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Leave Out All The Rest

by Lele


Summary: BtVS/SoN X-over. Faith is the head slayer at the Cleveland academy, Ashley is a slayer who relies on herself and thinks she is already the best, Dawn wants to be a Watcher, but also wants her sister's attention, Buffy wants only the best for her sister, Spencer just wants to get away from her mother.
Timeline: Post season 7.
Rating: PG-13 but eventually NC17
A/N: This is my first crossover and I wasn't planning to do it but my love for SON and Buffy is just too strong. I have no beta so anyone willing is welcome. I have cookies ;)
A/N:  The frappuccino ringtone is an actual ringtone.  Sometimes I call my tiny friend when she is right next to me just to hear the ring.


Listen to the Music


Chapter One: Say It Right

"Spencer!  Spencer come downstairs for a moment!” Paula Carlin yelled from the bottom of the stairs; with a loud groan and sigh being heard, Paula knew her daughter was on her way.

“What is it mom, Chelsea is going to be here any minute and I’m not even ready yet,”  the annoyed teen spoke.

“Sorry,” her mother replied sarcastically while rolling her eyes, “but I just assumed that you’d want to know that I just got off the phone with your cousin who was curious to see if you were still interested in learning everything there is to know about UCLA.”

The loud and excited scream caused a smile to form on the older Carlin’s face as she watched her daughter jump around.

“Seriously? Please don’t tell me you’re kidding?” Asked the younger blonde “No Spencer, I’m not and I already told her yes so don’t make any plans for-”

“Oh my God!” the screaming continued with some rambling thrown in, “I haven’t seen her in months, this summer is going to be so amazing, I can’t believe it, we can go to the beach, check out the campus, do some shopping, I just can’t believe,” the young girl stopped mid sentence and turned to her mother, “wait a minute.  Mom I thought Dawn wasn’t going to be around this summer.”

“Well honey,” Paula paused wondering just how to break the news, “as you know, next week is the family trip back to Ohio to visit your grandmother, aunts and uncles, and, well, instead of coming back home with us you’re going to Cleveland for the summer.” 

“What?!” screamed Spencer.


“Please calm down, you’re making a scene and yes, Cleveland.”

“Cleveland?” an angry whisper replaces a shocked scream.

“I told you last week I needed to go look over one of the slayer headquarters this summer.”

“Yeah, you did, but I just thought you were talking about one of the slayer centrals OUTside of the country.  I thought maybe you were thinking about checking on your double in Italy or visiting Kennedy and Willow in Brazil or maybe even checking on the construction Xander’s doing in England, him and Giles have to got be annoyed with each other by now.”

“Dawnie,” Buffy spoke softly trying to calm her sister down “I know Cleveland doesn’t sound exciting but there is something really important there I need to go keep an eye on.”

“Like what, Faith?” Spoke the brunette as she glared across the restaurant table, “I thought you said this summer was all about me and you and some sisterly bonding, not about rekindling last summer’s late night hook up.”

“And I meant what I said, me and you will, wait.  Hook up?  I told you nothing happened, what you saw was-”

“Whatever, I don’t care about last summer,” the younger Summers cut in, “Buffy, I’m tired of coming in second to your precious slayers.  All year they get your attention, you teach them and train them, and when I bring home straight A’s you’re busy but when they slay their first vamp it’s like you want to throw them some kind of parade.”

“Dawnie,” the older sister spoke sympathetically, while reaching across the table to clasp her sister’s hand, “you know that’s not true.  Yes during the year I’m very busy but you know I’m never to busy for you.  I am very proud of everything you do at school and this summer is really about you.”  Watching her sister glare, lean back in her chair, and follow all that up with an roll the slayer knew it was time to come clean, “Fine, I was trying to surprise you but you really are the reason we are going to Cleveland.  I actually have been paying attention to your school work, and the straight A’s in seven classes has proved how serious you are with your studies and responsibilities.  Anyway, after a long long talk with Giles I finally agreed that, if you still wanted it, you could start training to be a watcher.”

“What?!” a shriek from the younger Summers sister caused their table to once again become center of attention, or rather, the center of much angered looks.  “Are you serious?!”

“Dawn, indoor voice please.”

“Buffy” spoke an impatient but quieter Dawn.

“Yes I am, But,” The slayer spoke quickly before another teenage scream could be let out “that only happens if the girl Faith picked out for you finishes her training and passes all requirements needed to slay on her own.”

Pausing to process this information the former key glances back at her sister “Why wouldn’t she?”

Relieved to finally have her sister back to calm and rational the older girl responded, “I don’t know.  Faith hasn’t actually talked to me about this at all.  After I talked to Giles about everything, he called Robin because a lot of the girls in Cleveland are from California, so he thought there may be someone there for you.  Robin called me and said Faith has a girl that is perfect but every time I try to get more information on this perfect girl he barely has anything to tell me.  All I know is that Faith has personally taken her under her wing and thinks the two of you would work well together.”

“Well what does Faith tell you about her?”

