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Just a Little

by Mac


Rating: NC-17
For my great gals out there - Oral, Nyk, Lia, Aby
Summary: An insight into Faith's mind when she's suffering from H&H after slaying.

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Swing round - drop kick, jump up - right hook, then immediately spin around again delivering a back fist to his skull - reverse kick, knocking him to the floor, stake and poof!


Well... again.

B and I are back to back, I turn around and we high-five.

"That was pretty sweet B. I'm telling ya, look out Olympics, 'cause we got a new category that's gonna blow you away!"

She laughs. "Yeah Faith, I can see that's gonna happen, since slayers are the only people who can participate and since we are the only slayers... well, doesn't exactly mean lots of competition."

"Yeah and I can see your moves comin a mile away."

"You cannot."

"I totally can."

She moves to kick me, but I see it and I catch her leg, holding her there.

"Told ya."

Then she manages to get me. She jumps up and kicks me across the face with her other foot. I stumble and fall back on to the ground, but she's on me in an instant.

"Told ya." She imitates me.

Suddenly I'm very aware of her body on mine, I'm aware of my post slay hornies. There's silence for a few seconds and I begin to feel very uncomfortable. Very hot-under-the-collar. I sort of push her off me and walk away. She's looking at me. "Faith? Are you ok?"

"Yeah, you know me... need some food, need to go out and get some." I look away from her.

"Come back to my house, I can provide you with food. You don't really need to go out and 'get some'." She approaches me slowly.

"Oh no, I do." I have such an unreachable ache.

"Faith come on. The shittiest clubs are open; you don't even know what the guys in there have picked up. They're probably full of diseases." She tugs on my sleeve, yeah 'guys'; B. That's what I pick up. Sure.

"I need to go out and dance if anything." So much energy and adrenalin pumping through my body.

"So you're telling me you're weak? You can't just take one night and spend it in my house?" Buffy looks at me and bites her lip.

Fucking hell!

"I'm not weak B."

"Obviously you are. I'm going home." She turns away from me and starts walking.

I sigh and roll my eyes. I hate it when she does this, I always cave in. "Wait up, I'm coming too."

I can almost see her victorious grin already.


I watch her slip the key into the lock. Her arm muscles ripple under her skin, such soft skin, such slim arms, but I know what destruction they can cause. It reminds me of last night when I went back to some girl's flat - Rachel? Ricki? Something like that. She was trying to put the key in the lock but my hands were in her panties and she dropped the key before coming all over my hands.

Rhonda? No. Still can't remember.

I'm more aware of how much I need some girl-toy to fuck.

Some small, blonde haired cute chick.

Don't be surprised.

Of course I want Buffy. She's everything I'm not and more. She's amazing, beautiful, everything I've ever wanted.

And she's looking at me.


"Are you coming in? Or do you need an invite?"

I laugh sheepishly. "I'm coming."

I wish!

We head straight into the kitchen. She stands by the sink and looks at me as I lean on the doorframe. I smile at her. "Woman, make me food."

She throws a towel at me. "With an attitude like that, Faith, you can make it yourself." She pauses while I raise my eyebrows at her in disbelief. "Ok, what do you want?"

You. Me. Naked. On your bed.

"Uhmm, I dunno. You decide." My mind shuts down for a few minutes while that little scenario plays out in my head.

"Oven-pizza. I'll put it in now. I'm gonna go up and have a shower, ok? Watch TV or something. You can have one after me if you like."

So she goes. I watch TV for a while and then she comes back downstairs. Fucking whore. She's wearing a little tank top and these tiny little shorts. Her hair is wet and she looks good enough to fucking eat. I stand there looking at her before I realise she's looking back at me.

"What?" She looks slightly paranoid as she looks down at her attire. "What's wrong with me?"

Her nipples are hard. Oh God.

"Nothing B! I swear. I'm just... you know... off somewhere else at the moment."

"You keep spacing out. Is this what you're normally like after slaying?"

My mind flashes back to last night when I was fucking... Ritzy...? with my strap-on. Slamming her into the bed, gasping, moaning, skin slapping off skin, her nails digging into my back. I watched her as she jerked and cried out under me.

