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by KW Jordan

Chapter One

The telephone rang and Buffy Summers sighed, Right on time.

She knew who the caller was without answering the phone. The call had come every Tuesday night at seven PM for the past three months and they hadn't been late yet. The caller never spoke if someone other than Buffy answered the phone and they'd had several "prank calls" before she'd finally answered the first one. The first time she hadn't known what to make of it and she'd hung up the moment she heard the familiar husky voice speak.

She thought back to the first couple of times she'd answered the call and winced.

The first time, she'd been laughing at something Willow had just said as she reached for the phone. She'd picked it up and answered with laughter in her voice, "Hello?"

There was silence for a long moment and she repeated, "Hello?"

Finally, the voice she hadn't expected answered, "B? Please listen-"

The intense surge of anger had caused her to hang up before Faith could finish the sentence and she'd sat in silence for several seconds, missing Willow and Tara's concerned attempts at gaining her attention. When she'd gotten over her shock, Buffy had shook it off and told them who had called. She'd ignored any attempts at discussing why Faith had called and just pushed it to the back of her mind.

The next time the call came Buffy had been able to resist her first instinct. But her reaction hadn't been much better.

She'd been helping Dawn with her homework when the phone rang. She'd rolled her eyes and said, "Hang on a sec, Dawn. Just let me answer this real quick."

She'd reached for the phone as Dawn got up for a short break. She brought the phone to her ear and said, "Hello."

"B?" The husky voice caressed her ear and it had taken her a few moments to shake off the shivers it sent up her spine.

Buffy's nostrils had flared as she sucked in a harsh breath and then she'd growled, "Go to Hell, Faith."

"Please, B. What will it take to get you to listen to me?" Faith had asked hoarsely.

"Hell will freeze over first, F; be sure to let me know when that happens," Buffy had said flatly before hanging up.

The rest had gone along the lines of the second call and they hadn't gotten any better. Then there'd been the last time she'd picked up the phone. Buffy grimaced at the memory.

It had been a month and a half since she'd let any one answer Faith's call. She hadn't meant to answer the phone but she'd been having a bad day. It had just been a few days since Spike had tried to rape her and she was still trying to get past it. It was one of those days when it was on her mind the most and she hadn't thought much of answering the phone.

She'd reached over the arm of the couch and grabbed the phone just after the second ring. She'd brought the receiver to her ear and glanced absently at the TV as she said, "Hello?

"How long will it take you to hang up this time, B?"

She'd rolled her eyes at the clock on the VCR beneath the TV in exasperation when she'd realized what she'd just done. Oh God, she'd silently bemoaned.

Before she could stop herself, she'd asked, "What will it take to get you to stop calling me? Will I have to kill you to get you to stop?"

A throaty laugh had answered her and then Faith had said softly, "Oh, I don't think you'll have to go that far. I just want you to listen to me, B. And then, if you want you'll never hear from me again."

Buffy had growled in frustration and then she'd spat out, "We don't always get what we want, F." Before she could stop herself, she'd continued bitterly, "For example, I want to have just one day where my friends, and Dawn and me aren't in danger 'cause I'm a slayer. Or how about, I want to be able to close my eyes and not have to see Spike's face as he tries to rape me."

Her breath had been coming in short, sharp bursts by that point and she'd only dimly registered what she'd admitted and to who. She could feel the adrenaline pumping through her veins with each thundering heartbeat. Her throat had tightened with the emotions she was feeling and her hand was clenching the phone tight enough to make it creak from the strain.

"Buffy? Come on, you're worryin' me here. Say somethin' just so I'll know you're okay."

The anxiety in her voice and the sound of her full name coming from Faith had pulled Buffy back from the memory. Anger flushed her face when she'd realized what had just happened and she'd flatly said, "Don't call again, Faith. I swear I won't be responsible for what I'll do if I hear you again."

It hadn't been the first time the short conversations had ended with a threat and she'd suspected that Faith wouldn't resist calling this week. Buffy gave a weary sigh as she reached for the phone. She brought it to her ear and waited quietly.

