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Why Do You Exploit Me

by Mac


Rating: NC-17
Lia babe of course!
Summary: Buffy and Faith's little encounters - told from Faith's point of view.

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That's what we were.


I guess it made it more exciting for her. Outside the Bronze we would fuck like animals in heat, grunting like animals too. God, it was dirty.

"Faith..." She would whisper into my ear while we danced on the floor and the rest of the scoobs surrounded us.

"Faith... please... I want it..." She would secretly take my hand and slip it up her short skirt, hoping my fingers would play with her little clit. She would be soaked. Dripping around my fingers.

Just to be mean I'd make her wait, sometimes she'd look like she was gonna leave me. But she never did. No one else could make her feel like I did. Not even the fuck face vampire Spike. God it makes me so fucking angry just to think of him, he fucking used her for his own selfish pleasures.

Eventually Buffy would tease me so much that I'd have to fuck her, we'd leave hastily making up some excuses for the rest of the gang. She'd pull me into the closest alley, we'd kiss passionately, she used to bite down on my lips... it'd send me into an almost feral mode. I'd drop to my knees and lift her skirt to her waist. Her shaved pussy drove me insane with need, desire and so many other things. I'd drive my tongue into her lips, seeking out her clitoris and lashing it with my tongue.

"Faith! Oh God!!! Yes!!"

She'd squeal and pump her hips madly against my face, almost immediately I could feel her wetness drip out all over my chin. No matter how much I tried to drink, she was always so fucking wet for me! I loved it more than anything in the world, apart from Buffy, of course. She was wild, untamed... so unlike the normal Buffy her friends would see. This was pure B and I loved it so much.

I'd slide my two fingers inside her slick channel and pump them in and out of her body, she'd groan loudly and moan at me to keep it going... harder... faster... oh God please... She certainly wasn't quiet. I'd eventually push a third finger inside, she'd groan lowly, almost animal like. I'd fuck her faster, her pussy walls would start to clench around my fingers signifying her oncoming orgasm... and then I'd stop.

"Faith...? Faith? Please... please... fuck... I need this so bad..."

I'd unzip my leathers and take out what I had stored in there, just for her. Her eyes would widen in excitement, she'd tug on the strap on and moan loudly. She'd drop to her knees and take the whole fucking eight inches into her mouth. Normally I hate women sucking my strap-on because it just reminds me of hetero sex and that's not the reason I have the fucking cock. But when Buffy did it... whatever she did was ok by me, and when I saw her big eyes lookin' up at me so fucking innocent... if I wasn't all that wet before, I was soaked now.

"Put it in me..." She'd stand up after deep-throating my cock and pull me towards her. She'd spread her legs and pull on the cock, I'd move as close as I could to her, my breath would burst sharply against her neck. Signifying my arousal. Slowly she would guide it to her entrance and gently push the head of the cock inside herself, I'd know because she would gasp harshly and her fingers would clutch on to my arms.

"Push it in! Please Faith!!" Her voice would cry out loudly. With a quick, rough thrust of my hips the whole cock was buried inside her. I groped her breasts sordidly, panting hard in arousal; all I wanted was to get her off, make her feel good. But of course I would loose my cool... just a little... and thrust madly inside her cunt. She'd scream my name and drag her fingernails up and down my back. Those were war wounds that I was proud of.

"Faith... Faith... Faith..." She'd chant my name like it really meant something to her.

I pant into the crook of her neck, occasionally I would bite her gently, sometimes harder. She had a certain liking for pain - not whips or any of that kinky shit, but biting... a little bit of smacking... Stuff I would never have considered before meeting her. My fingers clutched into her ass cheeks hard, making her fuck my cock deeper and harder.

I loved to hear her voice catch in her throat as she took my cock as deep as she could, then she would wrap her legs around my waist and fuck herself up and down on me. She would get my leathers so wet the stains would take forever to come out - if they would ever come out at all. I'd love the feeling of her legs wrapped around me, and her hands clutching on to me hard to stop herself from falling.

She'd pull on my nipples under my top with a free hand occasionally, and whisper stuff into my ear.

"I was touching myself in the Bronze underneath the table..." I knew anyway... I had been able to smell her.

"I was masturbating last night and imagining that you were fucking me like this... my fingers slid over my clit time and time again until I had to bury my face into my pillow to stop myself from screaming out loud."

She'd say it on purpose; she enjoyed the fact that I could easily loose control when she told me stuff like that. She liked being rammed into the rough brick wall just as much as I liked ramming her into it. She would cry out loudly at the top of her lungs, her hips would gyrate and thrust insanely against me. One of my hands would disappear in between our bodies and I would start to play with her nub, while my other hand, which had been grabbing her ass, my finger would slide between her cheeks and gently flick over her puckered hole.

I'd start to whimper against her neck, her hands drove into my hair as I could feel her body tremble and shiver from the oncoming orgasm. I twisted her clit between my fingers and she burst into orgasm, her hips were a blur as they fucked against me repeatedly. I'd slow down my thrusts, prolonging her orgasm and she'd bite my ears and moan softly to me.

"Come for me Faithy... come on..."

I'd throw my head back and scream as my orgasm exploded inside me, my scream seemed to echo off the walls of the seedy alley. My hips undulated against hers and she'd come again whimpering weakly against me.

Once I had gotten some of my strength back, she'd stand up off me and let the cock out of her. Then we'd have to go back in.

Then everything would be back to normal until she'd decide she needed me again.

Then I'd still be a victim for her love. Maybe Spike used her... but I can't shake the feeling that she's just using me.

The End

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