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Plot? What Plot?

by Mac


Rating: NC17

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Notes: Ok, and inspired little piece, it's 3.30am, and uh... was feeling quite a bit worked up due to uh... an image that was put in my head, and had to get some kinda frustration out. So took it out on my keyboard.
Summary: Well the title says it all really.

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"Right so maybe we should just run around madly, like some insane chick on drugs, swinging weapons and punches here and there without any plot. Plot? What plot?"

"Yeah, plot? What fucking plot B? At least I take fucking action, what the fuck do you do? Creep around, and then by the time you gather up the courage to actually cause some damage, they're gone. At least I live for the moment, what the hell do you live for?!"

Faith and Buffy stood opposite each other, glaring.

Xander coughed nervously.

"Uh, guys... maybe you both need to cool off...?" He suggested gently.

"Cool off? If B was any cooler, demons would be roaming carefree."

"You know that's not true Faith, you're jealous cos I'm the chosen one, and what are you? Second best? That's all you ever are Faith, that's the best you'll ever be."

"Fuck you." A hurt look flashed across Faith's features, quickly replaced by an indifferent one. "We lost tonight cos of you B, you can't blame second best here, cos it was all your fault. If we'd attacked when I said, those people would be at home right now, with their families, drinking coffee."

Buffy dropped her head.

"Instead, they're buried under ground now, more added to Sunnydales 'Missing Persons' list. And, for once, it's not my fault."

Giles stormed out of the office. "Shut up, both of you. I'm sick of hearing this, you both need to get over each other, push your differences aside and move on."

"Oh I'm moving on Giles, I'm leaving for tonight, going out and getting some. I don't need her shit." Faith left the library.

Buffy stood in the middle of the floor.

"Buffy, it wasn't your fault tonight." Willow stood up and embraced her best friend. "You're the slayer, not God; you can merely do your best, no more no less. And you did your best, that's all that can be asked."

"But Willow, people died tonight..."

"I know, and it wasn't yours, or Faiths fault."

"Faith must hate me."

"She'll get over it, you guys always fight, throw stuff at each other, and then you forget about it and move on."


"Buffy, go home, get some sleep, you did your best tonight, you can't be the saviour every night."

Buffy and Willow grabbed their bags and headed towards the door.

"Yeah, but I wish I could."



I wish I could just slam her head into the wall, she always fucking blames me! Why me?! When we fail, it's my fault. When we succeed, it's all cos of her.

Tonight she really pissed me off, I'm gonna get her... I'm gonna... well... I'm not too sure yet but I think my body knows cos it's making me go to her house.

It's three in the fucking morning, what the hell is going on!?

I couldn't sleep so I started running and thinking, and before I knew it, I'm on her road.

I climb onto a tree and look in her window, she's sleeping. Tossing and turning, but still sleeping.

Before I even know what I'm doing I'm climbing in her window. She bolts up in her bed, damn slayer senses!!

"Faith, get the hell out of my room!"

"No, B... I need to... I need to show you I'm not second best B..." I stand at the end of her bed; she gets out of it and comes around to face me.

Holy God.

She's wearing a short, sheer nightie... a-and I'm pretty sure nothing underneath. My eyes scan predatorily over her body, before I even realise I'm doing it. And I'm doing it pretty damn obviously as well.

"See something you like Faith?" She asks coyly.

I shake my head and close my eyes. "I didn't come here to talk about how you look; I came here to talk about how you make me feel..." I can't find the words I'm trying to express, they won't come out right!

"How I make you feel Faith?" She asks a little more brazenly now.

"No, not like that... why do you put me down all the time, why do you make me feel awful? I don't deserve it B! I'm not second best!" I sit down on the bed and she's extremely close to me now, her legs... her legs seem so beautiful and smooth and I just wanna run my hands over them and between them.

"I'm sorry Faith..." She paces in front of me... nope, definitely not wearing anything under that nightie... I can almost see her ass cheeks. "I'm just... with your arrival, and the realisation that there's another slayer... it takes time for me to adjust, you know?"

She stands before me with her hands on her hips.

Thought process?

Words please?


"Uh yeah... yeah."

Imagine her body beneath you, your hand under her nightie, between her legs *inside* her... imagine her struggling and rising against you. Moaning your name, kissing you...

Oh God.

I gotta have her.

"Faith... why... are... why are you staring at me?"


"Uh... I'm not!" Oh God, I'm such a blatant liar. "You just... you're not wearing a lot there B!" I smirk, and she blushes. Phew, attention off me for a second.

"It's warm in here."

It certainly is.

"No kidding." I chuckle at her embarrassment.

"Is it making you uncomfortable?"