"Uhmm, yeah...? Maybe, I dunno B." As she walks past me another scent reaches my nose. Not shampoo, not shower gel... but something else. Something else that's Buffy. My eyes widen as I realise that she's been... masturbating. She made herself come. Probably in the shower, hoping to wash away the scent that it leaves behind. A shower cannot fool a slayer.

I close my eyes as a shiver runs up and down my spine.

I need to go out and find someone to fuck; I can't be here, not when there's an ache in my pants and Buffy's standing close to me, smelling absolutely delicious-


"I can't be here." I mumble out in a rush. I'm perspiring.

"Are you ok?"

"I... I need to..." Fuck you.

She's standing in front of me, looking all concerned and worried. "What?"

I pause and mentally shake myself. "I just need food, I don't think I've had a substantial meal for a few days. Mickey D's doesn't count, right?"

She smiles and takes my hand, pulling me into the kitchen. "Nope, it doesn't count. If the pizza doesn't fill you up, I can make pasta."

I sit down at the counter as she bends down to pull out the pizzas.

"Shouldn't be necessary B." Oh God. Oh fuck. Oh hell. The shorts tighten around her ass; she's not wearing any panties. I wanna push her against the counter, face first while I stand behind her. I wanna push her down against the counter-top so she's bent over for me and intrusively shove my hand down her shorts. I wanna take her hard; I wanna hear her moans and grunts of false protests.

I put my head rather heavily down on the counter and groan.

Buffy rushes around to my side, her nipples are hard. "Faith, what is it? What is wrong with you?"

I grunt. "I'm... just... still a little... adrenalin filled from slaying... I guess I need to eat, hopefully that will solve it."

She looks at me funny; I think she finally gets it. Her nipples... she's wearing a white top, flimsy material so I can pretty much see her nipples. I pull my eyes away from her chest and look at the pizza. My stomach growls in response to the sight. Buffy laughs.



I start to tuck into one large pizza, Buffy gets the other, but I know she'll only eat a half; maybe three-quarters and I'll get the rest. Within 15 minutes any sign that pizza existed on this counter, is gone. Save for a few drops of tomato and a piece of pepperoni, which I quickly pick up and eat.

I lean back and belch.

"Hell yeah, that hit the spot." I feel a little better, the ache in my pants is still there, just not as prominent.

She laughs at me. "Charming Faith. I can see you pick up so many people with your manners."

"Oh I can be charming and seductive B." I look at her with a small smile on my face.

"I'm sure you can. I don't doubt that."

I get out of my chair and walk over to where she's leaning on the counter. I gently press my body against hers and reach across her to get the plates and glasses. I keep eye contact with her as I grab them, my arms brush against her breasts and I can see her shudder just slightly.

I know she'd deny that she shuddered.

Even though there are goose bumps on her arms and her nipples are hard again.

She'd deny it.

I place the plates in the sink and slowly slide my body against her back as I walk over to the fridge. I feel her inhale sharply.

"Slick Faith, very seductive." She turns away from me to hide the blush that we both know is there.

I laugh a little. "I know, Queen of Seduction here, B."

"I can be seductive too."

I snort. "Yeah, sure."

She looks indignant. "I can!"

I shrug and walk out into the hallway; I'm tired and need to sleep. I yawn. "Mmm hmm."

She grabs my shoulder and pushes me against the wall hard. Had I not been a slayer it would have winded me. "What the fuck-?" My protest quickly dies in my throat as I see her slowly licking her lips, her body presses oh-so-closely to mine, I can feel her body heat. "B, I-"

She presses her finger against my lip and shushes me. She leans into my neck so all I can see is her blonde hair and her warm breath purposely exhaling against my neck, I shiver slightly. Her warm breath moves up to my ear and I have to fight back a moan. She's fired up my body again.

"See?" Buffy whispers breathlessly into my ear. "I can be seductive too."

She moves away from me and I laugh stupidly, trying to hide my nervousness. "Ha, yeah... you... yeah. Seductive." I pause. "Bed."

She looks at me with an eyebrow raised.

"Uh, I mean sleep... in your bed with you, to sleep... that is." I blush and walk away from her, avoiding her amused look. I start up the stairs. "I'm tired."

She laughs quietly. "Me too, F."


