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Slayer Dance

by Lynio


To Kelly, my freaky twin. You are the master of ‘shipper’ fics and they’ve greatly influenced my writing, wanting to tailor mine after yours with the funnies and the hotness, then now with the shippy and plotty stuff. This one is in honor of you, oh Fic Goddess.
Notes: I’ll be posting in chapters instead of making you all wait until it was fully complete. Thanks everyone for being patient, here is your reward. Sit back and enjoy the final ride.
Beta: Val, my mentor. You’re the best.
Summary: Continuation of “Private Dance” and the finale to the Dance Series. AU with Faith as the Slayer and Buffy as a Private Dancer. Their happiness is short-lived when Buffy gets bitten by a vamp. Will the truth be told and all things restored?

Chapter One

Faith’s POV


B’s body turned limp as the vamp held her by the shoulders while he fed from her. I had to get to B and help her, that mother-fucker is gonna be eating his own dust for hurting her. A huge rush of adrenaline shoots through me, fueling my rage, and making my hands tremble. It was a moment of life and death that I’ve never experienced before.

My vamp has me pinned down by the waist but my second wind allows me to maneuver my legs underneath him, quickly kicking him off me, my momentum flipping me back up on my feet. I have to finish him off as fast I can; before it’s too late, before B is drained dry.

He’s back on his feet within seconds and charges at me again with a smile on his face, thinking he has me beat with my mind so distracted, torn between saving my girl and kicking the living hell out of him. He’s quicker than your average bloodsucker, blocking my punches and avoiding my kicks. I duck to avoid his right hook and that gives me the little opening I needed to stake him, wasting no more precious time.

Dust replaces his shocked expression.

I swing around and race against the clock to B, who now looks like a rag doll in her captor’s arms. I’m more than halfway to her when a sudden glow of light engulfs her body and she miraculously comes alive. The light is so bright it blinds me temporarily and I skid to a stop.

When my eyes adjust back to the darkness, I can’t believe what I see. She had just thrown her attacker about ten feet in the air.

“What the hell. . .”

The vamp lifts himself up off the ground and scrambles back at her. She pummels him with a series of punches and kicks across the face.


My God, she’s fuckin’ kicking his ass. Her moves are so fluid and graceful that it’s spellbinding; it’s as if she was dancing. My eyes are completely glued to her every motion. Her punches are packed with unbelievable force compared to her tiny stature. The vamp is swaggering backwards just barely able to stand. Sure doesn’t look like she needs any of my help now.


I toss her my stake and she catches it in her right hand. In one swift motion, she drives it deep into his chest, hitting its target dead on.


His battered body disintegrates to dust.

I regain control of my legs and sprint the rest of the way to her.

“B, are you alright? That was incredible!”

“I’m fine, Faith.” She acts like nothing happened.

I noticed the glazed look in her eyes, emotionless, like she was possessed.

“Are you sure? I saw him bite you.”

“I said I was fi-.”

Just then, somebody flipped a switch and all the lights went out in her head. My quick reflexes were able to catch her before she could hit the ground.

“I got ya, B.

I cannot believe what just happened. B had super powers, like me! What the hell had just happened? How could that be? She was powerless up until that vamp bit her. He might have infected her somehow or worst yet, turned her? Could she have been turned so fast? It was like something took control of her body after that glow appeared. My mind is whirling with questions I can’t answer.

My confusion quickly turns to anger. Man, I wanted to stake that fucker who did this to her so bad. I wanted to break every frickin’ bone in his body and make him suffer for what he did. I never felt so much rage before. He was hurting the one I love.

WOAH. What did I just slip out? Oh shit, I used the “L” word. This is SO not me. What has she done to me?

I examine her closely; she’s unconscious in my arms, looking so peaceful. I just hope she didn’t lose too much blood. Her breathing is at least steady but her pulse is weak. Blood was still seeping from the two puncture holes on her neck. I tear off the bottom half of my tank-top to bandage her wound and stop the bleeding, leaving me with just a crop top.

I can’t take any chances in bringing her to a stupid hospital where they might not know how to cure her. This definitely reeks of magic and she’s gonna need some supernatural healing. I gotta get her to Giles’ place; he’ll know what to do. I can’t fuckin’ lose her, not like THIS, not so soon. We only just got together! Fuckin’ PTB. They just had to take it away from me; I couldn’t be happy for once, not even for a second.

I carry her over to my bike. Now how the fuck am I gonna transport her with her being knocked out? There’s no way I can steer the bike and hold her at the same time. I put the spare helmet on her head before putting mine on.

The riding position I decided on might get us pulled over for indecency but no matter, it wouldn’t be the first time I got a ticket. I had her straddling my lap facing me, her head resting on my shoulder and her arms wrapping around me. I zipped us both up in my leather jacket, luckily it was big enough to fit us snugly.

Giles’ place is a few minutes away, so I shouldn’t run into too much trouble on the road. I’m feeling all sorts of tingling with her body so close to mine. This is no time to be getting turned on, but shit, every fuckin’ bump on the road makes her crotch grind against mine. I’m only human, you know. I try to get my mind off the sensations and concentrate on getting us there in one piece.

We receive a few cat calls and whistles from guys on the way. Normally that wouldn’t bother me but tonight, I was flippin’ them the bird to shut them up. I guess I couldn’t blame them; two hot chicks on a bike straddling each other must be every guy’s fantasy.

We finally got to Giles’ place and I carried her over to his front door after releasing her from my jacket. No need to give Giles an eyeful, too. I bang on his door and call out for him. He finally opens it, lookin’ real dainty with a teacup in hand.

“Faith, what happened?”


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