“Nothing, she hasn’t been returning my calls and seeing how I have an interest in one of the slayers in Cleveland and I haven’t visited the school since it opened I figured it was do time I did a little look around.”

“Again I have to ask, what does Faith think of that?  Cleveland is basically her territory.”  The brunette asked curiously.

“Nothing, she hasn’t returned my calls so how could I tell her.  I brought up my idea to Robin and he agrees, plus he thinks it will boost the moral of all the girls stuck there over the summer.”

“So does that mean I’m going to be stuck there as well over the summer learning to be all watchery while general Buffy makes sure the girls are in tip top shape?”  A less than excited Dawn asked.

“No, I told you this summer is about you and fun.  Giles gave me a list of books you have to look over while in Cleveland and I do have actual business to look over while there but there is fun for you to be had.”

“Oh yeah books are always exciting.” Dawn rolled her eyes.

“Actually not so much books, more so our favorite cousin who has been rather curious about UCLA.” Buffy smile while leaning back in her chair watching the realization express itself on her sister’s face.


“Are you fucking kidding me?!”

“No Faith, I’m being quite serious.”                      

In the large office of Robin Wood an angry brunette is huffing and puffing as she paces back and forth.  “Faith calm down this isn’t the end of the world, it’s one visit.” 

The pacing immediately stops and the ex rogue sends a glare towards her ex-lover “Yeah it’s just one visit from General Buffy.  This is my school,” the brunette smiles sheepishly when the man lets out a cough “I mean our school.  The minute she walks in here it is all going to be about her and what she wants to change about this place.”

Letting out a sigh, Robin stands and walks over to the brunette slayer to try to find a way to calm down. “Listen Faith, I know you and Buffy are not the best of friends but everyone knows when she came up with the idea for these schools and picked who was going to be in charge she put trust into those people.  There has not been one instance yet where she has visited an HQ and changed it into what she wanted.”

Letting out a snort the brunette obviously looked to disagree “You know the difference Roby, everyone else is part of her precious Scooby’s and they could do no wrong.  The minute she steps a foot in here everything will change.”

Making a sigh of his own, Robin was quickly seeing less amusement in this conversation and was ready to get to what was really going on. “What’s the real problem Faith?  We both know having Buffy around is not going to be so horrible, hell the last time you guys were around each other.”

“That was different.” Faith cut in “This isn’t about B and me.”

“No it isn’t,” The ex principle said finally getting what was going on “and do not try to play the she is the good slayer and the girls are going to fall all over her thing because we both know it’s not that either.  Yes Buffy being here is going to be big news but you know that only means the girls will be on their best behavior.”

Walking over to the window that over looked the outside training grounds Faith sighed to herself. “Not every girl.”

Finally seeing the problem completely a side smile spread on Robin’s face as he stared over at the concerned slayer, “Ah, I almost forgot…”



Five slayers jumped when the name was suddenly screamed, breaking all silence they had while studying.  Instead of going back to their work the girls filed out of the dorm room and into the hall to watch an angry red head begin to pound on one of the other dorm doors. “Ashley, open this fucking door!”

Watching on in amusement the others stared at the obviously pissed slayer and then tried to contain their laughter when they realized that she just noticed the door was actually unlocked.  Stepping back from the door for a moment the red head looked as though she was trying to calm herself down as much as possible.  After letting out a few breathes the other slayers watched as the unknown slayer pushed open the door in front of her and march in, excitement went through the girls watching on in the hall as they realized the door was left ajar.  Scampering over the eavesdropping slayers saw the red head yelling at a brunette as she lay on her bed.

“Who do you think you are, Ashley?  How could you do this to me?!”

The brunette seemed confused and annoyed at being bothered.  As for the red head she just kept on staring waiting for a reply but when the brunette just kept staring back the red head just lost it.  “ANSWER ME, DAMN IT!!” she screamed while throwing her hands in the air.

Still looking confused the brunette held up her finger in a jester that could be taken as ‘hold on’ and leaned to take out what looked like her ipod.  Hitting one of the buttons the Ashley then went and moved her hair back showing the headphones she had on.  Realizing that everything she had just said had been tuned out by music both enraged the red headed slayer and amused the audience of slayers watching on.  Making no effort to put her stuff away quickly the brunette slowing wrapped the cord of her headphones around the ipod, put it on a pillow next to her, and crossed her arms across her chest as she leaned back to look over at the irate girl next to her. 


“What?” the red head replied in an icy tone “All you have to say is what?”

Rolling her own eyes and throwing a glare at the pissed off slayer, Ashley restates her question.

“What do you want?”

Nostrils’ flaring the red head’s face begins to match her hair.  “What do I want?  I want to know what you were doing with my roommate last night.”

Smirking to herself the brunette slayer had no hesitation in answering, “Giving her a goodbye fuck.  You know, like the one I gave you last week.”

Whipping her hand out to smack the smirk off Ashley’s face her hand gets stopped mid air and her body gets slammed into the nearest wall.  “Don’t even think about it princess.”

Holding back tears the red head tries to push the brunette off of her.  “I thought you liked me.”

