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by Mac


Rating: NC-17
Summary: Buffy gets attacked by a demon and becomes extremely horny, Faith has the antidote.

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They kissed deeply; Faith could feel her pussy dripping with arousal. They'd just come in from a monster slay, both were hyped up and they began kissing. This wasn't the first. No, there'd been many more. B wanted to take their relationship slowly, much to Faith's annoyance. She got so hot when they had heavy make out sessions in Buffy's room.

Her hands crept up her torso, over her jumper, and rounded on her breasts. She could feel Buffy's breath quicken against her mouth. They were sitting on Buffy's bed in each other's arms; Faith began to lower them down. Her hands slipped under her top, and her mouth began to kiss her neck, she dragged her teeth across her pressure point and Buffy gasped. Her hands slipped under her bra and began to rub her nipples, she heard Buffy groan and felt a rush of adrenalin rush through her own body, as Buffy wasn't pushing her away. Maybe this was it, maybe they were finally gonna go the whole way.

Her kisses against her neck became more frantic and she pulled off her jumper and pulled down her bra, freeing her nipples. Faith gasped and was about to take one into her mouth when Buffy pushed her away.

"No," she whispered.

Faith sighed in frustration. "You lead me on, B, and then when I try to take it further you push me away."

"I'm not ready." Buffy wrinkled her forehead.

"Yeah, OK, I understand." Faith muttered, clearly pissed off and clearly not understanding. She stood up. "I'm going. I'll see you tomorrow."

Without even kissing her goodbye she left through the window. Buffy sat on the bed for fifteen minutes, looking over at her window. Thinking and hoping that she would come back and they would be OK again. Glancing at her watch, she saw it was only 9:30. Time for one last sweep of the cemetery.

She twirled a stake around on her palm, humming to herself as she walked between gravestones. She wasn't thinking about slaying. She was thinking about Faith. She couldn't help it if she didn't want to take things fast, because then it would all be over and she didn't want that. She wanted it to last.

She heard rustling in the bushes and spun around quickly, but not fast enough. A huge ugly demon with huge claws swung down from the tree and landed on top of her, knocking Mr. Pointy out of her hand. She grunted and tried to buck him off but he was too big. He laughed into her face and she grimaced from the smell of his breath.

"Mint?" Buffy gasped, holding up a pack of mints from her jacket pocket, inwardly hoping it would have been a stake.

He hit them out of her hand, growling.

"Guess not."

He took hold of her jaw and the top of her head, forcing her mouth open. She began to grunt and cry out, trying to form words, but finding it impossible. He then bent down, his disgusting mouth opened and he did the worse thing Buffy could have imagined he would do; he spat into her mouth. She screamed, but he rubbed her throat, forcing her to swallow. She struggled and struggled and-

-Woke up. No wait, that's weird. What the hell? That wasn't a dream... was it? What am I doing in my bed? This is too weird; I'm sure I went out and fought that gross demon. I can't remember coming back, though.

I put my fingers in my mouth and swallow, trying to find any evidence of his spit, but there is none. Maybe I didn't go out. I probably just fell asleep after Faith left. I mean I was kinda upset. It's 7:30 in the morning; I have to go to school in a minute.

I sit up in the bed and blink, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. I pad over to the bathroom and have a shower, a long one, rubbing myself all over with the sponge. I can feel my body become aroused, my nipples hard and erect, and my pussy becoming damp. I run the sponge over my breasts, hearing a groan escape my lips. My voice sounds alien to my own ears. I pinch on my nipples... God it feels good. I lean against the wall of the shower, sighing, the sponge somehow makes its way in-between my legs.

I begin to pull it back and forth over my swollen clit. My knees buckling as the pleasure increases. I've never felt so aroused. I drop the sponge and my fingers replace it, rubbing my clit madly, two fingers disappearing up my channel. Images of Faith flicker through my mind. A few nights back she stripped her top off and showed me her breasts, trying to get me to go further. It didn't work, but it has given me excellent mind candy for my solo sessions.

In my head I see her breasts, I can feel her hands on the back of my head, urging me to her nipples. Back in the shower my head is lolling on the wall, I'm gasping and sighing, three fingers now plunging in and out of my cunt. Fuck me! I can't... I'm gonna-

"Buffy? School in half an hour, don't be late." My mom calls from my bedroom door.

