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by Mac


Rating: NC-17
Summary: Slight AU. Post season 7. Buffy learns what it's like to not be on top.


I made her angry tonight.

Really fucking angry.

She won't even let me slay a single vampire, simply pushing me back and staking each one herself.

She won't even look me in the eye.

It wasn't really my fault that she's so angry, but she doesn't even consider that. She just flies off the handle and explodes instead, choosing the more animalistic option to go with.

She'll apologise later, I know that. But it doesn't make her any easier to deal with.

See, we were at one of my work functions. No one knows officially that me and Faith are together, most people have guessed, but I don't feel the need to share my personal life with work.

Marcus works in the same department as me, and without wanting to sound bigheaded or overconfident, but it's pretty obvious he has a thing for me.

I don't encourage him, but I also don't tell him straight out that nothing is going to happen.

I mean, the attention is nice, right? I don't know any girl who would deny that a bit of attention can make you feel wanted, and just that little bit extra special.

I figured, since we were at an official work function that he would be his normal self; a little bit suggestive, Faith would glare at him, he'd run off… and then I'd see him at work the next day.

Well, tonight didn't go as, unfortunately.

Marcus came over, as expected, however he was drunker then normal, and his leering was over the top and obvious.



"Buffy… gosh…" He grinned, widely. "You look very schexy tonight… I knew you wanted to impresh me…"

The crack of the table sounded over the music as Faith's grip dug harder into the wood.

I laughed, lightly.

Faith's body tensed.

"Oh Marcus… you're funny… but trust me, I'm not trying to impress anyone."

He slumped loosely into the chair beside me, I could hear Faith growl lowly from the other side of me.

I'm pretty sure that if Faith was able to, she would literally mark me as her property so that anyone who even considered glancing my way would spontaneously combust. And yes, I'm sure people think that it's cute, and sweet and I should feel protected, but it can also get downright scary at times too.

I could tell that at this point in time, it was verging on scary.

"Buffy…" his voice lowered to a hushed whisper. "I have seen the way you look at me at work, I have seen you stare at me… the way you bend over to reach down into the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet… always when I'm just right there…"

It was all totally crazy and made up, but it was going to be very difficult to make Faith understand that.

I could tell her rage was reaching boiling point.

"Now look, Marcus… this is completely inappro-"

He held his hand up. "Buffy, I couldn't even count on two hands the amount of times you stare down at my dick during the day… I bet you're just wondering how big it issh… and I bet you wanna wrap your lips-"

"Marcus!" I blushed violently, recoiling away from him.

The next few moments seemed to happen in slow motion. Faith stood up, flipping the table over, she took Marcus by the collar of his shirt and slammed him up against the wall. She leaned in close to his ear and spat the words out through gritted teeth. 

"Don't you fucking dare speak to my girlfriend like that! What gives you the fucking right?"

Marcus's head lolled from side to side as he squinted at her. "Your girlfriend? OH! Buffy? Well…" He leered at Faith. "I don't discriminate baby, you can join in too…"

Then he actually had the audacity to shake his hips against Faith.

She kneed him between his legs, slammed his head down against her knee. I then ran over to her, realising that a lot of people had stopped what they were doing and they were now staring at us.

She was about to deliver a swift kick to his head when I pulled her back from him.

"Buffy what the fuck do you think-" She stopped as she looked up, realising she now had an audience. "What are you staring at? Show's over! Another perverted, harassing, fucking bastard taken out."

She then pulled me towards the exit.



And so, we walked on in silence, the only noises came from Faith. A grunt and a thud as she took out the occasional vampire.

I could see the tension knotted along the top of her shoulders as she stalked along, her pressure was clearly at boiling point, and I knew anything I would say at this point would be enough to bring her over the brink.

I didn't want to be the one she exploded on.

I was still in my little black dress from the night, and I didn't want to have a full-on physical fight with her.   

The silence, however, was killing me. I'd rather talk a problem to death then be silent. And I had been silent for the past thirty minutes. I kept reaching my hand out to touch her back, to say something, but each time I bit my lip and thought better of it.

An angry Faith, was a non-communicative Faith.

Even if I argued with her in the most eloquent fashion, and detailed out my argument flawlessly, she would still maintain that she was right.

We were now walking along the street to Faith's apartment. We'd been together for a year, but we weren't at the stage where I could say that it was our apartment, even though I pretty much lived there now.

"How long?"

Her voice was husky, and dark. She didn't turn around, just continued stalking down the street.

I hesitated before I responded to her. "H-how long, what?"

"Have you been fucking him?"