“I thought you knew better.”  Came the harsh reply “I told you what I wanted and that’s all it was.  Now get the fuck out of my room before I stop being so nice.”

Walking toward the door the red head finally notices the onlookers as they try to quickly disperse.  As eyes follow her as she slowly walks back down the hall.  Some looks grace her with sympathy but most hold pity. 

Ashley Davies isn’t the type to change, for anyone.                                                                                

Chapter Two: One Day More 

The summer before college is supposed to be the best summer of all.  It’s the summer you spend saying goodbye to friends that are going away, planning with friends that are staying, and trying to stay out as late as you can, because you don’t have to grow up until college. It’s the last chance you really have to be a kid and pretend that life really isn’t changing.  That’s how Ashley thought she was going to get to spend her summer before college.  She thought she would finally be able to leave the small world of Cleveland and head home to L.A., but like so many things in life Ashley isn’t getting what she wants.  Instead of getting one more chance to be with friends and act like a kid she is forced to stay in a world were there are no children and there is always something wishing for your death.  How fun.

“I said I want you guys sprinting!  This isn’t some nature walk, move move move!!”  Nothing screams summer more than having a drill sergeant screaming at you. “Okay girls, stop and take a knee.”  The sports term caused most girls to roll their eyes, while other just looked relieved to stop, Ashley’s face, however, was blank.  “Today was a good day,” an elder slayer spoke “I know you guys felt like I’m working you hard but this is your junior summer.  This is the summer that will prepare you for the tough courses and training you guys are going to go through during your final year.  The preparation you receive here will make sure you’re ready for everything you need to face to pass and be allowed to leave and slay with your own Watcher.” 

Whispered excitement started amongst the girl at the prospect of field work, almost every pair of eyes lit up with the exception of Ashley’s.  “This is going to be a hard summer, but it’s worth it.  Now get out of my face you guys smell.”  The group, minus Ashley, shared a happy laugh and got up to go to their respective dorms.

“Hey Vi?”  Ashley asked while walking over to the older slayer “Yeah, Ash?”

“Do you know where Faith is?  I really need to speak with her.” 

“Yeah, last I saw her she was having another meeting with Robin, I am sure she is still there it
looked serious.” She said while bending over to get some of the equipment the younger girls left

"Thanks” Ashley replied making sure she got a nice view of Vi’s backside before going of to find Faith.   


If asked what the most rewarding part of being a senior staff member of the Cleveland Branch   most would say, it’s their office.  Sure training young slayers to go out and save the world is fulfilling but knowing you put young girls in danger can also cause some sleepless nights, so yes, it’s the office.  For example take Robin Wood’s office.  As a principal he was used to a small room, with an even smaller desk, hard wooden chairs, bleak paint, and a computer that makes a typewriter seem like a gift from the Gods.  However, if one was to check out his Dean of Academics office they would find a spacious room, with bright exuberant colors, a quaint ceiling fan, and a large oak desk with a computer designed by Willow that would give Bill Gates wet dreams for a month.  Best of all, along with plush comfy chairs there is a sofa that most find hard to get out of because it’s so damn comfortable.  All in all a senior staff member’s office is their home away from home, well unless you have an angry slayer pacing around and destroying any chance one mite have at peace and tranquility.

“One week!  She’s coming in one week?”  Faith stormed.

“Yes, Buffy and Dawn will be here in approximately one week and will be staying for the entire  summer.”  Robin stated calmly trying not to make any sudden movements.

“The whole fucking summer?  Is she really that determined to destroy any type of fun I could have this summer?”  Paused to stare at Robin, glaring because he doesn’t seem to bring her good news anymore.

“I really don’t think any of this is about you Faith.  Buffy wants to know what is going on with Ashley, Ashley is supposed to be Dawn’s slayer, Dawn is coming with Buffy.  You know, technically, if you didn’t personally invest yourself with this one you could have ignored her presence all summer, but you didn’t.” 

“Wow, thanks Dad.  Anymore wisdom you want to impart on me because really, right now is such a good time to have a laugh at my expense.”  

Sighing to himself, Robin knew there was no winning this conversation. “Faith, I am in no way laughing at your expense.  I am just telling you the Buffy didn’t once mention you in our conversation.  All she said was that she promised Dawn they would spend the summer together but she also wanted to make sure Ashley is up to par for her sister.  She figure them meeting now would make everything later easier and knowing Ashley more personally would probably help her sleep better at night when they are out patrolling.  It’s all quite innocent and I really so no way I could have turned her away with making it seem like we’re hiding something.” 

“Well we kind of are.”  Faith pointed out.

“Hiding, no, more so holding back the complete truth.” 

Turning to face Robin, Faith wanted to argue with him, but she realized quickly that there was nothing they could do to stop hurricane Buffy from blowing into town.  “You’re right.”  The shock of that statement almost knocked Robin out of his chair “I knew sooner or later Buffy would find out, she’s Buffy you know, but I just didn’t think it would be so soon.”