My hands fall in shock from my pussy, my whole body is on fire. I can't do this anymore. Not with my mom hovering around my room. I gingerly step out of the shower, my legs shaking. I get ready for school, and leave the house. Saying bye to Mom and grabbing my lunch.

Oh my God. What the fuck is wrong with me? I'm seriously considering going home and saying that I'm sick and staying in my bedroom and masturbating. I've never been this aroused. I'm walking along the path outside the school, a couple of people look at me weirdly, probably as red as a tomato.


Willow's voice knocks me out of my thoughts. "Hey Wills." She comes up beside me and gives me a friendly hello hug.

"Are you OK? You look kinda red." Concerned as always.

"Do I?" My hands automatically go up to my face. "I feel OK."

"OK, Giles wants us to go to the library, he has something he wants to tell us. I dunno what it is. Where's Faith? Have you seen her recently?"

Willow knows about Faith and I, she also knows that it's been kinda rocky recently. "Yeah I saw her last night." I frown.

"I'm guessing that's not a happy thing."

"No. I'm just not as - sorry if this is too much information - sex mad as she is at times." I say, blushing slightly.

"No, I understand. You're totally right. You shouldn't rush into something if you don't want to. You may regret it later." Willow gives me a reassuring hug.

"Regret what?" I hear a confident voice behind me, immediately recognising it.

I spin around, holding Willow's hand, and watch as Faith swaggers up to me. "Not studying." Willow says quickly. Good save girl.

"Sure." She winks at me. "You going to the library?"

"Yeah, Giles has some more boring prep talks for us."

We head up through campus and Faith whispers to me that she is sorry for last night for acting like she did. I smile and throw my arms around her.

"Y'know I sat staring at the window hoping that you would come back." I laugh sheepishly. "Sad, I know."

"I'm sorry, I should have. I waited in your garden for a while, thinking that I should probably go up to you. But I didn't and I just left."

We arrive into the library and sit down at the table. Giles comes out and greets us.


He is answered with six unenthusiastic replies.

"Right. Lets get to work. Last night a new demon travelled all the way from New York to come down here to try out his demon antics on the Sunnydale people. I'm thinking he's here for a deeper reason. There's a new Vampire who has also arrived from New York, he's roughly 450 years old and has killed three Slayers. He's big and has evolved quite a bit, like Kakistos, but stronger."

At this point I notice that Faith had paled.

"And I'm guessing that the new Libidos Demon has something to do with this new Vampire."

"Does this new Vampire have a name?" Xander chimes in.

"Yes, It's Firkanaus. He is very dangerous."

"Who told you about him and this new demon?"

"Angel stopped by last night." Giles says after a hesitant pause.

"Oh so, he stops by to say hello to you, but not his ex-girlfriend who he still madly loves? Priorities here?" Cordelia always makes me feel 100% better.

"I don't think that's the issue-" Xander tries to put in.

"Why don't you just shut up for once?" Faith answers for me. I'm having a bad day already, and I'm feeling really turned on. Squirming in my chair, trying to rub my pussy against the seam of my jeans. Faith looks at me weirdly, she can probably smell my arousal if she tries.

"*Sorry* for trying to-"

"Doesn't that mean desire?" Willow puts in and everyone stops, frowning and looking confused.

"Yes, well done Willow." Giles says.

"I think I speak for everyone when I say; what?" Cordelia frowns.

"The name of the demon. Libidos. It means desire." Willow answers and I mouth a silent 'O'.

"What can the bug do?" Faith asks.

"Well, it's really kind of disgusting. He pins down his victim and regurgitates this special fluid into his victim's mouth." Giles says and is abruptly cut of by Cordelia's scream.


"I agree." Oz makes his reaction of the day.

I sit there in stunned silence.

"What happens to the person?" Willow asks.

Giles coughs and looks embarrassed. "Well the person, eh, well, desires and feels very stimulated."

"So they get turned on beyond all sane thought." Faith smirks.


"Cool." She laughs.

"That's a bad thing?" Xander asks, smiling.

"You want the whole of Sunnydale to be at it like rabbits in the next few days?" Cordelia asks.

"I can't find a problem with that." Xander answers and Oz nods his agreement.

"The *whole* of Sunnydale, guys. Including your parents." Faith grins.

"OK, that I would have a problem with." Oz makes his second comment of the day.

"Bad images!!" Willow cries out, covering her eyes.

"Also, the arousal increases as the day goes on." Giles walks around. "Just be careful, Buffy, this demon can create illusions and remove memories."