After a couple of minutes of listening to the soft breathing on the other end of the line, Faith Lehane sighed and asked, "You there, B?"

"I told you not to call again, Faith."

"It's not the first time and I doubt that it'll be the last one either, B. I'm gonna keep callin' 'til ya listen to me."

Buffy closed her eyes and contemplated it for a moment. When she opened her eyes again, she sighed and said, "Then talk, Faith. The sooner this stops, the sooner I can forget about you."

"Ouch, B; you really know how to hurt a bitch," Faith said sarcastically.

"Bitch being the operative word," Buffy growled.

"Oh, baby. You know I love it when you talk dirty to me." The soft moan Faith added to the end of her statement caused Buffy to shudder and her nipples hardened.

Oh, God. Not now. She closed her eyes and took a steadying breath. She released it slowly and a soft whimper escaped.



Stunned at the sound she'd just heard, Faith slouched down on the couch in the guard's office. She caught the guard captain's eyes and winked at him to let him know that her call was being accepted and he lifted his hand to gesture that she had thirty-five minutes. She nodded in agreement and waited for him to close the door behind him.

When she was alone, Faith said, "B? I really want you to listen to me, aight?"

Buffy swallowed hard and growled, "Get on with it, Faith."

The brunette chuckled and brought her hand up to the buttons on the front of her orange prison uniform as she said, "I won't apologize yet, 'cause I know what you said about that. But I will tell you that I wish I hadn't done all that stuff."

She slipped the buttons from their holes, one at a time as she continued, "Now don't interrupt me, aight?"


Good girl. Faith bit back the words, knowing that patronizing the blonde wouldn't get her anywhere. She reached the last button on the coveralls as she said, "I was wrong to lie to G-man 'bout what happened that night in the alley."

A soft snort answered her and she teased, "Now, now, B. You said you'd listen to me."

"Fine," Buffy growled.

Faith leaned forward and shrugged out of the top half of the uniform as she continued, "And I shouldn't have done what I did to Xander." She smirked and said, "Now, I ain't sayin' that I'm sorry I popped his cork, but I do regret the way I treated him afterwards."

She ignored the snort of disgust from the other end of the line and set the phone aside so that she could quickly pull her white undershirt over her head. She tossed it to the other end of the couch and retrieved the phone. She pressed it to her ear and said, "And I shouldn't have done what I did to Red either."

She traced her index finger over the jagged scar on her abdomen and shivered. She licked her bottom lip and said, "I shouldn't have poisoned soul-boy."

She flattened her palm against her belly and slid it upwards until her fingertips brushed the underside of her right breast. She caressed the sensitive flesh and said breathlessly, "I never should've come after you when I woke up in the hospital."

She cupped her breast and squeezed it, feeling her nipple harden painfully against her palm. She pinched the rigid tip and said, "Never should've taken your body on a joy-ride either."

She abandoned her breast and slid her hand back down her belly. Her fingertips brushed the coveralls that were pooled around her waist and she asked hoarsely, "You still there, B?"

She answered softly, "Yeah, Faith; I'm still here."

Faith slipped her hand beneath the coveralls and the elastic waistband of the prison issued panties she wore beneath the uniform. Her fingers sifted through damp curls and she said, "I shouldn't have taken Mrs. S. hostage or hit her."

She felt her clit twitch as her fingers repeatedly slid over the swollen, throbbing mass of nerves. She tweaked it firmly and groaned, "And I shouldn't have fucked beefstick."

The situation was rapidly spiraling out of control. While she meant the things she was saying and her need to say them was the reason she'd called in the first place, she also needed to cum in the worst kind of way. She had to get the release she'd been unable to find since arriving at the prison and if she could get both her needs filled then so be it. She bit her lip to silence a moan.

She heard a soft gasp on the other end of the line and realized she hadn't been as successful as she'd hoped. She paused and let her eyes drift to the rough green and brown flannel couch she was half-sprawled on as she waited for Buffy's reaction. After a minute of silence, she asked hesitantly, "Buffy?"