“I know Faith and I know how important Ashley is to you. She -”

"-is coming down the hall” Faith said, cutting Robin off before he could finish.  Sighing to himself Robin continued on with their conversation even though he knew that anything he would say from this point on Ashley would hear as well.

“Faith, I know how important these girls are to you and I think it’s time to prove it to Buffy.”

Before Faith was able to get on the defensive someone knocked on the office door.  “Come in Ashley.”  Faith said never once looking at the door.  When the door opened Ashley decided to stand in the doorway instead of going in the office.

“Hey Faith,” The brunette asked apprehensively “do you think we could talk for a second.” 

Turning to the young slayer, Faith gave a more relaxed calm appearance, contrary to the glare she was shooting at the ex-principle a second ago.  “Sure Ash, what do you need?” 

Looking between the two faculty members the younger brunette showed less confidence then her usual persona of brashness.  “Um, could I maybe talk to you alone.”

“Sure Ashley, we were finished anyway.”  Faith said, however, when she looked back over at Robin her look clear said ‘we are NOT finished’.   


“Oh my god!  I can’t believe you remember that!”  Laughter spilled from the group as a blush rose to Dawn’s cheeks.

“I do and I’m sure that old woman still remembers as well.” Spencer replied causing everyone to laugh all over again.

“Dawnie,” Buffy said trying to calm down “what in the world possessed you to moon the lady across the street?”

“Well, she keep glaring at me and Spence through her window so I decided to give her something to really glare about.”  Joining in on the laughter Dawn smiled at her own immaturity “I was a kid you know, I can’t be held response for the things my younger self did.”

“You were fourteen.”  Spencer stated frankly.

“And so were you and I believe I remember a little peer pressure from your part to do it in the first place.”

Before fight could break out amongst the younger girls, Buffy and Clay started to speak.  “So Buffy do you really think you’re going to be able to handle these two for the entire summer.”  Chuckling at the glare that the younger ones sent him Clay looked back over to Buffy.

“Well I’ve always been up for any kind of challenge, and while this may be my toughest one yet, I believe I can to do it.”  Ducking quickly from the pillows thrown their way, Buffy and Clay shared a smile at the antics of their younger siblings.

“So when are you guys headed to Cleveland.  I’m sure your office must really need you if they have you flying out here after you said you were taking the summer off for a vacation.” 

“Well my job expects me next week but we are taking off tomorrow around the same time you guys are.  As for the traveling with my job I’m used to it and in this case I’m more personally invested so I don’t mind postponing my vaca.  Plus it’s not like I’m going to be working the entire time.  I am basically making my own schedule I just need to be around, you know, to check on things.”  Sitting back in her chair Buffy hoped that would be the end of any questions.  The Carlins, besides Spencer, know nothing about her life as a slayer and the less her family knew the better.

“You know Buffy, I think it’s great what you’re doing.”  Paula Carlin said as she entered the room.  Obviously she heard Clay talking and wanted to join in on a conversation Buffy just didn’t want to have.  “Your mother would be so proud of you reaching out and helping those poor girls.  I remember when you were in high school and all you used to care about was clothes and boys and now look at you.” 

“She still cares about clothes.”  Dawn spoke up trying to turn the unwanted attention away from her sister.

“And Dawn,” Paula spoke “following in your sister’s foot steps, you girls are something special.”  Besides a smiling Clay and teary eyed Paula the conversation for the rest of the room was quite uncomfortable.  Buffy was proud of what she was doing but she doubted her mother would be happy that she was still all super slayer in change especially with so many slayers out there, but Buffy put that responsibility on their shoulders, so she needed to help them carry it.  As for Dawn she knows she is not following Buffy she is making her own path, but there was no way she was going to explain the difference between slayer and watcher to her aunt.  The less Aunt Paula knew the better for everyone.

“I think I’m going to go repack for Cleveland” well, except for Spencer.  Spencer is an openly gay woman who as yet to decide on what she really wanted from life or even what career path she may want to pursue and those things were nothing to be proud of in her aunt’s book.  If Buffy and Dawn were to tell the Carlin's the truth about the majority of their life it would only be to spare Spencer the constant comparisons.

“That’s a good idea honey, if you need us to bring anything back to L.A. for you just put it in your father’s bag.”  Smiling at her daughter as she left the room, Paula turned her attention back on her nieces.  “It’s been so good seeing you girls, you really need to visit more once you all come back home.”

“We know,” Buffy spoke up since Dawn just sat there “things have just been busy with work and Dawn in her first year of college, but we promise to come around a lot more.”  The Carlins were some of the only family the summers girls had left and they did genuinely feel better their night lives were getting in the way of family.

“I think I will go pack too.”  Treating just as the younger Carlin did.

“You know Spencer has really missed Dawn.  Hopefully this trip will help them reconnect.  Dawn always was such a good influence on Spencer.”  With that said Paula took her leave of the room.

“You know I hope your mom doesn’t think spending a summer with me and my sister will de-gay her daughter.”  Buffy said smiling over at Clay “She does remember Willow right?”  The two shared a laugh and fell into a comfortable silence, which was soon broken when they heard a loud bang followed by giggling coming from upstairs.