OK, shit. What do I do? I can't tell him. I'll deal with it and then if it gets too bad then I'll tell him. That's the only thing I can do.

I walk into the canteen, feeling worse then ever. After the little talk in the library Faith went back to her motel. I think she's still feeling bad about yesterday. I kinda feel bad about it now; I'm wishing that I had gone further with her. It feels as though this is my punishment for not making love to her.

I look over and see Willow talking to... I think it's Sara or Silvia or something. Willow's wearing a short denim skirt with a red stripy top. It's a tight top... her nipples are hard, probably from the air, and she has such a shapely body. I feel like I wanna go over and just- just-

I look up into her face and realise she's looking at me. Shit. I think she knew I was checking her out. My face blushes again and I smile and give her a small wave. She smiles back.

Shit, shit, shit.

I get my food and walk over to the table.

"Hey Wills, what's up?"

"Nothing, I'm cool." Willow pauses, giving me a look. "Are you OK?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." I give a short laugh, trying to convince her. "Why?"

"You've been acting kinda weird all day. It's probably just me and not you and I'm making something out of nothing. I usually do."

"I feel fine. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night though. That might be why you think that."

"OK, cool."

I feel my stare moving towards her again as I think of how she could start pleasuring me- God! Make me stop!!

As the day went on, things just got worse. I think Willow is scared of me and thinks I'm gonna come onto her because she saw me checking her out. This is so hard! I should be at home in my bed fingering myself to multiple orgasms, not sitting in History and thinking about masturbating and other people masturbating... other people fucking me... Xander fucking me... Willow going down on me... STOP!!

Without realising it I stand up suddenly, knocking my chair down. The teacher looks up from his book.

"Ms. Summers?"

"Eh, I need to use the bathroom." I mutter.

"Well, since it seems to be an emergency, go."

I walk slowly out of the class conscious of their stares on my back. I walk to the toilets and lock myself into a cubical, I sigh, leaning against the door. I dunno what to do... Library.



"Buffy? That you?"

"Who else comes into the library?"

"Lots of people come into the library." He walks out of his office looking defensive. He's not wearing his glasses; I never really noticed how young he looks.

"I'm sure."

"Is there anything you need?"

Apart from a 12 inch dildo? "No." I look him over. Like I'm stalking my prey or something, I walk around him.


I run my hands over his chest. "Mmm?"

"Is there something wrong?" He looks kinda scared.

"Nope." I push him against the wall and press my body against his, rubbing my breasts against his chest. He gasps, shaking slightly.

"What are you doing?" He asks, still hasn't pushed me away.

"If asked you nicely, like a good little girl, would you rub me over my panties?" I whisper into his ear.

"Goodness!" He gasps sharply. "You were attacked by the demon, weren't you?"

I giggle suggestively; I can feel his hard-on against my stomach. "Maybe."

He pushes me off him and I fall to the floor, I whimper.

"Why didn't you say something?"

"Why the fuck do you think? Oh hey Giles, I wanna fuck everyone I see and I wanna rub myself against everything I can see. Think it's that demon?"

"Right, I could see that being a problem."

I pout. "Is there a cure?"

"Not as such, but it does wear off after fourty-eight hours of being infected, you'll just have-"

I get up and run out of the door realising that he would lock me in the cage if he had to. Not when I have a serious case of the hornies. I guess I'll just have to find Faith.


I knock on Faith's door, fidgeting and hopping on one foot to the other.

"Faith?!" I call out impatiently. I wanna fuck, why isn't she ready for me when I wanna fuck? I wanna fuck wanna fuck wanna fuck...

I sigh and jimmy the lock, slipping into the darkened room and closing it behind me. I see her sleeping form on her bed; she mustn't have gotten a lot of sleep last night. My hand slips down to my pussy as I look at her; she's so very beautiful. I chew my bottom lip as I think of what to do.

I begin to take off my clothes, my top first, and then my jeans. I pull down my panties and un-hook my bra. I slip under the covers of her bed and lie down beside her. I wrap my arms around her body and I place soft kisses on her neck and behind her ear. She sighs and moans softly under my touch. Her eyes flicker open and she gasps.

"B?!" I silence her with my mouth and I take her hand and place it on my breast, she gasps in excitement. Her hand leaves my breast and moves down to cup my pussy, she gasps and groans; her breath quickens against my mouth.

"Wh-wh-whu... ahhh shiiit..." Faith sighs as she feels my wetness drip out all over my ass and her hand.