I throw on some pink pyjama things that she hands me. I looked at them disbelievingly at first, I even threatened to sleep in the buff, but she seemed to be ok with the idea. Kinda freaked me out a little. So I opted on the pjs.

"Aw Faith..."

I turn around to her; she's sitting on the bed.

"You look so cute!!" She has the most adorable expression on her face.

I frown. "I am not cute, I'm sexy, hot, desirable. Not cute."

She points at me. "You're cute in pink Faith."

I walk over to the bed. "Shut up B."

She quickly lies down on the side that I'm walking towards. We often fight over this. Well, all of twice before. I stop and look down at her.

"I'll just lie on top of you B."

She grins. "Go ahead."

I sigh. "Fine." I climb on top of her first, hearing her sharply inhale, I smirk as I move off her and lay on the other side. "You're so stubborn B."

"Makes two of us then." She turns off the light.

"So... what do you wanna talk about?"

"Well, actually I was gonna sleep-"

"Oh B! You can't! You lure me over here with the promise of action and laughter and now you wanna sleep?"

She laughs. "Faith, I never promised you that."

"Sure you did."

"Did not- actually, I'm not gonna start that." She shakes her head slightly. Probably feeling a bit miffed that she was actually responding to my teases. "I dunno Faith, what do you wanna talk about."

I pause and think for a minute. "Willow."


"Yeah, why not?" She was the first thing that came into my mind.

Buffy's seems a little perturbed. "What about her?"

"How long have you known her?"

Buffy shifts so she's facing me on her side. "Since I arrived in Sunnydale. I decided I didn't wanna be part of Cordelia's little clique. Willow... is special, you know? Cordelia is someone who would use you and mould you to her will."

Wouldn't mind that for a night.

"Then when she's finished with you, she'll toss you to the curb. Willow and Xander I knew would stick with me."

"Have you kissed her?" I feel the smile forming on my lips; I knew how uncomfortable this question would make her.

"You mean 'him'?"

"No, I mean 'her'."

"Of course I haven't!!"

I flinch. "B, you don't need to shout, I'm right fucking here."

"Sorry, but how could you ask such a question? She's not gay and neither am I!"

"You never got invited to slumber parties, did you?" I shake my head in mock horror.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Girls kiss other girls at slumber parties, B." There's silence. "You mean you've never kissed another girl, ever?"

There's more silence and I'm starting to think she's not gonna answer my question. I open my mouth to say something but she speaks first.

"I didn't say that."

"Oh!" I grin. "Share the gossip!"

"I went to slumber parties Faith, ok?"

I suppose she thinks that's the end of discussion. No way.

"Really? How many?"

"Not many. About two, maybe three."

Hmm, B's selective about who she kisses.

"Did you enjoy it? Did you get a little moist in your panties?" I say in a perverted sort of way.

"Faith!!!" She hits me on my arm.

That actually hurt.

"That actually hurt B."

She rubs my arm over her pink fucking pyjamas. "Ohh, poor Faithy... did my little fist hurt your poor arm?"

I ignore her. "So, did ya?"

"I was young! I was about eleven when it happened Faith!"

She wants to move off this topic so much.

"So, Buffy Summers is really a big dyke?" I laugh quietly. "You kissed three girls B."

"Faith!!" She splutters. "I... I am so not..."

I continue to laugh.

"So have you kissed any girls Faith?"

That made me stop.

"Uh... no."

Buffy starts laughing. "You are the worst liar I have ever heard!" She stops laughing a looks at me. "So, c'mon, spill the beans."

"Uh... I... it was nothing." My mind keeps flashing back to last night with... Rhyla...? And previous nights with various different women.

"See, you're not so cocky now once the tables have turned, are you?" She stretches a little her top rises and I can see her skin. Makes me wanna touch her, kiss her, fuck her. "So... who was she? Or who were they?"

"Uh nobody special. It was a while ago."

"Only once? Faith, I would expect you to be the person who is willing to try anything."

C'mere I wanna fucking try something with you. I'd love to fuck Buffy from behind, with my fingers, sliding in and out of her.

"A few times B, alright? They weren't anything special. A means to burn off the excess energy that slaying creates."

She's quiet for a while.

"So you... like girls?" She quickly adds. "I mean like girls?"