“Seriously Buffy, good luck with those two.”

“I know.”

Chapter Three: Stop and Stare

If one was asked to name the most exciting sites in the world, most wouldn’t fight for Cleveland Ohio to be on that list.  However, what Cleveland lacks in excitement and glamour it makes up for in ghosts stories and real life haunting that’s a dream come true for slayers in training.  Furthermore, there is calmness to this city that the teachers hope for the girls to gain.  This city is just as a slayer should be, surrounded by things that live in the night but relaxed and beautifully influenced by the joys of the day.

One joy in Cleveland many take solace in is a quaint café called Lucky’s.  Lucky’s Café is a place to go enjoy fresh baked goods, a homemade cup of coffee, or have a conversation you’ve been putting off for weeks.

“Sorry I haven’t been around lately but with the semester ending and the junior summer session beginning everything has been so crazy.”

“Faith its cool, I know your schedule has been insane, but-”

“Really I mean yesterday I really did want to talk but then Rona needed to go over the new schedule.”  Faith continued cutting off what Ashley was trying to say “I really needed to look at that to make sure everyone was were they needed to be.”

Putting up her hands to stop the rambling Ashley flashed a smile to hopefully calm down the older slayer.  “I get it, you’re busy.”

Feeling guilty Faith offered up a smile of her own, “I’m never too busy for one of my girls Ash.  It’s just that the junior session is extremely important and if even one girl is put in the wrong stop that could mess up everything.”

“I understand Faith really I do and that’s kind of why I wanted to talk to you.”  Leaning forward Ashley moved her muffin aside to fold her hands together.  In the simple movement the conversation had instantly turned from friendly to business.  “Why am I here Faith?”

“Because you’re a slayer in training.”  Faith said lightly trying to remain friendly.

“Really, I am?  Because last time I checked I went through my junior summer last year, did my senior year, passed all my classes, and should be going back to my family like all the other girls in my class.  Why am I here Faith?”

Letting out the breathe she’d been holding through the whole conversation Faith knew she had to finally come clean, atleast to Ashley.  “You’re right Ash you passed your classes but not your training.  That’s something you need to do this summer.  It’s something I am giving you the chance to do this summer.”

“What do you mean I failed training?  I kicked everyone’s ass!  I was the best!”  Ashley exclaimed in a harsh whisper.

“As a single fighter, yes, you made everyone eat dirt and know who was on top, but we’re not alone anymore Ash.”  Clearly trying to think before she speaks Faith paused in her words, “Being a slayer is no longer about one girl in the entire world.  It’s more than that and in your four years you missed that.  Whenever you were in a group you always did your own thing and when on your own the level at which you attacked the other girls went from strategy to rage depending on how your day was going.  When it was all over we had a choice to make and you leaving was not the one we picked.”     



“So we can’t leave?”

“Oh Dawn don’t be so dramatic, of course you guys can leave the school grounds, I just want someone with you after night fall is all.”  Buffy said from the back seat of the car.  For the past four hours the girls had been driving from their grandmother’s house to Cleveland, making stops only to switch drivers and go to the bathroom.  “I can’t believe you guys wouldn’t let me drive.”

“I can’t believe you thought we would.”  Spencer joked from the passenger’s side looking back at a pouting Buffy.  “I’ve driven with you before, I wasn’t fond of having my life flash before my eyes then and I can do without it now.”

Sticking her lip out for the infamous Buffy pout the blonde slayer looked toward her sister for some support.  “Dawnie tell Spence I’m not that bad anymore, tell her.”  The older sister pleaded.

“I really don’t want to spend all my time at the academy Buffy.”  Dawn said getting the conversation back on target and far from horrors of her sister’s driving skill.

“Dawn we have gone over this, multiple times.  We, me and Spencer, are here for you.  We, all of us, can here a week to see the sites, take in Cleveland-”

“-get away from my mother.”  Spencer cut in laughing.

Stopping to laugh along Buffy lightly wacked her cousin “No one knows we are here early because it’s all about the quality time.  Then when it’s time to check out what is going on with the girls we all go together.  I’ll work, but not much cause it’s not my school, and you guys go have your fun and shit.  This isn’t summer school for you guys.  Well Dawnie you do have some responsibilities to take care of but other than that it’s all good.  No worries okay.”

Noticing the support her cousin needed Spencer decided to jump in to the conversation “Dawn, for the last six months the two of us have been trying to make plans to hang out and now we have the whole summer.  How is this not going to be fun?”

Smirking to herself Dawn realized Spencer was right, this wasn’t Sunnydale or even L.A. she was no longer the only non super-powered girl around, she has Spencer.  “You know what you guys are, right.  This is going to be awesome, even if Buffy is with us.”  The younger girls let use laughter while the bitter Buffy sat pouting in the back.

“Haha guys, you’re all so funny.”  The older blonde said while rolling her eyes “Now, the hotel is down the street, lets go drop off our stuff, find a Starbucks to wake you guys up and check out what Cleveland’s got going on!”