She turned around this time, finally looking at me for the first time since we left the bar.

My mouth hung open. "I haven't slept with him!" I protested, indignantly.

She took a step towards me and sneered.

"Ok, let me re-phrase that for you: How long have you wanted to fuck him?"

Hello `Insecurity', its Buffy, nice to meet you again!

Faith stresses that because she's the first and only girl I have slept with and been in a relationship with, that one day I will crave to be back with a man. She worries that she can't satisfy me sexually in the same way that a man could.

It doesn't matter how often I tell her that she's made me come harder than anyone's ever made me come before. It's not about the physical act of fucking – it's about who I'm fucking.

The only reason I would actually leave her would be because of her complete and utter stubbornness.

And even then, I couldn't even leave her because of that either.

"Faith, don't be ridiculous, I don't actually want to sleep with him, why on earth would I?" I stepped closer to her, running my hands down the lapels of her leather jacket, and trying to smile up at her reassuringly.

It wasn't working; she was literally seething.

"I dunno, B… maybe you're missing a bit of thick dick to fuck." Her words were practically spat out.

My cheeks flushed hotly at her words. I couldn't work out if I was embarrassed or angry. 

But I did know I wasn't going to stand around and be spoken to like that.

I stepped away and pushed past her, heading towards her apartment. I heard her steps crunch on the gravel of the path behind me, sounding threatening and ominous.

I stopped at her door, waiting for her to let me. She stopped behind me, and I could feel goosebumps all over my skin as my slayer senses went into over-drive at her proximity to me.

"Are you going to let me in?" My voice was quiet, low and non-provoking.

"Why should I?"

"Because I'm your girlfriend and I know you love me."

"If you're mine then why're you flaunting yourself to some random fuck at work?" Her breath burst across my skin at the back of my neck. Her voice was barely above a whisper, but it was harsh and cutting, and very intimidating.

"I wasn't flaunt-"

"Lies!" Her hand slammed on the door in front of me, effectively closing me in between her and the door. "You wanted him to want you, to fucking chase you, to fucking obsess over you…"

"I didn't-"

"You bent over in front of him, making him as hard as fucking rock, teasing him, showing him what would never be his, and what will always be mine." I gasped as I felt her hand go under my dress and cup me from behind. She kicked one of my feet out to the side, spreading my legs. 

"I bet he fucking stared at your tits all day… well fuck him B, `cause they're mine too." She took her hand away from the door and pulled the strap of my dress down, exposing my hard nipple to the cool night air. She pinched it between her fingers and I let out a strangled moan. Her fingers between my legs pressed against my hole, through my panties from behind.

"It fucking riles me up so badly B, so fucking badly…" Her lips pressed against the back of my neck. "If I could cut his fucking eyes out, I would… you're only mine to look at…"

"I am only yours-"

"Well don't fucking throw yourself to other men… he wanted you to… urgh." Faith made a disgusting sound with her throat. "B he thought about you sucking his fucking cock… do you have any idea how fucking angry that makes me?"

I have an idea, I thought. But went with my better judgement and decided not to vocalise it.

She groaned and gently bit my shoulder, I shivered as a burst of arousal shot through me.

"Has it occurred to you, Faith, that the only cock I would suck would be yours? If you had one, of course. And that the only person I would do anything sexually with, is you? Who cares what some random guy thinks?"

She groaned again and pushed her fingers harder against my hole. "Uhnn B… fuck… damnit…"

Her hands disappeared from my breast and my pussy. Instead I felt her hand press against the back of my neck as she pushed me forward, so I was pressed against the door. She wasn't being rough, she was being dominant. She was showing me she was in control. Her free hand fumbled with her keys and the lock as she opened the door to her apartment.

She pushed me inside the room, and I heard the `click' as the door locked behind us. For some reason it almost echoed around the apartment, teasing me, telling me to run now while I could still walk.

"I bet you fucking enjoyed teasing that bastard every day, you're a fucking cock-tease."

I turned to look at her, shaking my head adamantly. "Faith, stop making me sound like I'm some kind of whore…"

"Just sayin' B, painting it as it is… you just wanted the attention…"

She strode towards me quickly, pulling me back against her again, running her hands down the front of my body this time. She raised my skirt, and slid her right hand underneath my panties. Her fingers came into contact with my clit and my hips jolted forward.

Her laugh in my ear was low and sexy.