"I guess. They're softer than men and sometimes I need that." Change of subject needed. "So, you never get horny after slaying?" I feel better now I'm in control of the conversation.

"I... Faith, what does it matter?"

"I just wanna know." I pout at her in the dark, she laughs at my expression.

"I guess so... but you can't tell anyone!"

"Tell anyone what? That you're a normal blooded female who gets a little hot-under-the-collar once in a while?"

"You know what I mean Faith."

"So... how do you deal with it?" I smirk.

She punches my arm again. "That I refuse to answer."

"Fuck B! Stop punching the same spot!"

She gently rubs my arm again, come to think of it; her hand never left my arm from the last time.

"Night Faith." She leans over and kisses me on the cheek; my heart starts beating insanely in my chest.

"Night B." I manage to choke out.


I'm on top of Rain... that's her fucking name! Got it! You'd think I wouldn't forget it, since it's totally different.

She's moaning my name into my ear, her breath tickles and caresses me. We're both totally naked, lying on her posh bed, and I'm moving my pussy against hers. Her posh accent is a kind of turn on. Makes me feel like I'm corrupting a 'good girl'. Her moans and sighs are just such a fucking turn on.

"Oh Faith... this feels... oh god..."

Her legs wrap around my back and I bury my head into her neck, I'm so wet. Her hips rock against me quicker. Suddenly I get an idea and pull away from her.

"Rain... I wanna see you touch yourself for me..." I settle her against the head board and spread her legs slightly. She blushes.

"Faith... I don't know... that's private. I don't really feel very comfortable doing that in front of you. I'd feel ashamed and quite disgusted with myself." Her posh accent is tinted with a bit of Louisiana.

I press my body against hers, I'm breathing hard into her neck. I need to see this. I wanna fucking see this. "Do you feel that way every time you touch your little pussy? Every time you've made yourself come, do you feel guilty?" She's a prissy little church girl. "Do you touch yourself in your bed at night thinking about other girls, hoping that your parents don't barge in half way through an intense orgasm?"

I can hear a wet click, and I can smell a fresh scent of her arousal. I look down and see her finger buried inside her pussy, she's tight. I almost died when I put my finger inside her when we were standing outside the club, waiting for a cab; I pushed her against the wall and slid my hand into her panties. She was so tight around my finger that I just wanted to... corrupt, claim... own. Conquer.

Weird shit.

With her head back against the wall and her hand moving expertly between her legs, I think I've died and gone to heaven. She looks gorgeous. I move my hand to her breast and I gently pinch and circle her nipple. She moans more, and I can see her hand glistening with her wetness as she continues to fuck herself. Her smell is intoxicating and I lean forward into her neck and moan. I gently kiss along her elegant neck, her breath starts coming quicker, tinted with gentle moans.

"Oohhh... hhhuughh Faith.... oh fuck..."

I growl softly and bite her neck. She cries out and arches against me. I can tell she's close so I pull her down the bed and lay next to her. I pull her hand away from her pussy and start to caress her body.

"Rain... you feel so good baby..."

Her skin is soft, slightly damp but hot at the same time. I tweak her nipples and trail my fingers down her stomach. The scent of her arousal is distracting and demanding, so I slide my fingers down to her hairless pussy... hairless? She wasn't hairless a minute ago...


I slowly open my eyes to find that my head is buried in someone's neck and that 'someone' is breathing hard. The night comes back to me in a rush and I remember that I'm in Buffy's bed.

But... not just in her bed.

My fingers are buried inside her pussy; she's wet, warm and so inviting.

My whole body tenses when I realise and Buffy's breath hitches as my fingers flex inside her.

"F-Faaaith...?" She whispers so quietly that I don't know whether to pretend to be asleep or be awake and take my fingers out.

My post-slayage hornies must have gotten the better of me during my sleep. I would've slapped myself in the forehead had my hand not been in Buffy's cunt. Her breathing is shallow as she tries to calm down. I don't know whether she knows I'm awake so I refuse to move.

Her pussy muscles clamp around my fingers and I growl quietly in my throat, she moans at the same time and it mutes my growl. She feels so fucking good. "Huhhh... F-F-Faith...?"

