"You letting me come…?"

She moaned, fucking her hips harder, rubbing her fingers on the tip of my clit.

"Yeah uhnn yeahh uhhhnnn ohhh… fuck B… come for me baby…"

That was it, I started coming. "Oh ohhhh… uhhhhhhnnnnn…. Nuhhhhhhhnnnn… Faith…!"

She was straining tightly against me.

"Put your finger in me…" I whispered, I wanted her to feel my hole spasm and clench. I wanted her to feel how she had made me, my body, react. Her breath was intermingled with grunts as she slid her finger into my hole, which immediately clenched down tightly.

"Uhnn!" She shouted out loudly as her orgasm hit her, a short throaty yell. "Uhhnnn Fuck… B…. uhhnn…" Her finger pushed deeper into me as she lost control of herself during her orgasm. "Buffy… fuck…" she breathed heavily, desperately trying to get her breath back.

When she had recovered a little, she kissed the side of my neck, and moved around to my lips. We kissed, passionately. Her tongue sliding into my mouth and teasing my own. The calmness of it all was a stark contrast to what had just happened. She pushed off of me with one quick movement, her hand was gone from between my legs, the cold air hit me.

I fixed my clothes, my dignity, and turned around to look at her.

"B… uh… B… fuck… I…" She looked trapped, but could have gone at anytime. She looked confused. "Shit." She put her face in her hands.

I stood up and walked to her.

"Don't be sorry…"

"Whu – why? I just… I may as well have just raped you B…"

"Don't be sorry for giving me the best orgasm I have ever had."

So, I now waited for her to come back from yet another mission. Our relationship had just progressed, step by step since then. Initially, she'd just fuck me, run afterwards, and come back the next night.

She wouldn't discuss our relationship. When I would say things like:

"So Faith… does this mean I'm your girl?"

She'd just grunt in reply.


So one day, I tested her devotion to me, by flirting with that slayer "Claire". I mean, surely you must realise that I would have searched her out after hearing what Faith had said to me.

I realised I had Claire's sloppy seconds.


I expected a Faith look-a-like, someone who looked they would easily start a bar fight, someone who looked like they parked their Harley Davidson outside the door. Instead, she was small, blonde, and super nice. Well, colour me surprised. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

The more it made sense why Faith went with her in the first place. So, nothing too extreme, but I started flirting with her after a training session with the trainees.

Touching her arm made Faith's body tense up.

Giggling at something she said captured Faith's stare… or rather glare.

Claire touched my hand and Faith was by my side within a second.

"Did you lose your way Faith?" Claire looked at her in surprise, raising her eyebrows.

I still remember the way Faith stared at Claire. Cold, threatening and possessive. "No, but you better lose your way pretty fuckin' soon."

"I think I'm fine right where I am Faith." She stared back defiantly at Faith.

Gotta admire that determination. Well, I suppose, the potential to fuck Number One Slayer was too exciting for her. Claire moved closer to me, and lifted her arm to put around me when Faith grabbed her wrist mid-movement. Claire's eyes went wide as she grunted in pain.

"Wanna re-think that one?" She bared her teeth and practically growled into her ear. "B is off limits. To anyone. Especially you."

Claire looked at me in shock; my mouth had dropped open as I stared at Faith's threatening demeanour.

"Ok, ok, geeze, I'll leave. Just let go!"

She squeezed once more and then let go. Claire scuttled off, without even looking back.

Faith grabbed me and kissed me hard, in the middle of the academy in front of anyone.

I guessed that meant I was her girl.

So, still reflecting, still alone… and still itching.

Thinking about our first time is enough to get my body excited.

I looked over at my laptop on my desk.

I hadn't since being with Faith… she wasn't going to be back for another few days, she had called me no less then an hour ago to say she was just back from slaying, and was getting into a shower… and well… she wasn't going to be back.


4 finger work-out?


