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Alpha Bitch

by KW Jordan

Summary: Faith and Buffy like to play in the rough trade.
Rating: NC-17


I heard one of the other Slayers callin' her an alpha bitch earlier. I damn near choked on my coffee laughin'. They were complainin' 'cause she was bitchin' 'em out for losin' track of a demon they were huntin' on patrol. I got a little worried when they said she'd been injured fightin' it, but right now I ain't got a care in the world.

All I can do at this moment is hang onto the edge of the counter with all my strength and pray to God my legs keep holdin' me up. She took me by surprise when I came into the kitchen to get a late night snack. I didn't even get a chance to turn on the light 'fore she had me bent over the island. I was drippin' wet and moanin' in seconds.

Hot breaths caress my ear with each unsteady inhale and exhale. Her hips slap against my ass each time she pushes the strap-on in and out of my pussy. It's gotta be one of the bigger ones she bought last month in LA, 'cause it's got me stretched open wider than I've gotten used to in the five months we've been together. I ain't complainin' though, 'cause I can always appreciate gettin' a little pain with my pleasure.

"Have I ever told you how much I love it that you walk around naked at home?" She asks harshly, nippin' my earlobe at the end.

"M—maybe once or twice," I gasp, slammin' back against her to meet her thrusts.

Her movement suddenly stops and I freeze as I realize what I've just done. She tugs on the leather collar 'round my throat to make me look at her and hesitantly, I turn my head to comply. I swallow hard at the anger I see, but my anxiety is overshadowed by my concern when I see the dark purplish red bruise spreadin' across her cheek. She must sense it, 'cause she pauses and gives me a reassurin' grin.

"It's just a bruise. You should see the other guy," She quips.

Relieved, I smile and then she continues with her earlier intent, makin' my smile fall, "I believe you forgot to tack something onto the end of that answer, F."

I wince and nod jerkily, bitin' my lower lip. I lower my eyes from hers, tryin' not to appear challengin'. There are times when our relationship thrives on confrontation, but this moment ain't one of 'em. She clearly wants to play.

"You want to try again?"

Instinctively knowin' what she needs, I say apologetically, "Yes, Mistress."

She releases the collar and without warnin', her hips slam forward again. I grunt as I'm filled harder than necessary and then the rhythm eases back into the one she'd had before. She bites my neck roughly and then licks a path from my shoulder to my ear.

I love the way she fucks me. It's like she reads my mind, the way she knows just when I need it rough, when I crave it slow, and when I need to be put in my place. There's the occasional time when she takes me the way she needs, but I always enjoy it in the end. That's just the way our relationship evens itself out, even if our friends don't get it.

They were a little freaked when we first started datin', and then when our playtime started leakin' into the daytime, they didn't know what to think. I can't really blame 'em. Learnin' that your friend who's usually uptight to the max likes to play in the rough trade with her former enemy can't be easy. 'Course, they wouldn't have found out if I hadn't grown fond of wearin' my collar and decided to wear it outside our bedroom.

I moan as she reaches around me to twist my nipple. Fuck, she was so pissed when I walked into that Scooby meetin' wearin' my collar. She tore my ass up somethin' wicked when we went home and I couldn't sit comfortably for a week. But I loved every smack.

The tension coilin' in her body finally registers and I grin, addin' this up with what I'd overheard from those junior Slayers. I spread my legs wider and lean further over the counter. She moans as she follows, keepin' our bodies in contact as her hips keep pumpin' into me. She latches her mouth onto my neck and sucks, hard.

She needs this and she needs it bad. It's the life of a Slayer; mostly good—sometimes a bitch. Her breathin' hitches and a low whine starts in her throat, signalin' the onslaught of her release. I love the sounds she makes when she gets close to comin'. It's different with each of her moods.

Her hips slam forward, buryin' the dildo as far inside me as it can get and I can feel it twitchin' erratically along with her. Her fingers clutch at my breast while her free arm wraps around my waist and holds on tightly as she struggles to stay on her feet. I'd help her, but I know she ain't done with me yet.

Her harsh breathin' gradually returns to normal and the shakin' eventually fades. She's still for a moment and then she surprises me as she suddenly pulls out. My pussy clenches, achin' at the emptiness. I whimper in response and she runs a soothin' hand over my back.

B hops up onto the island and shifts 'til she's lyin' back and leanin' up on her elbows, the strap-on juttin' proudly from her crotch still glistenin' with my juices. The scent of our arousal mixed together reaches me and I lick my lips, unconsciously squeezin' my thighs together to get some relief for my swollen clit. Jesus, I need her so fuckin' bad.

