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Mile High Club

by Mac


For my baby :o)
Notes: PWP Fest Fic Entry - Cumming Around The World in 80 Days
Summary: Buffy and Faith join the Mile-High Club.

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"Faith!" Buffy slaps my leg with a flick of her wrist. "I won't tell you again!"


"Faith, I don't wanna hear it! You're driving me crazy and we're gonna be on this flight for another 5 hours!"


"But nothing, I can't believe I got stuck sitting beside you!"


She grabs the front of my shirt and pulls me to face her. She speaks through clenched teeth, and looks alarmingly threatening for a short blonde. "If you don't stop twitching your leg, I'm gonna chop if off..."

I really don't doubt that.


I just nod; she lets me go and sits back in her seat, closing her eyes.

There isn't even a fucking movie on this shitty flight.

"Hey B?"

"Yes, Faith?" Again, she's talking through clenched teeth.

"Explain to me why we're going to Ireland again? Cos beating up leprechauns ain't my style." Speaking the truth.

"Leprechauns, Faith, they don't exist-"

Willow pops her head around from the seat in front of us, she looks rather cheery.

"-Actually Buffy, they do but..."

Ok bored now.

I switch off and glance around the small plane. Planes make me kinda nervous; I'm not scared of flying or anything, just makes me feel unsettled.

Air-stewardesses do look pretty fucking sexy in their uniforms.

I have an ambition to fuck an air-stewardess in one of the toilets on the airplane.

I glance at Buffy who looks interested in what Red is droning on about.

Would quite like to fuck Buffy in the toilet.

I raise my eyebrows as another thought comes to me.

Buffy - in an air-stewardess uniform, and me - fucking her in a toilet.

Mile high club.

Oh fucking yes!

The toilet on this flight is quite big cos it's got a baby changing unit, so it's not like we'd be too squashed... I mean, I think I'd even have room to taste her.

I think about me on my knees in a small toilet, with Buffy's pussy thrusting into my mouth as I lick and suck at her. She'd try to keep quiet but my tongue would-

"OWWW! What the-?"

Buffy's fingers dig into my thigh relentlessly, she has a strong fucking grip on me and she's really not letting go.

Her other hand covers my mouth.

"Feel this pain?"

I nod, wide-eyed.

"Well, the pain of having your leg chopped off is about a thousand times worse Faith."

I didn't even know I was twitching!

"Is everything ok here?" A startled air-stewardess looks even more startled when she sees the predicament I'm in.

Buffy releases me in a flash and blushes a deep shade of crimson.

"Yeah, just peachy!" I say, and she totters off in her little uniform. I watch as she goes.

I turn back to Buffy, who's glaring at me.

"See something you like Faith?"


What do you say to your girl after she's caught you checking out some other chick?

"I think the uniform is pretty sexy."

Not that.

Buffy looks like she's about to not only chop off my leg but decapitate me as well.

She folds her arms and sits back in the chair with an angry childlike pose.

There's silence for a few moments.

"So... uh, B?"

No answer.

"Why are we going to Ireland?" I mean, they've only got pubs and farms right? And the odd leprechaun.

Pubs are cool, I dig drink.

But farms? Not really my kinda thing.

Leprechauns? Well, B's the only shortie in my life.

Willow turns around again, still looking fucking cheery.

"There have been reports of a Banshee in Dublin. Now, they're known in history to warn of approaching death by wailing, they don't actually cause harm, they're pretty terrifying but they don't cause any harm. Well, there's been this case of a Banshee gone wrong. Her wailing causes the person to hear it, to die. So we've gotta stop it."

What a weird case.

"All we need is a fucking Mystery Machine, and we're sorted right? I'll be Scooby Doo since I'm in the dog house anyway right now."

Buffy gives me a sideways glance

Willow smiles politely and turns back around again.

I lean over to Buffy's ear and whisper - "B, I think you'd look pretty fucking hot in one of those uniforms."

I move away and watch as an enticing blush covers her cheeks.

The reason why my leg twitching is bothering her so much is because it's brushing up against her each time it twitches, but I do it subconsciously, I always have done.

Particularly when I'm kinda riled up.

I realise I'm doing it again, and Buffy looks at me as though she's about to cry.

"Why Faith?"

"I uh, I dunno B... I'm kinda riled up right now..."

"Cos you're surrounded by all these little air-stewardesses in their uniforms?"

"Uh no B, cos I keep picturing you in one while I'm fucking you in that toilet." I point to where the toilet is.

Buffy blushes ten fold. "Faith!" She hisses at me, angry, shocked and turned on.