Chapter Two

~ Faith's POV ~

"No, don't wake her, I wanna surprise her." I hissed to Willow as I started up the stairs to our sleeping quarters, flowers in hand. The situation in Brighton had been far more minor then originally expected. It had taken only one full day to sort – rather than the four days that had been forecast. So, we had high-tailed it to Gatwick airport and got on the next available flight to Scotland.

I had sneakily called B, telling her I was "getting into the shower", I really wanted to surprise her! I snuck into our apartment and so quietly closed the door behind me. She would either be in bed, or at her desk, surfing on the internet. I swear that girl is obsessed with the `net sometimes. I watch her reading Wikipedia, or Googling her name, she really could waste her life on there. The only use for the net in my opinion is the free porn. Hell yeah!

You can imagine how delighted I was when the Academy felt it necessary for all the high-up people to have laptops. Especially since they considered me to be a"high-up" person. Since we have wireless broadband over the entire academy, I practically took it straight to my room and locked myself away for two days.

I pretty much made myself blind and got repeated cramps in my hand.

Then, I got a virus that kept making my home page go to www.bigbustytits.com and changed my desktop background to a gigantic wet pussy. I had to, very embarrassingly, take it to the tech department – headed by Willow of course. So I threw it to her, saying that I had clicked on a pop-up and it had broken my laptop. When she turned it on, and the desktop loaded, a rather interested look took over her face, and she raised her eyebrow and looked at me with a smirk and knowing look on her face. She kinda went a little flushed, and her head angled to the side ever so slightly.

"Ya know Red, normally I'd say "What? You never seen one of them close up before?" but we both that that's a lie, right?!" I laughed, perhaps a little nervously.

Prim and proper Willow has a naughty streak, we all know that. "Yes Faith, we both know that is a lie." She looked at me and smirked.

She got it fixed though, thankfully. I learnt my lesson. I'll never click on a pop-up that says: "Watch Tammy Lick Her Own Pussy" ever again. I never did get to see it, just asked me to click "Ok" so I did. No self-pussy licking. So, not only did I get a virus, I didn't get to see what I had been promised.


`Sides, it's not as if anyone is surprised I watch porn. High sex-drive, gotta fix it some how. Haven't had to for a while, B's been fixing that urge. Let me tell you, she is fucking good at fixing my urge. I know she fucked Satsu – and initially she was a bit vanilla, but I got the kink out of her. I taught her that it's not just about eating one another out all the fricking time. Cos damn, that would get boring.

I wanted her to loose control with me, I wanted her to be bent over, exposed and fucking my mouth, I wanted her to be sitting on my face, I wanted her to be fucking herself back and forth on my new seven inch strap-on, I wanted to watch her fuck herself.

She wouldn't let me watch her touch herself, make herself come, I was still working on that part of things. Strap-on was new, so that was a venture I was hoping to pursue tonight. I still wasn't allowed play with her ass. Except when she was drunk. And that was one time, and she freaked after five seconds. I'm an ass girl. I need ass, I need to touch, tease, rub… finger… you get the idea. I was gonna break her in.

I pushed open the bedroom door, so quietly; my slayer senses were seriously tingling. My mouth dropped open. She hadn't realised that I was staring at her, I knew I had only a minute, at most, before she sensed me.

She was watching porn.


Buffy-Fucking-Summers, Miss Holier-Than-Thou, Miss Vanilla, Miss I-Don't-Watch-Porn-It-Does-Nothing-For-Me (we've all heard that one, right?).

It was straight porn. Some guy was fucking some girl – up her ass.

Up her fucking ass.

I wasn't bothered by the straight porn, lesbian porn gets boring in my book, and it's kinda nice to see something a bit more untamed. I watched all kindsa porn, and I'm comfortable with that. Nice to see that B was too. It doesn't mean that if I watch straight porn, that I wanna be with a guy, no fucking way. `Sides, I tend to focus in on the woman anyway. Mmmm.

