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Locked Up

by Mac



Rating: NC-17
Summary: Buffy and Faith find themselves in a compromising position.

Well this was a situation I never really wanted to find myself in.

One I never really expected to find myself in.

Squeezed into a make shift prison, the size of which would barely hold one person, let alone two. I suppose I would describe it like a 6ft high safe, by 2ft wide, with solid walls but bars on the ceiling to allow air in and out.

Myself and Buffy were pressed face-to-face.

We had been sent away for a mission in Israel, and ended up being caught by some pretty moronic bad guys, but they captured us while we were sleeping. Having realised that we had no information and were really of no use to them except for maybe being held as a ransom, we were thrown into this tiny make-shift prison.

Myself and B didn't know how long they would be gone for.

We were still not on the best terms, even breathing felt awkward.

"Ugh, damn it Faith... I can't reach the lock." She sighed and I could feel her body slump slightly against me.

She had been trying to reach the lock behind her with a hair pin for the past five minutes, but to no avail. Everytime she moved, her breasts brushed up against me, so deliciously.

"I can try..." My voice sounded raspy and husky in the small space. "It just means I gotta reach around you... you ok with that?"

Even though it was pitch black, I knew she was giving me a "look".

"Faith, I don't think I could be any closer to you if I tried..."

I took the hair pin from her. I moved my arms around her, almost as if I was hugging her tightly to me, our bodies were so flush against one another a feather would not have fit between us. My legs were between hers, my breasts above hers, I didn't - couldn't -think too much about the position or I woulda gotten hot and bothered. Not a good predicament to be in, in such a small space.

Buffy gasped.

"Wanna rethink that blondie?"

"Faith - just break the damn lock."

I started gently moving against her, trying to work my way around the lock, trying to figure out how to break it open.

Buffy's breath hitched, damn it, I must keep standing on her or something.

"B... I'm sorry..." I whispered against her ear, I sensed her heart-beat beginning to quicken and goosebumps appeared on her neck.

I can't still be scaring her? She can't still be wary of me? After all this time? We never saw eye-to-eye and we still had some blazing fights, but the way she's acting is like she's afraid.

Her breathing had quickened too. "It's ok... it's ok... don't stop..."

Damn she felt good against me.

"I can't seem to get to the lock..." My voice was strained, I pushed harder against her, as I tried to reach down to work out how the lock was assembled I heard what sounded like a whimper leave Buffy's lips. "Damn B, I'm sorry I keep hurtin' ya..."

She breathed out. "You're not... I-it's ok... just... keep trying..."

As I reached down further, I could feel the shape of the lock, I started working on trying to break it with the hair clip, without much leverage it was hard to work it, I kept pushing against Buffy with my whole body as I tried to work it into the key hole.

Buffy's breathing was speeding up against my ear, it sounded like she was trying to hold it back, but I could feel her breath bursting against the nape of my neck and it was distracting me no end. I made a few quick, hard movements up against her.

"Ah! I'm in..." I gasped out against her ear, and I could have almost sworn Buffy bit back a moan. "Ok... now I gotta work her gently, try and get her to pop..."

Buffy's breathing had turned shaky, coming in long slow breaths, as if she was trying to keep herself under- -

I stopped moving, completely.

I stopped breathing.

My thigh was pressed tightly against Buffy's pussy, every movement I made was rubbing against her. I moved forward again, as a test, and realised I was practically grinding into her every time I moved. I stopped again.

"F-Faith?" Buffy swallowed. "What's wrong?" Her breath was now bursting against my ear and I had to fight back a moan of my own.

"I uh,... nothing... just ya know... working it in gently... feeling my way around..."

She took a deep breath in, and shakily let it out. "Okay."

My arms started shaking, so I had to keep them moving to make it less obvious. All I wanted to do was grab her hips and make her fuck my thigh harder. Instead, I was going to have to be more subtle about it.

I gently, but firmly, began moving into her again. I could hear her desperately trying to get herself under control, but clearly to avail. I pushed my thigh hard into her centre, hearing her breath catch as she fought to control herself nearly made me come. I continued moving into her as I worked the lock, slowly pressing my body hard against her, making my own breath brush her skin. A loud *bang* rang out as Buffy's fist slammed against the wall of the prison cell we were stuck in.