"No! I mean, no... No not all."

She gets this huge grin on her face.

"What B?"

"I just... well... I guess you like it then?"

I'm still sitting on the edge of her bed and she starts moving across her bedroom floor toward me.

"It's pretty... uh..." What the hell, just fucking say it Faith! "Hot."


"Yeah... as in... something you'd wear for Scotty-boy or somethin'."

As the light from her bedroom window shines on her, I can see its baby blue in colour, lacy at the bottom, silk material, pushes her breasts together. Oh God, I wanna fuck her so badly right now!

And she's really quite close to me.

"For Scotty-boy?"

"Yeah, who else?"

She shrugs. "I dunno... you seem to appreciate it."

"I guess I just like my lingerie." Yeah on the floor of my motel room. I think she's flirting with me; I just wanna reach forward and slide my hand between her legs, watch it disappear up her nightie and feel her most intimate parts.

She plays with the end of it, pulling it up and down practically in front of my face.

"I guess lingerie is pretty sexy." She says in a small innocent voice.

Yeah she's really not helping my predicament.

"Sexy, yeah." Oh God, great sentence Faith. Duh.

"Makes me feel sexy when I'm wearing it." She smiles a little.

I stand up suddenly.

"I gotta go home, think I said what I wanted to say..." I think.

She looks a little startled, but starts attacking me ruthlessly now that I'm standing. Pressing her tight little body against me, making me want to take her roughly, and making me want to claim her pretty little body.

"Stay for a while, we can talk."

She takes my hand.

I nod. "Talk."

"Talk." She grins.

I'm really not I the mood for talking. Unless it's her telling me what she wants me to do to her. Then maybe I'll stay and talk.

"Beautiful." I mumble as I'm looking down at her.


"You're completely breathtakingly beautiful." I say a little clearer but still in a quiet voice.

"Thank you."

"Just thought you should know. That's all." I pause as I study her. "B?"

She slides her hands around my waist and under my top. She rubs her finger tips over my back. "Yeah?"

"Are you wearing anything under that nightie?"

"Faith!" She pulls back and looks at me, shocked.


"You can't ask me that!"

"Why the fuck not?"

"Cos... just cos."

I run my hand down her arm, when I reach her hand I pull her to me. "I'll find out for myself then."

She struggles half heartedly against me. I drop my hand to her thigh and slowly trail my fingers towards her pussy.

I know damn well she's butt naked under this.

She starts shaking as my hand trails further up her leg. I'm studying her face, her eyes are closed and her tongue darts out and wets her lips. All of a sudden she grabs my hand.

"Maybe you shouldn't..." She whispers and her eyes open and look into mine.


I close my eyes to get my focus back for a second. My poor pussy is throbbing and so turned on it's practically painful.

"I was just gonna-"

"I know what you were gonna do Faith... I'm not like that." She moves to get away from me but my arm snakes around her waist, I pull her closer to me. Her hand is still wrapped around my wrist; my hand is still about two inches away from her pussy.

Oh fuck that.

"You're not?"

"No, Faith... I'm not."

"How do you know? Cos it seems to me as though you were flirting with me a few seconds ago, practically begging me to bend you over this bed and fuck you." I hiss the words centimetres away from her face.

Ok... this is gonna be awkward tomorrow if she does turn me down.

"Faith!" She struggles against me harder this time, but the angle we're at means she doesn't really have much leverage to get away. If she releases my wrists, my hand will touch her and then she won't want to get away. "Don't be so disgusting!"

I chuckle. "Disgusting? Imagine how hard I could make you come... biting your bed sheets so you don't scream out loud and wake your mom."

Buffy pushes against me again, her breasts practically thrust in my face, my eyes drop to them, a gesture not missed by the blonde slayer. It must look a scene... Buffy dressed in her baby-blue innocent-but-naughty looking nightie and me in my leather trousers and black tank top, holding her hostage with our hands between our bodies... and between B's legs.

"Faith... I think you should go."

"I think you should let go for once B... be wild!" My hand between her legs moves upwards when I feel her grip slack on my wrist and cups her naked pussy. She groans and struggles against me.

Her struggling really turns me on.

With my arm still around her waist, I move us over to her bed and we fall on to it, so she's on her back and I'm pinning her down. My hand remains still over her pussy, I'm covering it like I own it.

"Faith! Stop!"

"Really?" I press my palm harder down on her pussy and she moans.

"Oh God!" Her body rises a little against me.

As I look down between our bodies, I feel this pressure as all the blood rushes down between my legs and I can feel my pulse throbbing all over my body. I need to claim her as my own.

I grin in a feral way. "You love it B."