I could smell her scent in the room, her excitement. She was listening through headphones and damn, she was fucking herself. Oh holy shit. Oh holy shit! Her hips were gently thrusting back and forth; she was breathing heavily, nothing too extreme. Very subtle really, and that made it all the more erotic. All the more fucking sexy. Her right arm was making gentle, subtle movements back and forth, I could hear a faint `click' noise as she was touching herself. I literally felt myself gush. The flowers in my hands dropped to the floor. Buffy jumped and spun around in her chair.

"Faith!! OH-" She spun back and slammed down her laptop lid.

I strode over to her.

"What was that you were watching B?"

She didn't say anything, stayed silent, but her face was bright red. She stared defiantly at me – refusing to say anything.

I lifted the laptop lid and the video continued – lots of close ups of the woman's ass being penetrated by the cock, she was soaking wet, dripping out of her pussy. I pulled out the earphone connection; the practised porno moans and groans filled the room. I stared at the laptop, watching the guys' cock being pulled out of her ass and being fucked back in again.

"You like this?" My voice was low and husky, gruff, it even surprised me. She didn't reply; she just blushed even more.

"I like this – I want this." I grabbed her ass, she moved to slap me. I stopped her hand and continued staring at the laptop. The woman was being bent over, and the guy was slamming in and out of her. "You want this?" I looked at Buffy, I could see her hand with wetness on her fingers – it drove me a little nutty, a little feral, wild.

She shook her head, no.

"You want this." I leaned down to kiss her, and she responded. I was surprised, I expected her to fight against it. She wrapped her arms around me; I carried her over to the bed, laying my body down on top of hers. The smell of her pussy filled the room. I was in heaven. I covered her body with my own, wanting her to be a part of me. She was incredibly responsive, her body arching against me, rubbing against me. She moaned into my mouth, her tongue moving wildly against mine.

I pushed my hand up her top, roughly grabbing on to her breast, teasing her nipple between my fingers. She moaned desperately into my mouth, rocking her body tightly against me. I pushed back against her, driving her into the bed. I could still hear the moaning, groaning and wet slapping sounds from the laptop behind me, firing me up that little bit more.

Buffy spread her legs open and wrapped them around my lower back, digging her nails into my skull, pulling my head down by her neck. I bit into her pulse-point gently, she cried out, rocking her hips harder against my own.

"I wanna fuck you." I grunted into her ear, desperate to be inside her, to feel her wetness for myself.

"Oh Faith…" She threw her head back, her eyes tightly shut, gripping onto me for dear life.

I moved my head by her ear, and hesitated before I said: "I wanna fuck your ass."

She tensed up, and stopped moving. "Faith I dunno…" she breathed into the room.

"You like watching it." I rolled my hips down hard against hers to make my point.

"Uhnn don't be an ass Faith."

I want your ass, I thought as I groaned into her mouth, leaning in to kiss her. She melted back into me; the tension left her body as I kissed her harder. I switched to her other nipple, ripping her top open quickly.

Buffy started to protest, but when my hot mouth wrapped around her nipple, she cried out loudly. I flicked it with my tongue and then sucked it into my mouth, Buffy's hands in my skull felt like they were about to rip my hair out. She cried out profanities into the room, her hips rose so far off the bed she nearly threw me off her.

"Oh uhnn! OH! Fuck… Faith uhhhnn… uhnnnn…" Her nipples are super sensitive.

I rolled on to my back, pulling the blonde slayer on top of me. She continued kissing me eagerly. In the background, still playing on the laptop, the woman sounded as though she was getting close to coming, her moans and groans sounded fast and urgent. I pulled away from Buffy, and sat up slightly to look at the laptop screen. B's head turned to catch a glimpse too.

The camera closed in on the woman's ass and pussy, the cock was still slamming in and out of the woman's ass, her hand was down flicking her clit. I watched as her wetness gushed out of her pussy, then her pussy started clenching rapidly as she cried out. Without realising it, Buffy's hand at the back of my neck clenched tightly as the woman started going wild. The guy stopped moving, and instead she rocked back and forth slowly as she rode out her orgasm.