I jumped a little. "Sheesh... you ok B? Tryin' to scare a girl?"

"Sorry... b-b-but... F-Faith... you're uhhh... you're uhhh...."

"I'm what, B?"

"You're uhhh pressing against me kinda mmh-hard..."

"Just a little bit longer B... I'm practically buried inside this lock... hopefully gonna get it to open up..." I whispered against her ear, my lips pressing against her lobe. I then placed my lips against the nape of her neck as I moved my body into hers.

I exaggerated my movements, making sure she felt them where she needed to most.

The smell of her arousal hit me, and I knew in a minute things would stop, things were getting out of hand, and Miss Tight-Ass wouldn't put up with it for longer. Buffy's hands suddenly moved from hanging losely at her side and she grabbed my hips and she started to push them away from her.

"B don't!" I spoke harshly. "You'll make me fucking lose it."

She wasn't hiding her laboured breath anymore. "Faith... you're uhhh uhhh..."

I ground harder into her, I could feel her hips subtly moving against me.

"I what, B?" I pretended to sound distracted.

"You're gonna uhh... " With my left hand, I grabbed her ass and pulled her as hard as I could against my leg.

"Sorry B... your ass is in my way..."

"Oh! Faith Uhhnnn!" A short, quiet cry left her mouth and then her entire body shuddered against me. Her hands grabbed at my hips, pulling me against her more. I felt her hips press down repeatedly against my thigh as she exhaled short breaths against my ear.

Well, there was no mistaking what just happened there.

"B... fuck... did you just...?"

"Oh God... oh fuck..." Buffy breathed out. "Shit." She hissed.

"B?" A massive rush of adrenalin pumped through my body. I was turned on beyond belief. I hadn't really believed she would come, I didn't think...

"Yes Faith... yes I fucking did..." She sounded pretty damn pissed. And since I didn't know what else would alleviate the guilt she was feeling, or the awkwardness of the situation, I did what any normal person would do. I shoved my hand down the front of her pants, and into her panties.

I growled at the feel of her wetness, and as a warning off to her protests. She tried to pull my hand out.

"Fuck off B..."

"Faith - stop being a Neanderthal..." Her protests were short lived, and I easily slid two fingers inside her grasping cunt.

"God damn B..."

"Faith... you really should sto-uhnn God... fuck me..."

"With fuckin' pleasure..." I drove two fingers deep inside her pulsing cunt, feeling the wetness drip out around me. "Damn B, you're so fucking tight and wet..."

She then kissed me, deeply, moaning into my open mouth. Turned me on so fucking badly.

"Oh God... oh Faith..." I took my fingers out of her hole and instead placed them around her clit, pinching it rhythmically between my fingers.

"Oh B... I wish I could get on my knees and taste you... " I groaned as I could feel her wetness dripping out of her tight, clenching hole.

"When we get out of here, you can do what you want to me..."

"Oh holy shit B..." I wanted to do everything to her. Bend her over, eat her pussy and ass from behind, have her sit on my face, I wanted to sixty-nine, I wanted to fuck her in every way possible, and maybe more than that.

The sound of her wetness filled up the tiny space, the smell of her was intoxicating, I grunted as I rubbed her clit fast and hard, my main aim was to just get her off so fucking hard.

"Oh FUCK!" Buffy cried out, her body bucked and twisted against me as she came impossibly hard. "Faith mmm ohhhhhh..." I fucked two fingers back inside her frantically clenching cunt and ground my palm against her clit, dragging it out. Her pussy clenched like a vice around my fingers and I groaned, feeling my own hole pulse in response.

We kissed again, intensely, passionately.

"Fuck B... can't wait till we get back to the hotel now..."

Once she caught her breath, and recuperated, Buffy replied. "Yes, but we need to get out of this first!"

"I unlocked it already."

"You... what?"

"It's unlocked."

"For how long?!"

"Well, just before you got off the first time... I didn't want to disturb you..."

I could practically see her scowling. "Faith... when I get my hands on you..."

"Keep making those naughty promises baby, right now, we got some asses to kick..."

Faith unhinged the door and the two Slayers sprung into action.

The End


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