"What? You don't like the idea of me on my knees in front of you while you hitch your skirt up so I can eat your-"

"FAITH!" She hisses louder and slaps her hand over my mouth again.

I pull away.

"B, relax, no one here can hear us! Most people are asleep and we're the only two people who have extra sensory hearing."

She looks at me.

"But you'd have to be quiet." I lean over to kiss her, she reciprocates, her tongue sliding sensually into my mouth, I feel my body get even more fired up with her kisses. I move my right hand to her stomach, under her top and drag my nails across her skin, feeling her muscles ripple. She gasps into my mouth; her hand goes up to my neck as the kiss deepens.

I quickly slide my hand between her legs, under her skirt; I cup her over her panties. Her hips arch off the seat and into my hands, her hand goes to my shoulder and I feel her nails dig into it.

"Mmm, God... Faith..."

I squeeze my hand so gently making Buffy whimper into my mouth. Her panties have become noticeably wetter in my palm, so I press a little harder.


Her hand on my shoulder moves down to my forearm.

"Faith..." She gasps against my mouth.

"B..." I moan quietly into hers. I move away from her mouth and I kiss around her ear, sucking on her earlobe. "I can feel how wet you are through your panties, baby, you must be soaked."

Her hips squirm, my hand just moves with them.

"It's your fault Faith... you make me this wet..." Her breathy voice gasps into my ear.

With my middle finger I press into her panties around her hole, feeling my finger with the material press into her entrance slightly. Buffy gasps slightly and jars her hips forward, trying to push my finger further inside her, but the material of her panties won't give any leeway.

She swallows.

"I... oh god..." I feel her hips jolt, and jar slightly. "It feels... it's driving me crazy! I need to feel you inside me deeper Faith... I can't stand this!" Her breathy voice is urgent and desperate against my ear

I can feel the tips of my fingers surrounded by the tight ring of muscle at the entrance of her channel.

I laugh softly and I begin to suck and kiss her neck.

I jab my fingers in as far as the material will allow and press my thumb down on her clitoris, her hips jump in response and she grunts.

She starts pushing at my arm. "Stop, please... stop."

I keep my hand still, but it remains where it was. "Uh, explain."

Her chest is rising and falling rapidly with her breathing, her breasts pushing at her top. Damn I really wanna suck and bite her nipples now.

"Cos I can't here Faith, wait till we get to Ireland."

"You can't?" I start subtly adding more pressure with my thumb on her clit, rubbing it in small, tight circles.

"I'd feel weird; Willow, Giles and Dawn are right in front of us! Xander and Andrew are behind us! I couldn't!" She moans. "Now take your hand away!"

I shrug and remove my hand. "Fine, you're the one who's torturing yourself. Not me."

Ok, it's fucking killing me.

I'm not gonna admit that to her.

"I can sit here and imagine you in an air-stewardess uniform, bent over in front of me while I pound my fingers into you, pretty fucking sexy thought..."

"From... uh... from behind me? You'd take me from behind?" Buffy's eyes widen with this new sexual manoeuvre I'd yet to perform on her.

I look at her, pretending to be annoyed that she disturbed my thought-session. "Yeah, you know, my front against your back, my hands having total access to your body... We could even bend over, like doggy-style." I waggle my eyebrows at her, which never fails to bring out a blush.

She nods and picks up a magazine. She pretends to read it while I fantasise.

She turns each page so hard; she makes a small tear in every single one.

I sigh, stretching my body, feeling her eyes scanning my breasts, down to my stomach, to my crotch and then to my muscular thighs which have all caused her countless amounts of pleasure.

She rips a page clean out of the magazine, and sits there staring at it in shock.

"Jesus B, what the fuck did that poor magazine ever do to you?!"

She throws the magazine on the free seat beside her. "Faith, I'm going to the bathroom."

She squeezes by me, and I make it as difficult as possible for her to get by, when she does I'm up in a flash and following her. Almost everyone is fast asleep; the air-stewards aren't really looking, so I quickly slip into the toilet as Buffy does.

I push Buffy against the wall, pinning her wrists above her head, my eyes scan down her body and I subconsciously lick my lips.

"Faith!" She looks at me in shock.

"Fucking... B... you look so fucking hot as always, I always wanna be with you, touching, fucking you..." I look to her face. "Don't play dumb B, you knew I was gonna follow you in here."

"But Faith... I came in here to pee..."

"Well hold it B, cos I gotta fuck you right now..."

We start kissing again, I release her hands as we kiss feverishly, practically devouring each other.