"Fuck B… your pussy is so wet… you like getting me this fucking riled up?" She pinched my clit between her fingers and I cried out. "Your clit is all hard and swollen…"


She quickly ripped my black, lacy panties and I felt them fall to shreds around my feet. Faith clearly wasn't in the mood for any kind of barriers this evening, and her aggression was thrilling me to no end. I had always encouraged Faith to take the lead and be in control, but she held back to a certain level, now she was no longer doing that. Now she was fully out of control of herself, but entirely in control of me.

She let go of me and I stumbled slightly. I turned and watched as she kicked off her boots, and started to undo her leather pants. I stood staring at her as she ended up half naked. She moved over to the couch and sat down, her hips slouching forward.

"Buffy, I want you to get me off with your mouth."

I shivered at the sound of her voice, low and firm. She was never like this, and it was sending thrills right through me. She was soaked; I could see her shaven pussy glistening. My mouth watered at the sight. I desperately wanted to eat her out, and I stepped towards her, licking my lips slowly. Her eyes were half shut as she looked at me in pleasure. She wanted this so very badly.

"You're… letting me get you off?" I smiled up at her from beneath my eyelashes, and I watched as she gulped.

"Fuck, yeah B…" She breathed out, her gaze focused on my glistening lips.  

I lowered myself to my knees in front of her; her smell was intoxicating and made me lightheaded. I placed my hands on her thighs and slowly spread her legs open, spreading her pussy. I glanced down and could see her swollen pussy was completely covered in her arousal.

If I didn't know any better, I would say that Faith's jealousy turns her on.

As I moved in closer, I kissed her thigh, I felt her hips slowly rise up beneath me. Her breathing was coming a little quicker as I moved further up her thighs.

"Buffy." Her voice was low and firm.

I grinned as I moved my arms underneath her thighs and slightly raised her hips towards me, I ran my tongue up her pussy slit. Her whole body shook slightly beneath my touch.

"God…" She breathed out. She slid her hand down, and spread her pussy, exposing her throbbing, swollen clit to me. "My clit… suck it…" Her voice was breathy, and so fucking sexy.

I ran my tongue up from her hole, gathering her wetness along the way and lathered it over her clit. I felt it jump and pulse beneath my tongue. Faith's hips pumped forward, her fingers wrapped themselves in my hair, and she pulled my face harder into her pussy. I wrapped my lips around her clit and began to suck on it.

"Uhhhnn! Yes!"

Her fingers tightened in my hair, and I felt a shiver of arousal shoot through me at this ultimately submissive position. My lips pulled and tugged at her clit, I could hear her breath bursting and gasping at the sensations.

"Fuck B… damn you're so fucking good at sucking my clit…"

I shivered in arousal, my eyes slipping shut as I continued to suck on it, occasionally flicking the tip of it with my tongue, I could feel her wetness from her hole soaking the bottom of my chin. She slid forward suddenly, raising her hips a little.

"Put your tongue in my hole."

I whimpered and moved from her clit, sliding my tongue down her pussy and up and into her hole.

"Mmm fuck!"

She growled and pushed her hips hard against my face, her fingers seemed to tighten even more around my hair as she pulled me towards her.

Like I'd even want to go anywhere else.

I started moving my tongue in and out of her hole, the wet `clicking' noises filled the room, and increased both of our arousals. I could feel her hole clenching and pulsing around my tongue each time it fucked inside her, and she was clenching so tightly it was almost difficult to slide out.

She pulled me back suddenly and her eyes fixed on mine with such intense passion.

"I want you to rub your wetness on my clit."

Oh fuck… My own pussy was throbbing so badly, and since I no longer had any panties on, the cool air was highlighting the fact that I was incredibly wet.

I ran my fingers between my legs, gathering up copious amounts of my arousal on my fingers. I moved back from her pussy and she watched as my glistening fingers moved closer to her throbbing cunt. She spread herself a little wider, I could see her clit pulsing in anticipation. Her gaze was completely fixed on my fingers. I slowly, and very lightly, ran my fingers down her clit, spreading my wetness along the length of it. I watched as her hole quivered in excitement from the sensations, her head dropped back and she groaned, long and low.

"Fuck B… fuck… keep rubbing it…"

I firmly pressed my fingers against her clit and started to rub it up and down, her hips responded and moved with the motion.

"Uhnn Faith… fuck you look so sexy…" Her hips thrusting up towards me, her hands tight in my hair, her head thrown back as she was gasping.

She was getting close, I could tell from the way her body was tightening, her stomach was dipping and the gush of arousal from her hole.

She was gonna be pissed about the couch…

"God… fuck… B… I'm gonna fucking come… suck my clit… suck my fucking clit…"

I quickly moved back and wrapped my lips around her throbbing clit, tasting both myself and her from it. I moaned deeply and her hips fucked up into my mouth. Her grip around my hair became almost painful.