Chapter Two

The blonde couldn't believe what she'd heard. The low, guttural moan she'd heard couldn't have been what she thought it was. She realized quickly that she was just fooling herself with the denial. The thought of hanging up crossed her mind and she hesitated.

Why is she doing this? Better yet, why am I still listening? Buffy nibbled her bottom lip indecisively. The rough breathing on the other end of the line filled her ears and the older slayer swallowed hard.

She's... she's touching herself and I'm listening. There's something wrong with this picture. She squirmed on the edge of the couch and bit back a groan when the seam of her jeans rubbed her engorged flesh. Oh, God, I'm wet.

"Buffy?" The timid tone did nothing to disguise Faith's obvious arousal and Buffy shuddered.

She gulped and stammered, "W-what are you doing, Faith?"

"P-please, Buffy. I really, really need this. J-just let me do this and I swear, I won't bother you again if you want," Faith groaned.

The blonde hesitated for another moment and then she heard a desperate whimper. Her body made the decision for her and she lowered her voice, "Faith, I-I can't believe I'm doing this but okay."

A stunned moment of silence and then the brunette asked eagerly, "Okay? You mean it?"

She unbuttoned her pants slowly and said coyly, "Yes, but I don't know what to do."

Faith swallowed audibly and said, "Just, uh, just touch yourself the way you like and tell me what you're doin' or what it feels like or somethin'."

She blinked and asked innocently, "W-what are you going to do while I'm doing that?"

Faith chuckled and said hoarsely, "I'm gonna fuck myself the way you're describin' and pretend it's you doin' it."

"Oh," Buffy said thickly. Her hand shook as she slid the zipper down on her jeans.

When her pants were unzipped, she pushed her panties and the jeans down to her ankles. Hesitantly, she laid her hand on her thigh and let it drift to the apex of her thighs. When her hand accidentally grazed her pussy lips, she groaned, "I'm so wet."

Faith asked throatily, "Oh yeah, B; you playin' with that pretty little cunt now?"


Faith was hesitant as her fingers picked up their pace, a little afraid that Buffy would suddenly realize what she was doing and decide to stop. Eventually, she quit worrying and concentrated on the electrifying sensations going through her. It didn't matter to her that Buffy sounded unsure in some places as she described what she was doing. Just the thought of what was happening was almost enough to make her cum. Hoarse, nonsensical noises bubbled up past her full lips as she imagined Buffy fucking her.

"My clit's so swollen, Faith. I don't think it's ever been this sensitive before. It jumps every time I touch it. Fuck that feels so good.

"I'm smearing cum all over it, Faith. There's so much that it's practically pouring from me. Oh," She gasped softly.

Faith moaned and pleaded, "Go inside. Please, B. Please."


"Not just yet, baby," Buffy breathed into the receiver and pillowed the phone between her head and her right shoulder. With her hand free, she was able to let it drift under her shirt to cup one of her breasts.

She gently scraped her nails over the aching tips and groaned, "God, my nipples are so hard, Faith. I love the slight pain of my nails dragging over them."

She heard a whimper and felt her pussy clench. She gasped, "Oh, fuck. I love that sound, Faith."


Faith whimpered again and begged, "Please B. Tell me more."

"My p-pussy i-is throbbing. I need to feel somethin' in me so I pushed two fingers all the way in me." Her voice broke and she gasped, "Oh that feels s-so good."

Faith pounded two fingers inside her own cunt and groaned in agreement, "Fuck yeah it does."

"I need more. Oh, God. I'm stretched around three fingers and I'm s-so full. I'm grinding my palm against my clit to get some friction there. It feels so good," She ended in a low whine.

Faith stiffened and slammed her fingers into herself harder. She picked up the speed and gasped, "Almost t-there, B-Buffy."


Faith's announcement caused Buffy to grind harder against her palm and she whimpered softly. She groaned, "Oh God; so c-close, baby."


"Oh God, oh God, oh God, Buffy," Faith gasped as she felt herself balancing on the edge of release.

"Faith, Faith, Faith," She heard repeated hoarsely in her ear and she clenched her eyes shut and arched her back as she fell over the edge into oblivion.