B's great at acting all cold, and non-responsive, but deep down she always wants me. And she's always ready for me.

I slide my hand between her legs to find her panties are soaked, even wetter than before.

Always ready for me.

I moan into her mouth at the feel of how wet she is, then I pull my mouth away from hers. She begins to kiss and bite my neck, making me shiver and tighten my hold on her pussy.

"B... take off your panties..."

She pushes me away from her, I stand back and watch as she lifts her skirt then tugs down her panties, she then teases the skirt, lifting it a little of the way up her thighs and then down again.

I growl and start kissing her again, I lift her up and her legs wrap around me. She pulls up my tee shirt a small way, and then wraps her legs tighter around me so I can feel her hot, wet pussy against my stomach.

"Fuck!" I hiss into her mouth at the amazing sensation. She rocks her hips against me, in a slow, hard motion. I look between our bodies and groan at the sight, burying my neck into her neck. Her legs are around my body, her pussy spread open and grinding against my skin. So fucking arousing.

"Mmm... unnhh... Faith..."

I start kissing her again, and I slide my hands up her top, teasing her nipples. Her hips increase the pressure and pace against my stomach, she spreads more of her arousal over me. I can smell how turned on she is, I can fucking feel how turned on she is.

"B... fuck... you feel great..."

"Touch me... Faith... please..." She pushes her hips against me urgently, but I get an idea.

"B... get down... I wanna... god... I wanna fuck you from behind..."

Her grip on me tightens, her hips start moving rapidly against me, her eyes shut, and her breath is coming in short bursts. She's gonna come.

"B... stop! No!" I hiss at her, trying to still her hips with my hands, but they keep relentlessly pounding at my skin.

"Baby... so close... I can't stop!"

Her hips move in tight circles, her nails dig into my shoulders, she looks down at me. Her breathing is more like panting, and it's fast and irregular. I know the look she has in her eyes. She's gonna fucking come!

"B! You're not allowed to come..." I growl into her ear.

Her body shakes against me, I'm not sure if it's from her attempting to not come, or from my voice and what I'm saying.

"But Faith..." Her voice sounds strained. "Everything you say turns me on even more..." She sounds like she's gonna cry.

"Baby, if you hold it you'll come so much harder when I'm fucking you doggy style..." I whisper into her ear, but her hips pick up the pace, my hard grip on her hips doesn't even slow her down!

I can hear the wet slapping sound each time she pumps her hips forward against me, I can feel how soaked she is. Despite how annoyed I am that she won't stop rubbing against me, it's such a turn on to see her body straining from trying to stop, and then her body straining as it's about to come.

"Faith... I'm sorry... I just... was thinking about your hands fucking me, feeling you behind me..." She moans desperately, sounding like she's in agony. "I can't hold it!"

I change my grip and end up holding her tighter against me; my hands fuck her hips against my stomach, the combined force enough to bring her over the edge. Her hips move jolt and jar against me, her mouth drops open in a silent cry, and her head leans back against the wall.

She pushes as hard as she can against me as she comes, so I can feel her wet, hot flesh pulse repeatedly against my stomach. I feel her wetness flood against my stomach as she comes, her hips move in short, hard thrusts with each spasm of her channel.

"Oh, oh god, oh Faith... oh fuck..." Her voice comes out as a breathy whisper. She leans her forehead on mine; I can feel her hot breath come in short bursts against my face.

She slumps against me, and I hold her tightly, her face buried in my neck.

"B... you are in so much trouble..."

She kisses my neck.

"I couldn't... Faith... I mean, from when you were touching me in the seats to when you came in here... talking about taking me from behind... I mean... god..."

"You fucking didn't listen to me Buffy..." I growl into her ear, and I feel her shiver against me.

She whimpers and starts to kiss me, anyone else would have been terrified at how angry my tone was, but she's not easily deceived. She slides her hand between our bodies, and gathers up some of her wetness on her fingers. She pulls away from my lips, and begins to spread her juices over my lips with her fingers as she stares me in the eye.

"Sorry Faithy..." She whispers, not really sounding that sorry at all.

Her taste is amazing, and it takes all my self control not to throw her down and taste her properly.

"Get down." I order her.

She complies.

Buffy stands in front of me on shaky legs, I run my own hand through the wetness on my tummy and taste her again. Then I make her taste herself. She moans as she licks my fingers clean.

We kiss again, her tongue sweeping into my mouth as she moans and slides her hand down to caress my pussy through my jeans and panties. My body shakes up as I realise how turned on I really am feeling, I kinda forgot while I was dealing with B.