"Fuck!! FUCK! B! Uhhhn! Coming!" She cried out as I felt her wetness gush out against my chin, her clit pulsing and spasming in my mouth repeatedly as her orgasm rushed through her body. I felt my own pussy clenching in response, my clit was aching so much I felt like I was going to burst. I moved my hand between my legs and rubbed my aching clit lightly. 

"No B, you're not allowed to do that… I'm going to make you come." She gasped out, staring down at me. The fire in her eyes had reduced, but she was still incredibly wound up. I could see it.

Her grip eased on my hair as her breathing began to slow.

I moved back from between her legs, staying settled on my knees as I watched her recover.

"Fuck, that was so fucking hard… damn…" She stood up and helped me stand with her. She kissed me deeply, slowly. She pulled away and looked down at me. "I'm going to bend you over the couch, B… I'm gonna fuck you from behind." I felt my hole clench in excitement at her words.

"Faith… Jesus…" my eyes stared into hers. Her stare was so dark, and intense, and full of desire I could feel it almost caress my skin. "You can't just demand-"

"Don't you wanna be fucked bent over the couch?" She growled at me, and nodded to the couch arm rest in front of her.

My hole was clenching almost frantically in excitement, I could feel my wetness soaking my pussy entirely. I definitely wanted to be fucked while being bent over the couch. Faith grabbed my arm and pulled me against her body. She kissed me, so softly at first, but quickly turning into something far more passionate and deep. I moaned and whimpered into her mouth as her tongue caressed and teased mine, occasionally sucking on it.

While we were kissing she moved us both over to the couch, and suddenly she spun me around so my back was to her front, and I was facing the arm rest of the couch. She placed her hand on the back of my neck and firmly pushed me down over the couch, my whole body was on fire; I was so very excited and turned on. Her firm hand on my back kept me in place.

"Pull up your dress, B." I heard her shift stance, but I could feel her eyes fixated on me. "I wanna see your cunt."

Her words only served to turn me on impossibly; I slowly pulled my dress up over my hips. I had never felt so utterly exposed, and yet, so completely turned on. I moaned as I felt the cool air of the apartment hit my wet, hot pussy. Going down on Faith earlier had turned me on so badly, I knew it must have been pretty much a mess of wetness.

"Oh God… B…" She sounded as though she was in agony. "Fuck… you look so fucking sexy… uhn fuck… you're so fucking wet…"

I heard a thud as she dropped to her knees, fuck she was going to –

"God! Uhn!" My whole body tensed and jolted as I felt her tongue drive inside my hole. Her hands held tightly on to my hips, to stop me from moving too much against her. She moaned against my hole as she then pulled her tongue out and fucked it in again.

"Christ… Faith!"

She repeated it again; I could feel my wetness spilling out of my hole and down my thighs. I grabbed uselessly at the couch, my whole body writhing against her face as I cried out into the room.

Her hands moved to hold my ass cheeks, as she ran her tongue down to my clit, and began to flick the tip of it quickly. I shook and thrust back against her.

"Fuck, fuck… oh Faith… please… suck it…"

Faith moaned loudly in response, clearly liking that I was getting vocal and demanding. Her lips quickly wrapped around my clit as she pulled on it and began to suck on it gently. I was shaking as I moved against her face, it was too much and not enough, I sunk my teeth into the couch as she increased her suction on my clit.

"Mmfff… fuck… uhnn…"

It was clear that her intention was to get me off as quick and as hard as she could. Her right hand moved down my ass and I felt the tip of her thumb press into the entrance of my pussy. I knew my wetness must have been literally dripping all over her face, and it turned me on so badly. I pushed my hips back against her face, trying to force her thumb deeper inside me.

Each time I moved back, she pulled her thumb away. She continued sucking hard on my clit, managing to flick the very tip of it with her tongue. Each swipe of her tongue across the tip of my clit caused my whole body to jolt and shiver. I moaned helplessly into the couch as I could feel my body hurtling towards what I knew was going to be a near devastating orgasm.

"Please… fuck me… go inside me…"

"Mmmm, uhnnn…" Faith moaned and pushed her thumb half way inside my hole. She then held it there, unmoving.

"Push it… God… push it in… please… just uhn-" She slammed her thumb fully inside my hole, and sucked hard on my clit at the same time. The orgasm hit me suddenly, and with the force of a freight train. My pussy clamped down around her thumb, pulling her deeper inside me, and making her moan against my clit. My mouth hung open as I hung on the brink, almost in pain.