I wanna fuck her tight little body. My breathing quickens involuntarily, so she must know by now that I'm awake.

"P-please..." Her plea comes out so desperate that every instinct in my body screams at me to fuck her. I move my hand in her slightly, just slightly, but even with that movement I can hear her wetness click. Her own hand clutches around my arm and she digs her nails into my skin. All my senses are heightened and I groan into her neck, she moans in response.

I push my self up on my left hand so I'm hovering over her. She looks slightly surprised at my quick, unexpected movement. I push my fingers inside her just a little harder and her neck arches in front of me as her eyes close in pleasure. I wanna bite her neck, mark her, so that everyone knows she's mine.

"B... how... I mean... I'm sorry..." And yet I still don't take my hand out of her pussy, she probably hates me.

"It's ok." She gasps out.

"How did... how did this happen?" I nod down to where my fingers are still inside her, she's so soft and silky around me. My body ignores my mind's order to stop fucking her, and my hand pushes into her again. Her body arches up against me as a strangled cry leaves her throat.

"Oh God! You... kept... touching me while you were asleep. Your hands were moving all over my body, but your eyes were closed." Her hand that's on my arm tightens and pushes my hand into her again, my eyes half close in pleasure. She feels divine around my fingers.

"Shit, I'm so sorry..."

"When I tried to stop you, you kept slapping my hands away..." She pauses and looks up at me breathlessly. Her hair is messy, her lip is swollen from where she had been biting it to keep quiet and her eyes are wild. "You felt good, so I decided to enjoy your attention, but then your hand shoved it's way into my shorts... and now..."

"It's cos I didn't... well... I don't normally have people in my bed with me... when I do it's usually cos I'm fucking them." That's true. I don't usually hang around after sex, but sometimes I'll be so tired I'll just fall asleep. This had happened once before, but not to the same extent. My hands had just started touching her upper body. It seems like my hand has a mind of it's own.

"Am I just another notch on your bedpost Faith?" She asks as she so seductively and carnally rolls her hips against my hand, my breath hitches as I watch her body move underneath me.

"I don't think so, B." I can't believe we're actually having this conversation while Buffy's pussy is pulsing around my fingers. "You've been everything to me... all I think about is you."

She looks up at me, obviously surprised.

"Today... fuck B... I knew you'd been touching yourself in the shower." Her hips start to jerk a little against my motionless hand, obviously trying to get it moving again. I move my thumb to her clit and gently rub the side of her swollen nub. She moans and clutches uselessly at the bed sheets with one hand. "I'm a fucking slayer too... the smell of sex off you was... intoxicating." I push my hand into her in a rough thrust; the headboard bangs off the wall.

"Faith!" She cries out. "Oh God... I'm so close..."

I start thrusting quick and hard into her body, I'm not in the mood to fuck around, I'd already gone without sex for long enough, now that I had it... she was gonna come so fucking hard. Her body jerks and shudders on the bed, my eyes are glued to her form. The disbelief keeps setting in - I can't believe I'm doing this to Buffy's body.

I lean down to her lips and kiss her deeply, my tongue pushes in and seeks out hers, I feel her hand clutch onto the back of my head, and her other starts digging into my back. She moans loudly into my mouth as my thumb abuses her clit relentlessly. I kiss her frantically for a few seconds before moving down to her ear.

"Remember in the kitchen, when you bent down to get the pizza out of the oven? I wanted to push you against the counter and fuck you from behind, I wanted to feel you push me away and protest, but I'd fuck you hard, I'd know you really wanted it. I wanted to feel you come all over me and your little hot pants as I shoved you down on the counter."

Buffy comes hard and fast as my fingers work her pussy. "Oh Faith! Faith! Oh God! I'm... Faith!!"

No Honey. I'm Faith.

That was far too quick for me, so I start to travel down her body, even before she has a chance to recover from her orgasm and I fix my mouth to her pussy. Her legs and thighs convulse and she pushes as hard as she can against my face, her hand goes to the back of my head and holds me tightly against her. I push my tongue inside her and I hear her gasp loudly and she pushes against me rhythmically, riding my face hard.

"Faith... oh Faith... your mouth feels... your tongue... oh God!"

