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The Bandit

by Lynio


NC-17 (for explicit language and graphic sexual situations between two women)
me. You know who owns them. I’m just taking them for a joy ride through my twisted mind.
Guest Star: The Bandit. For a visual, check out: http://www.sediva.com/cgi-bin/sediva/JTB474.html?id=LUeuVXEB
Summary: Faith and Buffy spend their 5th Christmas together.
Warning: Contains hardcore hot caking sex . . . not your average holiday fruitcake.
Background: While cruising the online sex store, I came across the Bandit. (OK, I’ll admit it . . . I was Christmas shopping for myself. :P ) That’s how the idea for this story was born.

Dedication: This is for everyone who provided feedback on my first fic “Lap Dance” and encouraged me to write more. That includes Val, Dylan, Raven, Dee, Lil Jen, Mint, Liz, Diva, Sophie, Huntress, Tigris, Tara, and last but not least, Wicked1 (my little Wicky). This is my Christmas gift to you. “Merry Christmas everyone . . . and to all a good fuck.”

Beta’d: Desirata, my wonderful beta reader and mentor. I couldn’t do it without you.

Faith’s POV

It’s Christmas time again.

Can you believe B and I have been together for almost 5 years now? I remember our first Christmas together. Well, OKAY, so we didn’t technically spend that Christmas together. I pretty much spent it with Mrs. S and I still have fond memories of it. Mrs. S was one cool lady.

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m in the mall looking for a gift for B. I know, I know, I’m last minute girl what can I say? I’m too busy slaying, laying, slaying, and laying with my favorite Sister Slayer.

Besides, if I got the gift too soon, B would beg to open it and give me those puppy dog eyes. I would’ve given in and let her open it before Christmas, then that would still leave me shopping today for another one. This way, I’m only shoppin’ for her once.

I already know what I want to get her.

The mall is all decked out in Christmas cheer and the line to get your silly picture taken with big fat Santa is crazy long. I fight the crowds and head for my store.

It’s the adult store of course. B and I go through so many toys ‘cuz they don’t last very long with us. They end up somehow malfunctioning or breaking in two. They still haven’t come out with one that’s durable enough to withstand a Slayer’s orgasm.

Hey, don’t look at me.

They always seem to break when I’m using them on B. See a pattern there? She claims I’m not using them correctly. PLEASE . . . I must be doing something right ‘cuz I always have her screaming my name when she comes.

I walk into the store and look at the new arrivals. One catches my eye. It’s called The Bandit. It’s made of finely polished granite and claims “will last forever.” Now this might be the one I’ve been looking for. Try breaking this B. I look at the price sticker. Goddamn, a hundred bucks? Well, fine, my B is worth it. I’m gonna so want my money back if this shit breaks. I don’t care how it would look. I’ll bring the broken fucker back to the store and demand a refund.

You don’t know B, her walls clamp so shut when she comes that she breaks bone. Believe me, it’s happened . . . thank God for slayer healing. I look at my two fingers in question. They kind of have a permanent hook after the bones fused back together. B doesn’t complain though, seems I can automatically hit her G-spot with this disfigurement. I had a hard time explaining how my fingers broke to G-man. I shoulda just told him, “I broke my fingers sticking them in a dyke.” I wouldn’t have been lying, that’s pretty much how it happened.

I laugh out loud thinkin’ about it and people turn to look at me like I’m crazy. I crack myself up sometimes.

I grab The Bandit and make the clerk bag it up for me and then I head home. I make it in time for dinner. It’s just B and me tonight. We’ll have dinner, drink eggnog and sit in front of the fireplace. Then we’ll open our presents for each other.

We’re snuggling next to the fireplace. B and I are getting a little buzzed from the two servings of liquored eggnog. It gives me an idea…now that my B is loosening up.

I go and take a candy cane from our Christmas tree. I unwrap it and stick the curved end in my mouth. I sit real close to her and offer her the other end. She takes it in her mouth and we share it that way.

She’s sucking on her end of it like a popsicle. Then she starts to lick the tip of it as if she’s teasing a cock, making circular motions with her tongue. Then she bobs her head back and forth taking in more and more of the cane with each stroke. All the while staring straight at me with that look of sinful lust. She’s making me wet just from the way she’s eyeing me. No wonder guys like getting their cocks sucked, it looks so dirty and obscene, yet so incredibly arousing when it’s done to you. I end up biting into my end of the candy cane.

I’m chewing and biting into the cane just as fast as I can. I can’t take it anymore. I want to kiss her NOW. Finally our lips crash into each other. We’re kissing each other so hard that my face is practically molding into hers making it hard to breathe.

I grab the back of her head; pulling her even closer. My tongue forces its way inside her mouth and wrestles with hers. I can taste the peppermint in her mouth and it cools our fiery kiss. She’s moaning into our hungry kiss and I bite her lower lip then start sucking on it. I slowly pull away and take along her lower lip. It slips from my mouth and rebounds back to her. Her lips become swollen from the bruising kiss I just gave her. It leaves me breathless and craving for her body.

I look deep into her green eyes and I ask her, “Are you ready for your gift B?”