Her hips begin to respond to my palm, and I start moving it rhythmically over her and she moans quietly, her legs spreading for me.

"Oh... Faith..."

I stroke my fingers lightly over her tight hole as she spreads her legs. She's soaked, she's so turned on. Her hips shake in excitement.

"Inside me... oh God...

I continue to tease my fingers over her hole, collecting her juices and moving up to spread them over her clit. She moans and moves her body slowly beneath me, pressing herself against my body. I take my hand away from her pussy for a second while I throw off my tee, I love the feel her silk nightie against my skin. My hand quickly moves back between her legs, this time I drive two fingers inside her.

"Uh! God! Faith!"

Her hand wraps around my arm, her head thrown back and her hips raise off the bed. Her eyes are tightly shut, her mouth open slightly as she moans quietly. Oh my God, I wanna imprint this moment forever in my mind. My palm settles over her clit as I caress her gently.

She thrusts her hips upwards. "Faith... harder..."

"I didn't think you were like this, B?" I hiss into her ear as I slowly slide my fingers out before I thrust them back in again, she's completely soaked.

"I didn't think I was either... maybe I am for you..." I start kissing her, our tongues duelling together as I moan into her mouth. Her other hand moves to my back and she slowly drags her nails across my skin. I move my mouth away from hers and cry out, my body presses hers into the bed and my knee falls behind my hand so I can press into her harder.

I fuck the two fingers into her hard, her walls close down hard around my fingers and I start to graze my teeth against her neck. I pull out the fingers and rapidly plunder them back into her body, the pace picks up from there.

The bed shakes with each thrust, my body covers hers, the leather of my trousers against her bare skin and her nightie pushed up around her breasts. Oh fucking hell, she looks too fucking hot. I can hear the bed springs and the head board as it gently thumps against the wall with each thrust.

As a slayer I've never been able to let loose with anyone before, she can take all my force, she loves my force. I pound her pussy harder and faster, her wetness clicks each time and it's actually music to my ears. It completely inflames me, drives me nutty, along with her gasps and quiet moans. She's struggling to keep her voice down; I can see the muscles in her neck straining as I continue to fuck my hand back and forth between her legs.

"You know B... oh god... In my apartment you could scream your lungs out..."

She laughs a little and then moans and she arches her back off the bed, her inner walls clench hard around my fingers as I thrust inside her. Oh my God, does it feel sexy... she's so very tight and so very wet...

"B... your pussy..."

"My tight pussy Faith...?" She smirks up at me. I groan.

She trails her fingers over the muscles protruding in my right arm, my right arm moves skilfully as I continue to fuck her, the muscles flexing in the dim light of the bedroom. It looks so nasty seeing her with her sexy nightie pushed up around her breasts... a baby-doll would look fucking sweet on her... baby-dolls have to be one of the most arousing piece of lingerie and I am buying one for B.

I curl the fingers I have inside her, and her whole body jerks in response. Her fingers which had been clawing at my back suddenly drop to the mattress, she clenches the sheets tightly between her fingers and her legs wrap around my back.

"Faith... your fingers... oh God they feel-" She cries out loudly as I press against her g spot.

"Shush B... shush...!" I hush her urgently, as I fuck her quicker, driving my fingers back and forth, in and out of her soaking twat.

She cries out again, her legs tighten around my back, her eyes tightly shut. The sweat is glistening off her body, she looks beautiful... and then she comes. Really, really hard.

Her body stiffens beneath mine, so I quickly still the movement of my hand, it's amazing really, totally. I have my palm pressed firmly against her clit, and my fingers buried inside her. I can feel her inner walls rapidly tighten and loosen around my fingers.

"Ah! Ah! AH! Fai! Faith!! OH!!" Her body jerks with each spasm, she rocks against me, her hands claw at my shoulders. War wounds that will hold fantastic memories. She strains against me, her channel tight around my fingers.

Then she collapses back on to the bed, and I slowly withdraw my fingers, but not before thrusting inside her roughly one last time, she whimpers beneath me. Totally spent.

I move off her body, my eyes scan down over her, seeing the state I caused her to be in. She's dozing lightly. I gently lower her nightie, and I pull on my tank top. I pull the covers over her. I kiss her lips softly and then turn around to the window.

"Faith?!" She calls out.

I spin around. "Yeah B?"



"Stay, I owe you an apology for all those things I said today... I was out of line-"

"B, really it's ok-"

"No it's not, so why don't you make me feel better and stay the night? You get a cooked breakfast tomorrow..."

I hesitate.

"Please...?" She pulls down her nightie so I can see her right breast more.

I pull off my boots and head back to her bed.

So... plot what plot? Huh B...? Well I certainly had a good one there!

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