I can't help but smile a little, Buffy tastes great, my tongue moves rapidly as I try to drink more of her arousal. She's twisting and thrusting against me and I know that it will be quick again. All that build up after slaying, and she has just been ignoring the itch for weeks. Well, she won't have to ignore it again. I move my mouth away for a second and she grunts in protest.

"Jeeze, hold on a sec, B..." I slide two fingers inside her cunt again and her hips jump up to meet my hand, then I fix my mouth around her clit, I start to suck hard and I flick my tongue back and forth at the same time. She really starts to scream, so I pick up the pillow with my free hand and throw it at her head. She gets the message and muffles her cries into the pillow.

I push her legs further apart so I can see more of her pink, wet pussy, I spread her lips with my fingers and I can feel my own cunt respond to the sight. I squeeze my legs together as I go down on her again. Her little bald pussy is such a turn on. I relentlessly start abusing her clit with my tongue again, sucking it from time to time. As I bend my fingers inside her pussy and start pulling them in and out, in and out... over and over I feel her tight inner muscles clamp down on my hand.

Her whole body tenses and her stomach dips as her chest seems to rise and fall hurriedly. She screams my name into the pillow as her hips grind against my face, I try to hold them down but she rocks and jerks against me as I drive my fingers into her harder and deeper and I suck as hard as I can on her swollen clit.

"Faith! Stop... fuck... stop it!" She pushes my head away from between her legs. "I can't take anymore..." She breathes hard trying to catch her breath, I'm breathing hard too, but for another reason entirely.

I slide my hand between my legs as I taste Buffy's wetness from my own lips. I look over at her pussy and I rub myself just a little bit harder, she's all swollen looking and very inviting. Buffy notices where I'm looking and decides to spread herself a little for me, I grunt a little as I rub my clit roughly, she's so wet. She covers my hand with her other hand and stills my vigorous movements.

"Faith..." She leans over me and we kiss deeply, my tongue slides around hers. "Why don't you... sit... on my face?" She barely whispers into my ear. But suddenly my whole body becomes so fired up at the thought. I whimper.

"Oh God... Buffy... are you sure?" She tugs at my pyjama top and I pull it off so all I have are the pants on.

She looks at me. "I wouldn't say it if I wasn't Faith." She starts to pull on the waistband of my pyjamas. I throw them off quickly and I sort of kneel by her head. I realise that I don't wanna seem too over-bearing, I don't wanna scare her. "What's wrong Faith? Are you having second thoughts?" She looks up at me under her long eyelashes.

"Uh, no. Just making sure that you're not." I hold on to the headboard and she pulls on my thigh, so my leg goes to the other side of her head, now I'm straddling her face and I can't help but feel a rush of arousal at the thought. I'm sitting astride Buffy Summers' face and she's going to eat my pussy.

"Oh God..." I moan and lean against the wall as I feel her breath on my pussy. She moans a little herself before pulling my hips down and then I can feel her tongue inside me. "Fuck!" I cry out and try to stop my hips from humping her face, but her grip on my hips tightens as she tries to pull me harder against her.

"Buffy... oh God...!"

Her tongue moves inside my cunt, caressing the silky inner walls, my pussy contracts around her tongue and she moans. The vibration from her moan makes me gasp and my eyes roll in the back of my head from the sensations. Her nails dig into the skin on my hips and thighs and I start to rock against her face as her tongue pushes inside me.

"B... you feel... soft.... oh my God..."

I can hardly even breathe she feels so good. My hands tighten around the headboard and I hear it creak as it threatens to break under the strain of my grip. My breathing is coming hard and fast as I start to move my hips a little quicker. I look over my shoulder and I can see her legs pressing together to try and find any sort of relief. I can only groan. She takes her tongue out suddenly, but quickly fixes her mouth over my clit.

"Shit! Holy shit! Oh God.... B!"

She starts to suck gently and I actually feel like I'm gonna die from the sensations. I look between my legs and I see Buffy's eyes looking up at me, all big and innocent. That's it.

I come hard, I arch forward and throw my head back.

"Buffy! Oh God!! Buffy!"

I slide one hand under her head and pull her face against me as I ride out the orgasm, she fucking loves it.