She smiles and nods her head excitedly. “OK, I’ll be right back, stay right here.”

I run to the bedroom and strip naked. I break open the package I bought for B and strap it on. I take a look at myself in the mirror, and notice how much bigger it seems when hanging from my body. It’s bigger than the usual toys we get and so heavy that I have to support it with my hand, otherwise it would hang down like a third leg.

I yell out to B asking her to close her eyes before I come out. I return to the living room and position myself so the Bandit is right in front of her face.

“OK, now you can open ‘em B.” She opens her eyes and jumps away from me. She looks with actual terror at the offending object that was just inches from her face.

“What’s the matter, B? You don’t like it? I bet you can’t break this one baby. I’m hard as a rock.”

“Faith, you are NOT putting a piece of STONE inside me. No, freakin’ way.”

She gets up and starts to run away from me. I begin the chase. We’re running all over the house with me chasing her in my birthday suit and Christmas package. I know she likes playing these games. Likes to play hard to get. Then I get my reward in the end when I catch my prey. She giggles some more and heads for the kitchen. I jump over the couch and cut her off at the kitchen doorway. I pin her against the doorframe.

“Gotcha, B.” She’s panting from the exertion. Slayer foreplay I tell ya, gotta love it. I look up and point out the mistletoe hanging above us.

“Looks like you owe me a kiss, B.” I say huskily wiggling my eyebrows at her.

B responds to my body whenever we’re this close. Her defenses always melt and she lets me have my way with her. She gently smiles and starts to shower my face with soft little kisses making sure every inch is thoroughly kissed. Starting with my forehead, she works her way down to my cheek, across my nose to my other cheek, then down to my chin. The corners of my mouth are next . . . teasing me . . . seducing me. I’m wanting her even more now and my body heat starts to rise. She pulls back slightly then, and looks deep into my eyes. I’m swimming in her green oceans. Finally she leans back in and kisses my lips. The contact is slow and inviting. My tongue licks her upper lip as she grants me access to her mouth. Our kisses grow more passionate, more needy.

Her fingers start running through my hair down to the base of my head. She pulls me closer and my body presses harder against her.

“Oh . . . B . . . I want . . . you . . . so much,” I whisper between kisses.

I reach down and lift her thighs wrapping her legs around my waist. We never break our kiss as I carry her into the kitchen and gently sit her on the kitchen table.

“I wanna unwrap my gift now, B.” I say in a low throaty voice looking at her seductively.

I begin to peel off her clothing. Her shirt and bra are gone in an instant. I start kissing and sucking on her neck working my way down to her small perfect breasts. I take one nipple in my mouth teasing it with my tongue as I massage her other breast with my hand. My thumb grazes across her hardening nub and I squeeze it between my fingers. She moans at my touch and clutches my head, crushing my face into her chest. I can smell the faint vanilla musk she likes to wear. She knows it drives me crazy.

I’m so turned on by her that I just can’t wait any longer. I’m dying to have my lips on her sweet pussy. My free arm wraps around her and I gently lay her down the table. I start unzipping her pants. She lifts off the table slightly so I can slide her pants off her waist. Seems like B can’t wait either ‘cuz she’s working on gettin’ her panties off while I’m pulling off her pant legs.

I pull her closer to the table’s edge and kneel before my prize. She’s already so wet; her pussy lips are glistening in the glow of the flickering Christmas tree lights. I move in closer and take in a deep breath of her aroma. The damp musky smell arouses me even more.

I place her legs over my shoulders and wrap my arms around her upper thighs to hold her still. I lean down to tease her with the tip of my tongue and flick it over her sensitive clit. She bucks at first contact so I tighten my hold on her. I take her clit into my mouth and suck on it gently. Then with the full length of my tongue, I lap her pussy with long, lingering strokes parting her lips and teasing her hole. B starts to grind into my licks begging for more attention.

Then I take more of her pussy into my mouth. I suck hard to create a vacuum around her clit causing it to become more engorged. While holding the suction with my lips, my tongue licks her clit from the inside of my mouth. B is trembling uncontrollably and grabbing hold of my head, pulling at my hair.

“Oh . . . god . . . oh baby . . . oh yeah . . . you’re so good” she cries out.

I insert two fingers into her tight hole. She gasps and curls her back off the table at the unannounced intrusion. She’s pulling harder at my hair pleading with me but I don’t let up. Her breathing is getting uneven. And my other arm is pressed against her stomach steadying her hips. I pump my fingers into her using deep steady thrusts while my talented tongue works on her clit. I can feel more fluids escape her and trickle down my chin as she gets close, so I slow it down. I don’t want her to come just yet.

I slow my lapping and thrusting to a complete stop. With my fingers still deep inside her, I strum my fingers against her walls like I’m playing an instrument. She loves it when I do that.

“Aaaaaaaah . . . baby,” she moans out. Do I know my B or what?

I restart pumping her and add a third finger. She’s dripping wet right now and my clit is throbbing for some friction. I thrust into her faster and deeper, my curved fingertips hitting her G-spot. I suck harder onto her clit. She starts to buck wildly like a raging bull, but this cowboy is hanging on tight. I feel her inner walls start to contract against my fingers followed by a rush of fluids escaping from her opening.