I could sense Buffy's heartbeat speed up even more as she got more and more excited. Her hips rocked solidly and slowly against me. She turned around to face me again; my attention was brought back to us. She leaned down and kissed me, deeply and slowly.

"I need us to be naked."

You don't need to tell me twice. I ripped off my top and bra, kicking off my boots in the process. She slowly took off her ripped t-shirt. She moved off me briefly, allowing me to take off my jeans and panties. Sitting back naked on the bed, I looked at her expectantly.


"Faith I-"

"Off B, now… unless you want me to rip them apart too."

Buffy slowly took them off, I held her gaze as she did it. She was on the bed, on her knees. I slowly slid my stare down her body, her breasts looked red from my sucking and biting, then her flat stomach, and her glistening, shaved pussy.

It felt like my heart was in my throat, I couldn't swallow.

"B, fuck… I want to taste you… you're soaking wet."

She crawled towards me on the bed, pushed me back against the headboard, so I was sitting down. She sat astride my lap, spreading her legs wide open. "You can taste later."

My stare was fixed between her legs, my mouth was practically salivating. I moved my hand to her lower back, and kissed her hard as she pressed her pussy against my lower stomach, just above my pubic bone. I felt like I was shaking as I contemplated what I was about to do, I really hoped that this wasn't going to be a disaster. I moved my right hand down to her ass cheek, she was spread open for me. I knew I was gasping into her mouth as I felt myself get progressively more and more excited.

I slid my finger down from the top of her ass, she was wet. Everywhere. I don't think I breathed for a full minute. When she had been fucking herself earlier, she had obviously gotten extremely wet and excited. It made her whole ass crack incredibly slick. As soon as I reached her puckered hole her hips jarred forward
and she clenched tightly around my finger. I hadn't even penetrated her, just teasing the entrance.

"Oh God… Faith!" She pulled away from kissing me and cried out. She was staring down at me, her eyes wide, her mouth parted as her breath burst out. "I can't…uhh…"

"Relax B… relax…" I tried to move my finger a little, but she was clenching so damn tightly I couldn't move a millimetre.

"Faith – uhn… I – this feels-"

I tried to slow down my madly beating heart, but it hardly even listened. I mentally repeated the word "patience" to myself, trying with all of my strength not to loose it. Not to slam her down on her front on my bed, and spread her ass cheeks open and tongue her ass.

No, that would be bad.

Even though my madly pulsing pussy said different. I realised I was nearly at level with her breasts, I started sucking on a nipple. More to distract myself then her – but it seemed to work both ways. I felt her ease ever so slightly, and I ran my finger along the entrance. It was so slick from her pussy juice that my finger easily slid around it, across it, on it. I very much wanted in but I was being strong about that.

Buffy's breath burst by my ear. She was incredibly still and tense, her hands once again tightly held on to my hair. "Faith, Faith, Faith…" She repeated as I ran my finger slowly back and forth over her tightly clenched ass hole. She was so tense. The air was tense. Everything about the moment was tense, and slow.

Too fucking slow.

"Tell me…" I spoke hoarsely, my throat was dry, "…how it feels."

"Uhnn…" There was a rather long pause before she could talk. "I feel exposed – your touching… it's making me feel kinda sexy… and exposed…"

"You like it?" I grunted out. Her breathing got heavier as I pressed harder on her hole, she clenched tighter.

"Uhnn! It feels sensitive Faith… really sensitive…" She moaned. "It's intense…"

I couldn't help myself, I had to say it; "I wanna use my tongue baby." I stared up into her eyes, which widened in shock.

"Your – on my – "

"My tongue on your ass?" I raised an eyebrow. "I bet that guy did it to that girl in the movie B… I bet he tongued her ass…" She was still tense, still tightly holding herself forward against me.

She flushed bright red.


"I bet he got it all wet, did u watch her ass clench, her hips thrust?"

Then B did it… she pushed backwards against my finger. I exhaled… long and slow to bring myself back under control. Her eyes were closed, and I wasn't even sure if she realised she had done it, but I had definitely noticed.