But now she has her hand on me, the effect of watching Buffy come all over me while trying to stop hits me full force. I grind against her hand, my breath bursting against her mouth. She slides my jeans and panties down my thighs and slides her fingers through my wetness.

"Faith... gosh... you're so wet..."

I pull away from her mouth, "Buffy, turn around..."

She kisses me before she turns around to face the wall. I take her arms and place her hands against the wall; all that can be heard is her heavy breathing in the small toilet. I bend her over slightly, so she's bent over in front of me. I pull her skirt up around her ass; from this angle... god... she looks fucking delicious. I'd love to lick her pussy from this angle, but since there's like no room, well it's a bit too difficult to perform that manoeuvre

"Fuck... B... god... you look fucking sexy..."

She arches and presses back against me, my back presses into the wall behind me. It's a really snug fight, but it's perfect, her ass presses against my pussy, my clit getting delicious pressure when she pushes against me.

I run my left hand down the length of her back, gently dragging my nails across her skin. I slide my hand around to her front, pulling on her nipples, tugging them in my hands as I'm slightly bent over her too, she pushes back against me and I moan.

My breathing has increased noticeably; she's whimpering and gasping with each pull on her nipples, my right hand moves down her stomach, teasing her above her pubic hair.

"Faith..." She squirms her hips against me.

"Oh god!" I lean my head down on her upper back.

I slide my right hand through her pubic hair, and then with a slow and hard motion, I run my finger down the length of her clit.

"Uhhhhnnn..." She breathes out in one long breath. "Oh god..." Her eyes are shut tightly, I dip my finger down further to be met with a flood of wetness. I can't believe she's still so turned on.

I spread her juices around her pussy, making her slick so I can slide my finger easily around her cunt, I place two fingers on either side of her clit and start rubbing her up and down, her hips respond and move with my fingers, rocking against me.

Her legs start shaking.

"Already B...?" I ask breathlessly.

"I... I... oh god... I can't do this standing..."

I really want to do this standing, it feels so fucking carnal in this position, I'm in such control of her body, and she's so... so fucking vulnerable. The whole situation is such a turn on.

"Baby, try... please..." I gasp into her ear, I remove my hand from around the front of her body, and I move it to her ass. I lightly run my finger down between her ass cheeks, she shivers and moans with the sensations. When I'm down by her pussy, my hand shakes cos I'm so fucking excited. I wrap my left arm around her abdomen, and my right index and middle finger at the entrance to her pussy.

Her hands claw at the walls as she groans. "Baby... in me... oh god... I need you right inside me..."

"God! B..." I wiggle my two fingers lightly and she moans. "Ready..."

I pull my left arm back towards me roughly, and her whole body moves back, impaling herself on my fingers, her head snaps back and she cries out quietly. God... I can never get enough of being buried inside Buffy's wet pussy. I rub myself against her ass cheek, my breathing quickens and I feel my body getting tense and rough. Her hands slide further down the wall, so now she's practically bent right over in front of me.

"B... oh fuck... baby, you're so *tight* around my fingers..."

"Mmm... oh god... Faith... please..."

I haven't moved my fingers since thrusting them into her, so her hips squirm, feeling slightly uncomfortable. I wiggle my fingers inside her and she exhales sharply, pushing her hips back against me. I moan, and lose my way for a moment.

"P-please what B?" I push subtly into her ass.

"Oh... fuck me... please fuck me Faith..."

I growl and slowly pull out my fingers, as they leave her channel fully I can hear the wet click sound which is fucking music to my ears, I drive the fingers back inside her, as deep as I possibly can reach.

"Hear that baby?" I say roughly, the small wet noises her pussy is making are obvious to both of us in the small toilet.

She's pushing her hips back against me, riding my fingers. "Uh huh..."

"You're so wet B... and it's cos of me... you like this way don't you? Me behind you, fucking you hard... feeling you tighten around me..."

"Oh god yes... My clit! Faith! Please!"

I am *not* letting her come for a while.

"Not yet..."

I fuck my fingers inside her pussy, and moan as I feel her ass press back against me, and her tight ring of muscle clench down around my fingers. She thrusts back and forth against me, panting with each thrust, her knuckles have turned white from clawing at the wall.

I reach as deep as I can inside her channel, and my fingers brush off a soft spot inside of her. She cries out my name, her legs just buckles and bring me down with her.

"Oh god, oh god... oh god..." She whimpers. "My clit... one touch... oh please..."

She's now on her hands and knees in front of me, and I cannot believe how arousing the sight is.