Laughing at her cousin's excitement Spencer looked back over her seat, “I’m all for that plan but I know somewhere much better than Starbucks.”


Silence.  Faith both hated and appreciated it.  Silence is golden after the bomb she just threw at Ashley.  However, silence from Ashley is usually the calm before the storm. 

“It’s not fair.”  Maybe a calm storm Faith thought from Ashley’s whisper, “I did everything I was asked to do.  You told me if I cleaned up my act I’d graduate with everyone else and get to go home.”

Sometimes Faith preferred a crazy storm “I know I said that and at the time I meant it.  I still mean it, but Ash going from a crazy party girl that blows off classes and gets into fights to the emotionally cut off girl that barely passes class and only lets loose when in sparring is not what I was asking for.”

Banging her hand against the table Ashley’s emotions started to break through her facade of calmness and uncaring.  “Then what do you want from me!”

Making eye contact with the younger slayer Faith lightly grasped her hand “That’s what I want from you.  I want honesty and passion, not just rage and power, because you will never make it out there if you lack the important things.”

“My family is important.”  The smaller brunette stated stubbornly.
“Fine, lets make a deal.  Improve, show me you are the slayer I tell everyone you are and they can come for a visit.”

Biting her lip Ashley pondered the deal put before her “I thought families weren’t allowed to visit us.”

Sighing to herself, Faith knew what Ashley was saying, the younger girl wanted a promise now before the rest of the faculty could say no it was against policy.  Whatever Faith says next would make or break the relationship she has tried to build with the younger slayer and they both knew that.  “Family visits are against the rules,”  Ashley’s face instantly fell “but if you promise that putting my ass on the line for you is worth it than I promise two visitors of your choice can come visit.”

Instantaneously the smile came back on Ashley face, but this smile is different than all the smiles Faith has seen before, this one was genuine.  “I promise Faith.”

Instead of smiling along with her younger counterpart Faith sighed knowing there was more they needed to talk about.  “Ashley I’m glade you are excited to give it your all but there is one more thing we need to talk about, it’s serious.”

Hearing the concern in Faith’s voice she knew it must be important “What is it, Faith?”

“Well, it’s about Buffy Summer. She’s -”

“Buffy give it back!”

Pausing mid-sentence Faith couldn’t like, but knew.  “- apparently early.”

Looking up and over toward the now open door, two girls, a blonde and brunette could be seen holding on to a shorter yet clearly older blonde.  Laughter was obviously radiating all over the three girls but what was so funny was lost to all that were observing.  “If I have the keys you guys can’t stop me from driving.”

Looking like she was going to make a break for it Buffy looked up and around and realized they had become the center of attention. “Okay, take the keys.” Buffy said quickly gaining a questioning look from her two companions “Don’t look at me like that, we’re being stared at by everyone.” Realizing their antics have caught everyone’s attentions the girls shared a laugh and went to the counter to order.

Turning quickly to Ashley Faith knew she had little time to lay all the cards on the table. “Okay Ash, basically, I want you to pass, I need you to pass. The brunette over there is Dawn, Dawn is Buffy’s sister, she wants to be a watcher and I want you to be her slayer and that means Buffy wants to know everything about you. She’s here for the summer, you are here for the summer, show her you are the slayer I know you can be.” Saying all that as quickly as she could, Faith waited for Ashley’s response. 

“Cool.” Ashley nodded calmly responding to Faith.

“Cool?” Faith asked confused. 

“What’s so cool?” Maintaining eye contact, the two brunettes realized neither of them asked that question and so turning to the left they saw a blonde waiting for a response.

“Hey B.” Staring at the blonde slayer Faith saw amusement in her eyes, happy with herself for finally catching the brunette off guard. “Early?” 

“For you, yes. For me, no. Please Faith if anyone asks I’m not here. We’re here early to sightsee before I have to work.” Buffy answered more so eyeing the young brunette with Faith “Have we met? I haven’t been to the school in a while but I usually know all the teachers at the different academies.”

“I’m not a teacher, I’m a student. My name is Ashley.”

“Ashley?” A newcomer said coming to the table “Hi I’m Dawn, hey Faith.”

Throwing Dawn a smiling Faith looked over at the third person to walk up to their table. She had never seen the blonde before but she could easily see the family resemblance to the Summer’s girls. “Are they slayers too.” The blonde Faith didn’t know asked.

“Nice way to keep a secret B.” The older Brunette said rolling her eyes and smirking.

“Actually she saved me and Dawn from a vampire last summer and I’m not stupid enough to believe it was a dream.” 

“If I wasn’t sure about you all being related now I really know.” Faith said laughing to herself. 

“This is Spencer. She’s our cousin and will be keeping Dawn company while I am working. Any more questions will be answered next week when we come to the academy. Ashley it was nice meeting you and I’m sure we will have much to talk about next time we met. Laters, Faith.” 