I got very hot all of a sudden, and very tense – wound up like a spring.

I circled my finger around and around her entrance, I slipped my other hand between her legs. I wasn't disappointed. She was soaking wet, it was dripping down her inner thighs. It was a mess of wetness, and as I pressed my hand into her pussy, it spilled over. Her clit was swollen, it was a struggle to flick it as my fingers kept slipping in her arousal.

"Faith… I can't – uhnn… I'm really turned on… I'm gonna come really quickly…" Her voice was strained, whispering against my ear, I swear I got goosebumps all over my entire body. I dunno what it is, but when Buffy gets off really fast, it drives me wild. I kinda like the idea that I can turn her on so much that she
comes in minutes.

I slid a finger inside her dripping pussy, immediately her walls clenched down around me and I let out a long, low moan. Momentarily forgetting about her ass having been distracted by her wet pussy, I restarted circling my finger around her ass hole. Her pussy pulsed and clenched around my finger, she was crying out. Her hips were making short, sharp jerks, her nails dug into my shoulders.

I groaned as I heard the wetness of her pussy fill the room, the nasty wet sucking sounds that B normally blushes at, and squirms uncomfortably. Not today though. She was fucking loving it today. With the middle finger of my left hand inside her pussy, I used my thumb of the same hand to press down firmly on her clit. This meant she would have to start moving her hips more to reduce the relentless pressure on her clit. Which meant her ass would be rocking back into my fingers.

She sped up her thrusts. "Uhnn, uhhnn Faith…"

"Does my finger feel good playing with your ass B?" I was still hoarse, my own feelings were pushing through. I wanted to be rougher with her, but I was holding back.

"Yes Faith… baby… uhnnn yes…"

I pushed a second finger deep into her pussy, and she cried out loudly, her hips rocking back and forth vigorously. She looked so sexual, so gorgeous, her body rising in front of me, her head thrown back. I realised my own hips were rocking against nothing, I could feel I was completely soaked, my clit was throbbing so intensely. I got carried away; "I wanna lick it baby… can I lick it…"

"No Faith… no… uhnn uhh uh uhhhnn…" Even though she was saying no, her body definitely loved that idea. She was holding back – so I pressed harder on her clit, and harder on her ass, so much that the tip of my finger accidentally slipped in. I was about to remove it when she went stock still, everything clenched so tightly, neither of us breathed. Her mouth hung open her eyes were tightly shut in an expression of pain and pleasure. Then her pussy and ass rapidly pulsated around my fingers as her hips went wild through her orgasm. She howled my name.

She fucking howled my name.

"Oh, oh, oh… Faaaaith… uhhnnnn…. Mmmm… uhhn uh uhhnn oh my God…"

There so many sensations, so many things I wanted to last… but she collapsed against me, forcing my left hand away from her pussy. Instead I moved it to her ass, spreading her wetness along it, she shifted uncomfortably. She was breathing heavily, recovering.

"Faith – what are you doing?"

I looked at her, and raised my eyebrows. "You need me to explain?" I teased around her ass hole, just to make my point.

"This isn't something – "

"I know B, I know… but your body likes it, for sure. Nothing wrong with it…" I slowly and firmly circled my finger around her hole. She bit her lip, and slowly rocked her hips. "But now B, I wanna lick your pussy…" I threw her back on the bed, so she was on her back, legs spread open for me.

"Faith!" She gasped in excitement.

"Mmm, B… fuck, look at your pussy… so fucking wet."

I slipped my tongue insider her hole, and I was met with a flood of wetness. She grabbed the back of my head, and pulled me harder against her. She was insatiable in this mood. I moved up to her clit, and started sucking on it gently, flicking the tip of her sensitive clit with my tongue. I slid a finger inside her grasping hole.

"Ohh God… Faith… Jesus…" She writhed and moaned above me, it was a struggle to keep her hips still. But I loved it when she fucked my face.

"You like this B?"