"Oh fuck... B..." I continue to caress and touch her g-spot, massaging it softly, her hips bucking back against me wildly as she tries to get me to touch her clit. "Oh god... I want my strap-on baby... I wanna fuck you in this position... you look so sexy..."

"Oh God... I want you to... I wanna feel it pounding in and out of me..."

I grind up against her ass, feeling my stomach begin to tighten, I'm gonna come pretty fucking soon. I move my left hand from holding her around her waist to sliding in between her pussy lips, reaching for her clit. I gather some of her wetness from between her legs and spread up around her hard clit.

Her hips rock back and forth fervently when my fingers find her clit, they're pressing right up against me, my clit is rubbing hard up against her ass. The sight of her on her hands and knees before me, her pussy clenching tightly around my fingers as she nears her second orgasm, the sounds of her gasping, the sounds of her cunt... it all gets to me and before I can even control it, or myself, I start to come. I press myself hard against her ass and grunt as the orgasm bursts through my body.

"Oh fuck, oh Buf-fy... oh god..."

I collapse over her, my left hand stops touching her clit in order to break my fall. She moves back against me and whimpers.

"Faith... please..."

I gasp, and pant, trying to catch my breath. I remove my right hand from behind her, and then I move back onto my heels and pull her up to me, so she's almost sitting on my lap. I slide my hand around the front of her body and start caressing her throbbing sex, my fingers focusing on her clit, and on getting her off.

I growl into her ear. "Buffy, I love fucking you this way... you can't see me, you can't control me... you're so exposed to me..." My left hand slides up her body so I can pull her nipple gently.

"Uhhh..." Buffy's ass slaps back and forth against my lap, her movements becoming sharper and a little jerky. I nudge her head aside and begin to lick and kiss her neck, this sends her wild.

"Oh... oh god! I'm... so... close... oh fuck..."

"Come... Buffy... come for me..." I rub my fingers back and forth with a good deal of pressure over her clit, and when I hear her cry out, signalling her orgasm, my left hand leaves her breast and drives two fingers inside her clenching channel. Her pussy clenches down on my fingers, drawing them in, I moan from the sensation, over and over her walls spasm around my fingers.

I keep playing with her, trying to draw it out, my two hands working at her pink pussy. I turn her around and lay her down on her back, I climb on top of her, my jeans around my legs, and the smallness of the area we're in are getting in the way, but I still lie down on top of her. I look down at her, searching her eyes with mine, she reaches up and tucks a piece of my hair behind my ear.

"B, I wanna taste you..."

She laughs softly. "Faith... I've already... ya know... twice, and there's no room in here!"

I pout at her. "I know, but still..."

Buffy's hand disappears between our bodies, I look down and watch as her hand slides through her wetness, she gathers some up on her fingers and offers them to my mouth. I slide my tongue around her fingers, cleaning them completely before I duck my head down and we kiss deeply, and passionately.

Her hands run up and down my back, scraping her nails across my skin. I moan softly into her mouth.


"Excuse me! Is everything ok in there? Other passengers need to avail of the bathroom."

"Uh... we'll be out in a second!" Buffy calls out, she pushes at me to get off her and we both quickly pull on and fix clothes until we look decent.

I unlock the door and I'm met with a flustered looking air- stewardess, who blushes a dark shade of red when she sees me *and* B leaving the toilet with huge grins on our faces.

"Sorry about that..." I don't even offer an excuse and we scurry back to where we were sitting. We're giggling as we sit down and fix ourselves in our seats. Willow turns around, looking a bit concerned this time.

"Uh... is everything ok? You guys we gone for ages..."

Buffy's eyes widen.

The gang all know about me and B, but she gets embarrassed when it comes to sex... not with only me, with anyone she's been with. It's quite cute.

"Faith... was sick! Travel sickness, ya know, had to make sure she was ok..."

Willow raises an eyebrow.

"Really? Well, gosh... next time I'm sick I'll make sure you're with me, looking after me." She grins evily.

"What? Why?" Buffy frowns.

"Faith, your fly is still undone."


I grin sheepishly and fix it quickly. Heee...

"I guess Buffy forgot to do it up after she was finished making sure you were ok..." Willow's grin gets even wider.

"Ok Willow! I get it!" Buffy jumps in.

She laughs and turns back around.

I'm trying not to laugh myself. I pull Buffy to me, and hold my arm around her, I kiss her forehead and we sit in silence for a while.

"Faith... your leg..."

"Yeah," I muse, "it's stopped twitching. Musta cured it B. I'll remember that for future reference."

Buffy nods slowly, and her lips form into a wide smile. I guess next time my leg starts twitching she won't be so pissed.

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