Walking away from their table Faith shook her head knowing Buffy’s statement was more of a promise and less of her trying to be nice to Ashley. However when she looked over to Ashley to gauge the feeling the girl left, she realized Ash may be sitting with here be she was no longer present. Glancing in the direction Ashley was staring intently at she saw the center of Ashley attention was the young blonde, Spencer. Spencer, Buffy’s cousin.

Chapter Four: Daydreamin'

I dreamt of you beneath the flowers
For a couple of hours
What a beautiful day

Three years ago my life changed. At the time I had everything I could ever want and if I didn’t have it I would get it. Well, except for friends but friends were something I neither wanted or needed, I was better off on my own. People tend to have a tendency to turn there back on me so being alone worked for me just fine.

Anyway three years ago my life was suiting me just fine. Except for school I was living the dream. Rich, hot, and hooking up with any girl I wanted, my life was the shit. One girl had to ruin it for me.

“Ashley! What the fuck did you do to my door?!” I think when Kyla yelled at me that day she some how altered them to where I was.

“I don’t know I was just knocking and it broke!” 

The shock of what happened almost stopped us from hearing the doorbell ring and one of the maids calling my name. Racing out of the room and down the stairs to get away from what I’ve done I ran right into a hot red head and sexy brunette.

 “Ashley Davies?”


“My name is Willow, this is Kennedy and we need to speak with you.”

The two felt familiar somehow, that should have been my first warning. “So what you’re telling me is that everything that everything I was told was make believe really does go bump in the night.” I asked thinking these two really must be insane. I think the brunette caught on to my sarcasm first because she quickly jumped into the conversation.

“Listen I get that you don’t believe us. First time I heard all this neither did I but it’s all real. Everything Will is telling you is the truth, these things exist and they want to kill you. So here is your choice, live or die.” She was blunt; I liked that and her tongue ring, very hot.

“So I am just supposed to what? Except this and you training me for lots of cash and bam I become a slayer?” Before the clearly annoyed brunette could start yelling at me the redhead, Fern I believe, started talking.

 “You’re Chosen, Ashley. You’re already the slayer. You can keep on trying to pretend that you don’t believe us but I know deep down you’re just scared because you know we are telling you the truth. I know you know because I sense you. Are you strong Ashley? Stronger than normal? How did you wake up this morning? Bad dreams?” I wanted to leave but everything she said was true and I was frozen.

“We are not here for your money, we have plenty, we’re here for you. We have a school for girls like you, for slayers. There you will learn where your power came from and how to use it to stay alive and save people.”

“So you guys are like the x-men?”




 “What?! We are like the x-men! Ashley you are different from everyone else. You are special but your life and everyone you know is in danger but you have the power to stop what goes bump in the night.”

“Can’t you just take it away?” Wasn’t I different enough.

“No,” Willow looked sad “I could only delay it till you turned 15, but I can’t take it away. I’m sorry Ashley.”

“So really I have no choice. I mean, if I don’t go with you I could really hurt someone with these powers.” I don’t remember what was said after except that I had a week and then I was off to Cleveland, fucking Cleveland, to start my destiny. Kyla cried and Aiden flexed and pouted, they are not friends they are family, but that’s not even the worse part.

“God. Does anything work in this stupid place?” It was the time I would ever have to go back to King High, I just wanted to clear out my locker and leave but the damn thing was stuck. 

“You want something?” I could feel someone behind me and I just wanted them to leave so being rude to someone I would never see again seemed like no big deal. “Err, yeah, do you know where Science lab 3 is?” New people could be so annoying did see not see I was busy? “Yes.” I should have known not to answer because I dropped the stuff I was trying to take out.

“Oh let me help!” What a help she knocked my coffee over. “God I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to!”

 “Who cares what you meant, you always gotta bring disaster where ever you go?” Be mean; don’t look at her maybe she will go away.

“What is your problem? I’m just trying find my way round here.”

“You and everyone else in this place!” I know most of what I said was more about what was going on with me and less with her but she just picked the wrong time to talk to me.

It shouldn’t have matter, that conversation, that one second meeting, I was never going to see her again, but those eyes. Her eyes were a blue I’d never seen. Her face, her body, her everything was something once noticed could never be forgotten. I haven’t forgotten you and now your back and barely given me a glance.

“Please stop crying, I swear things will get better.” I really shouldn’t make promises if I don’t think I could keep them. “Dawn you can’t promise that.” Damn she already knew. 

“Spencer, listen to me, I have been there, okay not at that actual school but feeling alone, I totally know what that is like.” I was really excited when Buffy first told me Spencer and the Carlin clan where moving to L.A. I used to love hanging with my cousins but this wasn’t how I saw things coming about. “Spencer, trust me, you are loveable. You will be fine.”

“If I was so loveable then why does my mother hate me?”  I knew it wasn’t about the new school. Ever since I’ve know Spencer she has always been shy but people always warm up to her and she knows this.

“What happened between you and Aunt Paula?” Spencer sighed and leaned back onto my bed. “She hasn’t said anything to me, not one word. I tell her I’m gay and she almost throws me out of the house and now nothing. It’s like I don’t even exist to her. Glen is nicer to me then she is.” It’s sad really how close they were and now nothing.