I slow down my rhythm to ride out her orgasm. My fingers are still inside her and I can feel her pussy walls pulsing. I tap her enlarged button sharply with my tongue and she yelps. She pushes my head away from her. She’s super sensitive and can’t handle any more stimulation. I slowly take my fingers out of her and notice the caking at the base of my fingers. Damn, B got hot as hell this time. So hot that she cooked her own juices. I lick my fingers clean and feast off of her delicious nectar. I give her some time and wait for her breathing to return to normal. Meanwhile, I’m kissing her along her inner thighs and caressing her legs and stomach.

Oh, but I’m not done with her yet. I look up at her limp on the table enjoying my light touching. I move up to face her and press my body against her. She wraps her arms around me. I’m suckling on her ear as I press my breasts into hers. Our nipples join in an intimate kiss as I rub against her. All this teasing is not enough to relieve my advanced state of horniness. I want to fuck her with our new toy. Her breathing becomes labored as she moans, responding to my rubbing and suckling.

I lift my head to face her. “Can I give you my present now?” I ask with puppy dog eyes.

She gives me a surrendering smile and nods her head. See? I knew my girl would come around. Plus, I too can get my way with puppy eyes.

I stand up and position the tip of the dildo at her entrance. I spread her legs wider and use the juices that are seeping out of her tunnel as an effective lube. I hold it with one hand and tease her entrance and clit with the fleshy tip. She strains her hips forward to get more friction from it. The fire from her center is heating up the cold stone.

“Now baby . . . fuck me now.”

I guide the tip slowly inside her. My other hand swings a leg over my shoulder to give me more access. I don’t want to hurt her so I wait until her body adjusts before going further.

“You OK, B?”

Her eyes are shut tight but she nods for me to go ahead. I gently push my hips forward but stop whenever she winces. She’s so tight. She must’ve panicked at the thought of granite in her.

“Just relax, baby.”

I bend over to kiss her, holding her leg in place against my shoulder. B is nice and flexible. She wraps her arms around my neck and we’re kissing gently. Her walls start to relax allowing the dildo to slip deeper into her. With half of the dildo now inside of her, I start making slow, shallow thrusts. With each thrust, she takes me eagerly inside her. Pretty soon, I’ve got the whole thing inside.

I’m fucking her with long, slow movements, the base of the dildo rubbing against my clit with each steady thrust. She’s getting more into it as she matches me stroke for stroke in perfect unison. Our Slayer bond lets us synchronize our rhythm even in screwing. I pull my body up a little shifting her leg slightly, opening herself to me even more. Then I latch my hand onto her shoulder for leverage. Placing my other hand on the table for balance, I start to pound into her harder and faster. My hips are rocking in slayer speed. I’m able to penetrate her to the hilt by pulling her toward me with each thrust.

I can feel my orgasm building with each hard push, its silky smooth surface colliding with my clit dead on. The table is creaking and barely withstanding the violent attack we’re giving it.

B reaches for me as she nears her orgasm. I drop her leg and pull her to my chest while I brace us on the table with one hand. She wraps her legs around my hips and her arms tightly around my shoulders as I pound even faster into her channel. The nasty, wet smacking sounds fill our ears and drive us closer to the edge. She’s soaked.

Droplets of sweat roll down my face. Only Slayer stamina can last this long with B and my orgasm is nearing peak. I shut my eyes and try desperately to hold on a little longer. B has me in a death grip and her breathing is out of control. I thrust into her, one last time. She bites into my shoulder and muffles her scream as she releases her second orgasm. I lose control and a wave of electricity flows through the muscles in my body from my stomach down to my legs. My lower body convulses. My cum oozes out of me and rolls down my thighs.

“Aaaaaaaah . . . faaaaaaah . . . Beee.” I breath out barely able to form the words.

My body is still trembling from the wave. With my legs ready to give out from under me, I crash on top of her. Her back lands on the table with a thud. I try to catch my breath. I know I must be crushing B, but I can’t move a muscle. My body is fully exhausted but thoroughly satisfied.

She slowly runs her fingers up and down my back soothing my body. It takes awhile for me to regain my senses. I must’ve dozed off a little ‘cuz it’s now almost dawn. I notice we’re still in the same position with me lying on top of her. She’s awake and watching me sleep. I give her a big winning grin after recalling the night’s events.

“So, B . . . did I rock your world?” I ask mischievously. She rolls her eyes.

“Yes, baby, you definitely ROCKED me. You can take it out now by the way.” She says mockingly.

I didn’t realize I haven’t pulled out of her yet. That was some big “O,” knocked me out like a light. I look down and see that we are indeed still attached. I slowly slide it out of her and notice The Bandit survived B’s vaginal vise grip.

I proudly show her the intact glistening toy. “Look B, it didn’t break.” She pulls me back into her arms and plants a huge kiss on my lips.

“Thank you so much for my Christmas gift, baby . . . I love it.”

“Good . . . ‘cuz I plan on makin’ EVERY night Christmas.” I waggle my eyebrows for good measure.

This Bandit might actually last forever . . . with us . . .


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