I fall backwards onto the bed, but Buffy doesn't seem to want to stop. She moves so she's settled between my legs and I'm lying on my back, away from the top of the bed.

"B... what are you... I can't... don't you wanna stop?" Her tongue starts flicking over my sensitive clitoris.

She looks up at me from between my legs, her chin is covered in my arousal. Fuck yeah.

"Faith... you taste so good..."

Her mouth attaches itself to my pussy and she starts running her tongue all over it, between my lips, inside my cunt, around and around my clit. I can't stop twitching and moving my hips, but she merely moves with me. She starts moaning and I can see that she has her hand between her legs and she masturbating as she's licking me.

"Buffy... you... oh God..."

I start to move my hips against her face in earnest. My gaze is fixed on what is going on between her legs, see she's kinda up on her knees and elbows as she's eating me out at an angle so I can see what's going on between her thighs. I raise myself up on my elbows so I can see more.

Buffy looks up from between my legs and she sees what I'm looking at. She moves up to my ear for a second.

"Does it turn you on?" I feel her fingers play with my clitoris.

"Hunnnhhhh... what?"

"Watching me fuck myself?" She looks crazed with lust, but still Buffy-like. It only inflames my passion more. I arch off the bed as she tugs a little on my clit.

"Ugghhh fuck yeah..."

She moves back into position and starts sucking on my clit and flicking it with her tongue. She's still masturbating and I'm still watching her so she spreads herself and I can actually see her fingers run back and forth over her slick and swollen clit. It's almost enough to drive me wild.

"Uhhhh B.... oh God..."

I can't believe I'm going to come again so fucking soon. Her mouth on my pussy is too much and not enough at the same time, the muscles in my legs are jumping and I feel my hips pumping hard against her mouth. Suddenly she starts moaning and whimpering into me, her fingers drive into her own cunt and she massages her pussy as she comes. Her arm muscles flex with the effort and her cries are muffled by my cunt.

Her hips jerk and thrust against her hand in such a... raw and arousing fashion that I throw my head back and grab the back of her head and pull her into me, my arousal reaches new peaks. My head tosses from side to side as her sucking increases. I grab the nearest pillow and shove it against my face. Her hand that had been touching herself reaches up and starts caressing my nipple. I feel and smell her wetness.

"Mmmfuckmmm... Buffy!" I scream into the pillow as the orgasm bursts through my body and she drives two fingers inside me as my walls clench voraciously.

She continues sucking at my clit until I push her away from me. I roll onto my side as I wait for the intense pulsing in my pussy to stop. She pulls me up to lie with her and hold her. It doesn't take long for us both to fall asleep.


When I awake she's gone. Usually it's the other way around.

"B?" I call out quietly, just in case she's in the bathroom.

She's not so I decide to get up and go downstairs. I pull on my leathers and one of her small tank tops and descend down the stairs. I can sense she's in the kitchen.

"Morning." I mumble as I lean on the doorframe. My eyes scan her body, she's wearing just a flimsy pair of panties and an oversized t-shirt.

She turns around and smirks at me. "Morning yourself."

No regrets then.


She's messing around with something over at the sink, I think she's cleaning up our dishes from last night.

"I haven't slept that well for ages." I admit.

"Mmm, must be quite a talent that I have then - the ability to make Faith sleep." She pauses, as if in thought. "Maybe you should sleep over more often. Could be very beneficial." She says with a small smile on her face.

"Yeah, I think that sounds like a good idea." I smile back at her, she looks so beautiful she's practically glowing.

She bends down by the sink, her ass and pussy are clad in a tight pair of panties and are very much emphasised when she bends over. I growl lowly in my throat and quickly move over to where she is, before she can even stand up straight I have my hand in her panties and buried inside her wet sex.

She gasps in shock and it turns me on fiercely. I push her over the counter and hold her hands behind her back with my free hand so she has no leverage.

"Oh Faith... oh yes... fuck me... fuck me hard..."

I start to pull my hand in and out of her quickly, the panties last for about two seconds before they're in shreds on the floor. The movement of her body against me is such a turn on and I move my fingers inside her harder.

We're in tune to one another, we have the ability to know what the other wants so maybe she's using me just a little so satisfy that ache.

But when she looks at me I know she loves me. Just a little.

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