“Mom wants you to come over. She wants you and Buffy to have a family dinner with us.” I always used to love those dinners but since Spencer’s coming out they’ve been tainted with Aunt Paula playing comparisons between the three of us, wish I would have known it then. “Sure, but Buffy is out of town right now on business but when she gets back I am sure she will be all for it. So besides your mother how was your first day?”

The smile that spread across her face told me everything I needed to know. “Well there was this girl,” tends to be when Spencer smiles like that “I wasn’t sure at first but she seems really cool, even gave me a ride here.” I knew I didn’t have to ask but “Let me guess, brunette?”

“And hot, very hot.” Spencer was always into the brunettes and that’s why I knew when we saw Ashley there was going to be trouble.

“It’s the first day.” It was my first day when Ashley first started. “It’s your first day Faith, school has been in session for weeks.” Robin always was about the facts. “Whatever, it is my first day so how about you handle the tiff between the girls.” I started to unpack again but I could feel Robin’s eyes still on me. “Faith I know you want to relax but as the new slayer in charge it is your responsibility to settle it before anything goes any further.” I knew he was right; I hate it when he is right. “Fine.”

I hated detention. Even being the one in charge I still feel horrible going there. When I was still in school I lived in detention so it always feels weird nagging these kids when some of them remind me of me. “And this is the detainment room.”

“Don’t you mean detention?” Kennedy started to chuckle to herself “Nope, detainment. They’re slayers Faith, pissed off slayers. Putting them in a room and asking them to place nice didn’t seem like the smart idea. What the detainment room does is neutralize their powers and gives them a relaxed feeling, all we have to do is put on these bracelets and we are unaffected. It’s easier figuring out the problem when the girls are relaxed.”


“Yup, one of the first things she came up with in our first year here starting this school was this room.”It’s weird how much Ken has changed. After the fall of Sunnydale Ken just followed Willow wherever she went and didn’t think twice about it. Whenever one first split up Giles said he wanted to redo the council and with all the slayers around he thought teaching them would be the right thing to do, hence the slayer school. B and I weren’t as excited so we took sometime off. No idea where B went but I just traveled around, when that got old I asked Giles where he wanted and here I am.

“So Ken doll are you going to miss it?”

 “Yeah it’s been great here but I like the idea of traveling around and finding slayers.”  I liked Kennedy, she was sarcastic, blunt, hot and treated Willow really well. She reminds me of a calmer version of a younger me but when I walked into the detainment room it was the first time I came face to face with the angry uncontrollable younger me. I found that in the newbie Ashley Davies. 

“Vi? You’re the other slayer in the fight.”

 “She attacked me first and I was defending myself. Rules state we both end up here so hey Faith.” Even explaining herself Vi looked embarrassed.

“Vi you’re excused.”

“What the fuck?! That’s not fair!” Definitely a young me.

“And this is training room three.” “Wow Willow this is really nice. It reminds me of a boxing gym.”

“Kennedy designed it.” I love the look Willow gets when she says Kennedy’s name.

 “Aw, Willow’s in loovvvee.” 

“Wow Buffy I didn’t know you were three. And don’t mention the L word around Ken I’m not sure if we are there yet.” I missed this Willow.

“Are you there yet?”

“Buffy!” Turning around I saw an excited Kennedy followed by a pissed off looking Faith.

“Hey guys.”

 “Hey B.” I locked eyes with Faith and it was hard to look away. Ever since the fall of Sunnydale it’s been hard to look away.

 “What brings you here Buffy?” Kennedy asked as they started walking with us.

“Well I got a call from the coven about another girl from L.A. and since you guys already left and classes already started I thought I would bring her down asap.”

“I told you we should have called the coven before we left Kennedy.”

 “I’m sorry baby.” There display of affection made me look at Faith, I have to not look at her like that.

The first day at a new school sucks. It should have been better because I was starting with my brothers but Glen is self absorbed and Clay is a year ahead with a lot on his mind. Everything would have been fine except I had to run into unhappy girls, twice. Usually I yell back but when it’s a hot girl I’d rather enjoy the view. I mean I can’t help that I am a klutz and if someone can’t take an I’m sorry it’s not my fault.

It’s also not my fault I thought about her all day. I’m a sucker for brunettes but I really need to learn my lesson. She yelled, she apologized, made me feel good, even kissed me and left. Now I am at my cousins school hoping to make the best of this summer I manage to forget all about her and there she is. Damn.

“So are you are Basketball fan? Or do you just like watching guys pat each other on the ass?”

“Question. Are you on meds?”

“Actually no, my mum fired my last therapist after he hit on her and the new one believes in a holistic approach to my mental health.”

“So you are crazy?”

“They think I am, gives them a reason to justify my behavior, but no I’m not. Are you?”

“No.” “Then what are you doing in here.”


 “So he’s a basketball player? Well at King High it is all about being somebody.” “And who are you?”

 “Madison Duarte.”

“Spencer Carlin, it’s nice to meet this version of you.”



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