"Help me Faith... I'm so turned on... I can't think..." I toss my head as she slides one finger into me... I know I'm gonna come, I've been worked up all day, constantly on the verge of orgasm.

"The demon-?"

"Yeah- harder Faith... oh God, I'm gonna-" She jabs her finger into my cunt and I have my first really satisfying orgasm of the day. My vaginal walls clench around the single finger she has pushing into my body and I scream into her mouth.

She pulls away. "Jesus B! Have you told Giles? When did the demon get you?"

"I sort of attacked Giles... I wouldn't surprised if he can never look me in the eye again after some of the stuff I said to him." I sigh and move my body closer to Faith's. I begin to rub myself against her leg, her eyes flutter shut. "The demon got me last night. I thought it was a dream, I didn't realise- Faith... push your leg- yeah... oh God... harder..." Faith pushes her leg harder into my pussy making me gasp and sigh and become close to orgasm again.

"Wait B-" She makes me stop and she looks me in the eye. "You're not just using me are you?"

"No, I'm just doing something which would have come eventually but I sort of quickened up our relationship." She groans as I pinch a nipple.

"OK then. Just wanted to make sure." She grabs my ass and begins to push it harder against her leg. Pulling it back and forth over her leg, my arousal running down it. I begin to pump really fast, watching as Faith's eyes widen. I come again, gushing all over Faith's leg and crying her name out into the room.

"B, oh my God, I can't believe how hot you are... shit." I plunge two fingers into my pussy and start to pull them in and out at an alarming pace. Faith watches me, unable to take her stare away, her gaze focused on my fingers shoving in and out of my tight pussy. I take my fingers out and look at the juices coating them; she takes my hand and puts my fingers into her mouth. I groan at the sight, my eyes roll back and I gasp. I sit up and sit astride her waist, my arousal streaks her stomach and I drive my fingers back in, my walls clench around them.

"Faith... oh God! I need to-" I slip a third finger in and begin to slam them in and out. I know I'm definitely going to be sore tomorrow. An evil grin crosses her face and she grabs my hand, stopping its movements and taking it out of my pussy. She sits up and pins my body under hers, she bends down and kisses my neck.

"I need you... oh please... Faith, your fingers, please, let me touch myself..." I can't think I just need to be fucked senseless, literally.

"Sorry B, but I wanna make you frustrated." Faith grins at me and kisses my nipple softly.

"No, no, no, no." I toss my head from side to side, desperately wanting her to do something that will make me have another mind blowing orgasm.

"Yeah B, suffer." She grins and kisses the inside of my thigh; still holding my hands down and then kisses the other thigh. She places one small kiss on my clit making my hips buck.

"Faith-" I squeal, throwing my head back.

She moves back up my body and lies down on top of me, holding my arms above my head. She's breathing heavily- good sign, means she won't be able to keep this up for too much longer before she needs to come. She licks the side of my face, grinning when I make a face. She breathes heavily into my ear.

"I could smell your arousal today. You were rubbing yourself against the seam of your jeans. I could smell it!" Faith says into my ear, I start to grind my hips bucking up against her body. She slides in-between my legs and I begin to buck madly against her but she then moves away again.

"I left early cause I couldn't stand it." She sighs into my ear, then moves around and begins to kiss me deeply, her tongue sliding into my mouth and roughly meeting with mine. I suck on her tongue and her breathing increases. I know what that does to her; it makes her so hot and aroused.

"God bitch, you are so hot!" Faith whimpers into my ear. I know half of her just wants to grind against me but the other half wants to win the battle.

"I'm the bitch?" I whisper into her ear.

"No." Faith grins back; she's having great trouble trying to control herself.

"What am I then?"

"My bitch." She buries her face in my neck as I try to grind myself against her leg again.

"So I guess you have to fuck me then? You can do what ever you want to do to me; you're in control. If you had a cock... you'd fuck me." I whisper the last sentence seductively, her body tenses as numerous images flicker through her head.

"Fuck you B!" She screams and then moves down my body and she buries her face in my pussy.

"Faith!!" I scream and grab at her. Knowing what I mean she moves her body over so we're in the sixty-nine position. I feel her eager mouth cover my aching clit and she begins to suck. I bury my tongue deep inside her convulsing pussy. I think I must have really worked Faith up, she begins to buck hard against my face, my fingers rub her clit and I push my tongue as deep as I can inside her pussy. I think we come together, well close enough. I think I came a few seconds before her. She comes and I can feel her wetness all over my face. She collapses and rolls off me, looking up at the ceiling and breathing heavily.