She just stares at me 'til I start fidgetin' restlessly. She knows how much I need her so she's teasin' me. Then she sits up, motionin' for me to get up there with her. I eye the island warily and then sigh as my achin' clit reminds me that beggars can't be choosers.

It ain't my fault if it breaks under our weight, I muse. Then I leap up onto it, straddlin' her thighs. Her hands immediately grasp my hips and I grip her shoulders in response. She tugs me forward 'til the strap-on is pressin' against my openin' and then pauses, lockin' gazes with me.

She nods, givin' me control, and I moan in relief as I slam down onto it. She leans back onto her elbows, starin' up at me with lust in her eyes as I fuck her strap-on. She loves watchin' me use her like this. I think she sometimes gets off on fantasizin' 'bout my sexual history, but I don't much mind 'cause I do too; just not with hers, 'cause the thought of someone else touchin' her makes me crazy.

I slip a hand down to rub my clit and bite my lip as I throw my head back to growl. My juices spill out 'round the silicone cock, drenchin' both of us. Then I lean forward, slammin' my hands onto the island on either side of her head. My new position forces it into me at a different angle and a mini-orgasm makes my pussy spasm, causin' me to gasp raggedly.

Her hips begin to match me thrust for thrust, makin' us pick up the pace. Soft grunts and moans escape both of us as we move closer to release. I lower my mouth to her ear and nip her earlobe, catchin' her attention.

"Fuckin' sucks when they get away, don't it, Mistress B?" I gasp.

"Shut up," She growls, finally lyin' back flat on the counter.

"The fight gets ya so wound up 'til you're..." A groan breaks free from deep in my chest, makin' me pause briefly. "'bout ready to pop, then the fucker runs."

Ignorin' the warnin' in her gaze, I continue, "Leavin' ya burnin' and achin' for release. Then ya gotta fuck out your frustrations 'til ya lover can't move."

She reaches up to grab the back of my head, pullin' me down to meet her mouth in a rough battle of wills. The sharp taste of blood mingles with the sweet taste of her, givin' it a dangerous edge. I groan as I feel myself get that much closer to comin'.

"I told you to shut up," She hisses against my lips.

"When have I ever listened?" I quip, well aware that I'm pushin' it.

In a sudden, violent surge of motion, B flips us over so that I'm on the bottom. I wrap my legs 'round her hips and bury my hands in her hair, diggin' my nails into her scalp. She grips my thighs almost painfully and forces 'em as far apart as they'll go as she really starts to fuck me. She buries her face in my neck, the sounds escapin' her mouth shootin' straight to my clit.

"I love you, I love you, I love you," She mutters over and over again.

I'm gruntin' every time she impales me and I know my pussy's gotta be makin' a lot of noise with as wet as I am but the only sound I'm focusin' on is the words bein' muffled against my skin. I've heard 'em before, but they get sweeter every time I hear 'em. It makes me hot as fuck to hear it, too. She pulls back to look at me and with the way my pussy's startin' to convulse, I know what's about to happen.

Releasin' my thighs, she brings one hand up to cup my cheek as she balances on the other. Her hips take on a smoother, only slightly slower cadence and she gently kisses my lips. Then she pulls back and locks gazes with me, a sweet smile creasin' her lips.

"I love you," She chokes out sincerely.

That's the only thing I need to hear to set me off. My eyes slam shut and my head flies back, slammin' against the island. My mouth opens but I can't hear what's comin' out over the sound of my pulse thunderin' in my ears. I arch my back, pressin' my body up against B's as my hips continue to jerk against hers.


That was the last thing I remember 'til now. I guess she must've got tired of waitin' for me to come around, 'cause we're in our bedroom now. I glance down at the blonde head pillowed on my chest and smirk as I revel in the pleasant ache of my body. She fucked me good like always.

"Stop smirking," She groans without even lookin' up.

I bite my lip, tryin' to clear the expression in case she decides to look at me. Don't want any trouble yet. The one downside of livin' together is that she's learned all my habits—the good, the bad, and the ugly. I've learned hers too, so it evens out in the end like everything else in our relationship.

She lifts up onto her elbow and gazes down at me, a grin teasin' her lips. "How is it that you can be just as smug when I fuck you silly as you are when you return the favor?"

I shrug, wigglin' my eyebrows. "Just a natural talent, I guess."

Her eyes narrow. "You have other natural talents I'd rather you employ than that one. Now shut up and go back to sleep unless you plan on putting them to use again."

Those girls she took on patrol last night have no idea just how right they are. She is an alpha bitch. But she's good at it and I love that about her—most of the time. Right now just so happens to be one of 'em 'cause I kinda wanna see a few of her natural talents.

"I love you, B," I rasp and then I smirk as she growls softly.

The End


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