"Ohh yes… your mouth feels amazing on my pussy…"

Oh damn B, I love it when you speak dirty. "Mmm, I want you to get on all fours B." I pulled away from her suddenly. She flushed red.

"Faith I-"

"B… I wanna taste your pussy and be inside you from every angle possible… I can't get enough of you." I sat back, and waited for her to move. She turned around and kissed me, slipping her hand between my legs for a moment, rubbing my throbbing clit. I moaned into her mouth. She pulled away, and turned around on the bed. Slowly she bent over, exposing her dripping pussy to me from behind.

She propped her hips up in front of me, and lowered the front half of her body, completely exposing herself to me. I felt this unbearable tension build up in my stomach as I watched her wetness drip southerly from her hole to her clit. She was so turned on, and I was so fucking overexcited, I just wanted to fuck her so

"Mmm Faithy… you wanna fuck me? I'm so hot and wet for you, I'm so excited my hole is clenching, waiting for your fingers to be buried inside me."

"Ugh God B…" I could hear my blood thumping through my head, my vision nearly clouding over.

"Mmm, I've never been so exposed for anyone before." She pushed her hips backwards, her pussy spreading open, her wetness dripping out of her hole.

I whimpered.

I moved forward, positioning my body closely behind her. Her body shivered in anticipation. I dropped my hand to her mid thigh and caught her wetness, running back up to her pussy. When I pushed my fingers into her pussy, her wetness spilled over, dripping back down her thighs.

Buffy gets impossibly wet when she's really turned on.

I moved off the bed quickly and I reached over into my bag, while in Brighton I had taken a trip to the Munch Box.

"Faith!" Buffy called out.

"Close your eyes B, keep `em closed."

I quickly put it on, wrapped the straps tightly around my waist, put the plug tight against me, suppressing a groan. I walked back into the bedroom with it on. Quickly climbing back on the bed, she was still in the position that I left her in. The smell of her arousal was such an incredible turn on for me.

"Oh God B… you look so fucking good from this angle."

I bent right down, so my face was close to her pussy. I tried desperately to control my breathing, and eased my tongue into her tight hole.

"Uhhnn!" Buffy cried out pushed back against me, I put my hands on her ass cheeks to hold myself in position and push my tongue in deeper. I could feel her pussy clenching tightly around my tongue, her wetness spilled out around my tongue, covering my mouth and chin. I moved my head down further and flicked my tongue around her clit, her moans and groans filled the room as her hips drove down against my face.

I could see her face buried into one of the pillows, trying to muffle her moans, her hands pulling desperately at the duvet, her muscles clenching all over her entire body. I moved my hand down to the fake cock pressed tightly against my clit, I pulled and pushed on it, trying desperately to get some friction. Her wetness was overflowing, and I knew I would just slide into her.

I moved back and stared at her body, pulling hard on the cock, my breathing was erratic, I stared at her exposed ass. I eased my thumb inside her pussy and moved my fingers to her clit, pressing them down and rubbing gently. Her hips moved back and forth in time. Without hesitation, I moved down once more and ran my tongue over her tightest, forbidden hole. Her head snapped back and she practically screamed my name. I stopped, and was about to move back when –

"Oh God Faith pleasedon'tstop." It was barely a whisper, but she knew I'd hear her.

I teased my tongue against her ass, feeling the muscles clench and pulse frantically beneath my tongue and around my thumb. I removed my hand from her pussy and she moaned, complaining at the loss. I flicked my tongue across her tight, puckered hole, pushing the tip into the entrance.

"Mmmm…" I moaned and her hips kept pushing back harder against my face.

"Faith, oh God, Faith uhnnn… fuck… God… Jesus… just uhhhnnn… my ass… uhhnnn…"

She was getting close, I could tell from the flood of wetness from her cunt. I continued to gently thrust the tip of my tongue into her ass, loving the feel of it. I stopped, and moved back, it took every bone in my body to move away from her. She started to move, to turn around to look at me. I placed a hand on her back, and gently pushed her back down.