"I have something you might like." Faith whispers so quietly. If I didn't have Slayer hearing I wouldn't have heard her.

"Oh yeah?" I whisper back. I can feel my pussy become wet again. God! I need someone to just stay in-between my legs doing whatever they want to me. Just as long as they make me come again and again and again and again...

She rolls off the bed and opens up her locker beside her bed. She brings out and black and red box, about the length of a shoebox. I think I knew what it was before she opened the box, but when she did open it, my face lit up and I gasped, my hand going between my legs.

"Oh God, Faith."

"I know B." She absentmindedly takes my hand away from my pussy. "I really wanna fuck you in every position that was ever done, and more besides."

"Do it." I spread my legs wantonly for her. Opening myself up so she can see my pink hole clench and unclench as my arousal drips out onto the bed. She takes out the strap on dildo and puts the harness around her; tightening it as the vaginal plug for her slides into her own pussy. She stands up and looks at it. She wrinkles her forehead in a grimace. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard."

"Oh God." I whimper. I begin to masturbate as I look at her. I shove two fingers into my tight hole and feel my arousal drip slightly down my legs. She takes my hand away.

"I'm here to fuck you B. You're not here to fuck yourself." She grins at me pins my hand down on the bed. She grabs my other hand and pins it down on the other side. She moves behind me and lets go of my hands. She cups my breasts, her thumbs brushing my nipples. "We're gonna do it slowly baby, not hard, we're gonna take our time." I shake my head slightly, my hand seems to make it's own way over to my pussy. She takes it back. "And I wouldn't do that if I were you. Unless you want me to tie you up-" my eyes brighten up at this remark "and have no contact with you whatsoever."

I sigh angrily and leave my arms down by sides. "Faith you don't know what I'm going through. I need- need to come."

I can feel Faith grin against my neck. "I know."

"Fuck you F. You're so gonna regret this."

"I know that too." She laughs a little and presses up closer against my back. I can feel the rubber cock bump into the small of my back and her hard nipples against my back. I consider raising myself up and then lowering down onto the cock but Faith senses what I'm gonna do and presses down on my shoulders. "Don't even consider it B."

"Where did you get the cock?" She pinches my nipples. I sigh and my head falls back and rests on my shoulders. Her mouth fixes onto my neck, nipping it and biting it.

"I stole it in Boston." She gasps as I push back against the cock.

"Used it before?"

"No. I've never had the guts." She laughs sheepishly against my ear. I reach behind and take the cock into my hand. I pull on it roughly and she cries out into my ear. "B!"

"You've had sex with another girl before?" I ask her shyly. Her hand travels south and drags through my pubic hair. Her finger slides over my clit and I let out a huge sigh.

"Why all the questions, girlfriend?" She grunts as I tug on her cock.

"Curious." I cry out as she pushes one finger into me, I pull her hands away and raise myself up then I slam myself down onto the whole length of the 7 inch dildo. We both scream together.

"B!" She gasps breathlessly against my ear. "You're gonna regret that." Even as she says it I can feel her hips begin to lift as she moves into my body.

"You never answered my question." Her hands caress my body, cupping my breasts and dragging across my stomach.

"I've had sex with other girls if that was the question." She thrusts sharply into me, I can feel the cock banging against my G-spot. I groan and slam down against the cock. It feels so good, it burns a little but I can't get enough.

"When was the first?" I ask sexily into her ear. She speeds up a little, God, this feels so perfect.

"It was in school when I was like, oh I dunno, 14? I kissed this bitch from my class. I hated the fucking whore and I dunno why I kissed her. We were fighting and I pushed her up against the wall, she was scared so I kissed her. Needless to say I had to move school after that!" She groans into my ear as I still our movements.

"What about fucking one?" I ask, her hands begin to pinch my nipples and I cover them with my hands, I groan.

"It was in Sunnydale, I was fighting with you one night, before we were together, and you got me really sexually frustrated so I went off to this bar and picked up a girl there." She thrusts again, hitting me so deep inside.

"Faith... I never knew... shit, just fuck me, babe." I slam back against her.

"God, B!" Faith gasps against my mouth. I clutch her hands, making her grab my breasts harder. She slows down the pace, then raises my hips so high I actually feel the cock slip out of me. She then slams me down, the whole cock penetrating my over turned on pussy. I cry out, muffling my cries on her shoulder.