The blonde heard Faith let out a long, loud cry that ended in a high-pitched squeak and the phone fell from her hand as she reached her own release. "Faith," She screamed breathlessly.

When she came back down, she slumped against the couch and weakly turned to look for the phone. She retrieved it from the floor and brought it back to her ear. She could faintly hear hoarse breathing so she asked timidly, "Faith?"


Dabbing at the sweat on her forehead with her undershirt, Faith hoarsely said into the phone, "Yeah, B. I'm here."

There was silence for a moment and then she asked softly, "What does this mean?"

The brunette hesitated and then opened her mouth to speak. Loud knocking at the door halted her attempt at an explanation and she said, "Hold on, B."

Instead of waiting for a reply, she set the phone aside and jerked the white undershirt on. She tucked it down inside of the coveralls and then pulled the coverall sleeves back up her arms. She buttoned the coveralls with one hand as she stood up and walked over to open the door a crack. She sighed when she saw the guard captain standing outside the door.

"Time's up?"

He nodded and said, "I can give you two more minutes, but no more than that."

Faith smirked and said, "Aight, just give me those two minutes to finish up."

She closed the door and walked back over to the couch. She picked up the phone and held it to her ear as she finished buttoning the coveralls. When she was done, she said, "B? Listen, I know we need to talk, but the guard said my time's up. Any longer and he'll be in some serious shit."

"O-okay," Buffy stammered weakly.

Faith tried to ignore the quiet sniffles she heard as she said awkwardly, "Yeah, well. Be careful, aight?" She heard a soft murmur of agreement and said, "Well, bye."

She hung up the phone and stared at it. She felt wetness on her face and reached up to touch her cheek, surprised to find that she was crying. Oh fuck. I should've just ignored my fuckin' libido.

She returned the phone to the base on the desk and left the office. She ignored the guard captain when she passed him and the other prisoners she came across as she stalked through the prison back to her cellblock. When she reached her cell, she was relieved to find that her cellmate was absent. She slumped down on her cot on the bottom of the rack and buried her face in her hands.


Buffy jerked her head up when she heard the front door open. She curled tighter into the corner of the sofa and smiled weakly at Willow.

"Hey," She said softly.

The redhead furrowed her eyebrows in concern and asked, "Are you okay, Buffy?"

She shrugged and said, "I-I don't know."

Seeing Buffy glance down at the phone in her hand, Willow asked, "Did someone call?"

She nodded and said, "Yeah, Faith did."

Concerned, the Wiccan blurted out, "What happened this time?"

Buffy felt her cheeks heat up with her embarrassment and tried to ignore it as she stammered, "I-I finally talked to her. I-I figured that maybe if I let her get whatever it was off her chest, she'd stop calling."

Willow raised her eyebrows and asked warily, "What did she say?"

Buffy opened and closed her mouth a few times as she tried to answer. Finally she closed her mouth and swallowed hard before trying again, "I-I, she, I-I mean, we talked. She admitted that she shouldn't have done all that stuff." And then we proceeded to fuck ourselves together and I've been sitting here obsessing over it for the past five minutes.

The blonde bit back a humorless smirk. No, I don't think I'll be telling Willow about that. I don't understand it myself, so I'm not about to try to explain it to someone else.

Willow frowned and said, "So what's the big deal? It's not like she means it."

She shrugged in answer and stood up as she said softly, "Yeah, I know. I just wish that she did mean it." I wish that I knew what she meant by it, and what it means to me.

The Wiccan rolled her eyes and said, "We should just hope that she won't call any more now that she's said what she had to say."

Buffy nodded absently and headed towards the stairs. "Yeah, Will. You're right."

When she got upstairs, Buffy went to her bedroom and shut the door behind her. She leaned back against the door and sighed sadly. There's too much stuff in our past for us to try to make anything of what just happened so maybe Will is right. It'd be for the best if Faith doesn't call again.

She let the tears fall unhindered. I'm still angry at her and I'll probably never be able to trust her again. She tried to dredge up any remaining anger and found that she just felt empty. Oh, God. I should've just ignored the call.

The End


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