"Not yet B… gotta surprise for you…"

I moved closer, and pressed the rubber cock against her pussy, rubbing the tip against her clit. Buffy's body tensed. "Faith?" Again, a whisper. She started moving her hips along the length of the rubber cock, coating it with her wetness. I grunted, feeling it press against my clit. I heard a long, low moan.

It took me a moment before I realised it was coming from me.

I pressed the cock against Buffy's tight cunt.

"Ahh!" Buffy cried out and started trying to push back. I watched her pussy flexing around the cock, trying to pull it inside her.

"You want my cock inside you?" My voice was alien to my own ears, gruff and hoarse, filled with desire and passion.

Buffy's breathing hitched, I watched as her pussy and ass clenched in excitement. "Yes… oh God… yes… I want you inside me, making me come."

I moved my hips forward gently, easing the head inside her.

"Faith!!" She cried out, turning her head around to see me, resting the side of her face on the pillow, breathing out short, sharp breaths. I could feel her ring of tightness clench down on the rubber cock, it was so hard to push it further. She was so excited and worked up her pussy just kept clenching harder
and harder, denying any further movement.

"B… you gotta relax, let me inside you…" My voice was shaky and thick with desire, I tried to keep it under control. I ran my hands down her back, then around the front, tweaking and pinching her nipples. I lightly brushed my fingers over her clit, but nothing too hard as I didn't want her to come yet. A few minutes of running my hands over her skin, gently playing with her nipples and skimming over her swollen clit, I was able to slide the cock further inside her. Her body shook with pleasure beneath my hands, her breathy moans were driving me wild. I could feel my own wetness coating my thighs.

"Ohhh Faith… Faith… that's so incredible… that's so big…"

I looked down at all seven inches buried inside her.

"Oh B… Oh God Buffy… this is so fucking hot… I feel like I could come from just seeing this."

Her hips shook and shuddered in pleasure. "Move Faith… I need you to fuck me…" Her voice was strained and full of pleasure.

I moved my hips back, watching the cock slide out. It was completely covered in her juices, I thrust back inside her. Buffy cried out and clutched the bedsheets. My instincts took over, I started thrusting back and forth, wet slapping sounds filled the room once more. Each time I pushed back inside her tight cunt, her breath would catch in her throat, giving a short, sharp cry.

"Harder Faith… please… harder…"

I moved slow, and drove my thrusts with purpose, pushing harder and harder into her. Keeping a slow pace, making sure she felt every single thrust and touch. I wanted this moment to last.

"Oh… Ugh… Uhn… mmm… Buffy… oh fuck…"

I grunted with every thrust, each one pushed the plug against my clit, I could feel a burning ache in the lower pit of my stomach. It was building more and more, getting me closer and closer with each thrust into Buffy's tight, wet pussy.

"You like this baby?"

"Oh yes… oh Faith… yes…"

I picked up the pace slightly, thrusting slow and hard into her. Making sure she was feeling it deeply inside her tight pussy. I moved my hands to her ass cheeks, holding them as I ploughed into her body. I stared down at her clenching ass and groaned. As I pulled out the cock from her soaking pussy, I wiped up
some of the wetness from around the girth with my fingers. I spread the wetness over her ass.

Buffy squealed in pleasure.

This girl was fucking loving it.

I continued the steady thrusting in… and pulling out… thrusting in… and pulling out, and I pressed my thumb against her anus.

"Oh God… yes… please Faith…" Her cries and moans were riling me up, I started thrusting faster, my hips were a blur. Her hips lowered to the bed, tightening around my thumb on her ass. I pressed my thumb firmly on her hole, rubbing it in circles, spreading her wetness around. I heard a ripping noise and watched as Buffy tore her bedsheets apart in pleasure.

"Rub your fuckin clit B…" I growled, fucking into her body.