The phone starts to ring.

Fuck it! Two minutes later would have been so much better.

Faith stops and gasps against my neck. "What do I do?"

"Well, you pick up the receiver and put it against you ear and listen." I laugh, twitching my hips, feeling the cock pull inside me.

"Fuck, I don't wanna answer it!" She reaches over and grabs the phone off her night -stand. "Hello?" She looks at me and mouths 'It's Giles.'

I grin, wondering what he's thinking. I get off of Faith's lap, wanting to see her when I'm fucking her, so I turn around and watch her.

"Yeah, she's here."

I sit down and spread my legs, my hand moves down and I slide two fingers inside my wet hole. I let out a gasp, my hips responding.

"How's she doing? Eh, well... she's OK."

Her gaze is fixed on my fingers, God! I have so much power over her! I take out my fingers and straddle her, not yet penetrating myself on the cock.

"Yes, I am aware of her current situation." Faith mumbles as I kiss her neck. "You said that it just wares off, yeah? OK, sure."

I lift myself up and feel the head of the cock penetrate my cunt, I gasp and feel my internal walls clench around it. I relax and slide the rest of the way down. I feel her hand come down and she begins to finger my clit.

"Yeah, Giles! She's right here! Wanna speak to her?" Faith hands the phone to me.

"Hi Giles."

Eh Buffy, you're OK?

"Yeah 100%..." I pause and grimace as Faith picks up the pace of her fingers. "...better." I know half of him wanted me to tell him what was happening, not gonna happen G-man.

That's good, just be careful.

Yeah, or I might die from lack of orgasm. My mouth drops open as I feel myself on the brink of coming.

"YeahwhateverGiles." It comes out as a mumbled rush. "I really have to go." I thrust the phone back at Faith and I feel her fingers pinch my clit, I put my fist in my mouth as my walls clench frantically around the cock. I whimper and gasp, my hips thrusting. Faith hangs up the phone with out saying good bye and begins to thrust against me, our stomachs slapping off each other.

I clutch the back of her neck and pull her to my lips, kissing her frantically my tongue duelling with hers. She begins to slam her cock into me as hard as she can, I match her thrust for thrust, grunting and moaning. Her hands are everywhere, her breathing is frantic, she's gonna come. She gives a single short cry as she comes, her hips bucking against mine, making me come again. Her thrusts slow and we collapse against the bed.

She runs her hands through my hair as my breathing comes back to normal.

"I need a shower..." I groan, feeling dirty.

"Can I join you?" Faith kisses me softly.

"It wouldn't be fun if you weren't there." I smile and we get off the bed and head to the bathroom.


"Yep! Fully recovered." I grin, looking at the Scoobies.

"Can I have details? Please, oh please can I have details!" Xander looks from me to Faith.

I raise and eyebrow and Faith cracks her knuckles, Cordelia slaps him on the arm and Willow looks embarrassed.

"OK, I get the message."

"Oh and Giles, look... I'm real sorry about-"

"It's OK, Buffy. Lets never speak of it ever again. Ever again." He walks into his office, his face as red as a tomato. I laugh. The rest of the gang leave and Faith and I sit there.

"I have a History test tomorrow and I haven't done a bit of study for it." I pull over my history book and open a page on George Washington.

"Listen, I'll do patrol tonight. After that slay we had the other day I wouldn't say that there would be many strolling out tonight." Faith stands up and I shoot her a grateful smile.

"You're great, y'know that?" She bends down and kisses me on the lips.

"Yeah I know." She walks out of the library and I turn back to my History book. "OK, West Virginia..."


I yawn and slip into bed, God, you wouldn't think that fucking someone would wear you out so much. I feel my eyes closing and I'm drifting off when something clatters at the window. Shit, what the fuck was that? Some serial killer coming in to stab me numerous times, OK, yeah I know I have an over active imagination. I get out of bed and go to the window just as Faith bursts in, scaring the shit outta me. She stumbles in, she's walking funny... she better not be drunk.

"Sssh! You idiot! You wanna wake my Mom?" I close the window and Faith grunts some sort of reply. I turn around and she's standing there half bent over with one hand in-between her legs. "Faith? Are you OK?"

"Oh God, I never realised that being this turned on could be so painful." She gasps and the hand between her legs starts up a familiar rhythm.

"Oh fuck."

"Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
With open arms and open eyes, yeah.
Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there;

I'll be there."
-Incubus: Drive

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