"Faith!" I cried out, helplessly.

Finally my orgasm took me, making my hole clench rapidly around her thumb, my wetness dripping out around her thumb and onto her face, covering her in my arousal. She gently brushed her tongue over my clit, dragging out the spasms and forcing my hips to shake and writhe against her face continuously.

"Oh God…" I whimpered. "Fuck… Faith… that was so fucking hard…"

Her fingers were digging hard into my ass cheeks as she refused to ease up the pressure on my clit. I writhed and struggled to move away from her, but her hold on me was too solid. Again, I grasped uselessly at the couch, my body writhing and arching in her hold.

Her tongue firmly flicked across my clit, over and over again. My clit was so over sensitive, I came again with a shout, a short and sudden orgasm completely overtaking me.

"Faith!! Uhn! Faith! Fuck!" I pushed my hips back against her face. She teased her thumb around my clenching hole, pressing in teasingly and then taking it back out. She suddenly moved her face away from my pussy, stood up, and slid two fingers in me from behind.

"Buffy… your pussy is so tight from behind, it's like a fucking vice around my fingers… sucking me in…" She pulled out her fingers, and slowly slid them back inside me, we could both hear the wet noises as she moved her fingers.

Fuck, I was wetter than I could ever remember being.

"It's just so fucking hot, and wet B… gonna get a strap on and seriously fuck you with it… your pussy is just so fucking tight…" Her breathing was coming in irregular bursts again, I could feel her grinding up against my ass.

Her fingers began to drive harder into my cunt, her left hand slid down around my hip and began to press down on my clit as she fucked hard into my hole. I cried out each time she fucked her fingers inside me, my body rocking and moving with her thrusts.

"Faith… God… your fingers inside me… uhhnn fuccck… I can't hold it… I can't uhh fuck…"

She increased her pace, fucking harder and harder with each thrust, grinding herself against my ass.

"Don't fucking hold it B… I want you to fucking come for me…"

I felt myself tighten in excitement, the slapping noises becoming louder as my wetness increased the closer I was to coming.

Faith started groaning, signifying her oncoming orgasm.

"Buffy… Buffy… fuckkk… I'm gonna come…" She fell forward against me, her fingers pinched my clit and I saw stars. My hole clamped down once more around her fingers, holding them tightly inside me.

"Faith! Ahh uhhnnnnn!" I practically screamed into the couch as my hole began to pulse, clench and throb, gushing out my wetness around Faith's fingers. Faith ground down hard on my ass as she rode out her own orgasm.

She fell against my back, her breathing was rapid, and matched my own. Neither of us spoke for a few moments. She slowly, and gently slid her fingers out from my hole. My body flinched.

"Fuck, B… sorry are you ok? I didn't mean to hurt you…"

I scoffed.

"Really, Faith? You're asking me that? Of course I'm fucking ok…" I moved my body a little; she was feeling heavier on top of me. "But maybe you wouldn't mind letting me move off the couch a little…"

"Fuck, right!" Faith jumped off me quickly and helped me up. I knew I was going to ache in the morning, even Slayer's bodies take a little time to heal after such an incredibly draining sex session.

She drew me into her body, and held me tightly against her.

"I hope… was that ok? I mean, I didn't… did I hurt you in any way?"

"No… you really didn't hurt me in any way…" I glanced up at her, with full arousal still evident in my eyes.

She smiled, looking utterly relieved. "I don't know what came over me… I know that it wasn't your fault… I know Marcus came on to you… but hearing you laugh at him?" I felt her grip on my arm tighten a little in anger. "Why would you do that?"

I closed my eyes, I didn't actually want more `Angry-Faith' this evening. "I did it to placate him… to try and get him to move on… it wasn't that I actually thought he was funny…"

"You gave him the wrong idea, B."

"Ok… well, it wasn't… I wasn't flirting…"

"You need to tell him about us, you need to explain to him that you're mine, and you will never, ever belong to him."

"First thing Monday morning, Faith… although I'm pretty sure after your little Neanderthal display this evening, everyone I work with realises that I am yours." I smiled a little at her, to let her know I was teasing.

"Right, yeah." She cleared her throat. "I uh, hope I didn't get you into any trouble or anything…"

"First thing Monday morning, Faith. If I don't have a job, maybe I can start a new one as your slave. From this new dominance you've been displaying, maybe it's something you might really like?" I smirked at her as she blushed.

Ha! I made Faith blush.

"Shut up B… you would fucking pay me to be my slave!" We started to head towards the bedroom.

"You wish, Faith, you wish."



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