I watched as her hand slid under her body and I stilled my hips momentarily to watch her hips rock back and forth as her fingers attacked her clit. I pressed harder on her ass so the tip of my thumb slipped inside her. She squealed and moaned, becoming much more open in her enjoyment. I started fucking her again, driving my hips deep inside of her wet channel. I pushed my thumb deeper inside her, my fingers splayed out across the top of her buttocks. I could feel her hole clenching tightly around my thumb as I pulled it out and pushed it harder back in again, the movements were smooth thanks to the excess of wetness covering her hole.

"Oh FUCK! Faith… oh God… Faith I'm gonna come… I can't hold it-"

I growled and drove my hips forcefully into her pussy. Her body tensed up, and went stock still, I couldn't pull back out of her pussy as her walls clamped down like a vice around the rubber dick. My thumb was tightly held inside her ass as everything went impossibly tense.

"Ah!" Her body convulsed; her holes pulsing around me. "Ah!" And again – jerking hard on the strap-on making the plug press against my clit, I moaned.

"Uhhnnn! Faaaaaaiiittthhh!!! Ohhhhh! Uhhn, uhhnn!" Buffy let lose, crying out and moaning as she came hard, pulling my thumb and the cock even deeper inside her body. I could feel her entire body convulse as the orgasm ripped through her. When her body slowed, I removed my thumb from her ass and lay my body down on top of her, kissing the side of her mouth and her neck.

"I need to come…" I whispered hoarsely, almost hesitantly, but the ache was becoming unbearable especially after what I had just seen. "Turn around." I raised up and Buffy moved underneath me, so she was lying on her back. I gently eased my cock back inside her. She hissed, her eyes slipping shut.

"You wanna see me when you come?"

I kissed her deeply, mapping her mouth my tongue, searching for hers and teasing it with my own, sucking on it. I raised my upper body, moving my hips into her, short movements. Her hands ran up and down my back, her heavy-lidded eyes stayed, staring into mine. She gripped my ass cheeks as I fucked into her particularly hard, her breath gasped out.

"Ohhh… sorry B… I don't wanna hurt you… you too sensitive?" My speech was stilted, and my breath coming in bursts.

"It's ok, baby… keep fucking me…"

Then I felt it… at first I thought it was an accident, but then her finger pressed firmly against my ass. Her face flushed red, and she licked her lips. I almost stopped moving.

"Faithy… you're soaking…"

Yeah, I was wet everywhere.

"Buffy fuck… fuck… fuck… oh Buffy…" She circled her finger around my hole. I was there on the edge, my clit was getting delicious friction, and her finger on my ass was blowing my mind. "B that's gonna make me come…" My voice was high pitched and strained.

"That's the aim, F…" She smiled, so sexy. She raised her legs and wrapped them around me. "I want you to come fucking me."

"Ughhnn! Buffy!!" Her words were too much and I started coming. I threw my head back and cried out, my pussy started pulsing and throbbing deliciously, releasing the hours of built up tension. "Uhhnnnn! Fuck!!" I ploughed deeply into her pussy, my hips shaking as her finger continued to rub my ass, and my pussy clenched uncontrollably. My forearms gave way and I kissed the blonde slayer beneath me, calling out random words of love into her mouth as my body thrust, clenched and pulsed through my orgasm.

~ Buffy's POV ~

When things had eventually stilled, Faith so slowly and gently pulled out of me. I winced slightly, knowing I would be able to feel it tomorrow.

"Oh God B… did I hurt you?!" She tossed the strap-on to the side and cupped my pussy.

I laughed softly, huskily. "I'm ok baby, tender, but incredibly satisfied."

She smiled and kissed me.

"You should go on missions all the time if this is what happens when you come back."

She pulled me under the duvet with her, cuddling me. "Only if I can catch you watching porn and masturbating again B."

Mortified, once more. I felt my cheeks blush. "I was just curious-"

She kissed me. "I loved it B, so fucking hot." She spooned me, nuzzling the back of my neck, murmuring her love to me.

Tomorrow would be another day, another day of decisions and world changing events. For now, I could enjoy these moments, these selfish moments about me and Faith.

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